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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1867-1868)"

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•0S..0; BASSHOR.& CO., Steam Heating. See pp. 30 & 31. 

XfAlM B 

^ Accumulation over $12,000,000. 

'''"'■ P. \VI:BB, state Agent, 

Second. Street. 



iiUDcrtc::. aaiiiifactiirers ana M\m in 

10 ^n 







^ 1 




36 and 38 S. Cliarles-st. 





9t m MTMC 




Kc». 25 HanoiT's^x* Street. 


1857. ESTABLISHED 1857. 

Gc:.. laombard ^.nd. Sharp-sts. 

Oppoaite '>ie Baptist Eound Cliurch, OBALTIMORE. ' C 

llMvint; twrnty tlin-i' years experience as a MacliinK^t, MiU ilie l;i=t teri\ ou Sewing Machines, I olfer ih. 

^atest Improved Empire Noiseless Sewing* Machine 

I, FAMILY rsK, Hems, Fell.., T.ioks, «athei-s,'', 

•,'. ThiloriiiK. I.iglit I.entlier. (iloves, &c. 

:.:, Imiiroved, fnr I-.eatlie«, . iioes, C.aniagc irirneBs:, &c., HA- '. (' \ i ^ \'; ANTED 


I f 

I •r 


I T- 






: 1 

.LMAND. General Insurance Age 





iniii & SI 





Of the (Greatest Variety and Newest Styles. 



Including an assortment of the GORHAM COMPANY'S Superior Nickel Plate Tea and 
Coffee Sets, Waiters, Castors, Baskets, Butter Stands. Pickle Stands, Forks, Spoons, &c. 

:p.a.:e^xs oil.oc:k:s, 
^ Bmn2:a8 and Ipcb FaBX)tj: ©-xixids^ 


( qr c 

Of all Stjles — all of which are offered at Wholesale and Retail, on the Best Terms. 







The cliaracter of these Machines 
have been fully tested in the largest 
and most extensive buildings in this 
city. They are also in use in the 
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, 
Bayview Asylum and Peabody In- 
stitute, Baltimore. 




JAMES BATES, Iron Founder, 

If 3 and 5 JPresident-st., near JPratt, Bait, 


Policies Issued and Losses Settled at the Agency. 









ASSETS, JANUARY 1, 1867, (At Market Value.) 

CASH ON HAND AND IN BANK, $ 481,289 tiO 

REAL ESTATE 189,848 63 

MORTGAGE BONDS^ 621,690 00 

BANK STOCK, 1.200.99,5 00 


TOTAL, $4,478,100 74 

Losses Paid in 48 Years, $20,000,000 00. 
L. J. HENDEE, Pres't. J. GOODNOW, Sec'y. 

J. a. PROUD & SONS, Agents. 


C3- E ISr E K. Jk. L 




Insurance to any amount effected with Responsible and Liberal Companies, without extra 
charge to the insured. 

Prompt attention given to the Renewal of Policies and the Settlement of Insurance 
Claims. Very great care bestowed on the "LIFE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT," and 
reliable information and adrice offered to those who contemjjlatc insuring. 

"Orders from other cities, or from the county, will receive immediate attention. 



Cash Assets, January i, 1867, $349,571 14. 


Cash Assets, January 1, 1867, $335,129 79. 






■Warehouses, Jicellinns, f essels and Q^arnoes, 

Merclaiiilise, Furniture, MacMnery, Factories, Mills, Lnfflber, 

And all kinds of Property in town and country on very favorable term?. 

Augustus J. Albert, Joshua Dryden, t\ W. Bennett, Thoma.s Wilson, 

Austin Jenkins, John Gushing, Hugh Bolton, Henry R. Louderman, 

Charles D. Slingluff, George W. Flack, Jos. Jas. Taylor, Caleb Parks, 

Francis AV. Elder, Mendes I. Cohen, John a. Keaney, (Jeorge Kranck, 

E<l«-ard Jenkins, George S. Gibson, Jannes McConky, Wni. H. L. Reitz, 

Frederick Achey, John A. Needles, James Fields, Isaac M. Denson, 

Thomas W. Levering, James M. Anderson, Garrett Brown, John A. Shriver. 

George R. Berry, Samuel Hart, John M. Gait, 

HENRY P. DUHURST, President. 



ISTo- S9 south: STiR^EET, 


Transact all IjusIir'Ss apperlaining lu Bank.s ur Private IJankeis, in theii- se\c!al dcjiarl- 

Buy and sell, on Commission, Stock and Secuiities in this and oIliiT Markets. 

Make advances on Stocks, Real Estate, Notes and other (.'oUaterals, 

Negotiate Stock Loans. 

Receive deposits in Bankable and Uncnrrent Fnnd^^ and jrive SPECIAL ATTENTION 
TO COLLECTIONS on all accessible points in the United States and Canada, and can 
offer unrivalled facilities to correspondents. 

Interest allowed on deposits. 


f 0)F' 





The Annual Session begins early in October, and ends on the first of the 

ensuing March. 


N. R. SMITH, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of kSurgery. 

W. E. A. AIKIX, M. I)., Professor of Chemistry and Pliarmacv. 

GEORGE W. MILTENBERGER, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. 

RICHARD McSHERRV, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of .Medicine. 

C. .JOHNSTON, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. 

SAMUEL CHEW, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Theraj)entics. 

I'RANK DONALDSON, -M. D., Professor Physiology, Hygiene and General Pathology, 

WM. T. HOWARD, M. D.. Professor of the Diseases of Women and Children. 

Cliuical liistrilction is siveu in Medicine :infl Surgery at tlie UN'IVKRSITY HOSTITAI,. au Institu- 
tiuii of more than thirty years standing, belonging to tlie tuiversity, situated in its immediate neighborliood, 
under the sole charge of, and attended by, the Faculty. Its wards constantly contain ample material for il- 
lustrating the various forms of disease, and are ojien throughout the year to all Matriculants of the School 
without charge. 

Anatomical material is abundant, and supplied at moderate exjjense. The Demonstrator. .James II. But- 
ler, M. D., devotes regular hours to this department of instiuction. 

Fees for the Full Course, $120. I'ractical Anatomy, $10. Matiiculation, i^;;'). Graduation, $2(1. 

For further information apply to 

GEO. W. MILTENBERGEK, Dean of the Faculty, 






Is constantly open for the rece2)tion and care of THE SICK. The Patients 
are attended by the Faculty of tlie University, and nursed by the Sisters 
of Charity. An addition has recently been erected, containing commodious 
private apartments separate from the more public portion of the house. 
Persons from a distance requiring surgical treatment or operations, will 
find the Institution admirably adapted to this purpose. 

Board from FIVE to TEN DOLLARS per week, according to the ac- 
commodations required. 

Application for admission may be made to 


Kesideiit Jr*h.ysician. 


No. 38 S. Charles Street, 






Of elegant designs and superior workmanship, at lowest prices. These Labels are Acid and 
Oil Proof, and durable as the bottles ; accurately fitted to new or old bottles. 



And a full line of DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES, at Lowest Prices. 



|ouci3, (Sl|)cciiine, giioiuu oSiiulBOii and othcii ®oikt ^oap, 

Warranted ciiual to llic Best English. Also, 




NOIjiAND <£ CO' 




We have constantly in store an extensive Stock of 

llllllie liAflEIAli, 





)ur location at Port Deposit, where wq have an opportunity of selecting WELL 
SEASONED LUMBER, enables us to compete successfully with all other establishments at 

Persons desiring to build will do well to call and examine our Stock before purchasing 

J. R. TRIMBLE, Agent. 



©^Mij.^, ....... $mQm^^ 

The Company is now fully Organized and Transacting Business. 


In the city of Baltimore and elsewhere, promptly and upon the most favorable terms. 
Parties desiring Insurance are invited to call at the 

OPFIOE, No. 15 SOUTH STEEET, over the Franklin Bank. 

S. G. Miles, A<lam Kalilci- John E. Eschbacli, James R. Marley, 

J. B. Roberts, George Helfricli, James Broumel, Arthur Page, 

Daniel Harvey, S. John Carroll, Thomas G. Scharf, John G. Purcell. 
F. A. Kraft, 

T. S. RHETT, Secretary. "WM. NUMSEN, President. I 


14=3 "V7"EST IF.A.'Z'ETTE STie^EET, i 


Coach, Wagon, Dray and Harness Materials, I 


Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Shafts, Axles, Bolts, Springs, Patent Canvass for Tops and Curtains. \ 
Linings, Lights, Enameled Dash and Collar Leather, Bands, Oil Cloth, Hannes, i 

Buckles, Terrets, Hooks, 

HAKNESS OIL, BLAOKINa, AXLE GREASE, &c., all at the Lowest Price. ' 



No. 21 GERMAN STREET, bet. Hanover and Sharp, 


'J_' ii H ! 

;• . r^ yf^ 



I*olicies Issued on Single Life to Amount of $20,000! 


Annual Dividends worth more than any Insurance Company known to the writer, and can be 
used as Cash in Payments of Annual Premiums, 

Life, Ten Aiiiiiial Eiiflowiiieiite, and all Iduils of Life Policies ami Aiiiinities Granted 

Tliis CoiiiiJiiiiy is ilie uklest irmual l.itV liisiiram-e Cuiiipuny in this (.oiiiiliy, liaviug cummeiiceJ l)Uiines3 
in 1843. A great" Conipauy like this, increasing its line over $50,000,000 annually, is the object of ail- 
miration to many, and ol'envy to not a few. Bnt though envy has tried to reach, and malice lias done her 
worst to injure, the Mutual Life, the mark is too high for either, and its officers mny congratulate them- 
selves ujion accomiilisliing results which formerly would have been thought fabulous. 

Prof. F. DONALDSON Medical Examiner. 

0. F. .B.RESEE, General Agent. 


Cash Capital and Reserve Funds, - - - $16,271,675 
Assets in the United States, - - - 1,831,811 


FRANCIS COTTENET, Esq., Chairman. 

HEXRY GRINXELL, Deputy Chairman. 

ALFRED PELL, Esq., Resilient Secretary. 
K. M. ARCHIBALD, H. B. M. Consul, A. HAMILTON, Jr., Esq. 

JOS. GAILLARD, Je., Esq. E. F. SANDER.SON, Jr., Esq. 





^^^XKE W/ft^ ^^ 








irass,C'Opper if frott SSire d[lot| 


r.0LTiN(; CLOTHS, 





a:<d every uKscRinioN of 

"W"i:k.:b g-ooids. 








Office, Oor. North and Monument Streets, 

Having ample facilities, are prepared to execute orders for MARINE and STATIONARY 
KXGINES and BOILERS, also MACHINERY for Sugar, Grist, Saw Mills. IRON FUR- 
NACES, &c. 


s T j^ JCT X) JL E, X) OIL ■v;7"OI^K:s, c j^isrrroisT 

R. Vff. HAUIIImIm i£ CO. 


®@4^ @1£, ©El^Il® 




Lttuips^ China, Glass and Queensivavef 

Office and Warehouse, 160 Franklin-st, 

michoijiAs stein, 











! i3iit.eai 

m MQjWg% 


Manufacture all classes of Forgings, viz. 


Cranks, Piston Eods, Levers, Pitman Jaws and "Wrists, 



ANCHOKS, and GENERAL SHIP SMITHING, and all Shaoe Work, 

The undersigned, having been fur many years engaged in the Imsiness, are jircpare'l to 
execute all orders entrusted to them promptly and in the best manner. 


Kstablishecl 1804. 



fire fori for Doors, Sliiitters & StylM f iuiows, at Low Prices, 



N. E. Cor. Central and Canton Avenues, 




Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Weigh, Lock, 
R. R. Track, Depot, 

Hay, Coal, • 
Dormant, Warehouse, y 

Platform, tssi(J#.T^ 

Counter, Union, 

Family, Butchers', 
Dx'uggists', Jewelers', ' 
and Bank 


Have been in constant use in all branches of business for thirty-five years, in all parts of the 
world, and having been most thoroughly tried, are the acknowledged standard. 

.;;^f^They are fully warranted not only strong and accurate, but durable ; and the man- 
ufacturers, who are permanently established and fully responsible, ■will always be prompt 
to make this warranty good. 

.i;S!£f They are made of .all sizes .and capacities, and adapted to all required uses, em- 
bracing more tlian a hundred different modifications. 





? !>; 



Windsor & Newton's London Tube Colors, 








Ani Aputs for RoMsoii's Improyel Pliospliate of Liine, epal to Pernrtau Guano 

No. 14 South Gay Street^ 





©m mi tl© Wail 

mjSL. ¥ 




One trial is sufficient to prove its siiperiortj over all other preparations. 





Between Greene and Paca Streets, S^lfi^llI^MMl 

B^Superior Imported Cigars, fine Chewing Tobacco, and Leaf of everv description, with a general 
assortment of Pipes, Snuff Boxes, Fancy Articles, &c. 



mm ^anttfarturittjg O^ampng 





Factory on Eutaw between Fayette and Marion Streets. 

This Company having been organized and chartered in April, 1S64, in conjunction with tlie well known 
firm of GAEIILE & CO., as a Joint Stook Company, composed exclusively of practical piano makers, who 
have held prominent positions for many years, in some of the best Piano Forte Establishments in this Country 
and Europe, and having now one of the largest and most successful manufactories in operation, are able to 
furnish an instrument, which for durability and elegance of workmanship, volume and sweetness of tone, 
can find no superior. 

In conse<iuence of their organization, the Company is enabled to sell at lower prices than any other 
f.ictory in the country, giving at the same time a guarantee for five years and the usual privilege of exchange. 


j^^^The public is respectfully invited to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. 



athi 3m\% BsYk 




"wos,:k boxijbs, etc. 


G©Aga gitif 







Inland Route via Delaware and Raritan,and Chesapeake and Delaware Canals. Comprising eighteen 
Steamers and Barges of average capacity of 130 tons each. For the conveyance of Merchandise, Produce, 
Packages, Horses, Cattle, Carriages, Furniture avd Goods of all sorts, at very low rates. 


A Steamboat leaves Baltimore Daily, e.xcept Sunday, from Xo. G LIGHT STRF.ET WHARF, at 4 P. M. 

A Steamboat leaves in like manner for Baltimore, Dailt, except Sundays, from XORTH RIVER, Pier 
7, at 5 P. M. 

^^^^Goods destined for places beyond Baltimore or New York, forwarded immediately with care — Free 
of all charges for commission. 

The safety, regularitj- and dispatch of this Line, together with the moderate rates charged, commend 
it to the public as a desirable medium for conveving every description of Freight. 

WESTERN FREIGHTS from the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co. received at the LOCUST POIXT DEPOT, 
handled carefully and forwarded with the utmost dispatch immediately on arrival. Through receipts can be 
obtained over this route from any of the Agents of the B. & 0. R. R. Co. for goods deliverable in N. Y. 

J. A. SHEIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
W. DALZELL , Agent, Pier 7 North Eiver, N. Y. 

BiLiiMORf m mmm\i mmm co. 

"V^I-A. 0^%.IV.4^L. 



ipoi^ :ph:ii_..a.ideil,:ps:ij^. 

One of the Company's Steamboats leaves No. S LIGHT STREET WHARF, Evert Apterxoon- at 
o'clock. Arriving in Philadelphia at 5 o'clock the next morning, in ample time for the N'ew York Trains. 

Leaves DAiLr,at 3 o'clock from No. 19 SOUTH WH.VRVES. Goods forwarded immediately with care- 
Frec of all charges for Commission. 

J. A. SHEIVEE, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
A. GEOVES, Jr., Agent, No. 34 South Wharves, Phil, 



GEORGE B. MILLIGAN, Attorney at Law. 



No. ^'-\ ^\^ FAYETTE STREET, 

© ^ iir Q Ea © ^ I . 

Orders to buy or to sell Houses, (iround Rents, Farms and Country Seats, at public and private sale, 

Loans, Collections, Investment of Trust Funds, and general management of Rental Property in city 
and country attended to. 

A residence near Towsontown will insure prompt attention thi^re to Searches, Title Papers, and Claims 
of every description in the County Court. 




And Manufacturer of 



Betw. Gay and Holidaysts. 






MALT HOUSE, foot of Eutaw-st. 






OFFICE— 133 Wn Fayette Street;, 


BRANCH— 26 E. Baltimore Street, 




S. HINDES, and others. 

N. B. — Parties residing at a distance fiom tlie city, can forirard their Goods, by Express and have them 
returned in the same way. 










: /? " 21 Ross St.near Eatavf: 











GIST «£ inrxsixijiS, 








140, 142, m^^^ 14:4, 146, 


^®* Horses taken at Livery. HORSES and WAGONS of every description FOR HIRE. 
Coaches for Shopping, AVeddings, Cars, &c. 




MlUwriilit Wort In all its Brandies, and lacUnery In fieneral, 

42 and 44 York-st., near Lifjht, BALTI3IOJtE, 

Iron and Brass Castings, Low and Higli Pressure Engines and Boilers, Tanks, &c. BLACKSMITHLXG 
in all its brandies. REPAIRING inomptly attended to. 





No. 30 LIG-HT STREET, opposite Water, 

A. T. HOUCK <£ CO. 


Jarvis Building Basement, No. 12 North Street, 

.;2£®~We have over 300 Bill Boards on the principal corners in the city, 
and on all the Walls and Fences. 


.w^^ * *^4*^ 

gtftf Mtttittit^ 






■•-^— ••^B 











Wmet Jfurnitare aiib Splobterg, 



. Im. 


At CENTRAL HALL, cor, Baltimore and Charles-sts, 

With increased facilities of affording to young Ladies, Misses, Masters and Gentlemen, 
a thorough and practical knowledge of the above elegant accomplishment, his course of in- 
struction is thoroughly eystematic, and embraces all the new and fashionable dances. 






Chester River! 

STEAMER CHESTER, Captain E. S. L. Tonng. STEAMER GEORGE LAW, Captain CroBby. 
STEAMER ARROW, Captain Sharp. 
Either of the above Steamers leave LIGHT STREET WHARF, foot of Conway Street, EVERY MORX- 


H. B. SLAUGHTEK, Prop'r. 




km Curto lairfflanufettorg, 







Constantly ou hand the best qualities of Pure Curled Horse and Cattle Hair ; Mixed 
and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the Post Office or Agent will be promptly attended to. 
The highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails, and Hog Hair. 






Near the Northern Central Railway Depot, & M.mW&m>Q)M,Wi f) . 



Steam and Water Fitting promptly attended to. 






^ ^ 

)4¥ P®H@@^ 


[ mQ)Wmw wmmMQ)m w^Anm. 

i$8 ^^nniB MatcbBtt; IfritxcipaL 

The Scholastic Year Commences on the Second Monday in Septeuiber, 
and Closes the Last Friday in June. 

.^^"For Terms, References, &c., see Circulars at Principal Bookstores in the city. 






Jellies, Preserves, Pickles, Syrups, Cordials, 













ITo. 1 Int. STK/IOiaElI?/ STE/EET, 

Horses taken at Livery by the day, week or month. Horses ^nd Buggies to hire. 

Yarns, Hosiery, Sloies, Gents' FiiriilsMiig Goods, iic., f Mesale aiil Retail. 

No. 33 N. HOWARD STREET, betw. Fayette and Lexington sts. 





Buckskin Gloves, Mils and Gauntlets, Umbrellas, Xeck Ties, Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs. 
Worsteds, Canvass, Embroidered Silk, Chenille, Patterns, Machine Twist, Spool Cotton, Threads, Xeedles, 
Tapes, Wool Jackets, Pins, Gum Cloth, Fancy Soaps, Corsets, &c. 




(Late Thomas Mackenzie & Sons,) 


in 1825. 















&c., &c. 

Also, all c 




appertaining to the 




Wmimj ami Wtr@r@@aa§ 


Where he is manufacturing Pinnos upon the most approved and modern style, Tvhich 
constitutes all embraced in a first class Instrument. These Pianos consist of a most ELE- 
GANT AND ELABORATELY finished case, with full METALLIC, or IRON FRAME, 
thereby adapting them for ANY CLIMATE with recent FRENCH ACTION constituting 

All Pianos sold hv the above manufiicturer are warranted for FIVE Y'EARS, with the 
privilage of EXCHANGE WITHIN SIX MONTHS, if not perfectly satisfactory. 
"^Old Pianos taken in exchange, rented, tuned, repaired, &c. 



















We clfiim to liave ailvantages over most houses for 
heatinfr l^ublic Institutions, by using the Wrought Iron 
Boiler and Vertical Coils, both for direct and indirect 
Radiation. We also claim to have Heated and Venti- 
lated the largest buildings in the State of Maryland to 
the entire sati.sfnction of all concerned, the "Baltimore 
Ba.vview Asylum.'' We refer to this job as one of the 
best heated buildings in the country. The total space 
heated in the above building is nearly three millions 
cubic feet. All the heating, the cooking, the washing, 
the drying, ic. is accomplished with but two Boilerg 
at one time. 



A \ 1) 





This Pum]> was awarded the Gold Jledal at the Fair in the jMaryland Institute, in 18G6. Tliis Pump is 
suitable for Hot and Cold Water, Oil, Svrups. Vinegar, Lager Beer, &c. Also. Wholesale Dealers in 
&c. fi^Tlease send for Circular. Address 


26 Light Street, Baltimore, Md. 




SniM l1[llTIN(i 

This Ratliatof (illustrated 
on this jiiige, showing side and 
end view) con.bines greater 
strength, with Larger Heat- 
ix(i SiRFACE than any other 
Ciitst Iran Radiator now in use. 

Its simplicity of constnic- 
tion, all the joints being turn- 
ed and litted before leaving 
our Factory, makes it invalu- 
able to the purchaser, as any 
ordinary workman can put it 

Sold Wtiolesale and Retail. 











C. M. LEWIS, Master of Machinery, N. C. Railway. 
ED. P. EASTWIG, Superintendent Maryland Sugar Refinery. 
M. JORDAN, Chief Engineer, U. S. General Post Office, Washington, D. C. 
WM. KNABE & CO., Knabe's Piano Factory. 

J. THOMAS MILLER, Chief Engineer House Representatives, Washington, and many 



mdt ^dk^ 

N. C. BROOKS, LL. D., President. 

The College is situateil on St. Paul street, in a retired yet pleasant part of the eity near the ecntre, and 
has cost in the aggregate for its grounds, buildings, aiiparatus, furniture and appointments, about $50,000. 
The buildings have been arranged with great judgment, and have study and recitation rooms sejiarate, with 
every convenience for boarding and day i)upils. The accommodations are ample for two hundred and fifty 
pupils, and one hundred boarders. There is a fine library of over 3,000 volumes, to whicli the pupils have 
access, comprising worlts on antir|uities, ancient and modern history, biography, science, voyages, travels, 
criticism, poetry, the fine arts, and general literature. There is also a valuable chemical and philosophical 
apparatus, cabinets (if minerals, gems, coins nn<l medals, with models, globes, majis and other ample means 
of illustration. 

At the last session of the Legislature of MarylaiKl the College received an annual endowment of $2,200 
for the establishment of free scholarships, ui)on which one pupil from each County in the State and from the 
City of Kaltimore, without charge for tuition or books is instructed in all the branches taught in the College. 


N'. C. Brooks, hh- D., Prof. Ancient Languages. 
T. LucT, A. M., Prof. .Mathamatics and Sciences. 
Mr. E. L. B.vrtlev, A. M. Prof. Pelles-Lettres. 

" AuHusT Weidenbach, Prof. Painting. 

" A. Gi,.\ZER, Prof. Drawing. 
M.\n.\ME A. 1!, Bon < VITA, Prof Vocal Music 


miss K. A. Bradley, Preceptress — History, 
" A. K. Hankle. French and Music. 
" n. L. CosTioAN, English and History. 

Mrs. M. a. Simmons, English Branches. 

Mrs. a. L. Polster, Teacher of Piano and Guitar 

Madame A. DiiBREriL, French Language. 

Board, per Annual Session, 
guages, e.Ktra charge. 


Tuition from $40 to fliO per annum. 

.Music, Painting and the Lan- 





For Terms of Tuition and full particulars, send for our large illustrated College Journal, 
which will be sent by return mail, free of charge, with samples of Money, Commercial and 
Business Papers, and beautiful specimens of Spencerian Penmanship. 


E. K. LOSIER, Principal, Baltimore, 



^^. M. Go^ 


M:iy f-iirly c!;!!)!) to 1 c ranked as among tlic 


ThciT ii not an instance known, since its inti-oiludion to tlii' pnljlic, in which it has not 
milized all that lias been clainicil for it l.y the iii-oi)iictor. Tho amount of suffer! no- it has 
relieved is incalctilahh'. ami the many rcmarkalilc cures it has iierformcd when a7l other 
remedies have failed, are among the mo>t wonderful of tiie dav. in 

NciiralEic and Nervous lMm\ Liyer Coiiiulaiiits, Rlieiiiiiafeiii, DeMllly, 

And in fact in all DISEASES AinsiN(; FIJOM AN l.MPriJE STATE OF THE BLOOD 
It goes right to the scat of the di.scase, and, liy cleansing- the svstoni of all impurities' 
restores It to its original vigor. All who arc snRering from disease" should 'rjve ii ■.' \v\[\ 
to he satisfied of its excellent qualities as a PURIFIER OF THE ULOOD ! '" 

For sale hy all respec taMe Druggists, and by the proiiridor, 

MRS. M. GOX^ , I 


Betwi'en Weu-st. and Central Av,, Bait! 


OR ,S1\ I'.OTTLKS l''()K KI\'I-: 1 >< )|,T,.\ R.^. 


G S. Iloti'ard-sf., Bdit. 




Bplting, Packing, &c. 

;ents [mir 


.•\ \ I) ' 







OFFICEf Cor, William & Huglies-sts,, Bait, 

Boilers and Engines, and all kinds of Heavy Machinery repaired. Ample Wharf room 
and a heavy Crane afford great facilities for the repair of Steamers. 


Nos. 205, 207 AND 209 LBXINGTOH^-ST, 




miYI WE4¥i: 



22h S. CHARLES STREET, ZTp Stairs, 

® ^ 1^ 1^ I M Q) ^ E • 

We have constantly on hand, and make to ord«r, all kinds of PAPER BOXES, such as: Band Boxes 
Round, Square, Jewelers', Druggists', Cologne, Prescription, Shoe, and Pill Boxes — of all sizes. 
I^^Particular attention paid to Jewelers' and Druggists' Boxes 






GREENHOUSES, Pennsylvania-av. and Dolphin-st. 








Makes Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire on 

Wat:8hci:u86$; Bit;BUing;8; Furnitur:e'^ H^'esselS; 


And Property of every Description, either in City or Oonntry, also, all kinds of Inland Insurance. 
OTIS SPEAK, Secretary. JOHN COATES, President. 







Of all sizes, sc'lecled expressly fur ilumestic inirposes, iiiul 2,240 lbs. per ton giuiraiiteetl. 

YARD, NORTH-ST., betw. Moiiiiiiieiit and Madlsoii-sts., opp. Deimeal's Foiiiilry. 

PRINCirAL OFFICM, 22 Second Street, 






Bm.^IM T1& 


JP. O. Address, Henry Gibson, Locust Point, Bait ttnore. 

N c£ GO. 


ROOFING, SPOUTING, &c., attended to Promptly. 

OYSTER CANS of every description manufactured to order. 




140, 142 and 144 Stirling Street, cor. Chew, 




AT. SO, 





$, mmMMMMM ^ WMM, 



^ilk PotH, ^tnu Pans, Jflomer Jol^, 








Manufacturers and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic 


BELL HAXGIXG and all kinds of LOCKS of our own Manufacture. 
SPEAKIXG TUBES put up in neiv and old houses. 


iire anb ttlarine Insurance dlo. 




This Company insures property of every description, in or nut of. Hie city, against 
loss or damage by fire, including vessels in port. 

All losses immediately adjusted and promptly paid. 

IbiAAO S. Cjr KO HCt H, of linn of Isaac S. CxeoFKe S: Son. 


SAMUEL MACCUBBIX, Comi.troUer City of Balti 

JAMES II. BOXD, of firm of J. W. Bond & Co. 
JOSEPH J. ROBIXSOX, of firm of George W 

Robinson & Son. 
0. HERRIXG, of firm of O. Herring & Son. 

• JEORGE I. K EXX A RD, Grocer. 


JUHX E. A. CUXXIXGIIAM, of firm of Cun- 
ningham & Cochran. 

WILLIAM McCLYMOXT, of firm of Wm. McCly- 
mont & Co. 

JACOB YEISLEY. Master Builder. 

CKoRfiK V. KEEX, of firm of Keen & Hagerty. 

ANDREW J. BANDEL, Secretary. 

P. m. QUINN 


]poreiyn and Dornestic 

Cor. High and Hillen Streets, 

Constantly on hand a large stock of Brandies, 
Wines, Whiskeys, Gin, &c. 



WAREHOUSE- 140, 142 & 144 Stirling-st. 


On account of luj' known rei)Utation, and the old established quality of the article I 
ofifer for sale, it is useless to say more than that it is, as formerly, UNMIXED. 
I forfeit the entire price if, upon examination, it is found adulterated. 



(I{ott0n k WiU\ ^uVxu (^mh, 




Orders for OoUod and "Wool Machinery promptly filled. 



Hemetically Sealed Friiils auJ VegetaMes, 




^ STEAMSHIP '^^g ^ ^ COMPANY, '*< 


This Line comprises the following First Class Steamsliiiis : 

1250 Tons, T. A. BAIN, Oom'der. 1100 Tons, J. M. DUKEHART, Com. 

Which are dispatched every fortnight, alternately, from 

Broivn's Wharf, FelVs I*ointf Baltimore, 


iim is IIW ©EMAli 



Baltimore to Havana, First Class, _ - - - $50 Gold. 

" " Second " ... - 35 " 

New Orleans, First Class, - - - 70 Currency. 

Second " - - - 50 " 

" Key "West, 50 " 

Children under 12 Years, Half Fare. Steerage at Half First Class 
Kates. Stateroom and Meals included. 


No. 16 Spear's ^Wliarf. 


JPackers of Hermetically Sealed 

mil mm and 






IF" .A. C TJ Xj T -Y" . 

THOMAS E. BOND, A. M., M. D., Prof, of Pathology and Thempeutics. 

PHILIP H. AUSTEN, A. M., M. D., D. D. 8., Prof. ofDeutal Scicace and .Mechanism. 

FERDINAND J. S. GORGAS, A. M., M. D., D. D. S., Prof, of Dental Siirpprv. 

A. SNOWDEN PIGGOT, A. M., M. D., Prof, of Chemistry and Metallurgy. 

RUSSELL MURDOCH, A. J\I., M. D., Prof, of Anatomy. 

HENRY REGINALD NOEL, Prof, of Physiology. 

HUGH McGINNIS GRANT, D. D. S., Demonstrator of Operative Dentistry. 

THOMAS SOLLERS WATERS, D. D. S., Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry. 

CLAUDE BAXLEY, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

The Twenty-Eighth Annual Session \vill commence on the Fifteenth of October, 
1867, and closes on the Fifteenth of March, 1868. 

Lecture and Demonstration Fees, - - - - - - - . §115 

Matriculation Fee, (paid only once, ) ,') 

Diploma Fee, _.... ;-{o 

For information, address— 

F. J. S. GORGAS, M, D., Dean of the Faculty, 

No. '43 Hanover Street, Baltimore, Md. 

•"-r—^-,^ ■ ■ ■ - — 







Lazaretto Furnace, Clinton Street, Canton, 




._,. \,M^ iM 


iv^ £^ «Y?) 


Orders Solicited, and sutisfaction in all cases guaranteed 

JAS. B. DUTTOX, Baltimore. 

J. \\\ HUTCHINSON, New York. 



43 N, Eutaw Street, opposite Lexington Market, 

Fine SHIRTS and COLLARS MADE TO ORDER. Fitting Warranted. Sample Shirts 
and Collars made on approliation. 



MAGNfiic m\ & mm, 

Has no superior in Rheumatism, Xeur.algia, Jaw and Tooth- 
ache, Pains, Weakness of the Back and Kidneis, Bruises, 
Burns, Fresh Wounds or old Sores, Serofula, Cancer, Erysipe- 
las, Sore or Inflamed Breasts, Inverted Toenails, Corns, &c. 
In Consumption and Coughs it acts like magic. 

Sold l)y Druggists generally. Price 25 cts. 

Office, 255 E. Lomliaril Street, near Broadway. 

' rV U^NIVERSAL' '' 





¥ €r#€)® 

NEAL BUILDING, 99 & 101 W. Baltimore-st. 


t. mMMWSi, 

^*e^iit Sank 1 

0?;^7' the Hajniden Express Office, 






Printed to Order at the shortest notice, at fair Prices. 




pte 0^ the 




From llie MSS. of Col. JOHN SURRY, of Eafle's Nest, 



WEARING OF f HE GRAY, &o. &c. 

"I expect to make the 'Calverts' one of my very best works.'" * * * "It will not 
yield in interest to anything I have ever written.''--— Author. 



xle hy J\^ewsdealers Every 
JOHN C. CARP^kTER, Editor. 

For Sale hy JS^ewsdealers Everywliere. 








Will 1)6 Regular Contributors to its Columns. 





m%t% lUiff, 



DOOR FRAMES, Plain and Side Lights 
WINDOW FRAMES, Plain and Boxed. 
DOORS, Plain and Moulded. 
SASH, Primed and Glazed. 



OUTSIDE Venitian and Panel SHUTTERS. 








Also, VAN GAASBEEK'S SASH STOPPER AND LOCK, the best substitute for Weights and Pulleys 
ever invented, furnished by sets, or already applied to the Frames. 


EAST PALLS AVENUE, near Pratt-st., Bridge, Baltimore, Md. 




No. 6 NOItTH-ST.f 3 doors above Baltimore, 


Br«r"« "SEsn 

oiiT ooiMinynxssioiT- 

For Sale and Lease, Houses in different parts of the city, improved Farms, Mills, Coal 
and Timber Lands, in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and other States. 

Send stamp for copy of "Real Estate Records," a 16 paged Monthly Journal, con- 
taining full and concise descriptions and price of Properties For Sale. Our Farm Register 
sent on receipt of Stamp. 


N. W. SLADE & CO. 

Hanufacturers and Dealers in 

f pirnltiiral Sinplmpnts. 

Improved Double Sci'een Grain Fans, 

Farm Mills for Grinding all kinds of Grain, 

Horse Powers, Thrashers and Separators, 

The Southern Giant Cider Mill, 






0or, llinbs, Jframes, 


Of all Descriptions, at their Planing Mill and Sash Factory, 


Or at their Warehouse, No. l'?2 Pratt Street, near Light, 

Established 1837. 

Miirpliy's (j eneral 1 rinting and 1 ublisliing Jloiise, 
Book, Paper and Stationery Store, 

Marble Building, 182 Baltimore Street, (Ups-aus,) Baltimoi-e. 

Medals awarded bj' tho Maryland Institute, for Printing, Book-bindtng and Bank Checks. 
By tlie Metropolitan Institute, Washington, a Diploma, fOr superior Blank Books. 


BoolsfiUers, PBllislers, Printers M Mmm, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

School Booksy Blank Books^ 


ILiedtg-er, Cap, Letter and HVote Papers, 

Envelopes, Gold and Steel Pens, Copying Books, Presses, Inks, &c. 

BLANK BOOKS, of every Bescriptlon, made to Order, in superior styles^ 
BLANK BOOKS, with Printed Heading s, &€\ 

Made to order to any style, or pattern of Ruling, in a superior manner, at the shortest notiee. Long 
experience, and unsurpassed facilities, in having this class of work Printed, Puled, Paged and 
Bound, enable us to execute all orders in this line, in a very superior style, at remarkably low rates. 


Printed in Various Colors, New and Beautiful Styles, in Rooks of 100 and upwards, on ah ilie Banks 

of tho City, kept constantly on Sale and Printed to Order, at short notice. 
-Rg^-These Checks are considered equal to, and are sold at about one-half the price of Engraved Checks 

Print to Order 
at short notice : 




Promts' ry Aotea 

Bank CVfCcA.s 

BitU Exchange 

Blank Deeds 

Cnahicrs Blanks 

Bills of Lading 

Law Blanks 



Catalogues, <(r. 


Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, &c„ Bills op Lading, Notes, Drafts, &c., 
kept constantly on hand, or Printed to Order, at Short Notice. 

PMi aii Oraamental Book aM Jol Printiiit 


Of every description, executed in the very best manner, at lowest fates. 
Having united with their Bookstore, an extensive I'rinting 
Office and Bookbindery, well supplied with the most approved 
materials and experienced workmen, enable them to offer supe- 
rior advantages and inducements for the prompt, careful and cor- 
rect EXECUTION of every description of BooJc and Job I'HnUng, 
Book-bindhiff and linlinf/, weW worthy tho attention of all wlio 
may rexjuire anything in ftiis line. 

4®=Particular attention paid to I'hie Work, for Banking and 
other Institutions, Insurance, Pailroad, Steamboat, Transporta- 
tion, and other Joint Stock Companies, Public Offices, dc. 

Keep constantly 

on hand and make 

to order. 

L e ti 1/ e ' s 

Jo u > nnl ' 

Sales Biiiikt: 


Check Book^ 

Copying iiooA.^ 

Bill Book^ 

lir.rcipt Books 
Pais Books 

Pocket Ledgers 

Hotel Registers 

Copy Books 

Dockets, d-c. 

For upwards of 25 years Ra\l Road and Commercial Printing have constituted an important branch of 
our business, Our experience, combined with extensive facilitie.s, consisting o( tho viosl npprovtd 
Machinery, large fonts o/ Type, of the latest and most approved .styles; Borders, EnoRAViNos, Orna- 
ments, &c., especially adapted lor Rail Road and Commerci.vl Work; also, large lonts of Figures, ot all 
sizes, suitable for Freight and Passenger Tariffs, Tauular Work, cic. &c.. and keeping con?tnnilyon 
hand a large stock of Card Boards and Papers, of all classes, enable us to offer unsurpassed tacilities 
for the Prompt, Cheap and Correct execution of erery description of Rail Road and Commercial Print- 
ing. &c. Careful and prompt attention to all orders. Estimates and specimens furnished on ap)>iientioM, 
eS-Ordcrs respectfully solicilul. JOIilN" IvfliXJPlFU'S' Sc CO. ' 

Law and llisccllancoiis Books, &c. 

PuhUshed hy MUJIPSY& CO., Baltimore. 

I»iiV>llslie<i Xty A-ixthority. 
TIIK MAltYLAND CODE, containing all tbe Public General and Public Local Lavs now In Force in 

the Slate of Maryland, compiled liy Oruo ScoiT and LIirah M'Culi.odgh, CommissionerB; adopted by the Legis- 
lature of Mar/.'land, January Session, I8(i0: tlie Acts of that Session being therewith incorporated: with an INDEX 
to each Artkle and Section. By Uenry C. Mackall, of the Maryland Bar. Second Edition. Two vols., 8vo., 
law sheep, about 1800 pages, only.. $ S 

This great Work, the preparation of which has cost the State upwards of $.50,000, is universally conceded to be a complete 
anil perfect Compendium of our State Law, from the Provincial period, to the close of the January Session of 1860, made 
fti^nessible by an elaborate and well digested Index, should be secured by every member of the Legal Profession, every Law • 
Olficer, Merchant, Manufacturer, Farmer, Mechanic, and every Citizen. 

AST Tbe CODE and 8VPPLEMENT8, complete in 5 Vols., 8o. Ian sbeep $ is 

Tbe Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed by the General Assembly, at the 'January Session, 1864. Publisheil 
liy Authority. 1 vol. 8vo., law sheep $4 

The Laws of Maryland, January Session, 1865. Published by Authority. 1 vol 8vo., law sheep $3. SO 

The Laws of Maryland, Extra Session, January, 1866 $3 

Tbe Laws of Maryland, January Session, ISO" S3 

The Debates and Proceedings of the Maryland Constitutional Convention. Assembled In Annapolis, 

April 27, ISGl. Published by Authority. In 1 vol. of About 2,000 pages, double column 80., price $ lO 

J6g=" Every Library, every Lawyer, Statesman, Politician and Citizen, should secure a Copy of this Work. 

The Bcvenue Laws of .Maryland. Published by order of the Legislature $3 

Itozman'S History of .Maryland, Trom its Settlement in 1633, to the Restoration in 1660 (Published by order 

of the State Legislature,) 1,042 pages, royal 8vo $5 

McSherry's History of Maryland, irom its settlement, in 1634, to 1848. 12mo. clotli $1.50 

Laws of the United States, relating to the Xavy and Marine Corps, from the f ormation of the Goverti- 

ment to 18.")9: to which are prefixed the Constitution of the U. S., (with an Index thereto,) and a Synopsis of the Legis- 
lation of Congress respecting N.aval Affairs during the Revolntionary War, and an Appendix, containing the Naval 
Legislation of the XJ. S. to the end of the 3Sth Congress, 1804-5 Compiled by John F. Callan, late Clerk to the V. .^. 
Military Committee, and Compiler of the Military Laws. 1 vol. 80 law sheep „ _, $e 

The Appendix, containing the Naval Legislation of the U. S. to the end of the 3?th Congress, 1864-5, may m 

bad teparate. 80. paper, SSi 

laws of the United States, relating lo the Army, Volunteers, Militia, and to Bounties and Pensions from 

1776 to 18t)5, by J. F Callan, late Clerk to U. S. Senate Military Committee, 80 $6 

The Constitution of tbe United States : with Marginal Notes and References to the Decisions of the 
Supreme Court, to 24th Howard, inclusive, and an Index to each Article and Section. By Edward Otis Hinkley, 
0/ the Baltiviore Bar. Flexible cloth, - 75 cts.; paper, 50 cts. 

Lynch's Official Report of the U. S. Expedition to Explore the Dead Sea and River Jordan, 4to., cloth $4.00 

Tbe History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 80. cloth 

Fredet'S Universal Histories.— ANCIENT HISTORY, from the Dispersion of the Sons of Noe, to the Batfle 
of Actium, and the change of the Roman Republic into an Empire. 12mo. cloth SI 75. library stylo, S- 00, 

MODERN HISTORY, from the coming of Christ, to the year of our Lord 1854. 12mo. cloth, $1 75. library style, S2 00. 

Lin^ard'S Kngland, abridged, with a continuation from 1688 to 1854. With Contliiu ilion by James Bitrke, A B. 

12mo., cloth SI 75. Library style, $2 00. 

The Genius of Christianity; or, the Spirit and Beauty of the Christian Religioji. Hy Viscount de Chateao- 

BRiAND. 12mo. cloth $2 25; cloth, extra gilt, S3 

Kaiines on European Civilization; Protestanism and Catholicity compared in their Effecis on Civilizaiimi 

in Europe. 8vo. cloth S3 00; library style, S3 50 

Etiquette at Washington, with the Customs adopted by Polite Society in ihe othf r Cities of the United Slates . 

to which is added a Cimplete Guide through the Metropolis; with an accurate description of the Public Buildings 

Embellished with Fine Illustrations. 18mo. fancy paper 38 cts.; cloth, gilt edges, 75 cts. 

Just Published, in 1 volume,!^o., Uniform with the Cole. 
A Digest of the Decisions, Construing the Statutes of Maryland, of which the Code of Pddlic Generai, 

Laws is composed, with Specifications of the Acts of Assembly, by Lewis BIavkr. of the Baltimore Bar $8 

Jnxt Published.— Tbe Unconstitutionality of Congressional Action.— An Essay on tlie Paramount Un- 
written Law:— Showing the Standing of Political Cases in the Federal Courts— the False Theory of the American 
Congress to give Political Power to the Negro in the White Man's Country— the Justice of a Complete Separ.ation 
of the Races— the Principles of the Democracy of the World. By Philip C. Friese, 0/ the Baltimore liar. Paper, 40c. 

Preparing for earli/ Publication, in 1 vol. uniform with the Code, 
A Supplement to the Maryland Code, in whieli will be Codifiol, all the Acts of the Geneml Assemblies 

of 1861-62-64-()5-66 and '67, now in force in this State, arranged in Articles and Sections, to correspond with the Code. 
By Lewis Mayer, Esq. This volume will embody all the Laws enacted since the adoption of the Code. 
Will be issued as soon as Eafified, uniform with former Editions, printed in the best manner, on fine paper. 
The New Constitution of 18B7, vvith Marginal Notes and Reference,?. By E. O. Hinklet, Esq. 

117?? be ready early in October, the Second Revised and Enlarged Edition of 
The Southern Poems of tbe War. By Miss E. V. Mason. The rapid Sale of the First, encourages the 
Publication of a Second Revised, and greatly enlarged Edition, with many New Poems, which Miss Mason, hopes will 
enhance the interest already manifested in its behalf. 

Preparing for Early Publication, in (i vols. V2o., A uniform Series of 

Hendrik Conscience's Tales and Romances. 

Is prepared to execute, at short notice, and at very reasonable prices, 



Ilusrnrss Curbs ^riutfb in nug .^tgU ^rsirrb bcrn cCbcujj. 




Office and Woi^Jcs7iox>Sf 

Rear of 89 Camden-st. 


Applied t@ E>@@t®^ .' 


SHEET IRON ROOFING is best adapted for Rail Road Depots, Machine, Blacksmith 
and Carpenter Shops, Engine Houses, &c., where there is danger of sparks from passing Loco- 

GALVANIZED SHEET IRON does not require any sheathing of wood, the Sheets being 
applied from rafter to I'after thus making the building, so covered, almost fire proof. 

TIN ROOFING will be found best for Hotels, Dwellings, Offices or other buildings not 
exposed to sparks from locomotives, steamboats, &c. 

WHITE LEAD ai)plied to the joints and crevices of Sheet Iron Roofing preserves the 
Roofing many years longer, as corrosion first lakes place at these points. 

We are prepared to apply our Paint, made of the best materials, to all work requiriug it, 
upon the most reasonable terms. 

■Work done by us at Mount Clare Station, of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, some 
twenty-five years ago is sound and perfect to this day. 

We guarantee all work done by us to be of the best material and applied in the most 
workman-like manner. 

We would refer to the Master of Road Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and to the Master of 
Road Northern Central Railway. 

Contracts taken for any point in or out of the State. 











S. W. Corner Fayette-st. 











^mn Qf^^ 

*^ ^ 










202 Baltimore-st,. between St. Paul and Charles. 



Al.ell Clias. T. printer, 185 Preston 
Alilsleger \Vm. (W. D. Shurtz & Co.) 72 Co- 

ALBERT AUG. J. jr. k Co. (An?. J. jr. and 

J. Tavlor Albert,) imp'rs Sheffield cutlery, 

352 w r.altiraore 
Artnacost Tlios., Bulls' head hotel, 130 n Front 
Armacosi Wni. II. clerk, Bull's head hotel 
RANCE COMPANY, A. J. Bandel, sec'y, 

8 South. — [Seep. 37 Advertisements.'] 
Backus Dr. John S. 126 w Madison 
Banks Wni. J. procer, s w cor Eden and Orleans 
Barker & Chandlee, (Wm. K. Barker, IJ. P. 

Chaiidlee. ) tobacco and ciorars, 7& Calvert 
Baynes Tbos. & Son, (T. & \V. W. Baynes,) 

fertilizers, 139 McElderry's whf 
B^ile Solon, collector, 121 e Monument 
BOLGLVNO G. C. & CO. (G.C. Bolgiano, W. 

W. Kirk,) hardware, 111 Franklin. — [See 

p. .'17 AdvertiscniC7)is .] 
Bourke W. F. 51 av Favette 
BOVD JOHN, Jk. office" 14 s Gay, dw 96 Lee 
I'radenbauiih J. Frank, clerk, 681 Le.xington 
Bradenhaugh R. B. clerk, G81 Lexington 
Brown Sebastian, attorney, 35 Lexington, dw 

194 Druid Ilill av 
ANCE CO., A. 11. Dillon, jr. agent, 8 South 
Craft Wm. G. ^- Co. (Wm. G. Craft.) hat 

raanufs. Bethel ct. opp. Bethel Colored 

-Church, Saratoga 
Conrad T.N.(Thonias,Conrad& Co.) 46 sHigh 
Currey Dr. Jas. II. 78 s Paca 
Dandelet F. president Dubriel Oil Co. 107 

I>einuth G. Otto, prof, music, 355 w Favette 
Deshon C. M. & Co. (C. M. Dcshon, Jas. B. 

Norris, ) coal, 61 Second 
Dillon A. H. jr. ag't Connecticut Mut. Life 

Ins. Co. 8 South 
Dubriel Oil Works Co. 35 s Gay, F. Dandelet, 

president i 

Dukehart Graham, (E. "W. Dukehart & Son,) 

164 Hanover 
DUNN D. T. k CO. (D. T Dunn,) paper bag 

nmnufs. 50 s Charles 
Ebert, Graves & Co. (0. A. Ebert, Wm. B. 

GraTes, ) flour, grain and com. business, 11 

and 18 Patterson 
Farrell John, sec'y Dubriel Oil Co. 43 Holland 
Fay Dr. George W. 283 e Baltimore 
Ficklin Eugene D. &Co. shoe store, 670 w Bal- 
Geis S. M. &Co. clothing, 389 w Baltimore 
George Thos. J. (Sanders & George, )80 e Pratt 
GLENN JOHN & CO. (John Glenn, )real estate 

brokers, 20 St. Paul. [See Adverlisevient 
front of title page.] 
Gosnian it Co.( A. J.Gosman,) pharmaceutists, 

191 Madison av 
HA.M1LL& NICOLAT,(R. W. Hamill, C. H. 

Nicolai) oil works, Canton, office 1 GO FriUiklin 
HARRVMAN, NIPE & CO. (J. G. Harrymaa, 
J. W. Nipe, Chituncy Brooks, ) flour, grain 
and produce, 43 s Howard 
L'ecter Heniy, provision. 61 Penna. av 
HorringGeo. W. & Son, (Geo. W. Herring. Ed- 
\vard D. Herring,) china, glass and queens- 
ware, 7 s Charles I 
luss E.L.& Co. printers & stationers,6 n Calvert I 

Henderson k Co. real estate brokers, 22 Law 

Hopkins S Harris, (Hull, Atkinson & Co.) 262 

w Fayette 
Hyde Wm. J. clerk, 71 McElderry 
Jacobsen John J. bookkeeper, 89 Dolphin 
Kierstead Dr. C. W. office and laboratory for 

king of all pain, over 87 w Baltimore 
Kirby D. S. grocer, 270 n Eutaw 
LARUS JOHN R. & CO. (John R. Larus.) pro- 
duce com. merch'ts, 11 Spear's whf 
Lauer Mrs. Henry, dry goods, 203 n Gav 
Lewis Henry H. (Mortit k L.) 152 w Biddle 
Lyman Henry, (Rice, Chase & Co.) 10 ahd 12 

MacPherson Samuel, flour, 126 s Eutaw 
Magruder Hamlin, (T. J. M. & Co.) 262 Mad- 
ison av 
MARRIOTT G. H. M. manuf. and dealer in 

tobacco, cigars and leaf, 332 w Baltimore 
Marshall & Fisher, (C. Marshall, W. A. Fish- 
er,) attorneys, 32^ St. Paul 
Martin Thos. E. scc'v police board, 52 Bolton 

sen, ag't, over 15 South 
Alorison II. young ladies' school, 77 Cathedral 
Morison N. H. provost Peabody Institute, dw 

n e cor Madison and Cathedral 
Morgan Chas. H. clerk, 15 n Fremont 
Morgan Sam'l T. notary public, s w cor Guy 

and Lombard 
Myers A. J. & Co. (A. J. Myers, E. P.Suter,) 

real estate ag"ts, 71 w Fayette 
Myers A. J. (A. J. M. & Co. ) 350 Lexington 
McBrietv Wm. (Meixsel k Boyd, ) 4 Wats'on 
MoGINN JAS. R. stock broker, 157 Park 
Naumburg S. (S. Frank & Sons,) 96 e Balto 
New Peter & Co. (Peter New,) general com. 

merch'ts, n w cor Howard and .Mulberry 
Ould Marion II. confectioner, 135 e Baltimore 
Pels J. & Son, (J. Pels,) boots and shoes. 51' 

n Eutaw 
Pralle & Classen, (Diedrich Pralle, H. W. 
Classen,) brickmakers, Light extended, of- 
fice 155 and 157 s Sharp 
Pralle Diedrich, (P. k Classen,) 157 s Sharp 
Rains Mrs. D. E. dressmaker, 197 n Eutaw 
ReedSeth G. clerk, 51 n Eutaw 
ROSENBAUM ISAAC, cloaks, mantillas, &c., 

162 Lexington, dw 83 n Greene 
Sanders Samuel F. (Sanders, Johnson & Co.) 

51 Lexington 
Shea Thomas F. grocer, S Aisquith 
Stirling Dougliiss, attorney, 7 St. Paul, dw. 

Gilmor house 
Stork & Gillespie, stationery and card engrav- 
ing, 54 Lexington 
Sullivan P. H. stock and bill brokers, 42 Second 
THOMAS, CONRAD k CO. (T. N. Conrad, 
W. II. Thomas,) soap and candle manuf's. 
14 Constitution k 5 Liberty al, office 64 s Gay- 
Thomas James P. broker, 176 w Baltimore 
Thomas W. H. (Thomas, Conrad & Co.) 286 

Thorpe Chas. J. R. 77 Second 
Tyler E. B. ins. and real estate agent, 8 s Gay 
Wade D. k Co. (David Wade, Jos. P. Logan, ) 

wholesale druggists, 51 s Charles 
Woodward Wm. jr. (W., Baldwin k Co.) 3G5 
n Eutaw 


F ■ 


After a delay far exceeding my expectation, arising from various causes — 
among them, the remarkable increase of names properly to be inserted for refer- 
ence ; an increase of 18,928 names beyond 54,552, the number in my last issue 
of 1805-6, it affords me gratification to present this edition, which will be found 
as accurate as the ever-shifting nature of its elements admit. 

The immediate predecessor of this volume embraced 51,552 names ; this con- 
tains 73,480 names — not inclusive of the business directory, — and unlike the 
attempt at a Directory recently published in this City, and urged by every device 
and ai^pliance upon the community, unsuccessfully however, the statements of 
name, residence, business and place of business will be found herein scrupulously 
accurate and reliable — aff'ording a guide, whereto all, both citizens and strangers, 
may resort in well founded assurance of obtaining correct information — as to the 
living: unlike my pretentious competitor, I have not assigned to the dead, their 
former places of abode, of years past, as their present whereabout. 

The employees of the Post Office and other public institutions in our midst, 
after groping laboriously and in vain, for light throughout the pages of the fic- 
titious work referred to — have felt constrained to consign it, as a humbug, a 
mis-leader, a blind guide and a vexation, to the receptacle of waste paper : and to 
recall to daily use my edition of 1865-66, as a far more reliable source of infor- 
mation. They especially will greet the issue of this volume with a cordial wel- 
come, and their approval will afford the surest evidence of its intrinsic worth. 

The increase of the coloi-ed population in our midst — an increase of 3,400 on 
the population of '65-66 — which was 5480, exhibits the extent to which their in- 
flux into our city has reached : for, upon no estimate of natural and ordinary 
increase can this remarkable addition be accounted for. When it is considered 
that about one-fourth only of the population properly is embraced in a Directory, 
the entire addition of this class will amount to 13,600, and their whole number 
to 35,572. Whether Houston's Directory wholly ignored this dark element of our 
numbers, or restricted its omissions to the white race, or made a mongrel combi- 
nation of oversights, I leave to those who may be inclined to ascertain th8^ 
causes of his failure to give the 10,210 names not to be found in his Directory, 
but embraced herein. 

Our whole number of inhabitants of both races, on the estimate of twenty-five- 
per cent, only being subjects for a Directory, amounts to 294,000, which enumer- 
ation will be found probably more accurate than would be a census, taken on a 
plan less searching and systematic than that necessarily adopted by any con- 
scieniious publisher of a Directory — and which at great cost and labor has beeru 
carried out in the compilation of this work. 


As usual in my former editions a full, complete and accurate Business Direc- 
tory, is embodied in this volume, showing a corresponding increase in this 
department, and the catalogue and location of streets now given, afford to the in- 
quirer the means of information which our present defective mode of number- 
ing houses may have failed to supply — and of that shamefully defective mode 
of enumeration, hourly evidence has accumulated during the unwearied search 
indispensable for the publication of this Directory. 

To the Appendix as a compend of general information as to Government, 
State and City officers. Banks, Insurance Corporations, Railroad and Steamboat 
Companies and countless other heads — a slight reference will show its value — 
but can furnish to the casual observer but little means of appreciating how much 
of time and labor have been expended in its accurate completion. 

The Advertising department has been carefully and as is ventured to be as- 
sumed^ well prepared — and in many instances the business of the advertiser 
has been greatly enlarged by this cheap mode of eliciting the attention, not of 
citizens only but of the crowd of strangers resorting hither — to the advantages 
offered in these advertisements ; the constant presence of this work at all hotels, 
public offices, counting rooms, banks, insurance offices, work-shops, &c., ever af- 
fording ready access to its pages — makes this department invaluable to the 
portions of our community and visitors, who deem time and facility of search 
matters of moment. 

Attention is called to the list found on the back of the title page — of Correc- 
tions, Additions, Alterations, &c., which have become necessary during the course 
of publication. 

For the courtesy uniformly extended to our canvassers, grateful acknowledg- 
ment is made — all, by whom each of such acts of consideration was exhibited, 
may rest assured of due appreciation on the part of its objects. 

The public's obd't serv't, 




. V54 



from 735 to 759 





. 753 

. 735 

. 754 

from 627 to 712 







Corrections. Additions and Alterations, 
back of title, 

Advertisements, Index to. 

Aged Men's Home, .... 

Aged Women's Home, 

Almshouse Trustees, 


Athen;sum, ..... 

Baltimore Association for the Improve 
ment of the Condition of the Poor, 

Baltimore Gymuiisium, 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, 

Banks, ...... 

Board of Trade, .... 

Board of Public Works, 
Boundaries^f the Wards, 
Business Directory, 
Cadets of Temperance, 
Catonsville and Ellicotts City Raihva}-, 
Cemeteries, ..... 
Children's Aid Society, 


City Government, .... 

(!ity Commissioner, 

City Council, ..... 

City Passenger Railway . 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, 

Colored Persons, . . 564 to 726 

Commissioner of Emigration, . . 735 

Commissioners of Pensions for the State of 

JIaryland, 735 

Commissioners of Public Schools, . 737 

Concordia Club, .... 752 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls, , . . 744 
Corn and Flour Exchange, . , 753 

Coroners, , 735 

Courts, 743 

Custom House, .... 740 

Dispensaries, ..... 754 

Express Companies, . , . 749 

Fire Department, .... 739 

Gas Light Companies, . . . 753 

Germania Club, .... 752 

Government of the United States, . 735 

Government of the State of Maryland, 735 
Health Department, .... 737 
Hibernian Society of Baltimore , 752 

Home of the Friendless, , , . 753 

Home for Disabled Soldiers of Maryland, 752 
House of Refuge, .... 753 

Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c. . . 754 

Inspector General State Militia, , , 735 




Internal Revenue, .... 753:: 
Judges of Appeal Tax Court, . . 736; 
List of Names of Residents, from 17 to 62(;: 

Magistrates, 737.' 

Managers of the Poor, . . . 740' 

Map of the city of Baltlmoro, corrected 

to date, in front of .... 17' 

Markets, 734- 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . 754 

Maryland Club, .... 752: 

Maryland Gas Company . . . 753- 

Maryland Hospital for the Insane, . 754 

Maryland Institute, .... 753 

Masons, 750' 

Merchants Exchange and News Rooms, 753 
Notaries Public, .... 750' 

Odd Fellows, (I. 0.0. F.) . . .751 
Park Commissioners, . . . . 736^ 

Peabody Institute, .... 753^ 
Police Organization, . . , 7.36 

Port W^arden, 736 

Post Office, 740 

Preface 3 

Public Schools, Location and Teachers, 737 

Railroads, 748 

Red Men, (Improved Order,) . 751 

Red Men, (Independent Order,) . 751 

Registers in Bankruptcy', . . . 753 

Resident Commissioners, . . 750 

Scbuetzen Park Association, . . 752 

Societies, ... , . . . 750 

Sons of Temperance, . . . 751 

St. Andrew's Society, .... 752 

St. Peter's (Epis.) Orphan Asylum, . 754 

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, . . 753 

Stages, . . . . . .749 

Stamp Duties, .... 742 

State Board of Education, . . 735 

Steamers and Steamboats, , . . 748 

Street Directory, . . , , 713 

Tux Department, .... 736 

Telegraphs, , . ' . . 750 

Typographical Union No. 12, . • 752 

Union Club, 753 

United American Mechanics, , . 751 

United Ancient Order of Druids , 751 
United Brothers, (1. 0.) . . .751 

Union Orphan Asylum, . . . 754 

Vaccine Physicians, . . . ., 737 

Water Department, . . . 736 

York Road Railway, . . . 750 



Agricultural Implements. 

N. W. Slade&Co., ... 44 

Bill Posting. 

A.T Ilouck&Co., ... 21 

Bone Dust Manufacturers. 

Joshua Horner, . * . . 38 


John S. Gittings & Co. . . 3 

Barrel Factory. 

Kimball, Shaffar & Co. . .12 

Brandies, Wines, Gins,&c. 

Ellis & Cairns, . . . .14 
P. M. Quinn, .... 31 

Bristle Dealers. 

Wm. Wilkens & Co. . . .25 

Brokers— Stock and Bill. 

John S. Gittings, ... 3 

Burial Cases. 

J. H. Weaver, .... 18 

Building Materials. 

W. H. Wingate, .... 20 

Noland & Co. ... 1 

^Y. W. Maughlin & Sons, . . 43 

Robinson «& Cunningham, . 44 

Carriage Materials. 

Richard Thompson, . . . . 8 

Carriages for Hire. 

Wheeler's, 27 

Geo.R. McGee& Co. . . 21 


A. & W. Penmead &Son, . . 11 

Cement, Plaster, &c. 

J. Henry Giese & Co. 

bottom lines on inside pages. 

Chemicals, Paints, Oils,&c. 
Baker Bros. & Co. 

top lines inside pages. 
R. J. Baker, outside front cover. 

China, Glass, &c. 

Nicholas Stein, 

Cigars, Tobacco, &.c. 

J. W. C. Seitz & Co. 


B. Stine, .... 




Noali Walker & Co. 
Coal Dealers. 

Taylor & Chambers, 

Coal Oil. 

Nicholas Stein, 

R. W. Hamill& Co. 

Coach Smithing. 

James W. King, 


C. Smith & Co. 







Kimball, Shaffar & Co. . . 12 

Commission Merchants. 

Gist & Wells, . . . .20 

J. W. C. Seitz & Co. . . 14 

J. Henry Giese & Co. 

bottom lines on jnside pages. 

Curled Hair Manufactory. 

Wm. Wilkens & Co. ... 25 


Canfield Bro. & Co. ... 1 

Dancing and Waltzing Academy. 

Charles L. Spies, ... 2-i 

Dental College. 

Baltimore College of Dentsil Surgery 40 


Henry Gibson, , ... 35 

Drtiggists Glassware. 

W, R. Johnson, .... 6 

Dumb Waiters. 

James Bates, .... 1 

Diy Goods. 

Geo. II. C. Neal, .... 42 


Eniil Fischer . . , .19 

Dye Woods, Drugs, Sec. 

R. J. Baker, outside front cover. 

Engraver— Wood. 

Marx M. Hart, .... 23 

Engineei's and Machinists. 

T. C. Basshor& Co. . . 30 and 31 

A. & W. Denmead k Son, , 11 

Hazlehurst & Co 33 

Edward Norwood, ... 25 





Murray, Clark & Co., . 


Lirerpool and London and Globe 

Fancy Goods. 

Fire Insurance Company, 


Canfield Bro. & Co. ... 


Monumental Fire Insurance Company 
of Baltimore, .... 

Lawrence D. Dietz & Co., 


leaf fronting Business Directory 

Mutual Life Insurance of New York, 


W. R. Johnson, 


Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. 

Jacob Kipp, jr. ... . 


outside front cover. 


J. G. Proud & Sons, . 


R. J. Baker 


Union Fire Insurance Company 


Ellis & Cairns, .... 


Iron Works. 


A. ^ W. Denmead & Son, 


R. Ilalliday & Son, 


Ilazlehurst & Co., .... 


Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

Murray, Clarke & Co. 


J. Henry Giese & Co., 

Nasmyth Steam Forge, Norris & 

bottom lines on inside pages 

Johns, ..... 


Stickney & Co., 


Furniture, &c. 

Hiss k Bro 


Lead Pipe, &c. 

Stanley & Co., 


Gas Fitting and Fixtures. 

Blair & Co., 


Liquors, Wines, Porter, &c. 

Ellis & Cairns, .... 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

P. M. Quinn, .... 


Lawrence I). Dietz & Co. 

leaf fronting Blasiness Directory 

Leather Belting and Hose. 

Dutton & Hutchinson, 


J. H. Haskell, .... 



Livery Stables. 

W. 11. Johnson, .... 


G R. McGee & Co., 


Baker. Bros. & Co. 

Wheeler's, .... 


top lines inside pages 

Machine Cards. 


John H. Haskell, .... 


Canfield Bro. & Co., 


Machinists, &c. 

Hardware anci Cutlery. 

A. & W. Denmead & Son, 


G. (;. Bolgiano .& Co., 


Geo. Page & Co., 


Mackenzie Bros., 


Hazlehurst & Co., .... 


Hoisting Machines. 

Murray, Clarke & Co., 


James Bates, .... 


Edward Norwood, 



Magnetic Salve and Plaster. 



Dr. Grove, ..... 


Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. • 

Malt and Hops. 

John Boyd, ..... 


Lawrence D. Dietz & Co., 

Metallic Roofers. 

leaf front of Business Directory 

Geo. D. Volkmar & Co. . ^ 


Jacob Knipp, jr. .... 


Notions, Hosiery, &c. 

Indian Vegetable Eecoction. 

Drost & Sutro, outside front cover. 

Mrs. Cox, 


Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. leaf front 


of Business Directory 

D. S. Sumwalt, .... 


Jacob Knipp, jr. . . . . 



Nurserymen and Florists. 

Baltimore hifirmary, 


R. Halliday & Son, 



Oils, Paints, &c. 

Allmand & Williams, 


Otis Keilholtz, .... 


Atlantic Fire Insurance Co., 


Oils, Lamps, &c. 

Fireman's Insurance Company of 

R. W. IlamiU &Co. 


Baltimore , . . " . 


Nicholas Stein, .... 




Oyster and Fruit Packers. 

Geo. Flamm & Co., 


Rowe, Schoolfieltl & Co., 


Ruth & Fleming, * . . . 


Paints and Colors. 

Otis Keilholtz, .... 


Paper 'Warehouses. 

Joshua Horaer, .... 


Wheelwright, Mudge & Co., 


Willis & Adams, 


Paper Box Manufacturers. 

Levi Weaver, 



Gnehle's Manufacturing Co., 


Wm. Ileinekamp, 



Blair & Co., 


John W. Bechtel, 


Pocket Books, Port Monnaies. 

Albert Moritz, .... 



J. Herrman & Bro., . . . 


Produce, &c. 

Gist & Wells, .... 


Provision Dealers and Packers. 

Gist & Wells, . ... 


Peter Sweeney, , 


Keal Estate Agencies and Brokers. 

G. B. MiUigan & Co., . . 18 

Townsend & Co., . . .43 

John Glenn & Co., frontof title page 

Hoofing and Spouting. 

Brown & Co., ... .35 

Saddlery Hardware. 

Mackenzie Bros., . . . 23 

Sash Factories. 

Noland & Co., . . . . V 
Wm. H. Wingate, . . . • 20 

W. W. Maughlin & Sons, page 43 
and back outside cover 

Saw Mills, Stationary and Portable. 

Geo. Page k Co., ... 15 

Sewing Machines. 

Grover & Baker, bottom lines inside 
Tlios. Shanks, outside front cover. 

Fairbanks k Co., . . .13 

Schools and Colleges. 

Miss Annie Match ett, . . . 26 


Baltimore Female College, N. C. 

Brooks, 32 

The Practical Business College, . 32 


E. Fischer, 19 

Sheet Iron, &c. 

Stanley & Co 21 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Button & Hutchinson, . . 41 

Silver "Ware. 

Canfield, Bro. & Co. . . . 1 

Soap and Candles. 

Smith k Curlett, . . . .24 

Steam Forges. 

Norris & Johns, . . . .12 

Steam and Water Fixtures. 

Thomas C. Basshor & Co. . 30 .& 31 

Steamboat Lines. 

Slaughter's Line, ... 25 

Steamship Lines. 

Baltimore and Havana, . . 39 

Tailors, (Merchant.) 

B. Stein, 41 

Noah Walker & Co. . . .29 


Brown & Co 35 

Tin, Wire, &c. 

Stanley & Co 21 

Tobacco, Cigars, &c. 

J. W.C. Seitz& Co. ... 14 

Transportation Lines. 

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat 
Company, . . . . 17 

New York and Baltimore Transporta- 
tion Line, . . .17 

Tubular Drains. 

Henry Gibson, .... 35 


John H. Weaver, , . . 18 

Jacob Weaver, . • . .19 


University of Maryland, . . .4 

Watches, Jewelry, &c. 

Canfield, Bro. & Co. . , . 1 

Wire Works and Goods. 

E. Mahlon Price, . . . .10 
H. Brtlderston & Son, . . . 12 

Yarn, Gloves, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr 27 



Adjusters of Averages, 


Agencies — Commercial and Mercantile, 


Agents — Advertising, 


Agents — ^General, .... 


Agents — Government Claim, 


Agents — Insurance, .... 


Agents — Property and Collectors, . 


Agents — Real Estate and Claim, 


Agricultural Implements, 


Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Pho- 

tographs, ..... 


Antiquarian Books, &c., 


Apothecaries and Chemists, 


Aquariums and Bird Stuffers, 


Architects, Builders and Civil Engineers 

!, 629 

Artists, . ... 


Artists' Materials, .... 


Artificial Flowers, .... 


Attorneys at Law, .... 


Auction and Commission Merchants, . 


Bacon Dealers, 


Bag Manufacturers, .... 


Bakers, ...... 




Bauks, ...... 


Banks — National, .... 


Banks — Savings, .... 


Basket Makers, 


Bell Founders, .... 


Bell Hangers, ..... 


Bill Posting and Distributing, . 


Billiard Saloons, .... 


Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, 


Bleachers and Pressers, 


Block and Pump Makers 


Boarding Houses, .... 


Boat Builders, .... 


Bonnets, Ribbons, Silks and Straw 

Goods, ... ... 



Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, 


Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 

turers — Retail, .... 


Boots and Shoes — 'Ladies', 


Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 

turers — Wholesale, 


Bottlers, ..... 


Brass Founders, .... 


Brewers, ..... 


Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware 

Dealers, ..... 


Brickmakers, .... 


Britannia Ware Manufacturers, . 


and Stock, 



Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, 

Butchers, . . . • 

Butter Dealers, 

Cabinet Makers, 

Cap Makers, 

Cards — Machine, 

Carpenters and Builders, 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c.. 

Carpet Weavers, . ' . 

Carriage and Coachmakers, 

Carvers and Gilders, 

Cattle Dealers, .... 

Cement and Plaster, 

Chair Makers, .... 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals 

China, Glass and Queensware, 

Chiropodists, .... 

Cloaks and Mantillas, 


Clothiers — 'Children, . 

Clothiers — Wholesale, 

Clothiers — Retail, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Testings, &c., 

Coal and Wood Dealers, 

Coal Oil and Lamps, 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 

Collar Makers, 

Commercial Colleges, 

Commission Merchants, 

Commisioners of Deeds, 

Companies— Miscellaneous, 

Composition Roofing, 

Confectioners and Fruiterers, 
Confectioners and Fruiterers — Whole- 
sale, .... 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 
Coopers, . 

Coppersmiths and Works, . 
Cork Cutters, 
Corset Makers, 
Cotton Brokers, 
Cotton Dealers, 
Cotton Duck Manufacturers, 
Cotton Yarn, &c.. 
Cotton and Woolen Goods, 
Cupper and Leechers, 
Curled Hair ilanufacturers. 
Curriers, Leather and Findings 

Dancing Academies, 
Dental Depots, 



Di-cawing Instruments, 


Dressmakers, . . . , 


Druggists — ■Wholesale, 


Dry Goods — Retail, 


Dry Goods — Wholesale, 


Dyers and Scourers, 


Dye Woods and Dye Stuffs, 


Earthen and Stoneware Manufacturers, 


Edge Tools, . . . . 


Embroideries and Laces, 


Engineers, Civil and Mechanical, 


Engines and Boilers, 


Engine and Locomotive Builders, 


Engravers, . . .' . 


Ethereal Oil, Alcohol and Camphene, 


Express Forwarders, 


Fancy Goods and Notions— Retail, 


Fancy Goods and Notions — Wholesale, 


Fertilizers, . . . . 


File and Rasp Manufacturers, 


Fire Engine Hose Manufacturers, ■ 


Fish Dealers, 


Fishing Tackle, Twines, Ac, 


Flag Manufacturers, 


Florists, . . . . 


Flour and Feed Dealers and Millers, 


Forwarding, . . . . 


Fresco Painters, 


Furniture Dealers, 




Gardeners, . . • . . 


Gas Fitters, . ... 




Gas Meter xAIakers, 


Gangers, . . . . 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Whole- 

sale, . . . . 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Retail, 


Glass Dealers, 


Glass Manufacturers, 


Glass Stainers, . . 


Gloves, Hosiery, Worsteds, &c.. 


Gold Beaters, ' . . . 


Gold and Silversmiths, 


Gold Pen Manufacturers, 


Grain Dealers, 


Grocers — Retail, 


Grocers — Wholesale and Commission, 


Guano Dealers, 


Gun Manufacturers and Dcalfers, 


liair Dressers, . . . . 


Hardware — Retail,- 


Hardware — Wholesale, 


Hat and C^.p Manufacturers. 


Hats, Gips, Furs, Ac, —Wholesale, 


Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods- 
Retail, . ... 

Hermetically Sealed Fruits, &c., 

Hide and Leather Dealers, 


Hoop Siiirt Manufacturers, 

Horse Shoers, 

House Furnishing Goods, 

Ice Dealers, 


India Rubber Goods, 

Instrument Makers, 

Insurance Companies, 

Iron Fence Railing, 

Iron and Steel Dealers, 

Iron Founders, 

Iron Furnaces, 



Junk Dealers, 

Lamps and Oil, 

Lightning Rods, 

Lime . .... 

Liquor and Wine Dealers — Retail, 

Liquors and Wiues — Wholesale, 


Livery and Hack Stables, 


Looking Glass and Picture Frame Man 

Lumber Merchiints, 

Machine Sewing, 

Machinists, ..... 

Maltsters, ..... 

Mannfiicturers, .... 

Jlanufiacturersand Machinists Supplies, 

Marble and Stone Workers, 

Merchant Tailors, 

Military Goods, 


Millinery, . . " . 

Millinery Goods, 


Mineral Water, 

Morocco Manufacturers, . 

Music and Musical Instruments, 

Music Teachers, 

Nails, Brads, Spikes, &c. 

Naval Stores, 

Newspapers, . . . , 

News and Periodicals, 

Nightmen, .... 

Notaries Public, 
Notions — Wholesale, 
Nurses and Midwifes, 




Oil Companies, 

. 687 

Ship Joiners, 

Oil Der.kTS, 


Ship Smiths, . . . . 



Shipping Masters, 

Organ Builders, .... 


Shipping Merchants, . 

O.yster and Fruit Packers, 


Shirt Manufacturers, 

Packing Houses, .... 


Shoe Findings, 

Packing Box Makers, 


Shoe Case Manufacturers, 

Painters — House and Sign, 


Show Cards, 

Paints, Oils, &c., 


Silk Weavers, 

Paper Bags, .... 


Silver Platers 

Paper Box Manufacturers, 


Silversmiths, . . . . 

Paper Hangings, 


Snuff Manufacturers, 

Paper Sheathing, .... 


Soap and Candle Manufacturers, 

Paper Stock, 


vSpice Mills, 

Paper Warehouses, . . . 


Steamship Lines, 

Patent Medicines, 


Steam Sa-w and Plaining Mills, 

Pavers, Graders, and Contra,ctors, 


Steam and Water Heating, 

Pawnbrokers, . ... 


Steam Sugar Refineries, 



Stencil Cutters, .... 

Photograph Albums, 


Storage Warehouses, 

Photographers Stock, 


Stove Dealers, .... 

Physicians, .... 


Survej'ors, .... 

Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, 


Tailors' Trimmings, 

Pickling and Preserving, 


Tanners and Curriers, 

Plasterers, . . . . 


Tea Dealers, 

Plumbers, . ... 


Telegraphs, .... 

Pocket Bock and Jewelry Case Manufac 


Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, 

turers, .... 


Tin Plate and Metals, 

Potteries, .... 


Tobacco and Cigars— Retail, 

Printers — ^Book and Job, 


Tobacco Dealers and Manufacturers- 

Printers — Copperplate, 



Produce Dealers, .... 


Toilet Articles, &c. . 

Provision Dealers, 


Trimmings, Laces, &c. 

Pump and Block Makers, 


Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c. 



Turners, . . 

Railways, (marine,) 


Type Founders, 

Ranges and Furnaces, 


Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers, 

Regalia Makers, 



Restaurants, . . . . 


Upholsterers, . . , . 

Rolling Mills, 


Variety Stores, 

Roofers. .... 


Veterinary Surgeons, 

Rope Makers and Ship Chandlers, 


Vinegar Makers, 

Saddle and Harness Makers, 


Watches and Jewelry, 

Saddlery Hardware, 



Salt Dealers, . . 


Whips and Canes, . . . . 

Safes— Fire Proof, 


Wig Makers, 

Sail Makers, 


Wire Workers, .... 

Saloons — Lager Beer, 


Wood Dealers, .... 

Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers, 


Wooden and Willow Ware, 

Saw and Planing Mills, 


Wool Dealers, .... 

Scales, . . 


Wrought Iron Tubes, 

Seeds, ..... 


Yeast Makers, .... 

Sewing Machines. 


Aliscellaneous, .... 

Ship Uuilders and Marine Railways, 





. 702 

. 703 


. 703 



. 703 






. 704 











. 706 



. 708 
. 709 

. 709 

. 709 

. 710 



, 710 

. 711 





n. north; a. sonth; e. east; w. west; st. street; ct. court; av. avenue; al. alley; la. 
lane; dw. dwelling; cor. corner; L. P. Locust Point. 
Note: The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are Subscribers. 



Aaron Betsy, rag dealer, 44 Columbia 
Aaron Chas. F. pat'n maker, 216 Montgomery 
Aaron Dorothea K. 216 Montgomery' 
Aaron Geo. W., lieut. police, 147 Hank 
Aaron Geo. W. teacher, 129 Lincoln 
Aaron Lewis, 44 Columbia 
Aaron Marcellus, mariner, 216 Montgomery 
Aaron Sam' 1, ship carpenter, 216 Montgomery 
Abaling Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 200 s 

Abbes J. Augusta, teacher, 163 Chpsnut 
Abbes Ferdinand, cooper, 260 Hanover 
Abbes Francis H. collector, 254 Bank 
Abbes Mrs. Sarah C. 163 Chesnut 
Abbett Samuel R. 25 HoUins 
Abbot Sf Harper (Charles Abbot, Robert E. 

Harper) wholesale dry goods. 2 Hanover 
Abbot Charles, ( Abbot <fe Harper) 273 n Eutaw 
Abbott Alex. (Charles H. Ross & Co.) 212 e 

Abbott C. F. 175 Conway 
Abbott C. F. (Ablott & Co.) 210 Conway 
Abbott & Co. (C. F.Abbott, E. A. Maull.) 

commission merchants and produce dealers, 

72 s Howard 
Abbott Darius W. clerk, 12 Anthony 
Abbott Davis, painter, llo n Eden 
Abbott Edson A. 320 n Caroline 
Abbott Mrs. Elizabeth J. 191 n Eden 
Abbott Edwin A. steam flour mill, City Block 

next to drawbridge, dw 113 s High 
Abbott Mrs. E. & Co. (Mrs. E. Abbott, Mrs. 

C. G. Beatty, ) milliners and dressmakers, n 

w cor Baltimore and Caroline 
Abbott Mrs. E. (Mrs. E. Abbott & Co.) n w 

cor Baltimore and Caroline 
Abhott, Henry & Co. (James F. Abbott, J. 

Henry, Capt. W. Jones,) oyster dealers, 152 

Pratt street whf 

Abbott Henry J. civil engineer, 113 s High 
Abbott Henry, machinist, 120 e Madison 
Abbott Horace, president Abbott Iron Co. 

Baltimore co 
ABBOTT IRON COMPANY, H. Abbott, prest, 

C. H. Ashburner, supt, 8 s Gay 
Abbott James F. (Abbott, Henry & Co.) 71 8 

Abbott James L. carpenter, 10 Gould ct 
Abbott James A. boilermaker, 228 Henrietta 
Abbott captain John C. mariner, 243 n Cen- 
tral av 
Abbott John E. laborer, 293 e Fayette 
Abbott John N. tobacco warehouse, 293 e 

Abbott Daniel E. R. carpenter, 119 Jefferson 
Abbott James, copper smelter, Clinton opp. 

Patapsco foundry 
Abbott Joseph W. clerk, 191 n Eden 
Abbott James F. (Abbott, Henry ^ Co.) 71 

s Caroline 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. clerk, 174 Orleans 
Abbott Wm. H. police. 147 s Fremont 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. M. printer, 172 n Eden 
Abe Hartman, laborer, 260 Hanover 
Abel Mrs. Dorothea, 351 e Lombard 
Abel Mrs. Hannah, hosiery, 93 n Fremont 
Abel Wm. gilder, 130 Fra^iklin 
Abel John, tailor, 353 e Lombard 
Abell A, S. (A. S. Abell <J- Co.) 83 Sarar 

ABELL A. S. & Co. (A. S. Abell) proprietors 

and publishers, Baltimore Sun, Sun Iroa 

Building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Charles, carpenter, 222 s Wolfe 
Abell Charles T. printer, 14S Mulberry 
Abell Casper, shoemaker, 139 Henrietta 

THE GROVKR & BAKER .SEWIXG MAC HIKE U file best for all purposes— SALKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKEK BROS. & CO. 




Abcll David, prhiler, 59 Pine 

Ahell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington niarkels, d\v 177 Penna. av 
Abell Ev.elinc, 40 Holland 
Abell Franklin M. bntchcr, 24 Richmond mar- 
ket, d\v 1G4 Penna. av 
Abell Garrett I. clerk, 33 s Poppleton 
Abell Mrs. Eleancir, tailore.'^s, ISPtOck 
Abell Mrs. JJ. confectionery, 127 Uoinvay 
Abell John, copper smelter, Clinton opp. Pa- 

tapsco foundry 
Abell George W. attorney, 41 St. Paul, d\v 83 

Abell 1. liootuiaker, 141 Camden 
AbellJolui, baker, 127 Conway 
Aiiell John, clothing cutter, 353 e Lombard 
Abell WillianV tailor, 33 s Poppleton 
Abendgine Andreas, laborer, 88 s Rcgester 
Abendschan Clement, carpet weaver, 232 s 

Abendschan Joseph, paver, 18 Bevan 
Abendschan Kudolph, shoemaker, 18 Bevan 
Abelman P. 23 n PJoward 
Abendgine Margaret, tailoress, 88 s Regester 
Abendgine Henry, barber, 88 s Regester 
Abendschan John, provisions, 438 Canton av 
Abendschcin Andrew, bard, 168 g Bond 
Abendschein Henry, barber, 88 s Regester 
Abendschen George, tailor, 200 Montgomery 
Abenschend Thomas, seaman, 4 Windsor 
Abcndshine Henry, barber, 88 s Register 
Abendschoend Mrs. Margaret, GO Hill 
Abcrcrombie Mrs. Christian. 8-1 Chew 
Abercrombie David, (H. Taylor & Co.) 78 

Abercrombie John, (H. Taylor & Co.) 179 e 

Abercrombie Robert B. baker, 263 e Lombard 
Abercrombie Thomas, machinist, 64 Camden 
Abercrombie 'Wm. H. printer, 8 Etting 
Aberlein Charles, confectioner, 55 Mulberry 
Aberlein Michael, scroll worker, 55 Mulberry 
Abey George T. hatter, 16 n Ann 
Abey Josei)h C. fish dealer, 326 William 
Abty Joseph W. letter carrier, 112 s Castle 
Abey Michael H. caulker, 72 Johnson 
Abey Mrs. Sarah, fish dealer, 326 William 
Abey Mi-s. Sarah, seamstress, Winan's distil- 

\cvy, foot of Light 
Abey Wm. A. clerk, 339 e Pratt 
Abey Wm. H. grocery, 369 Light 
Abey Wm. tinner, 170 s Howard 
Abigail John N. cafpenter, 837 w Pratt 
Abindhein Charles V. watchmaker, 60s Wolfe 
Able Mrs. Eliza, 268 Light 
Abhan Charles, boxmaker, 90 s Howard 
Abonschon Lewis, shoemaker. 77 Hill 
Abraham John, mariner, 53 Fountain 
A.brahams Eliza, 59 Millikin 
Abrahams Henry, cigarmaker, 59 Mullikin 

Abrahams, Wm. H. Abrahams, ship builders 

and proprietors screw dock, Thames, foot of 

Caroline, office 58 Philpot 
Abrahams John J. (John J. Abrahams& Son,) 

175 n Calvert 
Abrahams Jos. clerk. 59 Mullikin 
Abrahams Mary Ann, 9G s Caroline 
Abrahams Wm. H. (J. J. Abrahams & Son,) 

286 e Baltimore 
Abrahams Woodward, (Cochran & Co.) 22 s 


Abrams Alex. J. marble cutter, Greenmount 

av opp cemetery 
Abrams Jaa. K. P. carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abrams John, carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abrams Jaco'^ P. boat builder, 2 n Broadway 
AI)ram3 Washington, carpenter, 277 (Canton av 
Abras ,lohn, shoemaker, 49 s Chapel 
Abt Mrs. Christina, boarding, 385 Canton av 
A burn Mrs. Emily A. grocery, n e cor Jeffer- 
son and Bethel 
Abnrn John, grocer, cor Thames and Philpot 
Aburn Melvina, 316 s Bond 
A burn Melvira, saleswoman, 209 Aliceanna 
.Vburn Mrs. Sophia, 2)9 Aliceanna 
Aburn Wm. R. spar maker, (il Block 
Achenback Henry, butcher, 14 Lexington mar- 
ket, dw 332 Penna av 
Achenback John H. plasterer, 3 Walsh 
Achey Charles F. (F Achey k Son, ) 132 Ger- 

(Frederick Achey, Charles P. 
Achey,) Curriers and Dealers in 
Calf Skins, and a general assort- 
ment of Leather, 22 s Liberty. 

Achey Frederick, (Frederick Achey & Son, ) 

129 German 
Accinelli B. J. bookkeeper, 60 n Exeter 
Achorn Henry, laborer, 90 s Bethel 
Acker Peter A. shoemaker, 282 Aisquilh 
Acker Wm. weaver, 100 Raborg 
Ackerley Mrs. Anne, 141 e Baltimore 
Ackerman Benjamin, 114 Gongh 
Ackerman Charles C. watchmaker, 196 w Lom- 
Ackerman Catherine, tailoress, 288 s Charles 
Ackerman George, sawyer, 112 s Washing- 
Ackerman George, second hand store, 63 Har- 
Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman John, pump maker, 62 Walnut al 
Ackerman John B. tailor, 100 n Dallas 
Ackerman Joshua, shoe dealer, 44 Camden 

dw Mansion house 
Ackler George, shoemaker, 321 Saratoga 
Ackerman Nicholas, clothing cutter, 81 s Chapel 
Ackler Jacob B. boot and shoemaker, 321 Sara- 
Acomb John W. basket maker, 877 w Pratt 
Acomb Mrs. Caroline, brooms, baskets and 

wooden ware dealer, 130 Franklin 
Acres Louis P. tailor, 259 e Lombard 
Adair Harry, clerk, 149 Mt. Vernon i)lAce 
Adair John, machinist, 279 n Eutaw 
Adair Mi's. Rachel, 161 s Chester 
Adalstarn Jacob, tailor, rear 134 Saratoga 
Adam Angelica, trimming store, ne cor Lom- 
bard and Centre market space 
Adam Frederick E. engineer, 377 c Baltimore 
Adam Henry, currier, 119 McEldcrry 
Adams Adam, fruit preserver, 411 e Fayette 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 33 e Wo'fe 
Adams Amelia, teacher, St. Paul's Orphan 
Asylum, Madison aveiiue, near terminus (^ity 
Pa.ssenger U R. 
Adams Annie, milliner, 110 Raborg 
Adams Anton, tailor, 21 Cannon 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &e. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




iains Adelaide L. boarding liouse, 64 n 

Jams Mrs. Annie, 156 Barre 
iams Albert, shoemaker, 96 Druid Hill av 
iams Ann M. tailoress, 233 s Hughes 
lams Benjamin F. hatter, 90 Warner 
lams Mrs. Caroline, gardener, s e cor Gist 
and Goug'h 

lams Catherine, tailoress, 152 Bank 
lams Charles S. (A. Graham & Co.) 143 s 

lams cj- Davidson, (J. B. Adams ^ W. T. 
Davidson, grocers and commission mer- 
chants, 7 Commerce 

DAMS EDWAED & SO]Sr,( Edward 
Adams, John W. A. ) Family Gro- 
cers and Produce Dealers, n e cor 
Hollins and Republican. 

lams Benjamin F. jr. ship cari^enter, 90 


[ams Caroline, 1 Ahey al 

lams Charles H. boilermaker, 22 Lee 

lams Edward, (Edward Adams ^ Son) 226 

'Collins '• 

ams Eliza, teacher, 231 n Howard 

ams Eliza, 54 n Bond 

ams Elizabeth, 52 s Bond 

ams Enielius, coal yard, s w cor Caroline 

md Dock, and n w corner Central av and 

jrough. dw 3G9 e Baltimore 

)AJ1S" EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore, de- 

)ot 227 and 229 s Howard, Samuel M. Shoe- 

nakcr, resident partner 

ams Frank, commission mch't, 70 South 

ams Frederick E. blacksmith, 17 n Exeter. 

ams Frederick, riiachinist, Sin Exeter 

ams, Graham & Co. (C. S. Adam.s, I. 

jraham, J. L. Bradford) wholesale grocers 

Lnd commission mch'ts, 48 s Howard 

ams George C. silversmith, 4 Telegraph 

ams George F. bookkeeper, 184 Chesnut 

ams George W. boatman. 140 Hamburg 

ams George, gardener. Gist near Gough 

ams George W. engineer, 208 e Pratt 

ams Henry, piano maker, 194 w Fayette 

ams Ileurj- B. clerk, 58 Stiles 

ams Henry, shoemaker, 186 George 

ams Howard D. 13G Cathedral 

ams Isaac S. clerk. 67 1 av Fayetti* 

ams Jacob G. 180 Columbia 

ams James L. bricklayer, 251 e Lombard 

ams James McG. laborer, 165 n Fremont 

ams Capt. John E. 100 n Bond 

ams John F. (S. H. & J. F. Adams) 36 


ams John Q. (Carroll, A. <f- Neer) 67 Lee 

ams John II. sailmaker. West Falls av, dw 

15 William 

ams John D. (Adams k Davidson) Foun- 

ain hotel 

ams John G. plasterer, 7 Wyeth 

ams Joseph, clerk, 98 s Castle* 

ams John D. clerk, 101 s Bond 

>AMS JOHN, oyster and fruit packer, n e 

■or Wolfe and Hampstead, dw 411 e Fayette 

ams John W. (E. Adams k Son) 226 Hol- 


ams Joseph, coal oil refiner, 135 Wel- 

;onie al 

Adams J. Thomas, (Orson Adams ^ Co.) 

■527 w Fayette 
Adams Joshua A. gas inspector, 411 n Gay 
Adams Mrs. Mary E. 209 Druid Hill av 
Adams Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 87 Eastern av 
Adams Martha, tailoress, 233 L Hughes 
Adams Mrs. Mary E. 210 w Biddle 
Adams Mrs. Mary E. 98 w Monument 
Adams Mrs. Mary N. 527 w Fayette 
Adams Murray S. messenger, Adams Express 

Co., dw Grant house 
Adams & Moulton, (Wm. Adams, J. D. Moul- 
ton, James F. Moulton, jr, ) wholesale'deal- 
ers in hosiery, gloves and fancy goods, 251 
w Baltimore 
Adams Mathias, mariner, 307 Aliceanna 
Adams M. W. clerk, 94 e Pratt 
Adams Orson & Co, (Orson Adams, J. Thomas 
Adams, ) importers wines, liquors and cigars, 
128 and 130 w Lombard 
Adams Orson, (Orson Adams & Co.) 569 Lex- 

Adams P>obert A. sailor, 32 n Bond 
Adams Roger A. clerkj 163 w Lombard 
Adams Samuel, clerk, 671 w Fayette 
Adams, Singleton & Buck, (Wm. H. Adams, 
Andrew Singleton, Irving Buck, ) importers 
and jobbers china and glass, 337 w Balti- 
Adams Sidney, merchant tailor, 16 North, dw 

194 e Fayette 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 37 Orchard 
Adams Mrs. Susan, tailoress, 90 Warner 
Adams S. H. &; J. F. carpenters and builders, 

42 Elbow la near Greene 
Adams Mrs. Susanna, 184 Chestnut 
Adams Samuel T. (Willis & Adams,) Fred- 
erick road, Baltimore county 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 20 

e Pratt 
Adams Samuel, laborer, 64 Hampstead 
Adams Samuel II. (S. H, &. J. F. Adams,) 40 

Adams Thomas, fireman. 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thomas W. clerk, 12 n Charles 
ADAMS T. W. shirt manufacturer, 171 w 

Baltimore, dw 103 Gough 
Adams Thomas, watchmaker, 65_ McHenry 
Adams Thomas, caulker, 268 s Caroline 
Adams Thomas H. 64 n Charles 
Adams Wm. H. engineer, 20 w Lombard 
Adams Wm. H. (A. Singleton & Buck, ) 129' 

s Paca 
Adams Wm. H. pilot, .137 Gough 
Adams Wm. R. mariner, 258 e Monument 
Adams Wm. watchman, 258 e Monument 
Adams Wm. (Adams & Moulton,) 588 Lex- 
Adams Wm. E. laborer, 208 c Pratt 
Adams Wm. blacksmith, 290 Harford av 
Adams Wm. T. 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. collector, 582 w Lombard 
Adams Wm. J. clerk, 527 w Fayette 
Adams Wm. W, mariner, 76 Johnson 
Addison Mrs. Catherine A. 26 s Carey 
Addison Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 107 n Fremont 
Addison George M. comniissioner fc^- opening 
streets, office City Hall, dw 612 w Payette 
Addison G. C. police, 1 McMechin 
Addison John W. clerk, 146 Barre 
Addison George W. brickmouldcr, Clinton 
near Lazaret 

Agents for Kosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mntnal Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Addison John W. machinist, 28 Scott 
Addison Joseph T. shoemaker, McMechin near 

Addison Lewis T. clerk, 26 3 Carey 
Addison Sanuiel S. shoe store, 230 w Pratt, 

dw McMechin near John 
Addison Mrs. Sally D. 149 Barre 
Addison Mrs. Susanna, confectionery, 684 w 

Addison Taylor, 15 William 
Addison Theodore, engineer. If)*? n Fremont 
Addison Virginia E. teacher, 149 Barre 
Addison Wm. E. clerk, 38 McHenry 
Addison William, carpenter, Hughes bet Wil- 
liam and Johnson, dw 75 William 
Addison Wm. Meade, attorney, 29 Lexington, 

dw 12 Townsend 
Addison W. W. shoemaker, 684 w Baltimore 
Addison Wm. gunsmith, 102 s Regester 
Adelsdorf Joseph, clerk, 51 German 
Adelman Charles, cooper, 17 n Spring 
Ad'elstein James, shoemaker, 387 Canton av» 
Ader Charles, butcher, 147 William 
Ader Michael, carpenter, 198 s Durham 
Adkisson & Co. (Wm. Adkisson, Richard 
S. Bowen,) sailmakers, s w cor Light-st 
wharf and Camden 
Adkisson Wm. (Adkisson &Co.) 210 Franklin 
Adler Aaron, cattle dealer, 32 Granby 
Adler Alexander, dentist, 13 Lloyd 
Adler Charles, (H. Frank&Co.) 207 Saratoga 
Adler, H. M. & Co., (H. M. Adler ^ J. 
Schenthal, ) furnishing goods, over 265 w 
Adler Henrietta, upholsterer, 237 Canton av. 
Adler Henry M. (H. M. Adler 4- Co., 1 s 

Adler Henry M. (Richard A. Bennett ^ Co.( 

s side Pratt, 4 doors e of Wolfe 
Adler Henry M. 329 e Pratt 
Adler Joseph, property agent, 64 s Eden 
Adler Julius, dry goods, 210 s Broadway 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, 166 s Regester 
Adler Louis H., 88 Camden 
Adler Mannes, 16 Columbia 
Adler M. dry goods, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Michael, salesman, 207 Saratoga 
Adler Philip, 15 s Liberty 
ADLER SAMUEL, cabinet maker, 237 Can- 
ton av. 
Adler Simon, clerk, 191 n Gay 
Adler Thomas, hostler, 234 Penna. av 
Adolph Mrs. Catherine, 26 Monroe 
Adolph Herman, weaver, 258 e Fayette 
Adolph Henry, boat builder, 245 s Durham 
Adolph John, butcher, 275 Canton av 
Adolph John, laborer, Pratt bet Fulton and 

Adolph John A., 20 s Strieker 
Adolph Mrs. Mary E., seamstress, 245 s Durham 
Adolph Wm. puddler, 137 s Chapel 
Adreon C. C. clerk, 292 Saratoga 
ADREON, THOMAS & CO. (William Adreon, 
E. L. Thomas, Wm. J. Adreon, ) auctioneers 
and commission merchants, 18 s Charles 
Adreon Col. Harrison, claim agent and attor- 
ney, 54 jv Fayette, dw 110 Hanover 
Adreon Henry C . clerk at custom house, 110 

Adreon Lafayette, dentist, 28 n Liberty 
Adreon Wm. T. (Adreon, Thomas 4- Co.) 620 

Adreon Wm. (Adreon, Thomas & Co.) 110 

Adreon Mrs. Winifred, 28 n Liberty 
Adt John B. (Schiller ij- Adt, ) 5 sAnn 
Ady James, variety store, 159 s Sharp 
Aeby Mrs. A. B. 166 s Sharp 
Aegers Henry A. trunk maker, 75 Camden 
Aerichon Paul, architect, 152 Hanover 
AfFelder Ma.T, dry goods, 10 s Charles, dw310 

w Lombard 
Affayroux Epaulete, (J. F. Reinicker & Co.) 

144 Aisquitb 
Affayroux Francis P., blacksmith, 190 East 
Aftung John, shoemaker, 223 Hanover 
Agan Mrs. Ann, 188 Ramsay 
Agal Timothy, laborer, 8 Fish Market sp 
Agan John, laborer, 17G Greenmount av 
Agan Michael, laborer, rear 188 West 
Agan Wm. laborer, 9 Bevan 
Aged .Men and Women's Home, n w cor Lex- 
ington and Calhoun 
Agensberger Philip, carpenter, 20 Etting 
Agnew James C. currier, 158 n Bond 
Agnew Thomas J. clerk, 143 n Paca 
Agnew Thomas A. (Geagan & Agnew). 64 

Agnew John, book keeper, 143 n Paca 
Agnew Mrs. Mary, 143 n Paca 
Agnus Felix, 600 w Lombard 
Ahern Mrs. Anna, 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahern Daniel, feed, Chester near Bank 
Ahern Jeremiah, laborer, 356 s Caroline 
AHERN FRANCIS I. brick manuf. Canton, 

dw 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John, (G. W. Jackson 4' Co.) Fountain 


AHERN JOHN, Brick Manufac- 
turer, Yards Canton, dw 253 n 

Ahern John, proprietor Cecilia Furnace, Can- 
ton, dw 253 n. Eutaw 
Ahiold Mary, huckstress, 387 s Charles 
A hi Romeo, chair maker, 19 Mott 
Ahl William, watchman, 7 Young 
Abler Elizabeth, confectionery, 114 Low 
Allies George F. cigar maker, 4 n Durham 
Ahlers John, cooper, 177 s Durham 
Ahlers John, mariner, 263 s Ann 
Ahles John D. grocer, 217 n Bond 
A hies John, laborer, 103 s Chapel 
Ahleseger Mrs. C. A. cheese dealer, 118 and 
120 Lexington market, dwelling Paca near 
Ahlsleger Christiana, huckstress, 157 s Fre- 
mont .J 
Ahlsleger Wm. book-keeper, 72 Columbia 
Ahman Joseph, laborer, 183 s Eden 
Ahmear Dedrick, laborer, Henry n of Hughes 
Ahrends Henry, moulder, 315 e Lombard 
AHRLING H.'HENRY, tavern, 72 Buchanan' 

Ahrens Adolph, (Stirling ^ Ahrens) 201 Gar- 
Ahrens Caroline, umbrellas, 31 s Caroline 
Ahrens Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 234 

Eastern av 
Ahrens Geo. Ad. clerk, 26 Garden 
Ahrens Julius, confect'r and baker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrens John, cabinet maker, 234 Eastern av 

THK GROVER & BAKKR SEAVINQ MACHINE U tlie best for all iniriioses— SALKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 Soutli-st. 




Ahrens Win. shoemaker, 27 McElderry 

Ahrens Wm. mariner, 93 Lancaster 

Ahrens Wm. clerk, 65 Goiigh 

Ahring Ernst II 1 14 a Central av 

Aichle Jacob, coal and wood, 2G5 s Sharp and 

24G Hanover 
Aichle John, tavern, Greenmount av, opp 

Jenkins la 
Aichle Jacob, coal yard, Sharp bet. Henrietta 

and Hamburg 
Aichle John, laborer, 244 Hanover 
Aichman John, piano maker, 238 Hanover 
Aidt Ferdinand, carpenter, 26 St. Mary 
Aihler Jyhn G. woodsawyer, 81 Orleans 
Aiken George B. clerk, CO n Gilmor 
Aiken Henry, 110 German 
Aiken Mrs. Harriet E. 60 n Gilmor 
Aiken Matthew K. cashier, Calvert Iron k Nail 

Works Co., 60 n Gilmor 
Aiken Dr. Wm. E. A. prof chemistry, Uni- 
versity of Md., dw 25 Hamilton 
Aires George W. carpenter, 67 s Washington 
Aires James H. engineer, 67 s Washington 
Airey Mrs. A. A. butter, 176 Druid Hill av 
Aiiey Charles C. machinist, 107 s Caroline 
Airey Eliza, seamstress, 18 Telegraph 
Airey Elius, feed, 109 Penn av 
Airey Dr. G. W. 92 Saratoga 
Airey Hiram, carter. 25 Preston 
Airey James, butter, 176 Druid Hill av 
Airey Jerome, shoemaker, 127 Division 
Airey Joseph F. carter, 242 Cross 
Airev Philip, driver, n w cor Lexington and 

Airey Tobias, blacksmith. Telegraph near Penn 

av, dw 242 w Biddle 
Airey Wm. F. machinist, 72 n Broadway 
Airey Wm. F. machinist, 107 s Caroline 
Aisquith .Mrs. Mary H. 687 w Fayette 
AITCHESON JAMES, brass founder, 74 

North, dw 200 n Eutaw 
Aite Lewis, shoemaker, 60 Druid Hill av 
Aitken Andrew, (A. Aitken & Co.) 139 n Gay 

AITKEN A. & CO., (A. Aitken, 
Geox'ge R. Carter,) General Agents 
for the States of Maryland and 
Delaware, for Dr. B. Mishler's cel- 
ebrated Medicinal "Herb Bitters," 
warranted to purify the blood, 
wholesale and retail. No. 139J n 
Gay street, bet High and Exeter, 
B iltimore, and 108 w Front street, 
Wilmington, Del. 

Akehurst George T. laborer, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Akers Daniel, boiler maker, 6 Gould's la 
Akeis Daniel T. boiler maker, G Gould's la 
AKERS EDWIN, dry goods, 138 Le.xington 
Akers Rdward, watchmaker and jeweler, 65 s 

Akers George W. engineer, 179 Hughes 
Akers Henry, restaurant, 58 Eastern av 
Akers Kasin F. boiler maker, 163 Hamburg 
Akcis Sarah R. confectionery, 229 w Biddle 
Akeis Will. H. boiler maker, 405 Light 
Akers Mrs. Margaret, 58 Eastern av 
Akorii Samuel, cigar maker, 113 Lexington 

Alaman Henry, drayman, 60 King 
Albach John, paver, 337 e Monument 
Alband & CuUison, (C. Alband, Jesse M. Cul- 
lison, ) grain, flour and mill feed, 4 Penn aT 
Alband Charles, (Alband & CuUison, ) 105 a 

Albars Wm. tailor, 190 s Wolfe 
Albaugh Alexander, wheelwright, 372 Saratoga 
Albaugh Mrs. Adeline, seamstress, 768 w Bal- 
Albaugh Charles, plumber and gas fitter, 768 

w Baltimore 
Albaugh Mrs. Elizabeth, 232 Williamson 
Albaugh Edward W. huckster, 79 Henrietta 
Albaugh Mrs. Frances, 315 Light 
Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 124 n Eutaw 
Albaugh George, laborer, 19 Liberty al 
Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 355 Penn av 
Albaugh Hiram, boiler maker, 232 William . 
Albaugh John, (White cj- Co.) 114 Penn av 
Albaugh Thomas, painter, 124 n Eutaw 
ALBAUGH WM. A. brush manufacturer, 278 

w Pratt 
Albaugh Wm. E. clerk, 124 n Eutaw 
Albecker John, pickled meats, 171 and 173 

Hanover market, dw Frederick road 
Albcrger Adam, butcher, 89 MuUikin 
Alberger John, 336 w Lombard 
Albers Charles F. bookkeeper, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Frederick, brickmaker, 178 s Wolfe 
Albers Dr. Henry, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, brickmaker, 178 s Wolfe 
Albers Wm. tailor, 178 s Wolfe 
Albert Anna M. grocery, 72 Mulberry 
Albert August, copper smelter, Clinton, oppo- 
site Patapsco foundry 
Albert Augustus, (A. c|- H. J. Albert,) 18 n 

Albert Augustus J., Jr., (Albert ^- Booth,) 

Balto. Co. 
Albert tj- Bro. (Augustus J. Albert, and Wm. 

J. Albert. ) office 352 w Baltimore 
ALBERT .> BOOTH, (Aug. J., Albert, jr., 
Wm. Booth,) imps. Sheffield cutlery, 252 
w Baltimore 
Albert Casper, laborer, 47 Fountain 
Alhei-t Daniel, boot crimper, 61 n Frederick 
Albert Daniel, sadler, 7 Constitution 
Albert .Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 n Amity 
Albert Francis, clerk, 153 Chatsworth 
Albert Frank, tailor, 10 n Durham 
Albert Francis, salesman, 153 Chatsworth 
Albert Frederick, fancy goods, 453 w Balti- 
Albert George, tailor, 151 n Eden 
Albert George, tailor, 164 s Bond 
Albert George, laborer, 2 Claggctt al 
Albert Henry, shoemaker, 10 Leadenhall 
Albert Henry J. 197 w Fayette 
Albert Henry C. clerk, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Jacob B. clerk, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Jacob, raouhler, 118 Harrison 
Albert James, hardware, >^I w Monument 
Albert John, lioot fitter, 57 Bank . 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lezington, 15 Hol- 
lins and 50 Hanover markets, dw Garrisoa 
la near Western Cemetery 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Margaret, 25 Lee 

Albert .Michael, butcher, 31 Lexington mar- 
ket, dw Penna. av n of Northern av 
Albert Wm. J. (Albert cJ- Bro.) 52 Cathedral. 

THE GROVER .& BAKER SEWIXti MACHINE is tlic best for all purposes— SALES 
R003IS— ISl Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Albert Sebastian, laborer, 137 s Spring 
Albert Win. liiborer, 186 McHcnry 
ALBERTI, BRINK ^ CO. (IT. 'F. Alberti, 
H. A. D. Brink, Charles Dclius, ) importers 
fancy goods, 348 w Baltimore 
Alberli II. F. (Alberti, Brink ^ Co.) 348 w 

Albertson Isaac, proprietor Mansion House, n 

w cor Fayette and- St. Paul 
man, Jas. S. Gary <f- Son, proprietors 
Albrecht Anton, butcher, rear 179 Mullikin 
Albrccht August, drayman, 120 Henrietta 
Albrecht August P. bookkeeper, 177 e Madison 
Albrecht Christian, carver, 370 s Eutaw 
Albrecht Charles, cooper, Pratt bet. Fulton 

and Monroe 
Albreclit Edmund, barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Frederick, cooper, 109 Frederick av. 
Albrecht Frederick, porter, 895 w Pratt 
Albrecht Fred. W. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht George, carver, 79 Harrison 
Albrecht Henry, cooper, 231 Frederick road 
Albrecht Jacob, cooper, 923 w Pratt 
Albrecht John, blacksmith, 139 Peirce 
Albrecht Timotheus, boot fitter, 22 n Eden 
Albrecht Timothy, cabinet maker, 370 s 

Albrccht Wm. cabinet maker, 372 s Eutaw 
Albrecht Mrs. Wilhelmiiia, lager beer, 372 s 

Abrecht Warner C. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Wm. iron moulder, 105 Cambridge 
Albridge Frederick, 5 South 
Albright August, drayman, 120 Hanover 
Albright August G. coppersmith, 30 s Schroe- 

Albright Charles, shoemaker, Fort.av near 

Albright Frederick L. brass finisher, 357 Co- 
An)right Frederick, police, 235 s Eutaw 
All)right John, blacksmith, 121 Druid Hill av 
All)right Ferdinand, shoemaker, 317 e Madison 
Albright Hy. G. coppersmith, 30 s Schroeder 
Albright Jesse P. bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Albright John, blacksmith, 121 Druid Hill av 
Albro George, U. S. N. 96 s Sharp 
Alcock Frederick C. 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Win. H. 1). bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. E. (Spiller cj- Alcock) 267 n 

Alcock Wm. C. clerk, 293 w Biddle 
Alday Wm. blacksmith, 410 Saratoga 
Alden Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Alderdice John, restaurant, 15 Harrison 
Alderson Charles D. (A., Trego & Co.) G3 n 

Alderson Charles D. real estate agent, 251 

Alderson John D. 250 Saratoga 
Alderson Mrs. Sarah A., Beliwr av near Balti- 
more cemetery 
Alderson, Trego & Co. (Charles D. Alderson, 
J. D. Trego, ) real estate brokers, 12 s Gay 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldiidge k Brewer, (Geo. Brewer, ) dry goods, 

com. merchants, 5 German 
Aldridge Mrs. Barbai-a, 31 n Frederick 
Aldridge Cornelius, machinist, 22 Sterrett 
Aldridge George W. carpenter. 68 Conway 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 124 n Charles 

Aldridge Mrs. Sarah, 140 Columbia 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 79 Hollins . 

Aler John, machinist, 9 s Oregon j 

Aler John T. pumpmaker, 43 n Paca, dw 103] 
Mullierry ] 

Aler John T. iron moulder, 51 s Poppleton 
Aler John, 82 n Eutaw 

Aler John W. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 82 n Eutaw 
Aler Reuben J. clerk, 119 w Biddle 
Aler S.vlvanus R. machinist, 415 w Lombard 
Aler Washington Z. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. jr. iron moulder,' 51 s Poppleton 
Alex A\'m. H. sr. laborer, 51 s Poppleton 
Alexander Benjamin, tailor, 62 Hill 
Alexander Charles, clerk Circuit court, 192 

Alexander Elijah, fisherman, 163 William 
Alexander E. G. printer, Vosbell house, 27 

Alexander Mrs. Ellen, tailoress,24re Monument 
Alexander G. W. printer, Vosbell house 
Alexander G. W. printer, 95 s Exeter 
Alexander Julia, 62 Hill 

Alexander James, merchant tailor, 44 n How- 
ard, dw 23 Mosher 
Alexander Julien I. attorney, n e cor Charle.s 

and Lexington, dw 272 Lexington 
Alexander Mrs. John H. 272 Lexington 
Alexander Martha J. 237 e Baltimore 
Alexander Mrs. Margaret H. dressmaker, s e 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 242 w Pratt 
Alexander Mary F. 522 w Fayette 
Alexander Nathan, laborer, 15 s Oregon 
Alexander Richard, bailiff Circuit Court, 77 s 

ALEXANDER WM., Judge of Circuit Court, 

76 w Fayette, dw 117 e Baltimore 
Alford George C. clerk, 132 s High 
Alford James E. deputy shcriO", 132 s High 
Alfred Michael, laborer. Eastern av bet Thames 

and Broadway 
Alger Alonzo, laborer, 62 Buren 
Algie James, paper blockmaker, 86 n Caroline 
Albeit Frederick, shoemaker, 149 e Fayette 
ALHEIT JOHN G. lager, beer, 311 w Pratt 
Alice Conrad, 335 s Bond 
Alice Daniel, cooper, 217 n Bond 
Allan Charles H. printer, 199 e Biddle 
AUard Albert A. tinner, 36 Valley 
AUard Edward C. carpenter, 402 e Monument 
Allard Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress,- 36 Valley 
AUard John, tailor, 4 Raborg 
Allard Joseph, carpenter, 300 Aiscpiith 
ALLARD COL. THOMAS B. provisions and 

produce, 156 s Paca 
Allard Wm. carpenter, 346 n Gay 
Allard Wm. H. stone cutter, 69 Somerset 
AUbright Frederick, laborer, i92 s Broadway 
AUbright Jesse P. constable, 132 s Paca 
AUdriclge Wm. T. conductor, 33 Scott 
xMlen Alexander, { A. k Upton ) 202 Aisquith 
Allen Andrew J. wheelwright, 382 Light 
Allen Benjamin, trimmings, 209 s CbjU'lcs 
Allen Byron, salesman, 289 e Eager 
Allen Betty, 358 Lexington 
Allen Mrs. Catheiine, 35 Mosher 
Allen Charles, conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Cliarles, cooper, 2 Greenwillow 
Allen Charles M. clerk, 1 16 Hanover 
Allen Daniel K. watchman C. H , 119 s Wash- 

J. HENBY GIESE & CO., Flotir, Grain, Seeds, &e. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Allen Daniel R., watchman C. H., dw 49 s 

Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, 97 s Bond 
Allen Rev. Ethan, D..D. 10 Townsend 
..\llen Mrs. Kliza, 210 Montgomery 
Allen Flora, teacher, 237 Franklin 
Allen George S. 299 e Biddle 
Allen G-eo. W. baker, 124 Central av 
Allen Geo. W. jjainter, 10 George 
Allen Capt. George, mariner, 31 Aisquith 
Allen Ilenrj'' A. prof, of music, u e cor Eutaw 

]ilace and McMechin 
.Allen Henry L. baker, 37 n Caroline 
Allen Henry, carp, and ship joiner, 1 n Ann 
.Allen Henry, janitor U. S. Court house 
Allen Isaac, jr. caulker, ,")2 Cross 
Allen Isaac, watchman, 56 Cross 
Allen James, paper carrier. 140 s Paca 
Allen James, horse shoer, 18 Decker 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen Jane, teacher, 237 Franklin 
Allen John, mariner, 287 s Dallas 
.Allen John W. blacksmith, 57 Perry 
Allen John R. machinist, 162 n Fremont 
jMleu Capt. John E. mariner, 320 e Baltimore 
Allen J<5hu, cooper, 133 L. Greene 
Allen John, mariner, 72 Lancaster 
Allen John, sand dealer, 1 80 s Castle 
Allen John W. clerk, Howard house 
.Allen John, mariner, 14 Fountain 
.Allen Joseph, plough maker, 534 w Pratt 
.Allen Joseph H. clerk, 2G5 e Baltimoi'e 
Allen Joseph, plough maker, 692 w Baltimore 
A lieu Robert J. bricklayer, 49 a Exeter 
Allen Robert W. 66 w Ceatre 
.Allen A. Sarah, 39 s E.xeter 
Allen Sarah, second hand clothing, 270 s Bond 
Allen Thomas F. police, 341 s sharp 
.ALLEN cj- UPTON, ( A. Allen, B. Upton ) 
steam furniture works, 13 and 15 Grauby, 
warerooms 27 Hanover 
Allen Virginia, teacher, 237 Franklin 
.Allen Wm. cai-penter, 39 s E.xeter 
Allen Wm. car|3cnber, 503 Saratoga 
Allen Wm. II. architect and builder, a € cor 
Caroline and Union al, dw 265 e Baltimore 
Allen \V. D. clerk Adams' Express, 10 George 
Allen William H. shoemaker, 127 Penna av 
Allen William, laborer, G3 Graaby 
Allen William, vinegar, Chctuut ill near O^s- 

ton, dw 237 Franklin 
.Allen T. M. drover, 50 Hilka 
Allen Louifia, 358 Lexington 
Allen Mrs. Margaret E. 10 George 
Allen P. R. police, 736 w Baltimore 
.Allen Reuben, tinner, 61 Holland 
.Allen R«.\y Ann, boarding house, 499 vvLorn- 

Allen Solomon, carpenter, -98 Lee 
.Allen Wm-. carpenter, Winan's distillery en- 

closui-e, foot of Light 
.Allen Wm. A. agent Union Mutual Life Insu- 

raace Co. of Maine, 9 South 
-Allen Wm. A., shoemaker, 339 s Sharp 
Allen Wm. M. l>rick manufactory, 24 s Strieker 
-Allenbaugh John 0. clerk, 45 n Liberty 
-Allenbaugh John, clerk, 319 e .Monument 
Allenbaugh Charles T. plumber, Telegraph near 

Druid iiill ixjt 
.Allenbaugh George- W. plasterer, 52 Boyd 
Allenbaugh Wm. II. ."shoemaker, 4S9 Saratoga, 
Allender Mary, oS'n Calvert 

Allenmand Charle.?, traveling agent, 46 \v 

Alle;-man Harman, laborer, 43 Leadenhall 
Allers Diedrich, feed store, 140 s Eutaw 
Allers John A. brick manufacturer, near Ferry 

bar, dw 532 w Fayette 
Allers Mrs. Virginia, 532 w Fayette 
Allison Mrs. Ann, G5 s Eden 
Allison Almira, grocery, 592 Penna av 
Allison James S. deputy clerk Superior Court, 

Starr's hotel, cor Front and Low 
Allison Joseph, bookkeeper, 120 s Eutaw 
Allison .Mrs. Nancy, 250 n Howard 
Allison Philip S. clerk, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Robert H. clerk, 65 s Eden 
Allison Wm. carpenter, 592 Penna av 
Allman Wm. carpenter, 1 n Sharp 
Allmand J. O'G. (Allmand & Williams,) 75 a 

Allmand & Williams, (John O'G. A., J. S. 
Williams,) general insurance agents, 79 
Second. ^Seep. 2 Advertisements.'] 
Allmendenger Jacob, weaver, 60 Penna av 
A 1 money Am.os M. carpenter, 460 n Gay 
Allmoney Mordecni, carpenter, 181 e Madi.?on 
Allnutt C. 1(!0 Lee 

Allnutt Edmuml S. clerk, 198 w Biddle 
Allnutt G. R. W. clerk, 121 McCuUoh 
.Allnutt Henry, clerk, 100 I^ee 
Allnutt James N. clerk, 34 s Sharp 
Allnutt Mrs. Margaret S. 198 w Biddle 
Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
Alloway George N. clerk P. 0.''li2 Hillen 
Alloway Mrs. Martha, 112 Hillea 
Alouisa Salvator, sculptor, 202 Chesnut 
Allvvell Stephen D. roperaaker, 94 Mullikin 
AUwell Stephen S. tinner, 90 MulUkin 
Allwell Wm. Wesley, boatman, 13 Cambridge 
Allwell Wm. J. bricklayer, 87 Hampstead 
Almack George W. blacksmith, 317 JIulberry 
Alman John, laborer, 347 s Charles 
Alnutt James W. in-est. Bank of Comirerce, 

177 Saratoga 
Alpsteg Jacob, cooper, 158 s Spring 
Alricks F. W. 61 Courtland 
Alriclvs Miss, .50 w Madi.son 
Alls John P. I), .shoemaker, 413 e Fayette 
Alt Casper, broommaker, 65 Aisquith 
Alt Casper, shoemaker, 536 w Baltimore 
Alt Conrad, laborer, 175 s Regester 
Alt John, shoemaker, 178 Columbia 
Alt John, shoemaker, 95 Pierce 
AltA Fay, (Peter Alt, Geo. W. Fay,) oyster 

packers, 5 Mercer 
Alt John, tiilor, 183 s Regester 
Alt Johii, (Alt & Fay,) 151 e Fayette 
Alt Mary, hoarding house, 151 e Fayette 
Alt Peter, oyster dealer, 5 fiercer, dw 151 e 

Allevogt Wm. 217 b Ann 
Altpeter George, lager beer, 6 Cah^erloa road 
Allman Bertha, millLucry store, 154 s Broad- 
..Altmyer Simon, 149 e Lombard 
Alton Lewis, car])entcr, GS s Ann 
Altoona Coal and Lumber Co. 19.', South 
Altrit Christian, laborer, 109 West 
Altvater Charles A. (J. II. Smith & Co.) 40 w 

Altvater Charles, clerk, 38 McElderry 
Altvater Coarad,.jr. bill poster, 337's Bond 
Altvater Conrad H. bill poster, 12 North 

Agents for Bosendale Cement and Plastqr, 21 Spear's Wharf, 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Altvater Harriet, 61 n Exeter 
AltviUer Mary C. teacher, 46 n Eden 
Alvater Jacob, tailor, 164 Pearl 
ALVATER JOHN, liquors, 112 Eastern av 
Alvater Lewis, shoemaker, 38 McElderry 
Alvater Wm. carpenter, 46 n Eden 
Alvater Wm. F. cai-penter, 8 Laurel 
Alvey Mary, 154 e Pratt 
Alvey, Samuel R. mariner, 154 e Pratt 
Amalt Mrs. Frances, laundress, 70 Jasper 
Aman Michael, laborer, 274 s Bond 
Aman Mrs. Mary, 319 s Dallas 
Amand John, laborer, 89 Johnson 
Amand Christopher, laborer, 22 Elizabeth la 
Amand John, hostler, 16 Baker 
Amant Joseph, laborer, 183 s Eden 
Amfcch D. { B. Burguuder <|- Co.) 148 w Lom- 
Ambrose Thomas, carpenter, 41 n Eden 
Ambrose W. R. painter, 2 and 4 n Greene, dw 

166 ycott 
Ambrust John, painter, 276 s Sharp 
Ambrust John, jr., painter, 276 s Sharp 
Arabruster George, tile maker, 15 Baker's ct 
Amelang August, merchant tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelung Frederick, cigar maker, 76 Granby 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e Monument 

dw 38 Liberty al 
Amelung Lisette, 333 Lexington 
Amend Jacob, morocco dresser, n e cor Albe- 
marle and Granby 
Amend John, laborer, 89 Johnson 
Amenl Andrew, boots and shoes, 191 Eastern 

Ament John, blacksmith, 139 n "Wolfe 
Ament Lewis, wheelwright, 97 s Wolfe 
Ament Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce al 
Amer Elizabeth, grocery, 114 West 
Amer Martin, laborer, 114 West 
timore, office 6 South, Jas. L. Armstrong, 
pres' t 
American Excelsior Coffee Works, 476 w Bal- 
American Farmer, Worthington ^ Lewis, pub- 
lishers, 52 s Gay 
American Tea Co. Bamberger ^' Bros, props. 

164 Lexington 
Amersbach Leonard, tailor, 223 n Bond 
Ames Brothers, (Daniel R. Ames, Frank A. 
Ames ) dealers in fivucy goods, 98 Lexington 
Ames Daniel, vegetables, <^-c. 37 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 179 Sterling 
Ames Daniel R. ( Ames Brothers) 705 Lexing- 
Ames Elijah, salesman, 28 Hanover 
Ames E. M. salesman, 58 s Paca 
Ames Frank A. ( Ames Brothers) s w cor Lib- 
erty and Saratoga 
Ames Edward, tailor, 56 Tyson 
Ames George, (Tucker, Smith <|- Co.).Foim- 

tain hotel 
Amey George, moulder, 108 Ramsay 
Amey Joseph H. bricklayer, 1 n Green.e 
Amey Mrs. M.ary A. 158'Cathedral 
Amey Philip C. cooper, 66 Lincoln 
Amey Wm. E fisherman, 144 Lincoln 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Lincoln 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 108 Ramsay 
Amich James H. wagoner, 108 Ramsay 
Amlung August, baker, 24 Jasper 
Ammel Philip, bootcrimper, 38 Harrison 

Ammer George, currier, 4 Snyder's ct 
Ammer Jacob, tanner, 61 Buren 
Ammidon, Crombie & Co. ( J. P. Ammi- 
don, A. D. Crombie, D. D. Crombie) deal- 
ers in kerosene oil and lamps, 347 w Balti- 
Ammidon John P. ( A., Crombie ^ Co.) 265 

Amon Matthew, cattle dealer, 544 w Pratt 
Amos Benjamin F. tobacconist, 176j w Balti- 
more, dw 95 n Central av 
Amos Charles L. clerk, 325 Druid Hill av 
Amos Charles E. clerk, Philadelphia road near 

city limits 
Amos Elizabeth, 2 s Broadway 
Amos Frtd'k A. bricklayer, 325 Druid Hill av 
Amos James H. huckster, 305 n Eutaw 
Amos James E. deputy sheriff, 324 e Chase 
Amos J. Jarrett, salesman, 142 Lexington 
Amos John H. bricklayer, 339 Druid Ilill av 
Amos Mrs. Ann M., Orleans betw Broadway 

and Ann 
Amos Mrs. Joseph L. 24 Preston 
Amos Rebecca, fancy store, 128 n High, dw 18T 
Amos Wm. Y., Philadelphia road near City 

Amoss George R. 230 n Charles 
Ampress George, mariner, 230 s Broadway 
Amrein Casper, laborer, 211 s Wolfe 
Amrhein George, laborer, 263 Aisquith 
Amrhein Joseph, cabinetmaker, 264 Eastern av 
Amrhein Henry, grocery, 33 Harapstead 
Ararheim George, furniture wagoner, 121 Stir- 
Anacicer John, laborer, 81 s Poppleton 
Anderfuhren Abraham, wood turner, 54 Park 
Anderfuhren Edward, shoemaker, 5;4 Park 
Anderson Agne.s, seminary, 3S5 n Gay 
Anderson Agnor, engineer, 260 Hollins 
Anderson Andrew, clerk, 4 Marj'Iand build- 
ing, Second opp P. 0. 
Anderson Andrew, mariner, 249 s Wolfe 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, 112 Dugan's whf. 
Anderson Andrew, reporter, 82 Camden 
Anderson Mrs. Ann, 788 w Baltimore 
importers hardware, n wcor Light and Pratt 
Anderson Benj. F. tobacconist, 9 n Regester 
Anderson Bridget, grocery, 26 s Caroline 
Anderson Chaney, carpenter, 45 Chatsworth 
Anderson Charles, baker, C4 Pliilpot 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, cor King and 

Greene, dw 24 n Pac-a 
Anderson Cfifford C. (W^heatley & Anderson,), 

35 w Eager 
Anderson Daniel, carpenter, 34 s Caroline 
Anderson David, horse shoer, 102 German, dw 

94 u Pine 
Anderson David, clerk, 32 n Gay 
Anderson Edward, carpenter, 18 Carlton 
Anderson Elizabeth, produce, 29 Hanover 

market, dw 116 York 
Anderson Elizabeth, dressmaker, lOSeiladisoa 
Anderson Elizirbeth, 144 William 
Anderson Elizabeth M. 61 Lanvale 
Anderson Ephraim F., U. S. appraiser, Foun- 
tain hotel 
Andei^on Evans, f?agsman, 327 Cathedral 
Anderson Frank D. boarding, 58 w Fayette 
Anderson George F., (Seevers & Anderson,) 

640 Lexington 
Anderson George W. machinist, 301 s Paca 

Teeth Extj'acted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




Anderson H. P. bookkeeper, 225 w Pratt 
Anderson Herbert W. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Capt. Isaac J. 196 n Broadway 
Anderson James, engineer, 159 Hughes 

(James M. Anderson, W. S. 
Anderson, ) Engravers, Plate 
Printers and Stationers, 148 w 

Anderson James M. (J. M. Anderson & Son,) 

183 n Calvert 
Anderson James, cooper, 347 s Sharp 
Anderson James G. leather dealer, s e cor Fre- 
mont and Haw, dw 12 Penn 
Anderson J. N. & Co. (J. N. Anderson,) gen- 
eral com. merchants, TO Exchange place 
Anderson J. N. (J. N. Anderson & Co.) 23 n 

Anderson James W. clerk, 1G3 Hanover 
Anderson James, hackman, 22 Garden 
Anderson James, (McHenrj, Scally & Ander- 
son,) 224 e Pratt 
Anderson James K. horse dealer, 94 n Pine 
Anderson Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 23 n Amity 
Anderson Jeauetta, nurse, 65 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John W. blacksmith, n e cor Colum- 
bia and Scott 
Anderson John, Hibernia house, 23 Thames 
Anderson John, grainer, 362 w Lombard 
Anderson John W. (Robert L. Seth & Co.) 

160 Hanover 
Anderson John, chief waiter, Maltby house 
Anderson John, laborer, 788 w Baltimore • 
Anderson John, tailor, 81 Mulberry 
Anderson John H. mail agent. Miller's hotel 
Anderson John, hackman, 141 w Madison 
Anderson John, porter, 79 Hampstead 
Anderson John, mariner, 23 Thames 
Anderson John, shoemaker, 175 Hanover 
Anderson John G. carpenter, 359 Saratoga 
Anderson Joseph D. clerk, 65 n Howard 

ANDERSON J. W,, Wholesale and 
Retail Grocer, and Dealer in Teas, 
Wines, Liquors and Covintry Pro- 
duce, s. w. cor. Gay and Forrest 
streets, dw 197 Aisquith 

Anderson Joseph, cigarmaker, 180 s Broadway 
Anderson Joshua, carjjenter, 47 George 
Anderson Julius H. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Laura, 181 Mulberry 
Anderson Mrs. Leah J. 41 Lee 
iVnderson L. T. photographist, 472 w Balti- 
more, dw 41 Lee 
Anderson Louisa, actress, Brown's hotel 
Anderson .Mrs. Mary A. 85 s Caroline 
Anderson .Mrs. .Mary, millinery, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. .Mary, 18 Carlton 
Anderson .Mrs. ihxry, 226 w Hoffman 
Anderson Morris, carpenter, 47 Chatsworth 
Anderson Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 90 En- 

Anderson Oliver, mariner, 141 s Wolfe 
Anderson Oliver, ^hipsmith, 254 s Ann 

Anderson Oliver, mariner, 288 Aliceanna 
Anderson Richard, laborer, 10 A bey al 
Anderson Richard, salesman, 86 Camden 
Anderson Richard B. clerk. 86 Camden 
Anderson Richard, blacksmith. 22 s Chester 
Anderson Robert S. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Anderson .Mrs Robina, 125nPaca 
Anderson Samuel E. clerk, 163 Hanover 
Anderson Thomas D. (Anderson Bros.) 226 

w Hoffman 
Anderson Thomas M. tavern, 33 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Anderson Thomas, carpenter, 168 e Lombard 
Anderson Thomas, potter, Farmer's hotel 
Anderson Thomas J. mariner, 1 16 G Hughes 
Anderson W. S. (James M. Anderson <5- Son) 

183 n Calvert ^ 

Anderson Wm. coachmaker, 27 Ilomday 
Anderson Wm. E. clerk. 38 McHeury 
Anderson Wm. E. furniture dealer, 10 and 12 

w Second, dw 210 Garden 
ANDERSON Wm. H. painter, 3 n Sharp, dw 

544 w Fayette 
Andersou AVm. T. clerk, 188 e Madison 
Anderson Wm. wagoner, 23 n Amity 
Anderson Wm. carpenter, 168 e Lombard 
Anderson Wm. painter, 180 Chesnut 
Anderson Wm. hackman, 141 w Madison 
ANDRE CHRISTOPHER H. house and sign 

painter, 308 Light 
Andre Adam, printer, 52 Harrison • 
Andre Hannah, lager beer, 308 Light 
ANDRE. Dr. J. RIDGWAY, 121 e Baltimore 
Andre Peter C. Madison av, terminus City 

Passenger railroad 
Andrea Christian, barber, 348 w Pratt 
Andrea Theodore, brass finisher, 1 '.G Conway 
Andrea Wm. provisions. 202 s Eutaw 
Andrew Charlea, (C. Andrew ^- Co.) 118 s 


S. E. Eichelberger)public weighers, 5 Spear's 

Andrew James, mariner, 175 e Pratt 
Andrews .Mrs. Amanda, 23 Holland 
Andrews Mrs. Ann, 146 n Eden 
Andrews B. F. sign painter, over n e cor South 

and Second, dw 20 (harden 
Andrews Benjamin, barkeeper, 238 Bank 
ANDREWS 4' CO.. (J. W. Andrews. L. H. 

Claggett, I. P. Burgess) ship brokers and 

genl. com. mercht's, 73 Smith's wharf 
Andrews Charles H. gunsmith, 329 n Gay 
Andrews David S. laliorer, 144 McHcnry 
Andrews Edward, mariner, 205 s Chester 
Andrews Elizabeth, dressmaker, 92 n Greene 
Andrews George, grocery, 36 Bank 
Andrews George W. (Andrews <J" Thomi)son) 

237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Hanson, laborer, 148 McHenry 
Andrews Hanson C, Pratt bet. Oregon and 

Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
Andrews James B. agent, Baltimore and Sa- 
vannah Steamshii) Co. 603 w Fayette 
Andrews James, blacksmith, ,")60 Lexington 
Andrews Joseph W. (Andrews & Co.) 603 w 

Andrews John J. hacks, 21 Druid Hill av 
Andrews John II. 55 s High 
Andrews John, watchuuin City Hall, 12 Hol- 


THE GROVEU & BAKER SFAVIXO M.\CHIXE fs tlie best tor all purposes— SALES 
K.00.1I.S— 181 Baltimore Stree't. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Andrews Josephine^ 145 n Eden 

Andrews Robert, conductor C. P. R. R., Druid 

Hill a\', extended 
Andrews Rohert. sr. hack stables, L. Monu- 
ment, dw Druid Hill av, extended 
Andrews Samuel J. W. carver, 54 Thames 
Andrews Siunucl K. brass moulder, G Bolton 
Andrews Thonins R. fiunsniith, 249 e Lombard 
W. S. Thompson,) druggists and chemists, 
5 w Baltimore 
Andrews Wm. currier, 75 n Gay 
Andrews \V.\n. driver, 59 Grecnwilldw 
Andrews Wm. A. painter, 3 Brune 
Audiiot P. (Thompson & Andriot,) 84 n 

Angel George B. carter, 198 n Caroline 
AngelJohn T. (Forr.ester k Angel,) 17 Hollins 
Anebond Mrs. Sarah J. boarding house, 80 \v 

Angermeycr John, lithographer, s w cor 

■Jlosherand Fremont 
Angerman Wm. cook, 103 Stirling 
Anglim James, bookkeeper, 85 w Fayette 
Anker Francis, paver, 261 Aisquith 
Anker John, barber, 261 Aiscfuith 
Ankers John, laborer, 221 s Wolfe 
Annan Roberdeau', clerk, 367 w Lombard 
Annan Dr. Samuel, 34 McCulloh 
Anncn Henry, huckster, 491 n Gay 
Annen J«hn, paver, 491 n Gay 
Annsley Amanda, 11 Humes 
Ansburger George, varnisher, 217 Montgomery 
Anschntz Charles, locksmith, 212 Canton av 
Anschutz Valentine, laborer, 241 Canton av 
Anshutz Albert, upholsterer, 180 East 
Anshutz George T. carpenter, ISO East 
Anshutz Henry P. upholsterer, 180 East 
Anthony Edwin, fisherman. West, e of Light 
Anthony Francis, mariner. West e of Light 
Anthony G. W. edge tool grinder, 21 ii Eden 
Anthony Henry A. (John D. Hammond & Co.) 

16.-< Penna. av 
Anthony John, laborer, 114 Mullikin 
Anthony Joseph, laborer, 74 Reason 
Anthony Mrs. Mary C. 3.")! e Eager 
Anthony Mrs. N. A. tailoress. West e of Light 
Anthony Wm. fisherman, West e of Light 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 18 Somerset 
Anton Henry, cooper, 128 s Wolfe 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Antone Adam, laborer, 291 s Wolfe 
An tone John, bootfitter, 113 Lexington 
Anzniann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 

dw 261 Franklin 
Anzmauu Joseph A. A. notion store and black- 
ing manuf. 5 Pennsylvania av near Franklin 
Apal John, shoemaker, 154 Raborg 
Aphcl Catherine, seamstress, 4 Hall's al 
Ajjp Charles, cooper, 348 s Charles 
Appel Adol[>h, tailor, 211 e Lombard 
Appel Conrad, fireman, 295 Aliccanna 
Ai)pel Conrad, tailor, 291 Eastern av 
Appel Daniel, turner, 5 Hughes 
Api)el Edward, tailor, 175 s Wolfe 
Appel Frederick, mariner, 194 s Wolfe 
ApiJcl George, butcher, 33 Hanover market, 

dw Frederick road 
Ajjpel George, shoemaker, 82 n Ann 
Appel (Jeorge, laborer, 177 Aliceanna 
Appel Capt. Henry, restaurant, 147 Camden 
Api)el Henry, laborer, 32 Leadenhall 

Appel John, blacksmith, Philadelphia road 

near City limits 
Apj)el Jolin, tailor, 82 Cambridge 
Appell Christian, cabinet maker, 30 Pearl 
Appel I Mrs. Margaretta, confectionery, 30 

Appell Nicholas, tailor, 83 s Regester 
Apple Frederick, hackman, 192 s Caroline 
Ajjple Henr_y, wood sawyer, o Brannan ct 
Apple Henry, tailor, 271 Franklin 
Appleby Andrew J. printer, 163 n Eden 
Appleby Alfred, canmaker, 328 e Pratt 
Appleby Ann, 216 n Eden 
Appleby Edward H. pat'n maker, 304 n Eutaw 
Appleby George, mariner, 487 e Baltimore 
Appleby George R. printer, 31 e Lombard 
Ai>plebv John P. letter carrier, 18 n F]ond 
merchant, 1 Bowly's whf, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Mrs. Comfort, 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Elizabeth M. 102 Hill 
Applegarth Ihniry C. clerk, 170 s Howard 
Applegarth .John A. (J. A. Applegarth & Co.) 

42 Aisquith ■ 
Applegarth John A. <j- Co. (John A. Apple- 
garth) grocers, ship chandlers and commis- 
sion merchants, 109 Smith's whf 
A])plegarth Mrs. J._ A. paints, oil, &c., 194 e 

Baltimore, dw 42 Aisquith 
Applegarth La'wson J. (Spedden & Applegarth) 

28 Fawn 
Applegarth Capt. Lawson J. shipbuilder, foot 

Cross, daw 28 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel, (Wm. Applegarth ■«" 

Son) 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. ship broker, over I 

Bowly's whf, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Robert H. cigar maker, 285 Hano- 
Applegarth Mrs. Robert, 351 s Sharp 
Applegar-th Thos. J. 3 Duncan al 
Applegarth Thos. M. clerk, 12 s High 
Applegarth Wm. m.ariner, 172 Gough 
Applegarth Capt. Wm. & Son, (Capt. Wm. 
Applegarth) ship In-okers and commission 
merchants, 37 w Pratt, cor Buchanan's whf 
Applegarth Cai)t. Wm. (Capt. Wm. Applegarth 

cj- Son) 12 s High 
Afjplegatc Ebt'iiezer, glass blower, 32 Hughes 
Appier .Mrs. Elizabeth, 180 w Biddle 
Appier Jacob, barrel dealer, 67 Conway 
Appier Orlando M. paper hanger, 5 s Popple- 
APPOLD ANDREW, bark mills, s e cor Caro- 
line and McElderry, dw Raltimore co 
Appold George c^- Sous, (George J. Appold, 
Samuel Appold) hide and leather dealers, 
store 8 and 10 Water, tannery North near 
Appold (Jeorge A. clerk. Northern av betw 

Belair and Harford avs 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo. Appold <j- Sons) 62 

Appold Samuel, (Geo. Appold <j- Sons) 214 n 

APPOLD JAMES A. butcher, 21 Centre mar- 
ket, dw Point lane w of Aisquith 
Appold Samuel, engineer, 93 McElderry 
Appold Theodore R. conmiission merchant, 

over 5 Water, dw 174 n Eutaw 
APPRAISER'S OFFICE, cor Gay and Lom- 
bard . 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 


Arant Rev. Bernaril, Wolfe 1 door s of Balti- 
Apy Jacob, carter, 248 Franklin 
Apy Geo. \V. carter, 40 Preston 
Aaular Jos. clerk, s e cor Thames and Wolfe 
Arata Francis, mnsician, 117 s Dallas 
Arbeiter Hall and Working Men-s Union,' 5 s 

Frederick, Henry Kolle, president 
Arbeiter Hall, 2G0 e Eager 
Arbcnsbire Wm. cooper, 83 Plum al 
Arbin Henry J. butcher, 19 Hanover, 82 Cen- 
tre and 25 Belair markets, d\v Frederick road 
Arch Wm. laljorer, 176 Burgundy al 
Archer Robert H. (Colston, Archer ^' Co.) 

Ellicott's Mills 
ARCHER cj- SAVIN, (Wm. H. Archer, F. A. 
Savin) bankers and brokers, 224 "vv Balti- 
Archer Mrs. Ann, 149 Park 
Archer Cornelius, laborer, 7 Abbot 
Archer Thomas, laborer, 142 s Castle 
Archer Wm. H. (Colston, Archer ^ Co.) 269 

n Eutnw 
Archer Wm. H. (A. cf Savin) 209 n Eutaw 
ARPEN D. ladies shoemaker, 61 Lexington, 

dw 314 n Eutaw 
Ardel Casper, laborer, 13 Jackson's ct 
Arendt Jacob tj- Co. (Jacob Arendt, ) produce 

com. merchants, 57 n Calvert 
Arendt Jacob. (Jacob Arendt cj- Co.,) 134 c 

Arens Henry, (VouKapflf & Arens, ) 113 Park 
Arent Henry, clerk, 175 Mulberiy 
Arenz Nicholas, shoemaker, over 60 s 

Arlicnds Henry, carpenter, 315 e Lombard 
Aring Jesse, furn. wagoner, 24 Druid Hill av 
Ark Bernard, laborer, 62 Stiles 
Arkert John G. wliitewasher, 37 Lancaster 
Arlfaldt Julius, cabinet maker, 135 Saratoga 
Armacoast James M. bricklayer, 142 e Monu- 
Armacoast Mrs. Mary Ann, 202 Light 
Armacoast Priscilla, 23 Lewis 
Armacost Amos, stone mason, Lanvale w of 

Armager Jesse, turnkey police station, 18G 

Armager Jesse S. deputy warden Maryland 

Armager Jesse, brickmaker, 234 s Sharp 
Armager Lovie, teacher, 186 Hanover 
Armbruster George, filemaker, 15 Bakers' ct 
Armbruster Jacob, engineer, 232 Preston 
Arnieger John L. hatter, 6 n Bond 
Arnieling Charles, brewer, 265 e Lombard 
Armcling Geo. clerk, 122 Bank 
Arnier.dt John E. gunsmith, 262 s Broadway 
Armer Frederick, cooper. 49 Bank 
Arniesworthy Benj. blacksmith, 1 Orleans 
Arniiger Benj. F. cooper, 59 Holland 
Armigcr Fli, printer, 101 e Fayette 
Arniiger George D. bootfitter, 806 w Balti- 
Armiger James R. (Canfield Bro. iJ-Co.,) 33 

s Exeter 
Armiger John F. boiler maker, 37T e Fayette 
Arniiger John L., hatter, 6 n Bond 
Armiger JIrs, John, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Joseph, mate, 13 Henrietta 
Armiger Joseph, combmakcr, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph H. carpenter, 377 e Fayette 

Armiger Joshua E. carpenter, 250 n Caroline 
Armiger Richard, house furnishing store, 135 

n Gay, dvv 321 e Eager 
Armiger Robert B. carpenter, 33 n Caroline 
Armiger Thomas, carver, 377 c Fayette 
Armistead Anderson U. 11 Waverly terrace, 

n Carey 
ARMISTEAD. C. HUGHES, treasurer Crary 
Brick Manuf. Co. of Baltimore, office over 
57 Exchange place, dw 103 w Monument 
Armistead Geo. clerk, 103 w .Monument 
Armistead Wm. ship cari)enter, 177 Gough 
Armitase Geo. H. painter, 150 Preston 
Armitage James, machinist, 31 Lemmon 
Armitage Mrs. Kate, 238 w Fayette 
Armor G. F. auctioneer, 26 s Calvert 
Armor G. Jos. painter, 86 n Greene 
Arms Wm. cooper, 211 Eastern av 
Armstrong Mrs. Achsah, n w cor Madison and 

Armstrong Andrew, boat builder, 24 Spring 

Armstrong Andrew, carpenter, 68 s Chapel 
Armstrong Benj H. machinist, 152 n Bond 
ARMSTRONG .j- BERRY, (Geo. H. Berry) 
publishers, booksellers, and bookbinders, 
156 w Baltimore 
strong, R. W. Cator, B. F. Cator, J. F. 
Bealmear, W. J. II. Waters) silk and 
millinery goods dealers, 237 and 239 w Bal- 
Armstrong Mrs. Charlotte, 191 L. Hughes 
ARMSTRONG ^ DENNY, (William Arm- 
strong, John Denny.) furniture manu- 
facturers, n e cor Light and .Montgomery 
Armstrong Edward, plumber, 57 s Bond 
Armstrong Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Mrs. Emilie, 200 n Howard 
Armstrong Francis, laborer, Winan's distillery 

foot of Light 
Armstrong George W. boilermaker, 106 s 

Armstrong, J. S. Hcpkins,) Pro- 
vision and Produce Commission 
Merchants, 4 Commerce 

Armstrong Henry, 151 w Hoffman 
Armstrong H. L. 200 n Howard 
Armstrong Isabella, 187 Lincoln 
Armstrong James, carpenter, 227 s Paca 

Webb & Thos. Armstrong.) Soap 
and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a laige assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality, manufactured at their 
Factoiy, Concord street, between 
Lombard and Pratt 

Armstrong James L. president American Fire 
Insurance Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, dw 52 
n Greene 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mutual Life Ins- Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Armstrong James S. letter carrier, 250 e 

Armstrong Mrs. James D. 178 McCulloh 
Armstrong James W. painter, 135 Mont- 
Armstrong John, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John W. conveyancer, 14^ Law 

building, dvv 110 e Monument 
Armstrong John H. 213 e Fayette 
Armstrong John H. (McJilton & Co.) real e.?- 

tate agent, 19 vSouth 
Armstrong John B. president Liberty Turn- 
pike Co., Windsor av above toll gate 
Armstrong Josephine, teacher, 228 e Pratt 
Armstrong Mrs. Margaret, tavern, 330 s Bond 
Armstrong R. Dorsey, (Armstrong & Hop- 
kins) s w cor Madison and Mosher 
Armstrong Roland, wire worker, 1(17 Stirling 
Armstrong Robert W. clerk, 1G7 w Fayette 
Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 158 e Monu- 
Armstrong Mrs. Surah, 1 Cambridge 
Armstrong Thomas, (Armstrong, Cator & 

Co.) 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thomas G. clerk, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong Thomas, boiler maker, 41 Lee 
Arm.stron!>- Thomas, (James Armstrong Sf Co.) 

244 n Calvert 
Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, 191 L. Hughes 
Armstrong Victor C. (Tomlinson ^ A.) 200 

n Howard 
Armstrong Wra. (Armstrong cj* Denny, ) 187 

Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 108 Mullikin 
Armstrong Wm. G. (Armstrong, Staylor ^ 

Co.) 13 s Howard 
Armstrong Wm. clerk, 52 n Greene 
Annsworthy Benj. blacksmith, 1 Orleans 
Arnd Francis, vinegar, 2G1 e Lombard 
Arnd Richard, tobacconist, s w cor Lombard 

and Regester 
Arndt Jacob, basket maker, 1 Biddle al 
Arndt Wm. huckster, 50 Penna av 
Arnett Henry, moulder, 80 Beason 
Arnett Levi, shoemaker, 357 n Gay, dw 359 
Arnett Wm. H. clerk, 5 McElderrv 
ARNHOLTZ BENRV, proprietor Eagle house, 

12G n Calvert 
Arnliorn Mrs. Margaret, 39 Lancaster 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, machinist, 195(!onway 
Arnold Alexander, blacksmith, 2 Baker 
Arnold Andrew J. carpenter^ 168 Druid Hill 

Arnold Charles, carpenter, 168 Druid Hill av 
Aruold Clements, mariner, 21 Warren. 
Aiuold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Edwin, Inl Camden 
Ai-nold Mrs. Eiizalieth, milk, 210 Lincoln 
ARNOLD FRANCIS, surgical instrument 

maker, 15 s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
Aruold George, coach trimmer, 64 s Washing- 
Arnold George, laborer, 65 n Frederick 
Arnold Henry, confectionery, 960 w Balti- 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Aruold Jacob, laborer, 552 w Pratt 
Ai-nold Jauies R. bricklayer, 25 McHenry 
Arnold John, steam sawyer, 485 Lexington 
Arnold John, laborer, 189 Aliceanna 

Arnold John, engineer, 173 Ramsaj' 
Arnold John, tailor, 215 s Broadway 
Arnold John, (A. Griswold,) 78Hillen 
Arnold .Fohn, machinist, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Michael, tanner, 21 n Front, n of 

Arnold Nicholas, tailor. 71 Bank 
Arnold Richard II. cabinet maker, 96 Raborg 
Arnold Mrs. Sarah, Lombard, betw Fulton 

and Monroe 
Arnold Wm:, br., keeperDruid Hill Park, main 

Arnold Wm. bricklayer, 102 s Paca 
Arnold Wm. J. ship joiner, 204e Madison 
Arnold Wm. II. brickmaker, 2 Russell 
Arnold Dr. W. T. dentist, 343 w Lombard 
Arnreich John, shoemaker, 162 Saratoga, dw 

3 Smith's ct 
Aro John B. grocery, 508 w Pratt 
Aro Joseph, gardener, 498 n Gay 
Aro Wm. M. wagoner, 30 Abey al 
Arold Geo. laborer, 494 Penna ay 
Arold John, cooper, 107 s Dallas 
Arold John, second-hand goods, 653 w Balti- 
Arold John, shoemaker. 12 Dewberry al 
Arp John, saloon, 178 Cross 
Arps Geo. L. clerk, 162 Lombard 
Arscott Ann, 183 Hughes 
Arscott Samuel G. M. tin and sheet iron work- 
er, 183 Hughes 
Arringdale Mrs. R. boarding house, 108 Han- 
Arringdale Thomas, 159 w Lombard 
Arrington Joseph C. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Arthur Anthony, of fire department, -163 L. 

Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Charles, clerk Northern C. R., 139 w 

Arthur David, butter dealer, 171 e Madison 
Arthur David, jr., clerk, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Henry, baker, 53 n Eutaw and 32 

Camden, dvv 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur Hugh, millwright, 371 Saratoga 
Arthur Dr. Hugh W. dentist, 719 Lexington 
Arthur James, bailiff, City Collector's office, 

dw 369 Saratoga 
Arthur James D. 0. carpenter, 127 n Broad- 
Arthur J. Fleming, teacher, 381 Saratoga 
Arthur John, hatter, 127 n Broadway 
Arthur John, blacksmith, i 86 Ramsay 
Arthur John, laborer, 83 Ilampstead 
Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 167 s Chapel 
ARTHUR DR. ROBERT, dentist, 117 n Charles 
Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 13 Valley 
Arthur Wm. W. hatter and dealer in ladies 

furs, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Wm. C. agent City Pass. R. R., Balti- 
more near Fulton dw 719 Lexington 
Arthurs Edward, shoemaker, 1 24s Washington 
Arzt Henry, shoemaker, 110 Lancaster 
Asbeck Louis, restaurant and lager beer sa- 
loon, 13 s Eutaw 
Asbccht Louis, peddler, 54 n Spring 
Ascension P. E. Church, Lexington, bet Pearl 

and Pine 
Ascndorff Charles, moulder, Clinton near 

Asendorlf George, box maker, 164 Mulberry 
Asendorff John, carpenter, 164 Mulberry 

THE GUOVKR L^ BAKER SE\VI\G MA( HINE is tlie best for all |)ui.-poses- SAIxRS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Ash Charles, huckster, 139 e Eager 

Ash Emma, dressmaker, 141 s Bond 

Ash George T. ship chandlery and junk store, 

104Dugan's whf., d\v 11 s Caroline 
Ash Mrs. Isabella, 25 Sterrett 
Ash Israel, (Bear ^j- A.) 176 Hanover 
Ash James, laborer. 255 Forrest 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutman cj- Co.) 162 s Sharp 
Ash Michael, clerk, 17G Hanover 
Ash Samuel, laborer, 25 Sterrett 
. Ashi\lrs. Susan, milliner, 176 Hanover 
Ash Thomas P. gas fitter, 250 s Eutaw 
Ashberry John H. H. cigar maker, 52 Hill 
Ashburu Benjamin S. tobacconist, 280 w Bal- 
timore, dw ,33 Pine 
Ashburn F. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Ashburner Charles H. sup't. Abbott Iron Co., 

95 s Eden 
Ashbury Joseph M. blacksmith, 91 William 
Ashby Charles B. baker, 118 Chesnnt 
Ashby Edwin T. clerk, 4 Waverly terrace, 

Ashby Mrs. Elmira, 192 Penna av 
Ashby John L. agent, Spence Hill Coal Co., 

Maltby house 
Ashby John, conductor, B. ^ 0. R. R. 91 

Ashby Mrs. Mildred, 178 Chesnut 
Ashcom John L. pilot, 95 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, clerk, 103 Hanover 
Ashcroft Robert, (Joues <|- Ashcroft) 54 s 

Ashcroft Wells, ship joiner, 285 e Pratt 
Ashley Charles C. carpenter, 333 w Pratt 
Ashley Wm. salesman, Jefferson, bet Castle 

and Chester 
Ashley Wm. M. currier, 130 s Chester 
Ashlock Thomas J. printer, 133 n Paca 
Ashman Alfred, stonecutter, 27 Pearl 
Ashtou Ellen, (A. rj-. Foster.) 12 Chatsworth 
Ashton <|- Foster, (E. Ashton, K. Foster.) 

millinery and fancy goodsj 47 n Howard 
Ashton George, tailor, 66 Light 
Ashton John M« machinist. 121 Grundy 
Ashton John, asst. assessor, 324 w Fayette 
Ashton John M. coach painter, 7 Hillen 
Ashton Mary, 141 Raborg 
Ashton Mrs. Mary Ann, 485 vr Baltimore 
Ashton Mallows, 12 Chatsworth 
Ashton Thomas, messenger, 121 Grundy 
Ashweg Mrs. Catherine, 80 Albemarle 
Askew Charles L. carpenter, 13 Brune 
ASKEW JEHU B. clerk Criminal Court, 45 

s Exeter 
Askew Mrs. T. B. dressmaker, rear 155 For- 
Askew Mrs. Susan, 165 wBiddle 
Askew Wm. Henry, asst. clerk Criminal Court, 

165 w Biddle 
Askey James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Askey James R. bookkeeper, 215 e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Astfolk Julius, cabinet maker, 135 Saratoga 
Ashmur Mary A. dress maker, 216 e Fayette 
Askius Mrs. Nancy, 551 e Fayette 
Askins Wm. E. mariner, 283 e Lombard 
Asmus Daniel, box maker, 200 L. Hughes 
Aspril David S. restaurant, 32 Fell 
ASPRIL GEORGE W. attorney at law, over 

s w cor Charles and Fayette 
Aspril James L. clerk, 107 s Exeter 

Assraan Jacob, cooper, 327 s Charles 
Assessor of Internal Revenue, 2d district, office 

58 e Baltimore, John VV. Webster, assessor 

CO., 4 South 
Associate Reformed Church, Rev. John Ley- 
burn pastor, Fayette near Liberty 
Asway Mrs, Catherine, 80 Albemarle 
Astfalk Christian, bookbinder, 135 Saratoga 
Asylum for Israelites, Monument betw, Broad- 

Avay and Ann 
Atherton D. clerk, 72 Lexington 
Atkins Edward, 103 Aisquith 
Atkins Robert, grocer, 8u Reason 
Atkins Thomas M. clerk, 387 w Fayette 
Atlcins Michael H. finisher, 207 Ramsay 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, Lexington near 
■Calverton road 

Atkinson, H. R. Dulany,) Attor- 
neys, 36 St. Paul. J. T. Atkin- 
son, Commissioner of Deeds and 
Notary Public. 

Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, 326 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, Fulton betw. Dover 

and Mclleury 
Atkinson James, barber, 292 n Gay, dw 54 

Atkinson, Mrs. Mary, 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson- Mrs. Mary J. boarding house, 165 

Atkinson Matthew, clerk, 326 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Rachel Ann, 9 McElderry 
Atkinson Mrs. Sarah L. 128 Grundy 
Atkinson Wm. L. carpenter, 165 Hoilins 
Atkinson, Mrs. A. 9 McElderry 
Atkinson ^' Brothers, ( J. H. Atkinson, S. E. 

Atkinson, W. C, Atkinson,) grocers and 

liquor dealers, 186 s Broadway 
Atkinson Elizabeth, 168 Preston 
Atkinson George, sr., butcher, 27 Centre, 14 

Lexington and 32 Hauover markets, dw 

331 Penna. av 
Atkinson Henry, carpenter, 79 Ensor 
Atkinson Dr. I. E. 326 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Israel S. 22 e Fayette 
Atkinson James H. quarryman, Lexington 

near Calverton road 
Atkinson, John W. carpenter and builder, 

over 48 HoUiday, dw 294 n Gay 
ATKINSON JOSEPH T., (Atkinson & Du- 
lany) notary public and comm'r of deeds, 

cj-c. Commercial building, dw 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson Joseph, cabinet maker, 348 Mulberry 
Atkinson Joshua A. (Atkinson <5- Bros.) 285 

6 Lombard 
Atkinson Joshua I. treasurer B. ^- 0. R. R. 

Co., Camden station, dw 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson Laura J. teacher, 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson Maria, milliner, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, teacher, 84 w Monument 
Atkinson Samuel E. (Atkinson ^ Bros.) 277 e 

Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thomas C. school, 67 w 

Atkinson, Thomas F. carpenter, 9 McElderry 

THE CROVER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE is tlie best for all purpoBe«-SAI<R8 
ROOM»— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Atkinson Thomas W. (Hull, Atkinson ^ Co.) 

Pcnna. av near toll gate 
Atkinson Win. George", clerk, 9 McElderry 
Atkinson Wm. C. (Atkinson <j- Bros.) 27 s 

Broad way- 
Atkinson Wni. T. 101 n Exeter 
Atlec Isaac, clerk, 156 w Lombard 
ATLEU JAMES, agent Grover <j- Baker's Sew- 
ing Machines, 181 w Baltimore, dw Bait, co 
Atler George W. coachsmith, 10 s Fremont 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atwell, Capt. Benjamin, 178 Orleans 
Atwell Daniel, carpenter, 219 Gongh 
Atwell George M. ship carpenter, 2,50 s Ann 
Atwell Joseph 11. ship carpenter, 29t) s Ann 
Atwell John, harness maker, 33G w Pratt 
Atwell James R. ship carpenter 256 s Ann 
Atwell Joseph, boat bnilder, 296 s Ann 
Atwell Joseph W. blacksmith, 139 Chesapeake 
AtwelL Richard II. com. merchant, 71 South, 

dw 23 Courtland 
Atwell Wm. carpenter, n w cor. Orleans and 

Atwell Wm. F. watchman custom house, 152 

Atwell Wm. police, 134 William 
ATWOOD BENJAMIN, broom manufacturer, 

62 s Calvert, dw 12 s Exeter 
Atwood John, cabinet maker, n w cor Eden 

and Orleans 
Atzel Joseph, porter, 325 n Central av 
Atzkrover, Wm. gardener. Spring Garden, 

uear Washington road 
Aubry Louis, French teacher, 90 Franklin 
Aubry Mad..L., French lluting, 90 Franklin 
Aubry Wm. 62 Saratoga 
Aubei Conrad, huckster, 409 e Fayette 
Aubel John, cabinetmaker, 159 Ilamburg 
Aubenschine Wm. cooper, 85 Plum al 
Audoun Emma F. teacher, 107 Bank 
Audt)un Joseph H. Judge Orphan's Court, 107 

Audoun Samuel T. clerk, 381 Canton av 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 360 s Sharp 
Auerback Christian, drayman, 158 Henrietta 
Auerback Saml. watchmaker, 209 w Baltimore 
Auerbach .Madame Samuel L., French millin- 
ery, 70 Lexington 
Auerbauch August, laborer, 20 Ilamburg 
Auer Jacob, grocery, 2 Lexington 
Auer John, blacksmith, 259 Ilamburg 
Aucrman Jacob, japanncr, u w cor Columbia 

and Emory 
Autlerman August, laborer, 110 G Hughes 
Auger Jacob, (L. C. Spencer & Co.) N Y 
Augustin Frank, hod carrier, 118 s Chapel 
Aughinl.augh Bernard, conductor N. C. R. R. 

Gilmor house 
.\ukamp Antonio, cigar maker, 46 s Exeter 
Auhl Ciiarles, cabinet maker, 365 c Eager 
Aul Andrew, tailor, 11 Barnes 
Aul John, baker, 248 n Central av 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 316 n Gay 
Aulbach George, laborer, 19 Liberty al 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah, teacher, 100 Chew 
Auld Benjamin F. serg't police. 46 s Ann 
Auld capt. Edward H. 46 s Ann 
Auld lladdaway, clerk, 526 w Pratt 
Auld Maria, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Philip, ship carpenter, 149 Montgomery 

Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Wilson, engineer, 290 e Lombard 
Aulcr Christopher, laborer, 137 Raborg 
Auler Christ, laborer, 137 Raborg 
Aulick James, insurance and real estate bro- 
ker, and agent Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 
114.} w Baltimore, dw Howard house 
Aulisch Frederick, laborer, 77 s Chapel 
Ault Henry, l.alwrer. 35 Eastern av 
Ault Joseph, 2-*7 Ais(|uith 
Ault Samuel, jr. shoe findings and garden 

seeds, 28 s Calvert, dw 287 Aisquith 
Aumuller John, porter, 103 s Regester 
Aunfaiig John, laborer, 330 Canton av 
Aunspaugh James A. salesman, 95 s Greene 
Aurick Frederick, weaver, 925 w Pratt 
Ausick Louis, laborer, 14 e Pratt 
Austen Dr. Philip H. 76 s Sharp 
Austerhaus Henry, laborer. 411 Light 
Austermuhle Henry, cigar manufacturer, n e 

cor Bond and (Orleans 
Austin Alexander R. bookkeeper Citizens' Na- 
tional Bank, dw 63 n Poppleton 
Austin C. f! 16 s Calvert 
Austin Geo. C. carpenter, 45 Elizabeth la 
Austin James, provisions, Calvert opp Calvert 

station, dw 258 e Madison 
Austin John, stove mounter, 77 s Chester 
Austin John, clerk, 227 u Eden 
Austin Sophia, seamstress, 218 e Lombard 
Austin Theodore D, chairmaker, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. salesman, 52 George 
Auston Wm. 213 Bank 
Austrain Betsy, capmaker, 213 s Broadway 
Austrain Robert (J. Lynch & Co.) 213 s 

Auth Mrs. Barbara, 122 Johnson 
Auth Catharine, 122 Johnson 
Auth John, laborer, 122 Johnson 
Auth Nicholas, tailor, 122 Johnson 
change place 
Avery Ella L. tailoress, 467 n Gay 
AVE'RY WM. L. (Johnson, 'Avery & Hus- 
band, ) Maryland building. Second opp P. . 
Avers August, huckster, 106 McElderry 
Aves J. R. confectioner, 277 w Fayette 
Avey Jos. C. fish dealer, Hanover, Lexington 

and Centre markets, dw 326 William 
Avis James L. clerk, 519 Saratoga 
Await Ferdinand, shoemaker, 64 Mulberry 
Awbrey Andrew J. cigarmaker, 221 n Eden 
Awbrey Priestly, tobacconist, 233 e Madison 
Awbrey Thomas P. painter, 249 e Monument 
Aweng Adolph, 634 w Fayette 
Ayd John, carpenter, 244 e Eager 
Ayd Joseph, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Ayers Andrew, laborer, 242 s Dallas 
Ayers George, paper hanger, 73 n High 
Ayers George W. mariner, 251 e Lombard 
Ayers Isaac, mariner, 139 s Eden 
'Ayers Mrs. Ann, 36 Thames 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Wm. B. porter, 42 Clay 
Ayres Daniel H. clerk, 115 Albemarle 
Ayler John W. clerk, 241 n Caroline 
Aymold George, cooper, 396 s. Charles 
Ax Christian,' (G. W. G.ail cj' Ax,) 59 Barre 
Axer John, soldier, 136 e Monument 
Axt Martin, cigar maker, Belair av near Chester 

J. HENRY GISSE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

IsTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Baas Frederick, 209 Cross 

Baader John V. ci<rar maker, 20 Mott 

Baader Mrs. Agatha, 20 Mott 

Baas Mrs. Maria, confectionery, 209 Cross 

RABB JOHN D., sr., baker, 68 s Charles 

Babh John D. jr. baker, G8 s Charles 

Babb Estella Michael, scissor grinder, 114 s 

Babbestella George, shoemaker, 114s Durham 
Babcock Allen A. compiler, (52 w Fa.yette 
r>abcoc]c Mrs. Maria, John betw. McMecliin 

and Wilson 
Babendricr Louis,- piano maker, 9 n Pine 
BABYLON PHILIP, (Shriucr J- B. ) 107 Frank- 
Bacchus John G. salesman, 126 w Fayette 
Bacchu.s Benj. 11. clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Bach Adam, flour and feed, 329 Aisquith 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, 44 Chatsworth 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, grocery, Wolfe, 3 doors 

s of Fayette 
Bach Frederick, laborer, 329 Aisquith 
Bach Henry, (Hartmau, Bach & Co.) 6 n Ann 
Bacli Henry, drayman, II John al 
Bach Henry, baker, 23 Preston 
Bach Jolin, porter, Wolfe, 3 doors of Fayette 
Bach John C. carpenter, 424 Hanover 
Bach Robert, carpenteV, 3 Baker's ct 
Bach Wm. actor, 25*7 w Pratt 
Bacharach Aaron, peddler, lG4e Lombard 
Bacharach Abraham, dry poods. 7T Ensor 
Bachman Adam, whitewashcr, 200 s Durham 
Bachman Andrew, lager beer, 62 Mulberry 
Bachman August, shoemaker, 19 New Church 
Bachman, Ernst, tailor, 19 Barnes 
Hachman George, piano maker, 133 Henrietta 
Bachman Henry, 30 Barnes 
Bachman James E. pattern maker, 201 Conway 
Bachman John, tailor, 98 Ensor 
I5a-^hman Joseph, laborer, 202 s Wolfe 
Bachman John M. wholesale dealer cigars and 

tobacco, 21 Mercer, dw CO Albemarle 
Bachmann Charles, tinner, 254 s Eutaw 
Bachmann Frederick, grocery, 254 s Eutaw 
Bachrach Aaron, clerk, 80 Hillen 
15achrach Davd, sr. sec liand.s goods, 80 Hillen 
l>achrach David, jr. jjhotograjjher, 80 Hillen 
Bachtle John laborer, 100 Raras.iy 
Bacigalupo James, confectionery, 100 Light 

St. wht, dw 146 Camden 
Bacigalupo Vincent, confectionery, 101 Hillen 
Back G. Adam, fiuniturc wagon.s, Wilmer 

al near floffrniin 
Backee Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Backer Andrew, shoemaker, 156 s Chapel 
Backer August, shoemaker, 92 Orchard 
Backer August, tailor, 3 Leadenhall 
Backer John, laborer, 32 Leadenhall 
Backer Peter, laborer. 103 n Calvert 
Backer Wm. locksmith and bell hanger, 710 w 

Backcl Henry, wheelwright, 1 Te.ssier 
Backel Mary, seamstress, 34 Albemarle 
Backniaii Ernest, scourer, 135 Saratoga 
Btickman Frank, coachsmith, 143 L Greene 
Backman Ilev. Marcus, 185 Bank 
BackinluiS Henrj', watchman, 205 s Ann 
Backus Charles C. clerk, 126 w Madison 

BACKUS REV. DR. JOHN C. 126 w Madison 
Bacon & Co. (F. X. Lipp, James Lipp, ) coEfee 

manufacturers, 476 w Baltimore 
Bacon Eliza, seamstress, 83 Plarford av 
Bacon John, engineer, 476 w Baltimore 
Bacus Benjamin, bookkeeper, 126 w Fayette 
Bacus John, clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Baddcrs Henry, carpenter, 22 w Chase 
Baddcrs Nicholas, carpenter, Farmers' hotel 
Baden ]\Irs. Frances E. 50 n Charles 
Baden Mrs. Jane, 139 c Monument 
Baden John R. clerk tobacco warehouse No. 2, 

72 s Sharp 
Baden Richard W. 139 e Monument 
Baden Thomas, carpenter, 139 e Monument 
Baden Mrs. Thomas D. 139 e Monument 
Badeneouph Mrs. Helena M. tailoress, 112 a 

Badenhup Charles W. mariner, 294 s Ann 
Bader Mrs. Helena, confectionery, 242 e Chase 
Bader Henrj-, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader Jacob, varnisher, 192 Conway 
Badger Charles, stone cutter, 106 Ramsay . 
Badger David, carpenter, 170 s ('harles 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 106 Ramsay 
Badger Francis, 15 Perry 
Badger James B. carpenter, 170 s Charles 
Badger Joseph, driver Harnden's express, 15 

Badger Thomas P. sewing machine operator, 

50 s Eutaw 
Baeckel John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayetle 
Baer Arthur P. (Baer & Crane,) 132 w Biddle 
Baer Banckard, gardener, Gist near East- 
ern av 
BAER .j- BRO. (Geo. H. Baer, C. W. Baer,) 

produce, provision and general commission 

merchants, 153 n Howard 
Baer Charles W. (Baer & Bro.) Frederick road 

near Catonsville 
Baer Christopher, laborer, 114 Orleans 
BAER & CRANE, (A. P. Baer, J. C. Crane,)' 

hide and leather dealers, 2 Water 
Baer Christiana, laundress, 169 Sarah Ann 
Baer Christian, laborer, ISO L Hnglies 
Baer Dr. Edward R. physician Maryland peni- 
tentiary, 270 w Fayette 
Baer George H. (Baer & Bro.) Frederick road 

near Catonsville 
Baer Isaac, (Lewis Baer k Bro.) 70 Lee 
Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 114 Orleans 
Baer Joel, teacher, 69 Jefferson 
Baer John, cooper. 111 Leadenhall 
Baer John R. shoemaker, 22 s Mount 
Baer John, sawyer, 284 s Dallas 
Baer John H. blacksmith, 521 Light, dw 614 
Baer Lewis, (L. Baer 6i" Bro.) 11 Camden 
Baer Lewis & Bro. (Lewis Baer, Isaac Baer.) 

dealers in furs, rags, &c. 11 Camden 
Baer Louis, brickmakcr, 411 Light 
Baer Mrs. M. C. 132 w Biddle 
Baer Michael, slnx'niaker, 60 Camden 
Baer Thomas E. attorney, 205^ w Biddle 
Baer Thomas S. attorney. 11 Courtland, dw 

205i w Biddle 
Baer .Mrs. Wilhelmina, grocery, 98 s Spring 
Baer Wm. H. clerk city collector's office, dw 

132 w Biddle 
Baerline Simon, Viarber, 2C6 Hanover 
Baermiller Louis, blacksmith, 127 e Madison 
Baermore Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 14 s Oregon 
Baerstein Solonu)n, dry goods, 109 Camden 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Whai'f. 

DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Baetjer Henry, keeper drays, 93 s Caroline 
Baetjer Henry, jr. salesman, 93 s Caroline 
Baetjer J. George, (Coltou & Baetjer,) 93 s 

Baewig Henry, bakery, 515 Canton av 
Bagry Robt. B. pension and land agent, Green, 

2 doors n of Fayette 
Bagel Charles, laborer, '70 s Dallas 
Bagge Thomas, exjjress driver, 93 Conway 
Baggott Charles, wire worker, 194 Madison av 
Baggott Elizabeth, dressmaker, 192 Madi- 
son av 
Baggott Thomas, wire worker, 194 Madison av 
Bagley Edward A. fruit trees, 50 Hillen 
Bagley Dr. .los. H. 161 Aisquith 
Bagnell Michael, laborer, Wolfe s of Lancaster 
Bagwell Mrs. Catharine, boarding house, 70 

Bagwell John W. clerk, VO Conway 
Bagwell John, iron moulder, 159 Bank 
Bagwell Thomas P. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Baiilman Anton, 125 Camden 
Bahlman Henry, laborer, 454 Light 
Bahm John, laborer, Gl Aliceanna 
Bahm Lewis, tailor, 120 s Dallas 
Bahmann John, tailor, 244 n Gay 
Bahnbein Frederick, laborer, 97 Lincoln 
Baier Mrs. Ann M. 392 Canton av 
Baier John, restaurant, 41 Block 
Baierlipp John, tailor, 247 e Fayette 
Bailey Anna, seamstress, 300 n Eutaw 
Bailey Mrs. Catharine, 98 Preston 
Bailey Catherine, teacher, 283 e Madison 
Bailey Charles W. engineer, 168 s Charles 
Bailey Charles, ship carpenter, 178 Gough 
Bailey David, brass finisher, 208 n Broadway 
Bailey David, brass finisher, 33 V'alley 
Bailey Edward A. painter. 111 Preston 
Bailey Edwin, (Coleman j|- Bailey,) 16s Broad- 
Bailey Ellen, 61 Ensor 

Bailey George, hardware merch'nt, 73 w Centre 
Bailey Geo. W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey James, ship carpenter, 17^ Gough 
Bailey James W. P. machinist, 302 e Pratt 
Bailey J.Sylvester, firemanN.C.Il. 171 Preston 
Bailey James A. stonecutter, 27 McHenry 
Bailey John, moulder, 157 n Exeter 
Bailey John M. 40 Dolphin 
Bailey John, weaver, 485 n Gay 
Bailey John L. cabinet maker, 288 e Madison 
Bailey John E. mariner, 42 Cross 
Bailey John H. carpenter, 3 Ogston 
Bailey John H. machinist, 27 McIIenry 
Bailey John, laborer, 11 McHenry, betw Ful- 
ton and Monroe 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings ^ Bailey,) 237 w 

Bailey Lucy, confectioner, Gl Ensor 
Bailey Mrs. Matilda, 42 Cross 
Bailey Parks, laborer, 16 Armistead la 
Bailey Mrs. Louisa, huckstress, 212 Hollins 
Bailey Magaretta, 134 Bank 
Bailey Parks D. butcher, rear 258 Light 
Bailey Robert M. dispatcher of trains, Bolton 

depot, dw 222 Madison av 
Bailey Robert VV. cabinet maker,288 e Madison 
Bailey Mrs. Susan, 47 s Ann 
Bailey Susannah, 142 s Sharp 
Bailey Wm. L tailor, 45 Bank 
Bailey Wm. C. ship joiner, 76 Henrietta 

Bailey Wm. boots and shoes, 108 Lexington, 

dw 108 Pearl 
Bailey Wm. grocery, 367 Cathedral 
Bailie Mary B. 80 s Bond 
Baily, Caldwell ^ Co. (Geo. Baily, Wm. M. 

Caldwell) cutlery and hardware, 22 s Charles 
Baily George (B., Caldwdl & Co.) 73 Centre 
Baily James, alcohol and neutral spirits, 267 

Cross, dw 36 s Greene 
Bailone Pascal, carpenter, 9 Jackson 
Bain Benjamin, pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bain Francis M. blacksmith, 53 n Poppleton 
Bain Geo. W. 392 Lexington 
Bain James F. mariner. Register, 4 doors s of 

Bain John W. cooper, 128 McHenry 
Baird Thomas D. professor, Baltimore City 

College, Gilmor house 
Bair Henry, painter, 128 n Fremont 
Baird Alex. S. clerk, 95 Saratoga 
Baird F. R. ^ Co. oyster packers, s side of 

basin, foot of West. 
Baird George W. engineer, U.S.N. 69 Pearl 
Baird Wm. L. teacher, Gilmor house 
Baitz Herman, tailor, 253 w Pratt 
Baitz H. W cabinet maker, 132 s Dallas 
Buitzel Jacob J. carpenter, 156 n Fremont 
Baitzel Wm. E. bookkeeper, 156 n Fremont 
Bakehouse Hustus, baker, 267 s Ann 
Baker Benjamin F. cooper, 10 Comet 

J.'Baker, "Wm- Baker, jr., Chas. E. 
Baker,) Manufacturers Baltimore 
Window Glass; Importers Drug- 
gists' Glassware and Bottles, Bi- 
carb Soda, Sal-Soda, and other 
Chemicals, Paints, Colors, Oils, 
Glue, &c. 32 and 34 s Charles— ['Se€ 

lines top of pages.'\ 

Baker Mrs. Adeline, grocery, 25 Brown 

Baker Albect, laborer. 73 Goodman al 

Baker Arthur, ship carpenter, 90 Henrietta 

Baker Catherine, 24 Hill 

Baker Catherine, 230 e Chase 

Baker Mrs. Catherine, dry goods, se cor Pi-att 

and Ann 
Baker Capt. Caleb, mariner, 23 Lexington 
Baker Charles Wm. coach painter, 67 McEl- 

Baker Charles, cabinet maker, 379 w Pratt 
Baker Charles J. (Baker Bros, k Co.) pres. 

Franklin Bank, Athol, Frederick road 
Baker Charles B. (Baker Bros. ^- Co.) Eutaw 

Baker Charles, ship joiner, 52 n Dallas 
Baker Charles H. police telegraphist,91 n Wolfe 
Baker Charles, farmer, 20 s Schroeder 
Baker Charles J. (Baker Bros. ^ Co. and 

Philip Reitz & Co.) 32 and 34 s Charles 
Baker Charles, laborer, 194 Cross 
Baker Charles, lager beer, 266 Eastern av. 
Baker Charles, butcher, 540 Penna av 
Baker Christian, liquors, 148 Light 
Baker Christopher, shoemaker, Belair av near 

Baker Conrad, huckster, 111 Bank 
Baker Davis, mariner, 69 Harford av 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 



Hakcr Eleanora E. 42 McCulloh 

Baker Mrs. Eliza A. 455 w Fa^'ette 

Baker Mrs. Elizalieth, groccrv, 213 Hearietla 

Baker Mrs. Eliza, 411 n Gay " 

Bakor Mrs. Elizabeth, Greeiimount av, near 

Point la 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, 529 n Gay 
Baker Edward T. supt. Maryland Meter Co. 

130 n Exeter 
Baker Ferdinand, tailor, 59 s Fremont 
Baker Francis, iron roller, 17 Port 
Baker Francis, laborer, 59 s Fremont 
Baker Frederick II. boiler maker, ]'J2 L Greene 
Baker Frederick, baker, rear 486 Penna. av 
Baker Francis, shoemaker, 114 s Caroline 
Baker Frederick, cooper, 174 Greentnount av 
Baker F. Theodore, coach trimmer, 67 McEl- 

Baker Frederick, bricklayer, 211 w Pratt 
Baker Frederick, slioemaker, 178 s Durham 
Baker George A . teacher, 34 n Fremont 
Baker George S. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Baker George, confectionery, 91 Hanover mar- 
ket, d\v 32 Perry 
Baker George AV. clothing cutter, 64 8 Ann 
Baker George, milk, 2 Point la 
Baker Greenbury, milk, 213 n Eden 
Baker Gideon, nightman, 34 Gough 
Baker Hamon, shi{> carjicnter, 104 s Bond 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, 122 Conway 
Baker Capt. ilcnry, 230 e Fayette 
Baker Henry, luickster, 238 Montgomery 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, 25 Brown 
Baker Henry, ( Ewald, Baker ^- Co.) 53 s Lib- 
Baker Henry, tailor, 8 Armistead la 
Baker Henry W. coach painter, 411 n Gay 
Baker Henry, carpenter, 38 Holland 
Baker Henry, tailor, 75 s Bond 
Baker Henry, laborer, 58 Bank 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 15 Bevan 
Baker Jacob, laborer, sw cor Fulton and Pratt 
Baker Jsicob, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
B:>ker Jacob, cooper, 213 Henrietta 
Baker Jacob, police, 18 Jefferson 
Baker Jacob, laborer. 65 Canton av 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 Lexington 
and 55 Hanover markets, dw 540 Penna. av 
Baker James R. carter, Monument, opp Md. 

Baker .lames C. ship carp. 175 Bank 
Baker James M. state assessor, 189 n Fremont 
Baker James, machinist, 81 n Amity 
liaker James, city garbage cart, Monument, 

opp Md. Hospital 
Raker John, ship carpenter, 135 Thatnes 
Baker John, laborer, 335 s Bond 
Baker John, laborer, 72 Towson 
Baker John, shoemaker, 6 Fell 
Baker John \V. (J. W. Bruff cj- Co.) 315 w 

Baker John G. tinner, Jefferson, 7 doors c of 

Baker John G. oolporter, 25 Jackson 
Baker John, ship carp. 2!^ w Pratt 
Baker John T. clerk, 278 Hollins 
Baker John, shoemaker, .95 s Ann 
Baker John, Laborer. 106 Scott 
Baker John T. police, 203 n Dallas 
Baker John, shoemaker, 17H s Durham 
Bilker J. W. officer Md. Penitentiary 
Baker John W. boiler maker, 300 Aliceanoa 

Baker John H. huckster, 75 s Fremont 
Baker John H. inspector C. H., Starr Hotel, 

opp Front street theatre 
Baker John, ship joiner, 34 Gough 
Baker John G. rug dealer, 169 Sarah Ann 
Baker John cooper, 344 s Sharp 
Baker John, laborer, 76 Somerset 
Baker John H. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 
Baker John C. boiler maker, 81 n Fremont 
Baker John M. shoemaker, 362 e Monument 
Baker Joseph, 194 S.iratoga 
Baker Lycurgus A. clerk, 70 s Sharp 
Baker & McCracken, ( N. Baker, J. McCrack- 
en,) paper and rag dealers, 120 w Lombard 
Baker Louisa, 27 Goodman al 
Baker Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 172 Columbia 
Baker Mrs. Susanna, niantua maker,21 s Eutaw 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. 224 n Central av 
Baker Mrs. Mary, crockery dealer, 202 and 204 

Lexington market, dw 199 Hamburg 
Baker Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Margaretta, teacher, 23 Lexington 
Baker Nelson, (Baker <^- McCracken) 133 Mont- 
Baker Pamelia, 554 w Baltimore 
Baker Philip, boxmaker, 34 New Church 
Baker Mrs. Hachel T5 s Fremont 

Baker, R.J. Hollingsworth) Manu- 
facturers of Dye Wood and Deal- 
ers in Dye Stuffs and Chemicals, 
36 and 38 s Charles 

Baker Richard J. (R. J. Baker <|- Co.) Liberty 

Baker Robert B. jr. cabinet maker, 77. Pearl 
Baker Robert B. cabinet maker, 458 Lexington 
]}aker Robert B. cabinet maker, 34 n Fremont 
Baker Robert J. canmaker, Jefferson, 7 doors 

e of Broadway 
Baker Rosa, confectionery, 58 Bank 
Baker Mrs. Samuel, 68 w Biddlc 
Baker Samuel, coachman, 68 w Biddle 
Baker Sarah J. 42 McCulloh 
Baker Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 75 s Bond 
Baker Mrs. Sophia, confectionery, 19.') s Ann 
Bakor Mrs. Susannah, 6 Gough 
Baker Mrs Sarah, 67 .McElderry 
Baker Thomas, baker, 440 Lexington 
Baker Thomas, builder, 19 s Fremont 
Baker Valentine, baker, 890 w Pratt 
Baker Victor J. cigar maker, 67 McElderry 
Baker Wni. jr. (Baker, Bros. & Co.) Baltimore 

Baker Wm. blacksmith, 171 Columbia 
Baker Wm. W. cooper, 269 n Dallas 
Baker Wm. curled hair, 835 w Pratt 
Baker Wm. clerk, 30 s Broadway 
Baker Wm. salesman, 7 Commerce 
Baker Wm. H. laborer, u c cor Mulberry and 

Baker Wm. clerk, 40 s Eutaw 
Baker Wm. Z. laborer, 529 w Lombard 
Baker Mrs. Judge William, Windsor mill road, 

at city limits 
Baker Wm. tailor. 331 w Pratt 
Baker Wm. D. sailmakcr, 245 Gough 
Baker Wm. J. hardware and cutlery, 479 w 


Teeth Extracted with Nitrons Oxide Gas. 

timore G-lass Works, BAKEK BROS. & CO. 



Haker W. M. piano maker, 3 Rickett's al 

FJakcr Wm. II. K. clerk, 15 Pearl 

l?akerWni. A.shipcarpentcr, 13 Williamson al 

lldkcx Wm. A. dcrk, 311 e Eager 

Haker Wm. junk dealer, <12 Thames 

Bald Mrs. Catherine, 91 Penna av 

Bald Frederick W. lock and gunsmith, 91 

Penna av 
lialderston M. Holmes, 40 Lexington 
IJalderston Dr. A. Holmes, (Bean ^ P.alder- 

ston. ) Hai-num's hotel 

|{aldor.<ton George, iron worker. 120 .s Caroline 

HALDEP.8T()N HUGH rj- SON, (J. Balder- 

stoi), T. Balderston, )' wire workers, 12 .s 

Calvert. {Sce^. \2 udnertiKcmcnts.) 

Balderslon Jacob, (Hugh B.ilderston .J- Son, ) 

filf) w Payette 
BALDERStON, WARD k CO. (.T. C. Balder- 
stou, J. H. Ward,) boot and shoe commis- 
sion merchants, over 27.'? w Baltimore 
Balderston John C. (Balderslon, Ward ^- Co.) 

48 \v Jloniiment 
Balderston Dr. Isaiah, dentist, 21 Lexington. 

dw 40 
Balderston Marcelhis, iron Avorkcr, lOG East- 
ern av 
Balderston Thomas, (fl. Balderston ^' Sons, ) 

150 w liOmbard 
Balderston Thos. clerk, 515 w Fayette 
Balderston Wilson, 48 w Monument 
fSaldus John, laborer, 15:] Sterling 
Baldus John F. clerk, 78 Pearl 
Baldwin (^nleb C. police, 225 e Lombard 
Baldwin Charles E. maciruiist 524 w Lombard 
Baldwin Christoplier C. (Woodward, Baldwin 

^- Co ) New \ ork 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, n w cor. McOnlloh and Dolphin 
Baldwin Dr. Edwin C. 124 n Exeter, dw Stair 

hotel ■ 
Baldwin Mrs. Elizabeth, s w cor McCuUoh and 

Baldwin (Jeo. R. tobacconist. 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin John F. moulder, 152 (■onway 
Baldwin James T. tobacconist, S8 n Gay, dw 

201 Mulberry 
Baldwin .lames T. mariner, 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin John H. carpentc';. 198 Bank 
Baldwin John, varnisher, 122 n Spring 
Fialdwin John H. carpenter, 12i) n Fiden 
Baldwin John, engineer, 97 s Fremont 
lialdwin John T. mariner, 190 s Chapel 
Baldwin Leroy E. ( W. H. Howard <} Co.) 42 

n Fremont 
Baldwin Mary E. 57 w Biddlc 
ItaUhvin Mary S. boardinjr house. ISO Colum- 
Baldwin Mary, refreshments, 279 and 281 Han- 
over market, dw 180 Columbia 
Baldwin Robert, laborer, 180 Columbia 
Baldwin Robert T. 274 Madison av 
BALDWIN R. W. attorney, 29 St. Paul, dw 

50 McCulloh 
Baldwin Robert, 198 Bank 
Baldwin Mrs. Sophia, s w cor McCnlloh and 

Baldwin Samuel A. carter, 179 n Dallas 
Baldwin Summerfield, ( Norris ij- Baldwin,) 

236 n Entaw 
Baldwin Thomas, .salesman. Brown's hotel 
Baldwin Wm. II. jr. ( Woodward, Baldwin & 
Co.) 115 Park 

Baldwin Wm. H. blacksmith, 524 w Lombard 
Baldwin Wm. H, blacksmith, 26 s Republican 
Balkc Frederick, carpenter, 33 Clay, dw 40 

Ball August M. saddler, 408 w Fayette 
^.all Mrs. Ann, grocery, 67 s Wolfe 
Ball Mrs. Ann, 126 Lexington 
Ball Mrs. Ann E. dressmaker, 408 w Fayette 
Ball David, brick manufacturer, n w cor Put- 
nam and Washington road, dw 627 av Fay- 
Ball Edward A. turner, 271 e Lombard 
Ball George W. police, 354 s Caroline 
Ball Henry S. bricklayer, 79 Pearl 
Ball John H. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 
Ball John L. .shoemaker, 103 East 
Ball John T. tinner, 42 s Exeler 
Ball John, conductor, 161 s Broadway 
Ball John A. blacksmith. 67 s Wolfe 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 176 s Ann 
Ball John D. carpenter, 335 n Howard, dw 40 

w Biddle 
Ball Joseph M. tinner, 126 Lexington 
Ball Philip A. ( Frick, Ball .J- Co.) Cockeys- 

ville, Baltimore Co 
Ball Samuel, shoemaker, 8 Telegrajjh 
Ball T. Sewell, bookkeeper, 627 w Fayette 
Ball T. W. clerk, 359 w Fayette 
Ball Walter, jr. clerk, Naval Office, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter, treas. Balto. Steam Packet Co.. 
office, Union dock, dw s e cor Bolton and 
Ball Wm. D. bailiff Criminal Court, 79 Pear! 
Ball Wm. A. bricklayer, 42 s Exeter 
Balla Chas. T. can maker, 627 Light 
Ballard Charles L. clerk, 52 n Howard 
B.illard Charles, laborer, 209 Preston 
Ballard Cyrus, clerk P. 0. 231 e Pratt 
Ball.ird E. L. merchandise broker, 671 w Fay- 
Ballard Edward J. sailmaker, over 96 Light-st 

wharf, dw 158 German 
Ballard Eliza, teacher, 158 German 
Ballard George E. 5 n Front 
Ballard James T. (Ballard S( Sommer) 1 Chase 
Ballard Mary, 158 German ■ 
B.illard Mrs. Ruth M. boarding, 52 n Howard 
Ballard Samuel H. clerk, 52 n Howard 
Ballard Sarah, 279 c Pratt 
Ballard <j- Sommer, (J. T. Ballard, J. Som- 
mer, ) coach makers, 94 n Calvert. 
Ballauf Augustus, lager beer, 73 Harrison 
Ballauf Augustus, (Ballauf & Son,) 69 Harrison 
Ballauf & Son, (A. Ballauf, C. E. Ballauf,) 

tanners and curriers, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Charles E. (Ballauf & Son,) 69 Har- 
Ballcntine Alexander, ship carpenter, 102 s 

Bailentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 
Ballentine Margaret, 48 Spring row 
Bftllieder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 
Ballman Anne, grocer, 755 Light 
Ballman Henry, cabinet maker, 755 Light 
Balloch Jame.s, 403 Lexington 
Balloch Robert A. asst assessor Internal Revo- 

mie, 40.! Lexington 
Balman Henry, porter, 180 w Baltimore 
Balster Charles, emigrant agent, 30 Fell 
Balster George, shipsmilh, 30 Fell 
Balsicr Henry, tailor, 70 s Bond 
Balster John C. police, 13 Fell 

THE GIlOV£R & BAKER SEAVIIVG BIACIIIIVE is tl>« b«-st for all purpoKes— SAI^KS 
ROOM,S— 181 Baltimore Street. 

IsTos. 32 and 34 { 

3. Cliarles Street. 


Saratoga, occupied by Baltimore Library 
Oo., Mercatitile Library Association and Md. 
Historical Society 

CIAL ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton & Son, 
proprietors, 128 w Baltimore 

COLORED PEOPLE, rooms 4 and 5 Tyson 
building, n w cor Charles and Lexington 

Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, cor Park 
and Centre 

Baltimore Association for Improving the Con- 
dition of the Poor, 24 w Fayette 

Baltimore Business College and Telegraphic 
Institute, W. H. Sadler, proprietor, 8 n 

Baltimore Butchers' Hide aud Tallow Associa- 
tion, No. 1, s w cor Buren and Fall 

BALTIMORE CITY JAIL, Madison e of Jones' 

and Lombard 

near Gav 

CO., office over n e cor Eutaw and Balti- 
more, Henry Tyson, president 

CO'S Feed Mill, 15.3 North 

GERY, n e cor Lombard and Hanover, F. 
J. S. Gorgas, M. D. dean 

Baltimore and Charleston R. R. and Steamship 
Co. foot Union Dock, Mordecai & Co. agents 

and Andre, Locust Point, and Canton and 
Clinton-sts., Canton, office over 30 South, 

Baltimore Concrete Stone Co. 153 North, Dr. 
Thos. E. Bond, pres't 

CITY RAILWAY, office 32 Frederick av 

day and Fayette 

Baltimore City Fertilizing Co. n e cor Bank 
and Central av, J. M. Jacobs, sup't 

Thomas Wilson, pres't, Edward G. Diggs, 
sec'y and treas.. Cemetery, Belair av, e.xt'd 

Baltimore Chrome, Mining' and Manufg. Co., 
A. C. Pracht, pres't, 17 and 19 Hughes 

vert on road 

Baltimore City Bay View Asylum, cor East- 
ern av and East av 

office n w cor Charles and Lexington, Jesse 
Tyson, pres't 

Baltimore Consumers' Union grocery store, 
89 Camden 

TI(»N, 222 n Eutaw, Lewis II. Cole, pres't 


Wales, proprietor, 114t w Baltimore 
more, Glenn <k Co., proprietors 
Baltimore Dental Depot, 200 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Equitable Society, for insuring 
liouses from loss by fire, "office 19 South, 
Francis A. Crook, treasurer 

Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, n e cor Balti- 
more and Charles 

Paul, N. C. Brooks, principal.— [5'ec p. 32 
Advertiseinenfs .'\ 

cor South and Water. J. I. Cohen, jr., 

Baltimore Fire Department. [See Appendix.'] 

Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Libertv 
and Fayette 

Baltimore Glass Works, e end of Hughes 

Baltimore Gymnasium, Carroll Hall^ s e cor 
Calvert and Baltimore, John Carson, presi- 

Baltimore, Havana and New Orleans Steam- 
ship Co., Henry M. Warfield & Co., agents, 
16 Spear's wharf 


Baltimore Life Insurance Co., Wm. G. Harri- 
son, president, Wm. M. Dickson, secretary, 
7 South 

Baltimore Life Insurance Co., 7 South, John 
I. Donaldson, president 

STEAMERS, Henderson's wharf 

Winans, next to Mt. Clare Depot 

Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 
gomery, Marcus L. Dudlev, proprietor 

w cor South and Water, James Hooper, jr. 

Baltimore Medical Journal Association, over 
s e cor Charles and Mulberry 

Baltimore Museum, n w cor Baltimore and 

Baltimore Opera House, Kernan ^- Devere, 
proprietors, Baltimore st bridge 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker near Le.x- 

office Camden Station, Camden st 

Building, n w cor Gay and Lombard 

chant's Exchange Reading Rooms, George 
U. Porter, publisher 

BOAT CO., office 3 Light street wharf, J. 
Alexander Shriver, agent— [See page 17 Ad- 

Baltimore Rivet and Spike Works, s e corner 
Pratt and E. Falls av., office n e corner Ex- 
change place and South, R. W. Tyson, 

Baltimore Rosine Association, 335 w Pratt 

CO., Flanuigan's wharf, James B. Andrews, 

Baltimore Sheep Butchers' Wool Association, 
No. 1, 505 Penna av 

Baltimore Steam Laundry, basement I e Balti- 
more, next to bridge, Christopher Search, 

Baltimore Stock Board, 45 w Fayette 

end of Concord, Union Dock, L. B. Parks, 

Baltimore Target Rifle Association, 4 s 
Frederick, target grounds Belair av ex- 

THE GROVKR & BAK£It SEWIxVG MACHINE Is the best for all purposes-SAU^ 
R009IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




NA STEAM CO., Jos. James Tay- 
lor, Agent, office lower end West 
Falls avenue. 


ClATION, n c cor Neighbor and McKim 
IJaltimore Weckcr, daily and weekly German 

newspaper, 3 n Frederick, Wm. Scbnauffer 

^- Rapp, proprietors 
lialtiniore Workingmen's Union, Arbeiter 

Hall, 5 s Frederick 
Baltimore Wrought Iron Pipe and Tulje Co., 

91 n Holliday 
Baltus Elizahcth, laundress, over 254 e Jlagcr 
Raltz Edward, butcher, 488 Penna av 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belairand 34 Hanover 

markets, dsv Jenkins' lane, near York road 
Raltzell Alexander, clerk, 220 Franklin 
HaltzcU Charles C. paper hanger, 28 Ensor 
Raltzell James, 220 Franklin 
Baltzell Mrs. K. D. 10 n Calhoun 
Raltzell Nicholas, laborer, 16 s Chapel 
BALTZELL DR. WM. H. 90 Hanover 
Balz Louis, currier, 145 William 
Ralz Rhinehard, butcher, 210 s Ann 
Balz Rhinehard, provisions, 331 w Fayette 
Baltzer Frederick, farmer, 8 Shakspeare 
Baltzer Valentine, carter, 183 s Wolfe 
Balzer George, laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Balzer Nich. porter, 16 s Chapel 
Bambach Joseph, grocery, 74 n Exeter 
Bamberger Abraham, butcher, 83 Mullikin 
Bamberger Ansel, (E. Bamberger <j- Co.) 247 

w Baltimore 
Bamberger & Bros. (H. Bamberger, M. Bam- 
berger, Elken Bamberger, ) American Tea 

Co. 164 Lexington 

H. Bamberger,) dry goods, 143 Lexington 

and 57 n Howard 

gains in Auction Goods, Hosiery, 
White and Linen Goods, whole- 
sale and retail, 43 n Howard, next 
door to Bokee's China store. 
Closed on Saturdays, dw 111 w 

^BAMBERGER E. & CO. (E. Bamberger, A. 

Bamberger, ) millinery, ribbons and fancy 

goods dealers, 247 w Baltimore 
Bamberger E. (E. Bamberger k Co.) 170 

w Lombard 
Bamberger George, shoemaker, 108 Low 
Bamberger Henry, (Bambei'ger & Bros.) 164 

•Jiamberger Joseph C. bricklayer, 308 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger James W. blacksmith, cor Johns 

and Cathedral 
Bamberger Moses, (Bamberger Bros.) 126 c 

Bamberger Wm. H. grocery, 243 e Madison 
Bancroft Charles F. clerk, 12 n High 
Bancroft Capt. Eugene A. quartermaster, U. 

S, A., Fort .McHenry 

Bancroft John, bricklayer, 12 n High 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 12 n High 
Bandcl Andrew J. clerk, tJ7 n Front 
Baudel George W. (Schulze & Bandcl,) 122 

Bandel George E. printer, 178 n Exeter 
Bandel John M. & Sons (J. M. Bandel, sr., J. 
W. Bandel, jr., Martin L. Bandel,) shippings 
and com. mcnhts. 1 li> Smith's wharf 
Bandel Justina B. 90 s Exeter 
Bandel John M. sr., (John M. Bandel & Sons,) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel John W. jr., (John M. Bandel & Sons, > 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel Leonard J. as.s't engineer fire depart- 
ment, dQ s Exeter 
Bandel M. L. (John M. Bandel & Sons,) 365 e 

Bandel Philip, shipping mercb. 202 e Fayette 
Bandell Mrs. Ann Maria, 185 n Eden 
Bandell Charles S. 112 s Caroline 
Bandell p]dward, carpenter, 185 n Eden 
Bandell George W. carver, 122 Jefferson 
Bandell George W. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Henry M. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandell James L. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandell Capt. Michael H. mariner, 160 s Bond 
Bandell Mrs Sarah, doctress, 112 s Caroline ' 
Bandell Wui. bacon dealer, 70 n Bond 
Bando Frederick, barber, 207 n Bond 
Bandon C. cabinet maker, 151 e Fayette 
Bang George, tailor, 6 Laurel 
Bange Frank, barber, 101 Elliott 
Bangert Joseph, baker, 8 Fell 
Bangert Michael, nightman, 228 n Dallas 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s c cor 

Central av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 
Banghard Nicholas, porter, 3 Biddle al 
Bangs Mrs. Adeline, 203 Columbia 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 11 Penn 
Bangs David A. clerk, 248 w Madison 
Bangs Edward, (Carey & Bangs ) 248 w 

Bangs Mrs. Elizabeth, 248 w Madison 
Bangs Laura, teacher, 232 Barre 
Bangs Mrs. Mary A. confectionery, 113 s Bond 
Bangs Mrs. Melvina, 232 Barre 
Bangs Theophilus, fireman, 113 s Bond 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, Jas. W. 

Alnutt, president 
Bankare David, carpenter, 122 n Pine 
Bankard Henry N. 17 Fremont nr Penna. ar 
Bankard Geo. W. C. clerk, Dolphin betw Di- 
vision and Druid Hill av 
Bankard Jacob, baker, 379 e Eager 
Bankard Jacob J. beef and pork packer, 

n e cor Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 67 Hampstead 
Bankard John B. cooper, 126 s Spring 
Bankard John L. butcher, 22 Fell's Point 

market, dw 436 e Baltimore 
Bankard Martin A. tailor, 126 s Spring 
Bankard Nicholas D. dry goods and groceries, 

Fremont, intersection Penna av 
Bankard Valentine, shoemaker, 92 Harri.son 
Bankerd Dennis, (B., Eline k Co.) 108 Pine 
BANKERD, ELINE & CO. (J. Bankerd, D. 
Bankerd, F. Eline, ) produce and commission 
merchants, 146 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiah. (B., Eline <j- Co.) 363 Frank- 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Bankerd "Wm. butter dealer, 211 w Biddle 

TELEGRAPH, 132 w Baltimore 
Bankliead Roliert B. clerk, 30 n Fremont 
Bankhead AVMIson W. teacher, 30 n Fremont 
Banks A. (B., Slingluft" ^- Co.) 194 Franklin 
Banks Benjamin F. furniture Avagoner, 132 

Orleans • 

Banks Daniel B. president Union ]\ranufactur- 

ing Co., office cor Howard and German, dw 

194 Franklin 

Banks David, furniture, 59 South, d\v 380 e 

Banks John, machinist, t s Schroeder 
Banks John JL machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks Joshua, (Banks ^-Pope, ) 246 e Monu- 
Banks Joshua E, tinner, 1T2 nEutaw, d\v 1G5 

Druid Hill ax- 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 48 s Poppleton 
Banks Louis E. brakesman B. and 0. R. R., 

1 s Schroeder 
Banks McM. A, 75 e Lombard 
Banks Morton D. clerk, 70 Columbia 
Banks & Pope. (Joshua Banks,Thos. L.Pope,) 

embroideries, laces, etc. 139 n Eutaw 
BANKS ROBERT T. china Avare, 53 South, 

dw n e cor Calvert and Madison • 
Banks Robert T. jr. clerk, n e cor Calvert and 

Banks Samuel, machinist, 30 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, baker, 75 e Lombard 
Banks, Slingluff .J- Co. (A. Banks, J. L. Sling- 
luff, ) agricultural implements andseeds, 145 
w Pratt 
Banks Wm. tinner, 38 Warner 
Banks W. H. S. clerk, 380 e Baltimore 
Banks W. E. (Swain ^- Banks,) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. J. grocer, n e cor Bond and Eager 
Bankstalk John, shoemaker, 8 Philpot al 
Bankvetz Richard, brewer, 290 s Ann 
Baun Robert, clerk, Peirce near Chatsworth 
Bannan John, painter, 2 St. Mary 
Bannan Johu, grocer, s e cor Lexington and 

Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Mrs. Rose, grocery, 58 Dolphin 
Bannon Michael, attorney, 32 St. Paul 
Bannon Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannenberg Fredk. shoemaker, 30 Scott 
Banning Alexander, 2S5 Hollins 
Banning Mrs. Catherine, 280 Lexingtoa 
Banning Maria, 280 Lexington 
Banning M. E. 280 Lexington 
Banning Robert F. clerk, 285 Hollins 
Bannister Wm. jilasterer, 689 w Baltimore 
Banor Henrv R. shoemaker, 164 Scott 
BANNVART C. A. ^- CO. (C. A. Bannvart, 
John H. O'Donovan. jr.) real estate brokers, 
28 St. Paul 
Bannvart C. A. (C. A. Bannvart & Co.) 42 w 

Bansemer G. A. (W. G. Bansemer & Co.) 199 

w Hofiman 
Bansemer Mrs. Louisa, 199 \v Hoffman 
Bansemer W. G. & Co. (W. G. Bansemer, G. 
A. Bansemer, ) wholesale grocers and com- 
mission merchants, 108 w Lombard 
Bansemer Wm. G. (W. G. Bansemer ^ Co.) 

195 w Hoffman 

Banthem cj- Bro. (G. Banthem, C. W. Ban- 
them, ) carriage builders, 57 Henrietta 

Banthem Charles W. (Banthem ^- Bro.) 5» 

Banthem George (Banthem ^- Bro.) 59 Hen- 
Banthem James M. coach painter, 288 Cross 
Banthem James, coachmaker, 50 Henrietta 
Bantrup Frederick, carter, 143 s Bethel 
BantzDr. Edward,' 22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. (France & B.) 305 LexingtoFi 
Bantz Henry H. salesman, Howard house 
Bantz Henry, carpenter, 416 Saratoga 
Bantz Henr_y, mariner, 227 s Ann 
Bantz John, barkeeper, 392 Canton av 
BANTZ THEODORE S. boot, shoe, bat and 
cap dealer, over 322 w Baltimore, Aw 305 
Bantzer Frederick, liquor store, 239 s Bond 
Banz John, shoemaker, 15 L. McElderry 
Baptist Church, n e cor Sharp and Lombard, 

Rev. M. Williams 
Baquol Jules, manufacturer of French confec- 
tionery, wholesale, 42 n Pine 
Bar Levi, clothier, 82 w Baltimore, dw 3^' 

Barbee George B. (Gephart ^'Barbee, ) 357 v 

Barber Edward, iron roller. 135 Hudson 
Barber John T. police, 27 Thames 
Barber John G. clerk, P. 0. 27 n PopplefoQ 
Barber Michael, rigger, 27 Thames 
Barber Nicholas, laborer, 138 s Regester 
Barber Philip J. huckster, 396 e Monument 
Barber Sarah, dres^ maker, 27 Pearl 
Barber Walter T. clerk, 638 w Baltimore 
Barberech Joseph, cabinet maker, 65 Lincoln 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 132 Johnson 
Barbine Joseph, fisherman, 116 Cross 
Barbine Maria R. 132 Johnson 
Barbine Mary, huckstress, 116 Cross 
Barbour David M. 106 n Broadway 
Barbour Daniel N. huckster, 34 n Bond 
Barbine Wm. E. ship carpenter, 132 Johnson 
Barcher Christopher, ship carpenter, 101s Ann 
Barcher Susan, huckstress, 150 s Ann 
Barclay James, butcher, 49 York 
Barclay Robert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Bard Thomas P. bookkeeper, 278 Lexington 
Barden Augustus, laborer, 189 L. Hughes 
Barden Michael, laborer, 552 w Pratt 
BardrofiF Joseph, plasterer, 18Lanvale 

Wood Dealer, 324 Aliceanna-st, 
dw 190 e Pratt 

BardrofF Peter, piano maker, 20 Rock 
Bare Hill Mining Co., W. W. Lawrason, pree. 
C. F. Smith, sec. and treas., office 6 South 
BareNaason, clerk, Maltb^Miouse 
Barester Charles, tailor, 5 Wyeth 
Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 u Fremont 
Bargar Geo. W. bricklayer, 101 Druid Hill av 
Bargar Hartz, laborer, 507 Canton av 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar ^lary, tailoress, 75 s Chester 
Bargar Sarah, teacher, 239 Franklin 
Bargar Sarah, laundress, 217 s Bethel 
Bargar Sarah, 99 Raborg 
Barickman Mrs Ellen R. 169 n Paca 
Barickman Marietta A. 169 n Paca 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Barke Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barker Adam, carpenter, 9 Stirling 
Barker Albert E. bookkeeper, 134 n Gay 
Barker Alfred, pattern maker, 89 n Front, n of 

ker,_ W. A. Beaman, J. D. K. Crook,) flour, 
grain and general com merchants, 12G and 
1 28 North 
Barker Charles F. clerk 362 n Eutaw 
Barker ^ Chandlee, (Wm. K. Barker, H. P. 

Chandlee, ) tobacco and cigars, 86 Barre 
Barker Edward 0. coachmaker, 12 s Exeter 
Barker Edward W. (Barker, Beaman ^ Crook) 

362 n Eutaw 
Barker EvanT. 168 Cathedral 
Barker John A. property agent, 15 St. Paul 
Barker John P. tobacconist, 205 Lee 
Barker John, stevedore, Meyer ct 
Barker Mrs. John, 302 n Eutaw 
Barker Joseph H. (Woods, Weeks ^ Co.) T 

Barker Capt. Richard R. mariner, 56 s Ann 
Barker Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 
Barker Wm. K. (Barker cj- Chandlee) 86 Barre 
Barker Wm. clerk National Mechanics' Bank, 

77 w Biddle 
Barker Wm. machinist, 50 Hillen 
Barker Wm. police, 18 Garden 
Barker Wm. C. clerk, 139 s Chester 
Barker Wm. F. blacksmith, 793 w Baltimore 
Barklage & Henneman, (H. A. Barklage, John 
Henneman) packing box makers, ISCowpcu 
Barlow Charles B. bookbinder, 59 n Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barlow John H. painter, 59 n Front, n of 

Barlow James, paper hanger, 1 60 e Eager 
Barlow John (Mass <j- Barlow) 59 n Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barlow Joseph M, upholsterer, 143 Holiins 
Barlow Joseph, mariner, 4 4 Fell 
Barlow Thomas, cirpenter, 59 n Front, n of 

BARKLEV GEORGE L. provision, 267 e 

Barkley Robert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barklage Henry A. (Barklage ij- Henneman) 

95 Pearl 
Barkman Jacob (Barkman ^- Lauder) 119 Co- 
Barkniiin Joseph, cigar maker, 76 Pierce 
Barkman Mrs. M. A. 131 e Baltimore 
Barkman James S. messenger. First National 

Bank, 63 n Bond 
Barkman Wm. H. cigar maker, 76 Pierce 
Barkman <J- Lauder (Jacob Barkman, S. N. 
Lauder) produce com. nierchts. Pier No. 7 
Light st whf 
Barkmeyer Frederick W. baker, 12 Light 
Barkmeyer Wm. porter, 12 Light 
Barlein Mrs. Barbara, milk, 1 St. Peter 
Barlett Christian, tailor, 106 n Eden 
Barlarge Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 
Barley John, laborer, 20 s Carey 
Barley John T. engineer, 20 s Carey 
Barley Wm. H. clerk, Maltby house 
Barling Ann, 179 n Paca 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 102 e Lombard 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 167 Stirling 
Barnard John J. salesman, 55 Lexington 

Barnard Mrs. Mary E. 582 Lexington 
Barnaman Wm. tailor, 262 e Fayette 
Barneclow Eliza, dress maker, 32 s Caroline 
Barnes Alexander M. lumberman, 12 Essex 
Barnes Bernhard, seaman, 95 Elliott 
Barnes Hcujamin F. painter, cor Central av and 

BARNES 4- DAIGER (H. P. Barnes. C. H. 
Daiger) dealers in oysters, over 150 w Pratt 
Barnes B. Henry, laVjorer, 2 Booth 
Barnes Benjamin, bricklayer, 83 Columbia 
Barnes C. Fletcher, bookkeeper, 55 Lexington 
Barnes Christopher, B. & 0. R. R. 121 s Exeter 
Barnes Mrs. Deborah, 2 Gould's ct 
Barnes Daniel J. coacbsmitb, 194 Bank 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 327 Saratoga 
Barnes Mrs. Ellen R. 14 Ramsay 
Barnes Francis, blacksmith, 2 Booth 
Barnes George, boiler maker, 126 Druid Hill 

Barnes Hanson P. (B. ^ Daiger) 90 n Broad- 
Barnes Henry C. clerk, n ecor Pratt and Carey 
Barnes Henry, blacksmith, Booth bet Caliiouit 

and Carey 
Barnes James E. wheelwright, 327 Eastern av 
Barnes James S. brass moulder, 91 Preston 
Barnes James, lumberman, 21 Fountain 
Barnes John, 264 e Baltimore 
Barnes John, tailor, 78 s Wolfe 
Barnes John, carpenter, 150 Lee 
Barnes John A. grocer, 76 Pearl 
Barnes John A. grocery and [jrovision, 2G4 p 

Barnes John K. nurse, 57 Greenwillow 
Barnes John M. blacksmith, 43 e Fayette 
Barnes John R. carpenter, Columbia neav 

Barnes John R. clerk, 162 n Gay 
Barnes Joseph, ship carpenter, 133 s Exeter 
BARNES MRS. MARY A. 20 Pierce ' 
Barnes ilichael, laborer, 26 Fort av 
Barnes Richard, screwsman of tobacco ware- 
house No. 1, 425 e Fayette 
Barnes Rev. Samuel, 174 Aisquith 
Barnes Samuel F. 14 Ramsay 
Barnes Samuel E. engineer, 300 Light 
Barnes Sarah A. tailoress, 2 Gould's ct 
Barnes S. S. & Co. oyster packers, foot of 

West, s side of Basin 
Barnes Thomas B. tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Barnes Titus, dairy-, 716 w Pratt 
Barnes Capt. Thomas H. 14 Williamson 
Barnes Thomas B. cigar maker, 189 u Cen- 
tral av 
Barnes Wm. M. carpenter, 310 n Eutaw 
Barnes W. M. salesman, 23 n Gay 
Barnett Amelia E. millinery, 67 n Charles 
Barnett D. farmer, 6n Charles 
Barnett James, caulker, 125 Lincoln 
Barnett John II. marker, custom house, dw .^ 

s Republican 
Barnet John, wheelwright. 104 Ilollins 
Barnet John H. marker, custom house, 59;; v.- 

Barnet William H. bricklayer, 164L. Greeiu- 
Barnett James, plasterer, 517 n Gay 
Barnett Rosanna, tailoress, 125 Lincoln 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 162 Bank 
Barnett Wm. clerk, P. 0. 166 Hanover 
Barney Mrs. Bridget, laundress, 224L. Hugluv^^ 
Barney Elizabeth^R. 76 n Charles 

THE GROVER «Sj BAKER .SEAVIXG MACHINE is <lie best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 









Harney James II. (John Sullivan <f Sous,) 7G 

n Charles 
Barney James, laborer, Hudson al extended 
Barnhart Alfred W. paper hanging, oT n Pop- 

BarnhoflF John, laborer, 185 Bank 
Barnickel Johann F. tailor, 115 McElderry 
Harnickcl Wolfgang, huckster, 3 Painters ct 
Baruitz Alexander H. 211 w Lombard 
Barnitz Alex. H. cashier, Third National Bank, 

Lanvale, bet Grundy and John 
Barnitz Covington D. "attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

d\v 660 Lexington 
Barnitz Michael, 29 George 
Barnstecher Jesse I. machinist, Washington 

road opp Carey 
Barnstricker Jlichael, laborer, Washington rd 

opposite iMt. Clare 
Barnum Allen S. .316 Garden 
BARNUM'S CITY HOTEL, fronting Calvert, 
St. Paul and Fayette, D. Dorsey, proprietor 
Barnum John, clerk, 97 n Caroline 
Barnwell Mrs. Rose, grocery, 31 Union 
Barr Bankard, shoemaker, 278 Eastern av 
Barr Joseph W. cigar maker, 140 Gough 
Barr James L. clerk, N. C. R. 177 Pennaav 
Barr Samuel, messenger, N.C. R. 177 Pennaav 
Barrackman Marietta, teacher, 109 n Paca 
Barranger Andrew, laborer, 292 Harford av 
IJarranger C. C. (Lewis L. Barranger^ Sons) 

288 Saratoga 
Barranger Francis, vegetables, 11 Hanover 

market, dw York road near toll gate 
Barranger Geo. W. (Lewis L. Barranger .J- 

Sons) 288 Saratoga 
Barranger Henry C. (Lewis L. Barranger ij* 

Sons) 288 Saratoga 
Barranger Henry, butcher, 390 w Fayette 
Barranger John J. provisions, sw cor McElder- 
ry and Spring 
Barranger James L. police, cor Ann and Jeffer- 
Barranger Lewis L. <5'Sons, (L.L. Barranger, 
sr., G.W. Barranger, H. C. Barranger, C. 
C. Barranger,) butchers, 34 Centre, 71 Lex- 
ington and 63 Hanover markets 
Barranger Lewis L. sr., (Lewis L Barranger 

cj- Sons,) 288 Saratoga 
BARRANGER LEWIS L. JR., butcher, 62 
Centre, 44 Lexington and 65 Hanover mar- 
kets, dw 169 Penna av 
Barranger Lewis, wagoner, 86 n Spring 
Barrenger Wm. hostler, 63 McElderry 
Barrbie Frederick, stevedore, 3 Pleasant al 
Barratt Mrs. Jane, 40 Henrietta 
Barrett Annie, hair dresser, 89 n Howard, dw 

1 15 e Monument 
Barrett Boyce, sailmaker, 4 s High 
Barrett Mrs. Catharine, 342 Saratoga 
IJarrett ICliza, millinery, 90 Richmond 
Barrett Ferdinand 0. 124 Grundy 
Barrett George, silversmith, 476 Lexington 
Barrett George E. cutler, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Gregory, sr. lamplighter, 118 n Fre- 
Barrett Gregorv, ]r. U. S. A. 155 n Eutaw 
BARRETTS HIGGINS, ( Wm. D. Barrett, J. T. 
Higgins,) wholesale hat and cap dealers, 
272 w Baltimore 
Barrett Henry, carpenter, 7 Dover 
Barrett James H. clerk, 310 n Howard 
Barrett James J. musician, 17 McElderry 

Barrett James J. salesman, 240 Lexington 
Barrett John L. (Wouderly & Co.) 5 Jackson 

Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John M. looking glass and picture 
frames nianuf. s e cor Howard and Saratoga 
Barrett John, drayman, 290 s Sharp 
Barrett John J. 340 Saratoga 
Barrett L. Z. com. mercht. 43 n Fremont 
Barrett Maurice U. clerk, 340 Saratoga 
Barrett M. looking glass and picture frames. 

82 n Howard 
Barrett Mrs. Mary, 290 s Sharp 
Barrett Margaret E. 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Patrick, mariner, 152 s Chester 
Barrett Samuel, laborer, 118 n Fremont 
Barrett Wm. H. rag dealer, 24 William, dw 

214 Barre 
Barrett William, telegraphist, 323 Mulberry 
Barrett W. D. (Barrett ^'- Higgins) 137 w 

Barrickman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Balti- 
Rarrickman Samuel, butcher, 320 Eastern av 
Barriere Geo. F. dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Barringer p]lizabeth, candies, 78 and 81 Hano- 
ver markets, dw 109 King 
Barringer James L. McElderry e of Choptank 
Barringtou Edward P. book keeper, 7u2 Sara- 
Barrington J. T. 1^3 s Broadway 
Barringtou Lewis, driver, 63 n Spring 
Barris George W. cooper, IIG n Central av 
Barris Geo. W. cooper, 255 e Cliase 
BarroU Benj. C. attorney, Bible house 75 w 

Fayette, dw Baltimore count}' 
Barroll Benj. C. jr. clerk. 109 w Monument 
Barroll Edmund, clerk, 286 .Madison av 
Barroll Julian 8. clerk, 109 w Monument 
Barroll James W. 286 Madison av 
Barroll Mary Ann. 109 w Monument 
Barroll Richard. 109 w Monument 
Barron Edward, police, 2G7 w Biddle 
Barron James, carpenter, 137 e Lomiiard 
Barron James, of tire depart. 137 e Lombard 
Barron John, produce, 79 s Paca 
Barron John, carpenter, 142 w Madison 
Barron Richard, hackman, 190 s Central av 
Barron Thomas, police, 146 George 
Barron Thomas, dress trimmings, 85 n Howard 
Barron Thomas, porter, 196 e Madison 
Barron Wm. clerk, 144 w Madison 
Barron Wm. D. salesman, 32 Hanover 
Barron Wm. D. salesman, 336 w Baltimore 
Barrow Denwood II. bookkeeper, 567 w Fay- 
Barrow H. T. bookkeejier, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow 0. W. clerk, 25 n Calvert 
Barrow Thos. II. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Rev. Thomas, 227 e Baltimore 
Barrus George W. cooper, 116 n Central av 
Barry .j- Hoogewerff, (j'. C. Barry S. K. 
Hoogewerff) merchandise brokers, 4 Gro- 
cers' Excliange, Commerce 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 9 w Chas3 

BARRY & COOK, (Wm. R. Barry, 
Samuel G. B. Cook,) Hardware 
Commission Merchants, 15 s 

THE GROVER & BAKEIi SEAVING IILVfHI\E is tJke best for aU piiri'oses— SAIiKS 
ROOMS— 181 BaIt;iuoi-e Street. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




BARRY & CLABY, (P. T. Barry, L. F. Claby, ) 

])lumbcrs-and gas fitters, G2 s Sharp 
Barry Daniel R. clerk, ?,0l Lexington 
Barry Edmond, teamster, 17 Bank 
Barry Edward, laborer, 3G President 
Barry Mrs. II., John, bet McMechin and Wilson 
Barry Harry A. clerk, 2C2 Franklin 
BARRY HALL, Ewell & Kelly, proprietors, 

12 St. Paul 
Barry Mrs. Henrietta, .fiC? w Fayette 
Barry James C. jr. (Barry & IIoogewerEf, ) 11 

McCulloh and Gilmor bouse 
Barry James, carter, I Hargrove al 
Barry James B. 112 Lee 
Barry John, carpenter, T.'i Forrest 
Barry John, laborer, 2 Barney 
Barry John, sailor, 8 Esse.K 
Barry Capt. John J. bookkeeper, 503 w 

Barry John S. & Co. (J. S. Barry, Wm. Tel- 
land, W. H. V. Smith, J. S. Telland,) dry 
goods, com. merchants, 20 Hanover 
Barry John, actor, 69 Vine 
Barry John H. salesman, ISO w Lombard 
Barry Joshua H. clerk, 189 w Lombard 
Barry John S. (J. S. Barry & Co.) Ill St. 

Barry John "W. huckster, 63 L Montgomery 
Barry Mary H . 58 s Exeter 
Barry Michael, fireman, 211 Canton av 
Barry Nicholas, ])rinter, '75 Stirling 
Barry Patrick T. (Barry & Claby,) 1 Har- 
grove al 
Barry Philip, 29 \v Biddle 
Barry Patrick, laborer, cor Clinton and Boston 
Barry Robert C. attorney, n w cor Lexington 

and Courtland, d\v Baltimore co 
Barry Samuel H. mariner, 21 Valley 
Barry Samuel JL Gl n Liberty 
Barry Standish, currier, 58 s Exeter 
Barry Thomas, stone mason, 20 St. Mary 
Barry Dr. W. J. 13 Lexington 
Barry Wm. H. dealer in game, 393 w Pratt 
Barry Wm. millwright, 118 York 
Barry Wm. E. clerk, John, 3 doors above Mc- 
Barry Wm. porter, 69 Vine 
Barry Wm. R. (B. S,- Cook) 301 Lexington 
Barry AVm. sawyer, 118 York 
Barry Wm. jr. collar maker, 69 Vine 
Barry Wm. laborer, 1*72 Ramsay 
Barsch George, shoemaker, 241 Canton av 
Barsch Philip, barber, 241 Canton av 
Bart Philip, butcher, 616 Light 
Bar tell Andrew, brewer, 364 e Eager 
Bartell Christopher, cabinet maker, 283 w 

Bartells Henry, cigar maker, 100 s Chapel 
Bartenbacher Peter, rags, 909 w Pratt 
Bartgis Mrs. Mary C. china and glass, 1G2 n 

Barth Christian, boots and shoes, 182 Lex- 
Barth Daniel, harness maker, 8 St. Mary 
Barth Lewis, blacksmith, 2 Fountain 
BARTH SA.MUEL, com. merchant and im- 
porter of liquors, wines, cigars, &c. 21 South, 
dw 225 e Baltimore 
Barthan Julius, tailor, IG Stirling 
Bartholomac Lanhart, cabinet maker, 119 

Bartholomai George, clerk, 13 w Chase 

Barlholomasa George, cabinet maker, 147 s 

Bartholomee Gust us, tailor, 34 Bank 
Bartholomee John J. cigar maker, 26 Scott 
Bartholomee Theodore M. clerk, 262 n Eutaw 
Bartholmeir George, cabinet maker, 147 s 

Bartholmer Henry W. porter, 78 w Pratt 
Bartholomew Christian, cabinet maker, 13 w 

Bartholomew Lanhart, cabinet maker, 179 

Bartholomey August, tailor, 57 Gough 
Bartholow Andrew J. carpenter, 50 n Pine 
Bartholow B. F. (G. P. Thomas & Co.) 304 

Bartholow John T. butcher, 100 Centre, 59 
Lexington and 55 Hanover markets, dw 6 
La n vale 
Bartholow P. J. 231 av Fayette 
Bartholow Samuel, 334 Franklin 
Bartholow Mrs. Thomas, 334 Franklin 
Barthrof Peter, cabinet maker, 20 Rock 
Bartles Henry, carpenter, 24 Callender al 
Bartleson Alonzo I), clerk, 17 Scott 
Bartleson Mrs. Mary Ann, 95 Columbia 
Bartlett Abner T. police, 93 s Wolfe 
Bartlett Charles W. boat builder in Fardy ^ 
Bros, ship yard, foot of Montgomery, dw 11 
Williamson al 
Bartlett David L. (Bartlett, Bobbins 4' Co.) 57 

Bartlett Edward L. clerk, 100 e Pratt 
Bartlett George cf- Co. (G. Bartlett, T. Spen- 
cer Nolen) hide and leather dealers, 134 w 
Bartlett Geo. (G. Bartlett Sf Co.) 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett George W. B. B. clerk, 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett George, clerk, 40 Hampstead 
Bartlett James, jr. boat builder, 128 s Wolfe 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 37 Philpot, dw 

215 Bank 
Bartlett John M. (John M. Bartlett cj- Co.) 7 

Bartlett John M. cj- Co. (J. M. Bartlett, J. F. 
Bartlett, A. J. Inloes, ) wholesale druggists, 
70 s Calvert 
Bartlett Joseph T. (J. M Bartlett .j- Co.) 23 

lett, H. W. Bobbins,) late Hayward, Bart- 
lett ^ Co., wholesale stove warehouse, 24 
Light, foundry and locomotive works, s.w 
cor. Pratt and Scott 
Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, 193 Bank 
Bartlett Wm. S.' boat builder, 217 Bank 
Bartley Philip, sugar refiner, 183 s Caroline 
Bartman Christopher, brass finisher, 121 s 

Bartol Henry B. coachmaker, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol James L. judge Court of Appeals, n c 

cor Chase and Eden 
Bartol Sophia, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Sophia A. 82 Mulberry 
Barton Andrew C. 102 Granby 
Barton B. R. clerk, 227 e Madison 
Barton Mrs. Elizabeth, 210 Hollins 
Barton Esau, miller, Eager, betw. McKim and 

Greenmount av 
Barton Greenbury, 102 Granby 
Barton Henrj', brickmaker, 172 JIulberry 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 29 n Exeter 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




Barton James I. (B. cj- KejAVorth) 108 e Balti- 
Barton James, ship joiner, T6 Lancaster 
Barton Mrs. Jane, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 s Chester 
Barton John T. carp'r, 62 s Washinoftou 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 227 e Madison 
Barton Joshua N. finisher, rear of Calvert iron 

■works. Fort av 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 308 William 
Barton cj- Key worth, (James I. B., C. B. Key- 
worth,) merchant tailors, 276 w Baltimore 
Barton Martin, mariner, 307 Canton av 
Barton Margaret, grocery, 227 e Madison 
Barton Mary J. dressmaker, 202 e Baltimore 
Barton Peter, runner, 338 s Bond 
Barton Philip H. clerk, G2 e Lombard 
Barton Randolph, attorney, G St. Paul, dw 

118 St. Paul 
Barton Rebecca, 227 e Madison 
Barton Samuel S. sail maker, 202 e Baltimore 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Samuel J. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Cecilia, lumber inspector, 256 s Ann 
Barton Thaddeus J. agent, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Theodore, 1 74 e Pratt 
Barton Wm. L. printer, 199 w Fayette 
Barton Wm. J. (Wnx J. Barton <]- Son,) 62 e 

BARTON WM. J. ^- SON, (W. J. Barton, 
W. N. Barton, ) tanners, curriers and leather 
dealers, 7 and 9 Cheapside 
Barton Wm. N. (W. J. Barton cj- Son,) 84 c 

Barton Wm. bricklayer, 180 Bank 
Barton Wm. laborer, Oliver, w of Greenmount 

Barton Wm. morocco dresser, 31 w Lombard 
Bartram Wm. potter, 111 Orleans 
Bartsch Frederick, passe partouls and show 

cards, over 26 n Guy, dw 225 Franklin 
Bartscher Christopher M. ship carpenter, 101 s 

Bartscher John, upholsterer, 51 s Caroline 
Bartscher John G. W. upholsterer, 54 s Caro- 
BARTZ DANIEL, restaurant, Madison ave- 
nue, terminus C. P. R, R. 
Barwick John, laborer, 113 Elliott 
Base Daniel, tailor, 34 Abbott 
Bash A. M. clerk, 82 w Monument 
Bash Alexander McO., clerk, 82 w Monument 
Bash Edward II. clerk. 82 w Jlonumcnt 
Bash Henry M. 82 w Monument 
Bash John"l]., (Patter.=on & B.) 244 Garden 
Bashford Mrs. Angeline, 63 s Sehroeder 
Basil Jolin, teacher, 126 e Madison 
Ba.sil John, scissor grinder, 432 Canton ar 
Basil John, jr. teacher, 126 e Madison 
JSaskford James A. steam fitter. 63 s Sehroeder 
Basler Mathias, cooper, 54 Frederick av 
Bass Iliram, currier, 229 Light 
Bass 1. laborer, 229 Light 
Bass John, laborer, 179 s Eden 
Bassctt Freeman, boiler maker, 226 Mont- 
Bassett George T. brakesman, 27 e Baltimore 
Bassett Robert L. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 190 n 

Bassett Wm. H. mariner, 1 78 L Hughes 
Bassett Wesley W. inspector, 192 n Calvert 
Bassford Mrs. Maria, 129 Dolphin 

Bassford John T. photographer, over 91 w 

Baltimore, dw 154 e Pratt 
BASSHOR THOMAS C. & CO. (T. C. Basshor, 
W. Stebbins, ) engineers and heating appa- 
ratus manuf. 26 Light — [See p. 30 Adcer- 
Basshor Thomas C. (T. C. Basshor & Co.) 626 

w Fayette 
Bast John, baker, 98 e Lombard 
Bast Mrs. Louisa L. boarding bouse, 594 w 

Bastable Alvin M. cattle dealer, 4 Waverly 

terrace n Carey 
Bastable Gilbert M. cattle dealer, 4 Waverly 

Bastable James G. clerk, Eutaw bouse 
Bastert August, hammerman, 19 Cannon 
Bastian Henry, cigar maker, 28 Ilampstead 
Bastien Madame E. ladies' hair dresser, 74 

Bastienello Ernst, fresco painter, 100 n Bond 
Baswitz Moritz, millinery, 187 n Gay 
Batchelor Mrs. Annie, 290 Johnson 
Batchelor Andrew J. ship carpenter, 5 n Wolfe 
Batchelor Benjamin E., sailmaker, 174 Gough 
Batchelor George, roofer, 24 s Bond 
Batchelor George, shoemaker, 150 Hanover 
Batchelor Jacob F. confectioner, 72 Druid 

Hill av 
Batchelor James, clerk, 209 Orleans 
Batchelor James, jwrter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor John, fisherman, 290 Johnson 
Batchelor Joseph, gas fitter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor Joseph, police, 307 Aisquith 
Batchelor J. P. carrier Adams Express, 34 

Batchelor Louis F. carrier Adams' Express, 9 

Batchelor Mary, seamstress, 290 Johnson 
Batchelor Samuel K. grocery, 196 MuUikin 
Batchelor Wallace, paper hanger, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Wm watchman, 5 n Wolfe 
Batchen Conrad, bookkeeper, 42 Barre 
Batching John, laborer. 94 St. Peter 
Bateman Benj. M. G. tinner, 270 Light 
Bateman Mrs. Eliza, 27o Light 
Bateman James J. bookkeeper, 422 Lexington 
Batemati James S. tobacconist and coal oil, 125 

Bateman John, grocery, 85 St. Peter 
Bateman John, mariner, 137 Gough 
Bateman John L. boiler maker, 18 s Carey 
Bateman Saniuel D. printer, 210 Harford "av 
Bateman Samuel, moulder, 226 Light 
Bateman Samuel H. salesman, 66 Aisquith 
Bateman Wm. L. confectioner, 89 s Fremont 
Bateman Wm. L. clerk, 405 n Gay 
Bates Alexander B., U. S. N., 67G w Fayette 
Bates Benjamin, confectioner, 7 w Lombard 
Bates Charles A. distiller, 676 w Fayette 
Bates Charles W. searg't police, 7 n Bond 
Bates Charles, laborer, 58 Oregon 
Bates Edward B. moulder, 58 Oregon 
Bates Franklin L., manuf. hoisting wheels and 
trucks for warehouses, 4 East Falls av, dw 
378 e Baltimore 
Bates Dr. J. W. P. 45 Conway, dw 196tv 

Bates James, coach painter, 501 w LomViard 
BATES JAS., sr. iron founder and hoisting 
wheel manuf. 1, 3 and 5 President, dw 8 
s Broad way .—[5ee;j. I Advertisements. 1 

THE CROAKER <& BAKER SE-^VIIVG M.\CHI1VE is tile be.'st for all puriiases- SAURS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Qlass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Bates John, bookkeeper, 8 s Broadway 
Bates John A. distiller, 676 w Fayette 
Bates Wni. wheeUvright, 35 w Prestoa 
Batham Eugetsc, blacksmith, 188 Gerrnatt 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Batorv, 25 s Calhoun 
Batrille Frank, silver plater, 89 North 
Batson Mrs. S. A. 235 Saratoga 
Battee George W. carpenter, 140 Conway 
Battee Isi(\ore, baker, 259 West 
Battee John 0, cain'asser, 21 n Fremont 
Battee John, carpenter, 485 e Baltimore 
Battee Richard Uidgely, attorney, 29 Lexing- 
ton, dw 165 Hanover 
Batten Charles, varuisher, 454 w Pratt 
Batten Samuel, (Horsey, Millar ^ Co.) Hol- 

lins, e of Mount 
Battern Patrick, teamster, 30 e Monument 
Battitt Harmon, matiuf. trimmings, 3 s Exeter 
Battenfield Anna, confectioner}', 351 Cantoaav 
Battenfieldt Daniel, tailor, 94 Leadenhall 
Battner John, dyer, 265 e Eager 
Batty Georgia, 7 s Eden 
Batty Jos. engineer, 369 a Gay 
Batzer George, ta,ilor, 214 e Eager 
Batzer John, tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer John A. tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Jo3?ph, tavern, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Mi-s. Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Balzlcr John F., China oil cloth and matting, 

431 w Baltimore 
Bau Henry, tailor, 105 s Regester 
Bauch Christopher, carpeuter, 90 Low 
Bauch Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 
Bau Lewis, carpenter, 44 Ceatre market space 
Bauchardt Wm. umbrella maker, 75 a Eutaw 
Bauchamp HermaE. laborer, 319 s Bond 
Bauchamp Lei^in, mariuer, 167 Hughes 
Bauchardt Wm. lager beer, 201 Lexington 
Baudaer Frederick, prov'n dealer, 301 Alicc- 

Bauer Adam, cooper, 19 s Durham 
Bauer Andrew, cabinet maker, 7 Park 
Bauer Andrew, shoemaker, 40 Biddleal 
Bauer Dr. A. 19 Lcxiugton, dw Simon's hotel 
Bauer Bernandini, grocer, 7 Park 
Bauer Charles, tavern, 77 n Gay 
Bauer Christopher, tiiilor, 15 Ensor 
Bauer Conrad, lager beer, 45 e Pratt 
Bauer ?slrs. Elizabeth, fancy trimmings, 574 w 

Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Peach al 
Bauer Edw. tailor, 72 s Bethel 
Bauer Francis, wtre worker, 23 1 1 Mulljerry 
Bauer Francis, piano maker, 574'w Baltimore 
Bauer FrantE, lager beer, 126 Forrest 
Bauer Frederick W. restaurant, 131 Lexingtoa 
Bauer Frederick, lager beer, s e cor. Eastern 

ay and Exeter 
Bauer Frederick, lager beer, 237 w Pratt 
Bauer Fred, cabinet maker, 4 Mulberry ct 
Bauer Gabriel, butcher, cor Chew and Chester 
Bauer George, shoemaker, 25 n Dallas 
Bauer George, cabinet maker, 342 s Sharp 
Bauer George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer Gotlieb, cooper, 194 Eastern av 
Bauer Henry, shoemaker, 222 s Caroline 
Bauer Johp., grocery, 257 e Monument 
Bauer John, bakery, s e cor Central av and 


Bauer John A. wireworker, 58 Chatsworth 
Bauer John, confectioner, 110 w Baltimore 
Bauer John, jiaiuter, 195 s Wolfe 
Bauer John C. harness maker. 38 Chatsworth 
Bauer Peter, carpenter, 297 Aliceanna 
Bauer Werner, shoemaker, 17 Orleans 
Bauer W^ra. H. telegraph operator, 198 w Madi- 
Bauer W^m. ,^ Co. ( \V. Bauer, T. Priesterjahn ) 

scourers, 60 w Fayette 
Bauerfeld Wm. laborer, 87 Johnson 
Bauerlciu Mrs. Barbara, milk, 1 St. Peter 
Bauerlein Jacob, cooi)er, lOG West 
Bauerlein Simon, cooper, 206 Hanover 
Bauermfeind John, saloon, 94 s Wolfe 
Bauernschmidt George, lager beer brewer, 

Belair av. near Chester 
Bauernschmidt John, brewer, foot of Ridgely, 

dw 281 w Pratt 

Bauerschmidt Mrs Amelia, 189 e Madison 
Bauerseup George, 223 Frederick av 
Baugh Joseph, wood sawyer, 31 s Wolfe 
Baugher F. W . clerk, 105 n Charles 
Baugher Josiah L. 7 n Exeter 
Baugher J. C. (J. C. Baugher & Co.) 81 Mc 

BAUGHER J. C. <^- CO. (J. C. Baugher,) im- 
porters brandies, wines and cigars, 33 s 
Baugher John P. clerk, 7 n High 
Baughmati Ann, 79 Grundy 
Baughman Charlotte, 9 n Fremont 
Baughman Daniel, carpenter, 528 w Fayette 
Baughman Mrs. Elizabeth, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Geo. W. salesman, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Joseiih K. painter, 46 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joseph K. painter, 108 Lincoln 
Baughman John, shoemaker, 23| w Lombard 
Bauhaus Wm. grocery, 123 L. Greene 
Baum Ellen, dry goods, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ernest, laborer, 177 s Bethel 

Baum Miss , 3 1 1 w Fayette 

Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 

Baum George, shoemaker, 205 Mullikin 

Baum George, blacksmith, 8 Bank 

Baum Henry G. (McClernan, B. & Co.) 23 n 

Baum John, stove jobber, 59 Gough 
Baum John, tailor, rear 302 s Caroline 
Baum John, cooi^er, 237 s Durham 
Baum Koshmac, butcher, 225 s Wolfe 
Baum Valentine, shoemaker, 115 Saratoga 
Bauman August, tinner, 206 German 
Bauman George, laborer, AVashington road, 

near Kent 
Bauman Nicholas, shoemaker, Vine al, 1 dooi' 

sof Hill 
Bauman Mrs. Sarah, 131 Forrest 
Bauman Wm. shoenjaker, 131 s Fremont 
Baumana Charles, clothing cutter, 192 w Fay- 
Baumann Philip, lager beer saloon, 43 n Fred- 
Baumbach Andrew, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Banmeister Wm. grocery and shoe findings, 

21'4 Aliceanna 
Baumer Christopher, laborer, 185 s Eden 
Baumer Leonard, laborer, 274 s Bond 
Baumer Sigmund, cooper, 89 s Regester 
Baumgardner Mrs. Elizabeth, 85 Druid Hill av 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE is the best for aJI purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Baumgart Jacob, cabinet maker, 160 s Fre- 
Baunigart Louis, carpenter, 160 s Fremont 
Baumgarten Adolpluis, photographer, s w cor 

Baltimore and Exeter, dw 45 c Fayette 
Baumgarten Charles, cabinet m'k'r, G9s Dallas 
Baumgarten Joseph, tailor, 43 Brown 
Baumgarten Mrs. Roselia, variety store, 43 

Baumgarten Selig, (S. Baumgarten ^ Son,) 

45 e Faj-ette 
Baumgarten Wm. (S. Baumgarten .J-Son, ) 45 

e Fayette 
Baumgartncr Adam, shoemaker, 23 Eliza- 
beth la 
BAUMGARTNER ANDREW, proprietor Web- 
ster Hall, 45 Albemarle 
Baumgartner John, clerk, 45 Albemarle 
Baumhart Jacob, laborer, 85 Cambridge 
Baumhaucr Edw. cabinet maker, 9 Baker's ct 
Baumhauer Robert, printer, 9 Baker's ct 
Baumschupp John, laborer, 172 s Wolfe 
Baumshla Henry, tailor, 284 s Charles 
BaumuUer John, shoemaker, 107 West 
Baupenheinier Marx, tailor, 150 u Eden 
Baur George, wheelwright, 10 1 s Wolfe 
Baurgelt Mrs. Emeline, 82 Booth 
Bans Barbara, huckstress, 129 Sarah Ann 
Bausch Conrad, laborer, 60 Philpot 
Bausch John, steyedore, 146 s Washington 
Bauscher Valentine, tailor, 173 n Eden 
Bausger George, laborer, 100 Light 
Bausnian Charles, cattle dealer, 953 \y Pratt 
Bausman Rev. J. P. 304 w Fayette 
Hausmiih Thomas, moulder, 180 n Caroline 
Bautz John, driver, 3 Calverton road 
liawden John H. book-keeper. 62 s Bond 
Hawden John, 72 s Caroline 
IJawn Robert, clerk, 97 Peirce 
Bawn Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
]?axley .Mrs. Ann. 512 Lexington 
Baxley Dr. Claude, 185 w Favette 
Baxley Mrs. Eliza, yeast cakes, 105 Chesnut 
Baxley Dr. Henry W. 185 av Fayette 
BAXLEY J. BRGWX, pharmaceutist, s e cor 

Howard and Franklin 
Baxley J. Brown & Co. ( J. B. Baxley) phar- 

maceuiists, s w cor Franklin and Calvert 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 25 Chew 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 125 Hollins 
Baxter Elijah T. farmer, 366 Lexington 
Baxter Joseph V. clerk, 318 
Baxter Joseph T. printer, 366 Lexington 
Baxter .Martha, hair restorative. 366 Lexington 
Baxter .Michael, laborer, 53 King 
Baxter Michael, laborer, 2 Baker 
Baxter Mrs. Rachel E. confectioner, 100 Scott 

Baxter Thomas, boiler maker, 100 Scott 
Baxter Wm. stone cutter, 230 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 218 e .Madison 
Baxter Wm. blacksmith. Register 7 doors 3 of 

Bay George E. carpenter, 187 Mulberry 
j Bay Jane, 79 Garden 
j Bay John W. ( Betts .J- B.) 14 s Bond 
I Bay Oliver, carpenter, Calvert, opp Calvert 
; station, dw 211 Franklin 

Bayer Catherine, 69 s Regester 
i Bayer Catherine, seamstress, 10 Baker's ct 
; BAYER GEORGE, merchant tailor, 447 w 
! Baltimore 

! Bayer George C. confectioner, 163 and 165 
! Hanover market, dw 166 Barre 
i Bayer Joseph, stevedore, 64 President 
j Bayer Michael, lime burner, 12i) Boyd 
Bayer Michael, laborer, 120 Holland al 
j Bayer Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
I Bayfield ^- Gregg, (John Gregg, James Gregg) 
I tanners, s e cor Holliduy and Centre 
I Bayfield James. 153 n Paca 
1 Bayhart Mrs. Eliza, 227 s Durham 
Bayhart Frederick, laborer, 227 s Durham 
Bayles Albert, machinist, 146 Preston 
' Bayles Bernard, ( Royston Bros. «fe Co.) 25 
I Conway 

I Bayless John T. carpenter, 348 Harford av 
! Bayless Reuben, clerk, 15 s Schroeder 
j Bayless Thomas, clerk, 151 Eastern av 
j Bayless Mrs. Wm. J. Chatsworth, near Mosher 
; Bayley Charles, grocer, 22 n High 
Bayley Charles F. slater, Druid Hill av near 

Bayley Daniel K. police, 36 n Caroline 
Bayley Daniel K. sugar refiner, 132 Raborg 
Bayley Martha A. teacher, 108 Pearl 
Bayley James T. book-keeper, 22 s Calhoun 
Bayley Mrs. Mary A., Druid Hill av near Park 
Bayley R. P. ^- Co. ( R. P. Bayley,) glass and 

queensware, 6 Hanover 
Bayley R. P. ( R. P. Baley & Co.) 633 w Lom- 
Bayley Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 
Bayley Wm. carpenter, 24 n High 
Bayley Wm. clerk, 87 s Sharp 
Bayley Mrs. Wm., Druid Hill av near Park en- 
E. Baylies, ) grocers, s c cor Eden and Jeff- 
Baylies Charles F. ( Chas. F. Baylies .j- Bro. ) 

55 Jefferson 
Baylies Edward, ( C. F. Baylies ^- Bro.) 20 s 

Baylies George H. (James E. Tyson & Co.) 135 

n Eden 
Baylies George H. clerk, 135 n Eden 
Baylies James L. real estate ag't, 9 South, dw 

538 w Fayette 
Baylies James L. storage warehouse, 22 Spears' 

wharf, dw 538 w Fayette 
Baylies John H.(C. W. Humrichouse .J- Co.) 

and prcs't Baltimore fire dei>'t, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies .Mrs. Susan. 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Wm. T. clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylis George H. laborer, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis James R. machinist, 40o w Lombard 
Baylis John W. farmer, 40fl w Lombard 
Baylis Mrs. Rachel, 8 s Schroeder 
BAYLY CHARLES B. 525 w Fayette 

TH£ GUOVKU iW BAKEK .SEWING MACHI.XE is tlie best for all jiurposcs— SALKS 
ROOMS— 181 BaltUnoi-e Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




15avly George W. clerk, Howard house 

Bayly George J. 525 w Fayette 

Baviv Hamilton J. (Hax <j- Bayly,) 12T w 

Bayly Mrs. Margaret F. 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Tiioinas R. clerk, 127 w Biddle 
Baynard Mrs. Plliza, 7 Cathedral 
Bayiiard Dr. George, 7 Calliedral 
Baynard James N. R. can maker, 34 s E.^eter 
Bayne Benj. C. jr. copper smitb, 2(14 e Lom- 
Biiyne B. R. salesman 572 w Fayette 
Bayne John N. bricklayer, s w cor Broadway 

and Monument 
Bayne Lawrence P. 572 w Fayette 
Bayne, Miller ^- Co. (P. Bayne, W. Miller,) 
wholesale grocers and com. merchants, 19 
BAYNE PATTERSON (Bayne, Miller ^ Co.) 

572 w Fayette 
Bayne "Wm. C. laborer, 15G s Fremont 
Bayne Wm. H. clerk, 572 w Fayette 
Baynes George B. bookkeeper, 249 Garden 
BAYNES JAMES .J- SON, (James and John 
Baynes,) wool factory, liollingsworth, near 
Baynes James (J. Baynes & Son) 249 Garden 
Baynes John, hay presser, 207 e Madison 
Baynes John H. clerk, 294 e Lombard 
Baynes John, ship joiner, 3(18 e Pratt 
Baynes John B. (J. Baynes & Son) 249 Garden 
Baynes Joseph \'. hay and straw dealer, s e 
cor. Monument and Rden, dw207 e Madison 
Baynes Thomas, ag't Baltimore Fertilizing Co. 
maiiuf. CO. office 85 South, dw cor Pratt and 
Chop tank 
Baynes Wm. W. clerk IIC s Chester 
Bay View Asylum. Eastern av ext, betw Phila- 
delphia and MtCarinel cemetery roads 
Bay View Brewery, Eastern av ext'd, Henry 

Ohrman, supt 
Bayrle George, shoem.aker, 158 Columbia 
Bayzand Wm. H. real estate broker, 9 Law 

buildino'Sj St. Paul, dw lOG Aisquith 
Bazmon Wm. H. laborer, 225 Hanover 
Beach Mrs. Mary J. 492 Franklin 
Beach Wm. J. conductor, 492 Franklin 
Beach Wm. H. plowmaker, 41 Watson 
Beacham & Bro. (J. S. Beacham, S. T. Beach- 
am,) marine railway and ship yard, Coving- 
ton foot of Warren 
Beacham F. B. clerk, 670 Lexington 
Beacham Geo. engineer, Clinton, n of Boston 
]5eacham James A. clerk, 140 s Broadway 
Beacham John S. (Beacham ^ Bro.) 273 w 

Beacham John S. jr. book-keeper Bank of 

Commerce, 273 w Lombard 
Beacham John S. grocer, 23 New Church 
Beacham John, jr. painter, 13G s Howard 
Beacham Lenox, 58 Lee 

.Beacham JIargaret, grocery, Clinton s of Elliott 
Beacham Samuel T. ( Beacham <j- Bro.) 670 

Beacham Wm. G. clerk, 82 s Bond 
]]eacham Wm. H. clerk, 86 Mulberry 
Beachamp Charles E. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 44 

Beachamp John, 44 Warren 
Beacham}) Wm. A. clerk, 44 Warren 
Beachler George, carpenter, 117 Low 
Beachler John, carpenter, 117 Low 

Beadel Washington, clerk, 700 Saratoga 
Beadencopf George, confect'r, 57 e Lombard 
15eadeiicoj)f Henry, clerk, 8 Ensor 
Beadencoi)f Martin, baker, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Jlrs. Margaret, seamstress, 276 s 

Beadencopf Wm. morocco dresser, 8 Ensor 
Beager Michael, tavern, 172 Sarah Ann 
B.-al Edwin T. clerk, 69 n Bond 
Beale Mrs. Wm. E. 93 n Bond 
Beale Wm. mariner, 176 Gough 
Beall Adolphus, carjjcnter, 442 Walsh 
Beall Mrs. Benj. L. 53 xMcCulloh 
Beall Edward S. book-keeper, 87 n Charles 
Beall George W. ( Macdonald, B. <j- Co.) 58 n 

Beall George T. ( Ditty k B.) 286 w Fayette 
Beall George W. feed, 78 Penua av, dw 178 

Beall Thomas B. ( Trieber, Beall & Co.) Malt- 
by house 
Beall W. Francis, police, 67 Gough 
Bealmear Mrs. Ann G. 20 s Calhoun 
Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator& Co.) 

48 n Calhoun 
Bealmear James A. ( Butler & Bealmear,) 20 s 

Bealmear Samuel, dealer in millinery, straw 
and fancy goods, n e cor Liberty and Lex- 
ington, dw 20 s Calhoun 
Bealmear Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Beam Andrew, laborer, 197 n Fremont 
Beam Charles L. 223 n Eutaw 
Beam Mrs. G. F. 203 w Hoffman 
Beam George W. ice cream, 18 Orchard 
Beam Henry, 580 w Fayette 
Beam Isaac R. apothecary, n w cor Charles 

and Read 
Beam John H. salesman, 18 Orchard 
Beam Joseph, miller, Calverton road near 

Beam Lewis H. boatman C. H., Townsend btw 

John and Grundy 
Beaman Wm. A. ( Barker, Beaman «fe Crook,) 

394 Franklin 
Beaman William, broommaker, cor Franklin 

and Eutaw, dw 504 w Baltimore 
Beamstafer John, tailor, 299 s Durham 
Bean Christian, laborer, 167 s Wolfe 
Bean Christiana, 141) s Ann 
Bean George AV. plumber, 149 s Ann 
Ik'an G. barkeeper at Barnum's hotel 
BEAN & BALDERSTON, ( James B. B., A. 
Holmes Balderston,) dentists, 22 n Charles 
Bean Dr. James B. ( Bean Sf Balderston, ) Bar- 
num's hotel 
Bean John, laborer, 61 s Regester 
Bean John R. carpenter, 58 s Chapel 
Bean John H. pilot, 171 Bank 
Bean Joseph H. boatbuilder, 24 Spring row 
Bean Robert M. clerk, 71 s Ann 
Beau Robert M. com. merchant, 130 Dugan's 

whf, dw 71 s Ann 
Bean Richard, carpenter, 58 s Chapel 
Bean Thorns A. pilot, 177 s Broadway 
Bean Thomas L. clerk, 32 Hanover 
Bean Wm. H. salesman, 86 George 
Beans Ellas, engineer, 437 w Lombard 
Bear Herman, cigarmaker, 463 w Baltimore 
Bear & Ash, ( L. Bear, I. Ash,) clothiers, 104 

Light St whf 
Bear L. ( B. & Ash,) 11 Camden 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Elour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Hear John H. grocery, 114 Light 

Bear John W. inspector C. H. dw 43 n Edea 

J3EAR JOSEPH, grocery, 139 e Pratt 

Beard iMrs. Catherine, huckstress, 56 Penna av 

Beard Charles, huckster. 56 Penna. av 

Beard Charles R. 22 s Strieker 

Beard Daniel, hricklayer, 116 Hughes 

Beard Elizaljeth, 134 Hanover 

Beard Eliza A. 439 n Gay 

Beard Emma, tailoress, 230 n Bond 

Beard Fanny, 2i6 w Fayette 

Beard George W. tinner, 230 n Bond 

Beard Henry C. clerk Harnden Express, 45 s 

Beard Capt. John, jr. harbor master, 60 Lee 
Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Jlaria, boarding house, 57 Columbia 
Beard Obediah A. farmer, 420 Saratoga 
Beard Oi)helia, laborer, 420 Saratoga 
Beard Richard, carpenter, Fountain hotel 
Beard Samuel, coachmaker, 230 n Bond 
Beard Capt. Thomas, 90 Lee 
Beard Capt. Timothy D. 83 s Ann 
Beard Wm. D. carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beard Wm. W. paper hanger, 439 n Gay 
Beardsley Isaac, machinist, 113 Harford av 
Beardsley Levin, agent Home Fire Insurance 
Co. New York, 11 South, dw 556 w Fayette 
Bcarsch Philip, barber. 217 Canton av 
Beastell Margaret, 95 Raborg 
Beastell Wm. 11. clerk, 95 Raborg 
Beaton Michael, ship carpenter, 91 Patuxent 
Beaston Charles, attorney, 6 St. Paul, dw 64 

n Charles 
Beaston John M. (Ford <J' B.) Mansion house 
Beatley Mrs. Mary J. 28 Shakspear 
Beatley Capt. Nathaniel, mariner, 350 East- 
ern av 
Beatson George H. sec'y Altoona Coal and 

Lumber Co. 212 w Biddle 
Beatson John, teller. National Exchange 

Bank, dw 210 w Lombard 
Beatty Chas. E. apothecary, n e cor Mulberry 

and Paca 
BEATTY CHARLES W. agent Bellona Gun- 
powder Co., 153 w Pratt, dw Baltimore Co. 
near Catonsvillc 
Beatty Mis. (i. (Mrs. E. Abbott cj- Co.) n w 

cor Baltimore and Caroline 
Beatty George, 304 c Baltimore 
Beatty Dr. George D. 175 w Hoffman 
Beatty George W. conductor, 484 w Lombard 
Beatty James ^- Co. (James Beatty, George 
R. Skillman, ) cracker bakers, 92, 94, 96 
and 98 Dugan's wharf, near Pratt 
Bcattv James, (James Beatty ^- Co.) 35 Court- 
Beatty James, 4 s Republican 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, 14 s Central av 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Realty Michael, laborer, 159 e Pratt 
Beatty Mrs. Margaret, 175 Hoffman 
Beatty AVm. blacksmith, 16 Barre, dw 27 Lee 
Beatty Wm.II. conductor, 172 e Baltimore 
Beatty Wm. J. A. baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Wm. R. moulder, 203 Ramsay 
Beatty Wm. H. engineer, S9 North 
Beauchamp Alice H. 203 e Baltimore 
Beauchamp John S. shoemaker, 136 s Howard 
Beauchamp Robert b. merchant tailor, 189 w 

Beauchamp Thomas B. 203 e Baltimore 

Beaufort Sarah J. 52 Walsh 

Beaver James W. mariner, 125 Stirling 

Beavers George, car inspector, N. C. R. R., 

Mound n of Federal 
Beaverungcr Louis, butcher, McElderry, bet 

Gist and Burke 
Beazley Joseph 0. carpenter, 79 Lincoln 
BebeeE. M. 41 s Sharp 
Bebie Henry, artist, 87 s Sharp 
Bebelehiser Frank, tinner, 311 Mulberry 
Bechel Christian, cabinet maker, 273 e Eager 
Bechel Rosa, confectionery, 273 e Eager 
Becher John, tailor, 20 President 
Bechler Sigmund, dyer and scourer, 677 w 

Bechoefer Max, clerk, 235 w Baltimore 
Bechman Nicholas, painter, 57 s Durham 
BECHTEL JOHN W. plumber andstove deal- 
er, 93 n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry 
Bechtold Henry, shoemaker, 69 Orleans 
Beck August, carter, 176 Bethel 
Beck Adam, tailor, 188 German 
Beck Adam tailor, 51 s Durham 
Beck August, nightman, 167 s Bethel 
Beck August, lagcr beer brewery, Baltimore 

and Calverton road, dw 695 w Fayette 
Beck Charles, apothecary, 403 w Fayette 
Beck Conrad, barber, 351 n Gay 
Beck Charles R. clerk, n e cor Eutaw and 

Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 70 s Fremont 
Beck Mrs. Ernst, 177 Barre 
Beck Mrs. Eva, 25 w Biddle 
Beck Frederick, milk. Fort av between Law- 
rence and Johnson 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 463 n Gay 
Beck Frederick, canes and umbrellas, 144 w 

Beck Frederick, butcher, 6 Cross st market, 

dw 8 Brown 
Beck Frederick Wm. tobacco manufr., Decker 

near Northern av 
Beck Frederick W. (F. W. Beck cj- Co.) 177 

Beck F. W. & Co. (F.W. Beck, E. W. Siebert,) 

tobacco manufrs. 130 North 
Beck George, beer brewery, 360 Penna av 
Beck George, cabinet and furniture dealer, 42 

Beck G. II. (Bollman, Beck & Co.) 177 Barre 
Beck Helena, 230 s Wolfe 
Beck Henry, bottler, 12 s Frederick 
Beck Henry, laborer, 82 Eastern av 
Beck Herman, 177 Barre 

Beck J. Frederick, coach painter, 25 w Biddle 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, s w cor of Gay and 

Beck Jacob, porter, 413 w Pratt 
BEC'K JOHN, cooper and coopers' tools, '28 

William, dw and tavern 30 William 
Beck John, barber, 39 Thames 
Beck John, grocery, 276 e Pratt 
Beck John, shoemaker, 112 Hamburg 
Beck John AL clerk, 30 William 
Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 16 Hol- 

lins markets, dw Western Cemetery la 
Beck John, laborer, 66 Jasper 
Beck John, engineer, 357 Cathedral 
Beck John, puddler, 230 s Wolfe 
lieck John G. jjiano maker, 20 New Church 
Beck Joseph, shoemaker, 596 Peima av 
Beck Jos. A. jiainter, 81 McElderry 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plastei', 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 

46 ~ 


Beck Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 130 n Caro- 
r.eck Mrs. Maria E. furnishing store, llo n 

IJeck Michael, paver, Bctliel betw McEldcrr}' 

and Jefferson 
lieck Philip, huckster, Pennsylvania av near 

toll p;;ite 
Heck Philip, whip maker, 55 McEIderry 
r>eck Philip II. gjlazier, 55 McEIderry 
Heck Rudolph, bookbinder, 6 s Frederiik 
15EGK THOMAS, Rock Spring lager beer 

brewery, Baltimore cor flalverton road 
Beck Thomas, jr. brewer, 2!) Calverton road 
Beck Win. tinner, GO n Eden 
Beck Wm. printer, 21 s AVashington 
P.eck Wm.R. wagoner, 430 Lexington 
Beck Wm. R. plumber, 61 n Eden 
Beckel Henry, boiler maker, 41 Penn 
Heckel Henry, wheelwright, 1 Tessier 
IJeckel Louis, sawyer, 73 s High 
]5eckenbaugh Geo. bookkeeper, 38 s Eutaw 
Beckenheimer Mrs. Jlena, second-hand furni- 
ture, corHampsteadand Eden 
Becker Adam, laborer, 353 e Lombard 
Becker August, tailor, 238 Barre 
Becker August, shoemaker, 259 Hamburg 
Becker <j- Bro. (Francis Becker, Christian 

Becker,) merchant tailors, 229 Eastern av 
BECKER <5- BROTHERS, (C.Becker, F.Beck- 
er, L. Becker, ) cigar manufacturers and 
dealers in leaf tobacco, 94 w Lombard 
Becker Clharles, cabinet maker, 379 w Pratt 
Becker Charles, (Becker c^- Bros.) 151 Barre 
Becker Christian, tinner, 210 Canton av 
Becker Christian, (Becker cj- Bro.) 229 East- 
ern av 
Becker Conrad, furniture, 255 w Pratt 
Becker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad, cigar maker, 155 Peirce 
Becker Conrad II. tobacconist, 155 Peirce 
Becker Edward, shoemaker, 35 Booth 
Becker Francis, (Becker .J- Bro.) 229 East- 
ern av 
Becker Francis, charcoal burner, Clinton s of 

Becker Frederick, stone cutter, 135 Mulberry 
Becker Frederick, clerk, 2GG s Broadway 
Becker Frederick, (Becker 4- Bros.) 151 Barre 
Becker Geo. blacksmith, 2 Baker's ct 
Becker Geo. shoemaker, 135 Camden 
Becker Geo varnisher, 338 Mulberry 
Becker CJeo. butcher, 213 Fell's Point market, 

dw 193 Elliott 
Becker Geo. W. (Becker .j- Struth,) 112 s 

Becker Henry, 151 Barre 
iJecker Henry, laborer, 51 Diamond • 
Becker Henry, clerk, 236 Madison av 
Becker Henry, tavern, 102 n Gay 
Becker Henry, shoemaker, 122 Conway 
iiecker Jacob, laborer, 5 Winderling row 
Becker John G. discount clerk, Chesapeake 

Bank, dw 154 n Exeter 
Becker John D. 154 n Exeter 
Becker John, blacksmith, 300 Aliceanna 
^J^ecker J. A.H. teller, Chesapeake Bank, dw 

154 n Exeter 
Becker John, laborer, 23 Walnut al 
Becker Louis, (Becker 4- Bros.) 151 Barre 
Becker Louis, shoemaker, 156 Cathedral 
i5ecker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 


Becker Nicholas, upholsterer, 105 Eastern av 
BECKER NICHOLAS, tavern, n w corner 

Eastern av and President 
Becker Dr. Otto, music teacher, 9S Saratoo-a 
Becker Peter, cooper, 103 n Calvert ° 

Becker Philip, (Weber, Becker .J- Wagner,) 24 

New Church 
Becker Samuel E. W., professor Baltimore Citv 

College, dw Gilmor house 
Becker Dr. Samuel E. W., 122 s Ann 
Becker Sevzerine. tailor, 91 e Lombard 
BECKER & STRUTH, (Geo. W. Becker, C. 

Struth,) wholesale liquors and wines, 303 

w Pratt 
Becker Wm. shoemaker, 105 Lee 
Beckett Albert A. machinist, 56 Stiles 
Beckett Edward A. machinist, 56 Stiles 
Beckett George H. driver, Adams Express, 190 

s Eutaw 
Beckett Humphrey, hackman, 86 Camden 
Beckett John 0. machinist, 190 s Eutaw 
Beckett Thomas, engineer,' 190 s Eutaw 
Beckham W. L. apothecary, 110 n Greene 
Beckley John W. police, 58 s Carey 
Beckley Wm. II. paper hanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckman Francis, blacksmith, 143Welcomeal 
Beckman Frederick, gas fitter, 47 Clay 
Beckman Frederick, oyster packer,' foot of 

Beckman John, shoemaker, 33 Albemarle 
Beckmeyer Wm. porter, 75 McEIderry 
Becktol Frederick, clothing cutter, 93 Jeffer- 
Beckum Charles, huckster, 104 Mullikin 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Franklin, constable, 8 Fell 
Beckwith George D. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Horace, laborer, 8 Gough 
Becraft James B. fireman, B. cj- 0. R. R.. 633 

w Pratt 
Bedecker Henry, hair spinner, 5 Frederick av 
Bedeker Frederick, watchman, 173 Columbia 
Bedell James II. engineer, 7 Cambridge 
Bedenkopf John H. carpenter, 125 Franklin 
Bedenkopfer Max, shoemaker, 105 Eastern av 
BEDFORD <5-H0ULT0N, (John R. D. B., Sam- 
uel C. Iloulton, ) attorneys and conveyancers, 

n w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedford John R. D. (B. & Houlton,) 26n Hol- 

Bedford Thomas, police, 210 Barre 
BedgarMrs. Christiana, second hand dealer 

58 Penna av 
Bedout JIarcus, seamen, 51 Cambridge 
Bee Henry, pattern maker, 52 Greenmount av 
Bee Henry, pattern maker, 242 w Fayette 
Bee Philip, laborer, 337 s Bond 
BEEBE L. M. & BRO. (L. M. Beebe, C. S. 

Beebe, ) wooden ware and cordage dealer, 94 

w Lombard 
Beebe L. M. (L. M. Beebe ^ Bro.) 41 3 Sharp 
Beebe Chas. S. (L. M. Beebe &• Bro.') 41 3 

Sharp ' 

Beebe John, brickmaker, 43 York 
Beebe Thaddeus, police, 123 Division 
Beech Mrs. Sarah, milliner, 81 n Charles 
Beecher Euseba I. 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Margaret S. 2f»4 n Eutaw 
Beecher Marion, 2(i4 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. N. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher W. W. & Co., (W. W. Beecher, E 

Welty,) druggists, 109 n Eutaw 

THE GUOVER &, BAKEU SEWINti MACHINE is the best for all purpose8-SAL.ES 
ROO?JS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




HeecherWm. W. ( W. W. Beecher k Co.) 204 

n Eutaw 
Heede L. M. teacher, 102 Hanover 
Ucefelt Edwarfl, cipar maker, 85 St Peter 
Heehler Clias. W. ship carpenter, 29 Hill 
IJeehler David E. clerk, 024 Lexington 
i5cehler Francis, umbrella, whip "and crutch 

inannf. 235 w Haltimore, d\v 624 Lexinoton 
lieehler Francis T. whip maker. 624 Lexington 
r.eehler Jacob H. grocery, 114 n (^aroline 
BeehlerL. F., ofB. <if- (). R. R., 44 a Broadway 
ilcehlcr Wm. I]. shi» Joiner. 241 Gough 
Ueeks John, laborer, 338 Eastern av 
!!ccler Henry S. ticket agent, B. & 0. R R 

1 00 s Howard ' 

Heeler Louis F. agent. B. &. 0. R. R., Locust 

Point, ']4 s Broadw.iy 
fJcer H. L. clerk, 313 Garden 
IJeer Lisette, 3 1.-^ Garden 
fJeere Patrick, restaurant, 63 President 
IJeere John, clerk, 63 President 
I Sees Frederick, shoemaker, 137 w Lombard 
IJeesley James, laborer, Hull bet Marriot and 

ileelley James R. carpenter. 242 Eastern av 
IJeetley Robert H. house carpenter, 261 e Pratt 
i5cghman Henry, grocery. 214 s Caroline 
ik-gin Philip, laborer, 243 n Bond 
liegnell John, shoemaker, 6 McElderry 
Hegtholt John, cabinet maker, 127 e Madison 
l|ehl Michael, tailor, 2 n Regester 
Behlein John, scowman, 436''Canton av 
Uchniiller John, wagoner, 142 Conway 
Behn Henry, wholesale notions, 344 "w Balti- 
more, dw 79 n Howard 
.'5ehn Christi?!.-!, waiter, 207 a.Howard 
Behr Christian, cooper. 190 s Bond 
Behr Jacob, laborer, cor Aliceanna and Port 
Behr John, laborer, 220 s Durham 
liehrend Aaron, clerk. 174 e Baltimore 
Behrend Mrs. Eliz-aheth. 322 Saratoga 
Hehrends Cusel, milliiicry goods. 1.'-,2 Lex- 

Behrends Leopold, dry goods, 61 n Howard, 

dw l.'')2 ]..exington 
Behrens Bernard, cabinet maker, 270 n Gay 
lidireiis Cotinitl, boiler maker. 302 s Charles 
Sehrens Frederick, coachmaker, 69 L. Church 
Itehrens Henry, machinist, 302 s Charles 
I5ehrens Jacob, watchmaker and jeweler, 93 n 

liehrens John, clerk, 32 Druid Hill av 
lieh re ns Joseph, shoemaker. 47 Henrietta 
Ijchrcns Morris, clerk, ',> Hanover 
IJehrens Theodore, laborer. 48 s Regester 
IJehrens Mrs. Theresa, rnilJiuer, 270 n Gav 
k-hringer Geo. conleciiouer. 370 .Saratoga 
Jehnnger John, shoeuinker, 169 Kiii<r 
JehrnhoffFred. burner, Clinton s of 

?ciderbach John, shoemaker. 87 e Lombard 
Jeicr Belthauser, grocer, 228' s Ann 
Jeier Fred, harness maker. 358 Light 
ieiger Fred, shoemaker, 67 Boston 
JEIL JOHN, artificial flowers, 130 Lexington 
Jeil John, sugar boiler, 32 Fountain ° 

loAl Nicholas, 130 Lexington 
5cin Chiis. restaurant. 42G w Fayette 
tein Chas. watchmaker, 84 Lexington 
Sem Henry, cabinet maker, 137 s Wolfe 
Icinke Harman, tailor, 27 McElderry 
teinleiue Jos. laborer. 91 Johnson 

Beirman A. blacksmith. 167 King 
Beirn Patrick, porter, 5 e Lombard 
Beishe.m Nicholas, painter, 77 s Regester 
Beisner Henry, laborer, 63 Albemarle 
Beissler Frank, grocery, n w cor Pratt and 

Beiswanger John, grocery. 266 s Howard 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 118 s Howard 
Beilzel Francis, shoemaker and findim^s 116 

Henrietta ° ' 

Beitzel John, bricklayer, Clinton s of Boston 
Belbin Chas. T. shipamith foot of Covincton 
dw 83 Goush ^ ' 

Belbin Wm. laborer, 81 s Exeter 
Belbin William, blacksmith, 93 Mill, dw 77 s 

Belden James, civil engineer, over Cliesapcake 

Bank. South 
Belger Col. James, 700 Saratoga 
Belger John, clerk. f»9 s Regester 
Belitski Edward, barber, Forrest 3 doors n of 

Belitz Adalbert, bookkeeper, 14 n Liberty 
Beliz Charles, bookkeeper, 24 Centre Market 

Bell Abraham, porter C. H., dw 340 e Lom- 
Bell Alexander, (H. Straus Bro. .j- Bell ) North- 
I ern av betw Belair and Harford avs 
i Bell Albert, horses, 70 German, dw 5 s Greene 
I Bell Albert S. printer. Ill n Pine 
I Bell Alfred, butcher, 586 Penna av 
j Bell Andrew, carpenter, 34 Dolphin 
I Bell Ann, 57 s Eden 

Bell Anna, tobacco and cigars, llHolliday 
I Bell Adelbert, clerk, 94 s Bond 
■ Bell Mrs. Catherine, 46sSchrueder 
i Bell Mrs. Charlotte, 120 s Bond 
Bell Edward E. engineer, 189 Ramsay 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 92 Granby 
Bell Mrs. Elizabeth B. 11 Townsend 
Bell Frank, machinist, 8 Lovely la 
Bell J. Cornelius, 111 n Pine 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker 839 

w Baltimore, dw 248 Holliijs 
Bell George, 178 Pearl 
Bell George AV. wbeelwriirht. 92 Granby 
Bell George W. A. tin and sheet iron worker 
243 Hollins ' 

Bell George W. police, 60 n Oregon 
Bell George W. C. real esti\tc broker, 54 w 

Fayette, dw 367 Lexington 
Bell Henry, 26 (Camden 
Bell Henry C. tinner, 204 Hollins 
Bell Henry C. clerk, 58 u Republican 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Isaac 349 Washington av 
Bell Isaac H. engineer, 487 w Pratt 
Bell James, (Ward, Bell & Co.) 24 n Holliday 
Bell James B. merchaudise broker, 46 w Lom- 
bard, dw 24 s Carey 
Hell James, plumber, 130 n Pine 
Bell James, bookkeeper malthouse, s w cor 

North and Saratoga 
Bell James, fireman. 240 Barre 
Bell James H. clerk, 55 Josephine 
Bell James U. fireman, 137 L. Greene 
Bell John, potter, 99 n Fremont 
Bell John A. millwright, 46 s Sclirocder 
Bell John II. clerk, 515 w Baltimore 
Bell John, com. merchant, l02 Light-st whf 
dw 14s Paca 

KOO.MS— 181 Bnltlmore Street. 

DR. WIISrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Bell John, conductor B. ^- 0. R. R. 438 w 

Bell John A. C. conductor, City Passenger R. 

K. 340 e Lombard 
Bell John, stone cutter, 243 Forrest 
Bell John, jr. stone cutter, 318 Forrest 
Boll John R. blacksmith, 71 Grundy, 
Bel! John E. grocer, 104 s Popplcton 
Hell John II. hmcy goods, 51.') w Baltimore 
Bell John W. millwright, 123 w Biddle 
Hell Joseph S. (Ramer cf- Bell,) Miller's hotel 
Bell Joseph, gardener, Philadelphia road near 

City limits 
Bell Margaret, 29 n Fremont 
Hell Mrs. Margaret, 24.^ e Fayette 
Bell Maria S. dressmaker, 4G s Eutaw 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, Jt9 n Fremont 
Bell Maria, 2'iG s Charles 
Bell Nelson II. clerk, 11 Townsend 
Bell Nieh. machinist, 256 e Baltimore 
Bell Samuel, butcher, 44 Orleans 
Bell iScneca P. iron moulder, 4 McIIenry 
Bell Sarah A. 175 e Fayette 
Bell Sarah, 1 St. Mary's ct 
Bell Thaddeus, machinist, 299 n Eutaw 
Bell Thomas B. (Bell <j- Wolf ) 155 Forrest 
Bell Thomas H. clerk, 44 Lexington 
Bell Thomas, stone cutter, 318 Forrest 
Bell Thomas P. mariner, 174 s Ann 
Bell Mrs. Thomazin Y. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
Bell Virginia L. 25 Josephine 
Bell Walter, gunsmith, 33G e Eager 
Bell AVni. stone cutter, 55 Josephine 
Bell Wm. H. driver, 156 Dover 
Bell .j- Wolf, (Thos. B. Bell, M. W. Wolf,) 

tobaecunisis 155 Forrest 
Bell Wm. E. C. (Ward, Bell ^ Co.) 24 n IIol- 

Bell Wm. McK. stone cutter, 55 Josephine 
Bell Wm. carter, 31 Barnes 
Bell Wallace, cigar maker, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. D. carpenter, 47 n Central av 
Bo;llau Henry, vvhitewasher, 33 Goodman al 
Belle Francis, tailor, 28 Ilampstead 
Bellcrmau Charles F. clerk, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bcllis John, rigger, 117 Bank 
Bellis Wm. E. laborer, 72 Lancaster 
Bellman Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellman Elizabeth, confectionery, 118 Front, 

n of Foundry 
Bellman John, engineer, 50 Buren 
Bellman Samuel, 16G German 
Bellman Thomas, laborer, 114 Front n of 

Bellman Thomas, clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bellms Martin, laborer, 110 s Sju-ing 
Bellon Benjamin, laborer, rear of Foster al 
Bellon Conrad, laborer, 401 Light 
Bcllowes Wm. caulker, 72 Lancaster 
Belschner George, laborer, 7 Green's ct 
Belschner John, cigar maker, 7 Green's ct 
J?elt Kli.>ha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Eugene N. clerk, 104 McCulloh 
Belt Eugene N. clerk, ] 28 w Madison 
Belt Francis, potter, 61 Booth 
Belt IJickman, carpenter, over 48 Holliday, dw 

189 c Monument 
Belt Mrs. Louisa A. 128 w Madison 
Belts. Sprigg, (Truenuin Belt & Sons, ) s w 

cor .Mulberry and College al 
Belt Samuel f. clerk, 151 n Gay 
Belt Thomas II. 14S Hoffman 

Belt Trucman & Sons, (Trueni in Belt, sr. Tru- 
man Belt, jr., S. S. Belt, ^ tobacco, grain 

and com. merchants, 1 Ellifott 
Belt Trueman, sr. (Trueman Belt .J- Sons,) 287 

Madison av 
Belt Trueman, jr. (Trueman Belt& Sons,) 287 

Madison av 
Belt Humphrey, blacksmith, .'87 Franklin 
Beltz Barbara, boarding, 14 .Nfew Church 
Beltz Casper, laborer, 4 Boltcn al 
Beltz llarman, shoemaker, 200 s Bond 
Beltz Isadore, bandbox make*, 4 Bolton al 
Beltz John, butcher, 4 Bolton al 
Beltz Peter, boiler maker, 4 Bolton al 
Belvidere Coal Oil Refinery, North near Eager, 

F. B. Capron &. Co. proprietors 
BelvinJohnA. jr. (Belvin fe .Marden,) 145 

St. Paul 
Belvin & Marden, (J. A. Beb in, jr., Geo. W. 

Marden,) gen'l shippers, importers and com. 

merchants, 21 South 
Belz John B. butcher, 31 Lexington market, 

dw Penna av n of North ar 
Belz John L. baker, 303 n C3ntral av 
Bemper Wm. tailor, 1 McElcerry ct 
Benard Lewis, barkeeper, 19 Water 
Benbury Mrs. Annie, 372 Franklin 
Benchoff C. F. bookkeeper, 405 w Fayette 
Benchoff E F. bookkeeper, 334 e Baltimore 
BEND ANN BROTHERS, (Daniel and David 

Bendann,) gallery of photography, 207 w 

Bendann Daniel, (Bendann Bros.) 88 Franklin 
Bendann David, (Bendann Bros.) 88 Franklin 
Bendann Fabish, 8^ Franklin 
Benden Thomas, engineer, 205 s Castle 
Bender Christian, lager beer, 257 s Ann 
Bender Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Henry, tailor, 145 n Central av 
Bender Joseph, harness maker, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Lucas, paper carrier, 245 Lemmon 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, ;;8 St. Mary 
Bender Wm. stone cutter, <4 s Exeter 
Bendy Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 20 Laurel 
Bendorff August, tobacconist, n e cor Caroline 

and Canton av 
Bendus Henry, baker, 105 and 107 ITanover, 

market, dw 238 Columbia 
Benedix Joseph, dry goods dealer, n w cor 

Eden and Jefferson 
Beneseh Aloysins, laborer, 65 Short 
Benesch Isaac, furniture dealer, 285 n Gay 
Bengle John, cigar maker, 306 s Bond 
Berhardt Charles, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Benjamin George, moulder, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin John, can maker, 95 s Chester 
Benjamin Jacob, dealer in gold, silver, watches, 

&c. 30 n Holliday 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benlein Joseph, laborer, 9i Johnson 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond market, 

dw Liberty road 
Benner Charles, bricklayer, 24 Booth 
Benner Charles, laborer, 155 Burgundy al 
Benner Conrad, 51 Johnson 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warren 
Benner George L. marble cutter, 119 Jefferson 
Benner George, shipsmith, 253 West 
Benner John, 29 Fawn 
Benner John, blacksmith, iid n Central av 
Benner John, shoemaker, ^» Gist 
Benner Mary A. boarding house, 119 Jefferson 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas.. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Benner Otto, proprietor Washington Gardens, 

s w cor Penna. av and Greenwillow 
IJenner Samuel, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner T. S. .j- Co. (T. S. Benuer, Wni. H. 

Benner,) stock and bill brokers, 6 Franklin 

building;. North 
Benner Thaddeus S. bricklayer, 38 Cross 
Benner Thomas S. (T. S. Benner <|- Co.) 14? 

Benner Wm. H. (T. S. Benner 4- Co.) 14T 

Benner Wm. tailor, 5 Lcadenhall 
Benner Wm. H. potter, 119 Jefferson 
Bennet John I. grocer, 263 s Broadway, dw 

251 e Pratt 
Bennet John M. clerk, 3G9 e Baltimore 
Bennet Matthe\y, clerk, 305 e Baltimore 
Bennet AVm. J. 305 e Baltimore 
Bennett Alfred, s w cor Greene and Saratoga 
Bennett Addison J. solicitor, 72 s Sharp 
Bennett Alfred, clerk, 74 n Greene 
Bennett Andrew, laborer, 51 Johnson 
Bennett Benjamin F. carpenter and builder, 

44 s Howard, d\v 130 s Sharp 
Bennett Brothers, (G. R. Bennett, L. Emorv 

Bennett, Thomas S. Bennett, ) coal and wood 

dealers, 169 n Howard 
Bennett Daniel, core maker, Clifton near Druid 

Hill Park 
Bennett D. Curtis, 25 Harford av 
Beimett Dan. H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett David T. cashier C. H. dw 718 Lex- 
BENNETT EDWIN, manufacturer of cane and 

Rockingham ware, cor Canton and Central 

avs, dw 419 u Central av 
Bennett Enoch, notion house, 32G w Baltimore 

dw 80 n Paca 
Bennett Edward W., jr. plasterer, 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Elizabeth, seamstress, 61 Johnson 
Bennett Mrs. Ellen, grocery 12GLec 
Bennett Mrs. Effie B. milliner, 98 Lexington 
Bennett Edward W. wood dealer and grocer, 

County wharf, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth, provisions, 138 s 

Bennett F. W. 4- Co. (F. W. Bennett,) auc- 
tioneers and com. mers. 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. Bennett ^- Co.) 30 

Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros.) 175 n Howard 
Bennett George, mariner, 351 s Bond 
Bennett Geo. W. shoemaker, 157 e Monument 
Bennett George I. carpenter, 280 e Lombard 
Bennett Isaac M. carpienter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Isaac N. carpenter, 84 s Washington 
Bennett James, grocer, se cor Howard and Lee 
Bennett James, laborer, 55 Lee 
Bennett James, laborer, 12G Lee 
Bennett Jane, 32 n Amity 
Bennett John, tailor, 138 s Regester 
Bennett John, carpenter, 91 Lancaster 
Bennett John M. locksmith, 229 e Lombard 
BENNETT JOHN, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John II. 319 Saratoga 
Bennett John, carpenter, 45 Fountain 
Bennett John, machinist, 146 Montgomery 
Bennett Joshua, machinist, 7 n Front 
Bennett Lena, seamstress, 61 Johnson 
Bennett L. E. (Bennett Bros.) 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Livingston A. bookkeeper, 91 n 


Bennett Mrs. Lewis, 187 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Mrs. Mary A. 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Patrick, huckster, 12 L McElderry 
Bennett P. Henry, claim agent, 2 Courtland 
Bennett Philip A. clerk, 211 w Baltimore 
Bennett Richard A. (Richard A. Bennett & 

Co.) 8 s Broadway 

Bennett, Henry M. Adier, ) produce dealers, 

s e cor Pratt and Mill 
Bennett Robert, huckster, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Richard W. bookkeeper, 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Robert, carter, 84 s Republican 
Bennett Rufus, carpenter, 143 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Samuel E. inspector gas works, 46 

Bennett Samuel E. laborer, 37 Fawn 
Bennett Samuel H. shoemaker, 203 Mont- 
Bennett Silas, collector, 98 Lexington 
Bennett Susanna, 22 s Dallas 
Bennett Mrs. Susanna E. 186 e Fayette 
Bennett Sylvanus, wheelwright, 32 n Amity 
Bennett Thomas S. (Bennett Bros.) 123 e Mon- 
Bennett Thomas J. (Cornwell, Bennett& Co.) 

32 Hanover 
Bennett Thomas, hack driver, 11 Orbit al 
Bennett Wm. whitewasher, 138 Bank 
Bennett Wm. coachmaker, 126 Lee 
Bennett Wm. puddler, 20 Burke, Canton 
Bennett Wm. VV. machinist, McIIenry, w of 

Bennett Wm. puddler, Gist bet Canton and 

Eastern av 
Bennett Wm. H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Dr. W. H. 220 e Baltimore 
Bennett Washington, grain weigher, Voshell 

Benney David, brush maker, 109 Peach al 
Beuney Josejjh, brush maker, 109 Peach al 
Benney John, brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Benney Wm. brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Benney Wm. 0. shoemaker, 329 e Monument 
Bennezet George W. painter, 62 n Front 
Bennezet Mary, nurse, 62 n Front 
Bennezet Thomas K. plasterer, 62 n Front 
Benny John, shoemaker, rear 134 Saratoga 
Bennig Aloysius, laborer, 56 Short 
Bennis John, laborer, 103 Preston 
Bennis Wm. laborer, 113 Preston 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Schroeder 
Bensel John, carpenter, 373 n Gay 
Benseler August, tailor, 289 Columbia 
Bensler Henry, laborer, 298 Columbia 
BENSON BENJ. S. founder, machinist, and 

water and gas pipe maker, 52 e Monument, 

dw Baltimore co 
Benson Mrs. Charlotte, ill n Pine 
Benson Mrs. C. L. 102 McCulloh 
Benson Mrs. Ellen, 54 s Ann 
Benson Elijah, carpenter, 37 Penna av 
Benson Fanny J. 75 Granby 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 92 e 

Benson Dr. Geo. W. 146 Hanover 
Benson Henry, whipmaker, 435 Canton av 
Benson Henry T. painter, 127 Saratoga 
Benson Isaac, peddler, 182 Hughes 
Benson James, laborer, 53 Elizabeth la 
Benson Jesse C. 52 e Monument 
Benson Joseph E. painter, 152 n Gay 

THE GROVER dj BAKER SEWINO BIA CHIME is tUe best Cor all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass "Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




]5enson Joseph B. painter, 283 s Paca 
Benson John, mariner, 334 s Bond 
Benson John P. clerk, 5 n Strieker 
Benson John S. carpenter, 283 s Paca 
Benson M. Kemp, clerk, 525 w Baltimore 
Benson Mrs. M. H. drnggist, 55 IIilI 

apothecary, s e cor Hollins and Oregon 
]]enson Randolph S. 15 (iranby 
Benson Robert F. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 15 

Benson Thomas J. mariner, 310 Aliceanna 
Benson capt. Wm. B. mariner, 102 Lee 
Benson Wm. mariner, 23 Ogston 
Benson Wm. fireman B. & 0. R. R. 54 s 

Benson Wm. P. ship joiner, 12 s Exeter 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 

BENTEEN CHAS. S., Agent for 
^teinway's Pianos and Mason & 
Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, 80 w 
Payette and 10 n Charles. 

Benteen Mrs. Rebecca, 116 Pearl 
Benthall Mrs. Charlotte, 108 w Biddle 
Benthall capt. Robert, mariner, 313 c Balti- 
Benthall Robert, jr. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Wm. McR. bookkeeper, 313 e Bal- 
Benthall Wm. W. 108 w Biddle 
Bentley Mrs. Amanda, 7G George 
BENTLEY CHARLES W. presM Baltimore 
steam boiler works, 25 s Front, dw Balti- 
more CO 
Bentley Edward, bricklayer, 277 s Paca 
Bentley George, machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentley John E. draftsman, cor Harrison and 

Bentley Joseph sr. machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentley Joseph jr. machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentley Peter, embroidery stamper, 48 e Balti- 
Bentley Thos. brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley Thomas jr. brickmaker, 277 s Paca 
Bentley Wm. G. clerk, 86 Hanover 
Benton Mrs. Amanda M. 5 s Carey 
Benton Mrs. x\nnie, laundress, 10 Union 
Benton Charles S. brass finish. 464 w Lombard 
Benton Mrs. Hester Jane, 464 w Lombard 
Benton James Francis, carpenter, 263 West 
Benton Jas. H. brass finislier, 464 w Lombard 
Benton James, moulder, 54 n Poppleton 
Benttjn Mrs. Rosaltha, teacher, 333 e Monu- 
Benton Samuel, cabinet maker, 333 e Monu- 
Benton Thos. T. cigar maker, 142 Scott 
Benton Wm. D. laborer, tobacco warehouse, 

dw 144 Scott 
Benton William D. ship joiner, Lincoln, s of 

Bentz George, mariner, 282 s Ann 
Bentz George, baker, 17 Park 
Bentzel Henry J. blacksmith, 17 Chatsworth 
Benyes Henry, baker, 238 Columbia 
Benz Philip, mattress maker, li4 Low 
Benzil Henry, carpenter, 52 s Central av 
Benzil John, carpenter, 52 s Central av 

Benzine Adelaide, 435 Canton av 
Benzinger Frederick F. att'y, 19 Law build- 
ings, dw 9 Barnet 
Benzinger John S. apothecary, n c cor Balti- 
more and High, dw 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Mathias 219 Madison av 
Benville Thomas, driver, 122 Franklin 
Bcornes Joseph, shoemaker, 47 Henrietta 
Bepperling Ludwig, tailor, 12(J n Dallas 
Berdell Edward, barkeeper, 39 Stiles 
Berensteicher Henry, brew-master. Eastern av 

Berg Albert B. book-keeper, 6 Barnet 
]}erg Anne E. grocery, 1U7 Raborg 
Berg Augustus T. book-keeper, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Francis, shoemaker, 153 Ensor 
Berg John J. porter, 366 Saratoga 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 64 w Pratt, dw 

47 s Eden 
Berg Theodore, cigar maker, 57 Holland 
Berg Wm. tinner, 107 Raborg 
Berge Henry, porter, 177 Hollins 
Bergen Everhard, shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
Bergen Thomas, painter, llo n Bond 
Berger Andrew, harness maker, 57 Richmoui 
Berger August, grocer, 60 Penna. av 
Berger Mrs. Anna S. 75 n Poppleton 
Berger Charles, shoemaker, 54 Portland 
Berger Christian, tailor, 33 St. Mark 
Berger Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Berger Christian, wagoner, 215 Aliceanna 
Berger Christian, laborer, 39 Bank 
Berger George, baker, 493 w Lombard 
Berger Henry, cigar maker, 75 n Poppleton 
Berger John, laborer, 325 e Lombard 
Berger John, laborer, 23 Port 
Berger John, 142 w Pratt, dw 5 s Exeter 
Berger John, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Berger John, tailor, 219 e Fayette 
Berger John Frederick, (Pick & B.) 13 s Fred- 
Berger Rev. John N. 101 Saratoga 
Berger Joseph, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Berger Joseph B. butcher, 48 n Central av 
Berger Joseph B. machinist, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Joseph, cabinet maker, 66 n Schroeder 
Berger Martin, baker, 9U Front, n of foundry 
Berger Maurice, trunk maker, 75 n Poppleton 
Berger Mrs. Mary A. milliner, 57 Richmond 
Berger Philip, wood carver, 40 n Paca 
Berger Philip, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Berger Ruppurs, butcher, 46 Centre and 7-* 
Belair markets, dw Penna. av. nr toll-gate 
Berger Simon, cabinet maker, 99 Harrison 
Berger Wm. H, cigar maker, 75 n Poppleton 
Berger Zehpeniah J. (J. Henry Schmenuer 

& Co.) Hand house 
Bergheinier Mrs. Catherine, 376 s Charles 
Bergin Arthur, sawyer, 33 York 
Bergin Kiernan, porter, 238 s Paca 
Bergin Matthew, laborer, 20 Haw 
Bergin Mrs. Mary, laundress, 20 Haw 
Bergman Henry, shoemaker, 333 Cross 
Bergman Henry, (Wolf tj- B.) 316 w Baltimore 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman John A. 333 Cross 
Bergman Joseph, horse dealer. Ills E.xeter 
Bergman Moses, boots, shoes and clothing, 199 

s Charles 
Bergman Philip, carrier and leather dealer, 27 
Balderston, dw 112 s Sharp 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Bergner Frederick, j^cture frame maker, 60 u 

Bergncr Frederick, cabinet maker, 2 Abbott 
Bergner George, cooper, 78 Bank 
Bergtold Christopher, tailor, 127 Hamburg 
Bergtold John, tailor, 151 Dover 
Berian Joseph, engineer, 358 Light 
Bcriby Ernest, paver, 364 Penua. av 
Berkenwald S. shoemaker, 62 Thames 
Berkert Mrs. Josephine, 351 s Bond 
Berkert John, cooper, 351 s Bond 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eiitaw 
Berkler Andrew, stevedore, 131 s Castle 
Berkner George, basket maker, 272 s Dallas 
Berkner George, cooper, 78 Bank 
Berkhoph Tobias, laborer, 108 Lee 
Berl Mrs. Ann, laundress, 47 Short 
Berl John, laborer, 47 Short 
Berian Annie C. hats and caps, 180 Cross 
Berian John, tailor, 180 Cross 
Berland Conrad, laborer, 403 Light 
Berlein Frederick, 123 n Spring 
Berlein Margaret, confectionery, 123 u Spring 
Berlemann Frederick, fireman, 435 Canton av 
BERLIN GEORGE A. tobacconist, 289 Can- 
ton avenue 
Berliner Ravel, shoemaker, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Mrs. Rosa, 49 Watson 
Berlinicke Gustave, cigar maker, 8 Watson ct 
Bern Patrick, drayman, 4 Diamond 
Bernard Gerhard, salesman, 263 Mulberry 
Bernard John, harness maker, 108 Hamburg 
Bernard Randolph, bricklayer, 142 n Fremotit 
Bernard Thomas, draftsman, 57 Columbia 
Berneberg John N. huckster, 9 Arch 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Bernard Wm. laborer, 77 Grundy 
Bernei Benj. bookkeeper, 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Ferdinand, salesman, 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Louis, clerk, 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Seligman, clothier, 294 \v Baltimore, 

d\v 129 e Baltimore 
Bernes James, brass moulder, 91 Preston 
Bernett Charles, tobacconist, 138 Aisquith 
Berneke Anthony, tailor, 337 n Central av 
lierner Gotleib, tanner, 57 Buren 
Berner Wm. rigger, 287 Aiiceanna 
Berney Bernhardt, shoe store, 18 Centre Market 

Berney Bros, cj- Morris, (S. Berney, P. Ber- 
ney, H. Morris) wholesale boots and shoes, 
309 w Baltimore 
Berney Joseph, clerk, 18 Centre Market space 
Berney Philip, (Berney Bros. & xMorria) 18 

Centre Market space 
Berney Samuel, (Berney Bros. & Morris) 18 

Centre Market space 
Bernhard Andrew, nightman, 208 s Durham 
Bernhard Andrew, laborer, 61 Johnson 
Bernhard John, carter, 203 s Durham 
Bernhard John L. shoemaker, 149 Penna. av 
Bernheim Frederick, laborer, 97 Lincoln 
Bcrnhcimer Henry, 318 w Lombard 
Bernheimer Mrs. Babeth, clothier, 704 w Bal- 
BernhurtMrs. Eliza, 423 w Pratt 
Bernstein Bernard, hoop skirts manuf. 465 w 

Bernstein Mrs. Cecilia, 34 Druid Hill av 
Bernstein Jacob, fancy goods, 114 Lexington 
Bernhart Charles, laborer, 167 Eastern av 
Berntheusel Wm. bakerv, 193 e Eager 

Berrence John, laborer, 133 e Lombard 
Berrenger John, shoemaker, 169 Kino- 
Berrow George, shoemaker, 219 s Pack 
Berry Alexander, tinner, 072 Saratoga 
Berry Agnes, teacher, 216 Aisquith" 
Berry Mrs. AnnaR. 681 Lexington 
Berry Mrs. Ann E. 197 Druid Hill av 
BERRY ALBERT W. treasurer Md. Soap 
^^*^'?*: 9t^:,420 w Pratt, dw Lanvalc between 
Druid HUl av and Division 
Berry Albertus D. printer, 110 McElderry 
Berry Benjamin, tea store, 25 w Baltimore 
Berry Mrs. Benj. D. boarding house, 190 Bank 
Berry Benjamin F. moulder, 190 Bank 
Berry Benj. W. salesman, 65 Camden 
Berry Benjamin W. agent, 65 Camden 
Berry Charles, harncssmaker, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Charles A. & Co. (J. H. Strodtman 
Charles E. Perry) ship brokers and corn 
merchants, over 62 s Gay 
Berry Charles E. bookkeeper, 129 s Paca 
Berry Charles E. (Charles A. Perrv c\- Co ) 
197 Druid HiUav "^ ^ ' 

Berry Christopher, turner, 158 s Regester 
Berry ^ Co. (Jasper M. Berry, wflliam W 
Stinchcomb) oyster and fruit packers 75 
and 77 n Calvert ' 

Berry Edward, teamster, 158 s Regester 
Berry Edward, boarding house, 53 Thames 
Berry Franklin, moulder, 190 Bank 
Berry Geo. R. (John S. cj- George R. Berrv ) 
160 s Sharp ' 

Berry Geo. R. printer, s w cor Strieker and 

Berry George W. printer, 072 Saratoga 
Berry Geo. W. shoemaker, 309 n Gay, dw 21G 

Berry G. Henry, (Armstrong cJ- Berrv,) 110 

Berry Henry D. clerk, 126 Hanover 
Berry James C, U. S. N. 216 Aisquith 
Berry James W. clerk B. ^0. R.R. 245 w 

Berry Mrs. Jane, 171 s Wolfe 
Berry Jasper M. 47 St. Paul 
Berry Jasper M. (Berry <j- Co.) 171 Garden 
Berry Jesse L. C. clerk, 108 Lee 
Berry John, carpenter, 99 Ensor 
Berry John B. N. cj- Co. (J. B. N. Berry, ) com^ 

mission merchants, 79 Smith's whf 
Berry John B. N. (John B. N. Berrv 4" Co )■ 

McCuUoh, bet Lanvale and Dolphin 
Berry John, shoemaker, 53 King 
Berry John, shoemaker, 85 s Po'i)pleton 
BERRY JOHN S. <^- GEORGE R. fire brick 
manufactory, s w cor Hamburg and Warner 
office 194 Montgomery ' 

Berry John, stevedore, 94 n Ann 
Berry John, at custom house, 56 Harford av 
Berry John J. (S. Hecht <J- Co. ) 274 s Broadw' v 
Berry John S. (J, S. <j- G. R. Berrv) 164 w 

Berry John Thomas, flour, grain and general 
produce commission luerchant, 28 s Howard 
dw 301 Lexington ' 

Berry Louis, mariner, 8 Essex 
Berry Mrs. Louisa Y., McCulloh, bet Lauvale 

and Dolphin 
Berry Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 581 Penna av 
BERRY N. E. tobacco produce, grain and 
commission merchant, 8 Wood andiBowIey's 
wharf, dw 201 w Hoffman 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Berry Nicholas II. printer, 75 Stirling 
Berry Nicholas, wagoner, 158 s Regester 
Berry Peter, laborer, 42 Frederick av 
Berrv Mrs. Kebecca A. 274 s Broadway 
Berry Richard, carter, 248 e Fayette 
Berry Samuel W. jr. clerk, 245 w Pratt 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Ik'rr'y Tlieodore, clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Tlios. W. attorney at law, 43 Lexington, 

d\v 9a w Fayette 
Berry Thomas, tinner, 271 s Charles 
Berry Mrs. Thomas L., Blooraingdale road, nr 

Calvcrton Mills 
BERRY WALTER W. commission mercliant, 

over 155 w Pratt, dw 124 Hanover 
Berrv Wm. B. 64 n Paea 
Berry Wm. E. currier, 81 s Fremont 
Berrv Wm. T. tinner, 87 Light 
Berrv Wm. H. grocer, 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. II. police, 81 s Fremont 
Berrymau Thos. ferryman, 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Wm. II. clerk, Calverton hotel, opp 

cattle scales 
Bersch Carl, artist, 140 s Sharp 
Bersch Christian, cigarmaker, 176 s Caroline 
Bersch Christian, (Ehrman cj- Bersch,) s e cor 

Division and Lanvale 
Bersch Henry jr. clerk, 90 e Pratt 
Bersick Michael, 40 Plum al 
Bert Charles, hats, caps and furs, 509 w Bal- 
Bert Peter, hatter, 298 w Pratt 
Berterman John C. rear of 325 n Central av 
Berthold George, carter, 3 Gould's la 
Herthy Mrs. Mary, 70 e Fayette 
Bertram Charles F. butcher, 53 Belair market, 

dw Penna. av near toll gate 
Bertram Henry C. laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Bertram John, shoemaker, 275 w Pratt 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre and 58 Bel- 
air markets, dw Penna. av near toll gate 
Bertrans John J. tinner, 297 e Eager 
Bertsch Jacob, laborer, 20 President 
Bertsch Jacob, shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
BERY aDOLPH, wines, liquors and cigars, 

90 w Lombard, dw 88 Franklin 
Beryer Elias, peddler, 64 Harrison 
Berwanger Abraham, shoemaker, 64 Chesnut 
Berz Wra. baker, 19 Stirling 
Berwanger Benj. 107 s Eden 
Bessee Mrs. Mary A. seamstress, 182 n Central 

Besser John W. iron finisher, 342 Mulberry 
Bessonet John W. 98 Saratoga 
Berx Conrad, baker, 43 n Spring 
Bessenmiller Geo. laborer, 280 Canton av 
Bessel Mrs. Magdalina,hats and caps,230 n Gay 
Best David, laborer, 34 e Pratt 
Best Frederick, painter, 205 s Chester 
Best John, carpenter, 67 n Caroline 
Best John, wagoner, 37 Constitution 
Bessick Peter, laborer, 686 w Pratt 
Betebalk John, shoemaker, rear 85 e Lombard 
Bessvick James F. boilermaker, 688 w Pratt 
Bethel African Methodist Church, Saratoga, 

bet. Gay and Holliday 
Beste Ilaman, baker, 126 Granby 
Bestor J. Rollins, gen. bookkeeper N. C. R. 

Baltimore co 
Beter Wm. shoemaker, 249 s Broadway 
Bethon George, tailor, 92 Somerset 
Betschler John M. shoemaker, 244 s Charles 

Bethve Wm. G. mariner, 188 Bank 

Betner Nicholas, tailor, 53 Aliceanna 

Betson Stephen M. carpenter, 58 s Popplcton 

Bettou Alfred J. shoemaker, 54 n Poppleton 

Betton D. W. laborer, 144 Scott 

Betts Albert A. printer, 273 n Dallas 

Betts Chas. H. huckster, 88 s Eden 

Betts John, millwright, 349 Franklin 

Betts k Bay (Thos. J. Betts, J. W. Bay) grain. 

feed and com. merchts. 39 s Frederick 
Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert, saddler, 273 n Dallas 
Betts Thos. J. (Betts & Bay) 26 McElderry 
Betts Wm. tinner, 255 Light 
Betz August, moulder, 58 s Oregon 
Betz Conrad, laborer, 104 n Spring 
Betz Christopher, fancy hardware, 23 Ger- 
man, dw 7 Pearl 
Betz Charles, wheelwright, 58 s Oregon 
Betz Eliza, shirt store, 245 Canton av 
Betz Ernest, foundryman, 58 s Oregon 
Betz Frank, shoemaker, 70 Harrison 
Betz Gustavus, coachmaker, 262 n Central av 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 131 Chesapeake 
Betz Jacob, 27 s Bethel 
Betz Jacob, tailor, 30 s Bethel 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 191 s Regester 
Betz John, shoemaker, 19 Hampstead 
Betz John, confectionery, 286 s Charles 
Betz John, laborer, 84 Eastern av 
Betz John, tailor, 17 Hampstead 
Betz John L. tailor, 66 s Caroline 
Betz Nicholas, brewer, 406 Canton av 
Betz Thos. shoemaker, 245 Canton av 
Betz Wm. wheelwright, 35 Preston 
Betzel Mrs. Caroline, 8 Hall's al 
Betzel Henry, cabinetmaker, 88 s Wolfe 
Betzel Peter, blacksmith, 237 s Ann 
Beuchamp R. S. tailor, 189 w Pratt 
Betzenhauser John, laborer, 19 Port 
Beucke Mrs. Elizabeth A. 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Charles L. printer, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke John H. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Beumler August, cigarmaker, 153 Canton av 
Beumler John H. cigarmaker, 153 Canton av 
Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 76 Mulberry 
Beutelspacher Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 

190 Hollins 
Beutelspacher Geo. E. iron moulder, 461 w 

Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Son) 241 Garden 
Bevan Charles, clerk, 76 Hanover 
Bevan C. F. clerk. 34 s Sharp 
Bevan George, clerk, 100 s Paca 
Bevan Geo. F. (Sullivan cj- Bevan) Lanvale, 

betw Grundy and John 
Bevan John, 1 Franklin 
Bevan John, brickmaker, 173 Ramsay 
Bevan Mrs. Mary Eliza, 254 u Howard 
Bevan Mrs. Margarette, butter, 34 Lexington 
market, dw n w cor St. Paul and Hamilton 
Bevan Nicholas, clerk, 86 Camden 
Bevan Saml. (S! Bevan & Co.) 279 w Baltimore 
BEVAN SAMUEL & CO. (Samuel Bevan, 
Wra. A. Williar, E. G. Miller, P. A. Sal- 
mon) import, and job. in English, French 
and German dry goods, 279 w Baltimore 
BEVAN & SONS, (C F. Bevan cj- Wm. F. 

Bevan) marble workers, 140 Saratoga 
Bevan Thomas N. stone cutter, 5 Hamilton 
Bevan Thomas, copper smelter, St. Charles 
hotel, L.P. 

•THE GROVKR & BAKER. SEWISC MACHINE U the best for nU purposes-SALES 
ROOIUS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 Sonth-st. 




Bevan Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Bevan Warren C. clerk, 1 Franklin 
Bevan AVm. A. tinner, 28 Orleans 
Bevan Wm. J. stone cutter. 244 n Central av 
Bevan AVm. F. (Bevan tj- Sons, ) 44 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevans Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 86 e Madison 
Bevans Henry, police, 80 e Madison 
Bevans Mrs. .Mary Jane, huckstress, lit n Paca 
Bevans Reuben A. L. furniture, 281 e Baltimore 
Bevans Wm. barkeeper, 248 s Broadway 
Bevans Wm. laborer, 191 s Chapel 
Beveridge John, saddler and barnessmaker, 

279 w Pratt 
Beveridge & Bro. (0. Beveridge, D. Beveridge, ) 

wire ■workers and weavers. 14 e Fayette 
Beveridge Daniel, wire worker, 25 n Bond 
Beveridge Daniel, (Beveridge & Bro.) 44 sBond 
Beveridge Mrs. Mary A. 44 s Bond 
Beveridge Oliver, (Beveridge & Bro. ) 44 s Bond 
Bewig Frederick, shoemaker, e side Burke, 3 

doors s of Canton av 
Bewley Elizabeth D. 1G3 n Paca 
Beyer Adam, cigarmaker, 47 n Dallas 
Beyer Andrew, laborer, 38 James la 
Beyer Catherine E. grocery, 56 e Lombard 
Bever Charles, shoemaker. 84 s Central av 
BEYER CHRISTIAN, butcher, 13 HoUins-st. 
market, and provision dealer, 9 s Poppleton 
Beyer Frederick, tailor, 212 n Eden 
Beyer Frederick A. musician, 56 c Lombard 
Beyer George, gardener, head of Eutaw place 
Beyer George, laborer, 320 Aliceanna 
Beyer John, baker, Maltby house 
Beyer John, shoemaker, 150 s Eden 
Beyer Justus, cigarmaker, TO Grindall 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 73 

s Broadway 
Beymer Henry B. salesman, 84 and 86 s Eutaw 
Beymet W. B., Fountain hotel 
Bezeck John L. (Isaac Coale, jr. & Bro.) 377 

Penna. av 
Beziat Mrs. Ann, huckstress, 410 West 
Beziat Francis C. finisher, 392 West 
Beziat Mrs. John, tobacco, 650 w Baltimore 
Beziat John M. cigarmaker, 656 w Baltimore 
Bialla Hugo, French millinerv, 144 Lexington 
BIALLA MORITZ, real estate broker, 42 St. 

Bians Martin, hatter. 224 s Charles 
Bians'Wm. H. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 293 s 

Bibb Bentley C. (Bibb cj- Co.) 179 w Hoffman 
Bibb & Co. (B. C. Bibb,) Baltimore stove 

warehouse, 39 Light 
Bibby Augustus, brakesman, 287 Cathedral 
Bibelheizer Frank, tinner, 341 Mulberry 
Bible House, 75 w Fayette 
Biblehauser John, peddler, 18 s Stockton al 
Bichnal George, woodsawyer, 219 Chesnut 
Bichy Herman, tailor, 13 n Liberty 
Bichy John, bakery, 174 e Madison 
Bickel John, cabinetmaker, 90 s Chapel 
Bickel Joseph, laborer, 96 s Chapel 
Bickell Joseph, hackman, 260 e Lombard 
Bickley R. Wharton, (John Stephenson & Co.) 

247 u p;utaw 
Bickley Samuel, 99 e Pratt 
Bickman Herman, laborer, 11 Union 
Bickner Adam, shoemaker, 67 McElderry 
Bicks Louis D. barkeeper, 143 n Chester 

Biddeson Catherine, 334 Franklin 
I Biddeson Catherine, 127 Stirling 

Biddeson James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
' Biddeson Samuel, laborer, 127 Stirling 
[ Biddison Z. baggage master B. & 0. R. R. lOS 

s Paca 
I Biddle Balthazar, cooper, 27 Peach al 
iUddle Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 n Republican 
Biddle Hezekiah, hostler, 220 Penna av 
Biddle Jonathan S. (L A. Sheppard 4" Co.) 

125 Bank 
Biddle John, brewer, 371 Hamburg 
Biddle Mrs. Mary, fish dealer, 104 Granby 
Biddle Mrs. Rachel, 719 w Pratt 
Biddle Samuel R. supt. stables Mt. Clare, 186 

Biddle S. A., Fountain hotel 
Biddle Stephen F. farmer, 123 s Sharp 
Biddle Wm. brewer, 281 Hamburg 
Biddle Wm. moulder, 272 s Sharp 
Biddleman Edward, 250 n Caroline 
Biddleman Ferdinand, clerk, Druid Hill av, 

bet Townseud and Mosher 
Biddlingmeyer John, coachm'r, 323 e Madison 
liiden George, carpenter, 92 s Carey 
Biden George, laborer, 92 s Carey 
Bidleman Ferdinand, salesman, 71 Harford av 
Biebel Jos. M. restaurant, 24 Centre Market 

Biedebach Andrew, laborer, 282 s Dallas 
Biede A. chemist, n e cor Aliceanna and 

Biehler Charles, drayman, 71 Portland 
Biel Andrew, laborer, 5 s Choptank 
BIELEFELD JOSEPH, lager beer saloon, n e 

cor Eager and Central av 
Bielstcin Henry, varnisher, 348 Cross 
Biemiller Edward, milk, 769 Light 
Biemiller Henry, laborer, 709 Light 
Biemiller J. Henry, (Biemiller & Preisz, ) 4 

Biemiller & Preisz, (J. H. Biemiller. J. G. 

Priesz, ) flour and feed, 282i^ w Pratt 
Bien Henry, tailor, 390 Penna av 
Bien John, restaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bien John, tinner, 247 s Ann 
Biens John, laborer, 311 s Charles 
Bier Andrew, lager beer, cor Monument and 

Bier Christian, cabinetmaker, 336 s Charles 
Bier Frederick, framemaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Bier Henry, cabinetmaker, 124 n Dallas 
Bier John, laborer, 284 s Dallas 
Bier Paul, lager beer, 170 s Wolfe 
Bierbower Charles E. salesman, 92 Barre 
Bierbower Frank A. clerk, 92 Barre 
Bierljower Lemuel, cigar boxmaker, 92 Barre 
Bierhorn Mrs. Wilhelmina, tailoress, 93 L 

Biesler Franklin, laborer, n w cor Wolfe and 

Biesler JIathias, cooper, 54 Frederick av 
Biersmith Andrew, laborer, 61 Bank 
Biesswanger Wm. G. butcher, 485 n Gay 
Bigar John, carver, 172 Sarah Ann 
Bigar Michael, tavern, 172 Sarah Ann 
Bigelow Edmund D. (Bigelow& Sargent, ) 104 

Bigelow & Sargent, (E. D. Bigelow, R. G. 

Sargent, ) com. merchants and ship brokers. 

70 Smith's whf 
Biger Jacob, grocery, 464 Canton av 

THE GROVER Jii BAKER SEWI^TG :MACIIINE la tlic best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— ISl Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 



KIGGAR JOHN & CO. (J. Biggar, C. Darrell, ) 

importers of wines and liquors, 2 Exchange 

Biggar John, (J. Biggar & Co.) Baltimore co 
Biggerman John, drayman, 150 s Durham 
Biggins Wm. H. bootmaker, ITl n Gay 
Biggs John A. butcher, 1T9 e Favette" 
Biggs Joseph, Avatchman, 270^ e Madison 
Biggs Jonathan, laborer, 53 s Poppleton 
Biggs Samuel F. laborer, 86 s Poppleton 
Biggs Zachariah, blacksmith. 53 s Poppleton 
Bigham & Bradford, (M. M. Bigham, G. W. 

Bradford,) com. merchants, flour, &c. nw 

cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Bigham Elizabeth, 274 w Fayette 
Bigham John L. clerk, 274 w Fayette 
Bigham John B. currier, 158 Franklin 
Bigham Mrs. Maria, Grundy near Townsend 
Bigham Marshall M. (Bigham & Bradford,) 81 

n Eutaw 
Bigham Wm. police, 24 Warner 
Bigley Dennis, laborer, Foster al betw Dolphin 

and Lanvale 
BIGLEY, HOOK & CO. (Nicholas Bigley, 

John A. Hook, John Zeigler,) produce com. 

merchants, 121 North 
Bigley Nicholas, (Bigley, Hook & Co.) 121 

Bihy John, stone cutter, 217 e Pratt 
Biles Wm. carpenter, 40 Fell 
Bill Wm. laborer, 271 Hamburg 
Billinger, John, laborer, 40 Lancaster 
\Billings Edwin E. porter, 114 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 21 n Caroline 
Billingsley James, clerk. Farmers' hotel 
Billingsley Samuel W. carpenter, Penna. av 

near Tell gate 
Billingsley Thomas A. clerk tobacco ware- 
house, n w cor Sharp and Lee 
Billingsley Thomas, clerk tobacco warehouse, 

158 s Sharp 
Billington James P. hackman, 170 Orleans 
Billington S. K. P. hackman, 25 w Lombard 
Billington AVm. L. tinner, 77 n Broadway 
Billman George, grocery, 269 William 
Billman John, woodsavvyer, 343 Franklin 
Billman Michael J. police, 83 n Pine 
Billmayer James, wheelwright, 323 e Madison 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, dw 

34 e Fayette 
Blllmire W. H. 0. clerk, 216 e Madison 
Billmyer Charles, teacher, 2 Windsor 
Billstein Henry, varnisher. 348 Cross 
Billups B. F. (Dorsey & Billups, ) 383 w Fayette 
Billups John R. mariner, 95 Albemarle 
Billups J. R. salesman, 393 w Fayette 
Bilson Andrew J. plasterer, 94 Preston 
Bilson Elizabeth, 237 w Fayette 
•Bilson Henry, machinist, 438 w Lombard 
.Bilson John, jilasterer, 237 w Fayette 
.BILSON SAMUEL, plain and ornamental 

plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 237 w Fayette 
■TBiJson Wm., jr. machinist, 38 Lemmon 
..Bilson Wm., sr. gunsmith, 38 Lemmon 
IBinau John M. shoemaker, 233 n Central av 
Jiindeman Charles, shoemaker, 77 e Monument 
Joinder Frederick, locksmith, 191 Conway 
Einder Fredk. tailor, s w cor High and Fayette 
iBmder George, hairworker, over 26 n Charles, 

dw 55 n Frederick 
Binder Lewis, surgical instrument maker, 135 


Binderman Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 74 s Bethel 
Binderwald Christiana, milliner, 55 Pearl 
Binderwalt Henry, laborer, Stockholm betw. 

Eutaw and Russell 
Bindewald Charles, gilder, 211 w Fayette 
Biudewald L. dyer, 211 w Fayette 
Binding Henry, grocerj', 265 s Ann 
Bines Franklin, moulder, 219 Lincoln 
Bines Jos. huckster, 116 Cross 
Bines John A. brakesman, 311 s Charles 
Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 
Bines Martin, hatter, 311 s Charles 
Bines Robert, clerk auditor's office, B. & 0. R. 

R. Co. 81 s Paca 
Bing John, wagoner, 41 Portland near Greene 
Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 837 w Baltimore 
Bingel Jacob, tanner, 188 German 
Binger Charles, cabinetmaker, 36 Lancaster 
Binger Clemm, laborer, 348 William 
Bingham Benj. T. wood and coal, s e cor Chats- 
worth and Chcsnut al, dw 291 Franklin 
Bingham John, fancy store, 52 Jefferson 
Bingham Robert, stone cutter, 55 w Centre 
Bingham Wm. police, 94 Warren 
Bingham Wm. W. gasfitter, 22 Conway 
Bingner JIagdaline, 261 s Sharp 
Binnie James, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binnie Robert, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binnicke George, carpenter, 110 Low 
Binning Mrs. Catherine, 217 Hamburg 
Binnix John H. harnessmaker, 169 e Madison 
Bins Conrad, laborer, 129 Sarah Ann 
Binstein Frederick, laborer, 178 s Eden 
Binswanger David, (David Binswanger, & Co.) 

107 Camden 
Binswanger D. k Co. (David Binswanger. 

Emanuel Binswanger, ) clothing dealers, 107 

Binswanger Emanuel, (David Binswanger &: 

Co.) 107 Camden 
Binswanger Simon, furnishing goods, 151 n 

Gay, dw 119 n Exeter 
Bintz John, tinner, 69 u Amity 
Binyon James, peddler, cor Albemarle and 

Binyon Thomas J. engineer, 77 s Washington 
Binyon Thomas, nightman, 302 Canton av 
Binyon Thomas W. carpenter, 29 s Ann 
Binyon Thomas, jr. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. H. H. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. W. 130 Bank 
Binz Casper, hacks, 443 w Fayette 
Binz George, baker, 443 w Fayette 
Binz Jesse, hack driver, 443 w Faj-ette 
Binz John, hack driver, 443 w Fayette 
Birch Charles, (Hough k Birch,) Eutaw house 
Birch Charles, junk dealer, 198 East 
Birch Clinton S. -(Birch & Whiton, )526 Lex- 
Birch & Whiton, (C. S. Birch, Henry Whiton, ) 

books and stationery, 558 w^ Baltimore 
Birch Wm. R. clerk, 141 n Paca 
Birckhead Mrs. C. A. 48 n Charles 
Birckliead Christopher C. tailor, 6 n High 
Birckhead James, jr. over 30 South, dw 87 

Birckhead John W. police, 409 n Gay 
BIRCKHEAD LENNOX, Ju. 48 n Charles 
Bird Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 243 e Chase 
Bird E. Carrere, tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

23 Jackson 
Bird Mrs. Emily, 212 Garden 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Bird Mrs. E. M. 177 w Biddle 
Bird J. Edward, fancy dry goods, 21.3 w Bal- 
timore, dw 2-13 Garden 
Bird Jacob, clerk, 862 Hanover 
Bird John W. C. wood dealer, 33 Warren 
Bird Robert, machinist, 263 s Charles 
Bird Sebastian, carpenter, 33 Warren 
Bird Steplien L. & Co. (S. L. Bird, ) dry goods, 

59 n Howard 
Bird Stephen L. (S L. Bird & Co.) 345 n 

Bird Wm. B. ^ Eaton & B.) 77 North 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 42 Orleans 
Birely George W. engineer B. & 0. R. R. 503 

w Lombard 
Birely Lewis A. 247 w Lombard 
Birger George, musician, 138 e Pratt 
Kirkenwald Solomon, shoemaker, (j2 Thames 
Birkett Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 420 w Lombard 
Birkett Thomas A. carpenter, 434 w Lombard 
Birkcy Edward H. clerk, 229 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas H. 229 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas, clerk, 229 Druid Hill av 
Birkmeyer John F. confectioner, 112 Franklin 
Birkmeyer Wm. confectioner, 550 w Pratt 
Birley John, laborer, 20 s Carey 
Birley Lewis A. ice dealer, 247 w Lombard 
Birmingham Andrew, carp'ter, 210 n Caroline 
Birmingham Daniel, laborer, 105 s Castle 
Birmingham James E. plasterer, 132 s Howard 
Birmingham James L. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John, plasterer, 232 Lemmon al 
Birmingham John, malster, 36G (_)stend 
Birmingham Thomas, painter, 45 Druid Hillav 
Birmingham Wm. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham AVm. farmer, 350 s Caroline 
Birnev Chas. stone cutter, Telegraph rear 182 

Druid Hill av 
liironx Edwin, painter, 99 s Fremont 
Birthistle Patrick, carter, 100 Granby 
Bischoff C. F. cigarmaker. Dolphin bet Penna 

and Druid Hill avs 
Bischoff Christopher, piano maker, 239 s 

Bischoff Franz, shoemaker, 37 s Wolfe 
Biscoe Ellis F. printer, 210 Montgomery 
Biscoe Wm. M. ship joiner, 296 Eastern av 
Bishman George, shoemaker, 80 Leadenhall 
Bishop Adam, cooper, 35 e Monument 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 95 Ensor 
Bishop Charles, moulder. Rising Sun hotel 
Bishop Casper, paver, 80 Somerset 
Bishop Charles B. actor, n e cor Gilmor and 

Liberty road 
Bishop Charles E. A. expressman, 89 Mullikin 
Bishop David, 51 Harford av 
Bishop David, 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Elizabeth, 21 Orleans 
Bishop Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop George C. police, 114 n Bond 
Bishop George A. laborer, 238 s Durham 
Bishop George, carter, 326 Canton av 
Bishop Geo. W. (John Richardson & Co.) 47 s 

Bishop Godfrey, coppersmith, 388 Cross 
Bishop James JP. city j'ard, 12 Cross 
Bishop James, watchman, 179 Hollins 
Bishop John E. bookkeeper, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John G. clerk, 171 w Fayette 
Bishop John, carpenter, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John T. stonemason, 173 McCulloh 
Bishop John H. lightning rod agt. 95 Ensor 

Bishop John L. carpenter, 179 Holland 
Bishop John E. clerk, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John L. carpenter, 282 n Central av 
Bishop Mrs. Mary A. 94 n Caroline 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, 359 w Lombard 
Bishop Mrs. Rebecca, 179 Aisquith 
Bishop Reverdy, clerk, 179 Aisquith 
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, 61 n Poppleton 
Bishop T. B. veterinary surgeon, nw cor Ger- 
man and Paca 
Bishop Thomas, telegraphist, 5 n Bond 
Bishop Mrs. T F. dressmaker, 220 Aisquith 
Bishop Wm. J. lightning rod maker, 110 Ensor 
Bishop Wm. T. huckster, 270 e Monument 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 10 Cross, dw 136 s 

Bishop Wm. R. clerk, 220 Aisquith 
Bishop Wm. ])olice, 295 e Eager 
Bissell Wm. T. printer, 56 e Fayette 
Bisser Jacob, laborer, 60 Johnson 
Bisser Joseph, carver, 60 Johnson 
Bissett Thomas, jr. stonecutter, 53 McIIenry 

BISSING W. P., Watchmaker, 282 
w Baltimore, dw 40 Holliday 

Bisson Wm. rigger, 128 s Chester 
Bitner Geo. tailor, 23 Abbott 
Bitner Geo. laborer, 3 Smith's al 
Bitruff John, tailor. 109 Orleans 
Bitter Christian, (Hess .j- Bitter) 46 s Wash- 
Bitter Conelly, engineer, 199 William 
Bitter D. lithographer, over 11 South, dw 22 

s Exeter 
Bitter Henry, piano maker. 218 Barre 
Bitter John, tailor, 84 s Wolfe 
Bitter John, barkeeper, Eastern av extended 
Bitter Lewis, tavern, 5 w Pratt 
Bittinger Daniel N. carpenter, 65 s Fremont 
Bittinger Elizabeth, confectionery, 7 Penna av 
Bittinger John D. shoe store, 7 Penna av 
Bittleston Henry, supt Boys' home, 47 n Hol- 
Bittner Frederick, sugar boiler, 96 s Castle 
Bittner John, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Bittroff Geo. C. tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Bitz John, porter, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitzel Adam, confectionery, 177 e Lombard 
Bitzel Mrs. Wilhemina, 73 e Monument 
Bix Richard, cooper, >rcHenry w of Fulton 
Bixler .Mrs. Andrew, Stockholm betw Eutaw 

and Russell 
Bixler Benjamin M. clerk B. and 0. R. R., 293 

w Biddle 
Bixler Dane, jr. bookkeeper, 3 Courtland 
Bixler John, brickmaker, Clinton near Lazaret 
Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 602 w Lombard 
Bixler Wm. 11. H. clerk, 3 Courtland 
Black Adam B. clerk, 337 Franklin 
Black Archil )ald, laborer. 204 s Castle 
Black Benj. F. ijainter, 36 South, dw 33 Mc- 

Black Bernard, painter, 293 Eastern av 
Black Bernhardt, painter, 34 s Caroline 
Black Bryan, painter, 32 s Caroline 
Black Dr. Calvin, 540 Lexington 
Black Daniel, feed, 278 s Charles 
Black D. H. trunkmaker, 96 Aisquith 
Black Geo.turnkeyeast'nstat'n, 170 eBaltimore 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Black Mrs. Hannah, 33 McHenry 

Black Ilarman F. yeast manufacturer, n w cor 

Orleans and Castle 
Black Mrs. Isabella L. 214 Bank 
Black Jacob, flour, 274 Canton av 
Black James, marble yard, 363 n Howard, d\v 

361 w Lombard 
Black James B. salesman, 4 George 
Black James F. messeuj^er Adams' Express, 4 

Black James H. engineer, 116 s Bond 
Black Jane, dressmaker, 270 Mulberry 
Black John, laborer, 77 s Durham 
Black John, jr. hardware dealer, 160 n Gay, 

dw 325 Madison av 
Elack John, polisher, 270 Mulberry 
Black John, (Black & Sapp) 287 e" Pratt 
Black John, (\V. J. Rieman & Co.) 29G Lex- 
Black John R. carpenter, 18 Marion, dw 290 

Black Lewis S. ropemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Black Lewis W. painter, 108 n Paca 
Black Mary, grocery, 77 s Durham 
Black Mary E. 540 Lexington 
Black Rev. R. W. 58 s Broadway 
Black Samuel, builder, 338 Saratoga 
Black & Sapp, (John Black, Joshua 0. Sanp) 

coopers, 1 15 Smith's wharf 
Black Wni. E. cooper, 287 e Pratt 
BLACK WM. D. junk dealer, 136 Thames, dw 

57 s Ann 
Black Wm. K. carpenter, 133 Pearl 
Blackburn Cyrus, (C. Blackburn & Bro.) 132 

n Eutaw 
BLACKBURN C. & BRO. (Cyrus and Edwin 
Blackburn, ) flour, grain and coin, mer- 
chants, n e cor Frankliu and Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin, (C. Blackburn cj- Bro.) 68 

Blackburn Elizabeth P. teacher, 132 n Eutaw 
Blackburn John C. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 

s e cor Pine and Saratoga 
Blackeby Joseph, carpenter, 2 Russell 
Blackiston Albert C. clerk, 138 s Sharp 
Blackiston John B. cabinet maker, 562 \v Bal- 
timore, dw 98 Hollins 
Blackiston John B. clerk, 97 Hanover 
Blackiston John B. jr., moulder, 98 Hollins 
Blackiston Wm. C. lumber inspector, s w cor 

Concord and Bowly, dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alexander C. (Elliott & Blacklar, ) u 

e cor Aisquith and Orleans 
Blacklar Charles, provisions, 64 s Caroline, 

dw 86 
Blacklock Nicholas F. junk dealer 128 Light 

st wharf, dw 623 w Lombard 
Blackman Mrs. Jlarian, 194 n Broadway 
Blackstone Altred, clerk, 178 Montgomerj^ 
Blackway Wm. miller, Covingtou near Ham- 
Blades John L. livery stables, 114 s Washing- 
ton, dw 94 s Ann 
Blades Samuel, chairmaker, 148 n E.xeter 
Blades Thomas W. furniture, 221 e Balti- 
Blades Wm. blacksmith, 285 e Baltimore 
Blaen Avon Coal and Iron Co. office 3 South, 

E. Stabler, jr. president 
Blafuss Louis \V. tailor, 267 Fi'ankliu 
Blahs Jos. cabinetmaker, 3 Josephine 
Blair Chas. E. bookkeeper, 381 Lexington 

Blair & Co. (L. P. Blair,) plumbers aud gas- 
fitters, 455 Baltimore w of Greene. — ^See 
p^ffe 20 Aiivcrlisemcnls .'\ 

Blair Francis P. plumber and gasfitter, 40G w 

BLAIR HENRY II. conveyancer, 74 w Fay- 
ette, dw 271 Hollins 

Blair cj- llolle, (John Blair, Julius Holle, ) 
merchant tailors and gents' furnishing goods, 
742 and 790 w Baltimore 

Blair James A. clerk P. 0., 36 Saratoga 

Blair John, conductor N. C. R., 285 Cathedral 

Blair John, (Blair & Holle, ) 742 w Baltimore 

Blair LewellynP. (Blair & Co.) 20 George 

Blair S. R. 455 w Baltimore 

Blair Samuel S. div.sup't of N. C. R., Grundj 
betw Preston and Hoffman 

Blair Wm. gasfitter. Hand hotel 

Blaisdell Samuel, agent Union Steamship Co., 
dw 146 Barre 

Blake Mrs. Amelia, 330 Mulberry 

Blake Benson, clerk, 51 Lexington 

Blake Caroline, 8 s Dallas 

Blake Charles, (Chas. Blake & Co.) Mt. Wash- 

Blake Charles, (Wm. Woodcock & Co.) Mt. 

Blake, J. W. Webb,) dealers in 
Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 217 w Baltimore 

Blake Charles W. watchmaker, 187 w Pratt 
Blake Charles W. clerk, 132 s Sharp 
Blake Christian, barber, 23j w Lombard 
Blake Edward, painter, 59 East 
Blake George, laborer, 151 York 
Blake George A. carpenter, 144 s Bond 
Blake George E.' clerk, 245 n Howard 
Blake James, iron moulder, 20 Orbit al 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, s e cor 

Franklin and North, dw 245 n Howard 
BLAKE JOHN, barber and hair dressing sa- 
loon, 232 ^^ Lombard 
Blake John, carpet weaver, 47 Tyson, dw 154 

Blake John L. clerk, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 u Caroline 
Blake John W. machinist, 20 Orbit al ' 
Blake John W. collector of water rents, 132 s 

Blake Joseph W. 154 Cathedral 
Blake Mrs. Margaret, 20 Orbit al 
Blake Martin, grocery, 59 East 
Blake Samuel F. carpenter, 1 Ogston 
Blake Rev. S. V. 125 s Sharp 
Blakeney B. F. (B. F. Blakeney ^- Co.) 611 w 

Blakeney B. F. ^- Co. (B. F. Blakeney, H. W. 
Sabine,) gold pen factory over 125 w Balti- 
Blakeney Wm. A. stonecutter, 102 Ensor 
Blakeney Wm. H. coach painter, 403 u Gay 
Blakeney Wm. H. tinner, Jefferson 2 doors e 

of Broadway 
Blakey Wm. maltster. Hooper's wharf, F. P. 
Blakistone T. Wallis, law student, 37 St. Paul 
Blance Fred, porter, 202 Montgomery 
Blanch James C. potter, 92 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Blanch Jeremiah, liquors, 821 w Baltimore 
Blanchard D. H. bookkeeper, 151 w Hoffman 
Blanchard Ednumd. clerk, 57 n Republican 
BLANCHARD E. WYATT, attorney, 38 St. 

Paul, dw 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard G. R. general weigher B. & O.R.R. 

cor Charles and Read 
Blanchard James A. J. rigger, 216 Lincoln 
Blanchard Mrs. Mary, school over 87^ Preston, 

dw 596 w Fayette 
Bland Louis E. shoemaker, 159 w Pratt 
Blanck Fred, baker, 202 Montgomery 
BLANCK JOHN, Columbia house, 471 w Bal- 
Blancy George W. stonecutter, 163 Green- 
mount av 
Blaney Jas. M. bricklayer, 163 Greenmount ay 
Blaney Jas. W. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Jas. J. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John T. bricklayer, 185 Raborg 
Blaney John T. carpenter, 161 Greenmount av 
Blanej^ Sarah, huckstress, 266 Greenmount av 
Blaney Wm. H. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blank Joseph, laborer, 117 Low 
Blanke Geo. barkeeper, 244 Aliceanna 
Blanke Mrs. Mary, tavern, 244 Aliceanna 
Blankenburg Chas. shoemaker, 80 Mullikin 
Blanktbrd Jacob, huckster, 140 n Caroline 
Blankinship Daniel D. engineer, 3 William- 
son al 
Blankner John M. confectioner, 5 McHenry 
Blankner Lawrence, barber, 925 w Pratt 
Blash Samuel G. saihnaker, 164 e Pratt 
Blass Rev. Jacob, 236 Eastern av 
Blass John, laborer, 29 James la 
Blass Jos. cabinetmaker, 5 Josephine 
Blatchford Stephen, letter carrier, Franklin 

inn, 50 Hillen 
Blatchley Mrs. Priscilla, dressmaker, 57 Stirling 
Blauveltz Adolph, shoemaker, 48 n Spring 
Blawhaw John, shoemaker,' 12 Mercer 
Blazer Christian, laborer, 183 s Wolfe 
Bleasdale John, mariner, 76 William 
Blecker Martha A. 105 Bank 
Bledsoe Albert T.(B."& Browne) Ploward house 
BLEDSOE & BROWNE, (Albert T. Bledsoe, 
AVm. Hand Browne, ) editors Southern Re- 
view, 5 Spurrier's ct 
Bledzer Philip, weaver, 60 n Spring 
Bleicher A. Lewis, shoemaker, 17 Baker 
Bleicher Jacob S. cooper, 323 s Bond 
Bleidorn Chas. S3 Henrietta 
Bleinberger Adam, bootfitter, 100 Walker ct 
Blessing Andrew, bagcutter, 77 South 
Blessmg Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 154 

e -Monument 
Blessing David T. clerk, 314 e Pratt 
Blessing John, tobacconist. 241 n G^y 
Blessing W. T. clerk, 241 n Gay 
Blessing W. T. bookkeeper, 304 n Gay 
Bley Rudolph, clothier, 508 Le.xingtou 
Blich John, teacher. 111 n Caroline 
Blick Thomas H. mercantile agent, 272 e Bal- 
Blidsor Robert, brakesman B. & 0. R. R., 54 

s Schroeder 
Bligh Patrick, laborer, 14 Diamond 
Blimline Andrew, boilenuaker, 14 Dawson 
Blimliiic Henry, cutter, 130 Lee 
Blimline Jos. 289 n Howard 
Blind Asylum, North av betw York road and 
Charles st av 

Blinkhorn John L. clerk, 8 Grundy 
Blinsinger George F. carpenter, 145 Druid 

Hill av 
Blinsinger George M. baker, 145 Druid Hill av 
Blinsinger Wm. M. carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Bliss Wm. shoemaker, 4 Lewis 
Blitt Mrs. Lucy, 85 Grindall 
Blizzard C. H. police. 5 Rock 
Blizzard John L. copper refiner, 124 Cross 
Blizzard John R. engineer, 166 Lincoln 
Block Andrew, blacksmith. 111 Saratoga 
Block Augustus, traveling agent, 64 McCuUoh 
Block Conrad, laborer, 167 s Eden 
Block Edward, (Edward Block <J- Co.,) 189 w 

Block Edward & Co. (E. Block, Chas. F. Dal- 
lam, ) wines, liquors, tj-c. 114 w Lombard 
Block Ernest, nailmaker, 510 Light 
Block Fiuley, engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block Geo. engineer, 6 Butler 
Block Henry, mariner, 177 s Wolfe 
Block John, (Thomsen & Block,) 128 n 

Block Mrs. Julia, 12 s Carey 
Block Lewis, wagoner, 188 n Eden 
Block Moses, peddler, 9 s Frederick 
Block Peter, laborer, 10 Albemarle 
Block S. S. clerk. 118 s Eden 
Block Simon, 118 s Eden 
Blogg Albert, clerk. 691 w Fayette 
Blogg Rev. E. N. S! salesman, 691 w Fayette 
Blome George, (Blome & Jacobi, ) 445 w Bal- 
BLOME & JACOBI, (George Blome, George 
Jacobi, ) candies and fruits, 455 w Balti- 
Blomeier Christian, blacksmith, 240 s Caro- 
line, dw 220 Bank 
Blomeier Ennis, boot and shoemaker, 32 

Blondell Wm. hacks, n e cor L. Pleasant and 

College al 
Blondheim Hart, clothing, 173| Franklin, dw 

105 n Howard 
Blonenkalb Ernest, carter. Bethel betw Monu- 
ment and McElderry 
Blood Wm. H. car driver, 968 w Baltimore 
Bloodsworth Jacob, mariner, 81 sHigh 
Bloom Henry, 182 Aliceanna 
Bloom Mary, grocery, 182 Aliceanna 
Bloomer Annie E. teacher, 157 Caroline 
Bloomer James, clerk, n e corner Ensor and 

BLOOMER JOHN W. (S. A. Clagett & Co.) 

40 n Gilmor 
Bloomingdale Wm. second-hand clothing, 43 

Blotkamp Wm. carriages for hire, 260 e 

Blo.xham John, variety and hardware dealer, 

56 and 95 Harrison, dw 157 n High 
Blo.xham John L. clerk, 157 n High 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 127 n High 
Bloxham Win. engineer, 209 Hanover 
Bloys Thomas, tinner, 3 Walker 
Blucher David, letter carrier, 16 Wyeth 
Blufford Wm. H. laborer, Cathedral near 

Blum Anton, 148 Low 
Blum Mrs. Barbara, 103 s Bond 
BlumBenj. cigarmaker, 206 s Wolfe 
Blum Mrs. Catherine, 376 Saratoga 

THK CiROVER <& BAKKR SKWING MA CHINK is the best for uil purposes-- SAl4f^ 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Blum Daniel, furniture repairer, 76 Harrison 
Blum Gotlcib, laborer, 91 s Durham 
Blum G. (R., necbino-cr & Co.) 76 Columbia 
Blum H. F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum, Ilechinser & Co. (G. Blum, D, Hech- 
inger, ) wholesale clothiers, n w cor Pratt 
and Sharp 
Blum Isaac, second hand dealer, 193 e Lom- 
Blum Isaac, second hand clothier, 223 s Caro- 
Blum Jacob, shoemaker, 381 w Pratt 
Blum John, laborer, 133 n Central ar 
Blum Joseph, scourer, 153 n Eden 
Blum Mrs. Mina, oroccry, 381 w Pratt 
Blum Philip, bookbinder, 57 n Frederick 
Blum Sarah, hosiery, G9 s Paca 
Blum S. H. bookbinder, 69 s Paca 
Blum Solomon, (Hess, Blum cj- Co.) 294 Lex- 
Blum T. (B., Hechingcr & Co.) 76 Columbia 
Blum Wm. watchmaker, 533 w Baltimore 
Blumauer Louis, boots, shoes and clothing, 

235 s Charles 
Blume Albert, fancy goods, 136 s Broadway 
Blume G. printer, 205 s Bond 
Blume John, cnndymaker, 445 w Baltimore 
Blumenberg Hiram, cabinetmaker, 75 Milliman 
warehouses, office Public store No. 1, dw 37 
n E.xeter 
Blumeneur John, glass-stretcher, 239 Light 
Blumeneur Nicholas, baker, 239 Light 
Blumenthal Abraham, second hand dealer, 271 

s Charles 
Blumenthal Bernard P. dry goods, 156 Lex- 
Blumenthal Isaac, furniture, 262 s Charles 
Blumenthal Isaac, tobacconist, 48 Lee 
Blumentrett Anton, shoemaker, 270 s Ann 
Blumer Margaret, confectionery, 205 s Bond • 
Blumer Samuel, printer, 205 s Bond 
Blumeraid John, tailor, 16 Preston 
Blumhardt Charles, provisions, 26 Albemarle 
Blumhoif Mrs. Kate, 9 s Central av 
Blummer Henry, watchman, 2 Spruce al 
Blunddl Anthony, laborer, 1 Sterrett 
BlundcU Dennis, liquors, corner Howard and 

Pratt, dw 103 Garden 
Blundell John, brakesmcan, 21 George 
Blundell Malachai. hackman, 21 George 
Blundell Malachi,'248 n Howard 
Blundon Mrs. Elizabeth C. 36 L. Church 
Blune Herman, gilder, 7 Holland 
Blunt Nelson, laborer, 21 Walker 
Blunt Thomas, 59 Columbia 
Blunt Robert, locksmith, 60 s Oregon 
Blute Mary, 127 w Madison 
Blute Patrick, 127 w Madison 
Bly Mrs. Mary L. 15 High al 
Bly Patrick, laborer, rear 14 Diamond 
Boane Mrs. E. G. 262 Aisquith 
Board Deitrich, shoemaker, 60 Camden 
Board John A. brakesman B. & 0. R. R. 510 

w Lombard 
Board of Trade, office New Exchange Build- 
ings, George U. Porter, secretary 
BOARD OF HEALTH, office City hall, n 

Board of Control and Review, office Law build- 
ings, s w cor St. Paul and Lexington 
Board of Police Commissioners, 12 Holliday 

Board Wm. H. brakesman, B. & 0. R. R. 510 

w Lombard 
Boaring Elias, stonecutter, 302 Franklin 
Boarman Albert T. clerk, 191 Hoffman 
Boarraan John W. 285 Lexington 
Boarman Mrs. Rebecca C. 150 e Monument 
Boarman Robert I. (Masson & Boarman) 215 e 

Bobart Charles C. clerk. Bethel nr Eastern av 
BOBART THOS. W. restaurant, 242 s Broad- 
Bobee James A. shipsmith. 207 Light 
Bobee John D. shipjoiner, 207 Light 
Bobee John, wlieelwright, 43 Lancaster 
Bobee Joseph F. clerk, 207 Light 
Bobeth Charles, pianomaker, 643 w Baltimore 
Boblitz Wm. H. pumpmaker, 6 Point la 
Bobst John, shipcarpenter, Burke, 7 doors s of 

Canton av 
Boch Charles, tailor, 5 Orchard 
Bocher Henry, shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Bocherding John, cigar maker, 2 Watson ct 
Bock Anton, brewer. Eastern av extended 
Bock John, wagoner. Eastern av extended 
Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Monument 
Bockelman Christian, machinist, 140 s Spring 
BOCKELMAN CONRAD, tailor, ]25Barre 
Bockelman Peter, paver, 116 s Spring 
Bocklage Elizabeth, milkwoman, O'Donnell 

near Clinton 
Bockman Aug. shoemaker, 670 w Baltimore 
Bockroff Wm. huckster, 20 Thomseu 
Bocrie Robert, tinner, 204 Franklin 
Bode Mrs. Annie, 146 s Sharp 
Bode Charles, tailor, 223 e Madison 
Bode Louis, baker, 515 Canton av 
Bode Louis, porter, 8 Ramsay 
Bode Mrs. Mary, shoe store, 281 n Central av 
Bodein Charles, laborer, 44 Abbott 
Bodein Mrs. Magdalina, 22 Barnes 
Boden Margaret J. dressmaker, 299 e Monu- 
Boden Wm. confectioner, 299 e Monument 
Bodenburg Charles, capmaker, 253 Hanover 
Bodenschatz John, tavern, 803 w Pratt 
Bodensick Chas. F. bookbinder, 393 Franklin 
Bodeusick David A. printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick George H. liookbinder, 364 Franklin 
Bodensick George, miller, Frederick road w of 

toll gate 
Bodensick Wm. T. bookbinder, 2G3 Franklin 
Bodger .Michael, shoemaker, 172 s Howard 
Bod he Herman, carter, 255 Paca 
Bodicker Louis, ladies' shoe store, 43 n Gay, 

dw 47 n Gay 
Bodine Rev. Wm. B. 10 Townsend 
Bodkin John, laborer, 94 Harford av 
Boecker Henry, (Buckledge & Boecker, ) 312 

Eastern av 
Boeckner Charles, restaurant and hair dress- 
ing saloon, 485 w Baltimore 
Boegcl John V. blacksmith, 271 Canton av 
Boehl Henry, carpet store, 145 Camden 
Boehm August, tailor, 15 n Dallas 
Boehra August, grocer, 128 Hanover, dw 130 
Boehm Dr. Adolphus, 131 Hanover 
Boehm Christoff, shoemaker, 169 Ensor 
Boehm Charles T. (Boehm, Rice A- Co.) 46 Mc- 

Boehm Henrj^, baker, 9 George 
Boehm John, blacksmith, 1 n Bond, dw 21 n 

THE GROVKR & BAKER SERVING MACHINE is the best for .-tU purijoses— SALES 
K003iS--181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Cliarles Street. 




Boehm Jobn L. bookkeeper, 242 w Fayette 
Boehm, Rice ^ Co. (C. T. Boehm & J. W 
Rice.) woodenware, brushes, brooms, ^q., 
32 s Calvert 
Boehm John W. wheelwriorht, 1 n Bond 
Boehm Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehme Charles L. 223 n Eutaw 
Boehme Frederick W. machinist, 95 n Gay 
Boehme Wm. machinist, 95 n Gay 
Boehmer J. II. porter, 115 L Greene 
Boehmlein Joseph, laborer, 309 Eastern ar 
Boehringer Charles, driver, 158 s Howard 
Boehringer Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 158 s How- 
Boehrlin John, laborer, Grindall btw Johnson 

and Covington 
Boerner Charles F. bricklayer, 39 n Amity 
Boerner Geo. C. 39 n Amity 
Boerner Henry, (B. & Littleboy, ) 99 s Sharp 
Boerner John H. carpenter, 39 n Amity 
Boerner & Littleboy, (FI. B., Wm. Littleboy.) 

grocers. 219 w Pratt 
Boes Berend, jeweler, 55 Centre Market space 
Boessel John E. gunsmith, s w cor South and 

Lovely la 
Boetger Charles, ujjholsterer, 65 s Paca 
Boetger Conrad, varnisher, 55 s Paca 
Boette Theodore, shoemaker, 135 Vine 
Boettinger Peter, shoemaker, 96 Ensor 
Boettuer Charles, confectioner, u w cor Eden 

and Pratt 
BOEWING CHARLES, druggists, cor Boston, 

Chester and Canton av 
Bogan Frederick, carpenter, 36 Thames 
Bogel John, blacksmith, 271 Canton av 
Bogen Frederick W. secr'y to Commiss. of Im- 

igratiou, G4 n Gay 
Boggs Alex. G. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Alex. L., jr. (A. L. Boggs, jr. cj- Co.) 

42 Courtland 
Boggs A. A. oyster and fruit packer, 111 En- 
sor, d\v Baltimore co 
BOGGS cj- CO., (Wm. Boggs & Geo. K. War- 
ner, sr.) agents J<]rna and Charter Oak Life 
Insurance Companies, 12 s Gav 
BOGGS A. L. Jii. k CO. (A.L. Boggs, jr., 
F. L. Golibart) wholesale and retail dealers 
in flour, grain and mill feed, 141 n Howard 
Boggs A.' L. jr. (A. L. Boggs, jr. & Co.) 242 

n Eutaw 
Boggs F. Henry, (Brown, Boggs ^- Co.) 242 n 

Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Maxwell McD. 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs Robert J. B. bookkeeper, 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs Mrs. Susan, 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs S. S. (Walker .j- B.) Catonsville 

BOGGS S. S. Packei' of Hermeti- 
cally Sealed Fruits, Vegetables, 
Raw, Spiced and Fresh Cove 
Oysters, No. Ill Ensor street 

Boggs Wm. (Kilpatrick .j- B.) 144 n Eutaw 
Boggs Wm. A. 630 w Lombard 
Boggs Wm. H. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Bogo-s Wm. (Kilpatrick cV B.) 144 n Eutaw 
BOGGS WM. W. (Boggs & Co.) 226 n Eutaw 
Bogue Henry & Son (Henry Bogue, Robert 

II. Bogue, ) dealers in tailors trimmings, over 

226 w Baltimore 

Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & Son) 71 Franklin 
Bogue James, groceries and liquors, 11 Mercer, 

dw 18 n Front 
Bogue Robert II. (Ilenrv Bogue <j- Son) 71 

Bogue Dr. Robert J. 18 n Front 
Bogle John, blacksmith, 272 Canton av 
Bogle James, shipcarpenter, Gist, bet. Eastern 

and Canton avs 
Bogle Joseph S. caulker, 151 s Wolfe 
Bohager Francis, grocery, 19 Banlc 
Bohagcr Samuel, junk dealer, 11 Bank 
Bohau Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 
Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 
Bohanan Dr. Jas. S. office n e cor Pratt and 

Broadway, dw 56 n Broadway 
Bohl John, laborer, 451 Canton av 
Bohlayer Eliza, tailoress, 224 e Lombard 
Bohlman Mrs. Fredericka H. rear 319 s Bond 
Bohlman Frederick, tailor, 56 Portland 
Bohlman Herman, cigarmaker, 313 s Bond 
Bohm John, tailor, 346 Eastern av 
Bohman Christian, blacksmith, 327 n Central 

Bohmer Henry, porter, 115 L. Greene 
Bohn August"(.Michael Bohn & Sons) 27 Albe- 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 242 n Caroline 
Bohn Constantine, lager beer, 50 s Wolfe 
Bohn Mrs. Elizabeth, 46 w Monument 
Bohn Michael (Michael Bohn 4- Sons) 27 Al- 
BOHN MICHAEL cj- SONS, (Michael Bohn, 
Wm. Bohn, August Bohn) steam turning 
and sawing, 5 Swan 
Bohn Wm. ^Michael Bohn «c Sons) 27 Albe- 
Bohne Henry, grocer, 19 Chatsworth 
Bohne Henry, shoemaker. 26 s Oregon 
Bohne Mrs. Herman, grocery, 3 Leadenhall 
Bohnerd Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 
Bohnlein John, cooper, 16 Elizabeth la 
Bohnlofiuk John, shoemaker, 194 e Lombard 
Bohrer Christian, cooper. 190 s Bond 
Bohrer Julius S., U. S. N. 187 w Hoffman 
Boiis John, hammerman, 61 Preston 
Boice George M. miller, 223 Hollins 
Bokee George M. china, glass and queensware 

dealer, 41 n Howard, dw 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamp dealer, 14 n 

Howard, dw 277 Lexington 
Bokee Mrs. Mary A. 277 Lexington 
Bokee Morris H. clerk, 277 Lexington 
Bokee Wm. F. (Wm. F. Bokee ^ Co.) 105 n 

Bokee William F. & Co. (William F. Bokee) 

china merchants, 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. II. 277 Lexington 
Bokel John G. grocery, 283 e Eager 
Bokcl Mrs. John H. shoe store, 62 Park 
Bokel Joseph A. clerk, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery, 146 Stirling 
Boland August, finisher, ,302 Cross 
Boland Ella, 120 Druid Hill av 
Boland James, jr., laborer, 16S Canton av 
Boland James F. sr. grocer and liquors, 168 

Canton av 
Boland James, puddler, 136 s 
Boland Margaret E. dressmaker, 120 Druid 

Hill av 
Boland Margaret A. 106 Lexington 
Boland Michael, laborer, 14 s Bethel 

TH£ GKOVKIi ^ BAKKK SKWIKCl ItIA( IIIIVE: ia tUc best for uU purposes— S A IiKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Roland Michael, clerk, 2 Tyson 
Holand Otis, blacksmith, G3 s Oregon 
Holand Patrick, laborer, 265 Forrest 
Jioland Patrick, laborer, 410 s Cliarles 
Holand Thomas, boilermaker, 265 Forrest 
I5old Willielm, shoemaker, 512 Light 
Bolden Edward, laborer, 26 Hillen 
Bolden James, caulker, 3 Winau's row 
Holden Otis, blacksmith, 63 s Oregon 
I>oldeii Robert, blacksnuth, 16 s Oregon 
Holden \Vm. machinists, 479 Saraotga 
Boldt Wm. tavern, 38 Centre Market space 
Boldt Wm. tavern, 204 Lexington 
Bolenius Ernst W. clerk, 176 w Lombard 
Bolenius Frederick II. clerk, 256 n Ilaward 
Bolenius G. II. dealer in leaf tobacco and ci- 
gar manufacturer, n w cor Charles and Pratt 
85 and 87 s Charles, d\v 176 w Lombard 
Bolger Patrick, stevedore, 3 Light st whf 
Bolgiano F. W. (BoJgiano cf- Sons,) 275 c Bal- 
Bolgiano Gilbert C. locksmith and bellhanger, 

127 Saratoga, dw 298 Aisquith 
Bolgiano Joseph A. (Bolgiano & Sons.) 347 n 

Bolgiano John C. carpenter, 98 Chew 
Bolgiano John, (Bolgiano cf Sons,) 49 Chew 
Bolgiano .t Sons, (J. Bolgiano, J. A. Bolgiano 
and F. W. Bolgiano, ) shoe findings and gar- 
den seeds, 28 s Calvert 
BoUander Wm. teamster. Fort av nr Lawrence 
Bollard Mrs. Jane, seamstress, rear 248 s Eu- 

Boiler Wm. lager beer, G39 w Baltimore 
Bollinger Jos. laborer, 257 s Bond 
Bollinger Michael, gardner. Eastern av exten 
Bollman Charles A. engineer, 203 Conway 
Bollman Christian, furniture wagon, 327 n 

Central av 
Bollman Clement. laborer, 366 Light 
Bollman Frederick M. (Bollman, Beck .j- Co.) 

106 Lee 
BOLLMAN, BECK & CO, (Fred. M. Bollman, 
G. II. Beck, G. Ludwig, ) imps, and general 
commis. merchants, 03 s Gay 
Bollman Henry, porter, 69 Park 
Bollman Herman F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman John W. civil and constructing engi- 
neer, Clinton s of Boston, dw 112 Penna av 
Bollman Jacob M. machinist, 112 Penna av 
BOLLMAN WENDELL, civil and construct- 
ing engineer, Patapsco Works, Clinton s of 
Boston, dw 1 12 Penna av 
Bolster John, musician, 239 Aliceanna 
Bolster Michael, brickmaker, 15 Wyeth 
Bolte Augustus, laborer, 13 s Stockton al 
Bolte Henry, (Schleuncs if Bolte, )Simon's hotel 
Bolte Simon, china, glass and queeusware, 543 

w Baltimore 
Bolton Brothers, (Wm. II. Bolton, D. K. Bol- 
ton, J. T. Bolton, ) dealers in glass, oils, 
paints, 82 and 84 w Pratt 
Bolton Daniel K. (Bolton Bros.) 82 and 84 w 

BOLTON HUGH & CO., ( Hugh 
Bolton, Glendy Stuart, Hugh W. 
Bolton, Wm. B. Bolton,) Glass, 
Oil and Paint Store, established 
1798, ed and 83 McElderry's whf. 

Bolton Hugh W. (Hugh Bolton & Co.) 20 n 

Bolton Hugh, (Hugh Bolton ^ Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton James K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
BOLTON DR. JOHN H. pharmaceutist, n e 

cor Boston and Windsor 
Bolton J. T. (Bolton Bros.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton Mrs. Martha, tailorcss, lOi^ Chew 
Bolton Robert, boltmaker, 16 s Oregon 
Bolton Wm. B. (Hugh Bolton & Co.) 176 

Bolton Wm. II. (Bolton Bros.) 3 Jackson 
Bolton Wm. B. 691 Lexington 
Boltz Mrs. Eliza, 127 Columbia 
Bolz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
Bolz John, laborer, 352 William 
Bolz Reinhard, butcher, 210 s Ann 
Boml)augh Charles C, M. D. editor and pro- 
prietor, Baltimore Underwriter, 18 Second, 
dw 268 Lexington 
Bomberger John W. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomberger John H. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomberger Robert II. huckster, 4 Prospect la 
Bomc Wm. laborer, 224 Frederick av 
Bomm Frederick, tailor, 179 Eastern av 
Bomorstuer John, wheelwright, 1 Elizabeth la 
BonaBernhard, collector, 240 Hanover 
Bona Louis C. bookkeeper, 240 Hanover 
Bonaparte Jerome N. 95 Park 
Bonatzskey Edward, shoemaker, 42 Lee 
Bonavita Mrs. Amelia R. music teacher, Wolfe 

bet Hampstead and Fayette 
Bond A W. clerk, cor Fayette and Paca 
Bond Alexander, fish dealer. Hanover, Lex- 
ington and Centre markets, dw243 e Biddle 
Bond Alexander, huckster, 245 e Biddle 
Bond Alexander J. carpenter, 183 Druid Hillav 
Bond Arthur, clerk, 203 w Fayette 
Bond Aquilla, iron roller, 40 Essex 
Bond Burnett, huckster, 313 Aisquith 
Bond Benjamin F. brakesman, 90 s Sharp 
Bond Catherine huckstress, 80 n Schroeder 
Bond Caleb J. fish dealer, 69 Granby 
Bond E. clerk, 203 w Fayette 
Bond Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 46 n Cen- 
tral av 
Bond Mrs. Eliza, 66 n Bond 
Bond Mrs. Frances, 92 Greenmount av 
Bond George, 90 s Sharp 
Bond George, carpenter, 183 Druid Hill av 
Bond George L. engineer, 54 Barre 
Bond Gilbert, mariner, 234 n Caroline 
Bond Harry I. salesman, 348 e Monument 
BOND G. 'morris, attorney, 33 St. Paul, dw 

82 Read 
Bond Hugh L. judge criminal court, 129 n 

Bond James. (Thos. Bond & Son,) 09 n Bond 
Bond JamesH. (J. W. Bond & Co.) 86 w Bal- 
BOND JAMES, JR.*, fruit, produce and com- 
mission merchant, 6 Hollingsworth, and 
89 and 91 Hanover market, dw 348 e Monu- 
Bond J. W. & Co. (J. W. Bond and J. H. 

Bond,) booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond J. W. (J. W. Bond & Co.) 229 e Balti- 
Bond John II. restaurant, 28 s Lib3rty, dw 17 

Bond John, 37 Mt. Vernon place 
Bond John W. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 

J. HENBY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, G-eneral Agent, 21 South-st. 




Bond Joshua B. bookkeeper, 1 Courtland 
Bond Josias, gardener, Philadelpliia road, near 

city liuiits 
Bond Joseph H. pyrotechnist, McEldcrry, bet 

Gist and Burke, d\v 5 !3 e Fayette 
Bond Lorenzo D. carpenter. Cathedral near 

Northern av 
Bond Leander, carpenter, 18.'^ Druid Ilill av 
Bond Leonard, laborer, 18.". Druid Hill av 
13ond Martini A. teacher, ITO s Broadway 
Bond Mary, 49 s Caroline 
Bond ]^Iary, washerwoman, 76 Richmond 
Bond Nimrod W. shoemaker, 132 Druid Hill av 
Bond P. B. clerk, 407 n Gay 
Bond Peter P. carpenter, 183 Druid Hill av 
Bond Rebecca A. matronMaryland Institution 

fur Blind, 258 Saratoga 
Bond Samuel, carpenter, Grund}' bet Town- 
send and Mosher 
Bond Samuel, iron roller, G Port 
Bond Mrs. Susanna, 1G9 s Broadway 
Bond Thomas, mariner, 17 Front n of Foundry 
Bond Thomas, police, 130 e Madison 
Bond Thomas E. jr., bookkeeper, 82 Read 
Bond Thomas, ship carpenter, 38 Binney 
Bond Thomas, clear maker, 9 Dawson 
Bond Rev. Dr. Thomas E. editor Baltimore 
Episcopal Methodist, and pres. lialtimore 
Concrete Stone Co., 82 Read 
Bond Thomas J. coachsmith, Davis near Pleas- 
ant, dw 407 n Gay 
Bond Thos. B. clerk. Miller's hotel 
BOND THOMAS J. restaurant, 204 e Pratt 
Bond Tobias, furnit'e wagoner, 80 n Schroeder 
Bond Thomas, (Thos. Bond & Son, ) 99 n Bond 
BOND THOMAS & SON, (Thos. Bond, Jas. 
Bond, ) produce dealers, n w cor Calvert 
and Pratt 
Bond Win. carter, 13 Warner 
Bond Wm. C. huckster, 9 s Ann 
BOND WILLIAM, commission merchant and 
produce dealer, n e cor Pratt and HoUings- 
worth, dw 41 s Washington 
Bond Wm. clerk. 13 Warner 
Bond Wm. 90 s Sharp 

BOND WILLIAM, pyrotechnist, Wolfe be- 
tween Baltimore and Fayette, dw 330 e 
Bond Wm. B. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw Anne 

Arundel Co. 
Bonday James, (Bonday & Thurlow, ) 187 

Bonday James, jr. wharfinger, Gibson's whf. 

dw ioo s Chester 
Bonday & Thurlow, (J. Bonday, J. Thurlow, ) 

oak coopers. 111 Thames 
Bondheim Herman, salesman, 150 s Eutaw 
Bone Wm. grocer, 116 William 
trait painter, 135 e Baltimore 
Bonfanti Joseph, whitewasher, 61 Cambridge 
Bonfanti Leonard, painter, 61 Cambridge 
Bonhage August, tailor, 379 w Pratt 
Bonhage Frederick, tailor, 12 e Pratt 
BONHAGE HENRY, tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage Mrs. Mary, 35 Saiafoga 
Bonhage Philip, tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Bonheini Jlartin, dyer, 150 s Eutaw 
Bonheira Martin, tailor, 53 Clay 
Bonifant Washington, U. S. Alarshal for Md. 
office U. S. Court Ilonse, dw Montgomery 

Boninger Rudolph, 33 Liberty 
BONN ANTHONY S. & CO. (Anthony S., 
Daniel W. and Richard Bonn,) importer.'* 
and wholesale dealers, in leaf and manuf. 
tobacco, and JIagnolia snuff mill, 3 Perry 
and 120 s Charles 
Bonn A. police, 27 n Pine 
Bonn A. G. clerk, 320 w Favetfe 
Bonn Anthony, Pearl betw "Fayette and Lex- 
Bonn Anthony, 268 w Fayette 
Bonn Anthony S. (A. S. Bonn & Co.) 334 

Bonn Daniel W. (Anthony S. Bonn & Co.) 

317 w Fayette 
Bonn John W. clerk, 294 e Pratt 
Bonn Joseph, bookkeeper, 161 w Lombard 
Bonn Richard, (Anthony S. Bonn & Co.) 62 ,s 

Bonn Wm. ship joiner, 32 Bank 
pjonnaker Philip' shoemaker, 19 e Lombard 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av 
Bonnet John, hostler, 272 Aliceanna 
Bonnett Joseph A. clerk, 7 McElderry 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 7 McElderry 

BONNEY ELIAS, Wholesale and 
Retail Dealer in Ribbons, Laces, 
Embroidery, Kid Gloves, Hoop 
Skirts, Corsets, Fancy and Milli- 
nery Goods, 209 w Baltimore, dw 
167 Garden 

Bonney James, clerk at Fountain hotel 
Bonney John, clerk. Fountain hotel 
Bonniuger Charles, butcher, 85 Mullikin 
Bonsai <|- Co. (Stephen Bonsai, Robertson 
Taylor,) wholesale grocers, 63 Exchange pi 
Bonsai Edmund C. jr. clerk, 98 Gough 
Bonsai John, carpenter, 212 Forrest 
Bonsai John, felt roofer, Orleans betw. Castle 

and Chester 
BONSAL LOUIS, bookbinder, books and st.a- 

tionery, 52 w Baltimore 
Bonsai Louis, officer Md. Penitentiary, dw cor 

Frederick and Baltimore 
Bonsai Robert, silversmith, 287 n Howard 
Bonsai Stephen, (Bonsai & Co.) 157 n Charles 
Bonslager George, laborer, 1 Hyde's ct 
Boogher B. C. clerk, 184 s. Broadway 
Booker Henry C. p.ainter, Ills Sharp 
Booker John L. furniture, &c., 27 n Greene, 
and sec'y Order Druids, office n e cor Balti- 
more and Gay, dw 76 n Paca 
Booker John T. i>ainter, 76 n Paca 
Booker Thomas L. jflasterer, 76 n Paca 
Bookhom John, dealer in herbs, 35 s Eutaw 
Bookhamer Fred'k, upholsterer, 27 Eastern av 
Bookhamer Geo. shoemaker, 11 Moore al 
Bookman Hannah, junk, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Henry, peddler, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Joseph, cooper, 28 Willow 
Bookhultz George, butcher, 169 Hamburg 
Bookhultz John, tinner, 119 Hamburg 
Bookhultz Henry, shoemaker, 30 Scott 
Bookmeyer Frederick, wheelwright, 107 Hen- 
Boom John, lamplighter, 226 s Ann 
Boon John, shoemaker, 94 Richmond 

Agents for Bosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass 'Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Boon John R. machinist, 124 Saratoga 
Boon Oliver Y. boxmaker, 162 n Fremont 
Boon Robert W. cabinetmaker, 55 Harford av 
Boon Wm. moulder. Cathedral near Nortli- 

ern av 
Boone C. W. clerk, 223 e Lombard 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 55 n Eden 
BOONE DR. JAMES 11. 845 w Baltimore 
Boone John W. clerk, 223 e Lombard 
Boone John H. D. jr., tavern, s e cor Second 

and Frederick, dw 3'78 n Gay 
Boone John H. D. 36 Greenmount av 
Boone Matthew, moulder, 89 Mound 
Boone Nicholas, watchman Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank, 186 Aisqnith 
Boone Samuel, 1 West Falls av 
I5oone Mrs. Virginia, 70 Conway 
Boone Wm. G. painter, 257 Gough 
Boone Wm. M. bookkeeper, 126 Mulberry 
Boone Wm. cabinetmaker, 788 w Baltimore 
I>oone Wm. cabinetmaker, 152 n Exeter 
Boone Wm. H. steam fitter, 166 Aisqnith 
Booth tj- Bro. (George W. Booth, Henry A. 
Booth, ) house and sign painters, 47 HoUiday 
Booth George W. (Booth & Bro.) 247 n Eden 
Booth Henry A. (Booth & Bro.) 247 n Eden 
Booth Henry A. i)ainter, 30 Gough 
Booth Henry, confectionery, n w cor Light 

and Barre 
Booth .Josiah, painter, 17 Gough 
Booth John H. mariner, 159 s Chester 
Booth Jane, 3 Thomsen 
Booth John, clerk, 129 Forrest 
Booth John C. upholsterer. 219 Aisquith 
Booth Joseph, upholsterer, 114 Aisquith 
Booth Joseph, plasterer. 51 Preston 
Booth Mrs. Mary, 164 n Exeter 
Booth Marshall, pilot, 190 Montgomery 
Booth R. R. dentist, 49 w Baltimore near Gay 
Booth Robert, machinist, 73 Orleans 
Booth Robert, book agent, 63 w Fayette, dw 

33 n Calvert 
Booth Wm. (Albert & Booth.) 642 w Fayette 
Booth Wm. H. cigar maker, 125Hillen 
Booth Wm. 0. L. painter, s e cor Gough and 

Booth Washington, (Fitzgerald, Booths Co.) 
Rennert house, n e cor Saratoga and Liberty 
Bootman John, mariner, 110 s Wolfe 
Booz Thomas & Bro. (Thomas Booz and 
Charles W. Booz,) ship builders, Atlantic 
whf Boston, Canton 
Booz Benjamin, collector, 123 s Washington 
Booz Charles W. (Thomas Booz & Bro.) 125 

s Ann 
Booz Daniel W. ship carpenter, 178 s Ann 
Booz P^dward G. ship carpenter, 249 Gough 
Booz Henry P. ship carpenter, 49 s Regester 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 196 Bank 
Booz James, house, ship and sign painter, 193 

Boston, Canton 
Booz Thomas, (Thomas Booz ^- Bro.) 142 

Booz Wm. 15. clerk, 202 Eastern av 
Booz Wm. B. ship carpenter, 149 s Ann 
Booze James W. oyster packer, 92 n Broadway 
Booze Joseph, wood dealer, 331 Light 
Booze Marcellus J. jr., wood dealer, 77 Wil- 
Booze Capt. Wm. S. wood dealer, 83 William 
Booze Wm. wood dealer, 77 William 
Bopp Caspar, shoemaker, 235 Eastern av 

Bopp Charles, carver, 155 s Charles 
Bopp George, clothing cutter, 413 Light 
Bopp John, gardener. 513 Canton av 
Bopp Lawrence, clothier, 154 Light-st. wharf, 

dw 413 Light 
Bopp Lawrence, dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp Mrs. Mary, gardening, betw. West-st. 

and Fort av 
Boque Robert, tinner, rear 104 Franklin 
Boram Abraham, ropemaker, 39 Abbot 
Borara George W. clerk, 61 s Washington 
Borax Henrv, rags, 228 s Durham 
BORCIIERDING JOHN G. restaurant, 13 

Borchers Wilhemina, confectioner, 31 Haiii{)- 

Border S. B. baggage master, Franklin house 
Bordlemase Gotwal, 226 s Bethel 
Bordley John C. bookkeeper, 140 n High 
Bordley Josephus, law student, 269 e Pratt 
Bordlev Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, 87 n 

Bordley Samuel C. tinner, 111 Conway 
Bordley Wm. C. sr. bookkeeper, 64 North 
Bordley Wm. C. jr. clerk, Mechanics' National 

Bank, 87 n Charles 
Borgan John, laborer, 177 Stirling 
Borgealt Alfred, painter, 91 Peirce 
Borged George, butcher, 105 Raborg 
Borgman Francis, laborer, 18 Haw 
Borgman Henry, wheelwright, 68 Greenm't av 
Borgman Henry, cabinetmaker, 45 Clay 
Boring E. H. stone cutter, 302 Franklin 
Boring John T. ^ Co. (J. T. Boring, John H. 

Ireland, ) tobacconist, 265 w Pratt 
Boring John T. (J. T. Boring cj- Co.) 96 sPaca 
Boring John T. dealer in tobacco and cigars, 

73 Columbia 
Borman Christian, laborer, 100 n Spring 
Borman Mrs. Mary, 28 s Ann 
Borman Wm. baker, 110 n Fremont 
Born August, baker, 216 Hollins 
Born Herman, dealer in liquors, wines. &c., s 

w cor Hanover and Camden, dw 16 Warner 
Born Herman, blacksmith, 380 Saratoga 
Born John, grocer}', 124 n Caroline 
Born John, grocery, 41 Chatsworth 
Born Jos. (Kessler ^•Born,)n e cor Lexington 

and Schroeder 
Born Tobias, furn. wagoner, 82 n Schroeder 
Borneman Henry W. tailor, 72 Thaiues 
Borner Gotleib, tanner, 57 Buren 
Bornheim Wra. trimmings, 107 Aisquith 
Bornhorn Henry J. carpenter, 64 s Wolfe 
Bornitz Frederick, grocery, 107 e Madison 
Bornmuller Gebhard, printer, 11 Lanvale 
Bornschlagel George, laborer, 1 Hyde ct 
Bornshine Mrs. T. milliner, 215 Hanover 
Bornshine Theodore, musician, 215 Hanover 
Borrouich George, s w cor Grant and Water 
Borton Mrs. Matilda, dressmaker, 4 Courtland 
Bory Frederick, laborer, 6 Bolton al 
Bosche George H. tanner, 96 n Ann 
Bosche Sylvia, grocery, 96 n Ann 
Bose Bernard, silversmith, 25 Centre Market 

Bose William, 114 St. Paul 
Bosee Henry, clerk, N. C. R. 97 w Biddle 
Bosh George H. clerk, 96 n Ann 
Boshammer Henry, wagoner, 86 s Regester 
Boshammer Henry C. shoemaker, 86 s Regester 
Boslev Bernard, shoemaker, 354 William 

THE GUOVER <i(i BAKER SEAVIXG MACHINE is tlie best for all purposes— SALES 
R003I!)— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 



wBoslej' Edward, sup't machinerv, Mt. Clare 
gJosley E. M. jr. clerk P. O. Gl 'Barre 
jVlIosIey George W. cigarmaker, 90 Walker ct 
rjBosley Jarrett, carpenter, St. Mary's ct 
pBosley John, grocery, 206 Bank 
pBosley John, laborer, n w cor Charles and 
r Camden 

jBosley John, (ofWm.) weigher Cattle scales, 
1 Caiverton road, dw Baltimore county 
BOSLEY JOHN C. restaurant, 18: Lexington 
Bosley Joseph C. baker, 5 e Pratt 
dosley J. W. caulker, 4G Montgomery 
•Josley Mrs. Mary L. 191 Aisquith 
Bosley Nicholas M. clerk, 61 Barre 
Bosley Mrs. R. C. boarding house, 26 n Holliday 
Bosley Talbot, carter, 75 Chew 
Bosley Washington, of City Pass. R. W. 30 s 

Bosley Wm. H. printer, 54 n Bond 
Bosraan Alexander, carpenter, 411s Charles 
Bosman Capt. Isaac II. mariner, 47 s Bond 
Bosman Sandy, laborer, 235 Cross 
Bosman S. 247 w Lombard 
Bosman Thos. E. mariner. 114 s Eden 
Bosniilh Wm. J. shipsawyer, 210 Cross 
Boss Anton, lager beer, 59 s Wolfe 
Boss Berkard, tailor, 139 u Bond 
Boss Francis, cooper, 164 s Spring 
Boss Geo. L. dealer in wines, n w cor South 

and Water, dw 21 Chatsworth 
Boss George, cooper, 345 s Bond 
Boss George, mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, plumber, 109 Thames, dw 139 s 

Boss Henry, upholsterer, 123 n Eutaw, dw 68 

Boss John, blacksmith, 14 Picston 
Boss Mrs. Martha, 28 n Bond 
Boss Mrs. Mary, 191 e Pratt 
Boss Nap, watchman, 191 e Pratt 
Bossart Paul, telegraphist, 102 n High 
Bossee Andreas, shoemaker, 51 L. Montgomery 
Bosselle Lewis, fancy store, HSj s Broadway 
Bosselle Lewis, cigarmaker, 65 Granby 
Bosselle Louis sr. 65 Granby- 
Bossien (,'harlcs. cooper, 12 Leadenhall 
Bessie Charles, baker, 5 c^- 7 e Pratt 
l>ossle Joseph, baker, 5 t)i" 7 e Pratt 
Bosson James W. sr. upholsterer, 133 Dolphin 
Bosson James W. jr. u[)holsterer, n e cor Sluirp 

and German, dw 133 Dolphin 
Boster Wm. carjienter, i;» s Cannon 
Bostick .Mrs. Ann, 15 New 
Bostick Ferdinand, hostler. 15 New 
Boston Charles G. telegraphist. 67 s High 
Boston Charles, carpenter, 119 s Eden 
Boston Edward A. 362 e Baltimore 
Boston Henry, feed store, n e cor Charles and 

Barre, dw 168 Hanover 
Boston Jacob, messenger, Baltimore city col- 
lege, n w cor Holliday and Fayette 
Boston Jacob W. can maker, n e cor Holliday 

and Fayette 
Boston John E. H. (E L. Parker & Co.) 415 

w Fayette 
Boston Louisa R. seamstress, 205 Raborg 
Boston .Mrs. Mar^-, seamstress, 205 Raborg 
Boston Samuel A. puddler, 163 s Wolfe 
Boston Wm, I, trunkmaker, 205 Raborg 
Boston Wm. T. sailmaker, 119 s Eden 
Bostwick Joseph, iron worker, 130 s Cen- 
tral av 

Boswell Benjamin, clerk, 27 s Howard 
Boswell Benj. carpenter, 12 Mulberry 
Boswell & Dorsett, (.\I.' F. S. Boswell, John 
F. Dorsett, ) grocers and commission merch- 
ants, 143 w Pratt 
Boswell Elizabeth, millinery, 14 Henrietta 
Boswell Josephine, 134 Columbia 
Boswell M. F. S. (B. cj- Dorsett) 159 n Charles 
Boswell Wm. brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Bosworth Ebenezer C. clerk, lis Carey 
Bosworth Jeremiah, messenger Adams express, 

31 .McIIenry 
Bosworth Keziah, 31 McHenry 
Bosworth Thomas, watchman custom house, 

112 Orleans 
Botee George A. 68 s Republican 
Botes Wm. F. brakesman, 68 s Republican 
Boteler Andrew K. carpenter, 374 Franklin 
Boteler Andrew K. carpenter, Walsh near 

Boteler Beverly W. chief clerk B. tj- 0. R.R. 

481 w Fayette 
Boteler C. R. dentist, 183 e Baltimore 
Boteler Isaac, carpenter, 5S Josephine 
Boteler J. Milton, clerk B. & O. R.R. 591 w 

Both Henry, draj-man, 72 John al 
Bothe Julius, teacher, 319 s Charles 
Bothmann Gustavus, lager beer saloon, 99 

Bothmann E. F. C. 202 Hanover 
Bothoff George, cooper, 240 Cross 
Bothoff Jacob, cooper, 93 Plum al 
Bothoff Jacob, oak cooper, 334 s Sharp 
Botling Francis, cigarmaker, 180 Orleans 
Botte Jessup, barber. 1 s Castle 
Bottomer Frederick J. boot and shoemaker, 

112 Saratoga 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottomer Frederick G. clerk, 112 Saratoga 
Bottrill Francis, brass finisher, 149 e Monu- 
Bottrill Francis, furniture wagoner, 3 Bolton 
Bottrill Isaac, 323 Penna. avenue 
Bottrill Mary A. n w cor Chew and Somerset 
Botts Mrs. Anna, 221 Montgomery 
Botzler Mrs. Augusta, grocery, 67 Chew 
Botzler John, carpenter, 206 s Chapel 
Botzler John, milk, 67 Chew 
Boubert Charles, janitor, 168 s Bethel 
Boubert Wm. ship joiner, 168 s Bethel 
Boubin Barbara, tailoress. 145 s AVolfe 
Bouce John, moulder, 7 Cooksie 
Boucher Wm. Jr. musical in,strument maker, 

38 e Baltimore, dw 77 Cathedral 
Bouchct Joseph A. stone cutter, 31 Constitu- 
Bouchet John M. printer, 42 Constitution 
Boucsein Lewis, apothecarv, s e cor Pratt and 

Boner George, cabinetmaker. 340 s Sharp 
Boughan Patrick, laborer, 9 .McLeary ct 
Bouerfient Henry, watchman, 13 s Durham 
Bouerfelt Wm. laborer, 87 Johnson 
Bouis John H. bookkeeper, 127 n Broadway 
Bonis John, iron worker, 125 n Broadway 
Bouis Stephen, jr, commercial broker, s e cor 

Pratt and Eutaw 
Boulden Mrs. Jared, 43 s Bond 
Boulden Mrs. Jane, 43 s Bond 
Boulden Wm. J. carpenter, 72 s Washing- 

THE GROVEIR <!k BAKER SEIVINfi MACHINE U the best for all purposes— SAL.KJ$ 
ROOMS— 181 Bnltiinore Street. 

DK. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Boulden John W. letter carrier, 173 n Eutaw 
Boulden Lewis, foiindryman, Gist, between 

Eastern and Canton av 
Bouldin Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquith 
liouldin Alfred, carpenter, s e cor Aisquith 

and Chew 
BOULDIN AUGUSTUS, surveyor, over 11 

North, dw 38 Aisquith 
Bouldin Charles II. bookkeeper, 28 n Calvert 
Bouldin Dalryniple, car driver, Belair av ex- 
Bouldin George H. police, Belair av extended 
Bouldin Mary A . 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Owen & Bro. (R. J. Bouldin, 0. 

Bouldin) surveyors, over 11 North 
Bouldin Owen, (6. B. & Bro.) 63 e Favette 
Bouldin Randolph J. attorney, 54 w Fayette, 

dw 542 Lexington 
Bouldin Richard J. (Owen B. ^ Bro.) 63 e Fay- 
Bouldin Susanna S. 215 Aisquith 
Boult Thos. FI. 137 n Exeter 
Boult Thos. H. jr. real estate broker, 18 s Ann 
Boult John, 13*7 n E.-teter 
Bourguet Francis, 714 Lexington 
Bourbo August, cook, 119 Mulberry 
Bourke Thomas, engraver, 418 w Fayette 
Bourne George, 710 Saratoga 
Bourne Mrs. E. M. Ill Park 
Bourne Francis, salesman, 412 w Fayette 
Bourne Richard B. mariner, 14 Fell 
Bourne Samuel, hatter, 53,V Harrison, dw 60 n 

Boury Lewis, Fountain hotel 
Bousat John, painter, 139 Peirce 
Bousch Conrad, laborer, 60 Philpot 
Bousz August, currier, 71 Centre Market space 
Bowden Mrs. Jane, grocery, 139 e Madison 
Bowden Samuel, milkman, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Bowdle Mrs. Sallie, 76 n Charles 
Bowdoin George E. commission merchant, 95 

Smith's wh. dw 130 n Charles 
Bowdoin \Vm. G. bookkeeper, Alexander 

Brown ^ Sons, 130 n Charles 
Bowe Patrick H. glass cutter, 11 Henry 
Bowel Wm. trunkmaker, 76 Hanover 
Bowen Amos, conductor, 219 Conway 
Bowen Andrew J. reporter, 41 Greenmountav 
Bowen Mrs. Angeline, 146 n Fremont 
Bowen Mrs. Ann, 189 Hanover 
Bowen Charles, 121s Caroline 
Bowen Mrs. Druzillar C. 101 William 
Bowen Edward L. butcher, 1 n Wolfe 
Bowen & Fairbank, (Levi Bowen, Edward 

Fairbank,) shipsmiths, foot Hamburg 
Bowen George S. (.Mowbray & Bowen,) 20 

Jackson square 
Bowen George W. printer, 40 w Biddle 
Bowen George W. (Bowen <5- Mercer, ) 20 Jack- 
son sq 
Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 82 Lexington and 

42 Centre markets, dw 54 w Hoffman 
Bowen Granville, carpenter, 8 Fremont 
Bowen Henry, shoemaker, 243 s Charles 
Bowen Dr. llenry P. 17 n High 
Bowen Hernandis, laborer, 239 n Bond 
Bowen Isaac, n e cor Penna. av and Clifton 
Bowen Jesse N. painter, 14G Orleans 
Bowen John, coppersmelter, 15 Cuba 
Bowen J. S. clerk, (>6 s Washington 
Bowen John A. 62 n Gilmor 

Bowen John F. butcher, 68 Lexington market, 

dw Penna av extended 
Bowen John L. (J. L. B. .j- Yardley,) 180 n 

Bowen John L. <^ Yardley, (John L. Bowen, 
Charles Yardle.y, ) manufacturers boots and 
shoes, 280 w Baltimore 
Bowen John McC. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Bowen Joseph M. clerk P. 0. 342 w Favette 
Bowen Levi, (Bowen & Fairbank,) 67 William 
Bowen Mrs. Lonisana, 233 n Bond 
BOWEN & MERCER, (George W. Bowen, 
Chas. H. Mercer,) oil dealers, 3 Exchange 
Bowen Mary A. 6 Preston 
Bowen Nathaniel M. boot and shoemaker, 20 

and 103 Camden, dw 20 
Bowen Nicholas, tavern, 21 Foundry 
Bowen Osw.ald, varnisher, 159 Orleans 
Bowen Richard S. (Adkisson & Co.) 189 Han- 
Bowen Samuel W. plasterer, 56 Jefferson 
Bowen Solomon, flour and feed, 855 w Balti- 
Bowen Thos. butcher, 61 Hanover and 68 Lex- 
ington markets, dw 771 Northern av 
Bowen Thomas, butcher, 3 Telegraph 
Bowen Tobias S. clerk, 66 s Washington 
Bowen Thos. II. painter, 194 n Sharp 
Bowen Wm. H. machine moulder, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. H. brassfinisher, 23 e Madison 
Bower Adam, porter, 19 n Durham 
Bower Anton, laborer, 356 e Eager 
Bower Casper, shoemaker, 175 s Eden 
Bower Caspar, 28 Philpot 
Bower Christian, laborer, 64 Granby 
Bovver Conrad, furniture wagons, 90 s Wolfe 
Bower Edward, clothing cutter, 72 s Bethel 
Bower Edward C. hatter, 156 n Eden 
Bower George, blacksmith, 54 Rock 
Bower George, laborer, 106 West 
Bower John, shoemaker, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John A. shoemaker, 110 s Washington 
Bower Mrs. John J. 494 Saratoga 
Bower J. Jacob, butcher, 510 Saratoga 
Bower John, tinner, 156 n Eden 
Bower John, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Bower John Q. A. clothing cutter, 249 e Pratt 
Bower Margaret, tailoress, 216 e Eager 
Bower Mathias, tailor, 136 n Eden 
Bower Nicholas, laborer, 30 Shakspear 
Bower Wm. jr. machinist, 141 King 
Bower Wm. blacksmith, 141 King 
Bower Wm. moulder, 205 Conwav 
Bowerman Andreas, tailor, 345 e Lombard 
Bowerman Emma, 416 w Fayette 
Bowerman Grace, 416 w Fayette 
Bowerman Henry N. bookkeeper, 537 w Fay- 
Bowerman Henry, bookkeeper, Relav House, 

B. cj- 0. R. R. 
Bowerman James B. (Hyland, Bowerman k 

Co. ) 537 w Fayette 
BOWERMAN RICHARD N. deputy collector 

customs, dw 24 Pleasant 
Bowerman Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 416 

w Fayette 
Bowerman Wm. H. clerk, 537 w Fayette 
Bowers Adam, laborer, 161 L. Green 
Bowers Boswell, clerk, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Catherine, 126 Raborg 
Bowers Charles B. clerk, 384 w Fayette 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Euta'w. 




Bowers Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bowers Charles, carpenter, 36G n Gay 
Bowers Rev. Daniel, 99 e Fayette 
Bowers Edward, artist, 159 e Monument 
Bowers F. B. druggist, 4 s IJigh 
Bowers Frederick J. painter, 244 Conway 
Bowers George E. wood carter, 130 e Madison 
Bowers George, confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bowers George, piano polisher, 38^ w Balti- 
Bowers George, laborer, 60 Walnut al 
Bowers Greenburj- L. shoemaker, 420 Penna. 

Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers Henry A. (Wm. Bowers & Sons,) 384 

w Fayette 
Bowers Henry, car driver, 10 Davis 
Bowers Henry, telegraphist, 198 Madison av 
Bowers Henry, 159 e Monument 
Bowers Henry C. furniture wagoner, 33 s 

Bowers Jacob, laborer, 25 Thames 
Bovvers James AV. apothecary, 705 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers James W. shoemaker, 420 Penna. av 
Bowers John, lager beer, 184 Bank 
Bowers John, well digser, 6 Point la 
Bowers John, driver, 3 Calverton road 
Bowers John, ship car])enter, 28 Philpot 
Bowers John, cooper, 15 Elliott 
Bowers John, wheelwright, 518 Penna. av 
Bowers John, butcher, Walsh near Fremont 
Bowers John E. (Wm. Bowers & Son) 384 w 

Bowers John, machinist, 27 Brown 
Bowers John, laborer, 168 s Bethel 
Bowers John M. shoemaker, 22 Chesnut 
Bowers Joseph, machinist, cor Paca and Fre- 
Bowers Josiah, machinist, 5 w Lombard 
Bowers Mary Ann, confectionery, 150 s Fre- 
Bowers Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Maria L. 16 s Central av 
Bowers Martin H. plumber, 169 Barre 
Bowers Mary Ann, confect'y. 25 w Lombard 
Bowers Mathias, carpenter, 159 e jMon.ument 
Bowers Roswell N. bookkeeper, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Oliver, brickmoulder, Canton n of 

Bowers Peter, laborer, 99 Druid Hill av 
Bowers Mrs. P. crockery and glass, 27 Brown 
Bowers Samuel C. tavern, 75 Penna. av 
Bowers Thomas M. tobacconist, 70 w Pratt, 

dw 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm. boilermaker, 19 James la 
Bowers Wm. & Sons, (Wm. Bowers, Wm. T. 
Bowers, Henry A. Bowers, ) coachmakers, 
406 w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. H. conductor, 52 s Schroeder 
Bowers Wm. (Wm. Bowers ^- Sons, ) 384 w 

Bowers Wm. T. (Wm. Bowers & Sons) 18 u 

Bowers Wm. (Brune 4' Bowers) 5S Albemarle 
Bowersock Austin, clerk, 230 German 
Bowersock George W. clerk Adams' Express 

company, 116 Pine 
Bowersock J. W. telegraph operator, 149 Druid 

Hill av 
Bowersock Wm. H. clerk, 116 Pine 
BOWERSOX DAVID M. carp'r, 136 Raborg 

Bo we: SOX John, laborer, 75 Dawson al 
Bowersox John, laborer, 96 St. Peter 
Bowersox Maria, 291 w Fayette 
Bowersox Mrs. Mary, 75 Dawson al 
Bowersox Theodore King, sales' n, 229 Saratoga 
Bowes John (Starr, Bowes ^- Co.) 629 w Lom- 
Bo '.vie Benjamin, 346 Harford av 
Bowie Bernard, laborer, 117 Chew 
Bowie George W. painter, 11 u Bond 
Bowie George W. j)ainter, 72 s Regester 
Bowie Henry C. sailmaker, 1 1 n Bond 
Bowie James, tailor, 1 1 n Bond 
Bowie Mrs. R. M. 254 Madison av 
Bowie Mrs. Malvina H. 4 McCulloh 
Bowie Strafford H. clerk, 4 McCulloh 
Bowie Wallace A., U. S. N., 254 Madison av 
Bowie Wm. gents furnishing store, 241 e Bal- 
Bowie Wm. tailor, n w cor Orleans and Bond 
Bowitsch Ellas, clothing, 245 s Charles 
Bowles Jane J. boarding, 281 w Fayette 
Bowles John S. 11 n Strieker 
Bowling Alexander, clerk, 62 Barre 
Bowling Mrs. Elizabeth, 191 w Hoffman 
Bowling James T., U. S. N.. 118 s Caroline 
Bowling John L. jr. 98 n Wolfe 
Bowling John L. shipsmith, 98 n Wolfe 
Bowling J. William, (B. cj- Webb) 191 w 

BOWLING & WEBB, (J. Wm. Bowling, 
John A. Webb) apothecaries, n w cor Madi- 
son and Biddle 
Bowling Thos. pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Thomas W. property and commission 

agent, 56 w Fayette, dw 109 
Bowling Wm. L 145 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. N. civil engineer, 98 n Charles 
Bowly John, laborer, 15 Abbott 
Bowman Charles, butcher, Orleans, 2 doors e 

of Castle 
Bowman George, laborer, 73 Preston 
Bowman Henry C. plumber, 104 n Howard, 

dw 102 Walsh 
Bowman John W. steward, Maltby house 
Bowman John M. gardener, n e cor Franklin 

and Gilmor 
Bowman Joshua, sailmaker, 74 n Ann 
Bowman Robert M. clerk. 65 n Howard 
BOWMAN WM. <5- SON, (Wm. Bowman. 
Wm. E. B.) general dealers in old iron and 
metal, 116 Eastern av., and s w cor Eastern 
av and Eden 
Bowman Wm. (Wm. Bowman J- Sou) 41 

miles on Hatford road 
Bowman Wm. E. (Wm. Bowman <j-Son) 58 s 

Bowman Wra. glass blower, 141 Montgomery 
Bowman Wm. laborer, 26 Hamburg 
Bowman Wm. machinist, 160 Scott 
Bowne Charles S. police, 58 s Bond 
Bowne Edward S. wholesale boots and shoes, 

2 s Howard, dw 11 2 n Charles 
Bowne Joseph D. 58 s Bond 
Bowness Joseph, juuk dealer, 271 s Fremont 
Bowyer Theodore, wheelwright, 370 n Gay 
I'oxold George W. ship carpenter, Orleans btw 

Atin and Broadway 
Boyce Edward, watchman, 13 Ogston 
Boycc James, (James Boyce & Co.) prest. 
Franklin Coal Co. and American Gas Coal 
Co. 291 Madison av 

THE GROVER & IIAKEK SEWING MA( HIIVE is tUe best for all pttrposes— SAr.ES 
K003IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




BOYCE JAMES & CO., (James Boyce, Benj. 
P. Power, ) coal merchants, office over 44 
Second, yards 485 n Howard, n w cor North 
and Madison and foot of Concord 
Boyce Thomas, 108 s Paca 
Boyce Wm. laborer, 145 West 
Boyd A. McK. (B. Pearre & Co.) Maltby house 
Boyd Albert II. clerk, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Aloysius, machinist, 311 Forrest 
Boyd Andrew, mariner, 83 North 
Boyd -Mrs. Anna, 80 e Baltimore 
Boyd Benjamin, shoemaker, 523 Saratoga 
Boyd Mrs. Elizabeth A. n e cor Gihnor and 

Liberty road 
BOYD FRANCIS II. B. fire inspector. City 
Hall building, and carpenter, Bradenbaugh 
al, dw n w cor Oregon and Townsend 
Boyd Mrs. Frances, laundress, 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Frederick, butcher, 146 Columbia 
Boyd George S. ^- Co. (Geo. S. Boyd, Wm. 

Reese) clothiers, 29 w Baltimore 
Boyd Geo. S. (Geo, S. Boyd 4- Co.) 23 n Re- 
Boyd Hugh S. property agent, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Capt. Isaac L. agent People's Line S. B. 

Co. 14 William 
Boyd James, clerk, s w cor Fremont and Co- 
Boyd James D. mariner, 203 Bank 
Boyd James H. saddler, IH w Pratt 
Boyd James T. 190 e Baltimore 
Boyd James, butcher, 202 Scott 
Boyd James, carpenter, 71s Bond 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 255 Light 
Boyd John C. clerk Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. sn e Eager 
Boyd John E. provisions, s w cor Fremont and 

Boyd John G. attorney, 695 Lexington 
!'>oyd John W. jiolice, 107 s Ann 
Boyd John J. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Boyd John, clerk, 96 Lee 

BOYD JOHN, dealer in Malt and 
Hops, Malt House, foot of Eutaw 
St. Office 14 South Gay, dw North- 
ern av. — l_Seep. 19 Advertisements. "^ 

Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Cbew 

Boyd Joseph B. (W. A. Megraw ^' Co.) 28 n 

Boyd Joseph E. cattle dealer, 143 s Fremont 
f?oyd Joseph H. (Burnett c^ Boyd,) 270 e Bal- 
Boyd Lewis J. M. engineer, 74 William 
Boyd Mary P. 3 Cathedral 
Boyd Mary J. 3 Elliott 
Boyd Michael, peddler, 22 s Bethel 
Boyd Nicholas, cigarmaker, 219 n Caroline 
Boyd Philip D. clerk P. 0. 71o Lexington 
Boyd, Pearre ^- Co. (A. McK. Boyd, A. Pear- 
re, 0. H. Pearre,) wholesale dry goods, 8 
Boyd Samuel C. police, 33C e Fayette 
Boyd Samuel C. police, Wolfe 2 doors s Fay- 
Boyd Samuel R. clerk, 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Sanuiel, shoemaker, 545 Saratoga 
Boyd Mrs. Sarah, tailorcss, 52 e Eager 
Boyd Susan, 6G e Lombard 
Boyd Thomas S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 

Boyd Wm. A. (Wm. A. Boyd cj- Co.) 108 

Harford av 
Boyd Wm. A., jr. (Wm. A. Boyd <j- Co.) Han- 
over, ))tw Camden and Conway 
Boyd Wm. B. In-ickmaker, 162 n Bond 
Boyd Wm. B. lager beer and wine saloon, 8 n 

Boyd Wm. H. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. puddler, 141 s Washington 
BOYD WM. A. cJ- CO., (Wm. A. Boyd, B. F. 
Gees, Wm. A. Boyd, jr.) leaf and manuf. 
tobacco, cigars and snuffs, 33 South 
Boyd Wm. laborer. 09 Front, n of Foundry 
Boyd Wilson R. (Cowman cj- B.) 26 Pearl 
Boyer Charles H. moulder, 115 u Bond 
Boyer Daniel C. comluctor N. C. R. R., Gilmor 

Boyer George, saddletree maker, n w cor Balti- 
more and Bond 
Boyer James, caulker, 366 Canton av 
Boyer John H. clothing cutter, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer John H. conductor, AVashington hotel 
Boyer Mary, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Mrs. Sarah S. 15 n Caroline 
Boyer Samuel A. (S. A. Boyer ^- Co.) 240 e 

BoA'er S. A. S^ Co. (Samuel A. Boyer, James 

B. McElroy,) saddletree manuf. 12 s Front 
Boyer Thomas H. carpenter, rear 7 Lovely lauc, 

dw 15 n Caroline 
Boyer Wm. W. clerk, 15 n Caroline 
Boyer Wm W. tinner, 15 n Caroline 
Boyer Wm. E. sawyer, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Wm. H. saw miller, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Wm. carpenter, 13 Wyeth 
Boyer Wm. laborer, 69 Front, n of Foundry 
Boykin Dr. Thomas J. (Carr, Boykin ^- Co.) 

95 Saratoga 
Boylan George, confectioner, 703 w Baltimore 
Boylan James, mariner, 37 Harford av 
Boylan Owen, driver, 66 Perrv 
Boylane Thomas, clerk, at Guy's hotel, n ecor 

Calvert and Fayette 
Boyle Barney, laborer, 208 North 
Boyle Benj. stone cutter. Farmers' hotel 
Boyle Bernard, laborer, 93 Lancaster 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 55 s Dewberry al 
Boyle David, laborer, 20 Valley 
Boyle G.K. clerk, 173 Mulberry 
Boyle James, blacksmith, 30 e Monument 
Boyle James W. bookkeeper, Eden ))etw. Jef- 
ferson and McElderry 
Boyle James, laborer, 139 Ensor 
Boyle James, grocery, liquor and feed store, a 

w cor Hillcu and Chesnut 
Boyle James, carpenter, 301 s Pa<a 
Boyle John B. treas. Western Maryland Rail- 
road Co. Westminster, Carroll co 
Boyle John, laborer, 66 s Oregon 
Boyle Joshua Y. bookkeeper, 160 Mulberry 
Boyle Lawrence, grocery, 21 w Chase 
Boyle Martin, shoemaker, 49 Preston 
Boyle Michael, farmer, 1 s Schroeder 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 66 s Oregon 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 195 East 
Boyle Robert, porter, 23 Ensor 
Boyle Wm. H., inspector custom house, dw 77 

n Broadway 
Boyle Wm. K., book and job printer, over cor 

Baltimore and St. Paul, dw 87 n Eutaw 
MORE, 47 Holliday, Henry Bittleston. supt 

THJB GROVKR & BAKKR SE:^VI\(i MACHINE: is the best for all purpa«cs— SAI.KS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 









IJoxwell Wra. tailor, 325 w Lombard 

Bozman Edward, oiler, 15 \v Biddle 

Braby Edward W. porter, 1 McIIenry 

IJracher Frederick, machinist, 30 Cross 

Brachcr Win. blaclvsraitli, 2 New 

r.raco Edward N. clerk, Lanvale 3 doors w of 

Bracco Edward L. salesman, 10 n Howard 
Brack Albert, machinist, 91 n Exeter 
Brack Albert, machinist, 13 McElderry 
Brack Ann M. confectionery, 399 n Gay 
BRACK CIIAS. E. apothecary, n w cor Ensor 

and Forrest 
Brack Charles, moulder, Clinton opp Patapsco 

Brack Christian, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Bracker Anton, peddler, 100 s Wolfe 
Bracken John F. tinner, 44 Hillen 
Brackenridtre Thomas, carter, 338 n Howard 
Bracker Ludwig, tailor, 18 Shakespear 
Brackin Ileury W. cooper. 93 n Caroline 

Brackin , 13G Cathedral 

Brackin John, laborer, 106 Harford av 
r.r.ackland B. jeweler and watchmaker 18 w 

BRACKMANN PROP. A. F. 356 n Eutaw 
Brackner Charles, cabinetmaker, 166 Barre 
Brackney Francis I. foreman, 80 n Schroeder 
Braconier Gustave, bookkeeper, 248 w Fayette 
Bradburn Jlrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 160 

Greenmount av 
Bradburn Isaac, painter, 160 Greenmount av 
Bradburn Sarah, teacher, 221 Orleans 
Brademeyer Charles M. 72 Lexingrton 
Braden Albert A. moulder, Bolton bet. Dolphin 

and Lanvale 
Braden Mrs. Catharine, seamstress, 132 Preston 
Braden George W. oyster dealer, 2T6 n Howard 
Braden George W. salesman, 176 n Howard 
Braden James (F. King & Co.) Bolton near 

Braden John C. salesman, 175 Vine 
Braden Robert J. salesman, 97 Mound 
Braden Wm. 276 n Howard 
Bradenbaugh Frank, clerk, 32 s Sharp 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmaker, Frederick av 

w of Mount 
Bradenbaugh R. B. clerk, 95 Saratoga 
P>radenbaugh J. Oliver, clerk, 681 Lexington 
Bradford A. W. surveyor jjort of Baltimore, 21 

a Calhoun 
Bradford, Dr. Charles H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford George W. (Bingham tj-R.) 282 n 

Bradford James, laborer, 39 Dolphin 
Bradford James T. clerk, 34 Tyson 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, 8 Frederick av 

dw 452 Lexington 
Bradford John L. (Adams, Graham <j' Co.) 

Miller's hotel 
Bradford Jos. miller, Calverton Mills, near 

Bradford Mary, millinery goods, 155 w Madison 
Bradford Rachel, grocery, 39 Dolphin 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tailoress, 34 Tyson 
Bradford S. clerk, 63 e Pratt 
Bradford Samuel, clerk, 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Samuel H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Simon, engineer, 88 s Regestcr 
Bradford Thomas, clerk. 204 Garden 
Bradford Mrs. Wm.. Calverton Mills, near 


Bradford Wm. blacksmith, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Bradley Alexander, laborer, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Ann, 183 e Lombard 
Bradley Bartholomew, laborer, 234 Ostend 
Bradley Mrs. Bridget, 90 Ensor 
Bradley E. B. bookkeeper, 145 Park 
Bradley Henry, carpenter, 499 w Lombard 
Bradley Hugh, hackman, 26 n Fremont 
Bradley Mrs. Isabella, seamstress, 21 New 
Bradley J. M. clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Bradley James, laborer, 16 Spruce al 
Bradley James, brakesman, 357 Cathedral 
Bradlej' James H. cigarmaker, 282 s Charles 
Bradley James, laborer, 24 Hillen 
Bradley James L. cigarmaker, 282 s Charles 
Bradley John, hostler, 4 Diamond 
Bradley John F. 168 e Pratt 
Bradley John, gas fitter, 5 n Poppleton 
Bradley John, grocer}-, 89 Harford av 
Bradley Rev. Joseph H. 11 Watson 
Bradley Mary, grocery, 12 s Front 
Bradley Mary, 38 Cathedral 
Bradley Mary, clerk, 55 s Caroline 
Bradley Nicholas, harnessmaker, 789 w Balti- 
more, dw 32 s Paca 
Bradley Patrick E. grocer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Patrick, hackman, 823 w Baltimore 
Bradley Robert H. painter^ 241 Gough 
Bradley Samuel, ship joiner, 53 s Caroline 
Bradley Thomas B. carpenter, 241 s Sharp 
Bradley Wm. F. police, 269 Eastern av 
Bradlev Wm. W. 269 Eastern av 
BRADSTREET J. M. cj- SGN, mercantile 
agency, over 30 South, Wm. C. Nevin, supt 
Bradshaw James H. clerk U. S. appr. office, 35 

Bradshaw James, clerk, 35 Camden 
BRADSHAW JOHN J. house furnishing goods 

66 Pearl 
Brady Mrs. Ann, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Anna, grocery, 201 Montgomery 
Brad}' Bernard, laborer, 68 York 
Brady Mrs. Bridget, 49 Granby 
Brady Charles H. varnisher, 57 L McElderry 
Brady Conrad, locksmith, 481 w Lombard 
Brady Daniel J. B. clerk, 4 Mulberrj^ 
Brady Edward, laborer, 137 Hudson 
Brady Edward, carpenter, over 129 n Calvert, 

dw s e cor Howard and Madison 
Brady Jldward, tinner, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Edward S. machinist, 84 n Eden 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 84 n Eden 
Brady Elisha C. painter, 153 w Hoffman 
Brady Ellen, 249 s Dallas 
Brady George W. engineer, 161 n Paca 
Brady George W. sailmaker, 19 Gough 
Brady Greenbury, machine carpenter, 153 w 

Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 ^v Biddle 
Brady H. A. clerk, 227 w Biddle 
Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady Jas. E. bookkeeper, 31 w Biddle 
Brady James H. carpenter, 164 Scott 
Brady Capt. James W. 89 s Bond 
Brady James W. (Comegys, Brady &: Co.) 8f> 

s Bond 
Brady John, carpenter, 256 n Eutaw 
Brady John, gilder, 4 .Mulberry 
Brady John F. boots and shoes, 853 w Balti- 
more, dw 23 s Poppleton 
Brady John H. machinist, 153 w Hoffman 

THE GROTER & BAKER SE\VIN« MACHINE is the best tor all purposes- SAX<F.S 
ROOMS— 181 Bftltlmorc Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Brady John H. clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Jolin K. bookseller, 104 Lexington 
Brady John W.S. (J. Parkhurst, jr. & Co.) 13 

Brady Joseph, enrfine tender, 164 Scott 
Brady Lawrence E. groceries and dry goods, 

218 Harford av 
Brady Mrs. Margaret, 249 s Dallas 
Brady Mrs. Mary, 227 w Biddle 
Brady Michael, tinner, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Michael, jr. stonecutter, 25G n Eutaw 
Brady Michael, boilermaker, 68 York 
Brady Michael, laborer, 256 n Eutaw 
Brady Patrick, grocery, 197 Saratoga 
Brad}" Patrick, salesman, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 658 w Pratt 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 227 Hanover 
Brady Robert H. painter, 52 Orleans 
Brady Mrs. Rose. 75 s Chapel 
Brady S. Franklin, oak cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Thomas, blacksmith, 58 n Exeter 
Brady Thomas, tailor, 99 William 
Brady Thomas E. teacher, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Thomas F. engineer, 153 w Hoffman 
Brady Wni. laborer, 233 Gough 
Brady Wm. F. clerk N. C. R., 31 w Biddle 
Bradyhouse Richard, boatbuilder, 35 Thames 
Bradyhouse Thos. boatbuilder, foot of Bond, 

d\v 64 s Bond 
Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 138 s Wolfe 
Bradykamp Herman, type founder, 35S West 
Brafman Abraham, clothier, 32 Centre Market 

space, dw 20 Aisquith 
Brafman ^- Hardesty, (S. Brafman, R. W. 

Hardesty,) clothiers, 160 w Pratt 
Brafman Samuel, (Brafman & Hardesty,) 11 

Brag Aaron, clerk, 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon, furniture, 43 and 45 Penna av 

and 530 w Baltimore, dw 45 Penna av 
Bragg John H. carpenter, 137 Peirce 
Bragg Capt. Wm. F. carpenter, 519 Saratoga 
Braidwood John, moulder, 507 Saratoga 
Braim Casper, laborer, 47 Aliceanna 
Braim Paul, wood sawyer, 17 Greene ct 
Braim Valentine, tailor, 47 Aliceanna 
Brainard Rufns A. clerk, 17 Holland 
Braker Joseph, tailor, 301 n Central av 
Bramble Charles H. salesman, 4 n Caroline 
Bramble Grason, salesman, 137 s High 
Bramble Henry T. pilot, 10 Hamburg 
Bramble Sol. W. harnessmaker, 131 Barre 
Bramble Thomas mariner, 226 Barre 
Bramble Tyson, huckster, 116 Ensor 
Bramble Zora, police, 107 Druid Hill av 
Bramble Zora, porter, 144 Druid Hill av 
Bramin John, fruit stand, n e cor Pratt and 
. Frederick, dw 44 Milliman 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Co- 
Branal Wm. H. boilermaker, 20 Ogston 
Branbach Mary, 230 s Wolfe 
Brand A. J. jr. (B. & Klimkiewicz, ) 160 n 

Brand Ann, 106 Saratoga 
Brand Alexander J. wholesale tea dealer, s w 

cor Eutaw and Franklin, dw 160 n Eutaw 
Brand Charles, carpenter, 229 s Wolfe 
Brand Charles, tailor, 133 Raborg 
BRAND 4- KLLMKIEWICZ, (A. J. Brand, jr. 

J. A. Klimkiewicz,) general com. merchants 

and tea dealers, 23 Cheapside 

Br.and Conrad, basketmaker, SChesnutal 
Brand John, carpenter, 28 Bank 
Brand Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 
Brand Louis, jr. clerk, 160 n Eutaw 
Brand Rudoljjh, shoemaker, 183 Dover 
]?randau Frederick, lager beer, 10 Mc('lcllanal 
Brandau Rev. G. II. 155 n Paca 
Braudau Jacob, shoemaker, 12 s Republican 
Brandau John J. bookkeeper, 155 n Paca 
Brandau John P. butcher, 66 Belair and 71 
Centre markets, dw Jenkins' la^ rear Green- 
mount cemetery 
Brandel George, coach trimmer, Starr's hotel 
Brander Adam, pickler, 78 Penna av 
Brandes Fred'k F. cabinetmaker, 27 e Pratt 
Brandmuller Anton, peddler, 109 s (Ja.stle 
Brandmuller George, shoemaker, 101 West 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 123 Thames 
Brandt Anthony, laborer, 65 s Howard 
Brandt Bernard, (H. Brandt 4- Bro.) 29 

Brandt Emil, shoemaker, 256 e Pratt 
Brandt Frederick, caulker, Lincoln, 1 door n 

of Cross 
Brandt George, shoemaker, 9 Plowman 
Brandt George, drayman, 181 s Eden 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 20 s Eutaw 
Brandt Henry, restaurant, Eutaw bet Pratt 

and Camden 
Brandt H. cj- Bro. (H. Brandt, B. Brandt,) 

morocco dressers, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman, (H. Brandt ij- Bro.) 29 Sar- 
Brandt Jacob, jr. merchant, over 88 Light st 

whf, dw 48 Mt. Vernon place 
Brandt John, glover, 65 Centre Market space 
Brandt John L. confectioner, 65 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Brandt John, shoemaker, 9 Plowman 
Brandt John H. clerk, 424 w Lombard 
Brandt John, cooper, 340 s Charles 
Brandt John, carter, 116 Preston 
Brandt John M. teacher, 176 Hamburg 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 413 n Gay 
Brandt Louis, shoemaker, 313 e Lombard 
Brandt Louis, fireman, 102 s Caroline 
Brandt Louis, cigar store, 142 e Pratt 
Brandt Louis, shoemaker, 255 s Bond 
Brandt Louis, musician, 263 Mulberry 
Brandt Rebecca, confectionery, 7 n Pine 
Brandt Wm. shoemaker, 49 Albemarle 
BRANDY MICHAEL, horse shoer, 138 Cam- 
den, dw 104 s Eutaw 
Braning John, pianomaker, 255 3 Sharp 
Brankmiller Michael, hostler, 22 Preston 
Brannan Charles S. H. clerk, 8 Lee 
Brannan Ellen, 62 McCulloh 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza, 15 Hill 
Brannan Erasmus, cigarmaker, 79 McElderry 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza J. 48 n Greene 
Brannan Eliza J. (G. A. Brannan ^ Co.) 48 n 

Brannan George A. & Co. (G. A. Brannan, E. 
J. Brannan,) gents furnishing goods, 48 n 
Brannan George A. (G. A. Brannan &Co.)48 

n Greene 
Brannan James, 149 York 
Brannan James, laborer, 26 Towson 
Brannan James, millwright, 7 Sterrett 
Brannan James, engineer, 17 Hill 
Brannan John, 62 McCulloh 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General' Agent, 21 South-st. 




Brannan John, grocer, 141 n Etitaw 
Branuan John B. stair builder, Farmers' hotel, 

a w cor Hillea aud Forrest 
Brannan Jos. 20 Hill 
Brannan John E. furniture wagoner, ^9 Mc- 

Branuan Michael, laborer, rear 161 North 
l}rannan Michael, laborer, 61 s Oregon 
Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 20 Hill 
Brannan Kobert, carpenter, 445 Saratoga 
Brannau Robert, sutler, 4 L May 
Brannan Mrs. Sarah D. 10 Lee 
Brannan Samuel, laborer, 117 Peach al 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, l.^t s ^Yashington 
Branneu Mrs. Catharine, grocery, 38 n Amity 
Brannen John, machinist, 3 Baker 
Brannen John, laborer, 38 n Amity 
Branner Adam, drayman, 234 Aliceanna 
Brannock Jolia H. 127 s Paca 
Brannon James, engineer, 17 Hill 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 124 Granby 
Branscomb Mrs. Sarah A. dressmaker, 172 e 

Branson Mrs. Joseph, boarding house 16 n 

Eu taw- 
Branson P, A. photographer, over 59 s How- 
ard, dw s e cor Pratt and Sharp 
Brant James F. butcher, 38 Mount 
BranthotF Andrew, shoemaker, 375 s Eutaw 
Brasch Henry, tailor, 43 Marion 
13raf!ch John, laborer, 305 s Bond 
Brashear Eli H. carriage trimmer, 517 Lex- 
Brashear George "W. (Haslip& Brashear,) 207 

BrashearsF. (F. Brashears & Co.) 43 s Wash- 
Brashears F. ^- Co.(F. Brashears, B. Watkins, ) 

com. mchts. 149 w Pratt 
Brashears Franklin, jr. clerk, 43 s Washington 
Brashears Jeremiah, coach painter, 21 n Liberty 
Brashears John W. clerk, 18 Aisquith 
Brashears John B. clerk, 160 German 
Brashears John, painter, 120 Gough 
Brashears John, laborer, 327 Dover 
Brashears Jolm R. clerk, 16 Lanvale 
Brashears John K. clerk, German eof Penn 
Brashears John T. ''aptaia of watchmen custom 

house, 38 Gough 
Brashears Jonathan, clerk, 43 s Washington 
Brashears Joseph 11. 246 n Caroline 
Brashears Robert J. 36 Stirling 
Brashears Wra. G. letter carrier, 157 Bank 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y Baltimore Association 

for Imp. Condition of Poor, 18 Aisquith 
Brass Joseph, 89 Barre 
Bratt James E. fireman, 151 HoUins 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Sarah, 33 York 
Bratt Thomas, machinist, 151 Hollins 
BrattholWm. porter, 253 Eastern av 
Bratton John, tinner, 28 Scott 
BratzeU Jacob, sr. milkman, 135 Johnson 
Bratzell Jacob, brickmaker, 608 Light 
Brau Henry, tailor, 21 Walker 
Branch Amor, tailor, 133 Orleans 
Brauer David, butcher, 29 Belairand 75 Centre 

markets, dw Harford av extended 
Brauer Henry, butcher, 34 Belair and 86 Centre 
markets, dw Belair av near Balto. Cemetery 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 54 Portland 
Brauer H. cabinetmaker, 7 Orchard 

Brauer John, provision dealer, n c cor Schrocder 

and Lexington 
Brauer John, lager beer, 182 e Madison 
Brauer Peter, coach painter, 178 e Madison 
Brauer Tobias, cabinetmaker, 125 Raborg 
Braul Wm. trunkmaker, 76 Hanover 
Braun Charles, butcher, 12 Hollins market, dw 

Garrison la near Western Cemeter}- 
Braun Conrad, laborer, 160 s Spring 
Braun Frederick, basketmaker, 334Pcunaav 
Braun John B. 71 Hanover 
BRAUNLEIN JOHN U. liquor and grocery 

store, 140 Raborg 
Braunold Moses, 63 s Greene 
BRAUNS F. L. & CO. (J. D. Kremelberg, 
W. Dresel, ) general shipping and commis- 
sion merchants, s e corner of Lombard and 
Brauns F. L. 323 Lexington 
Brause August, blacksmith, 02 Portland 
Brautigam Adam, shoemaker, 159e Lombard 
Brautigam Adam, watchman, Gwynn's Falls s 

Frederick av 
Brautigam John, hairspinner, Gwinn's Falls 3 

Frederick av 
Brautigam Michael, shoemaker, llSHillen 
Brawders Thos. J. plumber, 91 n Howard, dw 

39 Hoffman 
Brawner Andrew H. letter carrier, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Andrew, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Mrs. Catherine, 176 n Exeter 
Brawner Charles A. constable, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Charles A. bricklayer, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Daniel W. clerk, 78 Ensor 
Brawner George A. printer, 78 Ensor 
Brawner James H. clerk, 104 Hill 
Brawner Robert G. batcher, 391 Penna av 
Braxton James E. clerk, 116 Gough 
Brayfield Robert F. plasterer, 99 n Spring 
Brazier Dennis, carter, 123 u Exeter 
Brazier George, plumber, 291 w Pratt 
Brazier James, wagoner, 64 President 
Brazier Thomas, carter, 214 e Lombard 
Brazier Mrs. William, 233 William 
Breadhower Peter, laborer, 64 Johnson 
Breaton S.amuel, mariner, 271 e Pratt 
Brechner Frederick, pianomaker, 362 Saratoga 
Brecht Geo. carpenter, 329 s Bond 
Brecka Albert, tinner, 58 s Charles 
Breckinridge John C. ass't sup't Bankers and 

Brokers Telegraph, 42 n Fremont 
Breckner Margaret, pickle house, 89 Johnson 
15red Andrew, shoemaker, 11 Preston 
Brede Andrew, tailor, 387 w Pratt 
Brede Geo. boilermaker, 31 Lemmon 
Bredekamp Harman, grocery, 310 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Harman G. typefounder, 258 West 
Bredekamp John A. police, 31G s Sharp 
Breede George W. train dispatcher Locust 

Point, dw 17 s Fremont 
Breene Michael, peddler, 31 Haw 
Brefer Charles, boxmaker, 35 Lemmon 
Bregel Geo. J. saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
j Bregel Henry, saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
Bregel John J. saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
' Bregel John J. carpenter, 112McElderry 
I Bregel John, tailor, 48 s Chapel 
Bregel Joseph F. confectioner, 145 and 147 
Hanover market, dw 48 Greenmount av 
' Bregenstuch Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
I Bregenza Casper, stone cutter, 404 West 
\ Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Brchler Francis, porter, 20 New Church 
Brehm Casper, hihorer, 300 Aliceanna 
Brehm John A. nightman, 55G w Pratt 
Brehm John, t^iilor, 1 Port 
Brehm John P. iron moulder, 191 Conway 
Brehme John, barber, 114 Preston 
Brehrae Sebastian, shoemaker, 114 Preston 
Brehme 0. <yCo. importers and dry goods com. 

merchants, over 24 Hanover 
Brehme 0. (0 Brehme <j- Co.) 297 Madison av 
Breidenbach Alveus, trimmings, 114 Hoilins 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breitenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre and 

87 Belair markets, dw Harford road near 

toll gate 
Breitschwerd Conrad, blacksmith, 251 Alice- 
Brell Jacob, laborer, Chappell near Penna av 
Brem Michael, laborer, 22 Dawson 
Brem Michael, moulder, 179 Lemmon 
Bremer Mrs. Catherine, s w cor HolUday and 

Bremer George, tailor, 284 e Lombard 
Bremer George, laborer, 75 Harrison 
Bremer Henry, provisions, 235 Franklin 
Bremer Henry, machinist, 79 s Fremont 
Bremer John, confectionery, cor Pratt and 

Frederick, dw 44 Milliman 
Bremer Wm. laborer, !3 Fountain 
Bremmer Henry, sawyer, 220 Bank 
Bremner Robert, plumber, s e cor Hillen and 

Brenan Edmund, cooper, 294 Canton av 
Brenan Mrs. Harriet, 93 w Biddle 
Brenan John P. A. mahogany, 35 n Gay 
Brenan Peter E. mahogany, 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brcnaman Charles H. clerk, 59 George 
Brenamen C. H. cigarmaker, 59 George 
Brenck Peter, lager beer, cor Forrest and L 

Brendel Francis, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brendel Ferdinand, shoemaker, Harford road 

near Point la 
Brendel John G. baker, n ecor Jlonumeutand 

Harford av 
Brendel Nicholas, tailor, 3 Biddle al 
Brengle James S. cashier N. Y. and Phila. 

steamers, dw 232 Garden 
Brennan Edward, cooper, 296 Canton av 
Brennan Francis, clerk, 7G n Calvert 
Brennan James, shipcarpenter, 17 Sterrett 
Brennan James F. drayman, 23 Front n of 

Brennan John, laborer, 63 s Wolfe 
Brennan Michael, i)orter, Holliday near Centre 
Brennan Peter, wheelwright, 108 North 
Brenneis Philip, locksmith, 257 Aisquith 
Brennen James, tailor, 30 n Aiuity 
Brenner Adam, driver, 234 Aliceanna 
Brenner Joseph, jr. (S. Brenner & Sons,) 70 s 

Brenner Joseph, wood sawyer, 241 e Lombard 
Brenner Joseph, 22 Jackson square 
Brenner Philip, laborer, 229 s Wolfe 
Brenner Solomon, (S. Brenner & Sons,) 70 s 

Brenner S. & Sons, (S. Brenner, Wm. Bren- 
ner, J. Brenner, jr.) clothiers, 9G w Pratt 

and n e cor Bond and Thames 
Brenner William, (S. Brenner & Sons,) 70s 

Brenning John, laborer, 255 s Sharp 

Brent Henry, teamster, 188 East 
Brent John M. drayman, 542 w Pratt 
Brent Joseph L. (R. J. <J- J. L. Brent,) 93 Ca- 
Brent Joseph, brakesman, 188 East 
BRENT R. J. cj- J. L. (R. J. Brent, Joseph L. 

Brent,) attorneys, 29 Lexington 
Brent Robert J. (R. J. & J. L. Brent,) 9:; 

Brent Robert A. carpenter, Franklin house 
Brent Wm. C. carpenter, 59 Preston 
Brentine Aquiliuo, glazier, 6 East 
Brentz John, basketmaker, over 57 Centre Mar- 
ket Space 
Bresee Herbert, piano tuner, 233 Saratoga 
BRESEE 0. F. insurance agent, 21 South, dw 
Barnum's hotel — \_Seep. 9 Advertisements and 
top of pages. '\ 
Breslauer Abraham, second hand dealer, 213 s 

Breslauer Hirsch, second hand dealer, 345 s 

Brettenheimer Moses, clerk, 53 Clay 
BretthoU Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 249 Eastern av 
BretthoU Wm porter, 249 Eastern av 
Breton H. D. laborer, 53 Biddle al 
Breuckner John, milkman, 371 Penna av 
Brevitt Mrs. C. S. 177 n Eutaw 
Brevitt Jos. W. (Kobt. Lawson & Co.) 177 u 

15 u taw 
Brevitt Jos. W. clerk, 177 n Eutaw 
Brewer Conrad, locksmith, 43 n Eden 
Brewer C. K. collection clerk Chesapeake Bank, 

386 Franklin 
Brewer Mrs. Charles, boarding house, 80 n 

Brewer & Co. (C. Brewer, H. Kernan,) restau- 
rant, 4 s Frederick 
Brewer Charles, (Brewer & Co.) 80 n Charles 
Brewer George, (Aldridgc S{ Brewer,) 81 n 

Brewer Dr. G. G. 76 n Greene 
Brewer Henry, clerk, 285 w Fayette 
Brewer James R. editor Sunday Telegram, 51 

BREWER JOHN H. C. proprietor Ritter's hotel 
Brewer John M. attorney, 10 w Towsend 
Brewer John, 52 Preston 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 245 w Biddle 
Brewer Mrs. Matilda, 386 Franklin 
Brewer N. G. cabinetmaker, 84 Hanover 
Brewer Nicholas, propert3' agent, 9 Jeti'ersoii 
Brewer Philip M. carpenter, 20 s Calhoun 
Brewer Sophia, 111 Greenmount av 
Brewer William T. boatsmau Custom Housi-. 

66 Lincoln 
Brewer Wm. R. clerk, 56 Columbia 
Brewster John, police, 49 e Eager 
Brewster John M clerk, 39 Block 
Breyer George, polisher, 49 Leadenhall 
Breyer Gotleili, shoemaker, 124 n Fremont 
Breyer Louis, sawyer, 274 s Sharp 
Brian Andrew L. provision, s w cor Bond and 

Brian cj- Bunting, (W. E. Brian, Vf . H. Bunt- 
ing, ) carpenters and builders, 1 Booth near 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 s Ann 
Brian Mrs. Eveline, dressmaker, 154 Eusor 
Brian George, carpenter, 75 Stirling 
Brian Henry T. printer, 288 e Fayette 

the: GROVER & BAICER SEAVING JJACHINE i* tlie best Tor all purposes— SAIiKS 
R003IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Brian Jennie, teacher, 287 e Fayette 

Brian John, clerk, 136 n Gay 

Brian John M. iron roller, Philadelphia road 

near City limits 
Brian Joseph L. record's clerk, Superior Court, 

100 e Madison 
Brian Joseph, 89 Ensor 
Brian L. H. teacher, 287 e Fayette 
Brian M. A. hardware, 136 n Gay 
Brian Mrs. Rebecca, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Thomas J. currier, 115 s Eden 
Brian Thomas P. currier, 172 s Bond 
Brian Wm. E. (Brian <^- Bunting,) 217nollins 
Brice George F. clerk, 69 n Eutaw 
Brice Mrs. Isabella, 32 Columbia 
Brice Miss, 52 n Calvert 
Brice Misses M. E. cj- A. M. 36 Courtland 
Brice Mrs. Rebecca, 246 e Fayette 
Brice Mrs. Susan, dressmaker, 80 Pearl 
Brice Wm. N. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Brick John, laborer, 64 Thames 
Brickerd Emanuel, carpenter, 309 Aisquith 
Brickman Rev. A. 0. 281 e Fayette 
Brickner Bernard, locksmith, 39 Portland 
Brickner Charles, pianomaker, 39 Portland 
Brickner Mrs. Margaret, 89 Johnson 
Bride Cotter, rustic furniture, Townsend betw 

John and McMechin 
Bride Daniel, justice of the peace, 101 n Paca, 

dw 167 
Bride Eliza, 232 w Biddle 
Bride Gustavus A. rustic furniture, rear of n e 

cor Lanvale and Bolton 
Bride John H. watchman C. H. dw 139 w 

Bride T. Cotter, plumber, 107 n Paca 
Bridels Theodore, mariner, 267 Canton av 
Bridener George M. clerk, 199 w Biddle 
Bridener Jacob, gas inspector, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener John, painter, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener Louisa, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener Margaret, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener Mary, 25 n Fremont 
Bridener Philip, carpenter, 199 av Biddle 
Bridge Richard S. sign painter, 58 e Baltimore 
Bridge Stephen L. salesman, 29 Gough 
Bridgeman Andrew, clerk, 19 e Fayette 
Bridges Geo. II. CWilliam Bridges tj- Son,) 42 

Bridges J. C. (J. C. Bridges cJ-Co.) 188 w 

BRIDGES JOHN C. 4' CO. (J. C. Bridges, 

W. F. Lockwood, J. B. Waidner, ) whole- 
sale grocers, 6, 8, and 10 Commerce 
Bridges John S. moulder, 114 Orleans 
BRIDGES WM. cj- SON, (Wm. Bridges, Goo. 

H. Bridges,) fruiterers and confectioners, 

313 w Baltimore 
Bridges Wm. (Wm. B. ^-Son, ) 42 German 
Bridges W. J. bookkeeper, 42 German 
Bridi'ng Earnest W. saddler, 183 w Pratt 
Briel Christian, butcher, 7 Hollius-st. market, 

dw 16 Calverton road 
Briel Henry, cabinetmaker, 81 Henrietta 
Briele <.y Bruns, (John Briele <j- J. Bruns, ) 

house carpenters, 14 McClellan al 
Briele John, (Briele ij- Bruns,) 254 n Eut;\w 
Brieman Henry, blacksmith, 22 Dawson 
Brieman Mrs. JIargarct, doctress, 22 Dawson 
Brien Mrs. Isabel A. 158 w Madison 
Brieinnger Wm. machinist, 17 n Frederick 
Brierly Jacob, can maker, 28 n Oregon 

Brierly Mrs. Marj^, 123 s Regester 
Brierly Wm. C. can maker, 28 n Oregon 
Briers John E. plumber, 182 n Peirce 
Brietenbach Caspar, cooper, 249 s Bond 
Brigeman Wm. F. photographist, over 42 n 

Eutaw, dw 366 Saratoga 
Brigerman John, drayman. 14G s Durham 
BriggsMrs. Ann, 117 e Baltimore 
Briggs Charles, laborer, 330 e Fayette 
Briggs George G. clerk B. oj- 0. R. R., 508 w 

Briggs James, butcher, 1 Hanover market, dw 

121 Columbia 
Briggs James M. clerk, B. ^ 0. R. R., 508 w 

Briggs Mary, 62 Raborg 
Briggs Mrs. Malindn, seamstress, 8 Baker 
Brigham Wm. T. (Wm. R. Cole .j- Co.) 134 w 

Bright Alonzo, locksmith, 27 Abbott 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 137 e Eager 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 205 n Central av 
Bright Richard A. (Graham ^Bright,) 402 

Bright Mrs. Susan, 5 Walker 
Bright Thomas, paper carrier, 194 Bank 
Bright Wm. P. plasterer, 205 n Central av 
Brill .\ugustus, machinist, 27 e Baltimore 
Brill Philip, barber, 73 Thames 
Brimmer John, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Brinckmeyer Charles, 6U e Pratt 
Brindel Michael, laborer, 308 Johnson 
Briner Geo. carpenter, 34 Biddle al 
Bringer Albert, 18 New 

Bringman Josiah T. II. bookkeeper, 177 Ger- 
Bringmann Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon 
BringmannWm. tobacconist, 666 w Baltimore 
Brink Anton, musician, 223 n Central av 
Brink Henry Ad. (Alberti, Brink cj- Co.) 155 

Drnid Iliil av 
Brink Stephen H. 31 Foster al 
Brinkley John H. clerk, 59 s Calvert 
Brinkley Joseph B. (Brinkley & Whiting,) 

Baltimore county 
Brinkley Joseph B. (Brinkley <j- Reeves,) Bal- 
timore county 
Brinkley Jos. E. bookkeeper, 177 West Falls av 
Brinkley <j- Reeves, (J. B. Brinkley, J. F. 

Reeves, jr.) fruit and oj^ster packers, 177 

West Falls av 
Brinkley .J- Whiting, (J. B. Brinkley, W. P. 

Whiting,) wholesale grocers and commission 

merchants, 59 s Calvert 
Brinkman Bernhardt, express driver, 138 s 

Brinkman Chas. second hand goods, 77 Penna. 

av, dw s w cor Hoffman and Penna. av 
Brinkmann Chas. H. grocery, 133 s Howard 
Brinkmann Mrs. Anna JIaria, seamstress, 28 

Brinkmejer Henrj', carpenter, 198 s Bond 
Brinkmeyer Henry, cigarmakcr, 301 w Pratt 
Brinton Albin H. machinist, 167 Forrest 
Brintsfield Wm. mariner, 126 G. Hughes 
Briscoe Alex. iM. letter carrier, 519 Saratoga 
Briscoe Charles A. cigarmakcr, 63 n Caroline 
Briscoe Eliza A. dressmaker, 509 n Gay 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmakcr, 303 s Charles 
Briscoe Henry, mattressmaker, 346 s Sharp 
Briscoe James, genl. com. merchant, over 149 w 

Pratt, dw 125 s Paca 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEAVIXG MACHINE Is tUe best for all pwri>oscs— SAURS 
ROO:«IS~181 Baltimore Street. 

DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




IJriscoe James, carpenter, 166 Conway 
Briscoe John T. clerk, Voshell lionse 
Briscoe John II. cigarnmker, 97 McElderry 
Briscoe Mary H. boarding house, 45 Saratoga 
Briscoe Philip, wheelwright, s w cor Eden and 

Briscoe Samuel N. police, 10 s Ann 
Briscoe Wm D. cigarmaker, 63 n Caroline 
Briscoll Caroline K. teacher, 42 n Fojipleton 
Bristor Mrs. Susan, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Wm. B. claim agent, over 4 s Gaj^, dw 

140 n E.xeter 
Briotow Columbus W. engineer, 13.5 West 
Bristow Thomas, engineer, 62 s Eden 
Brittain John, butter dealer, 594 Penna. av 
Britton John, huckster, 594 Peniia av 
Broadheck Mrs. Barbara. 213 Montgomery 
Broadbeck Mrs Henrietta, 226 e Monument 
Broadheck Jas. A. salesman, 226 c Monument 
BROADBENT A. G. ,f- CO. (A. G. Broad- 
bent, ) fancy dry goods dealers, 28 n Charles 
Broadbent A. G. (A. G. Broadbent ^ Co.) 72 

n Charles 
Broadbent John E. teacher, 210 e Madison 
Broadbent J. F. 62 w Madison 
Broadbent Louis R. G2 w Madison 
Broadbent Stephen, sr. 62 w Madison 
Broadbent Stephen, jr., (Santos tf Broadbent.) 

119 w Chase 
Broadbent Wm. 606 w Fayette 
Broadbent Dr. Wm. jr. 125 Lexington 
Broaders Henry R. paper bags, twine, &c., 1 

Cheapside, dw 291 e Baltimore 
Broaders John, laborer, 39 Hoffman 
Broadribb Wm. maltster, 89 North 
Broadwater Richard, foundryman, 112 Lincoln 
Broadway and Locust Point ferry, foot of 

Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway betw Pratt 

and Gough 
Broadway Mission Church, M. P. n e cor 

Broadway and Monument 
Brobbering Anthony, cigarmaker, 58 Mulberry 
Brocheiser Henry, carpenter, 135 Henrietta 
Brock Alvan D. printer, 275 n Eutaw 
Brocker George, engineer, 232 Preston 
Brocker Henry, tailor, 165 Pine 
Brocklander Frederick, laborer, 319 s Bond 
Brockman Henry, brewer, s e cor Covington 

and Cross 
Brockman Philip, engineer, 323 Aliceanna 
Brockmeyer Joseph, sheet irou worker, Stir- 
ling near Eager 
Brockner Daniel, shoemaker, Dover w of Ful- 
Brockschmidt Henry, wheelwright, 233 s Ann 
Brockus Judge P. 123 s Sharp 
Brod Audon, 11 President 
Brodbeck Jabez, bookkeeper, 191 w Lombard 
Broder Frederick, wheelwright, 262 s Durham 
BRODERICK DENNIS, plumber, 10 Park, dw 

33 Greenmount av 
BRODERICK JOHN T. paper, stock and iron, 

86 Greenmount av, dw 70 Harford av 
Broderick Francis, laborer 2 Neilson's ct 
Broderick James H. salesman, 31 Greenmount 

Broderick Mrs. Mary, 31 Greenmount av 
Broderick Thomas, laborer, 75 s Poppleton 
Broderick Wm. E. agent, 31 Greenmount av 
Brodhead Henry H. restaurant, 35 HoUiday 
Brodigan Patrick, laborer, 658 w Pratt 

Brodt Henry, lager beer, 255 s Wolfe 
Brodwatcr Thomas H. clerk, 53 Lexington 
Broeger Louis, laborer, 342 s Bond 
Broening Henry J. grocery, 25 Bevan 
Broening Jacob, blacksmith, 105 e Lombard 
Broening Jacol), shoemaker, n w cor Eutaw 

and Barrc 
Broeiuni; P. J. W. shoemaker, 81 Lancaster 
BROESSRL CHRISTIAN, tobacconist, 677 w 

Broessel John, tailor, 38 Josephine 
Broessel Justus, cabinetmaker, 38 .losephine 
Broessel Wiegand, tailor, 38 Josephine 
Broessel Wm. tailor, 28 s Poppleton 
Brogan Henrietta, tniloress, 69 Hampstead 
Brogan Philip, hacks for hire, 96 s Howard 
Brogan Thomas, laborer, 195 East 
Brogman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton av, 

dw Canton av near Ann 
Brokaw Zaccheus, sawmiller, 102 s Poppleton 
Broke John, laborer, 31 King 
Broker Frederick, ship joiner, 84 Somerset 
Brokmier Richard, laborer, 184 Stirling 
Brome Wm. H. pilot, 134 Jefferson 
Bromley Thomas I. miller, 42 Hampstead 
Brommell John A. clerk, B. & 0. R. R., 44 8 

Brommelsick Henry, wagoner, 175 s Ann 
Bromwell Alfred f. tailor, 523 n Gay 
Bromwell Albert L. carpenter, 126 Hamburg 
Bromwell Alfred T. tailor, 179 Orleans 
Bromwell Geo. W. ladies shoemaker, 107 8 

Bromwell George W. jr., shoemaker, 107 s 

Bromwell Hosea J. butter dealer, 242 Lexing- 
Bromwell John T. clerk, 2 McElderry 
Bromwell Lalrobe, clerk, 242 Lexington 
Bromwell L. E. clerk, 242 Lexington 
Bromwell Latrobe, butter dealer, 166 Lexing- 
ton market, dw 242 Lexington 
Bromwell Wesley, carpenter, 212 Lee 
Bromwell Wm. carpenter, 2 McElderry 
Bromwell Wm. T. clerk, 2 McElderry' 
Brondall Christopher, farmer, 5 Clay 
Bronning Catherine, nurse, 22 Knox al 
Brook George E. carpenter, 498 Franklin 
Brooke C. E. (H. L. Brooke & Co.) 53 Ex- 
change place 
Brooke Franklin E. P. attorney, 2 Courtland 

dw 28 Mulberry 
Brooke Francis M. clerk, 16 St. Paul 
BROOKE H. L. & CO. (H. L. Brooke, Charles 
E. Brooke, ) proprietors Cedar Point furna- 
ces, cor Boston and Clinton, office 53 Ex- 
change place 
Brooke Horace L. (H. L.Brooke &Co.) 49 Mt. 

Vernon place 
Brooke & Hobday, (R.H.Brooke, E. Hobday,) 

real estate agents, 12 s Gay 
Brooke Mary A. boarding 162 n Howard 
Brooke Richard H. (Brooke & Hobday,) 83 n 

Brooke Robert, police, 354 s Eutaw 
BrookhartMrs. Elizabeth, huckstress, 301 n Gay 
Brookhart Thomas, plasterer, 12 McElderry 
Brookhart Wm. H. huckster, 301 n Gay 
Brookland Lnnd Co. 37 Lexington 
Brookmeyer Richard, stovemaker, 154 Stirling 
Brooks Alice, 68 Saratoga 
Brooks Bridget, 30 n Amity 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




Brooks Benedict J. machinist, Canton distil- 
lery, Clinton, Canton 
Brooks CivrroU E. (E. F. Brooks c^- Bro.) 224 

w Biddle 
Brooks Christopher, restaurant, lOG s Eiitaw 
Brooks Christopher J. (R. Brooks ^ Bro.) 

168 n High 
Brooks Charles W. bookbinder, 59 Chew 
Brooks Chauncy, president Western Bank, dw 

Madison av nr Druid Hill av 
Brooks Chauncy, (Brooks cj* Rogers,) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill av 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fahnestock & Thrasher, ) 

Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Christopher C. bookkeeper, 53 St. 

Brooks Mrs. Clara, 36 n Schroeder 
Brooks Dudley, clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks E. F". & Bro. (E. F. Brooks, C. E. 

Brooks,) plumbers and gasfitters, 13 n Eu- 

Brooks Edwin F. (E. F. Brooks & Bro.) 224 

w Biddle 
Brooks Ellen, confectioner, 90 s Fremont 
Brooks Eliza Ann, confectionerv, 16 Courtland 

Brooks, W. B. Brooks and D. Fahnestock.) 

wholesale dry goods dealers, 345 w Balti- 
Brooks Emily, dressmaker, 9 e Madison 
Brooks Geo."W. collector, N. C. R. dw 195 w 

Brooks Geo. printer, 154 Front, n of Foundry 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. rubber packing, 77 s Mount, 

dw 24S Lee 
Brooks Geo. D. tinner, 206 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 Chew 
Brooks Henry, cigarniaker, 68 Portland 
Brooks Henry P. attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 

Madison av. nr Druid Hill av 
Brooks Henry, mariner, 12 • Jefferson 
Brooks Gen. Horace, commanding Ft. McIIenry 

BROOKS ISAAC jr., Attorney and 
U.S. Commissioner, 37 Lexington, 
dw 65 n Charles 

Brooks J. C. shipsmith, 421 Light 

Brooks Mrs. James, 8 Baker 

Brooks James, cook at Gilmor house, dw 204 

Brooks James, bricklayer, 91 s Fremont 
Brooks James W. (Brooks & Parker,) 182 e 

Brooks James, laborer, 173 Gough 
Brooks John, birdstutl'er, 26 n Frederick 
Brooks John, wheelwright, Sn n Amity 
Brooks John, shoemaker, II e Pratt 
Brooks John, hackmun, I do Barre 
Brooks John, clerk, 27 s Howard 
Brooks John H. marblecutler, 88 George 
Brooks John T. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks Capt. John VV. mariner, 157 Cross 
BROOKS DR. JOSEPH D. pharmaceutist, se 

cor Orleans and Aisquith, dw and otKce 163 

Brooks Joshua, (Brooks & Smith,) 88 George 
Brooks Joshua E. blacksmith, 162 L Greene 
Brooks Lewis, tinner, 24 s Schroeder 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, millinery, 187 Mulberry 

Brooks Louis jr. photographer, 282 n Gay, dw 

23n n Central av 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 127 s Eden 
Brooks Margaret, 30 n Amity 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, 35 Jackson 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, boarding, 94 s Eutaw 
Brooks Mary, 30 n Amity 
Brooks Marv, 41 Druid Hill av 
Brooks 4" McAllister, (Samuel D.Brooks, A. 

McAllister,) Canton can works, n ecor Bos- 
ton and Gwynn 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 57 McHenrr 
BROOKS N. C' principal Baltimore Female 

College, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks N. C. clerk, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks cf- Parker, (James W. Brooks and E. 

E. Parker, ) house and sign painters, 182 e 

Brooks Peter B. chairmaker, 226 Henrietta 
Brooks Priscilla L. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Rachel, 6-< Saratoga 
Brooks Rachel, 149 e Monument 
Brooks Richard, milkman, 168 n High 
Brooks Robert S sailmaker, 230 s Euta-rv 
Brooks Robert, watchman C. H. 57 McHenry 
Brooks Robert <f- Bro. (R. B. and Christopher 

J. Brooks, ) boots, shoes and leather, 257 w 

Brooks Robert, (R. B. cj- Bro.) 122 w Biddle 
Brooks & Rogers, (Chauncy Brooks, David G. 

Rogers,) wholesale dealers in hoots, shoes, 

and hats, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Rufus, plumber, 224 w Biddle 
Brooks Samuel D. (Brooks j- McAllister,) 154 

s Bond 
Brooks Samuel R. pnperhanger, 77 Orleans 
Brooks Samu-1 R. (B.& Shanev,) 77 O.-lei'T? 
Brooks & Shaney, (S. R. Brooks, .John Sha- 
nev,) restaurant, 19 e Baltimore 
Brooks 4- Smith, (J. Brooks, C. R. Smith,) 

horseshoers. s w cor Decker and Biddle 
Brooks Mrs. Sophia, 22 n Front 
Brooks Susan, 3^ s Greene 
Brooks Thomas, liveryman, 136 s Eutaw 
Brooks Thomas, tinner, 141 e Madison 
Brooks Thamas E stonecutter, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Thomas, porter. 144 L. Greene 
Brooks Walter B., Garden near Druid Hill av 
Brooks Wm. collector, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wm clerk, 191 Orleans 
Brooks Wm. D. tinner, 6^ Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. H. stonecutter, 65 Cambrid-re 
Brooks Wm. jr. clerk N C. R. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. machinist, 162 L Greene 
Brooks Wm. commissioner for opening streets 

office City Hall, dw 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. H. clerk N. C. R. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm, F. printer, 59 Chew 
Brooks William, 126 Hambure 
Brooks Wm. conductor, lf'3 Hollins 
Brooks Wm. H. bricklayer. 116 Scott 
Broom Charles, clerk, 152 Bank 
Broom Ellen, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom George, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom James, clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Broom John, ship carjicnter, 152 Bank 
Broom Wm. laborer, 88 Bank 
Broring Denncy, grocery, 50 s Regester 
Broring Henry, shoemaker, 235 e Eager 
Hroring Henry, huckster, 50 s Regester 
Broseker Chas. butcher, 506 Light 
Broseker Geo. provision dealer, 206 Light 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Krosker Henry, mattresses, 213 Hamburg 
Broser Nelson, blacksmith, 102 Eastern av 
Brosius Hamilton, engineer B. & 0. R. R. 50 s 

Brosius Jacob, jr. huckster, 422 Peuna. av 
Brosius Jacob, sr., 422 Penii. av 
Brosius & Horner, (S. H. Bre.sius, W. H. Hor- 
ner, ) wbole fancy goods and notions, over 
305 w Baltimore 
Brosius Samuel H. (Brosius & Horucr, ) 169 n 

Brosius Wni, clerk, 15 s Exeter 
Brosius Wm. P. watchmaker, 15 s Exeter 
Brossman Margaret A. tailoress, 98 s Carey 
Brosnal Mrs. Margaret A. 98 s Carey 

BROSS EDWARD, Lithographer, 
Engi'aver and Printer. Keeps on 
hand a large assortment of Wine, 
Liquor and Cigar Labels. Edging 
Paper and brands executed in the 
best style, 149 W. Lombard, dw 

Brossel John, tailor, 38 Josephine 
Brotherton David H. cigarraaker, 594 w Balti- 
Brotherton John P. carpenter, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Morris C. hariiessmaker, 594 w Bal- 
Brotzel Mrs. John A. 594 Light 
Brotzcl Wm. H. brickmaker, 285 William 
Brotzman Charles, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brotzmau Johu, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
BroLzmau Peter, tailor, 29 Union 
Broughton Henry C. shipjoiner, 114 s Spring 
Broughtou Isaac, printer, 65 Raborg 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 22 Laurel 
Broughtoii Capt. Joseph D. mariner, 82 s Ana 
Broughton Samuel H. mariner, 71 n Caroline 
Broughton Wm. H. carpenter, 224 Aliceanna 
Broumel James, propertj^ agent, 554 w Fayette 
Brouse August, blacksmith, 62 Portland 
Brow Rachel E. 93 Saratoga 
Brower Mrs. Kate, 58 a HoUiday 
Brower AVm. supt. Adams Expr. stables, 58 

n HoUiday 
Brown Adam, 110 German 
Brown Abuer, carpenter, 82 n Pine 
Brown Alexander D. farmer, 70 Mt. Vernoa 

Brown Alex, moulder, Clinton s of Boston 
Brown, Wm. H. Graham,) bankers and deal- 
ers in foreign exchange, s w cor Baltimore 
and Calvert 
Brown Alexander E. (Wm. H. BrowQ k Bro.) 

n e cor Garden and Townsend 
Brown Alexander, 67 n Poppleton 
Brown Alexander, bricklayer, 208 Lee 
Brown Alexander, tailor, 125 Orleans 
Brown Albertius E. (B. & Hull,) 214 w Lom- 
Brown Alfred, huckster, 35 Hoffman 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 309 e Pratt 
Brown Alfred J. surgeon dentist, 61 Lexington 
Brown Allison A. clerk, 47 Mt. Vernon place 
Brown Ann M. 68 s Caroline 
Brown Ann Maria, 55 Saratoga 
jBrown Ann, 19 Josephine 

Brown Ann M. boarding, 13 s Charles 
Brown Mrs. Ann E. 303 s Bond 
BROWN ANDREW, tavern, s w cor Broad- 
way and Canton av 
Brown Arthur, hackman, 204 Chesnut 
Brown Arthur G. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 

47 Mt. Vernon Place 
Brown Aulay, clerk, 17 e Lombard 
Brown Aulay jr. clerk, 17 e Lombard 
Brown Basil, clerk state tobacco warehouse. 

No. 2, 158 s Paca 
Brown Benj. (Martin & B.) 250 w Lombard 
Brown Benjamin F. machinist, 160 Division 
Brown Benjamin 0, lumber-handler, 113 s 

Brown Beniamin J. painter, 169 Raborg 
BROWN, IJOGGS & CO. (J. T. Brown, F. 

H. Boggs, ) wholesale liquor dealers, 33 s 

Brown Mrs. Bridget, 23 Pleasant al 
BROWN & BRUNE, (Geo. Wm. Brown, F. 

W. Brune, Stewart Brown, ) attorneys, 40 

St. Paul 
Brown's Building, 170 w Baltimore 
Brown Jlrs. Carrie, teacher, 19 Mosher 
Brown Caroline, school, 20 n High 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, seamstress, 141 s 

Brown Catherine, 185 Orleans 
Brown Catherine, 108 Boyd 
Brown Catherine, seamstress, 23 Bevan 
Brown Charles, huckster, 113 Raborg 
Brown Charles, blacksmith, 15 Pleasant al 
Brown Charles, harncssmaker, 74 n Poppleton 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 403 w Pratt 
Brown Charles, huckster, 182 s Regester 
Brown Charles, wagoner, 84 n Spring 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 98 Lancaster 
BROWN CHARLES A. watches and jewelry. 

room 8 Maryland building, cor Second and 

Foreman, dw Barnum's hotel 
Brown Charles A. L. clerk, 15 Aisquith 
Brown Charles C. 123 McCulloh 
Brown Capt. Charles H. 34 n Eden 
Brown Capt. Charles, 246 e Fayette 
Brown Charles, bricklayer. Farmer's hotel 
Brown Charles E. millwright, 27 e Baltimore 
Brown Charles E. clerk, Townsend bet John 

and Grundy 
Brown Charles E. lubricating oil, dw n e cor 

Garden and Townsend 
Brown Charles H. H. 371 Eutaw place 
Brown Chas. J. carpenter, 418 w Lombard 
Brown Charles S. 58 e Bond 
Brown Charles S. carpenter, 13 Grundy 
Brown Charles T. clerk, 87 n Broadway 
Brown Charles T. book-keeper, 87 n Broadway 
Brown Charles W. huckster, "74 n Poppleton 
Brown Charles W. carpenter, 38 n Pine 
Brown Chauncy B. brakesman, B. & 0. R. R. 

34 s Schroeder 
Brown Christian, tailor, 34 n Liberty 
Brown Christian J. carter, 203 Frederick av 
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Columbine 118 s Sharp 
Brown Cornelius, jr., musical instrument deal- 
er, 321 n Gay 
Brown Cornelius, market dealer, 269 Saratoga 
BROWN & CO. (J. C. Brown, Benj. F. Mann, 
Wm. T. Starr, John J. Canty, Henry Eber- 
hart, James Grillet, ) oyster can manufactur- 
ers, n e cor Pratt and Frederick 

THE GUOVER & BAKER SEW^INO MACHINE is tl»e best for all purposes— SAIiES 
K.OOBIS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Brown & DePaepe, (H. Brown & J. DePaepe,) 

riggers, 31 Philpot 
Brown Daniel, laborer, s w cor Buren and 

Brov.n David R. attorney, 30 St. Paul, dw 617 

w Fayette 
Brown Mrs. Deborah, 476 Lexington 
Brown E. huckster, 7 Camden la 
BROWN EDWARD, liquor and wine, 181s 

Brown Edward, messenger, 65 Hillen 
Brown Edward W. junk dealer, 145 Long 

Dock, dw 59 Hamburg 
Brown Edward, laborer, 250 s Durham 
Brown Eleanor, boarding, 231 w Pratt 
Brown Ellas, jr., carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown P]lias, carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas- 
ant, dw 186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 Ryan 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 285 n Howard 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, poultry, 395 Lexington 
Brown Elizabeth. 104 North 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 267 Forrest 
Brown Mrs. Ellen, 68 Thames 
Brown & Emory, (M. Brown, D. H. Emory,) 

attorneys, 47 St. Paul 
Brown Frank, tinner, Division, 2 doors n of 

Brown Franklin, produce, 373 Franklin 
Brown F. E. dentist, 61 Lexington 
Brown Frederick H. clerk, 371 Eutaw place 
Brown Frederick J. clerk, 47 Mt. Vernon place 
Brown Frederick, rigger, 116 s Regester 
Brown Frederick S. clerk, 371 Eutaw place 
Brown Garrett, n c cor Garden and Townsend 
Brown George F. marble cutter, 150 n High 
Brown George Wm. (Brown & Bruue, ) 47 Mt. 

Vernon place 
BROWN GEORGE A. commission merchants, 

124 North, dw 200 Saratoga 
Brown George S. (Alex. Brown & Sons,) s w 

cor Cathedral and Jladison 
Brown George, 70 Mt. Vernon place 
Brown George, photographer, 267 Lexington 
Brown George W. engineer, 76 n Ann 
Brown George C. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. George, 39 McCulloh 
Brown G. W. (Brown & Rogers, ) 8 Jackson 
Brown George, manufacturer of French con- 
fectionery, 9 w Fayette, dw 82 s Exeter 
Brown George W. ship carpenter, 131 Gough 
Brown George W. carpenter, 152 w Hotfman 
BROWN GEORGE W. fancy articles, 207 e 

Baltimore, dw 209 e Baltimore 
Brown George, blacksmith, 23 East 
Brown George W. carpenter, 2S2 Saratoga 
Brown George L. porter, 8 Baker's ct 
Brown G . B. liquors, 23 w Second 
Brown George, cari)enter, 22 Harford av 
Brown George L. clerk, 6 Rock 
Brown George, gasfitter. 176 East 
Brown George W. carpenter, 280 Grceumount 

Brown Mrs. Gertrude E. dressmaker, 257 e 

BROVVN & GRAVES, (Wm. J. Brown, Wm. 

B. Graves,) produce commission merchants, 

51 Light 
Brown Gustavus A. (A. Seemuller & Sons, ) 

318 HoUins 
Brown Hammond, conductor B. k 0. R. R. 

442 w Lombard 

I Brown Harrison, clerk, 14 s Oregon 
Brown Henr}', attendant at Md hospital 
Brown Henry, clerk B. & 0. T\. R. 110 German 
I Brown Henry G. teacher, 219 Hanover 
Brown Henry C. & Co., (II. C. Brown and 
J.Patterson,) say/ manufacturers, Uhler's 
al near Charles, and S5 n Front 
Brown Henry C. (H. C. Brown k Co.) 14 

Brown Henry, engineer, 383 w Faj"ette 
Brown Henry (B. & DePaepe,) 50 s Washing- 
Brown J. Harman, 67 Courtland 
Brown Henry G. clerk, 24 n Strieker 
Brown Dr. Henry, 284 w Pratt 
Brown Henrj^ P. clerk, 110 German 
Brown Herman E. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Hester, 317 Mulberry 
BROWN'S HOTEL, 119 n High, L. Brown, 

Brown Hugh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown & Hull, (A. E. Brown, T. B. Hull,) 

grocers, 214 w Lombard 
Brown Ira M. bookkeeper, 79 Lexington 
Brown Mrs. Isabella, 54 Cathedral 
Brown Isabella, boarding house. 110 German 
Brown Isaiah, wood turner, 132 n Fremont 
Brown J. B. liquor dealer, 86 Camden 
Brown J. II., Barnum's hotel 
Brown Jacob, dry goods, 250 s Charles 
Brown Jacob C. sailmaker, 107 South, dw 5 n 

Brown Jacob, boots and shoes, 79 McEldcrry's 

Brown Jacob, jr. shoemaker, 79 McElderry's 

Brown James, laborer, 204 Forrest 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown James H. (Brown & Roney, ) 34 e Pratt 
Brown James H. trunkmaker, 4 Bloodgood Ct 
Brown James, laborer, 108 Boyd 
Brown James, com. mercli't, Franklin house 
Brown James, puddler, 14 Bennett 
Brown James R. carpenter and builder, 1 Ex- 
change al., dw 21 n Fremont 
Brown James, carpenter, 22 Harford av 
Brown James M. horse dealer, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James T. machinist, 60 s Ann 
Brown James, restaurant, 85 Thames 
Brown Rev. James II. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James V. watchmaker, 34 n High 
Brown James F. clerk, 107 South 
Brown James R. (Jas. R. Brown & Co.) Frank- 
lin house 
Brown James, laborer, 5 e Monument 
BroAvn James L. carpenter, 22 Harford av 
Brown James II. fireman B. & 0. R. R., dw 

594 w Pratt 
Brown J. Frank, 15 n Calhoun 
Brown James R. & Co. (J. R. Brown, J. Smi- 
ley, ) flour and com. merch'ts, 143 n Howard 
Brown James S. second-hand clothing and 

watches, 5 w Fayette 
Brown James M. (Brown & Rogers,) 8 Jackson 
Brown Mrs Jane, 39 Jetfersou 
Brown Jane C. 284 Madison av 
Brown J. Riggs, 24 n Strieker 
BROWN JASPER, carpenter, Uhler's al, dw 

319 Light 
Brown Rev. Joel, 12 s Calhoun 
Brown John B. clerk, 200 Saratoga 
Brown John M. 14 Prospect la 

THE GKOVER Si BAKER SEWIXG MACHINE Is tlit- best for ail purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Brown John W. painter, 29i^ Courtland, dw 

290 Peiiiia av 
Brown .John, rig;Kcr, 22.'! s Bond 
Brown Jolin A. com. merch't, 241 e Pratt 
Brown .John, (.John Brown & Son,) 9.") n High 
Brown .John, laborer, 26^ s Bond 
Brown John, rigger, YO Johnson 
Brown Jolui Ij. canvasser, 81 Preston 
Brown John J. clerk. 2 Henrietta 
Brown John N. 18 s Eutaw 
Brown John C. (Brown & Co.) G.T Stirling 
Brown John J. varnisher, 33 Rvan 
BROWN JOHN, hardware dealer, 10 w Pratt, 

dw 87 n Broadway 
Brown John, conductor, 100 s Exeler 
Brown John, laborer, G Snyder's ct 
Brown .John H. clerk, 181 s Broadway 
Brown John, porter, 4 s Durhana 
Brown .John J. butcher, 20 Hollins st market, 

dw 21*7 I-'redcrick av 
Brown John, clerk, 68 s Washington 
Brown .John W. (Pue & B.) 28.3 Hollins 
Brown John, cabinetmaker, 81 s Woll'e 
Brown John I^. drayman, 2« Thames 
Brown John M. carpenter, 189 Conway 
Brown John H. boilermaker, 14 s Oregon 
Brown John W. engraver, 1.56 Pearl 
Brown John F. painter, V James la 
Brown John T. (Brown & Bogg-s, ) 1") IJollins 
Brown John T. cabinetmaker, 34 McHenry 
Brown .John J. baker, 178 Colunibia 
Brown John, baker, 57 and 59 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 251 s Paca 
I5rowu John, engraver, 158 w Baltimore, dw 

156 Pe.arl 
Brown John T. salesman, 158 s Paca 
BROWN JONATHx^N, tin plate and sheet 

iron worker. 58 North, dw 17 High al 
Brown J. Harman, 67 Courtland 
Brown Joseph, barkeeper, 131 n Howard 
Brown .Joseph, tailor, 118 s Sharp 
Brown Joseph, Sec'y Gas Co. 617 w Fayette 
I3rown Joseph, clerk P. 0. 342 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph L. carpenter, 22 Harford av 
Brown Joseph, laborer, 83 Johnson 
Brown Josei)h, tailor, 83 Johnson 
Brown Josejih M. carpenter, 71 n Schroeder 
Brown Joseph, laborer, 104 Lancaster 
Brown Joseph, clerk, 480 Lexington 
Brown Joseph, jr. clerk, 4-!0 w Lombard 
Brown Joseph, carpeatcr, 17 Mott 
Brown Joseph M. carpenter, Poppleton betw 

Lombard and Boyd 
BROWN JOSHUA, coachmakcr,347 Saratoga, 

dw 320 
Brown Joshua L. tin and sheet iron worker, 

475 Penna. av 
Brown Mrs. Julia A. grocery, 208 Lee 
Brown Julius, confectionery and toy store, 16 

w Baltimore 
Brown Julius, shoemaker, 50 n Eden 
Brown Ivate, 99 Raborg 
Brown Lewis I*, shoemaker, 432 I^exington 
Brown J.evi, music store, 457 w Baltimore 
BROWN LEWIS, proprietor Brown's hotel, 

119 n High 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 239 s Sharp 
Brown Lucy, 72 I^exington 
Brown Mrs. Lizzie, boarding, 217 e Pratt 
Brown Mrs. Lydia D. u w cor Chew and Som- 
Brown Madison, attorney, 12 s Calhoun 

Brown Magnes, rags, 252 s Ann 
Brown Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 105 L. Greene 
Brown Mrs. .Mary, seamstress, G5 Hillen 
Brown Mary, crockeryware, 189 and 191 Han- 
over market, dw 7 Camden la 
Brown Mary, seamstress, 135 n Eutaw 
Brown Mrs. Mary, 117 IJollins 
Brown Mary, 56 n Central av 
Brown Mrs. Mary A. seamstress, rear 42 e 

Brown Mary, 38 w Biddle 
Brown Jlrs. Margaret, tailoress, 7 Windcrling 

Brown Margaret, hardware, 283 s Bcmd 
Brown Martin II. engraver, 71 Walsh 
Brown Martin, blacksmith, 29 Brown 
Brown Martin S. engraver, over n e cor Cal- 
vert and Water, dw 7 1 Walsli 
Brown Mrs. Matilda, 2^3 Hollins 
Brown Matthew S. watchman, over 9G Rich- 
Brown Matthew J. (M. J. & W. A. Brown,) 

18 Greenmount av 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed, com. 

merchants, 1 1 w Pratt 
Brown Micliael, carter, 233 William 
Brown Michael, laborer, 232 w I^ratt 
Brown M. & S. millinery, fancy and dry goods, 

over 243 w Baltimore and 166 Lexington 
Brown M. Harold, engraver, 71 Walsh 
Brown Morris, (M. &S. Brown,) 155s Broad- 
Brown Moses, painter, 90 Granby 
Brown Nelson, hostler, 1 Orchard 
Brown I^itrick, laborer, 142 s Castle 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Patrick, laborer, s w corner Front and 

Brown Peter A. mariner, 196 s Regester 
Brown Peter A. salesman, 34 s Sharp 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 23 Brown 
Brown Philip A. H. clerk, 92 Park 
Brown P. II. clerk, 34 s Sharp 
Brown I\ M. cooper, 265 Aliceanna 
Brown Rel)ecca, 43 Fawn 
Brown Mrs. R. E. W. boarding, 134 n High 
Brown Richard, bookkeejier, 1 10 German 
Brown Richard, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Brown Richard, grocer, 48 n Eutaw, dw 286 

w Fayette 
I5rown Richard P. miller, 149 Greenmount av 
Brown Richard, Laborer, Bolton n(>ar Decker 
Brown Rinchart, baker, 120 w Fa\ ette 
BRt)WN ROBERT D treasurer Susq. Canal 

Co. 13 Ivcxington 
Brown Robert, jr. oil broker, 190 Preston 
Brown Robert, huckster, 42 n Pine 
Brown Robert T. jieddler, 41} German 
Brown Robert P. (Wni. Brown k Son,) 77 

Brown Robert, watches and fine jewelry, 158 

w Baltimore, dw 156 Peai'l 
Brown Mrs, Roxy, teacher at Balto. Rosine, 

335 w Pratt 

Brown & Rogers, (J. M. Brown, G.W.Brown, 

Wm. II. Rogers,) importers and dealers in 

cigars, tobacco, pipes, &c. 161 w Baltimore 

Brown k Riniey, (Jas. H. Brown, Jno. Roney, ) 

junk dealers, 145 McElderry's wlif 
Brown Rudolph, shoemaker, 93 Granby 
Brown S. T. clerk, 14 Hollins 
Brown Sarah, 55 e Baltimore 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 Sontli-st. 




Brown Mrs. Sarah A. boarding, 15 Aisquith 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, grocery, s \v cor Ann and 

Brown Mrs. Sarah. 6G s Bond 
Brown Samuel M. carpenter, 208 Lee 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 242 w Blddle 
Brown Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel, printer, 14 Warren 
Brown Sebastian, attorney, 35 Lexington, dw 

53 n Greene 
Brown Solomon, (M. &. S. Brown,) 232 w 

Brown Stewart, (Brown & Bruue.) 99 St. Paul 
Brown ."usan C. 228 Aisquith 
Brown Dr. Septimus, office s c corner Balti- 
more and Pine, dw u e cor Townsend and 

Brown Theodore, laborer, foot of West 
Brown Thos. II. sec'y Great Falls Iron Co., s 

6 cor Pratt and O'Donnell's wharf, dw n e 

cor Garden and Townsend 
Brown Thomas M. clerk, 95 n High 
Brown Thomas S. huckster, 119 Jefferson 
Brown Thomas II. 304 .Madison av 
Brown Thomas, machinist, 33 Jackson 
Brown Thomas, painter, 242 Light 
Brown Thomas, brass moulder, 42 Rock 
Brown Thomas A. salesman, 224 w P'ayetle 
Brown Thomas E. barkeeper, Fountain hotel 
Brown Thomas W. blacksmith, 102 e Fayette 
Brown Thomas, currier, 79 McF^lderry wharf 
BBUWN THOMAS W. confectioner, 41 n 

Brown Thomas, brickmaker, 81 St. Peter 
Brown Tliomas, carpenter, 150 n Pine 
Brown Thomas J. gold and silversmith, 90 w 

Brown Tliomas, shipjoiner, 332 s Bond 
Brown Timothy S. huckster, 28 Lloyd 
Brown Timothy, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Brown Tobias, cabinetmaker, 125 Raborg 
Brown Virgil D. carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Brown V. J. & Co. (V. J. Brown, ) grocers and 

commission merchants, 6G Exchange place 
Brown V. J. (V. J. Brown & Co.) 14 Hollins 
Brown Walter S. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Wesley, 283 Hollins 
Brown Wm. k Son, (W. Brown, R. P. Brown,) 

watches and jewelry, s e cor Baltimore and 

Brown Wm. (Wm. Brown & Son,) 77 McCulloh 
Brown Wm. (Wm. J. Taylor & Co.) dw 55 

Brown Wm. clerk, 192 Druid llillav 
Brown Wm. H. (W. H. Brown & Bro.) 226 

Brown Wm. D. shoemaker, llSHillen 
Brown Wm. E. huckster, 37 Penna av. 
Brown Wm. E. clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Brown Wm. laborer, Clifton near Druid Hill 

Brown Wm. J. 1G3 German 
Brown Wm. A. (M. J. k W. A. Brown,) 121 

n Eden 
BROWN WM. H. & BRO. (Wm. H. Brown, 
Alexander E. Brown, John E. Morrison,) 
druggists, 4 s Liberty 
Brown \^'m. T. 25 n Calvert 
Brown Wm. shipcarpenter, 89 s Bethel 
Brown Wm. H. soldier, 42 e P^ager 
Brown \\ m. H. house carpenter, 14 s Ann 
Brown Wm. F. carpenter, 39 Jefferson 

Brown Wm. L. carpenter, s w cor Front and 

Low, dw 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. M. jirinter, 35 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. H. bricklayer, 225 Pierce 
BROWN WILLIAM, freight agent N. C. R., 

339 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. G. clerk P. 0. 32 s Poppleton 
Brown '\^'m. R. clerk, 163 German 
Brown Wm. P. grocery, 42 e Eager 
Brown Wm. R. clerk, 2 Bolton 
Brown William, bricklayer, 152 Franklin 
Brown Wm. sliipcarpcnter, 68 Thames 
Brown Wm. mariner, 88 e Pratt 
Brown Wm. J. (B. k Graves,) 215 Franklin 
Brown William, bricklayer, 192 s Paca 
Brown Wm. clerk, 40 s Eutaw 
Brown Wm. bookkeeper, 186 w Biddlo 
Brown Wm. shipcarpenter, 68 Thames 
Brown Wm. coachsmith, 48 Dolj-hin 
Brown Wm. stevedore, 199 s Chester 
Browne David S. 56 McCulloh 
Browne E. M. apothecary, 249 s Howard 
Browne Josirph K. dealer in grain, flour and 

feed, 67 s Gay, dw Baltimore county 
Browne Lewis B. bookkeeper, 99 Garden 
Browne Nicholas V. 310 n Caroline 
Browne P. A. real estate agent, 16 St. Paul 
Browne Thomas, tailor, 213 e Baltimore 
Browne Win. II. attorney, 63 w Fayette, dw 

.56 McCulloh 
Browne William Hand, (Bledsoe & B.) Balti- 
more CO 
Browning Basil C. conductor B. k 0. R. R. 26 

n Oregon 
Browning Mrs. Edward, 650 Light 
Browning Ivlw'd, iron moulder, 100 Harford av 
Browning Mrs. .Mary A. "75 s Eden 
Browning James S. carpenter, 49 s Gay 
Browning Louisa, teacher, 75 s Eden 
Browning Richard, laborer, 653 Light 
Browning Warlield T. (Cinnamond k Brown- 
ing) 59 w Fayette 
Browning Wm. E. painter, 103 w Biddle 

Browning Wm. E. (Charles Reese & Co.) 150 
w Madison 

Browning Wm. agent, 127 s Sharp 

Browning Wm. S. 75 w Biddle 

Brownley Hiram L. ship carpenter, 365 Light 

Brownley John W. ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 

Brownley Joseph, blacksmith, 43 Garden 

Brow nley Larkin E. ship carpenter, 107 s Bond 

Brownley Mrs. Sarah, t;uloress, 5 Hyde ct 

Brownley Thomas J. engineer, 63 Hill 

Brubach Charles, varnisher, 251 Franklin 

Bruce David, messenger Harndcn Express Go, 
211 Barre 

Bruce Edward M. tinner, 160 Aisquith 

Bruce J- 40 w Baltimore 

Bruce John M. coppersmith, 10 w Centre, dw 
160 Aisquith 

Bruce Mrs. Margaret K. 274 Saratoga. 

Bruce Mrs. Louisa II. 6 Hill 

Bruce Mrs. Margaret, 101 Ensor 

Bruce O. H. clerk, 6 Hill 

Bruce Wm. 153 c Madison 

Bruce Rev. Wm. 138 J w Biddle 

Bruce Wilkins, 36 w Eager 

Bruchey David H. letter carrier, 14 W'veth 

Bruchey Lydia A. 18 s Amity 

Bruihheiser Henry, piano maker, 135 Henrietta 

Bruckhoff Robert, uilor, 21 s Gay 

Bruckniann Wm. shoemaker, 154 Henrietta 

Agents for Bosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. &: CO. 




Bruckner John F. piano maker, 3C2 Saratoga 
Bnifie Giistav, clerk, 58 King 
Hniilcr Micliael, lager Ijcer, 292 Canton av 
IJnidcr .Michael, jr. confectioner, 292 Canton 

Brue'uack Jacob, cabinetmaker, 637 w Lom- 
Rruehl George, baker, YO Columbia 
IJruchl John A. cigarmaker, GO Granby 
FkuL'hl Justus, GO Granl)y 
Bruehl Wm. H. 125 Barre 
I5ruccknian Wm. laborer, 500 w Pratt 
iU-uttJohu W. (J. W. Brutr& Co.) 283 Madi- 
son av 
Bruft" John K. bricklayer, 1'74 s Ann 
Brutf John W. & Co. (J. W. Bruff, J. W. 
Baker, J. E. Bruff, and A. B. Faulkner) 
drv goods merchants, 245 w Baltimore 
Bruff John W. jr. clerk, 283 Madison av 
Bruff Joseph D. ass't measurer C. H. dw Bal- 
timore county. 
Bruff Joseph E. ^J- W. Bruff & Co.) 283 Madi- 
son avenue 
Bruff Thomas, clerk, 49 s Ann 
Brugh Wm. P. salesman, 98 Park 
Bruggeman Charles, tailor, 200 n Central av 
Bruggman Amelia, fancy store, 3G0 Canton 

Bruggman Mrs. Anna, 32 Fell 
Bruggman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton av 
Bruggy Martin, carpenter, 3 Arcade al 
Brumley Jesse, laborer, 145 Aliceanna 
Brumlich Charles, miller, 22 s Durham 
Brummel Adolphus, carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Brummel Henry, paper hanger, Lexington near 

Brummel Joseph, painter, t)8 n Pine 
Brumnier Charles, shoemaker, 178 s Durham 
Brummer Carson H. tavern, 243 Hanover 
Hruming George, carpenter, 238 s Paca 
.Brun Edward F. machinist, IIG n Paca 
Bruu JIad. F. child's dressmaker, IIG n Paca 
Brun Henry, restaurant, 55 Centre Market sp 
Brund John, laborer, Fulton, bctw Dover and 

Bruudige Charles H. salesman, 124 w Fayette 
Brundige Rebecca, dressTuaker, 109 n Eutaw 
Brundige Rudolph, copper smelter, 32 Foun- 
Brundige Susan H. teacher, 85 n Eutaw 
Brundige Thomas V. Cannon rear Baltimore 

BRUNE F. W. SONS, (W. H. Brune) mer- 
chants and agents .Maryland Steam Sugar 
Refining Co. 89 and 91 Smith's wharf 
BKUiXE & BOWERS (Wm. F. Brune, Wm. 
Bowers) horse collar manufs. n av cor Pratt 
and Commerce 
Hrune Francis, laborer, 107 Lancaster 
Brune Frederick W. (Brown & Brune,) Bal- 

titnore county 
Brune John, laborer, 54 Albemarle 
Brune Wm. F. (Brune & Bowers,) 58 Albe- 
Brune Wm. H. (F. W. Brune &Sons.) 157 St. 

Bruner Andrew, clerk, 54 Pearl 
Bruner & Co. (H. Bruner. W. E. Elliott,) fish 

dealers, 17 Hanover market 
Bruner H. (Bruner i Co.) 146 Henrietta 
Bruner Jacob, laborer, 8 Callendar al 
Bruner Joseph, currier, 13 Diamond 

Brunei Augustus, wheelwright, 179 Hamburg 
Brunick Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress 378 Light 
Bruning George, 239 s Broadway 
Bruning George, cabinetmaker, 16 Wayne, dw 

238 s I'aca 
Bruning Henry, grocery and liquors, 9 Warner 
Bruning Marcus, cabinetmaker, 92 Mulberry 
Brunker James II. laborer, 157 e Lombard 
Brunn Henry, carpenter, 221 n Gay 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlins &B.) 81 Aisquith 
Brunuer Adam, porter, 8 Callendar 
Brunner l\Irs. Andrew B. 21 n Poppleton 
Brunner Henry, impor. of German medicines, 

G5 s Eutaw 
Brunner Hamilton, trader, 146 Henrietta 
Brunner Jacob, 8 Callendar al' 
Brunner John L. jr. tailor, 14G Henrietta 
Brunner Josejjh, currier, 13 Diamond 
Brunner John, butcher, 92 Hampstead 
Brunner Joseph, tailor, 165 Stirling 
Brunner Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 165 

Brunner .Mrs. Mary, 146 Henrietta 
Brunner Wm. T. clerk, 54 Pearl 
Bruns Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Charles, cooper, 47 Plum al 
Bruns Fred'k, tavern, 55 Centre Market space 
Bruns Henry, carpenter, 73 s Wolfe 
Bruns John, (Hcise&Co.) 164 Mulberry 
Bruns John, (Briel & Bruns,) 164 Mulberry 
Brunt Charles A. clerk, 272 w Biddle 
Brunt Mrs. E. J. embroideries and lace goods, 

189 w Baltimore, dw 80 n Charles 
Brunt George, carler, 494 Johnson 
Brunt James, 361 Penna. av 
Brunt R. A. carpenter, Franklin house 
Brunt Richard, carpenter, 272 w Biddle 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna. av 
Bruntsch Anthony, cigarmaker, 181 s Sharp 
Bruntz Conrad, tailor, 81 nBond 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup George H. sheet iron worker, 323 e 

Bruscup Josephine, 170 e Lombard 
Bruscup Justus, cabinetmaker, 38 Josephine 
Bruscup Thomas, (Supplee & Co.) 70n Bond 
Bruscup Thomas, bailiff Orphans' Court, 72 

n Bond 
Bruscup Wm. painter, 107 n Broadway 
Brush Charles W. real estate broker, 35 Lex- 
ington, dw 217 Garden 
Brusher Valentine, tailor, 173 n Eden 
Bruslimahen David, laborer, 5 Baker 
Brushminer Wm. chairmaker, cor Hudson al 

and Federal 
Brushmiller Wm. jr. painter, 13 Liberty al 
Brushwiller Theodore, painter, 181 Federal 
Brussel Mrs. E. over 224 s Broadway 
Brussell Wm. tailor, 28 s Poppleton 
Brusstar Henry, shipbuilder, Boston, Canton, 

dw 144 Chesapeake 
Bruster John, laborer, 49 e Eager 
Bruton .Airs. Emma, millinery, 71 n Charles 
Bruton Wm. attorney', 71 n Charles 
Brutsche Louis, tailor 87 Hill 
Brutting Geo. W. barkeeper, 69 s Regester 
Bry George, laborer, 49 Leadenhall 
Bryan Arthur L. gas fitter, 183 Orleans 
Bryan Edward A. 287 e Fayette! 
Bryan Capt. Frederick C. mariner, 261 e Bal- 
Bryan F. T. 261 e Baltimore 

THE GROV^ER in BAKER SERVING >I.\CIIINE is tUe best for all purposes— SAIiES 
ROO?IS~i81 Bnltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Bryan James, blacksmith, 113 n Broadway 
Kryan James, carter, 177 s Chester 
Urvan John, •wire worker, 57 Hughes 
Bryan John H. law stiulcnf, 40 St. Paul 
Bryan Jolin H. bricklayer, 508 Light 
Bryan & Small, (S. L." Bryan, W. H. Small,) 

hoop skirts and fancy goods, 223 av Balto. 
Bryan Samuel L. (Bryan & Small) 188 Druid 

Hill avenue 
Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 195 n Dallas 
J5ryan Wm. Shepard. attorney, 30 St. Paul 
Bryan Wm. H. gas fitter, 123 s Chester 
Bryant Joshua If. manager Chesapeake Blast 

Furnace, Clinton, Canton 
Bryant Mrs. Pauline, dress maker, 181 e Mon- 
[!ryant Wm. S. clerk, 84 n Howard 

[W. H. Sadler) Business College, 
Young man, Qualify for Business, 
by Attending the Bryant, Stratton 
& Sadler, Business College, No. 
8 n Charles st. College open Day 
and Night. Students can enter 
at any time, as there are no Va- 
cations. For Terms, Special Ad- 
vantages, &e., call at the Cfiace of 
the College, or Address W. H. Sad- 
ler, President. 

Bryarly Robert, tailor, 100 n Exeter 
Bryden George W. ship carver n w cor Somer- 
set and Madison 
Bryden John H. musician, 387 s Eutaw 
Bryden James, laborer, 206 e Madison 
Bryer Louis, laborer, 274 s Sharp 
Bryson Alexander, shoemaker, 199 n Dallas 
Bryson Bernard A. lumber inspector, 14 n 

Bryson Mrs. Catherine, boarding, 625 w Pratt 
BRYSON GILBERT H. citv surveyor and civil 

engineer. City Hall, dw 59 Aisquith 
l5ryson John W. 625 w Pratt 
Bryson Wm. H. clerk, 226 n Eutaw 
J'.ryson Wm. J. inspector at Custom house, 

dw Baltimore co 
Buch Gustav, shoemaker, 95 n Calvert 
Buben Margaret, failore.^s, 145 s Wolfe 
Buberil John, shoemaker. 57 s Eutaw 
Bubert J. D. tavern and feed store, 99 s Charles 
Bubert Herman, drayman, l^lsEdeu 
Bubert Mrs. M. C. 9U Granliy 
Buchaly Robert, tailor. 206 Columbia 
Buchanan Mrs. Ellen B. 194 Preston 
Buchanan E. Key, attorney. Courtland 4 doors 

n of Lexington 
Buchanan Eranklin, clerk, 301 Madison av 
Buchanan James, 34 McCulloh 
Buchanan James E. 34 McCulloh 
Buchanan James H. attorney, over C7 w Fay- 
ette, dw 62 St. Paul 
Buchanan James M. attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw Barnum's hotel 
Buchanan James A. (Buchanan & Kerr^ 194 

Buchanan JohnR. attorney. 41 Lexington, dw 
84 n Charles 

BUCHANAN & KERR (James A. Buchanan, 
, Charles G. Kerr) attorneys, over 6 St. Paul 
Buchanan Mrs. Mary, 7 Abraham 
Buchanan Richard H. laborer, 70 L McElderry 
Bucher John, laborer, 85 n Poppleton 
Bucher Leonard, cigarmaker, 85 n Poppleton 
Bucherd Matthew, cabinetmaker, 11 Clay 
Bucheit Adam, laborer, Locust Point 
Bucheit Elizabeth, huckstress. Locust Point 
Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 248 s Eutaw 
Buchoff John, hosiery good.s, 20 Thomsen 
Buchsbaum Bernard, restaurant, n w corner 

Albemarle and Lombard 
Buchsbaum Charles, lager beer, 67 German 
Buchsbaum Henry, lager beer, s e cor Cen- 
tral av and Lombard and 33 w Fayette 
Buchsbaum John, tailor, 230 Eastern av 
Buchsbaum John H. lager beer saloon, s e cor 

Lombard and Central avenue 
Bucheimer George, restaurant, 442 Penna. ar 
Bucheimer JIathias, laborer, 189 w Biddle 
Bucheimer Peter, clothier, 20 w Pratt 
Buchholtz Henry, bookkeeper, 30 n Greene 
Buclihauser George, tailor, 45 Preston 
Buchman Frederick, fresco painter, 261 Alice- 
Buchwald Michael, butcher, 5 Belair market 
dw Belair av near city limits 

BUCHTA JOHN, Wheelwright and 
Blacksmith, manufacturer of ev- 
ery kind of work in his line, such 
as Wagons. Light Carriages, &c.. 
Also, every kind of blacksmith 
work in general, repairing done at 
the shortest notice, Cheap for Cash, 
23 Hillen, dw 25 

Buchta F. C. P. AV. blacksmith, 25 Hillen 

Buck Alfred, 301 e Baltimore 

Buck Angil, 109 Clement 

Buck B. C. (Buclo& Carter) 135 w ITofiFman 

Buck Benj. G. inspector of weights, 75 s 

BUCK & CARTER, (B. C. Buck. Wm. H. 

Carter,) sailmakers, 85 Smith's wharf 
Buck Charles, milk dealer, Liberty road near 

City limits 
Buck Capt. Charles W. mariner, 615 w Lom- 
Buck Charles W. jr. clerk, 615 w Lombard 
Buck Christian, tailor, 1 Shakespear 
Buck Cecelia, 187 n High 
Buck Edward D. iron and steel, 86 w Pratt, dw 

75 e Pratt 
Buck Edwin B. clerk, 205 Franklin 
BUCK GEORGE W. & JAMES, proprietors 

Buck's hotel, 34 w Pratt 
Buck Geo. W. (Geo. W. .<^ James Buck.) 62t; 

w Lombard 

BUCK'S HOTEL, 34 w Pratt, 

Saloons open and Snacks served 
at all hours of the night. Day, 
Week or Transient Board. 

Buck George W. clerk. 75 e Pratt 
Buck Irving A. (Adams, Singleton .t Buck.) 
Maltby house ' 

THK GROVKR& BAKER SEAVIKO MACHINE i« the best for all purpo«e«-.SA LKS 
ROOMS— 181 BaltUnore Street. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Buck James, (George W. & James Buck,) 34 

w Pratt 
Buck James, clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck James F. car driver, 41 Hoffman 
Buck Mrs. Jane, 3f)G Fraakliu 
Buck Jane, I<i4e Fayette 
Buck John H. & Co., (J. H. Buck, W. B. 

Buck, ) hardware mercliants 88 w Pratt 
Buck John M. 205 Frnnklin 
Buck John H., (John H. Buck & Co.) 75 e 

Buck John, jr. asst. assessor, 2d dist. office 58 

c Baltimore, dw 75 e Pratt 
Buck John N. salesman, Maltby house 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 235 n Caroline 
Buck Joseph A. metals, furs and paper stock, 

100 Light-st. wharf, dw GOHill 
Buck Joseph W. clerk, 538 w Pratt 
Buck Joseph T. clerk, (39 Hill 
Buck Julius, 38 n Caroline 
Buck Leander, brickmaker, Gist betw Canton 

av and Essex 
Buck Lewis F. clerk, 59 Second 
Buck Richard B. (Goldsborough, B. & Henry,) 

Maltby house 
Buck Samuel D. salesman, Maltby house 
Buck Susan, 9 New Church 
Buck Mrs. Sarah, 584 w Pratt 
Buck Theodore A. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Thomas C. 205 Franklin 
Buck Wesley B., (John H. Buck & Co.) 75 e 

Buck Wm. tailor, 166 n Eden 
Buck VVm. cigar box maker, 133 Raborg 
BuckWm.H. clerk, 57 Dolphin 
Buck Wm. engineer, 37G Franklin 
Buckaley Robert, tailor, 291 n Central av 
Buckerman Wm. upholsterer, 11 Painter's ct 
Buckey George,fireman B.&O.R.R. 510 w Pratt 
Buckey George A. engineer, 40 s Schroeder 
Buckey James H. engineer, 40 s Schroeder 
Buckhart Adam, laborer, Marriott nr Haubert 
Buckhuit Peter, carter, 2.S8 Johnson 
Bucking Francis, baker, 96 HoUins 
Buckingham C. W., R. R. agent, 337 Saratoga 
Buckingham Mrs. Ellen, Fulton betw Dover 

and McHenry 
Buckingham Ellwood, clerk, 54 s Schroeder 
Buckingham George L. carpenter, s e cor 

Schroeder and Lombard 
Buckingham Geo. W. carp'r, 475 w Lombard 
Buckingham Henry F. T. (J, W. C. Seitz & 

Co.) 164 Franklin 
Buckingham Isaac, music teacher, 39 n Pine 
Buckingham Isaac F. clerk, 39 n Piue 
Buckingham James, cond'r B. & 0. R. R. 61 s 

Buckingham James R. 9 Pearl 
Buckingham John W. carp'r, 54 s Schroeder 
Buckingham John W. carpenter, 9 Scott 
Buckingham Mrs. Mary J. 191 w Pratt 
Buckingham P. G. young ladies" academy, 123 

Buckingham Mrs. Susan, 39 Pine 

Bickford & HofiFman, 59^ s Charles, dw 39 

n Pine 
Buckingham Wm. G. (Nelker & B.,) 352 Mul- 
Buckingham Wm. H. bricklayer, 20 Stirling 
Buckler Mrs. Mary, 133 n Charles 
BUCKLER Dr. RIGGIN, 135 n Charles 

Buckler Wm. H. ferryman, 81 s Chester 
Buckler Wm., Ilookstown road s of toll gate 
Buckless Henry, pilot, 410 e ilonument 
Buckless Henry S. 80 n Front 
Buckley Charles R. boot and shoe manufac- 
turer, 97 and 99 Hanover 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel, jr. tinner, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Elizabeth, 14 Orbit al 
Buckley, Crowle & Co. (John Buckley, W. F. 

Meyers,) oyster packers, 121 Hillen 
Buckley John, (Buckley, Crowle & Co.) 91 e 

Buckley John, laborer, 60 Eastern kv 
Buckley John, clerk, 240 n Eden 
Buckley John, wagoner, 332 Eastern av 
Buckley John, farmer, 90 s Republican 
Buckley Martin, carter, 14 Orbit al 
Buckley Mary A. confectioner, 60 Thames 
Buckley Mrs. Mary, 15 Abey al 
Buckley Robert L. tailor, 165 Franklin 
Buckman Adam, laborer, 22 Shakspear 
Buckman Charles. 128 n Charles 

Rutter, ) bankers, 192 w Baltimore 
Buckman Samuel J. (B., Rutter & Co.) 128 n 

Buckmaster H. C. salesman, 258 w Baltimore 
Buckmaster Hillery, caulker, 147 Johnson 
Buckmiller Robert S. tanner. North nr Eager 
Buckmiller AVm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Buckmiller Wm. P. coachsmith, 103 Chew 
Buckner Dr. Charles S. 12 Cathedral 
Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods. 272 Canton av 
Buckstein Wm. fireman, 350 s Eutaw 
Budeke George H. clerk, 2 Albemarle 
Buderer, John G. turner, 6 Jasper 
Budd Charles A. cigarmaker, 259 Gough 
Budd John R. carpenter, 257 Gough 
Buddc Wm. blacksmith, 104 Eastern av 
Buddemyer Fred'k, boilermaker, 217 s Wolfe 
Buddemyer Wm. 217 s Wolfe 
Budschky Charles F. laborer, 70 s Bond 
Buechert JIathias, cabinetmaker, 11 Clay 
Buecy James F. boilermaker, 133 Cross 
Buehler Charles, turner, 71 Portland 
Buehler H. L. cutter, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Thos. H. carpenter, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Thos. H. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Wm. & Co. (Wm. Buehler, George 

W. Hildebrand, ) tobacco and cigars, 159 

Buehler William (Wm. Buehler & Co.) 182 

Buer Elizabeth, grocery, 68 Bank 
Bueson John J. printer, Voshell house 
Buettner Adam, confectioner, 66 Granbj 
Buettner Andrew, 66 Granby 
Bufflipp John, c^vrter, 16 Shakspeare 
Bufter Elijah, car driver, 122 s Washington 
Bufter John, laborer, 422 Canton av 
Bugar Conrad, grocers' agent, 145 n Fremont 
Bugert Godfrey, boxmaker, 93 Lexington 
Buhler Robert, cook at Gilmor house 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhrman Henry, shoemaker, 132 Barre 
Bujac Mrs. Ade'le, 138 St. Paul 
Bujac Alfred, teacher, 26 Franklin 
BukofiFskey George, puddler, 14 Bennett 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 244 w Pratt, dw 29 

BULACK JACOB, restaurant, 66 w Pratt 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Wo. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Biilgan Henry, paver, 336 Mulberry 

Bu]l Asiibel, carpenter, 403 s Gay 

Bull Dr. Benj. H. D. n e cor Pratt and Sharp, 
dw Libertv road nr toll gate 

Bull Edmund, 70 n Calvert 

Bull Frank, printer, 199 w Fayette 

Bull George W. carpenter, 244 n Caroline 

Bull John A. farmer, 266 n Eutaw 

Bull J. Randolph, (Bull & Sewell,) Howard 

Bull Milton, expressman, 52 Penna av 

Bull Mrs. Mary, 121 n Eutaw 

Bull Nicholas W. carpenter, 165 w Biddle 

Bull Shadrack, 46 Division 

BULL & SEWELL, (J. R. Bull, N. P.Sewell,) 

j)roprietors Howard house 
, Bull Wm. C. clerk, 2:54 n Charles 

Bull Wm. K. teamster, York av nr Grcenm't 

Bulliird Oliver C. 512 w Baltimore 

Bullard W. S. 512 w Baltimore 

Bullard Wm. S. clerk, 23 George 

Bullen Henry, 181 s Paca 

Bullen Mrs. Mary, 181 s Paca 

Bullen Wm. conductor, B. & 0. R. R., 189 

Bullier Joseph, stone cutler, Hick's hotel, w 

Bulling Charles, (Gerdes, Bulling & Wehr- 
hane, ) 157 w Lombard 

Bullock C. W. clerk, Franklin house 

Bullock Cabell, teacher, s w cor Hamilton and 

Bullock C. N., Franklin house 

Bullock Daniel, potter, 287 e Lombard 

Bullock Francis S. (B. & Morton,) 63 e Pratt 

Bullock Francis, shoemaker, 10 Dawson 

Bullock Henry C. sewing machines, 61 s How- 

Bullock James, collar maker, saddles, harness, 
&c., 2 and 4 s Eutaw. dw 542 w Fayette 

BULLOCK JOHN & SOiN, nCazwcIl J., John 
S. and Joseph L. Bullock, ) glue, neats foot 
oil, and ground bone manufactory, Wash- 
ington road near city limits 

Bullock John S. (John Bullock k Son.) 653 
w Lombard 

Bullock Joseph L. (John Bullock & Son,) 247 

Bullock Michael, laborer, 5 Abbott 

Bullock Mrs. Rhoda, 243 Columbia 

Bullock Rev. Dr. J. J.,Franklin street Presby- 
terian Church, s w cor Hamilton and Cathe- 
Bullock John M. s w cor Hamilton and Cathe- 
Bullock Kazwell J. (John Bullock & Son,) 339 

BULLOCK & MORTON, (F. S.Bullock, Fred. 
Morton,) grocers and ship chandlers, 103 
Smith's wharf 
Bullock Peter, cooper, 523 Canton av 
Bullock Walter R. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

s w cor Hamilton and Cathedral 
Bull's Head Hotel, 130 n Front, Henrietta Tra- 
cy, proprietress 
Bumpey Michael, furnace keeper, 233 Aliccanna 
Bump George, bacon dealer, 228 Franklin 
Bump Jesse E. carpenter, 88 s Ann 
Bump Josephus L. provisions, 228 Franklin 
Bump Orlando F. (Daniel & Bump, ) Register in 
bankruptcy. 26 n Calvert, dw 88 s Ann 

Bump Samuel C. gravel roofer, 88 s Ann 
Bunce David, coach trimmer, 232 e Chase 
Bunce Edward, rope maker, 156 n Dallas 
Bunce Mrs. Jane, 232 e Chase 
Bunce John, (Quinn & Butice, ) 232 e Chase 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
Bunch Joshua A. fisherman, 36 President 
Bunch Joshua A. fisherman, 150 Lincoln 
Bunch Mrs. Margaret, 36 President 
Bunkley Thomas, laborer, 195 Ramsay 
Bunn Joseph, 355 s Charles 
Bunn Peter, clerk, Monument house, n e cor 

Calvert and Fayette 
Bunting Charles, music teacher, 70 n Howard 
Bunting Elizabeth, 7 Gough 
Bunting George, butter dealer, 103 Ensor 
Bunting George R. clothing cutter, 24 s High 
Bunting George W. carpenter, 7 Gough 
Bunting Dr. John, bailiff. Criminal Court, 307 

n Caroline 
Bunting J. J. tailor, 222 Franklin 
Bunting John H. pilot, 377 Light 
Bunting John, shoemaker, 71 s Chai'les 
Bunting Mrs. Margaret, lu9 Pearl 
Bunting Capt. Robert W. mariner, 76 William 
Bunting Mrs. Sarah, 377 Light 
Bunting Spencer, conductor city cars, 99 

Bunting Washington A. mariner, 377 Light 
Bunting Wm. H. (Brian & B.) 20 s Carey 
Bunting Wm. J. shoemaker, 70 n Howard 
Buntschuh Louis, cooper, 189 e Lombard 
Buntzinthal Francis, grocery, 37 Rose 
Bunyan Ann, tailoress, 180 n Central av 
Bunyan Jacob, machinist, 180 n Central av 
Bupp Wm. boot fitter, 85 North 
Burbage John E. jr. salesman, 332 Aisquith 
Burbank David, com. merchant, 148 w Pratt, 

dw 326 Saratoga 
Burbank David, clerk, 326 Saratoga 
Burbank Leonard, salesman, 13 Pearl 
Burbrier Charles L. newsagent, 1422 n Calvert 
Burch Francis A. (J. A. Burch & Co.) 3 s 

Burch Fred'k D. combmaker. 402 w Fayette 
Burch Henry, shoemaker, 92 Low 
Burch Jas. A. (J. A.B. &Co.) 115 s Broadway 
Burch Dr. Jas. C office 90 Hanover, dw 108 

Burch James L. fireman, 31 Thames 
Burch James, marijier, 31 Thames 
Burch James A. & Co. (Jas. A. Burch, Francis 
A. Burch,) shipjoiners, 97 McElderry's wh'' 
Burch Mary A. confectionery, 402 w Fayette 
Burch Thos. B. clerk in Court Common Plea.s 

49 Washington 
Burch Wm. N. (Townsend, Friend k Co.) 

Prince George's co. JId 
Burchinal Henr^-, clerk, 2 Stirling 
Burchstead Mrs. Sophia, 95 Aisquith 
Burcke Chas. E. laborer, 72 Preston 
Burden Benedict B. laborer, 37 s Frederick 
Burdett Aaron, copper plate maker, 364 Lex- 
Burdett Albert, (Wright & Burdett,) Lexing- 
ton near Fremont 
Burdett Edwin, copper plate maker, 364 Lex- 
Burdett Francis R. clerk, 264 e Pratt 
Burdick Wm. H., U. S. assessor int. revenue 

3d dist. Md. over P. 0. dw 59 w Fayette 
Bure Francis, miner, 88 St. Paul 

THK GROVER ^ BAKER .SEAVIXO MACHINE is the best for all pnrposes— SALJRS 
ROOMS— J 81 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Hure Joseph, laborer, 128 Scott 
Bureau Comad, laborer, lOT Orleans 
Burpan Annie J. tailoress, cor Llojd and 

Burgard Andrew, laborer, G9 Thames 
Burge Wni. LI.. clerk, 28 Hanover 
Burgenbach Lawr'nce, shoenik'r, 139 Franklin 
Burger Charles, grocery, Frederick road near 

Burger Enoch, carpenter, 26 Shaksjjcare 
Burger Frank J. glassblower, Stockholm, bet 

Eutaw and Russell 
Burger Gustav, gardener, 242 Greenm't av 
Burger George, pianoniaker, 338 Mulberry 
Burger Henry, dry goods and variety, 212 s 

Burger Henry, basketmaker, 142 Forrest 
Burger John, pajierhanger, 318 w Pratt 
Burger Joseph, cabinetmaker, GG n Schroeder 
Burger John, blacksmith. 114 Hamburg 
Burger Nicholas, 199 William 
Burgess Amos, GOS w Favette 
Burgess B. T. (C. W. Burgess & Sons,) 190 e 

Burgess Benj. patternmaker, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Caleb W. jr. clerk, IG Aisquith 
BURGESS CALEB H. & JOHN, silverplaters, 

rear 143 Fayette near Sharp 
Burgess Caleb H. (Caleb H. k John Burgess,) 

450 Lexington 
Burgess Charles R. (Wm. Burgess & Son.) 32 

n Republican 
Burgess C. W. (C. W. Burgess & Sons.) 162 

n Gav 
BURGESS C. W. & SONS, (C. W. Burgess, 

B. T. Burgess, S. 0. Burgess,) grocers, 166 

n Gay 
Burgess Geo. R. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess I.saiah P. (Andrews & Co.) 603 w 

Burgess John, (Caleb H. & John Burgess.) 13 

Burgess John H. machinist, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Laomi, upholsterer, 2G n Liberty 
Burgess Mary, tailoress, 76 s Fremont 
Burgess Mary A. tailoress, 76 s Fremont 
Burgess Owen, silverplater, 69 n Pine 
Ikirgess Samuel 0. (C. Vi. Burgess & Sons, ) 

162 n Gay 
Burgess S. F. agricultural implement maker, 

232 e Fayette 
Burgess Spencer, stonecutter, 502 w Lombard 
Burgess Stephen F. carpenter, 232 e Favette 
Burgess T. H. & Co. (T. H. Burgess,' V. B. 

nines, J. Hagan,) com. merchants, 152 

Pratt st whf 
Burgess T. H. (T. H. Burgess & Co.) 168 

Burgess T. D. boarding house, 14 s Calvert 
I>urgcss Thes. F. carpenter, 112 e Fayette 
Burgess Thomas, laborer, 807 w Pratt 
Burgess Wm. (Wm. Burgess k Son.) n e cor 

Greene and Mulberry 
Burgess Wra. & Son, (Wm. Burgess, C. R. 

Burgess, ) merch't tailors, 1G9 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. clerk, 32 n Republican 
Burgess Wm. A. blacksmitli, 9 Josephine 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. H. clerk, 1 n High 
Burgett George, butcher, 199 Columbia 
Burgett Nimrod, clerk, 1 1 Telegraph 
Burgmeyer Baltus, laborer, 136 Bank 

Burgunder Benjamin & Co., (B. Burgunder, 
D. Ambach, ) wholesale clothiers, 11 Ger- 

Burgunder Benjamin, (B. Burgunder & Co.) 
27G w Pratt 

Burgunder & Greenbaum, (.Joseph Burgunder, 
W. Grecnbaum, ) merchant tailors, 295 w 

Burgunder Joseph, (B. & Greenbaum,) 303 w 

Burgunder Meyer, salesman, 55 w Baltimore 

Burgunder Simon, boot and shoe dealer, 55 w 

BUEGY W. CORWIN, Importer, 

and Wholesale Dealer in Grocers* 
articles, teas, &c. Sole Agent for 
Maryland and District of Colum- 
bia, for Thurston Hall & Go's 
Boston Crackers, and David S. 
Brown's celebrated Detersive and 
Refined Soaps, 25 Cheapside, dw 
347 n Eutaw 

Burk Cornelius, tavern, 350 s Bond 
Burk Eliza, 195 e Baltimore 
Burk Frank P. clerk, 145 North 
Burk Francis, clerk, 116 North 
Burk John, machinist, 96 Aisquith 
Burk John, laborer, 189 s Regester 
Burk Patrick H. barkeeper, 167 L. Greene 
Burk Tobias, cooper, 11 n Spring 
Burk Mrs. Sabma, laundress, 218 Raborg 
BURK WM. grocery, G92 w B.altimore 
Burk Wm. mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Burkamp Francis, 201 Druid Hill av 
Burkard Conrad, laborer, 51s Regester 
Burkhard David, cigar maker, 27 s Regester 
Burkhard Joseph, harness maker, 27 s Reg- 
ester • 
Burkardt George F. machinist. 25 n Poppleton 
Burkardt Philip, machinist, 25 n Poppleton 
Burkardt Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burke Andrew J. sergt. police, 263 Green- 
mount av 
Burke Anna, 238 n Caroline 
Burke Mrs. Cornelia M. upholstering, 94 n 

Burke Dominic, pattern maker, 26 s Schroeder 
Burke Edward, printer, 40 Lee 
Burke Ezekiel, plasterer, 127 n Eden 
Burke Eliza J. 159 Garden 
Burke Mrs. Eliza, shoestore, 62 Centre Mar- 
ket space, dw 54 
Burke Mrs. Elizabeth, 193 Vine 
Burke George B. clerk Savings Bank of Bal- 
timore, n e cor Gay and Second 
Burke George H. laborer, 113 Hill 
Burke George T. clerk. Brown's hotel 
Burke Henry, lager beer, 72 Conway 
Burke Henry, paper hanger, 1 Williamson al 
Burke James, laborer, 29 AV'agon al 
Burke Jacob, lamplighter, 49 St. Mary 
Burke Jacob W. cigar maker, 104 Preston 
Burke John, laborer, 126 s Washington 
Burke John, laborer, 85 York 
Burke John H. H. feed, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John, laborer, 184 Gough 
Burke Joseph F. bricklayer, 636 w Baltimore 

J. HENBY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

ITos. 32 and 34 , 

S. Charles Street. 


Burke J. M. teller, 42 s Eutaw 

Burke John, grocery, 7 Hull 

Burke Jlrs. Mary, 123 Harford av 

Burke Matthew, marble polisher, 2T Valley 

Burke Mrs. Mary, 65 Chesnut 

Burke Mrs. Margaret, 529 w Baltimore 

Burke Mrs. Mary, 34 Chatsworth 

Burke Michael, laborer, V Dover 

Burke Michael, laborer. 55 Ilaubert 

Burke Michael, tailor, 3*7 s Front 

Burke St. M. E. Church Chapel, w side Burke, 

bet Canton av and Aliceanna 
Burke J'ichael, grocer, 74 York 
Burke Nichs. stone cutter, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke tUiver, constable, 49 St. Mary 
Burke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 84 Towson 
Burke Patrick, barkeeper, 167 L Greene 
Burke Richard, laborer, 13 n Amity 
Burke Richard, laborer, 212 Cross 
Burke Richard, tinner, 14 Union al 
Burke Richard, tipner, 14 Holland 
Burke Robert, laborer, 97 Elliott 
Burke Sarah, 127 n Eden 
!5urke Stephen, 16 Hall al 
Burke Thomas E. 11 Albemarle 
Burke Thomas, painter, 520 w Baltimore, dw 

266 Mulberry 
Burke Thomas, mariner, 178 L Hughes 
Burke Thomas, bricklayer, 123 Harford av 
Burke Virginia, 49 St. Mary 
Burke Walter L. police, 159 Garden 
Burke Wm. H. cigarraaker, 123 n Gay 
Burke Wm. engineer, McHenry w of Fulton 
Burke Wm. boilermaker, 30 s Poppleton 
Burke Wm. patternmaker, 450 w Lombard 
Burke Wm. B. oyster packer. 5 Mercer, dw 

Chappell nr Penna. av 
Hurke Wm. J. laborer, 94 Block 
Burke Wm. R. butcher, 256 Greenmount av 
Ihirke Wm. T. 266 Mulberry 
Burkemeir John G. grocery, 107 Granb}- 
Burker Mrs. Mary, 50 Abbott 
Burkert Mrs. Amelia, 13 Baker 
15urkert Charles, tailor, 50 n Central av 
(Jurkcrt Charles, second hand clothing, 167 

Eastern av 
Burkert John, shoemaker, 426 Canton av 
Burkert John, shoemaker, 308 Mulberry 
Burkett Frederick, hostler, 116 Vine 
Burkett John, carter, 126 Mc Henry 
Burkett Thomas A. carpenter, 434 \v Lombard 
Burkhard Peter, chinaware, 211 Eastern av 
Burkhard Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burkhardt Frederick, fireman, 56 s Republican 
Burkhardt Frederick, driver, 80 Somerset 
Burkhardt George, laborer, 11 Port 
Burkhardt Jacob, 80 Somerset 
Burkhead James H. blacksmith, 77 Granby 
Burkhead John W. tailor, 409 n Gay 
Burkins Mrs. Elizab. tobacconist, 220 Hollins 
Burkins Isaac, engineer, 29 s Republican 
Burkins Wm. moulder, 220 Hollins 
Burklcy Eliza, huckster, 41 President 
Burkley George, laborer, 31 Fell 
Burkley Jacob, cabinetmaker, 8 Edward 
Burkman Charles U. carpenter, 34 Haubert 
Burleigh Joseph B. salesman, Mount n of I^ex- 

Burley Henry W. police, 146 n Caroline 
Burley Isabella, milliner, 27 Stirling 
l>urley Matilda, millinery, 27 Stirling 

Burliner Emanuel, clerk, 9 s Exeter 
Burlingame Dr. Waterman, dentist, 54 n 

Burraan Ernest H. confectioner, 87 n Fremont 
Burman George L. painter, 56 s Republican 
Burman Henry, confectioner, 87 n Fremont 
Burman Jeremiah painter, 56 s Republican, dw 

544 w Pratt 
Burman John H. confectioner, 87 n Fremont 
Burmeister Frederick, restaurant, 114 Thame.s 
Burmingham James L. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Burmingham Thos. painter, 45 Druid Hill av 
Burmingham Wm. stonemason, 28 n Amity 
Burmingham Wm. H. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Burmingham Wm. C. laborer, 350 s Caroline 
Burn Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Hannah E. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Henry, 8 Barton 
Burn Philip, well digger, 56 Johnson 
Burn Robert, shipcarpenter, 226 Bank 
Burn Robert jr. shipcarpenter, 226 Bank 
Burn Wm. shipcarpenter, 226 Bank 
Burnap Mrs. Geo. W. 45 n Calvert 
Burnap Wm. G. brassfinisher, 1 Harnden'sct 
Burner Joseph, currier, 8 Port 
Burnes Charles H. laborer, 98 Stiles 
Burnes Thomas, shipcarpenter, 68 Gough 
Burnes Patrick, laborer, 138 Hamburg 
Burnes Peter, laborer, 347 s Charles 
Burneston Isaac B. bookkeeper, 154 e Balti- 
Burneston Joseph, carpenter, 16J President 
Burneston Wm. carpenter, 16^ President 
Burnett Alford, carpenter, 76 Granby 
Burnett Rev. D. S. 112 German 
BURNETT & BOYD, (S. Burnett, J. H. Boyd] 
lumber merchants, n w cor Central and Can- 
ton avs 
Burnett George G. timekeeper B. & 0. R. R. 

552 Saratoga 
Burnett George H. carpenter, 30 Gough 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, n w cor Central and 

Canton avs 
Burnett Henry H. (Hollins & Burnett.) 55 

Burnett Jane, confectioner, 188 e Baltimore j 
Burnett Joseph P. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Capt. Joseph P. 35 n Caroline 
Burnett Maria L. teacher, 54 n Eden 
Burnett Marj' E. teacher, 54 n Eden 
Burnett M. police, 22 Druid Hill av 
Burnett 0. P. (Wm. H. Philips & Co.) 49 Lee 
Burnett Oliver P. clerk, 49 Lee 
Burnett Philip, mariner, 321 Eastern av 
Burnett Samuel, (Burnett & Boyd) n w cor 

Central and Canton avs 
Burnett Samuel R. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Burnett Sprague, clerk, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Thos. R. clerk, 27 Conway 
Burnett Washington, clerk, 40 s Regester 
Burnett Wm. A. 54 n Eden 
Burnett Wm. watchman, 54 n Eden 
Burnett Wm. T. clerk B. & O. R. R. 146 Lee 
Burnham Cbai'les, stonecutter, 59 n Eden. 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 356 c Balfi-> 

Burnham John, shoemaker, 49 n Eden 
Burnham John T. black.smith, 48 n Paca 
Burnham John F. dairyman, 51 Granby 
Burnham John, blacksmith, 48 n Paca,' dw SIJ 

Burnham Josiah, blacksmith, 33 Chatswortb. 




















■ n 


















— ' 





Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Hurnham Samuel, painter, 49 n Eden 

IJurns Andrew, grocery, 190 s Central av 

Burns Anna, dressmaker, 200 Lexington 

Burns Mrs. Ann, grocery, 79 Union 

Burns Mrs. Ann, seine knitter, 28G Eastern av 

Burns Mrs. Ann, 9 Fell 

Burns Bernard, cabinetmaker, 270 n Gay 

Burns Bridget, boarding, 183 s Caroline 

Burns Charles, barkeeper, 215 Lexington 

BURNS & CO. ( Jas. Burns, ) oyster dealers, 39 

Burns Daniel, laborer, rear of 58 s Schroeder 
Burns Dennis, driver, "29 Granby 
Burn.'' Edward, painter, 38 Orleans 
Burns Edward, painter, 77 n Schroeder 
Burns Edward, clerk, 211 s Charles 
Burns Edward, carpenter, 105 n I'oppleton 
Burns Elizabeth, dressmaker, 200 Lexington 
Burns Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 255 Hamburg 
Burns F.H. (Wilson, Burns & Co.)lG8 w Fay- 
Burns Francis, jr., (Wilson, Burns & Co.) Eu- 

taw house 
Burns Francis, sr., (Burns, Russell & Co.) 158 

w Fayette 
Burns Francis, jr., (Burns, West & Co.) Eu- 

taw house 
Burns George, provision dealer, s w cor Fay- 
ette and Caroline 
Burns George W. machinist, 224 s Sharp 
Burns George W. shoe store, 338 w Baltimore, 

dw 1G8 w Fayette 
Burns Henry, grocery, 71 Watson 
Burns Henry, stonecutter, 263 Forrest 
Burns Henry, police, 117 Harford av 
Burns Horace, clerk, 40 e Fayette 
Burns Hugh, stevedore, 9 Guilford al 
Burns James, pilot, 75 s Caroline 
Burns James, farmer, 85 s Mount 
Burns James, laborer, 31 Stockton al 
Burns James, (Burns & Co.) 197 n Caroline 
Burns James, laborer, Winan's row 
Burns John, machinist, 117 Harford av 
Burns John T. street commissioner, 135 Or- 
Burns John, laborer, 78 e Dallas 
Burns John, blacksmith, 175 Ramsay 
Burns John, ( Wm. S. Wedge & Co. ) 46 Barre 
Burns John, morning star bitters, 100 s Charles 

dw 217 Hanover 
Burns Joseph, laborer, 6 Decker 
Burns Joseph K. laborer, 120 s Wolfe 
Burns Lackey, laborer, 64 Durst al 
Burns Laura, tailorcss, 156 G Hughes 
Burns Lucy, dressmaker, 200 Lexington 
Burns Martin E. moulder, 1 Webb 
Burns Mary E. 302 Aisquith 
Burns Mrs. Matthew, grocery, 172 s Central av 
Burns Michael, laborer, 159 West 
Burns Michael, painter, 204 Pearl 
Burns Michael, drayman, 79 Union 
Burns Michael, laborer, 271 William 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 138 Hamburg 
Burns Patrick, laborer, West bet Hanover and 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 41 York 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 22 Union 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 37 Stockton al 
Burns Patrick, drayman, 66 Boyd 
Burns Patrick, carter, 2 L Hughes 
Burns Patrick, fireman, 124 w Baltimore 
Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 

Burns Peter, drayman, 19 Townsend 
Burns Jlrs. Rebecca, boarding, 40 e Fayette 
Burns Robert A. harnessmaker, rear Eutaw 

house, dw 564 Lexington 
Burns Robert L. carpenter, 338 w Lombard 
Burns Sarah, chambermaid, 46 s Sharp 
Burns Sanniel S. carpenter, 44 James la 
BURNS, RUSSELL <j- CO. (Wm. F Burns, 
A. H. Russell,) brick manufacturers, 30 
Burns Samuel, (Burns & Sloan,) 133 St. Paul 
BURNS & SLOAN, (Samuel Burns, G. F. 
Sloan, jr.) lumber merchants, 132 Light st 
Burns Thomas, blacksmith, 24 Jew al 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 16 Diamond 
Burns Thomas, hostler, IG Diamond 
Burns Thomas, shipcarpenter, 68 Gough 
Burns Thomas, provisions. 111 s Eden 
Burns Wm. bricklayer, 244 Conway 
Burns Wm. F. blacksmith, 175 Ramsay 
Burns Wm. F. (Burns, Russell & Co.) 318 

Madison av 
Burns W. J. carver, 77 Warner 
Burns, West k Co. (F. Burns jr. Geo. P. West,) 

imp. liquors and cigars, 18 s Charles 
Burns Wm. ])otter, 183 s Ann 
Burns Wm. E. bricklayer, 244 Conway 
Burns Wm. carpenter, 43 Gittings 
Burnside Mrs. Frances, 200 e Pratt 
Burnside George W. conductor C. P. Ry, 200 

e Pratt 
Burnside James R. clerk, 40 e Fayette 
Burnside James, 200 e Pratt 
Burnyman Augustus, butcher, 26 Neighbor 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, bricklayer, 247 n Eden 
Burris James, car driver 297 Canton av 
Burris James H. tinner, 85 Th.ames 
Burris John H. plumber, Walsh nr Townsend 
Burris John, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 
Burris Mrs. Jlary, cook, 127 Penna. av 
Buro Frederick, cooper, 148 Raborg 
BURROUGH BROS. (J. Burrough, E. E. Bur- 
rough, PL Burrough,) wholesale druggists, 
54 and 56 Light 
Burrough E. E. (Burrough Bros.) 117 German 
Burrough H. (Burrough Eros.) 378 w Lom- 
Burrough Jacob (Burrough Bros.) lime dealer, 
office 54 and 56 Light, dw s w cor Madison 
and McMechin 
Burrow Charles, laborer, 13 Abbot 
Burrow Frederick M.( Whitaker, Jarrett ^ Co.) 

34 n Calvert 
Burrows Susan, 18 New Church 
Burruss Henry L. paper carrier, 567 w Lom- 
Burruss John L. cardriver, 567 w Lombard 
Burslem Alexander, laborer, St. Charles hotel, 

Hull bet iMarriott and Nicholson 
Burslem Thos. laborer, St. Charles hotel, L. P 
Burt Alfred P. sec'y Laurel Cannel Coal and 
Oil Co. n e cor South and Second, dw 82 e 
Burt Thomas, salesman, 59 Columbia 
Burter Charles, baker, 30 Leadenhali 
Burto Dr. Roback, 31 s Durham 
Burton Charles, grocery, 68 Chew 
Burton Edwin S. dentist, 12 Laurel 
Burton Elizabeth, 509 w Pratt 
Burton Ellen, tailorcss, 46 e Eager 

VI£B GROVER 6i BAKKR SKWIIVG MACHINK is the best ror all purposes— SALRS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 



Burton Geo. W. (Burtoa & Irving,) IfiS w 

Burton II. W. clerk, 238 w Fayette 
Burton Isaac, machinist, 799 w Baltimore 
BURTON & IRVING, (Geo. W. Burton, Thos. 

J. Irvinp:, ) gents' furnishing goods, 168 w 

Burton John A. provision, 3G4 w Lombard, 

dvv 362 


O. A., Dentist, 17 N 

Burton RobertC. 17 s Howard 
Burton Robert, police, 290 Mulberry 
Burton Thos. C. steam dyer. 121 Lcxingtoa 
Burton Thomas R. mariner, 305 e Pratt 
Burton Thomas, painter, 326 e Monnmeat 
Burton Win. M. dyer, 121 Lexington 
Burton Wm. brakesman, 137 n Front 
Burton Wm. actor, 25 Watson 
Burton Wm. H. actor, 29 w Baltimore 
Burton W. H. clerk, 238 vv Fayette 
Burtram Charles, butcher, p'enna. av, below 

toll gate 
Burtram Wm. butcher, Penna. av, below toll 

Burwell Mary C. S. dressmaker, 115 Columbia 
Busby Robert, bakery. 54 n Eden 
Buscii Abraham, sr. 468 Light 
Busch Abraham, jr. 440 Light 
Busch Bernard, grocery, liquor, flour and feed, 

store, 406 Harford av 
Busch Bernard, c^ibinetmakcr, 39 e Monument 
Busch Dederick, laborer, 6 Fortav 
Busch Frank W. laborer, 20 s Chapel 
Busch George, laborer, 197 
Busch George W. Ferry Bar house, dw 494 

Busch George, saw j-er, 197Aliceanna 
Busch Henry, laborer, 296 Johnson 
Busch Henry, blacksmith, 6 Fort av 
Busch Henry, laborer. 70 Eislcin 
Busch Henry, laborer, 155 Burgundy al 
Busch John, cigarmaker, 1 Somerset 
Busch John, cigarmaker, 133 Welcome al 
Busch Rev. John M. 49 Biddle al 
Busch Lawrence, jeweler, 279 n Gay 
Busch Theodore, grocery, Philadelphia road, 

near City limits 
Busch Wm. cooper, 226 s Dallas 
Busch Wra.H. engineer, 203 Montgomery 
Busch Wm. cooper, 186 Canton av 
Buschman Charles, carpenter, 55 Hampstead 
Buschman Clement A. tailor, 220 Lexington 
Buschman Francis, merchant tailor, 9 n Lib- 
Buschman Frederick, painter, 107 Lancaster 
Buschman Frederick, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Henry, merchant tailor, 301 w Pratt 
Buschman Henry, cigar maker, 122 Green- 
mount av 
BUSCHMAN E. HERMANN, merchant tailor, 

137 Lc'xitigton 
Buschman Mrs. Johanna, 21 Calverton road 
BUSCHMANN E. & CO. (Ernst Busciimann, 
Wm. IleiGc) steam sawing and planing mills, 
cor Caroline and Canton av 
Buschmann Ernst, (E. Buschmann & Co.) 78 s 

Buschmann Victor H. tailors' trimmings, &c. 2 
Hanover dw 239 w Fayette 

Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 

Busey James R. brickmaker, 778 w Baltimore 

Busey Kate, 778 w Baltimore 

Busey Norval II. photographer, 53 n Greene 

Busey Sarah N. 53 n Greene 

Busey Wm. M. attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw 5S 

n Greene 
Bush Abraham, huckster, 440 Light 
Bush Albert II. sailmaker, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo, H. J. car driver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. E. ropemakcr, 235 n Central av 
Bush George W. bricklayer, 106 Dolphin 
Bush George L. cigarmaker, 335 Light 
Bush John, cigarmaker, 49 Biddle al 
Bush John, cigarmaker, 6 Somerset 
Bush John, tailor, 29 n Dallas 
Bush John, porter, 33 Welcome al 
Bush Mrs. Mary A. grocery, 49 w Biddle 
Bush & Moulton, (P Bush, I. A. Monlton,) 

gen'l business agency, over 75 w Fayette 
Bush Peter, (B. & Moulton, ) 52 Hampstead 
Bush Peter, laborer. Stockholm betw Eutaw 

and Russell 
Bush Thos.H. blacksmith, rear 321 s Bond 
Bush Wm. H. engineer, 203 Montgomery 
Bush Wm. laborer, 78 Towson 
Bushey Frank, (Edw. Roelkey & Co.) 103 Rol- 
Bushkey Frank, laborer, 70s Bond 
Bushman Charles, carpenter, over 55 Thames 
Bushman Ernest, (E B. & Co ) 78 s Broadway 
Bushman John, carpenter, 78 George 
Busick Daniel, £hoemaker, 370 n Gay 
BusickGeo. W. police, lOThomsen 
Busick James, police, 217 n Eden 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 370 n Gay 
Busick Levin, bootfitter, 159 n Central av 
BUSINESS COLLEGE, (Bryant, Stmtton & 

Sadler,) W. H. Sadler, pres't, 8 n Charles 
Busk C, (Smith & B.) 52 s Broadway 
Busk Mrs. H. J. 668 Lexington 
BUSK J. A. & CO., (J. A. B., J. S. Busk,) 

flour and grain com. merchs. 7 Patterson 
Busk J. A. (J. A. Busk & Co.) 668 Lexington 
Busk John, bookkeeper, 106 McCulloh 
Busk J. S. (J. A. Busk k Co.) 668 Lexington 
Busk John, bookkeeper, 129 s Broadway 
Busk Peter, carpenter, 52 Hampstead 
Busk Mrs. Thomas M. 52 s Broadway 
Buskey Ann, 108 Thames 
Busky John, car driver, 25 Shakespear 
Buss Martin, shoemaker, 278 s Charles 
Bussa Bernard, boilermaker, 195 East 
Bussard MarsHall L engineer, 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Matthew, watchman at Mt. Clare, dw 

43 8 Poppleton 
Busse John V. butter dealer, 234 s Broadway 
Bussman Anna, 240 s Charles 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, confectioner, 160 

w Baltimore, dw 15 Hollins 
Butcher Benj. F. carpenter 132 Pearl 
Butcher Catherine, 100 s Castle 
Butcher Catherine, 58 Bank 
Butcher Elizabeth, 166 s Spring 
Butcher .lohn, laborer, 222 s Paca 
Butcher Wm. shoemaker, 901 w Pratt 
Butenut Henrick, cigarmaker, 284 w Pratt 
ButkauCarl, laborer, 81 Hampstead 
Butler Andrew, laborer, 188 s Caroline 
Butler Dr. A. C. surgeon chiropodist, 4 Barnet 
Butler Albert, teamster, rear of 592 Saratoga 
Butler Abraham, machinist, 502 w Lombard 

'FHE GROVER jSf BAKER SE\VING MACHINE is the best for all purposes-^ SALES 
R009IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BHOS. & CO. 




Butler & Bealmar, (E. Butler, J. A. Bealmar,) 

merchant tailors, 236 w Pratt 
Butler Christiau, laborer, 160 s Eden 
Butler Chas. machinist, 591 av Lombard 
Butler Elijah, (Bntler & Bealmar,) 99 William 
Butler Edward, machinist, 502 w Lombard 
Butler George, machinist, 962 \v Baltimore 
Butler Mrs. Gertrude, grocery, 351 e Eager 
Butler James, carpenter, 126 Saratoga 
Butler James, grocer. 166 n Front 
Butler Dr. James H. 144 Mulberry 
Butler John, jr. bookkeeper, 121 Conway 
Butler John, rigger, 133 s Regester 
Butler John, drover. Garrison la nr Almshouse 
Butler John, laborer, 26 Lemmon 
Butler John J. mariner, 121 Jefferson 
Butler John, cooper, 130 Cross 
Butler John, 190 s Eden 
Butler John, 121 Conway 
Butler John, drayman, 63 s Caroline 
Butler John W. (Butler, Perrigo & Way,) 56 

Butler John, porter, 58 Stiles 
Butler Joseph, butcher, 181 s Regester 
Butler Joseph S. (Stanton & B.,) T s Calhoun 
Butler J. W. & Co. (J. W. Butler, N. M. 
Pusey, ) manufs. of mouldings for picture 
and looking glass frames and wood work, 
generally, 21, 23 and 25 Leadenhall 
Butler Louis, laborer, 145 s Chester 
Butler Margaret, dressmaker, 42 Tyson 
Butler Mrs. Margaret, 290 Saratoga 
Butler M. C. A. 536 Le.xington 
Butler Martin, carter, 50 Orleans 
Butler Martin, laborer, 24 Pbilpot 
Butler Martin, porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Mrs. Mary A. tailoress, 183 n Paca 
Butler Mary A. milliner, 4 sPoppleton 
Butler Michael, laborer, 145 s Chester 
Butler Michael, laborer, 21 Shakspear 
Butler Ormand, engineer, 4*76 w Lombard 
Butler Peter, hostler, 1 1 Neighbor 
Butler Peter F. carpenter, cor Pean. av and 

Butler Patrick J. porter, 519 w Baltimore 

W. Butler, J. L. Perrigo, A. J. H. 
Way,) Looking Glasses, Gilt Por- 
trait Frames, &e.. Engravings, 
Paintings, and Works of Art gen- 
erally. Gallery open free, n w 
cor Charles and Payette 

Butler Richard, 94 Camden 

Butler Richard, engineer, 52 sPoppleton 

Butler Samuel, ship builder, Decker near 
Northern av 

Butler Samuel, (Stanton & Butler, ) 6 s Cal- 

Butler Capt. Sprague J. 81 n Caroline 

Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 w Baltimore 

Butler Thomas, boot aud shoemaker, corner 
Penna av and Townsend 

Butler Thomas, fruit stand, n e eor Eutaw and 

Butler Thomas N. silverplatex, cor Penna av 
and Townsend 

Butler Thomas C. n w corner Cathedral and 

Butler Thomas, clerk. 105 Hanover 
Butler Thomas E. printer, 121 Conway 
Bntler Thomas N. britannia ware mauf'r, 211 

Butler Wm. T. machinist, 9G2 w Baltimore 
Butler Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Butler Wm. laborer, 5 Camden la 
Butler Wm. T. iron moulder, 161 William 
Butschky Henry, tavern, Boston near Hudson 
Butt Henry, saddlery, 241 Mulljerry 
Butt John H. clothing cutter, 60 Hampstead 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, 86 Druid Hill av 
Buttenmiller Henry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Butterhoif Peter, laborer, 84 Somerset 
Butterweg Anton, wheelwright, 43 Preston 
Butterworth Anton, wheelwright, 43 Preston 
Buttner Conrad, tailor, 5 New 
Buttner Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, s e cor Fay- 
ette and Wolfe 
Buttner Leonard, shoejuaker, 248 s Ann 
Buttner John A. baker, s e cor Fayette and 

Button James, gardener, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Button Jacob, laborer, 22Te Lombard 
Button Jacob R. laborer, 22*1 e Lombard 
Button Mrs. Josephine, teacher, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Button Susanna, 35 Milliman 
Button Wm., Philadelphia road nearcitylimits 
Button Wm. H. C. iron worker, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Butts Mrs. Catherine, n e cor Baltimore and 

Butz Audrew, cooper, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz George, peddler, 8 Abbott 
Butz John, laborer, 9 Smith's al 
Butz John, shoemaker, 215 Light 
Buvinger George, tinner, 138 n Pine 
Bu.xbaum Beuj. S. second-hand clothing, 51 

Buxbaum Hannah, 43 u Liberty 
Buxbaum Jacob, umbrella maker, 698 w Bal- 
Buxensten Otto, police, 155 e Pratt 
BUZBY DAVID T. general com. merchant, G 

Exchange place, dw s w cor Eager and St. 

Buzby J. Frank, clerk, 189 w Fayette 
Buzby John M. coppersmith, 120 Orleans 
Buzby Wm. N. expressman, r>t Milliman 
Byer Charles, shoemaker, Burke betw Canton 

av and Aliceanna 
Byer Conrad, 157 Stirling 
Byer John, shoemaker, 14 Baker's ct 
Byerly Wm. C. canmaker, 28 n Oregon. 
Byers Henrietta, teacher, 81 n Greene 
Byers James F. salesman, 42 ;V n Poppleton 
Byers John T. tailor, 23 Mullilviu 
Byrd Colmore E. blacksmith, loBarre, dw31B 

Byrd Mrs. E. R. 246, n Eutaw 
BYRD DR. HARVEY L. 21 n Calvert 
Byrd James E. clerk, 311 Light 
Byrd John W. C. clerk, 33 Warren 
Byrd Odeu, (Byrd & Robinson, ) 8 Barse 
Byrd & Robinson, (0. Byrd, J. Robinson. ) 

house carpenters, 8 Barre 
Byrn Wm. clerk, 76 u Front 
Byrn Wm. T. (Shaw & Byrn,) 20 Warren 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 81 Hampstead 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

ITos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




l>3Tne Andrew J. carpenter, 34 n Frederick 
Byrne Bridget, variety store, 386 w Eager 
Myrne C. Lee, clerk, 63 s Washington 
Byrne Mrs. Caroline M. 103 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Dennis, laborer, 99 Granhy 
Byrne Henry F. supt. rolling mill, 63 s Wash- 
Byrne Hugh, tavern, VO President 
Byrne Hugn, stevedore, 10 Hammond al 
Byrne James, carpenter, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne James M. ship carpenter, 29 Cambridge 
Byrne James, clerk, TO President 
Byrne James J. clerk, 247 n Gay 
Byrne James, laborer, Donnelly's ct 
Byrne James, 39 n Front 
Byrne James P. cabinet maker, 39 n Front 
Bj'rne James P. clerk, lis Poppleton 
Byrne John B. clerk, 49 George 
Byrne Joseph F. 39 Front 
Byrne Joseph C. 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Joseph, shoemaker, 12 Mercer 
Byrne Lawrence, clerk, 8 Neighbor 
Byrne Martin, laborer, 137 n High 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, 10 s Chapel 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Michael, harness maker, 411 W" Pratt 
Byrne Owen, 120 s AVolfe 
Byrne Robert P. clerk, 103 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Sara'l E. bookkeeper, 103 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Thomas F. telegraph operator B. <t 0. 

R. R. Co. dw 373 Lexington 
Byrne Thos. J. collar maker, 30 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Terrence, carpenter, 1 20 s Wolfe 
Byrne Walter, peddler 13 s Washington 
Byrne Wm. clerk, 76 n Front 
Byrne Wm H. bookkeeper, 189 Aisquith 
Byrne Wm. H. (Long & Byrne. ) 77 McElderry 
Byrne Wm. 32 McElderry 
Byrne Wm. H. salesman, 54 s Sharp 
Byrnes Mrs. Eliza, groccr3', 18 Morris al 
Byrnes Edward, printer, 30 n Front 
Byrnes John, drayman, 263 Forrest 
Byrnes John, ( Wm. S. Wedge & Co.) 46 Barre 
Byrnes Joseph, laborer, 87 s Spring 
Byrnes John, laborer, 33 Eastern av 
B^'rnes Joseph, gilder and jiicture frame maker, 

32 n Calvert, dw 353 e Eager 
Byrnes Michael, laborer, 139 n Front 
Byrnes Mrs. Mary A. 229 Druid Hill av 
Byrnes Wm. T. coachmaker, 479 Franklin 
Byrot George, shoemaker, 173 King 
Byse Abraham, 8i9 w Baltimore 
Byus Mrs. Elizabeth, 81 Garden 
By us John W. engineer, 159 Hughes 
Byus Joseph H. 123 s Sharp 
Byus Mrs. Valeria, 105 Columbia 

Cabbule Mrs. A.M. dressmaker, 250 s Bond 
Cable George S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cadden John, laborer. 17 Cannon 
Cadden Michael, laborer, 33 Haubcrt 
Caddigan Matthew, cabinetmaker, 66 s Repub- 
Cade C.vpt. Nelson, mariner, 144 s Ann 
Cadel Samuel, watchman, 163Gough 
Cadell Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 6 McHenry 
Cadell Johu II. brakesman, 6 McHenry 
Cademore Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 171 s Ann 
Cadogan Matthew, cabinetm'r, 66 s Republican 

Cadow James E. clerk, 348 w Fayette 
Cadwallader Abel G. police, 37 s Poppleton 
Cad wall ader Abel G. harnessmaker, 18 George 
Cadwallader H. C. nightman, 37 s Poppleton 
Cadwallader Harrison C. horses and carls, 32 

s Poppleton 
Cadwallader Louisa, 26 s Regester 
Cadwallader L. W. police, 18 George 
Cadwallader Mrs. Mary A. 37 s Poppleton 
Cadwallader Sanford E. clerk, 82 n Paca 
Gadwell Henry A. clockmaker, 49 n Pine 
Cafl'erty Thomas, cordwainer, 95 n Central av 
Cafl'rey George, (John O'Ferrall & Co.) Sara- 
toga e of Paca 
Calfrey John, clerk, Ij Chatsworth 
Caffrey John, wagoner, 75 Front n of Foundry 
Caffrey Patrick, engineer, 4 Emory 
Cahill Mrs. Catherine, 150 West 
Cahil! Daniel, laborer, 112 s Dallas 
Cahill Edward, laborer, 5 Ulrick al 
Cahill Mrs. Frederick, 150 West 
Cahill Mrs. Frances, grocery, 112 s Dallas 
Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth, 200 Madison av 
Cahill John, (Jas. Clark & Co.) 10 Hill 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 McHenry 
Cahill Mary, peddler, 108Hi!len 
Cahill Michael, moulder, 10 Comet 
Cahill Patrick, stonecutter, 332 n Howard 
Cahill Patrick, lumb. inspector, 105 Cathedral 
Cahill Pearce, licjuors, 6 Cuba 
Cahill Timothy, receiving ship, dw 103 s 

Cahn Bernard, (Greenebaum Bro. & CahnJ 

102 n Eutaw 
Cahn Felix, salesman, 148 Lexington 
Cain Frank, telegrajjh line repairer, 90 Co- 
Cain James, stonemason, 9 n Amity 
Cain James T. confectioner, 05 Orleans 
Cain John, stonemason, 22 n Poppleton 
Cain John, laborer, 147 Albemarle 
Cain John, sr. carter, 32 St. Peter 
Cain John, jr. carter, 32 St. Peter 
Cain John W. carter, 172 Scott 
Cain John, laborer, 15 Neighbor 
Cain Joseph J. carpenter, 408 Walsh 
Cain Matthew, huckster, 320 Forrest 
Cain Martin, laborer, 195 East 
Cain Mrs. Sarah, 117 Walsh 
Cain Thomas, plumber, rear 104 Franklin 
Cain Thomas, laborer, 117 Franklin 
Cain Wm. boilermaker, 12 w Madison 
Cain Wm. F. painter, 172 Scott 
Cain Wm. H. carter, 07 Boyd 
Cairncross Mrs. Amanda, seamstress, 284 Mul- 
Cairns .James, (Ellis ife Cairns,) 14 s Gay 
Calcon George, junk dealer, 304 s Bond 
Calder Christopher, laborer, 79 Biddleal 
Caldcr John, machinist, 119 s Washington 
Calder John, machinist, 133 s Eden 
Calder Robert A. letter c-rrier, 265 e Pratt 
Calder Wm watchman Custom house, dw 119 

s Washington 
Calawell Alonzo, (A. Caldwell k Co.) 841 w 

Caldwell Amelia, seamstress, 115 n Paca 
CALDWELL A. & CO. (A. Caldwell, ) phar- 
maceutist, n e cor Baltimore and (-alhouii 
Caldwell Andrew P. bookkeeper, 188 n Exeter 
Caldwell Daniel, dj'er, 42 n High 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 1 Foster al 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 


DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 



Caldwell Eliza, milliner, 115 n Para 
Caldwell H.W. (Caldwell & Parker,) Bull's 

Head hotel 
Caldwell James A. 115 ii Paca 
Caldwell James R mariner, 3 w Baltimore 
Caldwell John C. blockmaker, 157 c Pratt 
Caldwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Caldwell Mary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 
CALDWELL & PARKER, (H. W. Caldwell, 
John Parker.) manufacturers DeGurley's 
hitter?, 30 n Paca 
Caldwell Wm. M. hardware dealer, 192 Mul- 
Caldwell Wm. M. (Baily, Caldwell & Co.) 

Mulberry near Pine • 
Caldwell Wm. M. clerk Firemen's Insurance 

Co., Pratt near Caroline 
Caldwell Wm. 130 n Front 
CALDWELL WM. P. & CO. (W. P. Cald- 
well, R. T. Phillips,) shipping com. merch'ts, 
19 South 
Caldwell Wm. P. (Wm. P. Caldwell & Co.) 

55 Lexington 
CALDWELL WM. Q. sr., architect and mea- 
surer, 85 w Fayette, dw 188 n Exeter 
Caldwell Wm. Q. jr. (J. F. Reinicker & Co.) 

303 n Eden 
Callaghan Edward, laborer, 10 Williamson al 
Callahan Mrs. Anna, laundress, 189 Dover 
Callahan Bridget, 26 n Spring 
Callahan Charles, barkeeper, 330 s Bond 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Daniel, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, Foster al betw Pres- 
ton and Hoffman 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 12 Comet 
Callahan Edward, laborer, s e cor Hamburg 

and Light 
Callahan James, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan John, laborer, 77 s Chapel 
Callahan Margaret, 109 n High 
Callahan Margaret, chambermaid, Gilmor 

Callahan Mrs. Maria, 129 s Exeter 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 188 Canton av 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 149 Aliceanna 
Callahan Michael, hostler, 75 n Front i 

Callahan Patrick, gasfitter and plumber 

n Calvert 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 19 Concord 
Callahan Patrick, hostler, 216 Raborg 
Callahan Peter, clerk, 51 Tyson 
Callahan Philip, laborer, 215 Cross 
Callahan T. & Co. oyster packers, foot of Mill 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, 410 s Charles 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, s w cor Eager 

and McKini 
Callahan Timothy, (T. Callahan & Co.) foot of 

Callahan T. & Co. (T. Callahan, Martin Quinn) 

oyster dealers, foot of Mill 
Caliahan Wm. laborer, 189 Dover 
Callan Andrew, laborer, 20 Rose 
Callan Mrs. Ann, 19! s Chester 
Callan P'rancis, 175 s Chester 
Callan Owen, clerk, 12 Foundry 
Callan Peter, carter, 175 s Chester 
Callanan Richard, ship carver, over 17 Philpot, 

dw 72 Block 
Callan Thomas, laborer, 71 n Bethel 
CALLAWAY REV. CHAS. M. 219 Franklin 



Callaway Geo. huckster, 177 Conway 
Callaway George F. huckster, 177 Oonway 
Callaway Wm. S. plasterer, 136 Jefferson 
Callenberger Wm. H puddler, 133 Hudson 
Callender Hetiry, huckster, 8 Williamson al 
Callender John, laborer, 127 s Castle 
Callender Mary E. teacher, ino Aisquith 
Callender Wm. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callen Martin, laborer, 24 Wagon al 
Callis George R. bricklayer, G9 s Caroline 
CALLIS JAMES H. coal yard, 22G e Balti- 
more, dw 1 n Regester 
Callow Wm. 42 n Fremont 
Callow Wm. jr., (W. H. Howard k Co.) 42 n 

Callow Wm. sr., pres't Bankers and Merchants 
Telegraph Co. 132 w Baltimore, dw Garden 
st extended 
Calloway George F. huckster, 177 Conway 
Calvert Benjamin F. patternmaker, Lombard 

betw. Schroeder and Oregon 
Calvert C. C. clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Calvert Frank, patternmaker, 485 w Lombard 
Calvert Hall, or St. Joseph's Academy, 79 

Calvert Iron and Nail Works Co. 25 s Charles, 

factorv Locust Point 
Calvert John G. (John G. Calvert & Son) 33 

Calvert John G. jr., stonecutter, 41 Scott 
Calvert John G. k Son (John G. Calvert, 
Joseph B. Calvert) granite 3'ard, Pratt e of 
Calvert Joseph B. (John G. Calvert & Son) 33 

Calvert Jos. D. stonecutter, 33 Scott 
CALVERT STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert St. Spring, Calvert, betw. Saratoga 

and Pleasant 
Calvert Wm. patternmaker, 485 w Lombard 
Calvert Wm. T. machinist, 325 e Monument 
Calwell Frank F. machinist, 161 s Sharp 
Calwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Calwell John K. clerk, 41 n Carev 
Calwell L. B. (Sloan & Calwell,) Baltimore Co 
Calwell L. V. teacher, 104 n Greene 
Calwell Martin, carpenter, 63 Light 
Calwell Mrs. Mary, milliner, 3 w Baltimore 
Calwell Mrs. Rose, 104 n Greene 
Calwithen James, stencils, 5 e Fayette 
CAMDKN STATION, B. & 0. R. R. front- 
ing Howard. Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Camela Antonia, laborer, 2(» New Church 
Cameron Alice, 100 s Castle 
Cameron Charles C. clerk assessor's office, dw 

417 Walsh 
Cameron Charles, bricklayer, 828 w Baltimore 
Cameron Daniel W. bookkeeper, 195 Mulberry 
Cammerell Charles, laborer, 302 s Bond 
Camp James N. drover, 11 Carlton 
Camp James L. 124 s Paca 
Campas Wm. barkeeper, 14 Camden 
Campbell Mrs. Ann 389 Cross 
Campbell Ann N. teacher, 126 Bolton 
Canji)bell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 133 s Ann 
Campbell Benjamin F. carpenter, 284 Pennaar 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, 255 Forrest 
Campbell Bernard, driver, 154 n Calvert 
Campbell Charles, gardener, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell Charles, clerk, 217 e Pratt 
Campbell Charles, finisher, 107 s Poppleton 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

ITo. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




Caiuphell David, hostler. 44 Cider al 
Campbell Mrs. Eliza, 124 w Fayette 
Campbell Elizabeth A. cloak maker, 298 e 

Campbell Edward, stone -worker, 111 Stirling 
Campbell George L. rope maker, 242 Green- 
mount av 
Campbell Geo. W. clerk, 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Geo. W. clerk, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell George, engineer, 103 Hanover 
Campbell Henry, mariner, 2C9 s Wolfe 
Campbell Henry, laborer, 2 Rose 
Campbell Henry J. tinner, 309 w Pratt 
Campbell Hugh E. laborer, over 6 Bank 
CAMPBELL JAMES A., claim agent, over 20 

Second, dw 33 n Freinont 
Camjibell James, laborer, 69 Milliman 
Campbell James, huckster, over 68 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
CAMPBELL J. MASON, attorney, 29 Lex- 
ington, dw 55 Franklin 
Campbell James E. police, 14T Chesapeake 
Campbell John, blacksmith, 205 s Howard 
Campbell John W. painter, 64 Front n of 

CampbelTjuo. messenger Adams Express, 3? 

Campbell John, laborer, 219 Lee 
Campbell John, machinist, 12 Lanvale 
Campbell John, laker, 116 Orleans 
Campbell John J. grocer, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell John, carpenter, 136 n Pine 
Campbell John H. lamplighter, 76 Warner 
CAMPBELL JOHN J. carpenter and builder, 

180 Hollins, dw 27 s Oregon 
Campbell John, 48 e Pratt 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 59 Arch 
Campbell John W. clerk, 48 e Pratt 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, dry goods, 250 n Gay 
Campbell Mary, 319 w Fayette 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 31 e Monument 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 119 Chesapeake 
Campbell N. P. president Merchants and Me- 
chanics Insurance Co., 44 Second, dw 50 
Campbell Nelson P. clerk, 162 George 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
Campbell Patrick A. mariner, 208 Bank 
Campbell Peter, french burr builder, 1 1 Orbital 
CAMPBELL & RAMSBURG, ( R. Campbell, 
jr., N. .A. Ramsburg, ) coal and lubricating 
oils, 95 w Lombard 
Campbell R. B. T. attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 

55 Franklin 
Campbell Robert, jr., ( Campbell & Rams- 
burg,) 23 n Calvert 
Campbell Ro.«s & Co. (Ross Campbell,) whole- 
sale dry goods commission merchants, 24 
Campbell Robert, jr., 252 w Fayette 
Campbell Ross, (R. Campbell & Co.) Balti- 
more county 
Campbell Robert, carpenter, 133 Gough 
Campbell Mrs. Sophia, 80 Read 
Campbell Samuel W. A., police, 3 Anthony 
Campbell Thomas M. police, 57 Preston 
Campbell Thomas, wagoner, 41 n Front 
Campbell Thomas W. bookkeeper, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thomas, carter, 19 .\bbott 
Campbell Thomas, farmer, 259 Franklin 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 269 Forrest 
Campbell Thomas, tinner, 269 Forrest 

Campbell Wra. shoemaker, 101 Vine 

Campbell Wm. L. carjienter, 284 Penna ar 

Campbell Wm. H. clerk, 48 e Pratt 

Campbell Wm. 108 McCuUoh 

Campbell Wm. clerk, 162 George 

Campbell Wra. scavenger, 25 Preston 

Campbell Wm. P. clerk, 312 n Caroline 

Campen Elias, flour merchant, 102 Gough 

Campen John, groceries and tin can manufac- 
turer, 264 and 266 Light 

Campen Henry (Sinsheimer, Black &; Campen) 
102 Gough 

Camper Alexander, coachtrimmer, 392 n Gay 

Camper Margaret, 25 Orleans 

Camper Martin G. 49 s Ann 

Camper Mary, 392 n Gay 

Camper Mary, fancy store, 123 Lexington 

Camper Napoleon, 123 Lexington 

Campwell John, laborer, 86 s Payson 

Canavau Mrs. Hetsy, 128 Garden 

Canavan James, marblecutter and grocery, 115 

Canavan Patrick, gasfitter, 234 Ostend 

Canby Edward L. clerk Commercial and Far- 
mers National Bank, 303 e Lombard 

CANBY, GILPIN & CO. (W. Canby, B. 
Gilpin,) wholesale druggists, n w cor Light 
and Lombard 

Canby Samuel, (Wright & Canby,) 87 Mc- 

Canby Thomas E. laborer, 45 Greenmonnt av 

Canby Thomas Y. pres't Washington Fire In- 
surance Company of Baltimore, 31 South, 
dw Howard 1st door n of Monument 

Canby Wm. (Canby, Gilpin & Co.) 44 Bolton 

CaneMrs. Bedelea, janitress, 14 Stiles 

Cane John, 147 Albemarle 

Cane John, wagoner, 14 Stiles 

Cane Matthew, wagoner, 14 Stiles 


(I. C. Canfield, W. B. Canfield, 
T. Welsh, J. R. Armiger,) 
Watches, Jewelry. Silver and 
Plated Ware, Rich Farcy Goods 
and Cutlery, Wholesale and Re- 
tail, 229 W Baltimore. [See Adver- 
tisements front inside cover. '\ 

Canfield Ira C. (Canfield, Bro. & Co.) 51 

Canfield Wm. B. (Canfield, Bro. & Co.) 246 n 

Cann Christian, driver, 131 Thames 
Cann Edward R. painter, 5 Hill 
Cann George, teacher, 103 Hanover 
Cann James R. printer, 5 Hill 
Cannoles Charles, coacbsmith, 152 c Madison 
Cannoles Charles, furn. wagon, 48 i'reston 
Cannoles Jose[ih, coachmaker, 154 e Madison 
Cannoles Oliver, cardriver, 48 Preston 
Cannoles Wesley, machinist, 48 Preston 
Cannon Bartine A. tyjjc founder, 314 Aisquith 
Cannon Charles W. 108 w Fayette 
Cannon C. K. (Folger, Cannon k Co.) 21 

Cannon Duncan B. clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Ca])t. James, 134 s High 
Cannon J. B. auctioneer, 108 w Fayette 

THE GROVER <fc BAKER SEWIKG MACIIIKE is th*- best for all purpo<»e»— SAIiES 
ROO^IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Cannon Jaiucs H, clerk, T4 Albemarle 
Cannon Mrs. Louisa, 35 w Eager 
Cannon Mary A. drj' goods, 11 Comet 
Cannon Thomas, telegrai)h line rei)airer, 90 

Cannon Wm. II. carpenter. 23 Wayne, dw 119 

Bar re 
Canoles Edward, clerk, JefFerson, 1 door e of 

Canolus Win. P. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Canox George D. laborer, 133 Hamburg 
Canox Joseph, leather and shoe findings. 111 

Canox Lydia, dealer in shoe findings, I J 7 

Cansell Frederick, moulder, 212 s Wolfe 
Cantel I^Iadame Augustine, robe maker, 87 

Cantel Prof. J. B. ST Franklin 
Canter Levin, clerk, 157 n Gay 
Canter Levin H. 157 n Gay 
Cantuer C:ispar, laborer, 49 Fountain 
Canton Go's office, n w cxjr Patuxent and Bos- 
ton, Wm. Harrison, agent 
Canton John, laborer, 521 Franklin 
Cantwell John, shoemaker, s w cor, Dallas 

and Mullikin 
Canty John J. (Brown & Co.) 134 Mullikin 
Canty Patrick, plasterer, 134 Mullikin 
Capehart AJansou, (Griffin Bro. & Co.) 66 n 

Capehart Cadraas, clerk, 66 n Carey 
Capehart Wm. E. clerk, 66 n Carey 
Caiiito George R. moulder, 81 York 
Capito Jacob F. butcher, 27 York 
Caples Wm. M. ladies shoemaker, IGl a 

Capp Alfred, 159 Vine 

Capparello Antoine, image maker, 22 s Durham 
Cappeau Ckarles, carpenter, 550 Franklin 
Cappeau Cecelia, 550 Franklin 
Cappeau France?, 550 Franklin 
CapjiCcUU Josephine, 550. Franklin 
Cappeau Joseph, bo<3kkee})er, 513 w Fayette 
Capprisc Joseph, shipwright, 54 s Washingtoa 
Capron xMrs. Ann E., Decker n of Northern av 
Capron k Co. (F. B. Capron, ) general commis- 
sion merchants, props. Belvidere coal oil 
■works, 79 South 
Capron Francis B. (Capron & Co.) 40 Mul- 
Capron Gabriel G. clerk, 613 w Lombard 
Carback David, gate keeper, Greenmount 

Carback E. & Son, (Elisha Carback, Richard 
Carback, ) boots and shoes, 165 Lexington 
Carback Elisha, (E. Carback & Sou,) 250 

Madison av 
Carback Elizabeth, 250 Madison av 
Carback Elisha, painter, 443 Canton av 
Carback John, wagoner, 215 n Bond 
Carback Richard C. (E. Carback & Son,) 250 

Madison ay 
Carback Wm. laborer, 203 n Central av 
Carberry John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Card Wm. S. sailmaker, 93 n Schroeder 
Cardell Wm. H. agricultural implement maker 

10 Valley 
Carden Bryan, .stone cutter, 110 Vine 
Carden John, laborer, 17 s Cannon 
Card well JiLcksou, jr., bonnet frame manufac- 
turer, 243 B Gay 

Cardwell Jackson, sr., 243 n Gay 
Carey Alex. G. clerk, 70 Cathedral 
Carey Benj. A. police, 1 28 e Madison 
CAREY k BANGS, (J. Carey, E. Bangs,) 
wholesale dealers in boots and shoes, 266 w 
Carey Charles, hackman, 110 L. York 
Carey Da'-id, carpenter, G9 n Poppleton 
Carey Edward, laborer, foot of s Sharp 
Carey Mrs. George, 70 Cathedral 
Carey George G. teacher, 70 Cathedral 
Carey Henry G. (Hazelhurst & Co.) 70 Cathe- 
Carey James, (Carey & Bangs,) Baltimore 

Cai'ey Jeremiah H. horseshoer, 3 Marion 
Carey John, grocer, 130 Preston 
Carey James T, Lafayette saloon, 150 w Faj-- 

Carey James, jr., bookkeeper, 70 Cathedral 
Carey James, phimber, 15 New Church 
Carey James, plumber, 236 e Pratt 
Carey John, carpenter, 76 s Payson 
Carey John, machinist, 235 Bank 
Carey Margaret, dressmaker, 164 s Caroline 
Carey Mrs. Marv A. grocery, 31 1 e Lombard 
CAREY PATRICK, plumber, 7 Eutaw house, 

dw 150 Division 
Carey Patrick, hackman, 39 Thames 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 24 Tyson, dw Jor- 
dan al near Hoffman 
Carey Robert A. clerk, 588 Pennaav 
Carey Thomas I. president Peabody Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 241 n Calvert 
Carey Thomas, plumber, rear 104 Franklin 
Carey Wm. laborer, 18 Decker 
Carey Wm. wagoner, 130 s Central av 
Carey Wm. 588 Penna av 
Cariss Samson, 176nCah'ert 
Carker Wra. shoemaker, 241 £ Eutaw 
Caxl Charles, cabinetmaker, 2 Wai-ner 
Carl Clara, teacher, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Eniil, clerk, 21 Hanover 
Carl Ephraim, carjjenter, 156 Scott 
Carl Henrietta C. teacher, 219 Mulberry 
Carl John, cooper, 500 Lexington 
Carl John, carpenter, 911 \v Pratt 
Carl Joseph, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Louis A. clerk Custom house, dw Swan 

tavern, cor Fraaklin and Eutaw 
Carl Louis A. clerk, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Martin, laborer, 48 Durst al 
Carl Thomas, laborer, 31 Eastern av 
Garland Thomas, grainer, 237 \v Biddle 
Carle Epbraim, cari>enter, 156 Scott 
Carle Godtrey, laborer, 259 Hanover 
Carle George M. shoemaker, 259 Hanover 
Carle Henry, bagmaker, 232 s Shiirp 
Carle John C. carjienter, 89 n Front 
Carless Michael, laborer, 4 Hammond al 
Carlile Alfred A. gasfitter, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Jas. H. collector and agt. 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Kate, 27 Armistead la 
Carlile Mrs. Mary, 104 Barre 
Carlile Thos. M. shoemaker, 32 Aisquith 
Caiiin Francis, 94 n Exeter 
CARLIN & FULTON, (J. F. Carlin, D. C. Ful- 
ton, ) importers of hardware, 4 Hanover 
Carlin James F. (Garlin & Fulton,) Alex- 
andria, Va 
Carlin Dr. James S. 148 Aisquith, dw 155 

O'ME G£i£>YER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE is the best for all purposes— SAX.EiS 
E.OO?IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Wos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 


Carlin James, laborer, 19 Callendar al 

Carlin Louisa, 94 n Exeter 

Carlin Margaret, 94 n Exeter 

Carlin Mrs. Mary, 169 Pcnna av 

CARLING MICHAEL, Black Horse tavern, 

63 Penna av 
Carlisle Aiuos L. millwright, 109 w Lombard 
Carlisle Henry, carpenter, 152 George 
Carlisle Josc))!). boilermaker, 106 Hamburg 
Carlisle Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carliss John, laborer, 15 Slemmer's al 
Carll Henry, tavern, 229 Hollins 
Carlon P. machinist. Farmers' hotel 
Carlson Charles, laborer, 333 Mulberry- 
Carlton Arthur, plasterer, 209 n Central av 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, lib n Caroline 
Carmack Hanson, Customhouse, 151 Hanover 
Carman James, boilermaker, 592 w Lombard 
Carman John C. tin and sheet-iron worker, n 

e cor Hamburg and Howard, d\v 246 s 

Carman Jos. D. shipsmith, 235 Hanover 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 248 Montgomery 
Carman Mary, boarding, 70 Davis 
Carman Nicholas, laborer, 11 High al 
Carman Thomas, laborer, 1 Hope al 
Carmelite Convent, 68 Aisquith 
Carmichael Ellen II. teacher, 125 s High 
Carmichael Emily L. teacher, 125 s High 
Carmichael Thomas II. harbor master, 6 Bow- 

ly's wharf, dw 25 s High 
Carmichael Thos. E. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 

Lexington and 16 Hanover markets, dw 

Penna av extended 
Carmichael Wm. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lex- 
ington and T6 Hanover markets, dw Penna 

av extended 
Carmichael Wm, 25 s High 
Carmine Eleanor, 81 s Caroline 
Carmine Chas. G. (Knipp & Carmine) 204 

Carmine George W. clerk, 27 McHenry 
Carmiue James, gas inspector, 321 n Gay 
Carmine Joseph M. police, 150 n Caroline 
Carmine Mary, tailoress, 112 e Pratt 
Carmine Thomas H. huckster, 158 s Ann 
Carmine Thomas J. painter, 142 William 
Carmodj^ John, 19 Constitution 
Carmody Patrick, tobacconist, 19 Constitution 
Carnal Thomas, laborer, 7 Camden la 
Carnan Mary A. tailoress, 45 e Eager 
Cannir Bishop, patternmaker, 179 Aisquith 
Carnes Andrew J. recording clerk, Superior 

Court, 151 s Broadway 
Carnes Andrew J. fancy store, 151 s Broadway 
Carnes Elizabeth L. teacher, 13 Holland 
Carnes John, watchman. Court house, 13 

Carnes John, clerk, 13 Holland 
Carnes Mrs. Susan, dressmaker, 142 n Eden 
Carnes Wm. shoemaker, 53 Chatsworth 
Carnes ^Vm. J. scraper, 20 Boston 
Carnc)' Charles H. carpenter, Burke, betw 

Canton av and Aliceanna 
Carney James, laborer, Columbia w of Pop- 

Carney John, laborer, 20 Ryan 
Carney John, jr. laborer, gas works, Spring 

Gardens, 16 Fort av 
Carney John, sr. watchman gas works, Spring 

Gardens, 16 Fort av 
Carney Luke, laborer, 4 Addison 

Carney Patrick, laborer, 4 Addison 

Cams Alex. G. W. clerk, Lexington nearCal- 

verton road 
Cams Wm. lamplighter, 64 Thames 
Carow Gustave, carpenter, 108 s Castle 
Carpenter Alva L. bookkeeper, 25 n Republi- 
Carpenter Barney, artesian well borer, 326 

Canton av 
Carpenter Everlyn, engineer, 107 s Broadway 
Carpenter John C. attorney, 25 Lexington, dw 

Baltimore county 
Carpenter's Joint Stock Association, Israel 

Griffith, sup't. 50 King 
Carpenter Wm. H. editor Baltimore Daily Ga- 
zette, Howard house 
Carper Mazarine J. boot, shoe and gaiter fitter, 

689 w Baltimore 
Carr Ann, chambermaid at Gilmor house 
Carr Andrew R. machinist, 240 Columbia av 
Carr Benjamin R. boilermaker, 1 Telegraph 
CARR, BOYKIN & CO. (Dr. R. W. Carr, Dr. 
Thomas J. Boykin, John B. Carr) wholesale 
dealers in drugs, chemicals, &c. 44 Light 
Carper N, C. salesman, 25 n Culvert 
Carr Charles, potter, 21 Bank 
Carr Ann M. 77 n Spring 
Carr Mrs. Catherine C. seamstress, 116 St. 

Carr Catherine,- grocery, 452 Saratoga 
Carr Edward, jr. ship carpenter, 112 G Hughes 
Carr Mrs. Eliza, 88 Barre 
Carr Francis, laborer, 129 Elliott 
Carr Francis A. house, sign and ornamental 
painter, 461 w Baltimore, dw506 Lexington 
Carr Francis, laborer, 127 s Castle 
Carr George, blacksmith, 3 Orleans 
Carr Greenburj', coremaker, 16 s Schroeder 
Carr Henry, tailor and clothier, 66 w Pratt, 

cor Gay, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr ]\Irs. Isabella, 240 Columl)ia 
Carr James, driver, 30 Druid Hill av 
Carr James, shoemaker, 94 I'^ranklin 
Carr James, hackman, 7 Mulberry 
Carr James E. police commissioner, and hat 

and cap manuf. 119 n Howard, dw 119 
Carr James, brass finisher, 210 Chesuut 
Carr James, ship carpenter, 1 12 G Hughes 
Carr James, huckster, 9 Pearl 
Carr John, brass moulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer, 184 Orleans 
Carr John B. (C. Boykin & Co.) 88 Barre 
Carr John, carter, 7 Webb 
Carr John, laborer, 22 Neighbor 
Carr John, laborer, 187 s Eden 
Carr John, boilermaker, 8 L (Jhurch 
Carr Mrs. Mary M. grocery and liquors, 30 

Druid Hill av 
Carr Margaret, 30 Druid Hill av 
Carr Michael, tavern, 198 Hollins 
Carr Nicholas, hackman, 92 Druid Hill av 
Carr Patrick, hackman, 105 Stirling 
(Jarr Patrick, laborer, 12 Pleasant al 
Carr Patrick, marblecutter, 92 Druid Hill av 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 73 n Sclirocder 
Carr R. II. 118 Cathedral 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson, (C. Boykin & Co.) 190 n 

Carr Sarah G. teacher, 75 s Eden 
Carr Samuel, brassfinisher, 184 n Exeter 
Carr Sanders, clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Carr Thomas, 28 Neighbor 

THK GROVER & BAKER SEWING MACHINE is the best for ull pui-poses— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 BaltAinore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Carr Wra. detective, 335 s Dallas 
Carr Wm. police, 259 s Bond 
Can- Wm. drayman, IIG St. Peter 
Carr Wm. S. clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Carrick Geo. W., U. S. N. 93 Garden 
Carrick Thomas J. machinist. 12(j Conway 
Carrick Wm. stonemason, 25 Smith 
Carricre Charles, bakery, 239 n Gay 
Carrigan .Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 3 McElderry 
Carrigan George, shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Carrigan James, 4G c Pratt 
Carrigan Wm. P. clerk, 24 Cathedral 
Carritigton Mrs. Mary 11. 24 Cathedral 
Carrington Mrs. Mary 11. 259 n Eiitaw 
Carrington Wm P. clerk, 259 n Eutaw 
CARROLL, ADAMS & NEER, (J. Carroll, J. 
Q. A dams, J P. Neer, S. H. Lucas, ) dealers 
in boots, shoes, &c. 286 w Baltimore 
Carroll Andrew J. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Andrew, clerk, 62 e Eager 
Carroll (Jhas. T. 113 n Charles 
Carroll Charles, ropeniaker, 388 Harford av 
CARROLL CHARLES R. 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles A. 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles C. agricultural implement ma- 
ker, 162 e Monument 
Carroll Chas. 0. real estate ag't, 51 w Fayette 
Carroll Catherine, huckstress, 49 s Frederick 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 62 n Dallas 
Carroll Elizabeth, laundress, 6 Broadway ct 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, lOV Grundy 
Carroll Edward, commissioner of streets, 45 s 

Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, restaurant, 143 e Pratt 
Carroll I'Mward F. clerk, 294 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. property agent, 223 Sara- 
Carroll Geo. W. huckster, 118 William 
Carroll Geo. W. hackman, 8 s Caroline 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Henry J. inspector Custom house, dw 

24 s High 
Carroll Henry, clerk, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll .lame's A. (Walshe, Carroll & Co.) 223 

Carroll James, machinist, 108 Mulberry 
Carroll James P. salesman, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll James, sailmaker, 13 s Regester 
Carroll James H. sailmaker, S? s Regester 
Carroll James, painter, 79 n Spring 
Carroll James, salesman, 18 McKim 
Carroll James, hodcarrier, 45 Mullikin 
Carroll James L huckster, 265 n Dallas 
Carroll James, (Carroll, Adams & Neer,) 212 

CARROLL JAMES, jr. 94 w Monument 
Carroll James, sr. 105 w Monument 
Cai'roU James, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 66 n 

Carroll Mr?. Joanna, seamstress, 215 Forrest 
Carroll John C. grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Carroll John, peddler, 4 Thomsen 
Carroll John, law student, s c cor Charles and 

Carroll John, ropemaker, 650 Light 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 49 York 
Carroll John, roi:emaker, 390 Harford av 
Carroll John, laborer, 155 Aliceanna 
Carroll John, mariner, 2*76 s Durham 
Carroll John, laborer, 460 w Lombard 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 c Pratt 
Carroll John C. salesman, 121 s High 

Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 84 

e Pratt 
Carroll John K. clerk, 7 Jackson square 
Carroll John R. ship carpenter, 102 Lincoln 
Carroll John, caterer at Gilmor house 
Carroll John, laborer, lis Durham 
Carroll John, 652 w Fayette 
Carroll Lawrence, laborer, 26 Towson 
Carroll Maria T. tailoress, 215 Forrest 
Carroll Mary, 55 e Monument 
Carroll Mary, 85 n Fremont 
Carroll Martin, laborer, 51 s Chapel 
Carroll Margaret, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Michael, fireman, Balto. Infirmary 
Carroll Michael, tinner, 86 Jefferson 
Carroll Michael, mariner, 4 Hillen 
Carroll Mortimer, n c cor Forrest and Ensor 
Carroll Mortimer, restaurant, 93 w Lombard 
Carroll Nicholas, laborer, 183 s Caroline 
Carroll I'atrick B. 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick, carter, Calverton Mills, Bal- 
timore CO 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 78 s Central av 
Carroll Patrick, shoemaker, 3 n Front n of 

Carroll Patrick H. tavern, 114 s Howard 
Carroll Patrick H. clerk, 381 w Baltimore 
Carroll Patrick J. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Robert, grocery, 158 Druid Hill ay 
Carroll Robert B. tinner, 28 Somerset 
Carroll S. John, (Numsen, Carroll & Co.) 604 

w Fayette 
Carroll Sarah, teacher, 93 Barre 
Carroll Sinclair S. brushmaker, 105 Hollins 
Carroll Thomas G. straw and millinery goods, 

&c. 103 w Baltimore, dw 13 Franklin 
Carroll Thomas, clerk, ISO w I3altiuiorc 
Carroll Thomas, transportation dept. B. & 0. 

R. R. 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Thomas C. boilermaker, 290 Light 
Carroll Thomas W. barkeeper, Gilmor house 
Carroll Timothy A. property agent, 652 w 

CARROLL T. A. real estate broker, 43 Lex- 
Carroll Wm. F. clerk, 102 Lincoln 
Carroll Mrs. Wra. H. 793 w Baltimore 
Carroll Wm. cigarmaker, 25 Hampstead 
Carroll Wm. 652 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. F. 55 Harnburg 
Carroll Wm. H. cotton factory, York road 

near City limits 
Carroll Wm. L. stone cutter, 2iri Forrest 
Carrol] Wm. P. huckster, 4 Bank la 
Carroll Wm. P. clerk, 289 n Howard 
Carroll Wm. J. (Vickery & Carroll) 121 s 

Carruthers Chas. J. (Carruthers, Son & Co.) 

490 Franklin 
Carruthers John S. (Carruthers, Son & Co.) 

593 w liOmbard 
Carruthers, Son & Co. (J. S. Carruthers, C. 

J. Carruthers) plumbers and gas fitters, 

over 35 German 
Carson C. H. & Co. (C. H. Carson, D. Carson) 

lumber dealers, west side of Union dock 
Carson Carvill H. (C. H. Carson & Co.) se 

cor Lexington and Republican 
CARSON k CO. (T. J. Carson, George Dum- 

bolton) bankers, 204 w Baltimore 
Carson Chas. L. architect, 330 Lexington 

J. HENBY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 Sontli-st. 




Carson Mrs. Catherine, 116 Burgundy al 
Carson Charles L. draftsman, 330 Lexington 
Carson David, brickiiiaker, 303 s Paca 
Carson David, cooper, 354 s Eutavv 
(Jarson David jr. (C. H. Carson & Co.) 330 

Carson David, carpenter, 46 Josephine 
Carson Elijah, brickmakcr, 1()4 Burgundy al 
Carson Geo. M. boatman, 2-<7 Columbia 
Carson Henry W. confectionery, 213 Gough 
Carson James, laborer, 80 s Republican 
CARSON JOHN, attorney, 71 w Fayette, dw 

316 Lexington 
Carson Jolm, laborer, 14 Armistead la 
CARSON JOSEPH cj- CO. (J. Carson, H. G. 
Vickery,) western wholesale provision mer- 
chants, s e cor Light and Balderston 
Carson Joseph D. book agent, 356 Aisquith 
Carson Joseph, 108 n Holliday 
Carson Joseph, (Jos. C. & Co.) Balto. co 
Carson Joshua, builder, 482 Franklin 
son, J. A. Richardson, T. E. Carson,) gro- 
cers and commission merchants, s w corner 
Calvert and Lombard 
Carson Mrs. Sarah J. 38 s High 
CARSON & SPEDDEN, (\Vm. Carson, Alfred 

Spedden, ) coal and wood, 5 n Republican 
Carson Rev. Thomas E. 396 Lexington 
Carson Thomas E. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 

227 Madison av 
Carson T. J. (Carson & Co.) 82 w Madison 
Carson W. K. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 227 

Madison av 
Carson VVni. (Carson & Spedden,) 244 Hollins 
Carsi)u Win. brickmaker, 354 s Eutaw 
Carstens John H. carcenter, 162 Mulberry 
Carswell J. S. & Son, (J. S. Carswell, *R, S. 
Carswell, ) kerosene oil distillers. North nr 
Carswell John S. (John S. Carswell & Son,) 

Carswell Robert S. (John S. Carswell & Sou,) 

Carswell Walter S. carpenter, 57 Columbia 
Carter Charles W. 226 Saratoga 
Carter Alexander M. cashier Third National 

bank, 112 McCulloh 
Carter Andrew, laborer, 1 Walnut al 
Carter Mis. Ann M. 229 n Eden 
Carter A. Robert, insurance agent, Lanvale nr 

CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 25 Le.vington, 

d\v 376 Eutavv place 
Carter Dr. C. S. 154 w Madison 
Carter Charles W. tobacconist, 9 n Eutaw 
Carter Charles, constable, 539 Saratoga 
Carter Charles, carpenter, 153 s Chester 
Carter Charles L. clerk, 169 n Charles 
Carter Durus. carpenter, 298 e Chase 
Carter Desmuth J. bricklayer, 158 Aisquith 
Carter Edward F. (Baltimore Gazette,) 169 n 

Carter Edward, painter, 125 Peirce 
Carter Edwin T. clerk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Flavius, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Francis, carter, 51 Druid Hill av 
Carter Geo. R. clerk tobacco warehouse, No. 

4, 333 w Lombard 
Carter George R. (A. Aitkin & Co.) 333 w 

Carter Gotleib. laborer, 4 Biddle al 

Carter Granville, butcher, Eagle hotel, Hillen 
Carter Hannah, bakery, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Hanson V. carpenter, 52 Dolphin 
Carter Henr}', laborer, 8 Henry 
Carter Henry M. carpenter, 1S5 e Fayette 
Carter Mrs. flenry, 130 n Bond 
Carter Henry Clay, paying toller National Me- 
chanics bank, dw 49 St. Paul 
Carter Dr. .James M. assistant Md. Collegiate 

Institute, 83 e Baltimore 
Carter Dr. James M. (W. J. C. & Bro.) 83 e 

Carter John W. family grocer, 61 Camden, dw 

94 Columbia 
Carter Joseph, shoemaker, 10 e Fayette 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Hamburg 
Carter J. W. 48 Jackson 
Carter John, tobacco warehouse, 195 Peirce 
! Carter Dr. John C. 83 e Baltimore 
CARTER JOHN M. attorney, 30 St. Paul, dw 

14 Aisquith 
CARTER REV. J. P. principal Md. Colle- 
giate Institute, 83 e Baltimore 
Carter John, mariner, 179 s Washington 
Carter John T. painter, 96 Greenraount av 
Carter John H. nightman, 182 George 
Carter Josiah, laborer, 125 William 
Carter Mrs. Julia, 84 Block 
Carter Mrs. Jane, 182 n E.xeter 
Carter Lydia, variety store, 94 Columbia 
Carter Mrs. Margaret, junk store, 156 s Eutaw 
(barter Mrs. Matilda, 39 n Schroeder 
Carter Patrick, chemist. Vineyard hotel, Fort 

av extended 
Carte^- Robert D. clerk, 169 n Charles 
Carter Rebecca, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Richard, wagoner, 195 Pierce 
Carter Robert, paper carrier, 47 Sterling 
Carter Samuel W. laborer, 72 Preston 
Carter Sarah, seamstress, 1^5 n Calvert 
Carter Mrs. Sarah, 48 Harford av 
Carter Susan W. confectionery, 90 Green- 
mount av 
Carter Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 178 Montgomery 
Carter Thomas B. sailraaker, 333 w Lombard 
Carter Thomas H. carpenter, 288 e Madison 
Carter Thomas C. laborer, 393 s Charles 
Carter Thomas J. carpenter, 56 Druid Hill av 
Carter T. F. blacksmith, 14 Gough 
Carter Urbin, shoemaker, 630 w Baltimore 
Carter Warren, mariner, 79 Hillen 
Carter Wm. S. engineer, 178 Montgomery 
Carter Wm. H. carpenter, 98 n Paca 
Garter Wm. B. clerk, 1 nPoppleton 
Carter Wm. H., (Buck & Carter,) 220 n Cal- 
Carter Wm. S. engineer, 32 Williamson al 
CARTER WM. J. & BRO., (Wm. J. Carter, 
Dr. J. M. Carter,) pharmaceutists, 199 
Carter Wm. J., (W. J. C. & Bro.) 199 Bank 
('arter Wm. J. laborer, 11 Valley 
Carter Wm. iJiilor, 156 s Eutaw 
Carter Wm. cooper,s c cor Ensor and Madison 
Carter Wm. T. laborer, 39 n Schroeder 
Carter Wm. J. clerk, 229 n Eden 
Carter Wm. W. cashier, office clerk of Supe- 
rior Court, n c cor Fayette and Pac-a 
Carter Wm. H. bricklayer, 98 Columbia 
Cartlin Cornelius, laborer, 60 Cooksie 
Carvalho D. N., (Carvalho & Ritterband.) 21 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass 'Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Carvalho & Rittcrband, (D. N. Carvalho, M. 

M.Ritterliand,) commission brokers, 21 South 
Oarutli Wm. A. coachmaker. 19 s Fremont 
Carty Thomas, laborer, 07 s Chapel 
Carty Wm. II. livery stable keeper, 7G Barre 
Carver Enmia V. teacher, 1T8 Mulberry- 
Carver Francis T. clerk, 178 Mulberry 
Carver George W. printer, 81 Aisquith 
Carver Wm. V. bricklayer, 17.3 Mulberry 
Cary Augustus, police, 128 e Madison 
Cary Clarence, coal dealer 77 Second, dw 154 

w Madison 
CARY & CO. (Syd. C.Cary,) anthracite and 

bituminous coal, 163 n Howard 
Cary Dewit C. agent for Wilcox & Gibb's sew- 
ing machine, over 8 n Charles, dw 35 Fawn 
Cary John B. French coffee roaster, 73 s 

Sharp, dw 31 Hamilton 
Cary J. B. (Peyton 0. & Co.) 197 n Charles 
Caiy J. P. bookkeeper, 610 w Lombard 
Cary Joseph P. produce dealer, 5G South, dw 

GIO w Lombard 
Cary Syd. C. (Cary & Co.) 197 n Charles 
Cary Thomas, sr. laborer, 110 Cathedral 
Cary Mrs. Jlary, Hull near Fort av 
Cary Martin, driver, 71 L. Paca 
Cary Michael, laborer, 2 Nicholson 
CARY WILSON M. seminary, 233 n Eutaw, 

dw 197 n Charles 
Cary Wm. F. agent for Dr. S. S. Fitch, 45 n 

Cary Wilson M. jr. teacher, 23J Garden, dw 

197 n Charles 
Casby Andrew, laborer, 3 McLeary ct 
Case James M. engineer U. S. Revenue ^Ser- 
vice, 237 e Biddle 
Case T. J. (Stickney & Co. ) 40 Lexington 
Casey Abraham S. blacksmith, 206 Harford 

av, dw 249 e Biddle 
Casey Mrs. Catheriae. grocery, 14 s Durham 
(jasey Edwin, clerk, 84 Hillen, 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, milliner, 16 Josephine 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 82 n Front 
Casey Prof. Francis, Loyola College 
Casey James, laborer, 4 Ulrick al 
Casey James, grocery, 164 s Durham 
Casey James F. harness maker, 82 n Front 
(,'asey Jeremiah, marble polisher, 18 Front, n 

of Foundry 
Casey John, laborer, 18 Front, n of Foundry 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 
Casey John, tinner, cor Hillen and Front, dw 

111 Ensor 
Casey & Murphy, (T.J. Casey, J. Murphy,) 

saddlers and harness makers, n c cor Gay 

and Fayette 
Casey Mary J. gaiter fitter, 84 Hillen 
Casey Michael, laborer, 32 w Lombard 
Casey M. J. harness maker, 82 n Front 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 31 HaAV 
Casey Patrick, shoemaker, 166 s Central av 
Casey T. J. (C. & Murphy,) 1 Hillen 
Casey Prof. Thomas, Loyola College 
Casey Wm. basket maker, 84 Hillen 
Cashman Bartholomew, drover, 123 Division 
Cashman Bridget, 123 Division 
Cashman Jeremiah, laborer, 24 Etting 
('ashmyer Henry, restaurant, s w cor Pratt 

and Bond 
Cashmyer Philip, restaurant, 5 s Eden, dw 11 
Cashrayer R. A. liquor dealer, 165 e Balto 
Cashmyer Frances, 5 s Eden 

Cashmyer Peter, 5 s Eden 

Caskey David W. carpenter, 296 e Chase 

Caske}' John, butcher, 142 Preston 

Caskey John W. shipcarpenter, 133 W^illiam 

Caskey Joseph, stairbuilder and carpenter, 

142' Preston 
Caskey Joseph, salesman, 142 Preston 
Caskey Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 78 s Fremont 
Caskey Mrs. Mary, seamstress. 453 w Fayette 
Caskey Robert, carpenter and builder, 296 e 

Caskey Robert, carpenter and stairbuilder, 

193 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel, boilermaker, 115 Hamburg 
Caspar! Anna, periodical depot, 30 Druid 

Hill av 
Caspari & Co. (Charles Caspari, Wm. Cas- 
pari, ) apothecaries, n w cor Baltimore and 
CASPARI CHARLES, (Caspari S,- Co.) 44 n 

CASPARI CHARLES & WM. apothecaries, 

n w cor. Biddle and Penna. av 
Caspari Charles jr. clerk, 44 n Gay 
Caspari Charles (Charles & William Caspari,) 

44 n Gay 
Caspari Theodore, bookdealer, 3 s Poppleton 
Caspari Wm. (Charles & Wm. Caspari.) cor 

Biddle and Penna. av 
Casper Frederick, tailor, lOAVyeth 
Cassady Mrs. Anna, restaurant. 94 s Cen- 
tral av 
Cassady Mrs. Anne II. 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Frances, dressmaker, 497 w Balti- 
Cassady James, carpenter, 110 Dolphin 
Cassad}^ Mrs. Jennie, 110 Dolphin 
Cassady John, carpenter, 114 Dolphin 
Cassady Lavinia, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Virginia, teacher, 10 Jefferson 

Cassard, John Cassard, F. "W. Gas- 
sard,) Pork Packers, Ham Curers, 
and dealers in Provisions, 61 South 
and 212 e Fayette sts 

Cassard F. W. (Cassard Bros.) 55 McCuIloh 

CASSARD G. & SON, (L. Cassard, G. C. 
Cassard, Jesse L. Cassard,) provision deal- 
ers, 407 and 409 w Baltimore 

Cassard George, (Geo. Cassard & Co.) 289 w 

Cassard George & Co. (Geo. Cassard, L. R. 
Cassard,) commission merchants and pro- 
visions, 46 South 

Cassard George C. (G. Cassard & Son,) sc 
cor Bolton and Townsend 

Cassard Gilbert, commission merchant, W^est 
Falls av dw 644 w Lombard 

Cassard Gilbert H. at Custom house, 164 w 

Cassard James D. clerk, 644 w Lombard 

Cassard Jesse L. (G. Cassard & Son,) s e cor 
Lombard and Penn 

Cassard John, (Cassard Bros.) 249 Madison av 

Cassard Lewis (G. Cassard &Son, ) 271 w 

Cassard Louis R. (Geo. Cassard & Co.) 289 w 

THE GK.OVER & BAKER SE^VI1VG MACHINE is the best for all purposes— SALES 
R009IS— 1^1 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 









Cassard Thomas, (Caasard Bros.) 61 South 
(Jassell Abraham, bricklayer, 23 McHenry 
(lassell Gharle3 C. printer, 272 Miilberry 
Cassell George N. brickla^'er, 23 McHciirv 
Cassell George R. bricklayer, 231 \v Biddle 
Cassell Ilenry P. bricklayer, 272 Mull>erry 
Cassell John S. painter, 106 n Schroeder 
Cassell John S. assistant U. S. assessor, 3d 

district, dw 106 n Schroeder 
Cassell John, coachniaker, 266 e Lombard 
Cassell Rebecca Jane, 280 Saratoga 
Cassell Thomas D. painter, 56 n Pine 
Cassell Wm. G. 23 iMcIIenry 
Cassell William H. capt. of police, western 

district, dw 3 Grundy 
Cassellman Christopher, 16 Cross st market, 

dw 267 John 
Cassells Mrs. Mary R. matron female Christian 

home, 28 North 
Cassidy Albert, theatrical agent, 4 Orleans 
Cassidy Bernard, grocery, n e cor Greenmount 

av and Monument 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth huckstress, 144 n 

Cassidy Francis, grocery and feed, n w cor 

Monument and Greenmount av 
Cassidy Geo. barkeeper, J^exington nr Paca 
Cassidy Frank, waterman, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy James, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt 
Cassidy John, laborer, 50 Low 
Cassidy Mrs. John, 93 s Washington 
Cassidy John, waterman, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy Joiin T. shoemaker, 85 n Dallas 
Cassidy John, laborer, 23 s Ann 
Cassidy Jos. hackman, 284 e Fayette 
Cassidy Luke, stone mason, 48 Liberty al 
Cassidy Luke, grocery, s e cor Harford av and 

Cassidy Martin, liquor store, s e cor Hillen and 

E.xeter, dw 179 n E.\eter 
Cassidy Mary, laundress, 20 Front, n of Foun- 
Cassidy Owen, grocery, 91 Pine 
Cassidy Owen, grocery, 82 Greenmount av 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 24 Valley 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 536 w Pratt 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Thomas, hack driver, 21 MuUikin 
Cassidy Thomas, bricklayer, 19 Telegraph 
Cassidy Wm. H. puddler, 283 Aliceanna 
Cassin John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 
Cassia Mrs. Mary, (;9 w Biddle 
Caster Bonaparte, hil orer, 126 Saratoga 
Caster Thomas, currier, Starr hotel 
Castillo John, laborer, 117 Franklin 
Castiae Kmanuel M. icstaurant, 408 w Balti- 
more, dw 41 Holland 
Castle George T, (Fangmcyer, Doll & Castle,) 

Fountain hotel 
Castle James, shoemaker, 2 n Oregon 
Castle John, cabinet maker, 160 Raborg 
Castle Leonard, carpenter, 361 w Baltimore 
Castle Thomas, shoemaker, 2 n Oregon 
Castleburg Jacob, pawn broker, 1 n High 
Castncr Henry, tailor, 145 L. Greene 
Caswell Rob't B. ship builder, 5 Armistead la 
Caswell Robert H. ship builder, 106 Johnson 
Castner Napoleon B. woodsawyer, rear of 120 

• Saratoga 
CATE.AMON& CO. (CateAmon, E. B.'Hunt- 
ing, ) lumber yard, u e cor East Falls av and 
. Fawn 

Gate Amon, ( A. Gate & Co.) 243 n Charles 
Gate Daniel, peddler, 67 e Lombard 
(jatez John B. coachniaker, 141 e Monmment 
Cathcart A.Roszell, clerk 2d National Bank, 

dw 51 J s Broad w.ay 
Cathcart Charles H. assi't. cashier Bank of 

Commerce, dw 101 Gough 
Cathcart John W. clerk, 5lj s Broadway 
Cathcart Mrs. Margaret, variety store, 73 Pen- 

na av 
Cathcart R. & W. H. block and pump ma- 
kers, 113 Thames 
Cathcart Robert, (R. & W. H. Cathcart,) 
deputy surveyor Custom house, dw 51 J s 
Cathcart Robert, jr. chief clerk to surveyor 

Custom house, dw 5H s Broadway 
Cathcart Wm. H. (R. k\V. H. Cathcart, ) 83 s 

CATHEDRAL, (Roman Catholic,) n e cor Ca- 
thedral and Mulberv 
CATHERINE SISTER, at Church Home and 

Infnnnary, Broadway, near Fayette 
Catholic Cemetery, n Fremont, w of Mosher 
Cathell Dr. Danie'l W. 137 n Exeter 
Cathell Piatt M. machinist, Clifton, near Druid 

Hill Park 
Gather George B. attorney 114 L. Greene 
Gather Robert W.. carpenter 114 L. Greene 
Gather Wm. carpenter, 114 L. Greene 
Catlett Thomas T. salesman, 17 s Howard 
Catong Patrick, laborer, 63U Light 
Catlin B. G. agent Slaughter's steam boat line, 

Light St. wharf, foot of Conway 
Gator Benjamin F. (Armstrong, Gator & Co.) 

173 St. Paul 
Gator Levin R. mariner, 59 William 
Cator Robinson W. (Armstrong C. & Co.) 175 

St. Paul 
Cator Mrs. Susan, 60 s Washington 
Cator Wm. E. mariner, 337 Light 
Cator Wm. D. 66 e Lombard 
Catrup Samuel P. printer, 41 Jackson 
Catrup Samuel H. carpenter, 41 Jackson 
Gatrup Wm. B. mariner, 87 s Caroline 
Caughey Mrs. Benjamin, 650 w Fayette 
Caughey Henry W. clerk, 150 St. Paul 
Caughy Michael P. (Moore & Caugliy,) 

St. Paul 
Caughy Mrs. Michael, 20 Aisquith 
Caughy Noah W. (Noah Walker & Co.) 

Caughy S. Hamilton, (Noah Walker & Co.) 

Biiltimore Co. 
Cauley Francis, laborer, 45 Elllcott 
Cauley Patrick, laborer, 9 Pleasant al 
Caulfield James, dry goods, 92 Richmond 
Caulfield Robert, grocery, 140 w Biddle 
Cauliffe Patrick, laborer, 84 n Holliday 
Caulk Mrs. Elizabeth, 114 e Fayette 
Caulk Jacob H. 109 Mullikin 
Caulk James M. tailor, 16 Noith 
Caulk James T, bailiff Circuit court, dw 

Caulk James, laborer, 43 Warren 
Caulk Mary, 151 e Baltimore 
Causey- Bosanna T. seamstress, 212 German 
Causmelle John, produce dealer, 263 n Eden 
Causmelle Wm. J. salesman, 263 n PMen 
Cavano Mrs. Ann, chaircaner, 21 Ogston 
Cavano George, cooper, 4 n Fremont 
Cavano Lewis H. cigarmaker, 21 Ogston 


Jl w 

r9 s 

THE UROVER Hi BAKER SEA\-IIVti MACHINE U the best for all purpost-s— SALK2> 
ROOMS— ISl BaltUnore Street. 

DR. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Cavanaucfh Mrs. Ann J; 7 Bolton 
Cavanauph James, laborer, 10 Holland 
Cavanaugh John, drayman, 12 n Poj)ploton 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary, {>rocery, 12 n Poppleton 
Cavanaiiirli Margaret, 142 Lexington 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 75 s Chapel 
Cavanaugh Michael, jirinter, 10 Holland 
Cavanaugh Patrick, bhicksmitli. 10 Holland 
Cavanaugh Patrick, laborer, Vine bctw Pop- 
pleton and Fremont 
Cavanaugh Peter, baker, 9 e Madison 
Cavanaugh Roger, clerk, 29 n Liberty 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Susan, 211 Vine 
Cave Charles, 114 s Eden 
Cave Margaret C. 103 n Exeter 
Cavenaugh Dennis, laborer, rear 225 n Gay 
Cavenaugh Edwin, gardener, 38 Druid Hill av 
Caven}' John, laborer, 215 Lemmon al 
Cavill Mrs. Jane, seamstress, 105 Stirling 
Cavillovv John, cigarmaker, 175 s Eden 
Cavy Nathan, carpenter, 32 Lemmon 
Cavy Thomas J. blacksmith, 298 s Paca 

Cawfield , prof, music, 80 n Charles 

Cazicr Capt. Robert W. mariner, 15 s. Bond 

Cearnes Edward, porter, 104 Harford av 

Cecil Bartholomew, tailor, 351 e Lombard 

Cecil Ernest W. land agent, 15 St. Paul 

Cecil George T. clerk, 51 Warren 

Cecil Mrs. Lizzie, 86 Henrietta 

Ceine John R. clerk, 150 w Madison 

Cent Elizabeth, 46 Hauover 

Central Classical School, s w cor Eutaw and 

Eutaw ct 
Central Young Men's Christian Association, 33 

.1) Liberty 
Centra] Savings Bank, 9 n Calvert, opposite 

Barnum's hotel 
Central Hall, lager beer, Henry Tomm, pro- 
prietor, 28 n Gay 
Cergo Charles, laborer, 60 President 
Cerrego .'oseph, barkeeper, 107 Albemarle 
Cesati Mrs. S. mantilla maker, over 103 w 

Chabot Dr. L. J. 338 e Lombard 
Chabot Mrs. Emily, 84 Mulberry, 
Chadburn Mrs. Abigail, 88 St. Mary's 
Chadburn William, machinist, 286 Hanover 
Chadderton Thomas, watchmaker, 29 Chew 
Chadrick Thomas, laborer, 25 s Regester 
Chadrick Wm. shipcarpenter, 25 s Regester 
Chafee Mrs. Matilda, 68 Cathedral 
Chaffinch Elisha W. salesman, 102 s Eden 
Chaffinch Samuel E. weighmaster, 338 n Gay 
Chafiinch Wm. H. 246 n Caroline 
Chaffinch Wm. W. carpenter, 246 n Caroline 
Chaillou Augustus, brushmaker, 63 Millimau 
Chaillou Barbara, 6 Russell 
Chaillou Eugene S. laborer, 9 Russell 
Chaillou JuliusF. brushmaker, 116 Burgundy al 
Chairs Edward, gardener, 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 
Chaisty E. J. jr., plumber and gas fitting, 30 

and 49 n Calvert, dw 158 Mulberry 
Chalk James A., engineer fire department, 25 

w Biddle 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 136 Dolphin 
Chalk William A. clerk, 136 Dolphin 
Chalmers James, cabinetmaker, n e cor Penna. 

avaud Dolphin^ dw 14 Lanvale 
Chalmers John W. carpenter, 371 Franklin 
CHALMERS JAMES J. furniture, s e corner 
Dolphin and Penna. av, and 14 Lanvale 

Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 26 Druid Hill av 
Chamberlain Edward bricklayer, 285 n How- 
Chamberlain Eli, clerk, 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain Fernando, morocco dresser, 340 

e Eager 
Chamberlain G. W. currier, 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain John E. messenger. Odd Fellows 

hall, dw 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoe 
maker, 553 w Baltimore, dw 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain John, shoemaker, 23 s Oregon . 
Chamberlain John, clerk, 340 e Eager 
Chamberlain Mrs. Mary A. confectionery, 8 

Chamberlain Phil, tailor, 276 e Monument 
Chamtierlaine Henry, clerk, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlaine Mrs. Rebecca, 17 Chew 
Chamberlaine, Richard H. 1G8 n Calvert 
Chambers Anthony S. reporter Balto. Ameri- 
can, 92 n Schroeder 
Chambers Charlotte, 227 w Fayette 
Chambers Geo laborer, 227 w Fayette 
Chambers Geo. M. coal, 97 Lee 
Chambers Geo. Maitland, (Taylor & C.) 159 e 

Chambers J. B. police, 18 s Carey 
Chambers James F. restaurant, 413 w Balti- 
Chambers James, laborer, 188 Burgundy al 
Chambers James, ropemaker, 166 Lincoln 
Chambers John T. laborer, 5 Bevan 
Chambers John, carpenter, 5 Bevan 
Chambers Mrs. Mary, 377 Franklin 
Chambers Robert M. carpenter, 236 s Sharp 
Chambers Samuel, 240 e Lombard 
Chambers Wm. mariner, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm. clerk, 54 s Rei>ublican 
Chambers Wm. M. brass finisher, 39 n Schroe- 
Champayne Henry R. coachmaker, 84 German 

dw 23 n Poppleton 
Champayne Wm. K. coach painter, 84 German, 

dw 10 Chatsworth 
Champayne Wm. R. bookkeeper, 10 Chatsworth 
Champlin Jeff'rej' H scroll sawyer, 46 Division 
Champlin John, clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Champlin Thomas A. P. merchandise broker, 

over 71 Exchange place, dw 221 Aisquith 
Charapness Mrs. Lucy, Jefferson, betw Castle 

and Chester 
Champness Thomas, clerk, Jefferson, nr Ches- 
Champney Henry, carpenter, lis Schroeder 
Chance Mrs. Anna, boarding, 13 Grundy 
Chance Frank, bookkeeper, 355 w Fayette 
Chance James L. clerk Citizens' Bank, 354 w 
f Lombard 
Chance James R. (Chance & Osbourn, ) 354 w 

Chance Marinas, provisions, 195 n Central av 
CHANCE & OSBOURN, (Jas.R. Chance, Jno. 

F. Osbourn,) auctioneers, 85 w Baltimore 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkeeper, 52 e 

Chanceaulme Sarah, gaiter fitter, 25 McEldery 
Chancellor John J. cattle dealer, 4 Waverly 

terrace, n Carey 
Chandlee H. P. (Barker & Chandlee,) 323 

Druid Hill av 
Chandler Geo. W. wagoner, 410 Light 
Chandler Mrs. Henrietta, boarding, 38 8 Sharp 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eiitaw. 




Chaudler Jacob, laborer, 410 Light 
Chandler John, bookkeeper, 79 Lee 
Chandler Kennard, clerk, 70 Lexington 
Chandler Kennard, clerk, 79 Lee 
Chandler Nancy, produce, 21 Hanover Market, 

dw 410 Light 
Chandler Thibedeaux, confectionery, 712 \v 

Chandler Thos. M. coachmaker, 103 n Pine 
Chandler Wm. E. brickmaker, 712 w Balti- 
Chandley John H. wheelwright, 125 n Fre- 
Chaneay Christopher C. shoemaker, 178 East 
Chaneay Stephen W. shoemaker, 41 e Monu- 
Chaney Anderson W. shoemaker, 1 c Fayette 
Chancy Benjamin, coal and wood dealer, 148 

Hollins, dw 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Charles B. printer, 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Charles W. boilermaker 95 William 
Chaney Charles, mariner, 92 s Wolfe 
Chaney Charles P. police, 183 Ensor 
Chaney Mrs. Elizabeth, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Floyd, 4G Lanvale 
Chaney George, carter, 656 Light 
Chaney James M. police, 95 William 
Chaney Mrs. Jane, 95 William 
Chaney John T. tavern, 69 s Oregon 
Chaney John, dyer, 47 n Spring 
Chaney Levi M. blacksmith, lis Schroeder 
Chaney VilettaS. tailoress, 11 s Schroeder 
Chaney Wm. E. boilermaker, 95 William 
Chaney Wm.H. harnessmaker, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Wm. laborer, s e cor Eden and Alice- 
Chaney Wm. clerk Record office, 57 Booth 
Chapin Charles, carpenter, 62 Albemarle 
Chaplain J. Bond, Fountain hotel 
Chapman Allen A. storekeeper. Custom bouse 
Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase •& Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman Daniel C. clerk, 40 McCulloh 
Chapman George R. trunkraaker, 5 Mosher 
Chapman Greenburj-, shoemaker, 81 n Pop- 

Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount av 

opp Point la 
Chapman Jas. C. machinist, 6 s Central av 
CHAPMAN JOHN LEE, Mayor of Baltimore, 

dw 41 Stiles 
CHAPMAN JONATHAN J. inspector of dis- 
tilleries, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman John Lee, jr., clerk, 41 Stiles 
Chapman Mrs. Margaret C. 131 w Biddle 
Chapman Nicholas P. bookkeeper, 116 Dolphin 
Chapman J. R. salesman, 124 Hanover 
Chapman Ruth A. 375 Penna. av 
Chapman Wm. A. constable, 217 Mullikin 
Chapman Rev. Wm. H. 606 w Lombard 
Chappell Annie E. millinery and fancy goods, 

749 w Baltimore 
Chappell Annie G. teacher, 95 Aisquith 
Chappell Mrs. Ann, 189 Saratoga 
Chappell Cornelius F. clerk, 195 Aisquith 
Chappell Edward, clerk Orphan's court, 33 

Chappell Louisa 0. millinery, 506 w Balti- 
more, dw 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 269 w Fayette 
Chappell P . Edmund, clerk to register of wills, 
33 Lexington, 

Chappell, John Leary,) Manufac- 
turers of White Lead, Saltpetre, 
Varnishes, Lampblack, Putty, 
Paints, &;c., No. 100 w Lombard 

Chappell Mrs. P. E. 33 Lexington 

Chappell Philip S. (Chappell & Leary,) 1G3 n 

Chapi)ell Thomas, clerk. Custom house 
Chappell Thomas S. clerk, 195 Aisquith 
Chaptash Conrad, cooper, 213 s Bond 
Chariton George W. butcher, 192 Chesnut 
Charles Benjamin F. hatter, 96 s Ann 
CHARLES BENJAMIN, property agent and 

conveyancer, 135 s Broadwaj', dw 96 s Ann 
Charles David, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Charles Mrs. Elizabeth, 3.'9 e Baltimore 
Charles Geo. C. clerk, 47 n Exeter 
Charles Mrs. Mary A. 47 n Exeter 
Charles Robert, coppersmelter, Clinton s of 

Charles Sophia, seamstress, 6 Smith's al 
Charles st. (M. E.) Church, Rev, Andrew 

Longacre, pastor, n e cor Charles and 

Charles Thomas J. hatter, and leader East 

Baltimore military band, 203 s Broadway 
Charlton Mrs. Amanda, 767 w Baltimore 
Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
CHARRON, POSEY & CO. (C. C. Charron, 

John P. Posey, John M. Townsend, ) agents 

and importers of wines, brandies, &c., n e 

corner Lombard and Hanover 
Charron Claude C. (Charron, Posey kCo.) 140 

Charron John P. (C, Posey & Co.)140 Mulberry 
Charter Oak Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, 

Conn., S, W. T. Hopper, agent, 69 Second 
Chase Adeline, dressmaker, 36 Philpot 
Chase Alexander H. cigarmaker, 141 w Biddle 
Chase Algernon S. (Rice, Chase & Co.) N. 

York city 
Chase Benj. F. painter, 36 Philpot 
Chase Benj. F. (Chase & Co.) 87 s Exeter 
Chase A. Chapman, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Chas. W. oyster packer, 200 Hanover 
Chase Chas. F. bookkeeper, 288 Madison av 
Chase Jlrs. Clementine G. 337 e Baltimore 
Chase & Co. (B. F. Chase) sign painters, 3G 

Chase Daniel, (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 253 

Madison av 
Chase Franklin, painter, 87 s Exeter 
Chase Geo. B. (John xM. Orem, Son & Co.) 222 

e Baltimore 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmaker, cor Beason 

and Lowman, dw 305 w Fayette 
Chase Henry C. bookkeeper, 44 Fawn 
Chase L H. ladies' shoemaker, 253 n Howard 
Chase James W. stonecutter, 37 Low 
Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, 132^ n Gay 
Chase John J. shipsmith, 3S Philpot 
Chase J. Hermon, clerk, 44 Fawn 
Chase Mrs. Mary A. 141 w Biddle 
Chase Mary A. 200 Hanover 
Chase R. W. (J. R. Gloninger & Co.) 3 Frank- 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEAV^IIVG MACHINE is tlic best for all purposes— SALJRS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKEK BROS. & CO. 




Chase Wells & Gehrmann, (Wells Chase, J. A. 
Gehrmann,) manufacturers and machinists' 
warehouse, G s Howard 
Chase Wells, (Wells Chase & Gehrmann,) 282 

Chase Wra. laborer, 37 Low- 
Chase Wm. M. stercographer atR. B. Ridgely's 

cor Lexington and fhitaw 
Chaslowell Bernard, printer, 54 e Fayette 
Chason Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt 
Chason Peter A., U. S. N. 52 s Ann 
Chasteau Armand, jrilder, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Mary E. 69 e Lombard 
Chastain J. B. clerk, 62 Barre 
Chasselman Christopher, butcher, 270 Johnson 
CHATARD DR. F. E. 118 Park 
Chatard Dr. F. E., jr., 11 8 Park 
Chauteaubriand Gustav Von, 284 w Pratt 
Chavtor Edward C. bookkeeper, 91 Thames 
Cheatham Andrew J. salesman, 272 w Balti- 
Cheifer John, cooper, 431 Canton av 
Chenoweth B. T. machinist, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth cV Co. (R. B. Chenoweth,) whole- 
sale and retail liquor dealers, 225 n Gay 
Chenoweth Chas. H. restaurant, cor Second and 

Foreman, and 63 South 
Chenoweth E. paper stock, &c. 205 w Baltimore 

dw 24 e Baltimore 
Chenoweth Ferdinand, salesman, 19 MuUikin 

(Geo. E. Chenoweth,) Patent Peed 
Water Regulator, for safety of 
Steam Boilers, 96 N Calvert, dw. 
225 N Gay. 

Chenoweth Harry, coppersmith, 70 n Broadway 
Chenoweth Oliver, huckster, 50 Preston 
Chenoweth R. B. (Chenoweth & Co.) 225 n 

Chenoweth Richard M. 290 n Howard 
Chenoweth Richard, sergeant police, 37 Garden 
Chenoweth Richard, 21 Penna. av 
Chenoweth Robt. shoemaker, 56 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Mrs. S. R. milliner, 290 n Howard 
Chenoweth Thomas, artist, 295 s Charles 
Chenoweth AVm. supt. lumber, Mt. Clare, 82 n 

Cherbonier Victor, surgeon U. S. A. 95 w Fay- 
Cherry Ann, 118 Vine 

Cherry Mrs. Barbara A. boarding. 87 \v Fayette 
Cherry David, salesman, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Dr. Geo. W. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Liberty 
(Cherry James W. printer, 11 5 Mulberry 
Cherry Dr. T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Liberty 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, se cor North and Fay- 
Chesapeake Blast Furnace, Clinton, Canton, 
W. F. Pannell. propr 

15 S. Charles. 

Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 
O'Donnell's Avhf, Stirling & Ahreus, agts 

Chcsebrough Andronicus, (James G. Ramsay 

& Co.) 97 s Ann 
Chesgreeu Wm. J. coach painter, 239 n Caro- 
Chesley James, medical student, 610 w Fayette 
Chesley John, weighmaster B. & O. R. R. 04 

Chesley John W. clerk, 68 Columbia 
Chesley Wm. grocer, 432 w Lombard 
Chesney Benjamin H. plasterer, 101 s Chester 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 100 sEden 
Chesney John W. carpenter, 29 McElderry 
Chesney Robert, coal dealer, 130 n Front 
Chesney Samuel, speculator, 38 e Eager 
Chesney Winfield, carpenter, 205 Gough 
Chesney Wm. carpenter, H8 Gough 
Chesnut Calvin, (C, Townsend & Co.) 104 e 

Chesnut Christian, huckster, Burke, 2 doors s 

of Canton av 
Chesnut John, clerk. 104 e Baltimore 
nut, sr., C. Chesnut, S. P. Townsend, L. W. 
Townsend,) wholesale grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, n wcor Pratt and South 
Chesnut Wm., sr. (Chesnut, Townsend k Vo.) 

104 e Baltimore 
Chesnut Wm., jr. 104 e Baltimore 
Cliesnut Washington, 104 e Baltimore 
Chester George L. blacksmith, 11 Pleasant 
Chester Michael, gardener, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Chester Michael, jr.. gardener, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Chester Wm. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, dw 11 
Chestnut Mrs. Samuel, 36 Spring row 
CHESTNUT S. & CO. ( Samuel Chestnut, E. 
C. Marshall, ) importers of corks, 38 s Cal- 
Chestou James & Son, (Galloway Cheston, ) 
shipping merchants, cor Cable and Patterson 
Cheston Galloway, (Jas. Cheston & Son,) 39 

s Sharp 
Chew Mrs. Henrietta, 167 n Charles 
Chew James W. clerk U. S. Court, dw 122 

Chew Samuel P. clerk, 205^ w Biddle 
Chew Dr. Samuel, professor at University of 

Maryland, 167 n Charles 
Chew Mrs. Dr. Samuel C. 167 n Charles 
Chew William B. brakesman, B. & 0. R. R., 

79 n Fremont 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 144 Harford av 
Chickering Elbridge C. bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 226 w Pratt, 
Chiffelle Judith, 247 n Eutaw 
Child Cyrus, manager N. Y. Life Insurance 
Co. 388 Franklin 

CHILD SAMUEL & CO. (S. Child) 
Wholesale and Betail Dealers and 
Importers of China, Glass, Table 
Cutlery, Plated Goods, Tin, Wood- 
en and Japanned Wares, and 
HouseFurnishing Articles general- 
ly. Will occupy the Warehouse, 
s w cor of Charles and Lexington 
streets, from and after August 1st, 
1867, with an entire New Stock 

the: GR0V£R <.V baker SEWINCr MACHIiVK i« the best for all pitrposes— SAL.KS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltilmore Street. 

ISTos. 32 









Child George F. photographer, 40 s High 
Child Jas. stucco worker, 142 Druid Hill av 
Child Mrs. Samuel, 27Gw Fayette 
Child Samuel, (Samuel Child & Co.) s e cor 

Charles and Eager 

W. C. Palmer, agent 
Childs Benj. E. bookkeeper, 13 n Fremont 
Childs Charles, book binder, over 122 w Bal- 
Childs Charles A. bricklayer, 46 Druid Hill av 
Childs Cyrus, manager. Continental Life In- 
surance Co. basement ilaryland building, 
Second opp P. 0., dw 383 Franklin 
Childs Elizabeth, 156 German 
Childs Edward, (Hollingshead, Spedden & 

Childs. ) New York 
Childs Edward W. confectioner, 656 Saratoga 
Childs John W. com. merchant, 92 Light-st 

wharf, dw 407 w Fayette 
CHILDS J. W, livery stable, 3 Orchard, dw 

Franklin house 
Childs George A. 46 Druid Hill av 
Childs George T. confectioner, 656 Saratoga 
Childs George, confectioner, 156 McHenry 
Childs Mrs. Sarah J. 50 McCulloh 
Childs Samuel J. E. confectioner, 656 Saratoga 
Childs Samuel J. confectioner, 656 Saratoga 
Childs Mrs. Sarah J. millinery, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Wm. H. clerk, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Zachariah, 177 Orleans 
China Hall, over 543 and 545 w Baltimore, 

Simon Bolte proprietor 
Chinethworth Harris, car driver, 427 Lexing- 
ChiontMrs. Mary, larger beer, 322 Aliceanna 
(Jhiont John, furniture wagon, 322 Aliceanna 
Chipman Geo. (Geo. Chipmaa & Co.) 88 e 

Chipman George & Co. (George Chipman, M. 
M. Chipman,) wood and willow ware deal- 
ers, factory 2 Swan, office n e cor Calvert 
and Lombard 
('hipman Marcus M. (Geo. Chipman & Co.) 88 

c Baltimore 
Chirdy Henry, boiler maker, 103 n Central av 
Chisholm Amanda M. milliner, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Henry, boiler maker, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm George, clerk, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Sarah M. tailoress, 218 s Charles 
Chism James W. mariner, 154 s Dallas 
Chism Richard, dry goods, 229 Lexington 
Chittenden Mrs. Catharine, 49 Milliman 
Chiveral James, mariner, 224 s Sharp 
Cholmaa Edward, moulder, 107 Cambridge 
Choupin Ambrose, wood finisher, 22 Spring 

Chrisholm George, shoemaker, 18 Eastern av 
Chrisman Edward, laborer, 74 s Bethel 
Chrisman Jacob W. cigar packer, 192 Vine 
Chrismcr Alexander, press feeder, McKim's 

Chrismer Mrs. PriscLIla, doctress, 86 Har- 
ford av 
Chrisniond Jacob, produce dealer. 111 n High 
Chrispen John H, (Wm. A. Padgett & Co.) 23 

n Calvert 
Christ Church, Prot. Episcopal, cor Gay and 

Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Mrs. Catharine, laundress, 271 Raborg 

Christ Jacob, shoemaker, 11 New 
Christ John, laborer, 6 Ramsay 
Christ Wm. undertaker, 252 n Caroline 
Christ Wm. laborer, 79 St. Peter 
Christanz Adam, carpenter, 82 Henrietta 
Christhilf Edward, laborer, 117 Penna av 
Christhilf Mrs. Frances, 107 Penna av 
Christhilf Henry B. clerk, 107 Penna av 
Christhilf George, lithographer, 117 Penna av 
Christhilf Margaret A. 168 Pearl 
Christian Baptist Church, cor Paca and Lom- 
Christian Disciples Church, North bet Lexing- 
ton and Saratoga 
Christian Elizabeth, grocery, 287 Eastern av 
Christian John, baker. 365 Canton av 
CHRISTIAN RICHARD, stonemason, 287 

Eastern av 
Christiani Wm. laborer, 93 Granby 
Christian Wm. clerk, 275 Hollins 
Christie Andrew J. (Christie & Bro.) 37G 

CHRISTIE & BRO. (James J. C, Andrew J. 

C, R. B. McCurdy, ) flint glass manuf. sside 

basin, cor L. P. R. R. and Fort av 
Christie James, teamster, 74 Marriott 
Christie James, (Christie & Bro.) 376 Ostend 
Christie James, watchman C. H. 117 Elliott 
Christie John, carter, 330 e Fayette 
Christie Michael, blacksmith, 14 Preston 
Christie Wm. wagoner, 79 St. Peter 
Christopher Aquilla, puddler, Gist bet Eastern 

and Canton avs 
Christopher E. gents furnishing store, 554 w 

Baltimore, dw 438 Penna av 
Christopher Henry C. engineer U. S. N, 126 e 

Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher James F. plasterer, Franklin near 

Christopher John, gunsmith, 6 n Fremont 
Christopher John, laborer, 79 Preston 
Christopher John, iron roller, 12 Essex 
Christopher John, police, 7 n Fremont 
Christopher Joseph, police. Telegraph nr Druid' 

Hill av 
Christopher Milton, painter, 240 e Chase 
Christopher Nicholas, agent, 126 e Pratt 
Christopher Oliver, salesman, 141 Conway 
Christopher R. W. clerk, 438 Penna av 
Christopher Thos. B. puddler, 132 Mullikin. 
Christopher Thos. J. mariner, 160 e Fayette 
Christopher Thomas J. plasterer, rear 104! 

Christopher Wesley, clerk, 438 Penna av 
Christopher Wm. 240 Saratoga 
Christopher Wollen Z. bookkeeper, 53 9- 

Christy Henry, basketmaker, 66 Union 
Christy Joseph, upholsterer, 06 Union 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, Preston bet 

Penna and Druid Hill avs 
Chrystal John, grocer, 226 n Gay 
Chubb Mrs. Caroline, 233 n Charles 
Chunn Wilbur T. clerk, 572 w Fayette 
Church Annie W. seamstress, 133 n Paca 
Church Edward J. lumber, s w cor Aisquith 

and Monument, dw 218 Aisquith 
Church Rev. Francis E. 118 Bank 

Broadway bet Baltimore and Fayette 
Church James, bricklayer, 164 e Pratt 

THE GROVER & BAKER SE\VI\0 MACIIIXE is the be>it for all purposea- SAI.ES 
ROOKIS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




(Church Jiimcs A. junk dealer, Dugan's wharf, 
dw 96 McEIderry 

(Thurch John, manager Cedar Point iron fur- 
nace, dw Baltimore co 

Churcli, Ifuuiason & Co. (T. II. Church, C. A. 
Ilumason, F. Skinner,) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 104 w Baltimore 

(Hiurch of the Inimaculate Conception, Mosher 
bet Druid Hill av and Division 

Church Stephen D. harnessmaker, 436 w 

Church Theodorell. (Church, Humason & Co.) 
108 Hanover 

Church Thomas, clerk, 246 Aisquith 

Churchill Lorcy, silver plater, 277 n Eutaw 

Cicerello Mrs. Antonia, restaurant, 60 Pres- 

('illy George, millwright, 76 n Eden 

Cinnamond & Browning, ( G. R. Cinnamond, 
W.T. Browning,) conveyancers and attor- 
neys, 59 w Fayette 

Cinnamond Edward, cook, 304 Eastern av 

Cinnamond Martha, seamstress, 130 Saratoga 

Cinnamond Thos. E. printer, 130 Saratoga 

Circle Peter, laborer, 243 sBethel 

Cissel Bcnj. C. hatter, 76 Mound 

Cissel Vincent, mariner, 23 Thames 

(Circuit Court of Baltimore City, first floor of 
Court House, Wm Alexander, judge, Saml. 
M. Evans, clerk 

and Hanover 

Citter Sebastian, shoemaker, 275 s Dallas 

2d floor 

CITY HALL, Holliday,n of Fayette, in which 
are the Mayor's office. City Collector's, Reg- 
ister's, Commissioner's, Appeal Tax Court, 
Comptroller's, City Surveyor's, Fire and Gas 
Inspectors', Police Commissioner's and 
Health offices 

GRAPH, office, old City Hall, Hollidaynear 

office n e cor Eutaw and Baltimore 

City Yard, s side of basin 

Claar George, laborer, 130 Front n of Foun- 

Clabaugh & Harris, (E. A. Clabaugh, G. W. 
Harris, ) liquor dealers and distillers, 38 

Clabaugh E. A. (Clabaugh & Harris, ) 8 n 

Clabaugh Geo. W. wholesale liquor dealer, 372 
w Baltimore, dw 6 Waverly terrace 

Clabaugh Geo. W. Carey near Saratoga 

Clabaugh John, painter, 65 Mulberry 

Clabaugh Wm H. painter, 65 Mulberry 

CLABAUGH WM. H. proprietor Fountain 
Hotel, 5 Light, dw 205 w Lombard 

Claby Andrew, clerk, 76 Hillen 

Claby Honora. 76 Hillen 

Claby Luke, (Barry k Claby, ) 76 Hillen 

Clackner Elizabeth, 32 nEden 

Clackner James, clerk, 7 Aisquith 

Clackner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 
cor Gay and Lombard, dw 7 Aisquith 

Clackner Matthew T. ales, &c., 71 North 

Clacy Maurice, house and sign painter, 65 w 
Baltimore, dw 157 n Eden 

Olagett Mrs. Eliza, 145 e Lombard 

Clagett II. 0. bookkeeper, 251 n Eutaw 

Chigett John T. 145 e Lombard 

Clagett John, stonemason, Greenmountav,'opp 

Point la 
Clagett S. A. & Co. (Samuel k. Clagett, John 

W. Bloomer,) general commission mer- 
chants, over 114 Light-st. wharf 
Clagett Samuel A. (S. A. Clagett & Co.) 89 s 

Claggett Dr. Joseph E. 17 s Eutaw 
Claggett Louis H. (Andrews & Co.) 78 n Pine 
Claggett Mrs. Mary, 257 Madison av 
Claggett Wm. & Co. (Wm. Claggett, J. D. 

Danels, jr.,) brewers, e Lombard, adjoining 

Claggett Wm. (Wm. Claggett & Co.) 240 n 

Claggett Wm. T. furniture wagoner, 157 e 

Claggett Wm. T. laborer, 157 e Lombard 
Clair Samuel, brakesman, N. C. R., Calvert 

Clamm John, shoemaker, 32 s Dallas 
Clampitt Elias, inspector of gas meters, office, 

City Hall, dw 496 Franklin 
Clampitt Wm. H. brass finisher, 28 George 
Clamp John, laborer, 31 Forrest 
Clancy Jeremiah, packer, 211 J n Eutaw 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, 211 J n Eutaw 
Clancj' Wm. huckster, 120 Harford av 
Clapp Ann, 140 u High 
Clapp Charles E. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Charles W. (Jellifif& C.) 22 Law build- 
ing, Lexington • 
Clapp Mrs. Elizabeth B. 6 Jeiferson 
Clapp E. & Co. (Edwin Clapp,) cider and 

malt vinegar, 122 North 
Clapp Francis A . hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp George C. hatter, 110 n High, dw 6 

Clapp George M. mariner, U. S. N., 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Wm. C. coach painter, 6 Jefferson 
Clappsaddle W. F. tinner, 182 Cross 
Clapsaddle Francis, blacksmith, 144 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle Francis, (Clapsaddle & McFern, ) 

148 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle & McFern, (Francis Clapsaddle, 

EdwardMcFern,) blacksmiths. 187 Tyson 
Clarady John, laborer, 5 Heath 
Claridge Daniel, plaster, 32 Hughes 
Claridge Geo. W. detective, 163 Hamburg 
Claridge Geo. D. clerk, 102 n High 
Claridge Henry R. police, 114 Ensor 
Claridge James R. (Loud, Claridge & Co.) 102 

n High 
Claridge Joseph H. 102 n High 
Claridge John H. tinner, 72 s Eden 
Claridge Dr. Jos. S. 102 n High 
Claridge Jos. II. 102 n High 
Clai'k Adam H. painter, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Adarn, india rubber worker, 33 s E.Kctcr 
Clark Albert G. 265 e Lombard 
Clark Andrew, laborei-, 11 Preston 
Clark Mrs. Ann M. 7 McCuUoh 
Clark Mrs. Ann, 11 Preston 
Clark Mrs. Ann, 168 Park 
Clark Andrew, clerk, 354 e Fayette 
Clark Mrs. Avio M. 479 n Gay 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, s e cor Ridgely 

and Sterrett, dw n w cor Burgundy ai and 

Clark Benjamin, laborer, 62 Hampstead 

J. HENEY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Clark Benjamin D. 40 n Pine 
Clark Benjamin, plasterer, 30 Franklin al 
Clark Benjamin F. laliorer, 443 w Lombard 
Clark Benjamin J. condensed milk, 98 Mc- 

Clark Bernliard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 

150 n Exeter 
Clark Mrs. Catherine, 180 McIIenry 
Clark Catherine, 92 n Eden 
Clark Charles G. boilermaker, intersection 

Penna av and Fremont 
Clark Charles H. saferaaker, 40 Peach al 
Clark Charles J. tinner, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Charles H. sup't copper works, Canton, 

dw 38 n Calvert 
Clark Charles L. carpenter, 159 n Exeter 
Clark Charles H. pilot, 110 s Bond 
Clark & Cunningham, (M. Clark, W. R. Cun- 
ningham,) liquor and com. merchants, 42 w 

Clark Daniel W. carpenter, 177 n Dallas 
Clark Daniel II. shoemaker, 6 Orleans 
Clark Daniel, carpenter, IGl Conway 
Clark David A. (Noycs & Clark,) 126 Bolton 
Clark David A. gcH'l agent, II South, dw 126 

Clark David, caulker, 121 "William 
Clark Duncan, 7 McCulloh 
Clark Duncan, clerk. 79 Second 
Clark Eliza, 2S2 w Fayette 
Clark Edward L. crier Court Common Pleas, 

38 s High 
Clark Frank, (Murray, Clark & Co.) 144 s 

Clark Edward D. iron moulder, 71 s Fremont 
Clark Mrs. Eva, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Frank, bookkeeper, 191 w Lombard 
CLARK GABRIEL D. importer watches and 

jewelry, cor Calvert and Water, dw 50 w 

Clark Gabriel D. jr. clerk, 50 w Monument 
Clark George, laborer, 231^ Mulberry 
Clark Geo. F. clerk, 179 Hanover 
Clark George A. mariner, 179 Hanover 
Clark George, mariner, 253 e Madison 
Clark George, expressman, 145 Penna av 
Clark George T. (Levin P. Clark & Son,) Lib- 
erty road near city limits 
Clark George W. 56 s Greene 
Clark Henry, (Levi Perry k Co.) 311 Ilollins 
Clark Henry H. coachmaker, 80 n High 
Clark James B. clerk, 85 n Exeter 
Clark James, lock manuf. 147 w Fayette 
Clark James, laborer, 40 Boyd 
Clark James A. clerk, 149 n Fremont 
Clark James, (Jas. Clark & Co.) 26 Warren 
Clark James B. clerk, 40 n Pine 
Clark James G. {W. G. Gardner & Co.) 41 s 

Clark James, laborer, 61 s Durham 
Clark James, laborer, 247 Lemmon al 
Clark James, mariner, 356 e Fayette 
Clark James D. carpenter, 149 n Fremont 
Clark Jas. & Co. (J. Clark, B. Thornton, J. 

Cahill,) Peoples' machine and boiler works, 

south side Basin 
Clark James S. carpenter, 165 n Exeter 
Clark Mrs. Jane, 253 e Madison 
Clark James R. (.Matthew B. Clark &Bro.) 249 

n Eutaw 
Clark John F. brakesman, 17 Park 
Clark John, engineer, 153 Montgomery 

Clark John, cooper, 129 s Bond 

Clark John, laborer, 21 Concord 

Clark John, laborer, 176 Dover 

Clark John S. ship carpenter, 153 e Pratt 

Clark John, rigger, 62 Block 

Clark John, pres't Citizens' National Bank, 42 

n Charles 
Clark John P. huckster, 173 n Spring 
Clark John W, officer at Penitentiary, dw 51 e 

Clark John H. cooper, 129 s Bond 
Clark John W. caulker, 165 Hughes 
Clark John, porter, 30 Hillen 
Clark John N. boot fitter, 203 s Broadway 
Clark John, carpenter, 71s Fremont 
Clark John, 177 Raborg 
Clark John R. machinist, 33 York 
Clark John, carpenter, 156 Aisquith 
Clark John S. machinist, 384 w Lombard 
Clark John W. wagoner, 32 Shakspear 
Clark John, bricklayer, 14 Union 
Clark John, grocery, s w cor Gough and Castle 
Clark John K. sailmaker, 57 L. Montgomery 
Clark John A. clerk, 148 Barre 
Clark John L. driver, 166 n Spring 
Clark John C. bookkeeper, 295 n Caroline 
Clark John, 90 w Biddle 
Clark John S. police, Washington road near 

City limits 
Clark John W. carpenter, 292 e Monument 
Clark John W. carpenter, 31 s Poppleton 
Clark John W. mariner, s w cor Gough and 

Clark J. Everett, clerk, 180 Preston 
Clark Jonathan T. sparmaker, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Josejib, huckster, 312 Harford av 
Clark Mrs. Kate, 177 Raborg 
Clark Kenzey J. 37 n Schroeder' 
Clark Laurence, express driver, 240 Aisquith 
CLARK LEWIS & CO. (Lewis Clark,) com- 
mission and auction store, 184 w Baltimore 
Clark Levin P. & Son, (George T. Clark,) 

patent hydrants and pump manufs. over 44 

Holliday. dw 33 n Exeter 
Clark Lewis, (L. Clark & Co.) 272 Grundy 
Clark Lizzie E. 71 Lexington 
Clark Mrs. Lucy, 16 n Poppleton 
Clark Martin, peddler, 17 Park 
Clark Martin, laborer, Hull near St. Charles 

hotel, L. P. 
Clark Mrs. Margaret B. 463 w Lombard 
Clark Matthew, (Clark & Cunningham.) 295 n 

Clark Matthew B. (Matthew B. Clark & Bro.) 

272 w Fayette 
Clark Matthew B. & Bro. (M. Clark, J. R. 

Clark,) flour merchants, 40 n Howard 
CLARK MATTHEW, restaurant, 75 Thames 
Clark Michael, laborer, Hudson al s of Federal 
Clark Michael, carter, 13 L,. Montgomery 
Clark Mrs. Nelson, G7 St. Paul 
Clark Noah, harnessmaker, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Owen, switch tender, B. & 0. R. R. n e 

cor Ostend and Eutaw 
Clark Oliver H. 62 w Fayette 
Clark Patrick, 263 e Pratt 
Clark Finer W. 540 w Baltimore 
Clark Phebe A. bookfolder, 479 n Gay 
Clark Capt. Ray S. mariner, 20 s Broadway 
Clark Richard J. (Clark, Thomas & Bro.)' 263 

e Pratt 
Clark Richard J. carter, 354 Ostend 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. &c CO, 




Clark Richard J. clerk, 263 e Pratt 

Clark Richard B. clerk, 83 e Pratt 

Clark Richard D. baker, 310 s Bond 

Clark Richard M. coach painter, IT Park 

Clark Robert, police, 132 s Paca 

Clark Robert, brakesman, 152 Franklin 

Clark Robert H. mate, 110 Hamburg 

Clark Mrs. Rose, 2 Ryan 

Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 30 Franklin al 

Clark Sarah, trimmings, 16 n Poppleton 

Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Bank 

Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisquith 

Clark Mrs. Sarah E. 295 n Caroline 

Clark Stephen N. carpenter, 51 Milliman 

Clark Stevenson S. carpenter, 159 n Exeter 

Clark Sylvester, moulder, 124 e Eager 

Clark Teresa E. 37 n Schroeder 

Clark Temperance G. 280 w Fayette 

Clark Thomas A. 49 s Exeter 

Clark, Thomas & Bro. (T. Clark, Richard J. 

Clark) coppersmiths, 237 s Wolfe 
Clark Thomas, (Thomas Clark & Bro.) 263 e 

Clark Thomas C. bricklayer, 30 Franklin al 
Clark, police, 4 St. Mary 
Clark Thomas F. finisher, 555 w Lombard 
Clark Thomas S. & Son (Thomas S. Clark, 
W. H. Clark) sailmakers, 90 Dugan's wharf 
Clark Thomas S. (Thomas S. Clark & Son) 83 

e Pratt 
Clark Thomas, coppersmith, 237 s Wolfe, dw 

2G3 e Pratt 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 20 Rose 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 243 Rollins 
Clark Timothy, huckster, 67 James la 
Clark Wheeler, 31s Poppleton 
Clark Wm. carpenter, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. E. clerk, 86 s Sharp 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 902 w Baltimore 
Clark Wm. F. clerk, 54 e Madison 
Clark Wm. T. ship joiner, 36 Barre 
Clark Wm. T. ship carpenter, 12 s Ann 
Clark Wm. T. ship carpenter, 93 s Washing- 
Clark Wm. H. assistant editor of the Sun, 

131 Mulberry 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, McHenry w of Ful- 
Clark Wm. H. ^Thomas S. Clark & Son) 376 

w Lombard 
Clarke Rev. Wm. procurator, Loyola college 
Clark AVm. IL 75 w Biddle 
Clark Zachariah, pilot, 135 s Ann 
Clarke Addison, (Coulter & Clarke) 56 w 

Clarke Anthony, grocer, 191 Gough 
Clarke Anthony, stonecutter, 237 Gough 
CLARKE ASHUR, ladies' seriiinary, 61 Sara- 
toga, adj. Athenajum, dw 2 McCulloh 
Clai'ke E. Agatha, teacher, 112 Greenmount 

Clarke Kerry E. 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Henry, dentist, 234 w Biddle 
Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clarke John G. (Clarke & Jones) 391 w Lom- 
CLARKE & JONES, (J. G. Clarke, W. H. 
Jones) candy manufacturers and fruit deal- 
ers, 20 Light 
Clarke Joseph H. professor of languages, 642 

w Fayette 
Clarke Joseph C. police, 185 Ensor 

Clarke Joseph W. coal and wood, 4 Franklin 

building. North, dw 234 w Biddle 
Clarke Martin, trader, 92 s Ann 
Clarke Mrs. Mary M. 234 w Biddle 
(;larke Owen, waiter, 178 Leramon al 
Clarke Pha>be D. 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Robert A. grocer, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Mrs. Rachel, laundress, 1 Willow- 
Clarke Mrs. Sophia, 60 St. Paul 
Clarke Sylvester, bonnet frame manufacturer, 

79 Lexington 
Clarke Thomas F. clerk, 667 w Fayette 
CLARKE & TRUSCOTT, (Wm. AV. Clarke, 

C. Truscott,) produce com. merchants, 61 s 

Clarke Thomas, builder, 667 w Favette 
Clarke W. F. clerk, 60 St. Paul 
Clarke W. E. bookkeeper, 234 w Biddle 
Clarke Wm. W. (C. & Truscott,) 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Wm. T. (Wm. T. Clarke & Co.) 36 

Clarkson Alfred, bricklayer, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Edward H. N., (Joseph Clarkson & 

Sons, ) 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Eugene, (Jos. Clarkson & Sons,) 22 

e Monument 
Clarkson Franklin S. (Joseph Clarkson &Sons) 

135 n Calvert 
Clarkson George E. clerk, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemaker, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Joseph & Sons, (Joseph Clarkson, 

Edward H. N. Clarkson, Franklin S. Clark- 
son, Eugene Clarksou, ) machinists, 75 n 

Clarkson Joseph, (Joseph Clarkson & Sons.) 

135 n Calvert 
Clary Thomas, laborer, 1 6 Mercer 
Clary AYm. H. 24 Holliday 
Claspy George W. locksmith, 47 n Poppleton 
Claspy James H. machinist, 47 n Poppleton 
Claspy John, iron finisher, 47 n Poppleton 
Classen Benjamin H. clerk, 158 s Sharp 
Classen Frederick W. 83 Lee 
Classen Harman, flour and feed dealer, 145 s 

CLASSEN HENRY W. brick yard, Light-st. 

extended, dw 155 s Sharp 
Classen H. W. (Classen &Pille,) 155 s Sharp 
Classen & Pille, (H. W. Classen, Dietrick 

Pille, ) brickmakers, Light-st. extended 
Classer Casper, shoemaker, 161 e Lombard 
Clathair Louis, cooper, 225 Frederick av 
Clans Edward C. tailor, 91 n Eden 
Clans Emanuel, paver and regalia maker, 70 s 

Clau.sing Herman, laborer, 8 Trinity 
Clauss Rev. Joseph, 101 Saratoga 
Claussen Peter, mariner, 336 Canton av 
ClauticeAnn, dry goods dealer, lllPenna. av 
Clautice Edward, plumber, 110 s Paca 
Claulice Francis, provisions, 69 w Pratt, dv,- 

144 Eager 
Clautice George, sr. 141 Penna. av 
Clautice George J. huckster, 135 e Eager 
Clautice George, jr. car builder, 141 Penna. av 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 17 Harford av 
Clautice Henry C. sliipsmith, 51 Granby 
Clautice Joseph, huckster, 2G0 e Monument 
Clautice Joseph, tinner, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Joseph, tailor, 295 e Madison 
Clautice Mary, 11 1 Penna. av 
Clautice Peter T. bookkeeper, 110 s Paca 

THE GROVER & BAKER SE^VIIVCI MACHINE is the best for all pwrposes— SAIiES 
ROOaiS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Clautice Wm. F. clerk, 141 Fenna. av 
Clautice William, coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clavell Capt. Edward, mariner, 8 n Wolfe 
Clay John, wagoner, 279 Columbia 
Clay Wm. C. morticer, 230 Hollins 
Claypoole George, painter, 240 Mulberry 
Claypoole Hannah, 5G0 w Baltimore 
Claypoole James, clerk, 560 w Baltimore 
("laypoole James, clerk, 50 n Republican 
Claypoole Capt. Jas. Y. mariner, 282 Aisquith 
Claypoole Capt. John, ass't weigher, C. H. dw 

232 Aisquith 
Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw s w cor Liberty road and Gilmor 
Clayton Charles H. police, 459 e Baltimore 
Clayton Edward C. machinist, 66 Lee 
Clayton Edmund, hatter, 63 Jefferson 
Clayton Ezekiel, driver, 192 w Aladison 
Clayton James, salesman, 57 George 
Clayton James M. trunkmaker, 57 George 
Clayton John R. M. silversmith, 53 w Centre 
Clayton J. P. insijector custom house, dw 5 

Clayton John T. carpenter, 165 e Madison 
Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 
Clayton Samuel L. painter, 6 East 
Clayton MrS/ Sarah, dressmaker, 251 Hamburg 
Clayton Theodore, clerk, 5 Courtland 
Clayton Wm. S. bricklayer, 7 w Biddle 
Clazey Albert J. moulder, 303 s Paca 
Clazey George W. helper, 303 s Paca 
Clazey James, laborer, 46 Buren 
Clazey James, machinist, 163 Montgomery 
Clazey Mrs. Margaret, 163 Montgomery 
Cleary Ellen, trimmings, 53 Harrison 
Cleary l^Iorris, shoemaker, 21 5 "Light 
Cleary R. E. bookkeeper, 161 w Lombard 
Cleary Thomas, sailmaker, 372 Eastern av 
Cleaveland Edwin R. (E. R. Cleaveland & 

Co.) 171 n E.xeter 
Cleaveland E. R. & Co. (E. R. Cleaveland, S. 

C.) dry goods and notions, 103 n Gay 
Cleaveland Sylvester, (E. R. Cleaveland & Co) 

171 n Exeter 
Clemens Augustus D. jr. photographer, over 

465 w Baltimore 
Clemens James D. cooper, 274 e Madison 
Clemens John, laborer, 27 Gittings 
Clemens John, sr. shoemaker, 27 Gittings 
Clemens Patrick, laborer, 55 Centre Market sp 
Clement Henry, teacher, 4S8 Lexington 
Clement Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton opp 

Copper Works 
Clements James, clerk, 80 s Paca 
Clements John S. superintendent Barnum's 

hotel, 140 Aisquith 
Clements John W. mariner, 33 s Ann 
Clements John W. machinist, 320 Harford av 
Clements Philip J. gate keeper, Schuetzen 

Park, Belair av extended 
Clements P. P. produce comra. merchant, 87 

Smith's wharf, dw 138 Park 
Clements Mrs. Mary J. confectioner, 140 Ais- 
Clements Theodore, machinist, 190 Hollins 
Clements Wm. brass moulder. 499 w Lombard 
Clcmuions Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 1 n Fremont 
Clemmous Edward E. machinist, 5 e Madison 
Clemmons John R. cigarmaker, 84 Penna. av 
Clempert Mrs. Catherine, 537 Lexington 
Cleuim .Mrs. Margaret, 109 s Wolfe 
Clemm John, stonecutter, 109 s Wolfe 

Clemm John, cooper, 31 s Charles 

Clemm Wm. E. watchman, Monument betw 

Aisquith and Stirling 
Clemm Wm. E. rope dealer, 206 e Monument 
Clemm Wm. E. jr. clerk, 206 e Monument 
Clemmens Wm. E. laborer, 499 w Lombard 
Clemment John B. mariner, 84 McElderry 
Clemson Wm. mariner, 115 Lancaster 
Clendenen Mrs. Mary A. milliucr, 110 Lexing- 
Clendenen Mary C. 13 Grundy 
Clendinen Joseph, clerk, 13 s Bond 
Glendinen Dr. T. R. 37 Lexington, dw 128 w 

Clendinen Margaret A. teacher, 33 n Eden 
Clendinen W. clerk, 110 Lexington 
Clendinen Author, miller, 33 n Eden 
Clendinen Mrs. Susan. 33 n Eden . 
Clendinen W. J. clerk, 270 Hollins 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. resident physician 

Marine hospital 
Clendinen Wm. gilder, 33 n Eden 
Clendinen Wm. R. moulder and gilder, 33 n 

Cleveland A. Jewell, music teacher, 75 w Fay- 
Click Casper, laborer, 271 Aisquith 
Clickner Samuel A. shoe cutter, 205 Lee 
Cliff Mrs. Mary, 57 Warren 
Clifford Albert, bootfitter, 159 n Central av 
Clifford Mrs. Amanda M. dressmaker, 183 Hol- 
Clifford Mrs. Eleanor, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Hannah, 148 German 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 30 Orbital 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 223 n Caroline 
Clifford John C. tinner, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Mrs. Margaret, 421 w Pratt 
Clifford Samuel, 8 George, west end 
Clifford Sylvester jr. 554 Penna. av 
Clifford Thomas, potter, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Thomas E. laborer, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Wra. carter, 180 Greenmount av 
Clift Catherine, 273 e Madison 
Clift Mark A. G. clerk, 55 Hamburg 
Clift Mrs. Sarah E. 55 Hamburg 
Clifton Jlrs. Alphonsa, boarding, 49 St. Paul 
Cline Anthony, brickmaker, 262 e Lombard 
Cline David L. clerk, Voshell house, 
Cline Eli, moulder, 212 Hollins 
Cline George, gardener, e of Charles and n of 

Northern av 
Cline Geo. H. patternmaker, 45 Warren 
Cline Hugh, engineer U. S. N. 79 McHenry 
Cline Jacob T. pattern maker, 79 McHenry 
Cline Lewis, carpenter, 114 Ramsey 
Clinton Edward, laborer, 10 Dover 
Clinton Henry De W.exjtressman, 2 Townsend 
Clinton DeWitt, maciiinist. 48 n Amity 
Clinton John, laborer, 31 Elizabeth la 
Clinton Patrick, laborer, 223 Lincoln 
Clinton Thomas L. telegraphist, 305 e Eager 
Clipper Mrs. Catherine, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Frederick, pajier hanger, 53 n Front 
Clipper Wm. i)olice, 335 s Sharp 
Clisham Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 143 s Chapel 
Clisluim Martin, laborer, 15 Buren 
Clisham Timothy, laborer, 48 Luzerne 
Cloak Elizabeth, grocer, 29 Hillen 
Cloak James, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Cloak John, laborer, 42 Hillen 
Cloak John, laborer, 159 s Eden 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEWIIMG MA( IIIIVE is tUe btst for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Ualtiinore Street. 

DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Cloak Lawrence, laborer, 172 Ramsaj'^ 
Cloak Philip, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Clockmiller Henry, cabinet maker, 30 Abl)ott 
Clocker Ilczekiah, carpenter, 198 n Broadway 
Clofrg George S. bootmaker, 2 s Calvert, and 

159 w Pratt, dw Maltby bonse 
Cloggett Enos, stonecutter, 19 Rock 
Clopein John, butcher, 1 Towusend 
Clopton W. S. 28 Hanover 
Close Alexander, (Alexander Close & Co.) 

Charles st av extended 

Wjiie, ) dry goods commission merchants, 4 

Close Frederick, bricklayer, 197 Frederick av 
Close Mrs. Barbara, 37G Lexington 
Close .Jas. dry goods, 212 German, dw 8 Barnet 
Close Margaret, huckstrcss, 37 Pearl 
Close Nicholas, grocery, 139 Gough 
Glottis Edward, gasfitter, 83 Hargrove al 
Clotworthy Alexander, furniture dealer, 76 n 

Clotworthy Charles A. (Clotworthy & Co.) 358 

n Eutaw 
Clotworthy Edward F. clerk, 1 n Regester 
Clotworthy & Co. (Wm. P. Clotworthy, Cha's 

A. Clotworthy,) wholesale druggists, 339 

w Baltimore 
Clotworthy George, salesman, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Samuel 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. P. (Clotworthy & Co.) 132 

•w Hoffman 
Clotworthy William, huckster, 45 Marion 
Cloud Benjamin, laborer, 2 Winan's row 
CLOUD CHARLES F. 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Daniel, (Thomas & Co.) 365 n Eutaw 
Cloud Lewis, telegraphist, 34 s Sharp 
Cloiigh James E. clerk, 32 Hanover 
Clough Martin V. 119 Saratoga 
Clouney Martin, laborer, 180 Raborg 
Clowdsley John H. huckster, 14 Henrietta 
Clowes Armistead V. clerk, 49 s Ann 
Clozey Albert J. moulder, Paca 3 doors s of 

Club Wm. butcher 77 Belair market, dw York 

road beyond toll gate 
Cluch Christopher, tailor, 56 s Bethel 
Clucli Ferdinand, cigarmaker, 243 e Lombard 
Clunan Timothy, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
Clunct Victor, sec'y American Fire Insurance 

Co. of Baltimore, dw 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, 9 s Caroline 
Cluney John, laborer, 23 Stockton al 
Cluney Robert, tailor, 92 York 
Clurkin James, scraper, 107 s Ann 
Coaday Michael, grocer, 78 East 
Coakley & Brother, (M. Coakley, D. Coakley,) 

leather and shoe trimmings dealers, 14 s 

Coakley Daniel, (Coakley & Brother,) 183 

Coakley John, 35 n Front 
Coakley Michael, (Coakley & Brother,) 35 n 

Coftkley P. H. over 24 South 
Coalbourn Mrs. Ann M. trimmings, 276 n Gay 
Coale Alfred, brakesman, 6 s Republican 
Coale Mrs. Cassandra A. 51 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 67 Lexington 
COALE GEORGE B. secretary Merchants' 

Mutual Insurance Co., 58 Exchange place, 

dw 215 Madison av 

Coale Mrs. Hetty, 39 n Gay 
Coale Isaac, Jr. & Bro. (I. Coale, jr. T. E. 
Coale, J. L. Bezeck,) commission mcrch'ts, 
17 and 19 Hanover 
Coale Isaac, jr. (I. Coale, jr. & Bro.) Balti- 
more Co 
COALK JAMES CAREY, agent for New York 
Board of Underwriters and Lloyd's, 56 Ex- 
change place, dw n w cor Madison av and 
Coale Joseph M. foreman, 47 w Biddle 
Coale Mary A. 45 Mulberry 
Coale S. H. clerk, 51 McCulloh 
Coale S. Robinson, (J. L. Sutton & Co.) 40 w 

Coale Thomas E. (Isaac Coale, jr. & Bro.) 47 

Coale Wm. E. jr. bookkeeper First National 

Bank, Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Coale Wm. A. teacher, 628 w Fayette 
Coarls James, hostler, 59 Booth 
Coates & Bro. (Geo. W. P. Coates, Dr. C. E. 
Coates, I. P. Coates, ) proprietors Locust Point 
Rolling Mills 
Coates Dr. C. E. (Coates & Bro.) 189 St. Paul 
Coates Geo. A. huckster, 44 Diamond 
Coates George W. P. (Coates & Bro.) 31 

Coates I. Pennock, (Coates & Brother, ) 341 

e Pratt 
Coates Isaac Preston, (Pettit & Co.) 47 

Coates Israel B. blacksmith, 154 Harford av 
Coates James A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates John, lumber merchant and president 
Union Fire Tlisurance Co., 355 w Pratt, dw 
262 w Lombard 
COATES ROBERT E. painter, 5 n Sharp, dw 

173 Barre 
Coates Robert E. painter, 29 Lee 
Coates Thomas, grainer, 29 Lee 
Coath Mrs. Maria, 44 e Lombard 
Coath Wm. bookkeeper, 44 e Lombard 
Cobb Charles H. bookkeeper, 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Clarence F. 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Edward R. E. (Rex, Higgins & Co.) 31 

n Liberty 
Cobb George F. salesman, 359 w Fayette 
Cobb Josiah, 31 n Liberty 
Coberg B. G. druggist, 2*70 s Sharp 
Coberth Lloyd H. engineer. 169 Montgomery 
Coblens Charles, (R. H. Mauko & Co.) 560 vf 

Coblens & Keyser, (L. Coblens, II. Keyser, ) 

boots and shoes, 180 w Lexington 
Coblens Lewis, (Coblens & Keyser,) 139 Ger- 
Coblenz & Bro. (S. Coblenz, D. Coblenz, L. 

Coblenz, ) horse dealers, 3 n Paca 
Coblenz Daniel (Coblenz & Bro.) 87 Columbia 
Coblenz Samuel (Coblenz & Bro.) 141 German 
Coburn Cornelius, painter, 40 Albemarle 
Coburn E. F. variety store, n e cor Bond and 

Coburn Henry, brickl'r,n e cor Bond and Pratt 
Coburn Henry J. bricklayer, 188 e Monument 
Coburn Mrs. James, 19 n Gay 
Coburn Mrs. Susan, 129 Dolphin 
Coburn Thomas, stonemason, 58 Buren 
Cochran Andrew, sexton, 13 Jackson 
Cochran Charles, of P. 0. depart. Washing- 
ton, 165 Hanover 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Cochran Daniel, laborer, 547 Saratoga 
Cochran Dennis, shoemaker, over 23 Block 
Cochran E. J. (Cochran & Co.) 138 s 

Cochran Mrs. Emma L. 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Henry W. (Cunningham & Cochran, ) 

355 e Baltimore 
Cochran James B. corresp. clerk Custom house, 

dw over Western bank 
Cochran James E. (Cochran & Co.) 18 Holland 
Cochran James, tailor, rear 84^ Centre Market 

Cochran John, (Kaufman & Cochran,) Green- 
mount av bet Madison and Eager 
Cochran John E. (Johnson, Cochran & Co.) 

20 Holland 
Cochran John, laborer, 22 Block 
Cochran John, coremaker, Y38 \v Baltimore 
Cochran Mrs. Louisa, 132 s High 
Cochran Martin, laborer, 1 President 
Cochran Martin, laborer, 1 Griffis ct 
COCHRAN & CO. (E. J. Cochran, W. Abra- 
hams,) ice dealers, 138 s Exeter, 200 West 
Falls av and 206 w Fayette 
Cochran Patrick, grocery, 23 Bank 
Cochran Richard M. boot and shoe dealer, 547 

w Baltimore 
Cochran Mrs S. M. 258 Madison av 
Cochran Thomas A. clerk, 165 w IlofFman 
Cochran Thomas J. 165 w Hoffman 
Cochran Wm. J. moulder, 127 n Fremont 
Cockey & Co. (John G. Cockey, Wm. H. 
Cockey, George B. Cockey,) lumber com- 
mission merchants, n e cor Canton and East 

Falls avs 

5ockey & Co.) Baltimore co 
s Exeter 
Jolice, 188 George 
r(Cockey & Co.) Baltimore co 
ry, 188 George 
' inspector Custom house, dw 

Cockey C.W 
Cockey G 
Cocliey D 
Cockey J 
Cockey Jo' 
Cockey M 
Cockey I 

Cockey Richard, barkeeper, 188 George 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 32 and 34 w Pratt 
Cockey Stephen, bricklayer 211 e Madison 
Cockey Thomas B. machinist, 321 Franklin 
Cockey Washington, telegraph operator, 271 

e Pratt 
Cockey Wm. H. carpenter, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. shiijjoiiier, 240 e Lombard 
Cockey Wm. H. (Cockey & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cockey Wm. P. C. salesman, 63 n Howard 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Codd Benjamin, butcher, 547 e Fayette 
CODI) EDWARD J. & CO. (E. J. Codd, Wm. 

S. Cowpland, ) engineers and machinists, 

259 s Caroline 
Codd Edward J. (Edward J. Codd & Co.) 42 

n Broadway 
Codd Eliza A. 205 e Pratt 
Codd Mrs. Matilda, 3(i2 e Lombard 
Codd Simon, laborer, 3 e Monument 
Codd Wm. plasterer, 88 s Regester 
CodJ Wm. C. clerk, 92 s Bond 
Codet Joseph R. dancing master, 37 Stiles 
Codori John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 43 

Belair markets, dw 87 Greenmount av 
Coc Alexander B. clerk, 377 Saratoga 
Coe Ch.arles H. P. clerk, 3.39 w Lombard 
Coe Wm. salesman, 131 Hudson 
Cofran James, machinist, 150 Scott 

Coffay John, hackman, 5 Moi'ris al 

CofPay Thomas, keeper of hacks, s w cor Eager 

and Morton al 
Coffee Patrick, hackdriver, 278 Aisquith 
Coffey Ann, chambermaid Gilmor house 
Coffey John 0. shoemaker, 38 President 
Coffey Mary, seamstress, 7 Plowman 
Coffield Hugh, laborer, 6 Webster al 
Coffield John, laborer, 873 w Pratt 
Coffin Charles, mariner, 149 Greenmount av 
Coffin Capt. Charles E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffroth Edw. M. clerk, 167 w Fayette 
Coffroth Geo R. (George R. Coffroth & Co.) 

221 Madison av 
COFFROTH GEO. R. & CO. (G. R. Coffroth,) 
com. merch'ts and dealers in tobacco, cigars 
and snuff, 330 w Baltimore 
Coggins Charles, paper carrier, 146 e Monu- 
Coggins David, paper carrier, 46 Green- 
mount av 
Coggins George, carter, 46 Greenmount av 
Coggins James, officer Baltimore city jail, 46 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 84 n Bond 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 1 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Coggins Mrs. Martha A. confectionery, 146 e 

Coggins Robert, paper carrier, 89 n Bond 
Coggins Rev. Thomas, agent Association Ira- 
proving Condition Poor, 54 Greenmount av 
Coggins Wm. paper carrier, 376 e Monument 
Coghlan Edward, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Jane, dressmaker, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Richard, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Cogswell Geo. A. carpenter, 359 Franklin 
Cogswell James, hat manufacturer, 279 e 

Cohee James E. mariner, 8 Williamson al 
Cohen & Co. (H. Cohen, J. Debeer, ) dress 

trimmings, 11 n Eutaw 
Cohen G. clothing, 6 and 8 Harrison 
Cohen Eleazer, (M. Cohen & Sons,) 29 s 

Cohen Emanuel, clothier, 5 and 7 w Second 
Cohen Herman, (Cohen & Co.,) 11 n Eutaw 
Cohen Henry, 170 Chesnut 
Cohen Israel, stock broker, 7 South, dw s e 

cor Read and St. Paul 
Cohen J. & Co. (J. Cohen, N. Rogers,) cloth- 
iers, 170 Light 
Cohen Jacob L. bookkeeper, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Jacob I. attorney, 29 St. Paul, dw 115 

n Charles 
Cohen Jacob I. jr.. pres't Baltimore Fire In- 
surance Co., dw 115 n Charles 
Cohen J. (J. Cohen & Co ) 45 e Baltimore 
Cohen Dr. Joshua I. 1 1 5 n (Jharles 
Cohen Mrs. Lcojiold, 175 c Lombard 
Cohen Louis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Lewis J. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Moses, (M. Cohen & Sons,) 157 Lex- 
Cohen Moses & Sons, (M. Cohen, E. Cohen, S. 

Cohen,) dry goods, 269 w Baltimore 
Cohen Mendel 1. 115 n Charles 
Cohen S. (Joel Gutraan & Co.) 11 n Eutaw 
Cohen Samuel, peddler, 164 s Regester 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 40 n Central av 
Cohen Simon L. dry goods, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 n Gay 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Cohen Solomon, (M. Cohen & Sons,) 157 Lex- 
CohnlJenry P. (E. L. Kaufmann & Co.) 153 

Colin Henry P. dry goods, 201 s Bond d\v liJ3 

Cohu Mrs. Hannah, confectioner, 114 e Bal- 
ColiuJMoritz G.(M. G. Cohn & Co.) 76 n Calvert 
Cohn M. G. & Co. (M. G. C, Aug. Douglas,) 
com. merchants and ins. agents, over 83 Ex- 
change place 
Coils James, carter, Swan tavern 
CokerGeo. T. carpenter, 320 Mulberry 
Cokely Wm. hostler, 4 Diamond 
Colbert Aug. F. (Colbert & Sert, ) 25 n Exeter 
COLBERT & SERT, (Augustus F. Colbert, 
Henry Sert, ) com. produce and grain, 103 
McElderry's wharf 
Colbert Edward, laborer, 59 York 
Colbert Jeremiah, boilerraaker, 86 Hamburg 
Colbert James A. shipsmith, 295 e Lombard 
Colbert Lewin R. clerk, 6 South 
Colbert Capt. Levin, mariner, 329 e Baltimore 
Colbert Mrs. Sarah P. 183 Aisquith 
Colborn L. (Crombie Bro. & Colborn,) 889 w 

Colburn Dr. A. W. 1G6 s Paca 
Colburn E. W. 166 s Paca 
Colburn Dr. H. dentist, 78 n Paca 
Colburn Julia M. 293 w Fayette 
Colburn Rollinson, clerk, 78 n Paca 
Colder Edward, machinist, 175 s Central av 
Colder George, laborer, Washington road near 

City limits 
Coldwey George, mariner, 9 Fell 
Cole Abraham C. 92 n Pine 
Cole Abraham of L. overseer Baltimore county 

Cole Annie, 33 Hamilton 
Cole Ben], tavern, n e cor Fa_yette and Eden 
Cole B. F. (Cole, Price & Co.) 190 n Eutaw 
Cole Charles, carpenter, 105 s Ann 
Cole Charles F. A. bookkeeper, 245 e Pratt 
Cole Chas. B. carpenter, 150 Gough 
Cole Chas. E. police, 245 e Pratt 
Cole Cornelius U. 267 Lexington 
Cole Cornelius W. 92 Pine 
Cole David, carpenter, 87 n Poppleton 
Cole Mrs. Eliza, Lincoln 2 doors n of Cross 
Cole Mrs. Elizabeth, 286 Aisquith 
Cole Edward H. laborer, Lincoln 2 doors n of 

Cole Francis, paper hanger, 147 Gough 
Cole F. 0. clerk, 50 n Gilmor 
Cole Franklin, carpenter. Swan hotel, Franklin 
Cole F. Carter, clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole George A. carpenter, 249 e-Pratt 
Cole George B. (Pope & Cole,) 243 n Eutaw 
Cole Geo. H. pilot, Lombard 1 door e of Chester 
COLE k GILPIN, (L. H. Cole, A. G. Gilpin,) 
fruiterers and confe'^tioners, s w cor Light 
and Lombard 
Cole Geo. W. junk dealer, 12 Forrest 
Cole Henry, mariner, 221 Mullikin 
Cole llenrj' C. painter, 75 Holiins 
Cole Henry A. inspector C. H. dw 149 e Pratt 
Cole Henry, oyster dealer, 252 e Monument 
Cole Henry 0. bricklayer, 245 e Pratt 
Cole H. H. salesman, 155 w Biddle 
Cole Hiraui, wood corder, 89 e Fayette 
Cole James, restaurant, 240 s Broadway 

Cole James, bricklayer, 205 Mulberry 

Cole Jas. fireman B. & 0. R. R. 40 s Schroedcr 

Cole Rev. James J. 82 e Pratt 

Cole James, painter, 17 Henrietta 

Cole Jas. W. clerk Sun office, 89 e Fayette 

Cole Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 86^- Hanover 

Cole Jarrett, 80 s Exeter 

Cole Jesse C. watchman B.&O.R.R. 586 w Pratt 

Cole John A. newspaper corresp't, 62 n Greene 

Cole John, watchman at Penitentiary, dw 93 

Cole .John laborer, 2 Bolton al 
Cole John E. provisions, 859 w Baltimore 
Cole John H. (Howard, Cole & Co.) 178 w 

Cole John R. carpenter, 39 s Schroeder 
Cole John R. grocer and tea dealer, 50 and 52 

n Eutaw, dw 62 n Greene 
Cole John T. officer Md. Penitentiary 
Cole John H. laborer, 25 May 
Cole John, laborer, 169 n Caroline 
Cole John, carpenter, 128 n Exeter 
Cole John T. apothecary, 62 e Fayette 
Cole John C. L. clerk, 3 s Front 
Cole Joshua, tinner, 75 Holiins 
Cole Mrs. Capt. Jos. B. 7 s Ann 
Cole Joseph, carjienter, 127 Druid Hill av 
Cole Leander, clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole Leander II. clerk, 245 w Lombard 
Cole Lewis H. jirest. Baltimore Co. Dairy As- 
sociation, 1 Orchard 
Cole Lewis Hiram, (C- & Gilpin,) 86 s Paca 
(/ole Lewis M. gen'l ticket agt. B. & 0. R. R. 

Co. dw 201 w Lomliard 
Cole Lewis P. miller, Calverton Mills, near 

Cole Mrs. Mary, 71 w Biddle 
Cole Mrs. Mary Jane, 173 Stirling 
Cole Martha, 91 n Broadway 
Cole Dr. Merryman, office 86 n Exeter, dw 102 
Cole Michael, junk dealer, 12 Fow'ost 
Cole Patrick, laborer, 43 .Jew al 
Cole Philip, shipjoiner, 76 Gough 
COLE, PRICE & CO. (B. F. Cole, N. R. 

Price, ) wholesale clothiers, 220 w Baltimore 
Cole Richard, bricklayer, 64 Chew 
Cole Robert, machinist, 365 Franklin 
Cole Samuel C. tin and sheet ironworker, 166 

n Bond 
Cole Samuel H. tinner, 128 Jefferson 
Cole Selina, teacher, 127 Druid Hill av 
Cole Selah, carpenter, 128 n Exeter 
Cole Mrs. Susan R. 286 Aisquith 
Cole Stephen, meal huckster, Farmers' hotel, 

Cole Theodore, tinner, 286 Aisquith 
Cole Thos. W. machinist, Poppleton, 3 doors 

n of Pratt 
Cole Wm. H. attorney, 3 s Front 
Cole Wm. H. leather dealer, 20 Water, dw 3 

n Front 
COLE WM. H. Sr. attorney and counsellor, 1 

s Front 
Cole Wm. blacksmith, 62 Harford av 
Cole Wm. B. pile driver, 18 n Bond 
Cole Wm. H. bookkeeper, 318 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. tailor, 13 n Bond 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 285 c ]\Iadison 
Cole Wm. P. huckster, 12 Ramsay 
COLE WM. R. & Co. (Wm. R. Cole, Wm. P. 

Cole, Wm. T. Brigham,) wholesale dealers 

in hats, caps and straw goods, 30 s Sharp 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

ISTos. 32 


34 S. 






Cole Wm. R. (Wm. R. Cole & Co.) 230 n 

Cole Win. P. (Wm. R. Cole & Co.) 243 n 

Cole Wm. janitor Washington Slonument, dw 

18 n Bond 
Cole Will. II. hardware com. merchant, IT s 

Charles, dw To Cathedral 
Cole Wm. E. miller, Calverton road near 

Cole Wm. II. livery stable, s e cor Temple and 

Cole Wm. R. commissioner of immigration, 

over n e cor Baltimore and North, dw 159 w 

Cole Wm. y. sugar refiner, 30 Morton al 
Colehouse Randolph, laborer, 20T e Baltimore 
Colehousc Mrs. Susan A. 23 Ryan 
Colehouer Mrs. Mahalia, nurse, 12 Lanvale 
Colein John, carpenter, 48T w Pratt 
Colein John F. engineer, 260 Lincoln 
Colein Thos. R. clerk city passenger R. R. 485 

w Piatt 
Colein Wm. carpenter, 81 Warner 
Coleman Anthony, laborer. Hill nr Fort av 
Coleman Arthur, clerk, 60 Barre 
Coleman Alexander, stonecutter, 16 Wyeth 
Coleman Annie E. teacher, Regester, 3 doors 

s of Jefferson 
COLEMAN & BAILEY, (G. A. Coleman, E. 

Bailey.) shipchandlers, 105 and lOT Thames 
Coleman Barbara, srrocerv, 93 s Regester 
COLEMAN & CO. (M. Coleman,) grocers and 

com. merchants, s w cor Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Charles L. mariner, 55 Block 
Coleman Charles R . cashier National Mechanics' 

Bank, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Charles R. jr. coal and wood, 3 North 

dw 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Chas. R. carpenter, 224 William 
Coleman Charles R. shoemaker, ITSsSharp 
Coleman Charles, salesman, 93 s Regester 
Coleman Charles, i>ainter, 159 Hollins 
Coleman E. K. clerk, 188 Conway 
Coleman Edw. pump maker, Baltimore near 

Wolfe, dw 129 Gough 
Coleman Edward, laborer, 4T Lancaster 
Coleman Edw. B. watchman, T4 Marriott 
Coleman Ellis, cordwainer, 186 Orleans 
Coleman Eugene D. clerk, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Francis, bell hanger, 60 Walsh 
Coleman Mrs. Gcrzena, Regester betw Jefferson 

and Orleans 
Coleman George E. & Co. (G. E. Coleman,) 

bacon dealers, 106 w Lombard 
Coleman Geo. E. (Geo. E. Coleman & Co.) T3 

Coleman George A. (Coleman & Bailey,) Gil- 

mor house 
Coleman Henry C. painter, 364 Ostend 
Coleman Henry, tavern, 254 Montgomery 
Coleman Hemickle, baker, 16 Wyeth 
Coleman James, butcher, 218 Lincoln 
Coleman James T. brushmaker, 28 Dewberry al 
Coleman James H. cigarmaker, 351 e Jlonument 
Coleman James, hackman, 9 Watson ct 
Coleman Josei)h, bricklayer, 12T s Regester 
Coleman JohnS. carpenter, 24 Laurel 
Coleman John W. carpenter, 25 Smith 
Coleman John, trunkmaker, 30 e Monument 
Coleman John T. (Coleman & Taylor,) 168 n 

Coleman Lewis, machinist, 115 West 
Coleman Mary A. E. confectioner}-, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Martha, books and newspapers, 

12T s Fremont 
Coleman Morgan, (Coleman & Co.) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Noah, conl oil dealer, 9T McElderry 
Coleman & Oliver, (Thos. Coleman, Wm. Oli- 
ver, ) second hand goods, 68 s Regester 
Coleman Patrick, haruessmaker, 21 Scott 
Coleman Patrick, shoemaker, over 23 I'ank 
Coleman Richard, shipsmith, 281 e Pratt 
Coleman Richard, (Townsend & C.) 268 e Pratt 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 6T2 w Pratt 
Coleman Richard, bookkeeper, 2T6 e Lombard 
Coleman & Rogers, (J. C. Rogers,) chemists 

and druggists, 1T3 w Baltimore 
Coleman Samuel, shipsmith, T6 s Ann 
Coleman Mrs. Samuel, T6 s Ann 
Coleman Samuel G. shoemaker, 509 n Gay 
Coleman Thos. (Coleman & Oliver,) T3 s Ann 

Coleman, Samuel G. Taylor,) 
Boiler makers, West Falls avenue 
near Pratt-st. Bridge, Baltimore. 
Manufacturers of all kinds of Bath 
and Steam Boilers, Water Tanks, 
Oil Stills, Smoke Stacks, &c., &c. 
Particular attention given to Re- 

Coleman Wm. A. clerk, 13 Mercer 

Coleman Wm. W. clerk National Farmers and 

Planters' Bank, dw 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Wm. J. T3 s Ann 
Coleman Wm. H. wood dealer, T9 William 
Coleman Virginia F. 82 Mulberry 
Colfer George, wheelwright, 2 Essex 
Colfert Martin, lab'r. cor Aliceanna and Eden 
Colcstock Rev. Z. A. 146 Scott 
Colflesh Conrad, laborer, 9 s Gist 
COLFLESH GEORGE B. coachmaker, 101 

German, dw364w Fayette 
Colford Patrick, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Colgan John, brass finisher, 115 n Calvert 
Colgan Peter, laborer, 16T L. Greene 
Colhafer Adam, boilerrnaker, 35 Goodman al 
Colhouer Alexander M. blacksmith, 35 s Re- 
Colhouer Frederick, laborer, 650 w Pratt 
Colhouer Sarah, nurse, 35 s Republican 
Colison Mrs. Sarah A. fancy goods, n e cor 

Lombard and Ann 
Colison Thos. W. house carpenter, 34 s Ann 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 148 Saratoga 
Colladay Chas. R. provision, produce and butr 

ter dealer, s e cor Fayette and Republican 
Colladay Joseph S. n e cor Fayette and 

College Frederick, wheelwright, 23 Armis- 

tead al 
Collen Mrs. Catherine, 14 L McElderry 
Colleu James, hackman, 14 L. McKlderry 
Colleuberg Tlieodore, shoemaker, 13T s Broad- 
way, dw 44 s Bond 
Collett Francis, 44 e Lombard 
Collett George W. huckster, 3T Albemarle 
Collett Wm. A. carpenter, 40 Front n of 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Colley Amos V. carpenter, 324 Hollins 
Colley Alfred, farpcnter, Chapjiell nrPennaav 
Colley Mrs. Jane, Chappell nr Pcnna av 
Colley John W. carpenter and builder, rear 
324 Ilollins, dw n w cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Mrs. Sarah A. seamstre,ss, 109 Grundy 
Collier Ann, tailoress, 11 Sterrett 
Collier Ann M. tailoress, 93 Boyd 
Collier Andrew, gas fitter, 13 Warner 
Collier Chas. E. gas meter inspector, 94 Mul- 
Collier Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 84 Park 
Collier Donald R. (C. & Riordon, ) 211 Light 
Collier Henry, gas fitter, 153 Conway 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier Jos. mariner, rear 144 Hughes 
Collier John, mariner, 230 Eastern av 
Collier <fc Riordon, (I). R. Collier, T. Rior- 
don,) liquors, 217 Light 
Collier Walter, painter, 39 York 
Collier Wm. H. moulder, 93 Boyd 
Collier Wm. James, blacksmith, 23 s High 
Collings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 
Belair markets, dw Point la near Greenm't 
Collins Ann, 68 Harford av 
Collins .Alexander, barkeeper, 20 s Bond 
Collins Benj. confectionery, 101 n Fremont 
Collins Bridget, 18 Barnes 
Collins Chas. H. puddler, 139 Hudson 
Collins & Co. (J. E. & C. H. Collins,) flour, 

gram and produce, 12 Thames 
Collins Chas. H. (Collins & Co.) 02 s Exeter 
Collins Charles S. (Collins & Heath,) 385 w 

Collins Dennis, laborer, 127 Elliott 
Collins Mrs. Emma, tailoress. 67 Henrietta 
Collins Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 88 e Pratt 
Collins Eugene, clerk, 70 s Sharp 
Collins Elizai)eth, tailoress, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Mrs. Eliza, 170 s Paca 
Collins Mrs Eveline, 62 s E.xeter 
Collins Eugene, clerk, 279 w Baltimore 
Collins Francis, carter, Charles bet Brown and 

Collins Frank, clerk, 27 Pleasant 
Collins Francis, brickmaker, 115 West 
Collins Frank, carter, 393 s Charles 
Collins Geo. A. clerk, 2! 2 Hanover 
Collins George R huckster, 180 Goueh 
Collins Dr. Geo. T. office 42 Richmond, dw46 
Collins Geo. T. D. puddler, 133 Hudson 
Collins George, watchman Custom house, dw 

Chester near Lombard 
Collins Geo W. shipsmith, 24 s Chester 
Collins Geo. W. wagoner. 156 n Spring 
Collins Geo. W. huckster, 169 w Hoffman 
Collins Geo. H. painter, 311 Eastern av 
Collins Henry, laborer, 156 Barre 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 490 Light 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 277 Druid Hill av 
Collins Henry, sr. brickmaker, 490 Light 
Collins Henrv, laborer, 28 Fort av 
Collins & Heath, (C. S. Collins, E. S. Heath,) 

furnace manuf 22 Light 
Collins Hugh J. furniture and mattresses, 83 

Collins Rev. Isaac, 480 Lexington 
Collins Isaac, cari)enter, 14 Telegraph 
Collins James, tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins James W. tavern, 18 President 
Collins James, laborer, 83 Preston 

Collins James W. boatman, 126 Hampstead e 

of Broadway 
Collins John, clerk, 68 Harford av 
Collins James E. (Collins & Co.) 02 s Exeter 
Collins Jeremiah, porter, 2 Smith 
Collins John W. furniture, 99 Harrison 
Collins J. W. clerk, 94 Saratoga 
Collins John W. clei'k, 17 s Howard 
Collins John, laborer, 87 Druid Hill av 
Collins John H. tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins John, 1 19 Harford av 
Collins John M. drover, 696 w Pratt 
Collins John, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Collins John 0. clerk, 13 Townsend 
Collins John, 98 Harford av 
Collins John, laborer, 18 Barnes 
Collins John, laborer, 13 Mosher 
Collins John W. furniture, 16 s High 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 11 Abbott 
Collins Joseph S. 28 w Baltimore 
Collins Joseph, brickmaker, 490 Light 
Collins Joseph T. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 170 s 

Collins Levi, cooper, 49 L. Montgomery 
Collins Mrs. Martha, 170 s Paca 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 180 Gough 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 253 w Lombard 
Collins Michael, machinist, 140 s Paca 
Collins Michael, mariner, 120 e Madison 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 20 President 
Collins Patrick, grocer, 53 President 
Collins Patrick, jr., laborer, LefFerman's ct 
Collins P. J. clerk, 18 Mosher 
Collins Patrick, jr., laborer, 20 President 
Collins Peter, laborer, 63 Chesnut 
Collins Peter, furniture, 49 Harrison 
Collins Phillip J., puddler. 57 Aliceanna 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 307 Mulberry 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, 14 Jackson 
Collins Reuben H. engineer, 170 s Paca 
Collins Sarah A 50 n Charles 
Collins Samuel, laborer, 85 Penna. av 
COLLINS DR. STEPHEN, 36 n Calvert 
Collins Thomas E. B. clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Collins Wm A. mariner, 73 Cross 
Collins Wm. E. puddler, 129 Chesapeake 
Collins Wm. H. engineer, 170 s Paca 
Collins Wm. porter, Madison betw Buren and 

Collins Wm. laborer, 183 Vine 
Collins Wm. H. brickmaker, 278 Johnson 
Collins Wm. head miller Calverton mills, near 

Collins Wm. Y. veter. surgeon, 49 Chatsworth 
COLLINS WM. H. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 

36 n Calvert 
Collins Wm. E. (Mullen & C.) 411 Saratoga 
Collins Wm. H. clerk, 7 Fall 
Collinson J. C. paints, &c. 240 Lexington 
Collison David, 289 s Durham 
Collison George W. clerk, 180 s Paca 
Collison Jas. R. lamplighter, 200 n Broadway 
Collison Charles W. mariner, 21 May 
Collison Mary, 121s Regester 
Collison Edward, well digger, 141 Stirling 
Collison Edward, blacksmith, 141 Stirling 
Collison Wm. shipcarpenter, 54 Warren 
Collison Wm. tailor, 180 s Paca 
Collison Wm. W. clerk, 180 s Paca 
Collmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
Collopy John, drayman, 519 w Baltimore 

THE GKOVKR & BAKER SEWIIVG MA( HI!VE is tlie best for all pui-poses— SALES 
ROOMS— ISl Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BKESEE,. General Agent, 21 Soutli-st. 




Collopy Wm. laborer, 7 n Amity 

Colmary Capt. Abraham L. mariner 212 w 

Colmary Nathan A. clerk. 311 Hollins 
Colonna B. A. clerk, 40 Spring row 
Colson Thomas, carpenter, 359 Washington av 
Colston, Archer k Co. (F. M. Colston, R. H. 

Archer, Wni. H. Archer,) bankers and bro- 
kers, 178 J \v Baltimore 
Colslon Elizabeth, teacher, cor Franklin and 

Colston F. M. (Colston, Archer & Co.) 102 

Colston Joseph H. cigarmaker, 446 Walsh 
Colston .Mrs. Sarah, 80 York 
Colston Oliver, 179 Franklin 
Colt George, bricklayer, 78 Beason 
Coltart John A . patternmaker, over G6 s Oregon 
COLTON & BAETJER, (John Colton, J. 

George Baetjer, ) hosiery manufacturers, 140 

Colton Dental Association, 168 w Baltimore 
Colton Edward C. hosiery and notions, 144 n 

Colton Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 n Gay 
Colton Frederick, e.xpressman, 100 Hillen 
Colton George, general agent, 19 South, d\v 

16 n Strieker 
Colton nonr3' H. stocking weaver, 10 Ensor 
Colton John, (Colton & Baetjer,) 235 w Pratt 
Colton Joseph S. errocerv, 33 York 
COLTdN WILLIAM k CO., (Wm. Colton, 

J. N. Foster,) property agents over 28 

Colton William, piano warerooms, over 6G 

Colton Wm. (Wm. Colton & Co.) 23 n Paca 
Col vert C C. clerk, 40 s Eutaw 
Colvin Institute for Girls, 39^ Courtland 
COLVIN RICHARD, 77 e Baltimore 
Colwell John, caulker, 234 William 
Cohvell James, baker, 29 Biddleal 
Colwell Mrs. Mary, grocers, 29 Biddleal 
Colwell William, boilermaker, 162 William 
Colwell Jane, 235 w Pratt 
Comb John, painter, 238 e Lombard 
Comber Bernard, boilermaker, 107 Elliott 
Comber Mrs. Sarah, huckstress, 224 Barre 
Comdwis Ernest, boxmaker, 45 German 
Comeg3's Benjamin, insurance agent, over 49 

Exchange place, dw 14 n Calhoun 
COMEGYS, BRADY & CO., (H. C. C, Jas. 

W. Brady,) wholesale grocers, 63 w Pratt 
COMEGYS & HANDY, (S. Comegys, G. D. 

S. Handy, grain and produce com. merchants, 

over 70 South 
COMEGYS HENRY F. ^- CO. (H. F. Come- 
gys, ) railroad supplies, 4 Light St. Wharf 
Comegys Henry C. (Comegys Brady ^- Co.,) 

110 n Greene 
Comegys Henry F.( Henry F. Comegys ^- Co.) 

198 Saratoga 
Comegys Jesse, je\velry and fancy goods, 500 

w Baltimore 
Comegys John W. painter, 236 n Bond 
Comegys Samuel, (C. & Handy, ) 140 Lexing- 
Comegys Thomas, contractor, 304 n Howard 
Comegys William, machinist, 101 sPaca 
Comens Patrick, laborer, 3 u Amity 
Comman Patrick, harness maker, 21 Scott 
Commercial Building, cor Gay and Lombard 


BANK, s w cor Howard and German 
Commers Jacob, laljorer 3>i6 Penna. av 
u e cor of Fayette and Holliday — [See Ap- 
Commissioner of Immigration, over n e cor 
Baltimore and North, Wm. R. Cole. Com'r. 

City Hall, — [See Appendix.'] 
Commons Francis, grocery, 50 Davis 
Compton Jehu, machinist 13 McIIenry 
Compton John A. bookkeeper, Merchants 

National Bank, dw Baltimore county 
Compton Lemuel B. machinist, 22 s Fremont 
uel Maccubbin, comptroller 
Conaly James, laborer, 145 Albermarie 
Conant Samuel W. clock maker, 404 e Monu- 
Conant Samuel W. jr., shoemaker, 12 Orleans 
Conary John, laborer, 356 s Charles 
Conaton William, laborer, 10 French 
Conaway Anthony, carpenter, 133 Lincoln 
Conaway Charles, blacksmith, 184 Ramsay 
Conaway Charles, painter, 149 n Bond 
Conaway Alfred, paper carrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conaway Francis A. ship joiner, 218 e Pratt 
Conaway James R. shoemaker, 218 e Pratt 
Conaway James .M. sailmaker, 218 e Pratt 
Conaway William, fisherman, 133 Lincoln 
Conaway William, plumber, 221 Mulberry 
Conaway John, fisherman, 133 Lincoln 
Conaway John M. L. laborer, Fulton btw Do- 
ver and McHenry 
Conaway Mrs. Jane, 55 Lancaster 
Conaway Joseph, fireman, 324 s Charles 
Conaway Michael, barkeeper, 369 e Eager 
Conaway Solomon, police, 845 w Pratt 
Concordia Opera House, 8, 10 and 12 s Eutaw 
Concannon Edward, laborer, 196 Concord 
Concannon William, drayman, 8 Fall 
Condell -Mrs. Susan, rear of 69 s Spring 
Condon Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 27 s How- 
Condon James, cabinet maker, 18 Ensor 
Condon Edward, cabinet maker, 198 Chesnut 
Condon Mrs. Mary, 253 Madison av 
Condon Wm. H. silver plater, 198 Chesnut 
Coney William, carpenter, Franklin Inn 
Congregational (First) Church, Eutaw btw 

Hoffman and Dolphin 
Congers Edward, miller, Eager two doors of 

CONINE WM. G. office s w cor 'Fayette and 

Frederick, dw b w cor Charles and Eager 
Conklin I. B. (S. B. Sexton, 4- Co.,) 20 Penn 
Conklin Josiah, 2 Penn 
Conklin Julius, driver, 244 n Caroline 
Conklin Capt. Michael, mariner, 111 William 
Conkling Wm. H., jr., bookkeeper, 263 Madi- 
son av 
Conkling William, blacksmith, 890 w Baltimore 
Conkling Capt. Wm. H. 263 Madison av 
Conlan Mrs. Margaret, cor Cbappell and Lib- 
erty road 
Conley Andrew, moulder, 548 w Baltimore 
Conley James A. currier, 17 u Front 
Conley James, tinn*r, 7 Parkin 
Conley James, plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conley John, laborer, 42 s Dewberry al 
Conley John, laborer, 318 Mulberry 

THK GROV'ER & B.VKER .SEWI.VG MACIU\K 1« tlic for oU purposes— SALKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Conle}' Lawrence, laborer, 228 e Lombard 
Conley Micliael, laborer, 139 s Chester 
Conlcy Oliver, blacksmith, 4 French la 
Conley Patrick, laborer, 1 Bolton al 
Conley Peter, sexton St. Peter's Catholic 

church, 4 s Poppleton 
Conley Thomas, clerk, 11 n Amity 
Conley Thomas, chandler, 18 n Front 
Conliii Mary, grocery, 12 Foundry 
Conlon Andrew J. printer, 438 w Baltimore 
Conn John, tanner, 131 n Howard 
Conn Mary A. variety store, 88 n Poppleton 
Conn Silas W. restaurant, s w cor Howard 

and Mulberry 
Conn Wm. grocer, 101 Franklin 
Connary Jlrs. Mary, 65 n High 
Connary Thomas, 65 n High 
Connaughton James, drayman, 8 Fall 
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., A. H. 
Dillon, gen. agent, office 58 Exchange place 
Connell Francis A. bookkeeper, 27 Pleasant 
Connell John, shoemaker, 13 Ensor 
Connell Michael, laborer, 364 s Charles 
Connell Patrick, laborer, Donnelly's ct 
Connellee Elizabeth, boarding, 54 s Sharp 
Connellee Thornton ("Wilson, Duker & Co.) 

Ill sHigh 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 159 e Pratt 
Connelly Ann, 9 Fish Market sp 
Connelly Christy, laborer, 51 e .Monument 
Connelly Dennis, tavern, 32 s Paca 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 412 West 
Connelly Eliza, 159 Bank 
Connelly Francis, laborer, 142 Lancaster 
Connelly Jaines, 18 Front, n of Foundry 
Connelly James, carter, 3 McElderry 
Connelly John, laborer, 53 King 
Connelly John, laborer, 356 s Charles' 
Connelly John, laborer, cor Norlhern av and 

Connelly John, boilermaker, 3 Cambridge 
Connelly John, laborer, 73 s Spring 
Connelly Martin, shoemaker, 127 n Bond 
Connelly Michael, turner, 245 Columbia 
Connelly Michael, tavern, cor Fulton and 

Frederick av 
CONNELLY PATRICK, coppersmith, 45 Hol- 

Connelly Patrick, laborer, 138 Vine 
Connelly Patrick, mariner, 147 s Chester 
Connelly Mrs. Rosa, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Wm. tinner, 84 Holliday 
Connelly Wm. J. shipjoiner, 159 Bank 
Connelly Wm. porter, 4 Fall 
Conner Barnet, lumber wag'r, 24 Welcome al 
Conner Cecilia, grocery, 9 w Lombard 
Conner Charles, laborer, 17 Stockton al 
(Jonner Daniel, stevedore, 133 s Chapel 
Conner Mrs. Elizabeth, jewelry, 46 w Balti- 
Conner Eugene, laborer, 121 s Castle 
Conner Francis, laborer, 135 Chesapeake 
Conner Frederick, tailor, 101 Cambridge 
Conner Henry, drover, McHenry, w of Fulton 
Conner James, laborer, Frederick betw Lom- 
bard and Pratt 
Conner James, laborer, 6 Swan 
Conner James F. laborer, 173 s Durham 
Conner James W. teacher, 295 n Howard 
Conner James Z. clerk, 296 e Madison 
Conner James, tinner, 28 Ryan 
Conner James E. clerk, 80 Druid Hill av 

Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner John, engineer, 6 Front, n of Foundry 
Conjier John, laborer, 250 Cross 
Conner Joshua, carpenter, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Dr. J. A. 271 e Baltimore 
Conner John, laborer, 404 av Lombard 
Conner John, laborer, 3 Grace ct 
Conner Michael, laborer, 12 n Oregon 
Conner .Matthew, (Dignan ^- Co.,) 146 Cathe- 
Conner Matthew, laborer, 15 Armistead la 
Conner Martin, laborer, s w cor Aisquith and 

Conner Mrs. Mary Ann, 144 Henrietta 
Conner Mrs. Mary, 163 Bank 
Conner Mary 188 Preston 
Conner Mrs. Marinda, bleaching and pressing, 

558 Lexington 
Conner Michael, clerk, 3 w Lombard 
Conner Michael J. bailiff court Common Pleas, 

26 s Caroline 
Conner Patrick, Laborer, 9 McLeary ct 
Conner Patrick, 99 Elliott 
Conner Richard J. K. bricklayer 172 George 
Conner Samuel H. brakesman, 137 n Fremont 
Conner Thomas J. police, 22 Block 
Conner Thomas, painter, 271 e Monument 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 124 Vine 
Conner Thomas W. flour and feed, 7S Penna. 

av, dw 80 Druid Hill av 
Conner Thomas, laborer. Fort av near Lead- 

Conner Wm. harness maker, 82 n Poppleton 
Conner William W. carpenter, 553 Lexington 
Conners Daniel, wagoner, 29 s Frederick 
Couners George, laborer, 24 n Poppleton 
Conners John shotmaker, 6 Spruce al 
Conners John shoemaker, 166 s Central av 
Conners Patrick, laborer, 206 Chesnut 
Conners Patrick, laborer, 176 L Constitution 
Connery Patrick, laborer, 178 Greenraount av 
Connery Patrick, jr., laborer, 178 Greenmount 

Connolly Ann, variety store, 228 Mulberry 
Connolly Ann, tavern, 9 Fish Market space 
Connolly Catherine, grocer^'. 11 Townsend 
Connolly Dominic, paper hanger, 19 Ring- 
gold al 
Connolly Charles, laborer 9 Fish Market space 
Connolly Edward, hat and fur dealer, 305 w 

Baltimore dw 136 Garden 
Connolly Edward, (Randall ^- Connolly,) 136 

Connollj' Harry, laborer, 3 Griffiss ct 
Connolly Hugh, hostler, 11 Townsend 
Connolly Isaac, fireman, 16 Ramsay 
Connolly James, gardener, 434 n Gay 
Connolly James, rigger, 88 s High 
Connolly James, laborer, 215 Cross 
Connolly James, moulder, 190 n Exeter 
Connolly John, porter, 42 Dewberry al 
Connolly John, laborer, 14 Armistead al 
Connolly John, laborer, cor Aliceanna and 

Connolly John, liaborer, 142 n Holliday 
Connolly John, plumber, 260 n Eutaw 
Connolly John, grocery, 88 Stirling 
CONNOLLY JOHN B. marble dealer, n w cor 

Monument and Constitution 
Connolly John T. paper hanger, 239 s Paca 
Connolly Mrs. Mary, grocery, 51 Front, n of 


J. HENEY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &e. 

Nos. 32 









Connolly Mary, 228 Jlulbeny 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 43 York 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 37 York 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 139 Chester 
Connolly Michael, turner, 245 Columbia 
Connolly Matthew, laborer, 13G Garden 
Connolly Patrick, tailor, 482 n Gay 
Connolly Patrick, laborer 22 St Mary 
Connolly Patrick, saloon, 32 w Lombard 
C'onnolly Sarah, confectionery, 22 s Fremont 
Coor.olly Thomas, florist, 15(3 e Eager 
Connolly Thomas, laborer, 122 Chesapeake ' 
Connolly Timothy, hx:ckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. hackmau, 201 s Castle 
Connolly 'William, laborer, 4 Fall's road 
Connolly William A. pattern maker, 177 n Ex- 
Connolly William T. painter, 245 Columbia 
Connon Bernard, foi'eman chemical works, 22 

Connon Capt. Richard II. mariner, 146 Cross 
Connor Alexander, blacksmith, 1 79 Franklin 
Connor John G. porter, s e cor llolliday and 

Connor John, laborer, 19 e Madison 
Connor Dr. John, 60 e Baltimore 
Connor John, laborer, 404 \v Lombard 
Connor M. D. carpenter, 14^ Lloyd 
Connor Morris, moulder, 504 w Pratt 
Connor Nicholius. fisherman, 306 West 
Connor Wm. waiter, Barnum's hotel 
Connor Wm. furniture, 39 Harrison 
Connors James, laborer, 1 86 s Regcster 
Connory John, blacksmith, 510 Lexington 
Conoles Mrs. Elizabeth, huckstrcss, 148 Ensor 
Conor Hugh 0. shoemaker, 153 Chesapeake 
Conoway Francis A. police, 218 e Pratt 
Conoway George, fish dealer, 33 Shakspeare 
Conoway George, laborer, 88 Dolphin 
Conowaj' James, ship carpenter, 72 Johnson 
Conoway Solomon, 845 w Pratt 
Conoway Wallace, laborer, 845 w Pratt 
Conoway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 112 s Eden 
Conrad August, tailor, 105 s Regester 
Conrad Antone, factors-man, 72 Lincoln 
Conrad Charles F. shoemaker, 236 Hanover 
Conrad Mrs. Dorothea, 269 n Hughes 
Conrad France, laborer. 26 Barnes 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith, 459 n Gay 
Conrad Henry, cabinetmaker, 168 n Spring 
Conrad J. M. M. clerk, 40 Lexington 
Conrad John F. confectioner. 253 Franklin 
Conrad John, laborer, 191 s (^'hapel 
Conrad Julius, hair drc.^.ser, 3 s Frederick, dw 

55^ e Lombard 
CONRAD JULIUS, conveyancer, 20 a Calvert 

dw 55j e Lombard 
Conrad Louis F. cooper, 269 Hughes 
Conrad Patience, 232 Penna. av 
Conrad Philip, 37 n Spring 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, loBHill 
Conrad Solomon, cooper, 67 s Fremont 
Conrad Susan M. teacher, 84 Druid Hill av 
Conrad T. N. & Co. (T. N. C, Wm. Simms, 

J. J. Tyson. )commis. merchants, 64 s Gay 
Conrad Tovvn.send N. (T. N. Conrad & Co.) 

46 s High 
Courades August, shoemaker, 403 Saratoga 
Conradt Christian, upholsterer and window 

shade manufac. over 1 n Gay, dw 38 a Sharp 

Conradt Geo. F. (Walsh & Conradt.) 38 s 

Conradt Wm. wagoner, 69 Eastern av 
Conroy Andrew, laborer, 137 s Chester 
Conroy Bernard, porter, 138 Preston 
Conroy James, phonographer, 92 s Sharp 
Conroy James, baker, 108 e Pratt 
Conro}- John D. plumber, 7 n Eutaw 
Conroy John, porter, 2S n Spring 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy Michael, laborer, 90 Albemarle 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, cor. Leadenhal! and 

Conroy Thomas, huckster, 9 Jasper 
Conry D. laborer, Cathedral, near Northern av 
Conry Jane, dressmaker, 6 Barnet 
Conrj' Michael, moulder, 130 Eden 
I Conry Stephen, laborer, 106 L. York 
Conser Rev. Solomon L. M. 86 w Hoffman 
Considine Mrs. Bridget, huckstress, rear of 58 

n Eutaw 
Considine Catherine, huckstress, rear of 53 n 

Considine Thomas, laborer, 35 Booth 
Considine Patrick, hostler, rear of 58 n Eutaw 
Consolidated Coal Co. whf.. Locust Point, 

office Maryland building, Second, cor Fore- 
Constable Major A. G. A. 54 Hillen 
Constable Heury, cardriver, 5 Boston Aaron, 4 s Bond 
Constance & Dietz, (T.Constance J. Dietz, ) 

plumbers, 58 n Gay 
Constance George, shoemaker, 6 s Paca, dw 

145 Stirling 
Constance Harman, tailor, 40 Chew 
Constance Maggie, gaiter fitter, 211 n Bond 
Constance Joseph, tailor, 1 Anthony 
Constance Mrs. Teresa, 1 Anthony ' 
Constance Theodore, (Constance & Deitz, ) 198 

e Madison 
Constantine Daniel, ship carpenter. 95 s Wash- 
Constantine Thomos, laborer, 33 Booth 
Consumers' Union Coal Co. 10 South, yard 30 

w Biddle 
Continental Life Insurance Co., Cyrus Childs, 

manager, basement Maryland building, oi>- 

posite P. 0. 
Convent de Notre Dame, s e cor Eager and 

Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters 

of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Converse Mrs. Emily, 243 n Eutaw 
Converse John H. 225 n Eutaw 
Convery John R. sign painter, 526 w Fayette 
Conway Mrs. Ann M. 25 Fawn 
Conway CM. salesman, 153 w Lombard 
Conway Charles H. carpenter, 493 Franklin 
Conway Elizabeth, grocery, 53 n Eden 
Conway P>ancis F. machinist, 80 s Carey 
Conway James, (Milliken & Conway,) 18 3 

Conway James, barkeeper, 30 Ensor 
Conwaj- James J. tinner, 53 n Eden 
Conway Jane R. 56 s E.\eter 
Conway John H. & Bro. (J. H. Conway, Pat'k 

Conway, ) groceries and teas, n e cor Ensor 

and Chesnut 
Conway John R. & Son, (J. R, Conway, R. H. 

Conway, ) wholesale grocers and commission 

merch'ts, 31 Cheapside 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

DR. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Conway John R. (J. R. Conway & Son,) 154 

St. Paul 
Conway John H. (J. H. Conway & Bro.) lOT 

e Fayette 
Conway John N. moulder, 241 Ilollins 
Conway John, laborer, Fulton betw Dover and 

Conway Mrs. Mary, confcct'r, 134 Hollins 
Conway Michael, barkeeper Three Tuns hotel 
Conway Owen, laborer, 12;' Chesapeake 
Conway P. V. D. clerk, 413 w Lombard 
Conway Patrick, laborer. 111 Harford av 
Conway Patrick, (John II. Conway & Bro.) n 

e cor Chesnut and Ensor 
Conway Patrick, stonemason, 322 w Lombard 
Conway Patrick, tavern. 1 Centre Market sp 
Conway Patrick, laborer, n e cor Ostend and 

Conway Peter, bookkeeper, 413 w Lombard 
Conway Richard II. (J. R. Conway & Son,) 93 

St. Paul 
Conway Robert T. J. carpenter, McElderry 

betw Bethel and Broadway 
Conway Robert J. carpenter, McElderry betw 

Bethel and Broadway 
Conway & Sullivan, (Wm. Conway, Daniel 

Sullivan,) plumbers, 3 s Gr<?ene 
Conway Wm. (Conway & Sullivan,) 221 Mul- 
Conway Wm. tender builder, 241 Hollins 
Conycrs Walter W. mariner, 327 s Bond 
Coogan James, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Coogan Mrs. Margaret, groc'y, 90 s Poppleton 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 90 s Poppleton 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Cook Addison S. 22 Warner 
Cook Ale.x. G. A. shoemaker, 188 Orleans 
Cook Anthony, florist. Mulberry opp. Oregon 
Cook Ben]. F. shoemaker, 803 w Baltimore 
COOK BENJAMIN M. boot and shoe dealer, 

803 w Baltimore 
Cook C. E. 51 n Carey 

Cook Charles, porter B. & 0. R. R., 22 Warner 
Cook Charles H. varnisher, 70 Ridgely 
Cook Charles, tobacconist, n w cor Lombard 

and Wolfe 
Cook (yhristian, grocery, 278 Light 
Cook Cornelius, carpenter, 37 Penna av 
Cook Daniel, cabinetmaker, ]24Eisleia 
Cook Daniel, cedar cooper, 124 Eislein 
Cook David, paper carrier, 417 e Fayette 
Cook Edward, shoemaker, 420 w Fayette 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, 93 Garden 
Cook Elizabeth, seamstress, 230 Harford av 
Cook E. A. clerk, Franklin house 
Cook Elizabeth, grocery, 221 Aliceanna 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth II'. 528 Lexington 
Cook Mrs. Emily J. 162 e Monument 
Cook & Farson, (J. K. Cook, J. S. Farson,) 

block and pump makers, 17 Philpot 
Cook Francis, laborer, 26 Callendar al 
Cook Francis, shoemaker, 8 Shakspear 
Cook Francis, laborer, 324 Mulberry 
Cook Frederick, jr., butcher, 244 Montgomery 
Cook Frederick, sr., butcher, 68 Centre, 45 

Lexington and 26 Hanover markets, dw 244 

Cook Frederick, butcher, 534 Saratoga 
Cook Frederick, cooper, 208 Montgomery 
Cook Frederick, pianomaker, 454 w Pratt 
Cook George, wheelwright and blacksmith, cor 

Scott and Columbia, dw 198 Scott 

Cook George, rags, 04 s Durham 
Cook George, cigarpacker, 64 n Eden 
Cook George L. carpenter, 344 Mulberry 
Cook George, clerk, 11 s Republican 
Cook Geo. F. tobacconist, 118^ w Fayette, dw 

34 s E.xeter 
Cook Gilbert C, U.S. Assessor's office, dw 126 

n Exeter 
Cook Ilembly, tailor, 90 s Bethel 
Cook Sf Herring, (Robt. Cook, Geo. W. Her- 
ring, ) china, glass and queensware, 7 s 
Cook Henry A. police, 258 e Madison 
Cook Ilenrv, huckster, 169 s Regester 
COOK HENRY F. bookseller and stationer, 

76 w Baltimore 
Cook Henrj', tailor, 182 e Lombard 
Cook Henry, butcher, Calverton road, near 

Cook Henry W. 16 Ilollins 
Cook Henry, cutler, 103 n Calvert 
COOK ISAAC P., Register of Wills, Record 

office, dw 76 w Baltimore 
Cook James, carpenter, 532 w Baltimore 
Cook James E. butcher, 244 Montgomery 
Cook James H. clerk to street commiss. 126 

n Exeter 
Cook James II. (Cook & Spedden,) 42 Warren 
Cook John A. clerk, 34 n Front 
Cook John D. & Co. (John D. Cook, J. U. 
Durst. ) cotton wadding and batting factory, 
14 A bey al 
Cook John D. (John D. Cook & Co.) 244 Mont- 
Cook Joiin D. butcher, 244 Montgomery 
Cook John, shoemaker, 121 n Spring 
Cook John T. carpenter, 3 s Republican 
Cook J. Glenn, bookkeeper, 51 u Carey 
Cook John, huckster, 33 n Amity 
Cook John, laborer. Chapel, betw. Baltimore 

and Lombard 
Cook John, laborer. 186 s Bethel 
Cook John K. (Cook & Farson,) 23 Gough 
Cook John, laborer, 221 Lincoln 
Cook John F. machinist, 10 n Schroeder 
Cook John F. detective, 254 e Fa3-ette 
Cook John, laborer, 197 Preston 
Cook John, papercarrier, 374 e Monument 
Cook John J. police, 456 Saratoga 
Cook John H. engineer, 87 Mound 
Cook John II. undertaker, 707 w Baltimore 
Cook Joseph B. cabinetmaker, 707 w Balti- 
more, dw 133 Hollins 
Cook Joseph, shoemaker, Carroll's fields, near 

Washington road 
Cook J. M. & Co. (J. M. Cook, ) wholesale gro- 
cers and commis. merchants, 15 Commerce 
Cook Joseph M. (J. M.Cook & Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Joel, carpenter, 220 Columbia 
Cook Lawrence, laborer, 26 Towson 
Cook Lewis, laborer, 31 Brown 
Cook Lewis, cooper, 31 Brown 
Cook Lewis J. fanmaker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Louis, dairy, 69 Pine 
Cook Mrs. Margaret, music teacher, 60 s 

Cook Margaret J. dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Cook Mrs. Martha E. boarding house, 500 w 

Cook Martin, huckster, 32 n Scbroeder 
Cook Mrs. Mary, 276 n Howard 
Cook Mrs. Mary A. huckstress, 144 n Eden 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




Cook Michael, laborer, 298 Johnsoa 

Cook Dr. 0. A. 103 Hanover 

Cook Porter, contractor Md. Penitentiary, 99 

n. Exeter 
Cook Robert, laborer, 184 WiHiam 
Cook Robert McK. produce, 114 s Exeter 
Cook Robert A. clerk register of wills office, 

62 s High 
Cook Robt. (Cook & Herrinp:, ) 60 McCulloh 
Cook Robert, (John W. Harris & Co.) 114 s 

Cook Samuel C. shoemaker, 11 Perry 
Cook Samuel G. B. (Barry & Cook,) 51 n 

Cook Savillian F. baker, 4 e Baltimore 
Cook Silas, mariner, 159 e Lombard 
COOK & SPEDDEN, (J. H. Cook, W. H. 

Spedden,) grocers and com. merchants, 165 

Light st wharf 
Cook Stephen D. laborer, Vo Albemarle 
Cook Sylvester, grocery, 177 e Eager 
Cook Theodore F. clerk, 16 Hollins 
Cook Thomas R. sailor, 365 s Sharp 
Cook Thomas A. clerk, 60 McCulloh 
Cook Thomas, shoemaker, 37 s Bond 
Cook Thomas J. pilot, 274 e Lombard 
Cook Thomas, (Little & Cook,) 331 n Caroline 
Cook Warren E. stationery, 57 n Eutaw, dw 

46 George 
Cook Win. H. boilermaker, 90 Henrietta 
Cook Wm. W.L. 16 Hollins 
Cook Wm. grocer, s e cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. Geo. stonecutter, 100 Fremont 
Cook Wm. laborer, 205 Canton av 
Cook Wm. potter, 47 s Oregon 
Cook Wm. 325 Penna av 
Cook Wm. S. bUcksmith, 344 e Eager 
Cook Wm. L clerk, 5 Columbia 
Cook Wm. S. coachsmith, 68 n Gav 
Cook Wm. H. brakesman B. & 0. R. R., 3 s 

Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook Wm. H. machinist, 10 n Schroeder 
Cook Wm. H. tinner, 90 Pearl 
Cook Wm. wagoner, 107 Eastern av 
Cook Wm. laborer, 27 Port 
Cooke Geo. W. cotton manufr, 151 Garden 
Cooke George (William Cooke & Sons,,) 52 

Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 

COOKE HENRY W., Real Estate 
Broker, 9 Law Buildings, oppo- 
site Record Office, St. Paul, dw. 
238 n Eutaw 

COOKE JOHN, cotton wadding and lap man- 
ufactory, 148 Garden, dw 151 opposite 

Cooke John T. coach painter, 151 Garden 

Cooke Joseph, clerk, 151 Garden 

Cooke Dr. Theodore, n wcor Hanover & Lee, 
dw 128 s Sharp 

Cooke Wm. & Sons, (Geo. Cooke,) tobacco 
and grain commission merchants, 82 Light 
street wharf 

Cooke W. E. cabinet photographs and albums, 
57 n Eutaw, dw 57 

Cooke Wm. F. grocery and produce dealer, 20 
and 22 Penna av., dw 55 George 

Cooke Wm. H. stone cutter, 3 L. Constitution 

Oooksey John R. ship carpenter, 310 Aliceanna 
Cooksey Mrs. Mary G., 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Thomas H. machinist, 3 Cambridge 
Coolahan Edward, grocery, 20 Tyson al 
Coolahan John T. shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
Coolahan Malachy, shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
Cooley Edward, huckster, 88 n Eden 
Cooley Wm. laborer, Chappell near Penna av 
Coombes R. J. printer, 231 w Pratt 
Coon Louis C. tobacconist. 375 vv Lombard 
Coonan Daniel, clothier, 7o Centre Market sp 
Coonan John, moulder, 25 s Regester 
Coonan Dr. John N., 189 e Eager 
Coonan John, [)lnmber, 210 Eastern av 
Coonan Joseph V. clerk, 70 Centre Market 

Coonan John, plumber, 218 s Wolfe 
Coonan & Leist, (M. L Coonan, Frederick 

Leist, ) merchant tailors, 10 St. Paul 
Coonan Martin, laborer, n w cor Chester and 

Coonan Michael L (Coonan & Leist, ) 35 n Gay 
Cooney Coleman, laborer, 1!9 s Chester 
Cooney Ellen A. laundress, 75 Forrest 
Cooney George, 220 Eastern av 
Cooney James, laborer, 132 Harford av 
Cooney James, fireman, 119 s Chester 
Cooney Lawrence, 335 .Alulberry • 
Cooney Michael, merchant tailor, 345 Saratoga 
Cooney Michael, bar keeper, 122 n Gay 
Cooney Thomas, printer, Columbia between 

Scott and Poppleton 
Cooney Wm. J. printer, n e cor Scott and 

Cooney Wm. J. T., Columbia near Scott 
Cooney Wm. cooper, 126 n Eden 
Coop Michael, laborer, 190 Eastern av 
Cooper Alfred, gold pen maker, 5 Bennett, n 

of Boston 
Cooper Albert, clerk, 275 Madison av 
Cooper Amelia, 130 s Bond 
Cooper Mrs. Anna, matron Aged Men's Home, 

n w cor Calhoun and Lexington 
Cooper Benjamin C. butcher, 436 e Baltimore 
Cooper Benjamin F. carpenter, 41 Pine 
Cooper Edward, shipping and guano merchant, 

over s w cor South and Water, dw 10 s 

Broad way 
Cooper Mrs. E. confectionery, 180 Madison av 
Cooper Elizabeth, 1 Raborg 
Cooper Mrs. E. J., 10 s Broadway 
Cooper Geo. caulker, 7 Wills 
Cooper George, cabinetmaker, 260 e Chase 
Cooper George W. ship joiner, 436 e Baltimore 
Cooper George F. painter, 145 Gough 
Cooper George R. 284 e Pratt 
Cooper Henry, machinist, Beech Hill, Saratoga 

Cooper Henry J. ship carpenter, 335 Light 
Cooper Herman, mariner, 233 s Wolfe 
Cooper Hugh A. (Cooper & Slicer,) 275 Madi- 
son av 
Cooper Hugh A. jr., 275 Madison av 
Cooper Hugh W. clerk, 182 Saratoga 
Cooper James, shoemaker, 146 German 
Cooper James, Beech Hill, Saratoga extended 
Cooper Jiynes, shoemaker, 46 n Pine 
Cooper James B. ship carpenter, 123 Gough 
Cooper Mrs. Jane, 145 Gough 
Cooper John, weaver, 3 e Second ' 
Cooper John U. 245 n Charles 
Cooper John A. huckster, 153 s Regester. 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEW ING MACHIIVE U the best for all purposes-SAUCS 
ROO0IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 


Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Cooper John, tavern, n w cor Lombard and 

Concord, d\v 8 w Lombard 
Cooper John H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper Jarrett, switcbniaa, N. C. R., cor North 

and Eager 
Cooper John, hxborer, ITG s Eden 
Cooper Mrs. Julia, tailoress, 5:! n Exeter 
Cooper John W. printer, 238 e Madison 
Cooper John W. ship joiner, 71 Gough 
Cooper John W. printer, 35 Chew 
Cooper Dr. L. A., 245 u Charles 
Cooper Mrs. Mary, 18 s Broadway- 
Cooper Mrs. Mary J., fancy goods, 2G5 n Gay 
Cooper Philip H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper Richard N. clerk, 61 Lanvale 
Cooper Richard, clerk, 9 and 11 Hanover 
Cooper Robert, pianoinaker, 237 Lee 
Cooper Robert E. laborer, 237 Lee 
Cooper Samuel, clerk, Deech Hill, Saratoga ex 
Cooper Samuel, machinist, 76 Henrietta 
COOPER & SLICER, (H. A. Cooper, H. W. 
Slicer, B. S. Wellener) ship builders, ma- 
rine railway and steam saw mill, s w cor 
Philpot and' Wills 
Cooper Thomas, canmaker, 106 s Exeter 
Cooper Thomas, carpenter, N. C. R. near Res- 
Cooper Thomas, mariner, 150 Barre 
Cooper Thomas, 1st toll gate, Falls road 
Cooper Wm. H. painter, 16 Kuox al 
Coote Thomas, porter, 71 Bureu 
Coots George A. huckster, 44 Diamond 
Coover Samuel W. salesman, 5 Columbia 
Copeland Philip D. carpenter, 31 n Poppleton 
Copeland Richard, machinist and gas fitter, 

65 Centre Market space 
Copenhaver Samuel, salesman, 237 w Baltimore 
Copper James H. ladies shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Copper John, fisherman, 8 Hawk 
Coppersmith Fred'k carpenter, 172 L Greene 
Coppinger John D. clerk N. C. R. 5 Watson 
Cops Thomas, shoemaker, 242 Coavvay 
Copps Mary, seamstress, 190 Eastern av 
Cowles Loyal, agent, 195 w Pratt 
Coram Wm. H. shoemaker, 505 w Lombard 
Corbell Peter, 41 s High 
Corbell Wm. broker, 32 Spring Row 
Corbett Emanuel, umbrellas and India rubber, 

93 w Baltimore, dw 65 n Front 
CORBETT ISAAC, umbrellas and India rub- 
ber, 93 w Baltimore, dw Baltimore co 
Corbett John, clerk, 65 n Front 
Corbin John W. salesman, 33 s Gay 
Corbit Lawrence, laborer, 54 s Schroeder 
Corbitt John, laborer, 107 York 
Corbitt Nora J. dressmaker, 107 u Calvert 
Corbitt Patrick, porter. Three Tuns hotel 
Corcoran John, boilermaker, 87 McElderry 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, Goodman al, 

near Cross, dw 382 Hanover 
Corcoran Stephen, liquors, 95 JIcElderry's 

Corcoran Thomas, grocer, 89 McElderry 
Cord Amos, telegraphist, Chesapeake, 1 door 

s of Hudson 
Cord Henry, laborer, 181 Lee 
Cord John T. machinist, 308 s Shar{f 
Corderay Henry, scroll sawyer. 66 n Paca 
Corderay Heniy, pianomaker, C6 n Pine 
Cordery James C. cabinetmaker, 112 Henrietta 
Cordery John, cabinetmaker, 112 Henrietta 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah, 97 Gough 

Cordery Wm. II. 64 w Fayette 
Cordray Wm. clerk, 247 Franklin 
Core John, clerk, 42 Grundy • 
Corey Benjamin J. saddler, 70 George 
Corey Mrs. Rebecca, 65 n Exeter 
Coriell Alvin, clerk, 631 w Lombard 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, 631 w Lombard 
Corney Margaret E. dressmaker, 145 Penna. av 
Corkran Benj. W. paying teller Farmers and 

Merchants National Bank, 78 Lee 
Corkran Wm. deputy naval officer, 30 a Gil- 

Cerkrau Wm. B. W. clerk, 30 n Gilmor 
Gorman James, laborer, Lombard, betw Carey 

and Republican 
Gorman S. A. shoemaker, 49 n Poppleton 
Corn Joseph, laborer, 7;-^ n Spring 

and Wood, John P. Paca, secretary 
Cornal Philip, laborer, 5 Cooksie 
Cornelius C. clerk, Eagle hotel, 132 Ilillen 
Cornelius Nicholas, grocer and commission' 

merchant, 165 Forrest, dw 163 
Cornelius Nicholas, registration officer, 8th 

ward, dw 203 e Monument 
Cornelius John, huckster, 7 Greenmount av 
Cornelius Mrs. Rebecca, 143 Cross 
Cornelius Richard, asst. cashier, National Far- 
mers and Planters Bank, dw319w Fayette 
Cornell John II. carpenter, 242 Madison av 
Cornell Michael, mariner, 48 Aliceanna 
Cornell Mark J. (Dutrow & C.) 694 Saratoga 
Cornell Michael, carpenter nnd builder, 13 

Morris al, dw 242 w Madison 
Corner B. Mezick, (James Corner &Sons, ) 

Corner's wharf, foot of Frederick-st. dock 
Corner Geo. W. (James Corner & Sons,) 20 n 

Corner Henrj' C. miller and flour merchant, 11 

Spear's whf. dw 122 St. Paul 
Corner H. W. clerk at Patuxent Steamboat 

office, foot O'Donnell's wharf 
Corner James, purser, Steamer Kent, 171 vr 

Corner James J. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner James & Sons, ( Thos. G. W. Corner, 
B. M. Corner,) shipping and commission 
merchants. Corner's wharf, foot of Freder- 
ick-st. dock 
Corner Maria, 2 1 7 e Pratt 
Corner Sol. 11 Spear's wharf, dw 122 St. Paul 
Corner Thomas, jr., clerk, secor Monument 

and Park 
Corner Thomas, (James Corner & Sons,) s c 

cor Monument and Park 
Corner Wm. carpenter, 7 Chatsworth 
Corner Wm. E. iron moulder, 148 Gough 
Corner Wm. H. flour and commission mer- 
chant, 54 South, dw 32 Cathedral 
Corns Annanias, foundryman. Gist bet East- 
ern av and Canton av 
Corns Job, machinist, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns Jacob F. feed, 8 Frederick av, dw 947 

w Baltimore 
Corns John, puddler, 340 Eastern av 
Corns Thomas, puddler, 344 Eastern av 
Corns Wm. drayman. Gist, bet Eastern and 

Canton avs 
Corns Zachariah, scavenger, 400 Canton &r 
Corntlnvait John M. machinist, 160 Scott 
Corn th wait Oliver, miller, 170 c Lombard 
Cornthwait Robert, police, 160 Scott 

TH£ GKOVER «& BAKER SEAVIXO MACHXISi: is tike best for aU purposes— SAIiKS 
ROO^IS— 181 BaltUuore Street. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Cornthwait Wm. P. clerk, 25 n Gilmor 
Cornwell. Bennett & Co. (L. J. Cornwell, 
Thos. J. Bennett, C. C. Cornwell,) commis- 
sion nierdiants, n w cor Pratt and Frederick 
Cornwell Charles C. (C. Bennett & Co.) Dor- 
chester county 
Corprew Mrs. L. E., cigars and tobacco, 255 

Eastern av 
Corprew Moses, boiler maker, 205 Columbia 
Corprew Thos. boiler maker, 255 Eastern av 
Corprew Thos. H. lithog-rapher, 265 e Lombard 
Corprew Thos. E. bookkeeper, 288 e Lombard 
Correa William, plasterer, 360 e Monument Matthew O. engineer, 108 n Caroline 
Correll Abraham, clerk, 638 w Baltimore 
Correll Mrs. Annie, millinery, 638 w Baltimore 
Correll J. M. clerkj B. & O.'R. R., 638 w Bal- 
Correll Robert L., clerk, B. & 0. R. R., 638 

w Baltimore 
Correll S. D., clerk, B. & 0. R. R., 106 n Pine 
Corrie Dr. James, 56 s Sharp, dw 237 Saratoga 
Corridon Bryan, stone cutter, 110 Vine 
Corrigan John, laborer, 2 Fort av 
Corrigan Daniel, shoemaker, 107 Harford av 
Corrigan Edward, grocer, cor Bethel and Mul- 

Corrigan Francis, engineer, 10 Bennett 
Corrigan Michael, huckster, 2 Fort av 
Corrigan Patrick, chandler, 4 L. Gough 
Corrigan Patrick, drayman, 161 Park 
Corsev Robert H. mariner, 34 "William 
CORt^ON A. ELIZA, M. D., 110 e Fayette 
Corson Henry, mariner, 278 s Broadway 

CORTLAW & CO., (J. Cortlan, Jr., 
J. Wakefield Cortlan,) Importers 
of Housekeeping Hardware, Ta- 
ble Cutlery, Fancy Goods, CMna, 
Glass, &c., 216 and 218 w Balti- 

Cortlan James, jr., (Cortlan & Co.) 153 St. 

Cortlan J. "Wakefield, (Cortlan &Co.) 153 St. 

Corwine Elizabeth, seamstress, IGGreenmount 

Cosby Louis T. clerk, 124 Hanover 
Cosgrove James H. letter carrier, n w cor Mul- 
berry and Chatsworth 
Cosgrove John, shipjoiner, 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove John, machinist, 483 w Pratt 
Cosgrove John P. 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Mrs. Margaret E. confectionery, 483 

w Pratt 
Cosgrove Mrs. Margaret, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 279 Aliceanna 
Cosgrove Patrick, laboier, 1 1 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Sarah A. 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Thomas, fireman, 230 Bank 
Coskery Dr. Feli.x S. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Bridget, 99 Pierce 
Coskery Rev. Henry B. 106 n Charles 
Coskery Henry J. clerk, 20 Mulberry 
Coskery James, drayman, 15 Ringgold al 
Coskery Dr. Oscar j'. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Peter, laborer, 133 s Chapel 
Coss George, rear 94 St. Mary 

Cost Rebecca, 138 Gough 

Costello Mrs. Ann, 188 Mulberry 

Costello Andrew, laborer, 111 Hollius 

Costello Edmund, laborer, 21 n .\mity 

Costello Edmund, laborer, 134 Vine 

Costello George, fireman, B. & 0. R. R 636 

w Pratt 
Costello James, coachmaa, 10 Broadway ct 
Costello Mrs. Mary, 67 e Pratt 
Costello Mrs. Mary, grocery and liquor dealer. 

134 Vine 
Costello Maurice, laborer, 1 8 Booth 
Costello John, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Costello John F. plumber, rear 104 Franklin 
Costello John, lime kilns, Fayette, e of Burke, 

dw 181 Orleans 
Costello Patrick, laborer, 10 Rose 
Costello Patrick, laborer, 75 e Monument 
Costello Thomas, laborer, 21 n Amity 
Costello Wm. painter, 78 s Regester 
Coster Benjamin, laborer, cor Cambridge and 

Coster James H, bailiff, Circuit Court, 604 w 

Coster James H. (Matthews & C.) Fayette 

betw Calhoun and Carey 
Coster James Z. tinner, 8 East 
Coster Joseph, chairmaker, 14 Thames 
Coster Joseph, bookkeeper, 27 Hill 
Coster Thos. H. currier, Starr's hotel, n Front 
Costigan Eliza, nurse, 289 Madison av 
Costigan Wm. 297 e Pratt 
Costigan Wm. laborer, over 169 s Central av 
Cotseberger Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 75 Pres- 
COSTOLAY PATRICK J. cedar ware and 

broom manufacturer, 120 Franklin, dw 182 

w Biddle 
Cotgeo James, marble polisher, 37 n Front 
Cottar Jas. stonecutter, 37 Front, n of Foundry 
Cottar John, marble polisher, 37 n Front, n of 

Gotten Leibman, clothier, 169 Franklin 
Cotter Honora, 37 Front, n of Foundry 

COTTER J. & CO. (John Cotter^ JT. 
Nunan, J. Wall) wholesale deal- 
ers in Foreign and Domestic Li- 
quors, 8 w Pratt. 

Cotter John, tobacconist, 83 Hillen 
Cotter John, (J. Cotter & Co.) 53 s E.Veter 
Cotter Nicholas J. cigarmaker, 66 Decker 
Cottinger Misses, (Cornelia Cottinger, Ann 

Cottinger) school, 168 n Howard 
Cottingham Samuel, jr. clerk, 95 s Paca 
Cottingham Samuel, sr. farmer, 95 s Pac^i 
Cottingham Thomas, blacksmith, 226 Mont- 
Cottman Eliaabeth M. 630 w Lombard 
Cottman J. Hugh, clerk, 630 w Lombard 
Cotton G. A. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Cottrell Mrs. Sarah. 107 Grundy 
Cottrell Daniel G. fireman, 141 Hamburg 
Cottrell Mrs. Margaret, ladies nurse, 89 Garden 
Cottrell James W. 298 n Eutaw 
Cottrell Jeremiah, 195 e Lombard 
Cottrell Mrs. R. 248 w Fayette 
Couch John, carpenter, 192 Ramsay 
Couch Richard, brass finisher, 50 McMechin 

THE GROA'^ER & BAKER SEA\^!VG BLVCHINE is tlie best for all purposes— SAL.R8 
ROOMS-181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Couchland Edward, carpenter, Philadelphia 

road, near limits 
Couchman Geo. carpenter, 553 e Fayette 
Couchman Joseph, butcher, 553 e Fayette 
Couchman Wm. carpenter, 553 e Fayette 
Couhray Philip, porter, 45 s Frederick 
Cougel Thomas, train supt. P. W. & B. R. 

11. dw Rising Sun hotel 
(3oughlan Cornelius, laborer, 189 East 
Coughlan Cornelius, rectifier of liquors, 81 

Coughlan James, laborer, 11 Cuba 
Coughlan John J. booklieeper, 110 8 Exeter 
Coughlan Patrick, -wagoner, 176 s Central av 
COUGHLAN WM. bottler, 169 and 171 s 

Central av, dw 64 s Exeter 
Coughlin John T. coach painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Couglar John, butcher, 60 Centre market, dw 

Harford road 
Cougle Thomas W. train dispatcher P. W. & 

B. R. R. Baltimore co 
COULBOURN STEPHEN D. commission mer- 
chant, 79 South, dw 671 w Fayette 
Coulson Andrew J, painter. Ills Regester 
Coulson Charles E. mariner. Ills Regester 
Coulson E. 4- Bro. (Edward Coulson, George 
Coulson, ) glue factory, Patterson la, bet 
York and Harford avs 
Coulson Eliza, Ills Regester 
Coulson Edward, (E. Coulson & Bro.) Patter- 
son la, bet York and Harford avs 
Coulson George, (E. Coulson & Co.) Patterson 

la, bet York and Harford avs 
Coulson Henry B. clerk, 82 e Pratt 
Coulson John B. painter, 570 Lexington 
Coulson Mary C. milliner. Ills Regester 
Coulson Mrs. Mary H. boarding, 82 e Pratt 
Coulson Robert, clerk P. O. 570 Lexington 
Coulson Seward, painter, 570 Lexington 
Cloulson Thomas F. carpenter, 357 Columbia 
Coulson Wm. 570 Lexington 
Coulson Mrs. Wm. R. 570 Lexington 
Coulter Alexander, bricklayer, 68 Ensor 
Coulter Alexander, tinner, 188 e Monument 
Coulter Alexander, teller, Merchant's National 

bank, 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Alexander B. clerk, 75 Hoffman 
Coulter Andrew J. laborer, 89 Mound 
Coulter Archibald B. clerk, 175 w Hoffman 
COULTER & CO. (Henry Coulter, John C, 
Coulter, ) provision dealers, 53 and 55 Light 
and 2 and 4 Ellicott 
Coulter & Clarke, (J. M. Coulter, Addison 
Clarke, ) importers and dealers in iron and 
steel, 53 Exchange place 
Coulter Ellen, 164 w Biddle 
Coulter Emma, 164 w Biddle 
Coulter Mrs. Esther, 164 w Biddle 
COULTER GEORGE T. broker, over 53 Ex- 
change place, dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry (Coulter & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter Jas. M. (Coulter & Clarke, ) 65 w Biddle 
Coulter James, painter, 112 Stirling 
Coulter James J. pilot, 91 s Chester 
Coulter John, well digger, 126 Dolphin 
Coulter John C. (Coulter & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter John P. collector, 178 Preston 
Coulter John, police, 63McElderry 
Coulter John H. coppersmith, 112 Stirling 
Coulter Mifain, discount clerk, National Bank 
of Baltimore, 9 Cathedral 

Coulter Robert A. (King & Coulter,) Leaden- 
hall bet Cross and West 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113nEutaw 
Coulter Samuel, inspector gas-meters, 113 n 

Councell Ruth T. tailoress, 88 Aisquith 
Counsel John, laborer, cor Hudson al and 

Counsel- Wm. laborer, 140 n Calvert 
Counselraan Charles A. clerk, 273 w Lombard 
Couuselnian Jacob, assistant measurer Custom 

house, dw Catonsville 
Couuselnian Lawrence W. 408 e Monument 
Counsehuan Robert A. painter, 75 Pearl 
Counselman Wm. H. measurer. Custom house, 

dw Catonsville 
Counselman Wm. R. assistant measurer. Cus- 
tom house, dw Catonsville 
Countess James C. brakesman, 837 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph, brickmaker, 837 w Pratt 
Countryman Frank, laborer, 17 Spring ct 
COUPLAND RICHARD, hatter, 60 s Charles, 

dw 237 n Caroline 
Courcelle Adrian, cabinet maker, 181 n Paca 
Courcelle Vauschal Kwyck A., French teacher, 

181 u Paca 
Couriken Bridget, seamstress, 11 Fall 
Courleander Bernald, music teacher, 302 w 

Couroy Stephen, laborer, 1()6 York 
Couroy Thomas, driver, 2u Jasper 
Coursey Benjamin F. shoemaker, 269 s Fre- 
Cuursey Charles, brakesman, 137 L Greene 
Court House, Baltimore city, cor Calvert and 

Court of Common Pleas, Court House, 2dfloor, 
John C.King, judge; Jas. D. Lowry, chief 
clerk ; office basement Court House 
Courtenay David S. clerk engineer's office for 
Harbor defences, over 55 Second, dw 203 
Courtney Edward, laborer, 67 e Monument 
Courtney George \V. clerk, 29 s Ann 
Courtney James T. (R. Courtney & Bro.) 74 

Courtney George, blacksmith, 275 e Monument 
Courtenay David S. jr. clerk, 2u3 Franklin 
Courtenay Wm. (J. II. Giese & Co.) 203 

Courtney Jas. boiler maker, 22 Spring row 
Courtney Mary, 22 Spring row 
Courtney Mrs. Mary, 74 Park 
Courtney Michael, laborer, 46 Buren 
Courtney Patrick, nightman. 513 n Gay' 
' Courtney Robert, pilot, 120 G. Hughes 
Courtney Richard, (R. Courtney & Bro.) 74 

COURTNEY R. & BRO. (R. & J. T. 
Courtney,) Impoi'tei's of Wines, 
Liquors and Cigars, and Dealers 
in Fine Family Groceries, 89 n 
Charles street, bet Mulberry and 

Courtney Wm. drayman, 2 Thomsen 
Courtney Wm. T. plasterer, 175 Vine 
Courtney Wm. T. butchei-, 33 Centre and 
41 Belair markets, dw 157 Greenmountav 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BBESEE, Qeneral Agent, 2 1 South -st. 




Courfncv Wm. P. clerk, 74 Park 

Courtois Theodore A. clerk, 80 n Schroeder 

CoiirtoisMrs. Sophia, 80 n Schrocder 

Courts Charles, 118 n Poppleton 

Courts Edward A. butcher, 430 Penna av 

Courts Edward, machinist, 118 n Poppleton 

Courts Geo. W. butcher 286 Penna av 

Courts James, butcher, 118 n Poppletoa 

Cousins Mrs. Elizabeth, 183 Hollins 

Cousius John, oak cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 

n w cor Baltimore and Washinfrton 
Cousins J. E. clerk, n w cor Baltimore and 

Cousins Wm. J. (Dungan & Cousins,) 60s 

Couts Casner, laborer, 21 Port 
Couts Frederick, machinists, 25 s Sprinsr 
Couture Octavius, axe handle maker, 5 Elliott 
Covell Edward, engineer, 42 s Orecfon 
Covell Mrs. Mary H. boarding, 442 w Lom- 
Cover Benjamin F. butcher, 201 Orleans 
Cover Wni. L. (Perry & Cover,) 199 w Faj^ette 
Covington Henry, carpenter, 169 Aisquith 
Covins'ton James, clerk, 287 w Lombard 
Covington Thos. L. carpenter, 1 1 s Schroeder 
Cowan David, clerk city jail, 284 n Howard 
Cowan Edward, hackman, 445 w Fayette 
Cowan James S. clerk, 94 Camden 
Cowau Thomas, hacks, 24 s Poppleton 
Cowan Wm. H. attorney, 51 w Fayette, dw 

Gilmor, 2 doors s of Franklin 
Coward Mrs. Margaret; 195 n Howard 
Cowell C. M. clerk, 60 s Greene 
Cowell Cincinnatus M. clerk, Townsend, bet 

John and Grundy 
Cowell S. D. clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 106 Pine 
Cowen Abraham, scourer, 11 1 J Lexington 
Cowen Benjamin S. caulker, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen Caralier, glass blower, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen John, plasterer, 493 Saratoga 
Cowen Franklin, caulker, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen Wm. A. glass blower, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen Wm. A. jr. fireman, U. S. N. 72 Hen- 
Cowen Wm. photographer, over 105 w Balto 
Cowich Mary, nui'se. 90 Greenmount av 
Cowles Henry M. bookkeeper, 174 Chesnut 
Cowles Loyall, salt fish, 195 w Pratt 
Cowlev James, laborer, 152 s Chester 
COWMAN & BOYD, (J. H. Cowman, W. R. 
Boyd,) fancy goods, notions, &;c. over 275 
w Baltimore 
COWMAN & CO. (M. Cowman, Wm. T. Cow- 
man, E. Cowman,) hosiery and trimmings, 
71 Lexington 
Cowman Charles H. (Snowden & C.) 120 

Cowman Edward, 238 German 
Cowman Emily, (Cowman & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman James, boiler maker, 130 Sarah Ana 
Cowman John, clerk, 238 German 
Cowman John H. (C.&Boyd,) 12 Barnet 
Cowman Joseph, 238 German 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 367 w Lombard 
Cowman Martha, (Cowman & Co.) 53 n Lib- 
Cowman Mary Ann, 110 n Eutaw 
Cowman Nicholas, boilermaker, 34 Barre 
Cowman Richard 292 e Madison 
Cowman Samuel S. jr. ass't assessor, 182 Park 
Cowman Samuel S. sr. 53 n Liberty 

Cowman Wm. T. (Cowman & Co.) 53 n Lib- 

Cowman Wm. laborer, 138 e Lombard 

Cowpland Capt. Wm. S. (Edward J. Codd & 
Co.) 92 s Bond 

Co.x Amos A. stonemason, 140 Dolphin 

Cox Mrs. Ann, 68 Jefferson 

COX BROTHERS & CO. (J. H. Cox jr. W. P. 
Cox, S. E. Cox, R. W. Cox,) bankers and 
brokers, n e cor Baltimore and North 

COX & BROWN, (L. J. Cox, jr., J. A. Merritt) 
commission merchants, 8 Bowly's wharf and 
72 South 

COX C. C. Lt. Gov. State of Maryland, 23 

Cox Esau L. serg't police, 336 e Pratt 

Cox Dr. E. Cover & Co. apothecary, n w cor 
Baltimore and Pine 

Cox Charles, laborer, 52 e Eager 

Cox Edward J. painter, Orleans bet Broadway 
and Ann 

Cox Esau J. machinist, 336 e Pratt 

Cox Elisha, coach and livery stables, n e cor 
Bank and Bethel, dw 88 Bank 

COX GEORGE A. k CO. (G. A. Cox, Wm. 
A. Cox, C. F. Meany,) grocers 
and commission merchants, 62 South 

Cox Geo. A. (G. A. Cox & Co.) 196 w Lom- 

Cox Henry, bookkeeper, 36 w Biddle 

Cox Henry N. clerk, 36 w Biddle 

Cox Isaac, bricklayer. 42 e Eager 

Cox Isaac, hats, 146 w Baltimore, dw n w cor 
Strieker and Mulberry 

Cox Isaac, bricklayer, 61 Boyd 

Cox Isaiah, wireworker, 240 e Lombard 

Cox James H. sr. bookkeeper, 58 n Greene 

Cox James, laborer, 77 s Carey 

Cox James L. cigarmaker, 164 Ensor 

Cox James H. jr. (Cox Bros. & Co.) 161 St. 

Cox Mrs. Jane, 32 Milliman 

Cox John, printer, n e cor Gay and Lombard 
dw 56 e Fayette 

Cox, D. P. Pope,) Produce and 
Commission Merchants, s w cor 
Payette and Howard 

Cox J. Webster, clerk, 82 Centre Market space 
Cox John R. (J. R. Cox & Pope, ) n w cor Pine 

and Baltimore 
Cox John T. carpenter, 174 Chesnut 
Cox Joseph, (Freeland, Hall & Co.) 226 n 

Cox Luther J. jr. (Cox & Brown,) 27 Hollins 
Cox Mrs. Louisa B. boarding, 19G w Lombard 
Cox Mrs. Margaret, Indian vegetable medicine, 

158 e Baltimore 
Cox Marion, bootfitter, 91 .Jefferson 
Cox Mrs. Mary, 342 Franklin 
CJox Melchor, stonemason, 599 w Lombard 
Cox Michael, laborer, 8 e Centre 
Cox Michael, laborer. Republican bet Lombard 

and Baltimore 
Cox Richard W. (Cox Bros. & Co.) 58 n 

Greene h^^ 
Cox S. EdirfpffCox Bros, k Co.) 58 n Greene 
Cox ThomrtBr.\hackman, 130 s Castle 
Cox Thomas, \\aL^i"i'nii Wolfe s of Lancaster 


Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Cox Wm. G. teacher, n w cor Baltimore and 

Cox Wra. H. clerk, 22G n Charles 
Cox Wm. II. merchant tiiilor, GOG w Baltimore 
Cox William, grocer, 92 s Sharp 
Cox Wm. paperhanger, Gl Boyd 
Cox Wm. hostler, 141 s Castle 
Cox Wm. A. (Ceo. A. Cox & Co.) P3 s Sharp 
Cox Wm. F. bookkeeper, 89 n Bond 
Cox AVm. Perry, (Cox Bros. & Co.) 58 n 

Coxou Francis, potter, 157 Eastern ar 
Coy Dr. Byron F. dentist, 141 Washington 

Coy James E. mariner, 8 Williamson al 
Coy John H. machinist, 4 L. Williamson 
Coy Jos. cnrrier, 96 n Ann 
Coyan Patrick, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Coyle Bernard F. bacon dealer, 240 Penna av 
Coyle Henry, clerk, 41 Grundy 
Coyle James B. S. bookkeeper, 41 Fawn 
Coyle James, farmer, Hookstown road, w of 

toll gate 
Coyle John, ship carpenter, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John, jr. caulker, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John F. gilder, 105 Lexington 
■ Coyle Mrs. Margaret, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Mrs. Mary, laundress, 34 Haw 
Coyle Patrick H. currier, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Thomas J. carpenter, s w cor Bath and 

COYLE DR. T. P. dentist, 140 Lexington 
Coyle Dr. W. dentist, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Wheeler, clerk, 99 n Calvert 
Coyle Wm. clerk, 19 n Bond 
Coyle Wm. F. A bookkeeper, 266 Franklin 
Coyle Wm. H. machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyne James, 189 n Central av 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n P^ppleton 
Coyne John, laborer, 215 Raborg 
Coyne Johu,( John Coyne & Co.) 181 s Charles 
Coyne John & Co. (John Coyne,) lighters and 

tug boats, office Boyce's wharf, Locust 

Coyne Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 215 Raborg 
Coyne Martin, laborer, 9 Cuba 
Coyne Patrick, ship carpenter, 161 Elliott 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 26 Towson 
Cozine James W. ass't weigher, C. II. dw 64 

Harford av 
Cozine Ursula, provision store, 132 Granby 
Cozine Wm. G. printer, 64 Harford av 
Crabbe Eugene, clerk, 30 n Strieker 
CrabbeJohn E. R. salesman, 30 n Strieker 
Crabbs Frederick, oyster packer, 163 German 
Crabtrce Charles K. carpenter, 79 s Fremont 
Craddick Jos. carpenter, 31 i e Pratt 
Craddick Joseph N. carpenter, 311 e Pratt 
Cradel Harman, shoemaker, 312 s Charles 
Craf George, wheelwright, n side Orleans, 3 

doors w of Broadway 
Craft Mrs. Charles U. 87 s High 
Craft (^'onrad, laborer, 24 Callender al 
Crat\ Daniel Parker, hatter. Bin Caroline 
Craft Geo. B. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft George, engineer, 66 Walnut al 
Craft H. C. N. clerk, 295 s Charles 
Crafi Henry, clerk, 332 e Baltimore 
Craft Henry, laborer, u e cor Lexington and 

Craft Jacob, 38 s Eutaw 

Craft John Crew, (Craft & Rosello,) n e cor 

Calhoun and Hollins 
Craft & Rosello, (J. C. Craft, A. Rosello,) 

upholsterers, 264 w Baltimore 
Craft Wm. G. (W. G. Craft & Co.) 24 n 

Cragg Henry, teacher, n e cor Lee and Han- 
Cragg John, cotton spinner, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, steamboat inspect. 302 e Chase 
Cragg Samuel, engineer, U. S. N. 302 e Chase 
Craggs Wm. cracker baker, 196 Mullikin 
Craggs Wm. carpenter, 139 n Fremont 
Craig Daniel, carpenter, 66 Mulberry 
Craig Mrs. Ellen, grocery. Cathedral near 

Northern av 
Craig Mrs. Horatio E. grocer, 159 Druid Hill av 
Craig HughH. telegraph operator B. k 0. R. 

R. 90 Columbia 
Craig John, drayman, 235 Chesnut al 
Craig J. Morell, clerk, 80 s Paca 
Craig John, huckster, 233 e Madison 
Craig Josiah, grocer, 175 Hughes 
Craig Josiah, watchman, 175 G. Hughes 
Craig Levin, pilot, 15 Henrietta 
CRAIG & LA PORTE, (0. B Craig, Henry 
La Porte, ) wholesale notions and dress trim- 
mings, 259 w Baltimore 
Craig Oliver B. (Craig k La Porte, ) 97 w Biddle 
Craig Robert, saddles, harness, &c., 118 w 

Fayette, dw 164 w Lombard 
Craig Lieut. Robert, U, S. A., Fort McHenry 
Craig S. F. overseer Druid Hill Park, dw 20*5 

e ilonument 
Craig Thomas, huckster, 9 Poultney 
Craig Wm. clerk, 96 Barre 
Craig Wm. F. agent, 74 Henrietta 
Craig Wm. carter, 215 s Castle 
Craiger Bernard, tailor, 23 East 
Craigh Michael, carpenter, Strieker betw Mc 

Henry and Ramsay 
Craighill Edward A. ass't clerk of Harbor De- 
fences, over 55 Second, dw 1S8 Franklin 
CRAIGHILL Lieut. Col. WM. P. engineer 
officer of Harbor Defences, over 55 Second, 
Craigin Jas. A. clerk B.&O. R. R. 105 s Exeter 
Crain P. W. judge Court of Appeals, 6 n Cal- 
vert, dw Barnum's hotel 
Cralle Capt. A. K. 65 s Bond 
Cralle Frances I. dressmaker, 16 s Central av 
Cralle Francis J. teacher, 16 s Central av 
Cramblitt Geo. W. wood and coal, Sarah Ann 
4 doors w of Chatsworth, dw 297 Saratoga 
Cramblitt Geo II. bricklayer, 114 Vine 
Cramblitt John, carpenter, 353 Franklin 
Cramblitt John, bricklayer, 157 Chesapeake 
Cramblitt Stephen, paper hanger, 334 Franklin 
Cramblitt Mrs. Sophia, 353 Lexington 
Cramblitt Thomas A. carpenter, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblitt Wm. F. blacksmith, 75 n Fremont 
Cramer August, carpenter, 222 Aliceauna 
Cramer Anthony F. J. machinist, 75 Mcllenrj' 
Cramer Charles, shoemaker, 60 Camden 
Cramer Francis, cabinetmaker, 2 1 9 Canton av 
' Cramer John, boilermaker, 28 Fountain 
Cramer Joseph, stove moulder, 252 Bank 
Cramer Mrs. Julia, 270 Saratoga 
Cramer Martin, laborer, 4 Race 
Cramijton Mrs. JIary, 409 s Charles 
Crampton Michael, ship carpenter, 44 Johnson 
Crampton Patrick, baker, s w cor Pearl and 

TH£: GR.OVEU di BAKEJR. SEWIJVG MACHINE is the best foi- all j^'Ui-poses- SAUJS 
ROOniS— 181 Baltimore Stre«t. 

Nos. 32 


34 S. 






Cran George, shoemaker, G6 Clay 
Craudall Robert, carpenter, 66 Lee 
Crane A. Fuller, (Wm. Crane & Sons,) 235 n 

Crane A. Fuller, Jr. clerk, 235 n Eutaw 
Crane A. Fuller, (C, Moore & Co.) 23r)n Eutaw 
Crane A. P. harnessmaker, 94 Franklin 
CRANE BENJAMIN & CO. (Charles Crane,) 
wholesale dealers iu silk and straw goods, 
249 vv Baltimore 
Crane Mrs. B. 20McCulloh 
Crane Charles, (Benj. Crane & Co.) 20. Mc- 

Crane C. T. (Pearson, Lawrence & Co.) 23 n 

Crane Charles C. clerk, 235 n Eutaw 
Crane Emilj-, saleswoman, 161 Aisquith 
Crane IJenrv R. 273 Madison av 
Crane Jas. C. (Baer & Crane,) 180 w Lombard 
Crane Jeremiah, laborer, 213 Lemmon al 
Crane John D. (Crane, Moore & Co.) 180 w 

Crane John D. ("\Ym. Crane & Sons, ) 180 w 

Crane Joseph, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
Crane Marv, dressmaker, 161 Aisquith 
CRANE, MOORE k CO. (A. F. Crane, J. D. 
Crane, A. S. Moore,) wholesale shoes and 
boots, 35 s Charles 
Crane Patrick H. blacksmith, "73 Garden, dw 

Howard betw Richmond and Cathedral 
Crane Patrick, blacksmith, 336 n Howard 
Crane Philip M. cabinetmaker, 161 Aisquith 
Crane Rachel D. boarding house, 161 Aisquith 
Crane W. W. law student, 180 w Lombard 
Crane Wm. & Rons, (W. Crane, A. F. Crane, 
J. D. Crane, A. T. Lowndes,) hide and 
leather dealers, s e cor Cheapsideand Water 
Crangle Belle T. teacher, 81 s Greene 
Crangle James E. supt. streets, 934 Lexington 
Crangle James, carpenter, 81 s Greene 
Crangle Mary A. teacher, 81 s Greene 
Cranmer Chapel, n e cor Spring and Mullikin 
Cranston Jlary E. dressmaker, 216 w Fayette 
Cranwell George W. cabinetmaker, Y s Oregon 
Crapin Cajit. Samuel, H7 Orleans 
CRARY BRICK Manufacturing Co. of Balti- 
more, Geo. Presbury, prest. c^er 57 Second 
Crasser Christian, capmaker, 330 w Pratt 
Cratty Mrs. Chloc, tailoress, 45 n Caroline 
Craumer Francis M. clerk N. C. R. R. 29 Har- 
ford av 
Craven Thomas, roofer, 127 L. Greene 
Craver Charles, foundryman, 16 Fountain 
Graver John S. cigarmaker, 225 Henrietta 
Crawford A. A. clerk P. W. & B. R. 39 Fawn 
Crawford Austin, brickmaker, 141 Johnson 
Crawford Charles, cooper, 8 Fountain 
Crawford Chas. E. draftsman, 28 n Liberty 
Crawford Canficld, (Rittenhouse & Co.) 139 

Crawford Daniel, 174 Pearl 
Crawford Dixon, livery stable, 22 Orchard 
Crawford George, printer, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Geo. C. bacon dealer, 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Harrison, potter, 294^ .Johnson 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Jaiues B. (W. H. Crawford & Co.) 

32.3 Madison av 
Crawford Jas. W. chair ornamentor, 107 Mc- 

Crawford Capt. John A. mariner, 389 Canton av 

Crawford. John C. clerk, 107 JIcElderry 
Crawford John L. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford John, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford John D. printer, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Lucrctia, teacher, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Moses, hostler, 22 Orchard 
Crawford Jloses, clerk, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Nathan H. clerk, 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Patrick, grocer, 41 n Amity 
Crawford Rob't K. bacon dealer, 3(i2 Saratoga 
Crawford Rob't N. bookkeeper, 163 Forrest 
Crawford Rob't H, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Mrs. Rachel D. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford Richard I. machinist, 181 Conway 
Crawford Mrs. Sarah A. 391 n G.ay 
Crawford T. A. clerk, 213 w Biddle 
Crawford Thomas, printer, 210 e Lombard 
CRAWFORD WM. H. & CO. (Wm. H. Craw- 
ford, C. S. Crook, J. B. Crawford,) propri- 
etors spice Mills, warehouse 62 South, spice 
mills s w cor Union al and Dallas 
Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, 7 n Frederick, dw 

Orleans betw Chester and Castle 
CRAWFORD WM. agent Phila. W. & B. R. 

R. s e cor High and Trinitv 
Crawford Wm. H. (Wm. H. Crawford & Co.) 

188 Hoffman 
Crawford Wm. C. 9 n Bond 
Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 104 Johnson 
Crawford Wm. H. ship carpenter, 59 s Ana 
Crawley Conrad, shoemaker, 217 Lincoln 
Crawley Mrs. Jane, 164 Chesnut 
Crawley John, laborer, 119 Elliott 
Creager Geo. W. agent Common Sense sewing 

machine, 566 w Baltimore 
Creager Col. J. P. 558 w Baltimore 
Creager Peter, butcher, foot of Light 
Creagh Mrs. Elizabeth, 116 Bank 
Creagh Geo. W. shipwright, 116 Bank 
Creagh John, 151 w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carpenter, 36 s Strieker 
Creagh Thomas, laborer, 215 s Castle 
Creagl Henry A. ship carpenter, 116 Bank 
Cream .John, laborer, 129 s Exeter 
Creamer Alexander, saddler, 317 Aisquith 
Cre;xmer Alexander F. saddler, 317 Aisquith 
Creamer Anthony, grocery, 143 Henrietta 
Creamer Casper, ship carpenter, Ills Wolfe 
Creamer Charles, tinner, 80 n Eutaw 
Creamer C. Cookman, clerk, 127 e Monument 
Creamer Christopher, mariner, 22 Philpot 
Creamer Mrs. Cornelia, 144 e Monument 
Creamer David Smith, lumber insp'r, 49 Hillen 
Creamer David, 127 e Monument 
Creamer Geo. blacksmith, 22 n Poppleton 
Creamer George, laborer, 122 St. Peter 
Creamer George B. clerk, 131 n Eden 
Cre.amer Henry, ship carpenter, 39 Philpot 
Creamer Jacob, coach-spring maker, 100 Hol- 

Creamer John, laborer, 875 w Pratt 
Creamer John, brickmaker, 212 s Sharp 
Creamer John C. tavern, 19 Dover 
Creamer John, grocer, 40 Philpot 
Creamer John, laborer, 212 s Sharp 
Creamer John, ship carpenter, 137 Lincoln 
Creamer Joseph F. clerk to sheriff, 136 e 

Creamer Josejjh, milkman, 214 s Sharp 
Creamer Joshua, carpenter, 131 n Exeter 
CREAMER THOMAS, auctioneer, 26 s Calvert, 
dw 131 n Exeter 

THE GROVEIi & BAliEll SKW^INCJ M.*(IIIXE I:* the best for nil purposes— SAIiKS 
KOOaiS— J81 Baltimore Street. 

DR. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Crean Charles, dry goods, 40 and 42 Centre 

Market space 
Creedle Cyrus N. provisions, 00 n Calvert 
Creery Wm. R. teacher, 336 Saratoga 
Creig Alexander, mariner, 177 n High 
Creighton Mrs. Elmlna, 225 MontgoThery 
Creighton Francis, upholsterer, 186 Lexington 
Creighton George, paper hanger, 102 s Sharp 
Creighton George W. cigarmaker, 3G1 s Sharp 
Creighton Henry, mariner, 194 s Fremont 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 370 Light 
Creighton James, mariner, 71 William 
Creighton John, cigarmaker, 225 Montgomery 
Creighton Patrick, carpenter, 28 Morris al 
Creighton Robert, ship carpenter, 396 West 
Creighton Thos. H. bookkeeper, 26 n Holliday 
Creighton Wm. V. clerk, 171 w Fayette 
Cremen John F. collector, 69 n Poppleton 
Cremen John E. jeweler, 60 n Poppleton 
Cremens Daniel, watch finisher, 11 Chew 
Creny Mrs. Margaret S. 51 St. Mary 
Creny Wm. painter, 185 n High 
Crescent Coal Oil Co. of Baltimore, s w cor 

West and Howard, office 59 s Gay, Henry 

R. Wilson, pres't 
Cress Henry, laborer, rear of 143 Hudson 
Cressy George N. missionary, 102 Hanover 
Creswell James, currier, 132 Hillen 
Crew Richard, laborer, Dover w of Fulton 
Crew Wm. J. carpenter, 112 Raborg 
Crey A. salesman, 70 Buren 
Crey Mrs. Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 5 
Creydt Herman, furniture wagoner, 748 w 

Creydt Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 748 w Baltimore 
Criast John, laborer, 6 Ramsay 
Crichton Malcolm, (Wm. Crichtou & Son,) 

136 St. Paul 
CRICHTON WM. & SON, (W. Crichton, 

Malcolm Crichton, J. T. Scott,) grain, flour, 

guano and com. merchants, 1 Wood, cor 

Bowly's wharf 
Crichton Wm. (Wm. Crichton & Son,) 36 Mt. 

Vernon place 
Cridlin Jacob, coachsmith. Eagle hotel, 132 

Crimmins Margaret, house cleaner, 299 Forrest 
Crimmins Patrick, laborer, 82 McKim 
Crimmins Robert, laborer, 85 Harford av 
Criminal Court of Baltimore city, first floor 

Court House, Hugh L. Bond, judge, Jehu B. 

Askew, clerk 
Crinas Owen, laborer, 10 Elizabeth la 
Cripps George, coachsmith, 27 Harford av 
Cripj)s Thomas, laborer, 10 Thomson 
Cripps Thos. J. of planing mill, 10 Thomsen 
Cripps John, brass finisher, 425 n Gay 
Cripps Wm. W. L. coachsmith, 54 Rock 
Crisale John, tinner, 175 Hanover 
Crisliy Alexander, printer, McKim's hill, e of 

Greenmount cemetery 
Crise Geo. W. 228 Madison av 
Crise John L. 228 Madison av 
Crisp Benj. carpenter, 63 Philpot 
Crisp Benj. cigarmaker, 64 Philpot 
Crisp Chas. Fj. jr. cigarmaker, 318 Eastern av 
Crisp Chas. F. cigarmaker, 253 Gough 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 89 n Greene, dw 275 

Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 

Crispins Henry, fisherman, 294 Johnson 
Crispus Conrad, glass blower, 224 Lincoln 
CRISS AARON & SON, (Aaron Criss, John 
T. Criss,) wholesale grocers, liquor and com. 
merchants, 13 Mercer 
Criss Aaron, (A. Criss & Son,) 22 McCulloh 
Criss James E. clerk, 27 e Baltimore 
Criss John T. (A. Criss & Son,) 22 McCulloh 
Criss Michael, (John A. Hambletou & Co.) 44 

Crist Mrs. Charlotte, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Henry, cabinetmaker, 113 Chew 
Crist Jacob, tobacco, 96 Eastern av 
Crist John, stock dealer. Miller's hotel 
Crist Philip), brakesman B. & 0. R. R. 94 8 

Crist Philip, carpenter, 04 s Exeter 
Crist Philip, conductor, 96 Eastern av 
Christ Mrs. Sarah, 3 n Republican 
Cristie Daniel, laborer, 85 North 
Cristie Effing, variety stand, 175 and 177 Han- 
over market, dw 107 Lovr 
Criswell Jas. A. currier. Eagle hotel, Hillea 
Critts Thos. J. planer, 10 Thomsen 
Crockard John, stonecutter, 161 Peirce 
Crockard John, driver Harnden express, 161 

Crocker Mrs.Arianna,seamstr's, 13 Goodman al 
Crocker Emanuel, 293 n Caroline 
Crocker Sarah, 191 e Baltimore 
Crocker Sam'l G. (D. Henderson k Co.) 293 n 

Crockett & Co. (H. D. Crockett, Dr. A. S. 

Piggot, ) ink manufs. 59 s Gay 
Crockett H. D. (Crockett & Co.) 42 n Calvert 
Crockett Humphrey, mate, 38 WaVren 
Crockett John W. millwright, 32 n Oregon 
Crockett Nehemiah, shoemaker, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Theodore, locksmith, 1 Grace ct 
Crockett Theodore S. foreman plumbing Water 

Dep't, 151 e Madison 
Crockett Walter C. shoefitter, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Wm. J. conductor, 52 s Schroeder 
Crockett Wm. H. turner, 233 n Eden 
Croff Jacob, butcher, 174 s Caroline 
Croft John, laborer, 161 s Eden 
Crogan Charles, student at University Hospital, 

s w cor Loliibard and Greene 
Croggon Edward, huckster, 265 n Dallas 
Croggon Mrs. Jane E. 94 s Poppleton 
Croggon Newton F. laborer, 94 s Poppleton 
Croggon Richard A. laborer, 94 s Poppleton 
Croghan Michael, laborer, 2 Slemmer's al 
Croghan Patrick, laborer, 16 East Falls av 
Croghen Peter, laborer, 3 Slemmer's al 
Crom August, laborer, 295 s Bond 
Crombie A. D. (Crombie, Bro. & Colborn, ) 

162 Garden 
Crombie Albert D. (Ammidon, C. <fe Co.) cor 

Lanvale and Garden 
Crombie, Bro. & Colborn, (D. D. Crombie, A. 
D. Crombie, L. Colborn,) manufs. of patent 
steam valves, Uhler's al 
Crombie D. D. (Crombie, Bro. & Colborn,) 

Lanvale, 1 door from Garden 
Crombie Daniel D. (Ammidon, C. & Co.) s w 

cor Lanvale and Garden 
Cromer And. carter, cor Fremont and Warner 
Cromer Daniel, brickmaker, 106 St. Peter 
Cromer Margaret, 16 s Eutaw 
CROMER THOMAS W. tobacconist, 40 w 
Lombard, dw 305 HoUins 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Crommiller Mrs. Catherine, 46 Hanover 
Cromwell Mrs. Anna E. 179 Barre 
Cromwell Mrs. Anna, 295 n Eutaw 
Cromwell Mrs. C. 746 w Baltimore 
Cromwell Mrs. Dorcas, 861 w Baltimore 
Cromwell Francis, silversmith, 438 Walsh 
Cromwell Geo. W. sailmaker, 190 s Ann 
Cromwell Harry R. clerk, 148 Pine 
Cromwell Jacob G. cabinetmaker, 438 Walsh 
Cromwell John E. (C. & Son) 354 e Fayette 
Cromwell John, police, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Capt. John G. mariner, 183 Conway 
Cromwell Joseph, aeent Knickerbocker Life 

Insurance Co. 126 Grundy 
Cromwell Joshua, (Cromwell & Son) 136 s 

Cromwell Joseph, (J. Cromwell & Bro.) 115 

Cromwell J. & Bro. (Joshua Cromwell, jr., 
Joseph Cromwell, ) sailm'rs.over 1 58 w Pratt 
Cromwell Joshua, jr. (J. Cromwell & Bro.) 

160 Gough 
Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 271 s Ann, dw 118 

Cromwell Lambert, sailmaker, 4 s Ann 
Cromwell Mary A. dressmaker, 61 Hillen 
Cromwell Mary, 244 e Pratt 
Cromwell Michael, cabinetmaker, 61 Hillen 
Cromwell N. Clcmm, clerk, 84 Hanover 
Cromwell Oliver H. clerk, 197 Aisquith 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Richard, farmer, 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, agricultural and 
horticultural implement manufacturer and 
seedsman, 46 and 48 Liirht, dw 26 Mulberry 
Cromwell Richard, (C. Sidney Norris & Co.) 

26 Mulberry 
Cromwell & Son (J. Cromwell, J. E. Crom- 
well) sailraakers, 273 s Ann 
Cromwell Scdwick T. gar('-;}2uer, 179 Barre 
Cromwell Samuel, conductor, 9 n Ana 
Cronan Charles P. painter, 4 Humes 
Cronan David, laborer, 4 I'u en 
Crone Augustus, laborer, 12 > s Charles 
Crone Frederick, clerk, 387 w Pratt 
Crone Frederick A. porter, 387 w Pratt 
Crone Wm. C, Crone house, s e cor High and 

Crone Wm. C. chief detective, s e cor Fayette 

and High 
Croiien James, laborer, 26 Callender al 
Cronenberg, Rev. Peter, 101 Saratoga 
Croner John J. paper boxmaker, 22i s Charles 
Croney Philip H. cigarmaker. Little al, 2 doors 

from Paca 
Croney Philip H. clerk, l:;0 L. Greene 
Cronhardt Charles, jeweler, &c., 88 n Gay, 

dw 175 n Exeter 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John II. grocer, ne cor Douglass 

and I'^ast 
Cronnick Michael, laborer, 69 Mulberry 
Crook Mrs. Ann E. 674 Saratoga 
Crook Aug. (Crook & Steuart) 696 Saratoga 
Crook Charles, milkman, 226 Paca 
Crook Mrs, Caroline, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Charles C. 404 Saratotra 
Crook Columbus S. (Wm H.' Crawford & Co.) 

174 Preston 
Crook Daniel, clerk, 267 e Biddle 
Crook Francis M. auditor Adams Express, 68D 
w Fayette 

Crook Francis A. treas. Balto. Equitable So- 
ciety, 19 South, dw s w cor Madison and 
Crook George A. insurance agent, 81 Grundy 
Crook George W. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 11 s 

Crook George W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 

69 w Baltimore, dw43 n Eutaw 
Crook Henry, clerk, 122 e Madison 
Crook James, engineer, Dolphin betw Division 

and Druid Hill av 
Crook J. D. Kurtz (Barker, Bearaan & Crook) 

s w cor Madison and Townsend 
Crook & Steuart (A. Crook, H. R. Steuart) 

wood and coal dealers, 19 Lexington 
Crook Capt. Victor, mariner. 449 w Fayette 
CROOK WALTER, Jr. deal, in upholstery and 
curtain materials, 220 w Baltimore, dw 66 
n Paca 
Crook Wm. J. clerk Adams E.xpress, 164 w 

Crook William H. finisher, 18 s Fremont 
Crook William, butcher, 103 Belair market, 

dw 267 e Biddle 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 340 e Baltimore 
Crook Wm. G. clerk Adams Express, 689 w 

Crooker Mrs. Mary A. 31 Granby 
Crooks John, laborer, 69 Boyd 
Crooks Nimrod M. tutcher, 1 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw 752 Penna. av 
Crooks Rezin H. blacksmith, 128 Druid 

Hill av 
Crooks Rufus C. police, 131 Hollins 
Crooks T. R. dealer in patents, 41 s Eden 
Crookshanks Charles S. ship joiner, foot of 

Ann, dw 130 sHigh 
Crooper Ruben, boilermaker, 34 Williamson al 
Crop Robert, plasterer, 28S Mulberry 
Croper Ferdinand, carpenter, 26 Barnes 
Cropp John, laborer, 47 s Regester 
Cropper Edward L. tinner, 244 Light 
Cropper Edward J. clerk, 36 Saratoga 
Cropper Stephen, tinner, Light, betw Hughes 

and Montgomery 
Cropper Wm. shoemaker, 13 Williamson al 
Cropper Z. H. H. commis. merch. 72 s Calvert 
Crosby Alex. L. (E. L. Palmer & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Crosby Eager, carver, 18 Willow- 
Crosby Capt. E., U. S. A., Howard house 
Crosby Francis, fireman, Hudson al, s of Fed- 
Crosby Geo. W. fireman, 369 Cathedral 
Crosby James, carpenter, Hudson al, s of Fed- 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, 139 n Central av 
Crosby Miles, drayman, 12 n Poppleton 
Crosby Samuel, mariner, 76 n Eden 
Crosby Thomas H. shoemaker, 18, Willow 
Croshaw Mrs. Rebecca, 212 e I3altimore 
Crosier Thomas S. carpenter, 38 Front, n of 

Cross Andrew, clerk, 70 Columbia 
Cross Rev. Andrew B. 161 n ('alvert 
Cross Alexander B [jainter, 1 13 n Exeter 
Cross Cyril, tinner, 98 Granby Cvrns, chair factory, 147 n High, dw 

250 H oil ills 
Cross David II. painter, s e cor Division and 

Cross David, wheelwright, 113 n E.xeter 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Cross Edivard, rigger, 216 s Wolfe 

Cross E. D. clerk, 161 n Calvert 

CROSS E. J. D. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

161 n Calvert 
Cross George W. coachsmitli, 139 Camden 
Cross George T. 132 Granby 
Cross George R. clerk, 113 n Exeter 
Cross 11. L. shoe store, 234 Lexington 
Cross James W. engineer U. S. N. 210 Aisquith 
Cross James A. painter, Walsli near Laurens 
Cross Jolin W. carpenter. 452 w Baltimore 
Cross John E. potter, 216 s Wolfe 
Cross J. IL clerk, 250 IloUins 
Cross J. T. clerk, 113 n Exeter 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 280 Greenmount av 
Cross Richard K. ( Wm. S. Cross & Bro.) 161 

n Calvert 
Cross Samuel B. blacksmith, 69 and 75 s How- 
ard, dw 139 Camden 
Cross Samuel J. coachmaker, 139 Camden 
Cross Thomas, bricklayer, 742 w Baltimore 
Cross Tliomas, laborer, 67 Watson 
CROSS TRUEMAN, cashier Commercial and 

Farmers' National Bank, 9 s Howard 
Cross Truman D. chief clerk State tobacco 

warehouse No. 1, 72 s Sharp 
CROSS WM. S. & BRO. (Wm. S. Cross, 
Richard K. Cross,) lumber, stave and gene- 
ral commission merchants, n e cor East Falls 
and Eastern avs 
Cross Wm. H. blacksmith, 139 Camden 
Cross Wm. S. (W.S. Cross & Bro.) 161 n Cal- 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 216 s Wolfe 
Crossley T. H. clerk, 37 Columbia 
Crosweil Capt. John W. mariner, 246 e Pratt 
Crothers David, carpenter, 28 s Spring 
Crothers Robert, carpenter, 62 Courtland, dw 

28 s Spring 
Crotty David, gardener, Md. Hospital 
Crotty David, grocery, 98 Mullikin 
Crotty James, stonemason, 85 s Mount 
Crouch David, iron moulder, 192 Montgomery 
Crouch E. D. machinist, 228 Light 
Crouch James, shoemaker, 175 Hanover 
Crouch Jas. W. cedar cooper, 200 e Baltimore 
Crouch John W. boilermaker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch .Mrs. Margaret, 226 Montgomery 
Crouch Mathias, laborer, 2G1 West 
Crouch Stewart, glasspacker, 341 s Sharp 
Crouch Thomas D. police, 206 Montgomery 
Crouch Wm. printer, 86 Harford av 
Crouch Wm. printer, 119 e Monument 
Crougha Mrs. Annie, 129 Harford av 
Croughen John, currier, 129 Harford av 
Crouse George, brakesman, 293 Penna. av 
Grouse Jesse B. car driver, 162 Penna. av 
Crouse Samuel, general agent, 162 Hughes 
Crout Benton, cigarmakcr, 246 Penna. av 
Crout Hezekiah, tin and sheet iron worker, 
132 Penua. av, dw 246 

Crout , butcher, 157 Greenmount av 

Crout Wm. M. tinner, 246 Penna. av 
Crouther Joshua, stonemason, 56 w Hoffman 
Croutzburg Charles, cigar maker, 198 Cross 
Crow Ezekiel, shoemaker, 9 Front 
Crow Henrietta M. 95 Columbia 
Crow Mrs. Jane, grocery, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John, laborer, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John T. editor, 42 Bolton 
Crow John, laborer, 517 Canton av 
Crow Leinhard, 262 s Ann 

Crow Thomas, shoemaker, 304 s Lombard 
CROWDER A. N. grocer, s w cor Conway 

and Warner 
Crowder Flemming, coach trim. 93 Mullikin 
Crowe John, jr., 129 e Eager 
Crowe John, clerk, N. C. R. 129 e Eager 
Crowell Abner B. foreman Poole & Hunt's 

foundry, Gliflon near Druid Hill park 
GrowcU John, cooper, 51 Goodman al 
Growl Edward W. grocery and provisions, 68 

Penna. av 
Crowl Edward, cor Biddle and Penna. av 
Crowl Wm. caulker, 259 s Boyd 
Crowl David H. provisions, cor Centre and 

Calvert, dw 166 e Eager 
Crowle John D. (J. D. Crowle & Co.) 391 w 

Crowle John D. & Co. (J. D. Crowle) liquors, 

85 and 87 s Charles 
Crowley Dennis, sawyer, 322 Forrest 
Crowley Jlrs. Georgeanna, 1 Boston 
Crowley Mrs. Honora, grocery, s e cor Caro- 
line and Lombard 
Crowley James, books and periodicals, 116 w 

Baltimore, dw 222 e Monument 
Crowley James A. clerk, 90 e Fayette 
Crowley John, machinist, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John, painter, 065 Penna. av 
Crowley John W. clerk, s e cor Caroline and 

Crowley John, telegraph operator, 90 Columbia 
Crowley John, laborer, 119 Elliott 
Crowley M. teacher, 225 w Lombard 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Crowley Philip, fireman, 556 Penna. av 
Crowley Thomas, omniljus driver, 1 Hillen 
Crowley Wm. S. clerk 2d branch city council, 

90 e Fayette 
Crown Marion A. clerk, 93 n Pine 
Crown Mrs. Matilda, 93 n Pine 
Crownfield Mrs. Anna J. 98 Hanover 
Crownfield Herman F. attorney, 43 n Charles, 

dw Baltimore co 
Crowther Amos W. 229 Peirce 
Crowther Benj. P. stonemason, 217 Lincoln 
Crowther James, stonemason, 9 Fremont, near 

Penna. av 
Crowther John, jr., grocer, 38 n Paca, dw 217 

Crowther John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Crowther Capt. John, mariner, 248 e Pratt 
Crowther Rodney, photographer, 77 Lee 
Croyeau Augustiu, French goods, 171 w Bal- 
timore, dw 3 n Calhoun 
Croyeau E. A. clerk, Harnden express, 6 n 

Crozier Charles, justice of the peace, n w cor 

Eastern av and Bond, dw 95 n Broadway 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 McElderry 
Crozier John R. sailmaker, 118 s Caroline 
Crozier John H. (SpalFord & Crozier) 118 s 

Crozier E. Johnson, printer, 104 s Broadway 
Crozier iMary, fancy store, 104 s Broadway 
Crozier Thomas, bricklayer, 73 n Caroline 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 118 s Caroline 
Crudden James, furniture wagon, 371 Franklin 
Crudden Joseph, laborer, 353 Saratoga 
Crndden Samuel, bacon dealer, 371 Franklin 
Cruden Edward, laborer, 95 McElderry 
Crum Isaac, tailor, 33 Front n of Foundry 
Crum James, fireman, 563 w Lombard 

THE CKOVKR & BAKEK. SEWING MA< IIINE is thv for all purposes— SAIjES 
K-OOIUS— iSl Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Crumbacker C. W. telegraphist, 128 w Hoff- 
CJrumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 128 w Hoffman 
Crumblish John, hiborcr, 17 Neighbor 
Crumnior Alexander, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Armstrong, draughtsman, 126 e Mad- 
Crummer Daniel, (Reasin & Co.) 126 e Madison 
Crummer Mrs. Eliza A. 126 e JIadison 
Crummer Edward, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Nathan J. grocer, 101 n Eden 
Crump P. G. clerk, 28 Hanover 
Crump Robert A. machinist, 82 Hanover 
Cruse Andrew J. police, 85 McElderry 
Cruse Charles, engineer, 43 s Schroeder 
Cruse Mrs. Catherine, 44 Thames 
Cruse Christian, 38 Thames 
Cruse Elizabeth M. lager beer, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Elias, leaf tobacco, 103 e Fayette 
CRUSE GEORGE W. tobacconist, 70 Jefferson 
Cruse Henry, police^ 44 Thames 
Cruse Henry, barkeeper, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Henry, laborer, 52 n Dallas 
Cruse Isabella J. 73 North 
Cruse John H. cigarmaker, 73 North 
Cruse John, jr. mariner, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse John, lager beer, 81 Boston 
Cruse John, jr. mariner, 35 Cambridge 
('ruse Joseph, finisher, 61 s Schroeder 
Cruse Wni. machinist, 112 Raborg 
Cruser Edward, driver city pass, railway, 179 

e Pratt 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
Crutchfield Andrew F. 233 Lexington 
Crute Dr. H. P. pharmaceutist, 97J Lexington 
Cruzcn Edward, machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Cruzen P^lizabeth, 44 s Regester 
Cruzen Mrs. Naucy, 308 s Sharp 
Cuddy Mrs Eliza, 14 Telegraph 
Cuddy Isaac, trader, 172 Forrest 
Cuddy Michael, laborer, 252 Hamburg 
Cuddy Pcler, laborer, 252 Hamburg 
Cuff John, laborer, 230 Lcmmon al 
Cuff Patrick, grocery, 38 Block 
Cugle Charles, salesman, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle Edwin, bookkeeper, Nat. E.vch. Bank, 

191 St. Paul 
Cugle George, clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, jr. clerk, 27 s Eden 
Culbcrtson Isaac G. police, 60 n High 
Culbertson Louisa, GO n High 
Cullan Mrs. Kate, (Thomas & C.) 173 Hanover 
Cullan John, laborer, 30 Ryan 
Cullan John, wagoner, 17 Penna. av 
Cullan Thomas, shoemaker, 173 Hanover 
Cullen Mrs. Catherine, confect'ry, 17 Penna av 
Cullca Edward, laborer, 130 Harford av 
Cullen Frank, tinner, 14 L. McElderry 
Cullen jMrs. Isabella, 110 s Castle 
Cullen James, laborer, 2 Barney 
Cullen James, haypacker, 125 Eusor 
Cullen John, clerk, 277 Hanover 
Cullen Dr. John, 53 n Exeter 
Cullen Mrs. Mary, cupper and leechcr, 10 s 

("ulUn Michael, laborer, 131 West 
Cullen Owen, sawyer, 33 York 
Cullen Patrick, laborer. Fort av, near Leaden- 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, Forrest, 4 doors s of 

Cullen Thomas J. clerk, 258 e Baltimore 
Cullen Wm. T. ship carpenter, 110 s Castle 
Cullender George, mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Gullimore John C. shipsmith, 1 and 3 Fell, dw 

52 s Washington 
Cullimore Mrs. John, McElderry extended 
Cullimore Wm. H. book stand' Second front 

of P. 0. dw 129 n High 
Cullington Daniel, cigarmaker, 41 Doljihin 
Cullington Thomas, tobacconist, 1 62 Forrest 
Cullington Wm. sign painter, 162 Forrest 
Cullison Mrs. Amanda, 301 e Lombard 
CuUison George W. pilot, 301 e Lombard 
Cullison James M. clerk, 5 Mosher 
Cullison James M. millwright, 19 Mosher 
Cullison Jesse M. (Alband & Cullison, ) 263 w 

Cullison Noah, feed, 87 Penna. av 
Cullison Mrs. Susan, cor Northern av and Ca- 
Cullison Wm. H. stonemason, cor Northern av 

and Cathedral 
Cullum Ann, trimmings and confectionery, 62 

Greenmount av 
Cullum Harriet, teacher, 62 Greenmount av 
Cullum Nelson, carpenter, 187 e Monument 
Gulp Michael, blacksmith, 4 n Oregon 
Culpepper A. T. salesman, 907 w Baltimore 
Culpepper David, 3 Boston 
Culpepper Daniel W. photographer, over 127 

w Baltimore, dw 32 Hanover 
Culver Chas. engineer, 96 n Caroline 
Culver AVm. T. cooper, 5 n Sharp 

R. H. Phipps, ag't. Locust Point 
Gumming James, shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
Cumming Miss Jane, young ladies' lileVary 

institute, 7 n Carey 
Cumming Mrs. Julia A. boarding, 105 w Fayette 
Cumming Wm. A. (R. P. Gustin & Co') 40 

Cummings & Co. (John Cummings, ) merchan- 
dise brokers, 49 Exchange place 
Cummings Francis, laborer, 50 Davis 
Cummings Mrs. Jane, 117 Stirling 
Cummings Mrs. Jane, grocery, 50 Davis 
Cummings James, laborer, 119 Peirce 
Cummings John, milkman, Philadelphia road, 

w of city limits 
Cummings John, porter, 147 Albemarle 
Cummings John, (Cummings & Co.) 642 w 

Cummings John L. butcher, 31 Brune 
Cummings J. P. messenger U. S. Senate, 27 n 

Cummings John, porter, 98 Albemarle 
Cummings John L. butcher, 5 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw cor Penna. and Northern avs 
Cummings Mrs. Julia A. boarding, 54 llillen 
Cummings Lewis H. n c cor Entaw and Rose 
Cummings Luke, boilermaker, 34 Laurel 
Cummings Mrs. Margaret, n e cor Entaw and 

Cunnnings Mary, 81 w Hoffman 
Cumntiiigs Patrick, laborer, 191 s Castle 
Cunnnings Mrs. Rosanna, seamstress, 120 n 

Cunnnings Mrs. Rose, 439 Saratoga 
Cunnnings Rev. Sam'l II. Mt. Olivet cemetery 
Cunniiiiigs Thomas, laborer, Lefferman's al 
Cummins Alexander, 44 Spring row 
Cummins Dan'l G. confectionery, 127 Saratoga 

THE GKOVKR & UAKKU SKWINU MACHINE is tUc best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 1 SI Baltimore Sti-evt. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Cummins Jacob, teamster, 20 Foundry 
Cummins Jolin G. fruiterer 48 n Exeter 
Cummins .Juliii R. bookkeeper. 84 s Sharp 
Cummins John W. fruiterer, 48 n Exeter 
Cummins Michael, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cummins Robert P. bricklayer, 23G n Bond 
Cummins Thomas, laborer, 71 Goodman al 
Cummiskey Eutrene, attorney 43 St. Paul 
Cummi.skey John L law student, 133 n Calvert 
CundiffCapt. Albert T. mariner, 63 n Broad- 
Cundiff Capt. Wm. mariner, 70.5 Lexington 
Cunningham .\lexander, 2Y9 e Pratt 
Cunningham Alex, stevedore, 341 Eastern av 
Cunniu'j-ham Andrew J. coach painter, 290 

e Madison 
Cunningham Mrs. Ann, 290 e Madison 
Cunningham Barney, laborer, rear 197 Mont- 
Cunningham Bartholomew, printer, 26 n Hol- 

Cunningham Bernard, laborer, 56 Penna. av 
Cunningham Dr. Charles T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Charles W. clerk, 11 n Regester 
Cunningham Charles W. broommaker, 37 

Druid Hill av 
Cunningham Clinton "W. clerk, 11 n Regester 
Cunningham & Cochran, (J. E. A. Cunning- 
ham, H. W. Cochran,) stoves, furnaces, tin 
ware, kc. 53 and 55 s Calvert, and Cheap- 
side s of Lombard 
Cunningham E. H. clerk, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Edward, bricklayer, 215 n Bond 
Cunningham Eilward, peddler, 5 Neighbor 
Cunningham Elizabeth A. 186 Pearl 
Cunningham George A. (Robinson & Cun- 
ningham, ) 1 1 n Regester 
Cunningham Geo. W. clerk, H n Regester 
Cunningham Geo. carpenter, 181 n Paca 
Cunningham Jas. chandler, 99 n Caroline 
Cunningham James, 78 e Fayette James M. clerk, 3 n Exeter 
Cunningham James, stonemason, 99 n Caro- 
Cunningham John E. A. (Cunningham & 

Cochran,) 9S n E.xeter 
Cunninuhain John, laborer, 56 Frederick av 
Cunninu'ham Jolin, farmer, 2 n Amity 
Cunningham .fohn, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John, laborer, 1 1 1 Peach al 
Cunningham John. 93 Front n of Foundry 
Cunningham John W. 279 e Pratt 
Cunningham J. A. railroader, 17 Cambridge 
Cunningham John F. clerk, 93 n Front 
Cunningham Joseph S. carpenter, 193 Chesnut 
Cunningham J. Wm. 9 n Eutaw 
Cunningham Joseph, mariner, 18 Stiles 
Cunningham Joseph J. oyster dealer, 105 e 

Cunningham Laura, saleswoman, 3 n Exeter 
Cunningham Mrs. Mary C. 122 n Fremont 
Cunningham Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 15 Good- 
man al 
Cunningham Merriken, agricultural implem't 

maker, 58 J^ight, dw 3 n Exeter 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Michael, machinist, 166 Ramsay 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 176 Ramsay 
Cunningham Mortimer, wood dealer, 130 e 

Cunningham Nicholas, laborer. 1 New Church 
Cunningham Patrick, iron moulder, 222 Vine 

Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Robert, carpenter, 84 s Sharp 
Cunningham Samuel, blacksmith, 95 s Paca 
Cunningham Samuel, manufacturer dredge3,38 

Grant, dw 95 s Paca 
Cunningham Samuel, hackman, 186 L. Con- 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Thomas, laborer, 17 Jewal 
CUNNINGHAM THOMAS A. coal .agent, 31 

South dw n w cor Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Wm. C. clerk, 185 e Monument 
Cunningham Wm. A. (J. W. Ross & Co.) 281 

w Fayette 
Cunningham Wm. R. (Clark & Cunningham,) 

345 n Gay 
Cunningham Wm. C. carpenter, 184 e Monu- 
Cunningham Wm. salesman, 11 s Charles 
Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime, s 

w corEnsor and East, dw 290 n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. E. conductor city cars, 99 

Cunningham Wm. A. clerk, 290 n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. A. police, 90 n Eden 
Cunzeman John A. tinner. 236 Vine 
Cupp Mrs. Susan, 259 s Wolfe 
Curen John, carpenter, 607 Penna av 
Curl Nancv, tavern, 137 Eastern av 
Curlett k Davis, ( L. G. Curlett,W.W. Davis,) 

produce com. merch'ts, 3 Camden 
Curlett Edward W. plasterer, 196 Gough 
Curlett Eliiis, clerk, 12'! Lee 
Curlett E. M. clerk, 120 Lee 

Curlett. R. W. Norris. ) imp's and dealers in 

carriage goods, 33 and 35 North 
Curlett John, jr. (Smith & Curlett.) 185 St. 

Curlett Lewis G. (Curlett & Davis,) 120 Lee 
Curlett Marv C. seamstress, 125 Mullikin 
Curlett T. Spicer, clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Curlett Wm. (J. Curlett, Son & Norris,) 79 

Curley Mrs. Ann, grocery, 11 Rose 
Curley Bernard, engineer, 468 Canton av 
Curley Daniel, laborer, 29 w Chase 
Curley George W. clerk, 6H2 w Lombard 
Curley Herbert, laborer, 122 Preston 
Curley James, plowraaker. Rising Sun hotel 
CURLEY JAMES W. imp'r hardware, 17 n 

Howard, dw Baltimore co 
Curley James F. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Curley James, architect, 83 Park 
Curley .James A. clerk, 169 w Biddle 
Curley John D. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Curley John T. bookkeeper, n e cor of Eutaw 

and New 
Curley John, liquors, 202 Cathedral 
Curley Dr. Joseph EL cashier People's Bank, 

dw 632 w Lombard 
Curley Kieran, laborer, 202 w Madison 
Curley Mary E., Druid Hill Park 
Curley Margaret, confectioner, 10 Hawk 
Curley Michael, laliorer, 11 Rose 
Curley Michael, laborer, 15 Preston 
Curley Owen, laborer, 87 Amity 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 37 York 
Curley Timothy, teamster, 154 McHenry 
Curley Wm. boilerinLiker, 113 Henrietta 
Curley Wm. E. clerk. Park av 
Curns .Matthew, driver, Eden s of Aliceanna 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour» Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 Sonth-st. 




Curran Edward, laborer, 368 Canton av 
Curran Edward, laborer, 82 s Spring 
Curran Prof. James, Loyola college 
Curran John, stonecutter, 16 Scott 
Curran John F. police, 110 Ensor 
Curran John, stonecutter, 78 Hillen 
Curran John M. laborer, 195 s Chapel 
Curran Joseph, tinner, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Michael, laborer, 58 Fort av 
Curran Nichols, salesman, 133 Bank 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 13 Orbit al 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 44 Cooksie 
Curran Peter, laborer, 168 Vine 
Curran Thomas, sbipcarpenter, 368 Canton av 
Curren Mary, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 
Curren Michael, 310 Light 
Curren Patrick, laborer, 13 Orbit al 
Curren Sarah, dressmaker, 1 09 Saratoga 
Curre^' Howard E. brakesman, 41 Green- 
mount av 
Currey Mrs. Sarah, 41 Greenmount av 
Currey Dr. James H. 78 n Paca 
Currie Rev. A. H. 61 St. Paul 
Curry Eliza, boarding, 33 n Calvert 
Curry Francis, laboier, Clinton nr Lazaret 
Curry Geo. W.- baker, 55 s Fremont 
Curry Mrs. Hannah, 108 Dolphin 
Curry Sirs. Jane, boarding, 84 Hanover 
Curry John T. shoemaker, 203 Chesnut 
Curry John M. grocery, 42 n Calvert 
Curry John, carpenter, 14 Bennett 
Curry John R. carpenter, 253 e Fayette 
Curry John, laborer, 187 s Castle 
Curry Joseph, 108 Dolphin 
Curry J. E. carpenter, 37 Penna. av 
Curry Judith M. 237 n Howard 
Curry L. H. clerk, 84 Hanover 
Curry Martin W. sbipcarpenter, 99 Gough 
Curry Peter, coppersmith. 263 e Pratt 
Curry Ruth A. boarding, 124 Hanover 
Curry Wm. stonecutter, 187 s Castle 
Curry Dr. Wm. H. 7o s Sharp 
Curry AVm. carpenter, 73 s Chester 
Curtain Henry G. (F. H. Grupy & Co.) 182 

Harford av 
Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lexing- 
ton and 16 Richmond markets, dw Harford 
av near'citv limits 
Curtain James T. (F.H. Grupy & Co.) Harford 

av n of Central av 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 20 Lexing- 
ton and 16 Richmond markets, dw Harford 
av near city limits 
Curtain Johanna, huckstress, 17 Diamond 
Curtain M.ichael, tinner, 532 w Baltimore 
Curtain Oliver P. cooper, 216 n Eden 
Curtain Samuel, cooper, 204 n Eden 
Curtain Wm. huckster, 17 Diamond 
Curtin Mary, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtin Patrick, bartender, 552 w Baltimore 
Curtin R. R. attorney, 85 w Fayette, dw 57 

St. Paul 
Curtis Rev. Anthony A. 229 Madison av 
Curtis Henry A. cutter, 230 German 
Curtis John D. 230 German 
Curtis John A. (Wolf & Curtis,) 44 n Pine 
Curtis John, whipsawyer, 9U Eastern av 
Curtis John, huckster, 161 Ensor 
Curtis Patrick, porter, 60 n E.veter 
Curtis Patrick, laborer, 15 s Fremont 
Curtis Peter, laborer, 233 Lemmon 
Cuseck Laughlin, laborer, 27 e Monument 

Curvel Charles, bricklayer, 156 w HoflFman 
Curvill Sam'l T. plasterer, 167 Greenmount av 
Cushaw John, cigarmaker, 217 .Mulberrv 
CUSHINGS & BAILEY, (J. Gushing jr.^ L. E. 
Bailey, J. M. Gushing,) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 26.2 w Baltimore 
Gushing David, 97 w Fayette 
Gushing Francis G. (Cushings& Medairy, ) 173 

Madison av 
Gushing Henry M. tobacconist, 9 n Li))erty 
Gushing Mrs. Jane, 20 Orchard 
Gushing James, blacksmith, 191 s Ann 
Gushing John, (Cushings & Medairy.) 173 

Madison av 
Gushing Jobn,jr. bookkeeper, s w cor Lombard 

and Paca 
Gushing Joseph, jr. (Cushings & Bailey,) 134 

Gushing Joseph, telegraphist, 20 Orchard 
Gushing Joseph M. (Cushings & Bailey, ) 134 

CUSHINGS & MEDAIRY, (John Gushing, 
Jacob H. Medairy, Richard G. Gushing, 
Francis G. Gushing, ) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 6 n Howard 
Gushing Richard C. (Cushings & Medairy,) 

173 Madison av 
Gushing Wiley E. clerk, 134 Park 
Gushley John A. printer, 141 Gough 
Guskey Alex, tailor, 19 Albemarle 
Cussen Wm tobacconist, 157 Conway 
Custello Thomas, painter, i24s Regester 
CUSTOM HOUSE, (U. S.) n w cor Lombard 

and Gay 
Gusty Mrs. Maiy, 7 Rock 
Gusty Michael, tavern, 140 Cross 
Gusty Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 696 w Baltimore 
Cutaiar Francis, marker G. H., dw 696 w Bal- 
Cutcher Francis, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutino A. barber, 47 e Baltimore 
Cutino Joseph, 47 e Baltimore 
Cutter Geo. 54 Hillen 

Cutter Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 292 Johnson 
Cutts Thos. W. of water dep't, 277 Aisquith 
Gzaruowsky Francis, second hand dealer, 664 
w Baltimore 

Dabes Joseph, brewer. 111 n Fremont 
Dacan Gapt. Levin, mariner, Winans' row 
Dach Conrad, weaver, 144 Orchard 
Dack John, blacksmith, 108 s Chapel 
Dade & Dorsey, (R. Dade, Wm. J. H. Dorsej',) 

tobacco commission merchants, s e corner 

Charles and Camden 
Dade John, sailmaker, 69 n Bond 
Dade Robert, (Dade & Dorsey, ) 707 Lexington 
Dadey Daniel, huckster, 16 n Caroline 
Dady Joshua M. T. carpenter, n e cor Chester 

and Lombard 
Dadds Mrs. Mary E. 118 William 
Daeschler John, wagoner, 60 n Ann 
Daft'ert Michael, laborer, 11 Hull 
Daflin Beuj. cutler, 15 n Gay, dw 17 n High 
Daflfin Charles G. D. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Daflin Francis D. printer, 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Robert S. cutler, 17 n High 
I Dagan George, wagoner, 381 Penna av 
\ Dagan Wm. 223 .Madison av 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass "Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Dagenhart Anthony, chemist, IDSlIolling 
Dagler Frederick, blacksmith, s w cor Scott 

and Colnml)ia 
Dagler Mathias, shoemaker, 109 s Bond 
Dagncr John, tavern, 2 Webster al 
Dahl Jacob, grocer, 32 Union 
Dahl Jacob, jr. laborer, 31 Biddle al 
Dahl AVm. L. butcher, 31 Union 
Dahl Louis, tinner, 299 s Paca 
Dahlo Ci'urles, express driver, 12 g Gay 
Dahle Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 1 2 3 Gay 
Dahle Ileury, jeweler. 12 s Gay 
Dahlweiner Henry, trunkmaker, 143 Raborg 
Dahnie Peter, messenger Adams Express Co., 

167 Lee 
Dahoff John H. conductor, 353 Lexington 
Dahwner Ilarman, 143 Raborg 
Dahwner Joseph J. harnessmaker, 143 Raborg 
Daibler Jose[ih, cabinetmaker, 295 n Central av 
Daickcr John, tavern, 34 n Liberty 
Daicker Robert, clerk, 353 w Lombard 
Daigen Thomas, laborer, 32 Binney 
Daiger Charles H. (Barnes & D.) 95 Cathedral 
Daiger Edward, salesman, 333 w Pratt 
Daiger Francis A. varnisher, 193 Hanover 
Daiger Francis A. jr., clerk, 193 Hanover 
Daiger Fred, hardware dealer, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Jacob, laborer, 6 Bolton al 
Daiger James V. clerk, 45 Garden 
Daiger Joseph, 3 Columbia 
Daiger Laura V. 129 Orleans 
Daiger M. A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

74 s Broadway 
Daiger Wm. H. clerk, 129 Orleans 
Dail &Co. (T. J. Dail, John L. Hebb,) whole- 
sale grocers and com. merch'ts, 27Cheapside 
Dail T. Howard, salesman, 161 n Charles 
DailT. J. (Dail &Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dail Wm. L. carpenter, 48 Barre 
Dailey Anthony (A. Dailey & Bro.) 759 w 

DAILEY A. & BROTHER, (Anthony Dailey 

& John Dailey,) tinners and stoves, 759 w 

Dailey Edward H. brushmaker, sw cor Charles 

and Lombard, dwHigh, bet Low and Fayette 
Dailey E. painter and varnisher, 66 Ensor, dw 

146 e Fayette 
Dailey Mrs.' Elizabeth, 146 e Fayette 
Dailey Francis, laborer, 128 Lincoln 
Dailey Frank Y. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Dailey Henry, stone polisher, 82 Holliday 
Dailey Henry R. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Dailey James, clerk, 77 Camden 
Dailey James, confectioner, 777 w Baltimore 
Dailey James, grocer, Fort av, near Hull 
Dailey Jacob, carter, 188 L. Hughes 
Dailey John, stonecntter, 26 s Schroeder 
Dailey John, laborer, 45 Greenmount av 
Dailey John, (A. Dailey & Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey John, laborer, 542 w Pratt 
Dailey John, blacksmith, 237 Columbia 
Dailey Michael, blacksmith, 10 sRegester 
Dailey Mrs. Mary C, seamstress, 133 n Paca 
Dailey Mrs. Mary A., dressmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Thomas, .machinist, 9 Willow 
Dailey Thomas, ordnance sergeant, Fort Mc- 

Dailey Thomas H. cigar maker, 251 w Biddle 
Dailey Wm. varnisher, 66 Ensor, dw 146 e 


DAILY EVENING TIMES, Franklin build- 
ing. North 
Daily E. V. surgical instruments, 47 n Front 
Daily Francis T. clerk, 140 e Fayette 
Daily Timothy, coachman, 8 Diamond 
Daily Thomas, saddles and harness, over u e 

cor South and Pratt, dw 230 Aisquith 
Daily William, brickmaker, Clinton near Laz- 
Daily Wm. F. surgical instrament maker, 11 

Light, dw 34 Franklin 
Daily Wm. varnisher, 146 e Fayette 
Daily Wm. H. clerk, 34 Franklin 
Dainhardt Conrad, tailor, 25 Glttings 
Dainhardt Henry, laborer, 25 Gittings 
Dain Mrs. Mary"C. 199 Ramsay 
Daisey Dennis, laborer, 13 Laurens 
Dakam George, laborer, 381 Penna av 
Dalby Wm. T. (Wm. H. Phillips & Co.) 432 

■w Fayette 
Dale John, potter, 376 Ostend 
Dale Robert, carpenter, 250 Mulberry 
Dale Samuel, jr., carpenter, 274 Mulberry 
Daley Mrs. Catherine, 21 n Caroline 
Daley Charles, stonepolisher, 53 Front, n of 

Daley Francis, laborer, 248 Cross 
Daley H. R. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Jacob, 58 n Caroline 
Daley Joseph, collector, 24 Jackson 
Daley Lizzie, teacher, 24 Jackson 
Daley Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Daley Marks, carter, 58 Tyson 
Daley Martin, laborer, 249 Hamburg 
Daley Owen, grocery, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Timothy, driver, 33 n Charles 
Daley Timothy, laborer, 69 s Oregon 
Daley Thomas S. painter, 58 n Caroline 
Daley Wm. laborer, 1K2 East 
Daley Wm. butcher, McHenry, w of Fulton 
Daley Wm. J. carpenter, Fremontj wof Walsb. 

dw 578 Penna ay 
Dail Austin, (Austin Dail & Co.) Balto. Co. 
Dail Austin & Co. (Austin Dail, Joseph E. 

Dail, ) dry goods commission merchants, 22 

Dail H. McP. clerk, Adams Express, dw 18 

Dail Joseph E. (Austin Dail & Co.) 155 Park 
Dail Lewis, cook. Fountain hotel 
Dallam Charles F. (E. Block & Co.) 189 av 

Dallam Edward B., sec'j' Md. Insurance and 

Security Co., 57 Second, W.W.Spence, prest 
Dallam Henry C. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk P. 0., 19 b Howard 
Dallam Mrs. S. S., 269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Wm. W., clerk, 269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Wm. L., attorney, 26 n Charles, dw 

180 n Calvert 
Dalleman Conrad, wagoner, 21 Preston 
Dallwig Conrad, grocer, 100 n Pine 
Dallwig Conrad, piano maker, 100 n Pine 
D'Almaine Geo. photographer and portrait 

painter, 54.| n Charles, dw 520 w Fayette 
D'Almaine George M., clerk, 520 w Fayette 
Da'Larone A. F., 5 Penna av 
De' Almeida Dr. Wm H., 165 w Biddle 
Dalrymple Alexander P., agent, 357 s Sharp 
Dalrym_ple Dr. Augustine J., 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 204 n Exeter 

THE GROVER & BAKKR SEAVIIVG MACHIIVE is the best for all purposes— ,SAI<KS 
ROOMS-181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Dalrvmple Rev. Edwin A., D. D., president 

Univeisitj of Md., 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w 

Dalrymple George W. carpenter, 100 s Paca 
Dalrymple James A. clerk, 357 s Sharp 
Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Thomas, tinner, 52 n Calvert 
Dalrymple Mrs. Dr. Wm. D., 143 u Eutaw 
Dalshcimer David, wholesale boots and shoes, 

over 2(39 w Baltimore, dw 48 s Sharp 
Dalshcimer David, boots and shoes retail, 233 

w Pratt 
Dalshcimer Henry C. (S. & H. C. Dalshcimer,) 

48 s Sharp 
Dalshcimer Levih, salesman, 48 s Sharp 
Dalshcimer S. & H. C. (S. Dalshcimer, H. C. 

Dalshcimer,) boots and shoes, 55 n Entaw 
Dalshcimer Sylvan, (S. & H. C. Dalshcimer) 

48 s Sharp 
Dalton Mrs. Elizabeth A. 19 e Fayette 
Dalton James H. clerk, 28 Hanover 
Dalton John, tailor, 53 Front, n of Foundry 
Daly iVnn. 21 Pearl 
Daly Eugene M. (E.M. Daly & Co.) Wine 

btw Charles and Light 
DALY EUGENE M. & CO. proprietors German 

St. Hall, German near Sharp 
Daly Henry C. marble polisher, 82 n HoUiday 
Daly James, engineer, 171 w Pratt 
Daly James, laborer, 1 s Regester 
Daly John, blacksmith, 237 Columbia 
Daly John, rag dealer, 95 Front, n of Foundry 

dw 45 Greenmountav 
Daly John, teacher, 56 Holland 
Daly Joseph, carpenter, 40 Hillen 
Daly Michael, laborer, 10 s Regester 
Daly Michael, porter, 4 Garden 
Daly Patrick, laborer, 1|6 Barre 
Daly Stephen, watchman 21 Pearl 
Daly Thomas, laborer, 7 Abey al 
Damast Philip, carpenter, 202 Montgomery 
Darner Mrs. Elizabeth, huckstrcss 242 Hollins 
Damer Frederick, butcher, 242 Hollins 
Damer Joseph, collar maker, Biddlo, btw 

Penna. av and George 
Damer Paul, laborer, 208 Lincoln 
Damer Sebastian, huckster, 127 Mulberry 
Dames Mrs. Cliristiana, 179 Stirling 
Damin August, laborer, cor Gist & Canton av 
Damm Mrs. Barbara, grocery, cor Gist and 

Canton av 
Damm John, laborer. 65 L Church 
Dammaun A. E. millinery, 379 Saratoga 
Dammann F. W. & E., imp. of cloths and 

hosiery, 19 Hanover 
Dammaun Ernest, (F. W. & E. Dammann,) 

Lanvale, betw Fremont and Chatsworth 
Dammann F. Wm., (F. W. k V,. Dammann,) 

Lanvale, btw Fremont and Chat.sworth 
Dammann John F. clerk, Lanvale, btw Fre- 
mont and Chatsworth 
Dammann Dr. Lewis U. 379 Saratoga 
Dammann Lilly A. 379 Saratoga 
Damme Henry, boot and shoe dealer, 214 s 

Broad waj 
Dananfelser Adam, cooper, 188 s Central av 
DANDELET FRANCIS, Bait. Brewery, n e 

cor Conway and Hanover, dw 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, (Feuillan & Dandclet, 12 n 

Dandridge Philip P. civil engineer, 98 n Charles 

Daneker Anna E. teacher, 185 s Charles 
Daueker:& Bro., (C. W. Daneker, S. H. Dan- 
eker,) ship smiths, 3 Covington 
Daneker Chas.W.(Danekcr,& Bro.) 5 Poultney 
Daneker David H. engineer, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin T. sup'tof Court house and 

Record office, 185 s Charles 
Daneker John, mill wright, 25 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 110 Aisquith 
Daneker Samuel H. (Daneker & Bro.,) 185 s 

Daneker Mrs. Sarah, 219 Montgomery 
Danels Bolivar D. attorney and consul for Ven- 
ezuela, 43 Lexington, dw 254 n Charles 
Danels John D. jr., (W. Claggett tj- Co.) 254 n 

Danels Joseph D. clerk, 254 n Charles 
Danels Mrs. Julia C, John btw McMechin and 

Danenberg Philip, clerk, 24 Douglas 
Danenfelser Louis, cooper, HI Eastern av 
Danenniann George, weaver, 271 s Ann 
Danforth M. fur dealer, 14 Lee 
Dangcrfield Ann E. 290 Lexington 
Danhouser Jacob, 79 s Sharp 
Daniel August, mariner, 180 s Ann 
Daniel Alice, 179 e Monument 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 191 Vine 
Daniel Aug., varnisher, 11 Sterrett 
DANIEL & BUMP, (Wm. Daniel, Orlando F. 

Bump,) attorneys, over 26 n Charles 
Daniel John II. salesman, 10 n Howard 
Daniel Robert, collegiate institute for young 

ladies, 241 n Eutaw, Hamilton terrace 
Daniel Mrs. Thomas, 179 e Monument 
Daniel Wm. (Daniel &Bunip,) llOeBaltimore 
Daniels Giles, cigar maker, 104 Ensor 
Daniels Geo. W., chair maker, 162 n Spring 
Daniels Mrs. Julia A., milliner, 46 e Baltimore 
Daniels James D. stonesawyer, 399 Canton av 
Daniels J. H., clerk. Fountain hotel 
Dankmeycr Fred'k. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Mrs. W., confectionery, 905 w 

Danks Geo. puddler, St. Charles hotel L. P. 
Dannan Jos. stonecutter, 156 n Front 
Dannanberger Isaac, grocery and liquors, 24 

Dannanfelcor Martin, shoemaker, Clinton, s of 

Dannenberg Frederick, 339 Lexington 
Dannenberg Mrs. Louisa, 339 Lexington 
Dannenfelser Conrad, shoemaker, 163 Elliott 
Daunenfelser Philip, grocer, 101 Albemarle 
Dannert Casper, confectioner, 275 s Sharp 
DANNETTEL k CO. (J. H. Dannettel, F. 

Schultze, J. A. Silberzahn,) packing box 

makers, 15 n Sharp 
Dannettel George F., clerk, 182 Lee 
Dannettel Henry L., cabinetmaker, 182 Lee 
Dannettel John H. (Dannettel & Co.) 10 New 

Danskin Washington A. (Danskin &Co.) 183 

w Fayette 
Danskin & Co. (W. A. Danskin,) gentlemen's 

furnishing store, 155 w Baltimore 
Danson Capt. Lewis T. mar'nr, 452 w Saratoga 
Dantz August, shoemaker, 44 Clay 
Danver Francis, laborer, 2 Winans row 
Danz August, blacksmith, 35 Low 

THE <SROVER 6i BAKKR SKWINO MACHINE i» the best for all pnrposeg— SAIiKS 
ROOMS— 181 BalUmore Street. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Danz Edward, cap maker, 22 w Pratt 
Danz Frederick, shoemaker, 12 President 
Danz Henry, bakery, 1G6 n Eden 
Danzaeleh Henry, cabinet maker, 253 n Bond 
Danzeglock Henry, slioemaker, 1 1 May 
Daraday Samuel, stonecutter, 43 Milliman 
Darby & Co. (Benj. Darby, Philip Darby, Da- 
vid Darby, Benjamin F. Darby, ) steam candy 
manufacturers, 296 w Baltimore, and 1 n 
Darby Benj. (Darby & Co.) 3' 5 w Fayette 
Dai-by Benj. P. bookkeeper, 315 w Fayette 
Darby David, (Darby k Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Benj. Franklin, (Darby & Co.) 315 w 

Darby Montilibn, machinist, 456 w Lombard 
Darby Philip, (Darby k Co.) 020 w Fayette 
Dare Conrad, laborer, Balair av extended 
Dare Ephraim, steam fitter, 158 e Monument 
Dare G. George, (Dare, Sproston & Co.) 228 

w Lombard 
Dare Dr. George H., 19 s Howard 
Dare James G., clerk, 19 s Howard 
Dare Nathaniel, 126 w Fayette 
Dare Sarah, boarding house, 126 w Fayette 
Dare, Sproston &Co. (Gideon G. Dare, Geo. 
S. Sproston, ) commission merchants, 95 s 
DARE WM. H., hardware, 258 w Pratt, dw 

1 83 s Paca 
Darley John W. shoemaker, 96 Jefferson 
Darling David H. mariner, 354 s Caroline 
Darling- F. Taylor, dry goods dealer, 157 For- 
rest, dw 23 n Calvert 
Darling Isaac, driver, 157 Forrest 
Darling James H. tinner, 97 Aisquith 
Darling James T. carpenter, 273 Mulberry 
Darling John, laborer, 122 Hamburg 
Darling John, bricklayer, 97 Aisquith 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darling Mary A., 273 Mulberry 
Dannady Mrs. Sarah, 61 n Poppleton 
Darmstadt Henry, laborer, 54 s Central av 
Darney Eugene, teacher, 7 e Monument 
Darney Jeremiah, clerk, 7 e Monument 
Darraugh Mrs. Ann J., 13 n Caroline 
Darraugh James, 193 s Caroline 
Darrell Charles, (John Biggar & Co.) 245 n 

Darrell Stewart, (J. C. Yates ^- Co.) 245 n 

Darrington Mrs. Laura, 37 s Broadway 
Darrington Mrs. Mary E., 34 s Broadway 
Darrough Samuel, 2 Willow 
Darrongh Wm., police, 396 Harford av 
Dartelnvon T. clerk, 88 s Sharp 
Dasch Charles W. bookkeeper, 189 Hollins 
Dasch John M. blacksmith, ■ cor John and 

Dasch John, stove jobber, 99 Dallas 
Dasch John P. tavern, 189 Hollins 
Dasch Mary, dry goods, 227 Eastern av 
Dash Adam, jeweler, 51 s Monroe 
Dashields Geo. M. coach trimmer, 110 s Caro- 
Dashields John, carver, 150 Bank 
Dashiell Mrs. Ann, 139 s Washington 
Diishiell Charles E. carver, 139 s Washington 
Dashiell Daniel, house painter. 110 s Caroline 
Dashiell Geo. H. painter, 139 s Washington 
Dashiell Geo. M. carriage trimmer, 110 s 

Dashiell James T. mariner, 139 s Washington 
Dashiell Rev. John H. school, 195 w Biddle 

dw 49 
Dashiell John V. carver 150 Bank 
Dashiell Levin F. rope maker,12 s Washington 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary, 207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary, 44 w Biddle 

s Broadway 
.Dashiell Robert, last maker, 110 s Caroline 
Dashiell Richard H. ship carpenter 139 s 

Dashiell S. K.real estate broker, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Howard Co. 
Dashiell Wm. 0. clerk, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 50 Holland 
Dashiell W^m. H. caulker, 71 Johnson 
Dates Mary, confectionery, 829 w Baltimore, 

dw Hollins, btw Oregon and Republican 
Datz Martin, laborer, 355 s Bond 
Daub Adam, blacksmith, 398 n Gay 
Daub Christian, grocer, 432 n Gay 
Dauber John, machinist, 12 s Liberty 
Daubmauer George, Fountain hotel 
Daud Frederick, laborer, 34 Holliday 
Dauenhauer Louis, carpenter, 88 s Wolfe 
Daughaday Joseph, bricklayer, 128 Chew 
Daughaday Richard, marble cutter, 128 Chew 
Daugherty Charles L. mariner, 166 e Lombard 
Daugherty George, harness maker, 93 Peach al 
Daugherty John, carpenter, 13 Grundy 
Daugherty John T. carpenter, 118 Boyd 

Daugherty, J. F. Maguire, J. N. Wright,) 

job printers, 20 Second 
Daugherty J. M. (D., Maguire & Co.) 80 Har- 
ford av 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A. 10 Jackson sq 
Daugherty Thomas, police, 147 nBond 
Daugherty Wm. H. police, German near Penn 
Dauraan George, basket maker, 25 Perry 
Dauns Mrs. Susan, seamstress, 72 Harrison 
Daupfler Martin, laborer, 41s Durham 
Dausch Anthony, stevedore, 347 e Lombard 
Dausch J. P. stevedore, 151 s Ann 
Dausch J. P. jr. stevedore, 175 Gough 
Dausch Peter, music teacher, 347 e Lombard 
Dausinger Barbara, laundress, 80 n Oregon 
Daute Frank, confectioner, 110 w Baltimore 
DAUTERICH HENRY, lager beer saloon, s w 

cor Fayette and Ann 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Davalt Jacob, boilermaker, 110 Hamburg 
Davault W^m. barkeeper, 126 Light 
Davenport Chas. E. clerk, 225 n Central av 
Davenport Geo. S. plowmaker, 62 e Baltimore 
Davenport James C. clerk, 228 w Lombard 
Davenport Joseph, teacher, 66 s Bond 
Davenport Joseph P. bookkeeper, 89 South 
Davenport Chas. W. card writer, 238 Penna ax 
Davey Catherine, laundress, 37 e Monument 
Davey Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 63 e Monument 
David James, fireman, 80 Warner 
Davids Garret B. (A. & W. Denmead & Son)! 

367 e Baltimore 
Davidson A. B. 24G w Fayette 
Davidson Mrs. Ann, Clinton, s of Boston 
Davidson Chas C. shoemaker, 336 Franklin 
Davidson A. J. brass finisher, 12 McElderry 
DAVIDSON CLARK Y. dealer in gasfixturesj 

15 n Liberty, dw 28 n Holliday 
Davidson Edward, 170 Penna. av 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




JDavidson F. clerk, 385 w Fayette 

Davidson F. H. hardware, ICO Franklin, dw 

John above McAIecliin 
Davidson Francis, 110 n Central a,v 
Davidson George McF. harnessmaker, 767 w 

Davidson Helen M.,Lanvale2doors e of Garden 
Davidson James H. painter, 151 n Central av 
Davidson John G. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson Mary A. 231 e Baltimore 
• Davidson James, painter, 119 n Central av 
Davidson John 0. shoefitter, 336 Franklin 
Davidson Joseph, fireman, 65 McHenry 
Davidson Mrs. Mary B. 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson Maxwell T. 31 Lanvale 
Davidson Robert, potter, 70 n Ann 
Davidson Robert C. 50 s Sharp 
Davidson Robert J. gas fitter, 767 w Baltimore 
Davidson Samuel Gi police, cor Point la and 

Harford av 
Davidson Mrs. Dr. Samuel A. 67 s Charles 
Davidson Spencer, 246 w Fayette 
Davidson Wallace C. messenger Adams' Ex- 
press, 767 w Baltimore 
Davidson Wm. B. painter, 54 Harford av 
Davidson Wm. S. 336 Franklin 
Davidson Wm T. (Adams & Davidson) n e 

cor Cathedral and Centre 
Davies Mary J. dry goods, 27 e Baltimore, dw 

9 Lanvale 
Davies Wm. T. clerk, 87 s Sharp 
Davine Francis, 11 Hawk 
Davis Albin P. machinist, 10 s Republican 
Davis A. G. sup't. telegraph B. & 0. R. R. 188 

Davis Amelia, seamstress, 5 n Amity 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 133 Hamburg 
Davis Mrs. Ann, 150 s Fremont 
Davis .Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 224 German 
Davis Mrs. Ann C. 84 s Caroline 
Davis Mrs. Ann E. 226 n Eden 
Davis Abla A. tailoress, 464 w Baltimore 
Davis Archibald T. tinner, 326 Franklin 
Davis August, laborer, 108 Thames 
Davis Augustus, tailor, 70 Harrison 
Davis Rev. Benj. M., Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Benj. coachmaker, 212 n Central av 
Davis Benj. M. mariner, 163 Hughes 
Davis Benton C. engineer, 135 Cross 
Davis Bradford A. sailmaker, 71 Smith's whf. 

dw 63 s Bond 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 286 Lexington 
Davis Mrs. Catherine L. grocery, Belair av 

near Chester 
Davis Chas. A. collector, 370 J w Baltimore, 

dw 30 n Republican 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 209 Bank 
Davis etas. J. pump and blockmaker, 120 e 

Davis Charles, fisherman, 160 Hamburg 
Davis Chas. M. carpenter, 340 Madison av 
Davis Charles, tailor, rear 12 n Gay 
Davis Chas.W. silversmith, 85 .McElderry's whf 
Davis Chas. W. bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
DAVIS CHAS. W. 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas. H. (C. H. Davis & Co.) 170 e 

Davis Mrs. Clara, boarding, 60 n Central av 
DAVIS C. H. & CO. (C. H. Davis, Jno.Robb,) 

merch't tailors, 48 J \v Fayette 
Davis Christopher C. B. baggage master B. k 

0. R. R. 143 Camd£n 

Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis Cyrus, printer, 31 Jackson 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 363 c Eager 
Davis David, collarmaker, 101 s Ann 
Davis David, carj)entcr, 102 n Bond 
Davis E. R. salesman, 124 Hanover 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 496 w Pratt 
Davis Eldred R. salesman, 272 w Baltimore 
Davis Edwin R. claim agent, 48 Second, dw 

162 Hanover 
Davis Edwin, carpenter, 26 Grundy 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth', 361 e Baltimore 
Davis Elizabeth, 24 Front n of Foundry 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, 160 Hamburg 
Davis Frank E. (Dixon & Davis,) 3 s Exeter 
Davis Frederick, turnkey Middle District, 60 

n Ilolliday 
Davis Geo. E. salesman, 34 Conway 
Davis George, grocery, 47 Pine 
Davis Geo. T. boilermaker, 160 Hughes 
D.avis Geo. W. jr. clerk, 321 Druid Hill av 
Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 141 n Front 
Davis Geo. S. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis Geo. H. (Cumberland Dugan & Co.) 26 

s Charles 
Davis George, clerk, 326 w Baltimore 
Davis George, junk dealer, 1 Aliceanna 
Davis Geo. W. shipsmith, 126 Cross 
Davis Geo. W. carpenter, 29 s Schroeder 
Davis Geo. E. engineer, 121 Cross 
Davis Geo. A. carpenter, 340 Madison av 
Davis Geo. M. carpenter, 403 w Lombard 
Davis G. W. sr. property agt. 321 Druid Hill av 
Davis Geo. W. medical student, 361 e Balto 
Davis Henry F. (Harryman, Davis & Co.) 164 

w Lombard 
Davis Mrs. Harriet, tailoress, 89 Hilleu 
Davis Henrietta, teacher, 52 Walsh 
Davis Mrs. Henrietta, 348 Franklin 
Davis Mrs. Henry W. 56 Franklin 
Davis Henry, moulder, Mt. Royal nr reservoir 
Davis Howard, millwright, 349 Franklin 
Davis Hugh, fireman, 32 Abey al 
Davis I. Thomas ife Co. (I. Thomas Davis,) 

salt dealers, 47 South 
Davis I. Thomas, (I. Thomas Davis & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 443 w Lombard 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklin 
Davis James, stone cutter, 258 Franklin 
Davis James C. house carpenter, n w cor of 

Central av and Gough, dw 109 s Eden 
Davis James E. coal dealer, s w cor Bond and 

Lombard, dw 24 s Caroline 
Davis Mrs. Jane, nurse, 248 Franklin 
Davis John, junk and iron dealer, 292 s Caro- 
line, dw Aliceanna near Essex 
Davis John, laborer, n side Aliceanna, betw 

Gist and Burke 
Davis John, laborer, 361 e Eager 
Davis John, hackman, 89 North 
Davis John, jr. shipjoiner, 1 Aliceanna 
Davis John, tailor, 259 n Bond 
Davis John, fireman, 139 s High 
Davis John, laborer, 2 Cuba 
Davis John C. mast, of machinery B. & 0. E. 

R. dw 35 n Gilmor 
Davis John A. C. soldier, 24 n Front 
Davis John E. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis John E. rigger, 21 s Oregon 
Davis John T. tinner, 287 Hauover 
Davis John F. car painter, 80 s Paca 

THK GROVER «!te BAKEK SKAVIKU MAC'IIIIVf} is the best for all purposes— SAJjKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 


Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Davis John G. carpenter, 369 w Fayette 
Davis John G. carpenter, 175 Montgomery 
Davis John H. jjlasterer, Belair av nr Chester 
Davis John H. bricklayer, 203 Lexington 
Davis John II. bricklayer, 81 n Howard 
Davis John K. coach trimmer, 321 Druid Hill av 
Davis John R. clerk, 32 Hanover 
Davis John W. tinner, 85 Hamburg 
Davis John W. carter, 42 Lee 
Davis John W. sec'y Maryland Life Insur- 
ance Co. Marvland Building, Second, opp 
P. 0. d\v 619 w Lombard 
Davis John W. carpenter and general superin- 
tendent, 102 n Bond 
Davis John Y. stonecutter, 158 Franklin 
Davis Joseph, brewer, Fremont betw Saratoga 

and Mulberry 
Davis Joseph, chairmaker, 109 e Madison 
Davis Joseph E. carter, 193 n Caroline 
Davis Joseph H. miller, 461 Franklin 
Davis Laurence B. house carpenter, 2 Hill, dw 

101 Granby 
Davis Lawrence C. brakesman B. & 0. R. R. 

1 23 Raborg 
Davis Leah, 8 s Bond 
Davis Mrs. Laura, 124 s Bond 
Davis Marcus, (Nathan & Davis) 328 w Pratt 
Davis Mrs. Mary, 317 n Central av 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 55 Courtland 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 34 w Pratt 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 165 e Eager 
Davis Mary M. 179 Franklin 
Davis JIrs' Mary M. seamstress, 48 Hammond al 
Davis Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 89 w Biddle 
Davis Mrs. Margaret, 1 Cuba 
Davis Margaret A. seamstress, 4 Necessity al 
Davis & Miller, (Andrew J. Miller) wholesale 

druggists, 12 n Howard 
Davis Mrs. Phcebe, 121 Cross 
Davis Preslej', shoemaker, 1 Joppa la 
Davis Presley T. shoemaker, over 61 Centre 

Market space 
Davis Ralph, peddler, 40 Harrison 
Davis Rebecca, sewing machine operator, 85 

McElderry's whf 
Davis Mrs. Rebecc.t, 303 s Bond 
Davis Reverdy, machinist, 46 Eislein 
Davis Richard T. sr. salesman, 212 Saratoga 
Davis Robt. clerk, s e cor Pine and Lexington 
Davis Robert, laborer, 53 Chatsworth 
Davis Robert N. painter, 8 Covington 
Davis Robert P. police, 117 n Eden 
Davis Robert, machinist, 101 s Paca 
Davis Samuel K. clerk, 55 Courtland 
Davis Samuel S. clerk, 619 w Lombard 
Davis Mrs. Sarah, 211 Druid Hill av 
Davis Mrs. Sarah A. 49 s Poppleton 
Davis Mrs. Sarah R. 625 w Pratt- 
Davis Shalmaneser," com. mercht. 152 w Pratt, 

dw 34 Conway 
Davis Silas W. brakesman, 439 w Lombard 

DAVIS STEPHEN, Ladies', Gentle- 
men's, Misses' and Youth's Fash- 
ionable Boot and Shoe Manufacto- 
ry, No. 150 Lexington, west of 
Howard, dw 556 Lexington 

Davis Thomas, flagman, 221 n Eden 

Davis Thomas, grocery, Clinton nr Lazaret 

Davis Thos. boots and shoes, 196| Lexington, 

dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thos. B. huckster, 366 Canton av 
Davis Thos. G. blacksmith, 461 Franklin 
Davis Thomas, grocery, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Thos. H. J. cabinetmaker, 84 n Exeter 
Davis Thomas B. cooper, 20 s Chester 
Davis Thomas, blacksmith, 175 Vine 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas B. clerk, L9 George 
Davis Thomas, drayman, 1 2 s Bond 
Davis Thomas, mariner, 272 s Broadway 
Davis Thomas W trunkmaker, 28 Brune * 
Davis Thomas W. stonemason, 71 Cooksie 
Davis Thomas H. tailor, 101 Raborg 
Davis Thomas B. clerk, 32 s Charles 
Davis Thomas, mariner, 207 s Wolfe 
Davis Travis W. shipcarpcntcr, 1-^4 William 
Davis Wm. dry goods, Lanvale betw Grundy 

and John 
Davis Wm. A. shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
Davis Wm. H. carpenter, 8 Windsor 
Davis Wm. H. printer, 125 e Monument 
Davis Wm. H. foundryman, 356 Eastern ftv 
Davis Wm. H. house carpenter, 145 Conway 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 193 n Howard 
Davis Wm. T. clerk, 12 u Calvert 
Davis Wm. H. teacher, 55 Courtland 
Davis Wm. C. lager beer, 3 n High 
Davis Wm. H. conductor city cars, 211 Bank 
Davis Wm. M. machinist, 97 vv Biddle 
Davis Wm. E. coach and bl'ksmith, 144 Camden 
Davis Wm. B. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. mariner, 504 Light 
Davis Wm. B. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. boat builder, 40 Binney 
Davis Wm. E. clerk, 263 s I5roadway 
Davis Wm. T. clerk Q. M. dept. 33 Constitution 
Davis Wm. J. shipcarpenter, 184 William 
Davis Wm. horse trader, 198 n Caroline 
Davis Wm. daguerrean gallery, 63 e Balti- 
more, dw 349 
Davis Wm. 0. carpenter, 361 e Baltimore 
Davis Wm. R. p6lice, 86 Holland 
Davis Wm. W. (Curlett & Davis, ) 65 Henrietta 
Davis Wilson, mariner, 6 Covington 
Davis Wilson, machinist, 222 Mulberry 
Davis Wm. R. carpenter, 100 s Carey 
Davison Andrew, brass finisher, 12 McElderry 
Davison Calvin T. clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Davison Geo. W. (Wm. Davison & Co.) 87 

n Charles 
Davison John A. chemist, 297 Light 
Davison, Symington & Co. (Wm. Davison, W. 

S. Symington, T. A. Symington,) manufs. 

acids, over 104 w Lombard 
Davison Thos. W. clerk, 237 n Eden 
Davison Wm. J. (Wm. Davison & Co.) n e 

cor HoUins and Mount 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (Wm. J. & 
George W. Davison,) Manufac- 
turers of Varnishes, White Lead, 
French and American Zincs in 
Oil, Coloi's, Whiting, Putty, Re- 
fined Saltpetre, Pil. Hydrarg, 
Ung. Hydrarg, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Bed, Yellow Ochre, &c. 
104 w Lombard-st. 

TH£ GROY£R & BAKER SEIVIMO J»IACHIIVE i» the best for all purposes— SAIiKi» 
R003IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 i 

3; Charles Street. 


DAY 131 DEB 

Davison Wm. (W. Davison & Co.) 91 Saratoga 
Daw Wm. T. bootmaker, 211 n Central av 
Dawes Edward B. jr. clerk, ITSs. Eutaw 
Dawes Edward B. butter dealer, 178 s Eutaw 
Dawes Francis A. cooper, Centre al.z\r w Fay- 
ette, dw 159 w Faj-ette 
Dawes .John, huckster, 275 s Paca 
Dawes Capt. Joseph, mariner, 116 s High 
Dawes Capt. John S. 122 e Pratt 
Dawes Capt. Geo. R. mariner, 37 n Eden 
Dawes Mrs. Mary, 116 s High 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Daws Henrj-, house furnishing goods, 464 w 

Baltimore, dw 598 
Dawson .\manda, 102 s Sharp 
Dawson Mrs. Cliarles, 104 s Howard 
Dawson C. Scott, bookkeeper, 189 w Fayette 
Dawson Daniel, porter, 24 Orbit al 
Dawson David N. miller, 152 Garden 
Dawson Edw'd M. jr. clerk, 23 McCulloh 
Dawson George, clerk, 189 Garden 
Dawson Hugh, currier, 231 Conway 
Dawson Isaac, cabinetmaker, 82 Hanover 
Dawson Mrs. Maria, n Wolfe, bet Hampstead 

and Fayette 
Dawson Mary, 102 s Sharp 
Dawson Philip T. 46 n Broadway 
Dawson Samuel, shipcarpenter, 164 s Ann 
Dawson Sarah, teacher, 164 s Ann 
Dawson Thomas, shipcarpenter, 196 Gough 
Dawson Wm. H. H. carpenter, 62 Barre 
Dawson Wm, H. attorney, 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. law student, 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. jr., surveyor, n e cor St. Paul 

and Fayette, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. P. (Thomas R. Matthews & 

Sons,) Baltimore co 
Day Alexander H. shipcarpenter, 136 s Chester 
Day Albert (Turner, D. & Co.) 50 s Broadwav 
DAY ALFRED G. saddler, 421 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 Pearl 
Day Asa, cooper, 224 e Lombard 
Day Charles S. millwright, 66 n Broadway 
Day Edward H. shipcarpenter, 189 Bank 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 304 e Chase 
Day Frank F. machinist, 55 e Madison 
Day Frederick, drayman, 376 s Cliarles 
Day George A. puddler, 18 Es^ex 
Day Hazen, baker, 186 Vine 
Day Henry, mariner, 294 s Ann 
Day Ira, cashier, N. C. R., 5 Courtland 
Day Isaac, sailor, 224 e Lombard 
DAY ISHMAEL, inspector custom house, 

105 n High 
Day Jeremiah, laborer, 35 Albemarle 
Day John W. blacksmith, 385 Franklin 
Day Lloyd, receiving clerk B. & 0. R. R. 123 

Camden • 

Day Maria F. 734 w Baltimore 
Day Milton, patent agent, 123 Camden 
Day Normau,_(Turner,D. & Co.) 50 s Broadway 
Day Robert, stevedore, 36 Thames 
Day Samuel G. tinner, 304 e Chase 
Day Samuel, carter, 220 e Lombard 
Day Sarah E. teacher, 304 e Chase 
Day Thomas. 50 s Broadway 
Day Wesley, brakesman, McHenry w of Fulton 
Day Wm. H. laborer, 186 Vine 
Dayly John, blacksmith, 237 Columbia 
Daymon Peter, screwman, 43 Hill 
Deacon Daniel, shofemaker, 86 e Madison 

Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampstead 

Deacon Joseph, clerk, 86 Barre 

Deady Henry C. clerk, n e cor Lombard and 

Deady John L. clerk, 69 n Bond 
Deady Mrs. Mary, n ecor Lombard and Chester 
Deal Catherine, huckstress, 8 Mott 
Deal Frederick, junkman, 37 s Bethel 
DEAL & FULLER, (Wm. C. Deal, B. G. 

Fuller, (plumbers, 90 Park 
Deal George W. bricklayer, 80 n Ann 
Deal Henry, 29 Constitution 
Deal John H. machinist, 15 Constitution 
Deal John T. brassfinisher, 241 n Eden 
Deal Wm. C. (D. & Fuller) 27 Bufen 
Deal Wm. carpenter, 25 Buren 
Deale James F. 88 Lee 
Deale Mrs. S. A. 88 Lee 
Deale John S. 253 Harford av 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmaker, 275 e Madison 
DEALE WM. G. 174 Garden 
Dealys Wm.M. s w cor Caroline and Hampstead 
Dean George A. engineer, 652 w Lombard 
Dean George A. driver, 175 n Dallas 
Dean Mrs. Harriet, 20 Williamson al 
Dean Ira, carpenter, 76 Block 
Dean John, clerk Q. M. dept, 114 w Faj'ctte 
Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Dean Rebecca, 100 Johnson 
Dean Richard, turner, 39 n Eden 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean Wm. A. office 236 w Baltimore, dw 22 

Dean Wm. carpenter, 32 s Schroeder 
Dean Wm. secretarj' and treasurer Canton co., 

cor Boston and Patuxent 
Deanio Charles, driver. Hand hotel 
Deannenfelser Adam, cooper, 188 s Central av 
Dear John T. engineer, 162 G. Hughes 
Dearback Charles, tinner, 456 w Baltimore 
Dearing Valentine, clerk, Poppleton betw Mul- 
berry and Franklin 
Dearkar Henry, drayman, 88 York 
Deaver George R. moulder, 110 Hillen 
Deaver Mrs. Gertrude, tailoress, 42 Booth 
Deaver James, waterman, 224 n Caroline 
Deaver John, canmaker, 58 s Caroline 
Deaver James, laborer, 42 Booth 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 75 Hillen 
Deaver Margaret A. 58 s Caroline 
Deaver Margaret R. dressmaker, 110 Hillea' 
Deaver Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, 110 Hilleiii 
Deaver S. N. clerk, 38 Clay 
Deaver Stephen, laborer, 287 s Paca 
Deaver Sophia, dressmaker, 110 Hillen 
Deaver Wm. R. painter, Park la betw Eutaw 

and Madison av 
Deaver Wm. machinist, 225 Aisquith 
Deaves George T. tinner, 22 Jackson 
De Baufre Wm. H. ( Wm. H. De Baufre & Co.) 

234 e Lombard 
De Baufre Wm. H.&Co. (Wm. H. De Baufre,) 

boot and shoe store, 86 s Broadway 
Debeer Jacob, (Cohen & Co.) 11 n Eutaw 
Debeer Jacob, mercht. tailor, 11 n Eutaw 
De Beet Duncan H. 178 Aisquith 
De Beet Wm. C. orna'l painter, 23 e Fayette 
Debelius Frank, mariner, 241 Canton av 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 Hollins 
Debow Charles T. miller, lis Oregon 
Debow Christian, tinner, 202 Bank 

THE GROVER & BAKER SE"\VI\G MA< HI.\E is the best for nil purposes— SAZiRS 
ROO-'HS— 181 Bnltimorc .Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Debow Christian, tinner, 357 e Fayette 
Debovv Leimiel, (Barnes, D. & Co.) 318 Garden 
Debreskey John, locksmith, 62 Clay 
Debring Anthony, enp;ineer, 288 n Eutaw 
Uebring Bernard, tailor, 254 e Lombard 
Debring Bernard, iron worker, 334 s Charles 
Debring G. A. shoemaker, 156 Druid Hill av 
Debring Rebecca A. shoe store, 133 n Kutaw 
Debser John, tailor, 89 n Poppletou 
Debus Louis, shoemaker, 122 Orleans 
Debus Moritz, shoemaker, 122 Orleans 
De Caindry Augustin, carpenter, 23 Elliott 
De Camp Mary J. 48 Conway 
Deck Frederick, umbrellas and canes, 144 w. 

Deck John, carter, 455 Saratoga 
Deck John, boilermaker, 38 Union 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Lanehart, nightman, 231 Mulberry 
Deck Martin, cooper, 82 Leadenhall 
Deck "Wm. sr. lager beer saloon, 455 Saratoga 
Deck Wm. jr. carter, 455 Saratoga 
Deckel man John, shoemaker, 37 Chatsworth 
Decker Addison, blacksmith, 92 Bank 
Decker Bernard, clerk, 455 w Baltimore 
Decker Balthazar, tobacconist, 26*7 Aisquith 
Decker Barbara, grocery, 59 Carlton 
Decker Christian, rag dealer, 137 Peirce 
Decker Frederick, carpenter, 241 e Biddle 
Decker Francis, clerk, 143 Park 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Frederick, well digger, 4 & Chapel 
Decker Gottleib, laborer, 59 Carlton 
Decker Henry, tailor, 19 Orleans 
Decker Henry, laborer, 10 n Oregon 
Decker Jacob F. of Com. & Farm. National 

Bank, 149 w Fayette 
Decker Lewis, clerk, 149 w Fayette 
Decker Mary A. dry goods, 273 n Central av 
Decker Wm. H. boxmaker, 59 German 
Deckert August, grocery, 202 s Fremont 
Deckhart Charles, drayman, 59 Portland 
Decklemau Geo. shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckman Henry, blacksmith, 171 King 
Deckmau John, candies, 33 and 35 Hanover 

market, dw 246 s Eutaw 
Deckman John H. confectioner, 246 s Eutaw 
De Coninck Amelia W. 100 w Monument 
De Coninck Francis, clerk, 100 w Monument 
De Cormis Edwd. jr. (De Cormis & Hiss,) 73 

De Cormis Edward, 73 Courtland 
DE CORMIS & HISS, (Edwd. De Cormis, 

Douglass Hiss,) wholesale wines, liquors and 

com. merchants, 21 Cheapside 
De Cormis Louis, bookkeeper, 73 Courtland 
De Courcy Mrs. N. P., John betw McMechin 

and Wilson 
De Coursey Mrs. E. R. 195 w Pratt 
Dee Mrs. Ann, 25 Lemmon 
Dee James, laborer, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Jeremiah, maltster, 145 Albemarle 
Dee Morris M. machinist, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Morris, fruit dealer, 22 s P^ront 
DEE RICHARD, confectioner, 39 Low 
Deeds Michael, laborer, 194 s Caroline 
Deeg John, wagon driver, Charles betw Mont- 
gomery and Henrietta 
Deegaa Anna, 172 s Ann 
Deemer Joseph, blacksmith, 119 n Front 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 17 Sterrett 
Deems Frederick E. painter, 162 Dover 

Deems George, machinist, 163 Hollins 
Deems Rev. George W. 28 s Calhoun 
Deems George W . machinist, 10 L. Paca 
Deems Jacob, moulder, Mount Royal hill near 

Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jacob, jr., judge of Appeal Tax Court, 

dw 6 Hollins 
DEEMS JAS. 51. music teacher, over n c cor 

Baltimore and Paca, dw 1 Hollins, cor Fre- 
Deems John, drayman, 42 n Amit^' 
Deems Thomas B. moulder, 233 .Mulberry 
Deems Wm. police, 121 L. Greene 
Deen Margaret, tavern, 163 Eastern av 
Deeny Margaret, laundress, University hospital 
Deer Frederick, laborer, Washington road 

near Columbia • 
Deer Wm. basketmakcr, 157 s Washington 
Deering Frederick, laborer, 45 Harrison 
Deering Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 
Deetjea Tyark, shipchandler and grocer, 74 

and 76 Thames, dw 60 s Broadway 
Deets Mrs. Eliza, 14 Jefferson 
Deets Frederick, salesman, 67 n Broadway 
Deets George W. bricklayer, 87 Ilampstead 
Deets Wm. H. clerk, 343 n Gay 
Deets Wm. Henry, telegrapher, 343 n Gay 
Defalco Basil, laborer, 103 West 
Defalco George, laborer, 28 Elizabeth la 
Defalco Mrs. Susanna, 28 Elizabeth la 
Defferd Peter, carpenter, 157 Stirling • 
Deffer Martin, laborer, 105 Eastern av 
Deford Benj. (B. Deford & Sons) 105 n Charles 

I. Deford, T. Deford) hides, leather and oil 

commission merchants, n w cor Calvert and 

Deford Benjamin F. (Hoffman & Deford) 105 

n Charles 
Deford Mrs. Caroline, 24 Hampstead, e of 

Deford Isaac, (Benjamin Deford & Sons, ) 4 

Deford Richard S. clerk, 23 Penn 
Deford Robert J. clerk, U8 n Bond 
Deford Thomas G. clerk, 23 Penn 
Deford Thomas, (Benj. Deford & Sons,) 105 n 

De Ford Charles D. & Co. (G. T. De Ford, 

Wm Y. De Ford, ) tobacco commission mer- 
chants and importers of Havana cigars 

and leaf tobacco, 37 s Gay 
De Ford Charles, 105 s Washington 
De Ford George T. (Charles D. De Ford & 

Co 1 135 Park 
De Ford Wm. Y. (Chas. D. De Ford & Co.) 

42 Cathedral 
De Fontey Frank, barber, 120 n Gay 
Deglan Dennis, laborer, 13 Comet 
Degaw Geo. L. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Wm. blacksmith, 444 w Lombard 
Degele John F. watchmaker, 35'7 s Charles 
Degenhart Andrew, tailor, 52 Portland 
Degenhart August, carpenter, 6 Lovely la, dw ' 

258 Aisquith 
Degenhart Charles, mariner, 133 Thames 
Degenhart Mrs. Dora, 133 Thames 
Degenhart Joseph, whipmaker, 43 Barnes 
Degenhardt George, tailor, 141 Spring 

J. HENEY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. r. BBESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Degler Gotleib, tailor, over 42 Holliday 
Degnan Lawrence, stonedresser, 4 Constitution 
DegnerCarl, baker, 135 n Bond 
De Goey Charles ^C. wharfinger, Chase's whf. 

dw 3 Thames 
De Goey John, clerk Harnden Express, 46 

Harford av 
De Goey "William, hat store, 212 w Pratt, 

De Goey Wm. W. clerk, 3 Thames 
De Gournay Paul F. teacher, 94 Pearl 
Degraff George H. laborer, 40 Lemmon 
Degrafft Lewis, jr. blacksmith, Boston near 

Hudson, Canton 
Degrafft Lewis, sr. blacksmith, Boston near 

Hudson, Canton 
DegrofftMrs. Sidney, 11 n Poppleton 
Dehaven Jesse G. shoemaker, 105 Mullikin 
Dehaven Samuel restaurant, 07 President 
Dehaven Wm. D. blacksmith, 205 Preston 
Dehel John, laborer, 312 ? Charles 
Dehl Frank, laborer, 50 Josephine 
Dehler George, laborer, 33 Philpot al 
Dehn Fred'k, hacks for hire, 55 Conway 
Dehn John, tailor, 82 n Ann 
Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conway 
Dehn Wm. carpenter, 107 Hill 
Dehnr Michael, laborer, 70 s Dallas 
Dehoff George P. clerk, 1 12 Vine 
Dehoff iesse, paper carrier, 1 1 2 Vine 
Dehofr' John H. conductor, 353 Lexington 
Dehoff John, tiuncr, 88 Orleans 
Dehring Christoi)her, cooper, 172 Lee 
Dehring Herman, laborer, 65 n Frederick 
Dehring Philip, tailor, 201 Lexington 
Deibel John, drayman, 170 s Ann 
Deibel Peter, baker and confectionery, 724 w 

Deibel Wm. butcher, 28 s Broadwa}' 
Deible George, carpenter, 403 s Charles 
Deichelbohrer Michael, butcher, Fayette betw 

Gist and Choptank 
Deichnian Augustus, tinner, 25 Scott 
Deideumeyer Joseph, laborer, 87 s Durham 
Deigler John, ice wagon, Annapolis road near 

Spring Garden 
Deil Alphonse J. baker, 25 Ensor 
Deil Mrs. Barbara, 25 Ensor 
Deil John H. confectioner, 25 Ensor 
Deiler .John, tailor, 82 Cambridge 
Deim August, gardener. Eastern av extended 
Deimel Lawrence, tailor, 337 e Monument 
Deimer, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 87 Johnson 
Deinlein B. laborer, 103 s Chapel 
DeiruffFred'k, butcher, 113 Centre and 45 Bel- 
air markets, dw 88 Greenmount av 
Deist John, tailor, 200 Cross 
Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 
Deitch Fred'k F. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch Joseph, tailor, 11 n Dallas 
Deitch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitchworth Wm. D. laborer, 15 n Poppleton 
Deiter .Mrs. Caroline, 28 Laurel 
Deiter Mrs. Catherine, 156 Raborg 
Deiter Elizabeth, matron Baltimore City Jail 
Deiter Peter, paper hanger, 237 Raborg 
Deiter Mrs Philipini, 2 Garden 
Deiterich John, gardener, 494 Penna. av 
Deiterich Martin, brassfinisher, 34 HoUiday 
Deitrich Andrew, tailor, 20 s Regester 
Dei trick Adam, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Deitrick Fred'k, huckster, 161 w Pratt 

Deitrick John, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Deitrick Lewis, artist, 84 Barre 
Deitrick Michael, laborer, 85 Johnson 
Dcitz Amelia, grocery, 275 s Sharp 
Deitz Conrad, laborer, 38 Abeyal 
Deitz Henry, confectionery, 200 Hollins 
Deitz Henry, ship carpenter, 87 s Chester 
Deitz John', locksmith, 66 s Paca 
Deitz John, tobacconist, 275 s Sharp 
Deitz John, scissor grinder, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz Joseph, cigammker, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz Margaret, grocery, n w cor May and Eden 
Deitz Michael, wagoner, 85 Cambridge 
Deitz Reinhardt, grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Dcitz Valentine, clothing cutter, 94 s Exeter 
Deitz Wm. blacksmith, 586 w Pratt 
Deitzel Adam, cooper, 306 Cross 
Deitzel Conrad, cooper, '295 s Sharp 
Deitzel Fred'k, driver, 64 s Smallwood 
Deitzel Mrs. Elizabeth, 276 Eastern av 
Deitzel Margaret, grocery, 165 s Ann 
Deitzel Margaret, tailoress, 276 Eastern av 
Deizbier George, laborer, Harmony la 
De Kalb Charles E. tailor, n e 'cor Fayette 

and Park 
De Kalb Charles, tailor, 172 n Gay 
De Rubber Jacob, bricklayer, 65 n Amity 
Delacour John, caulker, 46 Montgomery 
Delacour Lewis J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
De la Hay Ferdinand, restaurant, 9 s Eutaw 
Delahay Hamilton, clerk, 123 Conway 
Delahay James C. agent Poor association, 20 

Delahay Jas. E. bricklayer, 20 George 
Delahay Jesse S. carpenter, 74 Dover, dw 123 

Delahay Wm. S. tinner, 20 George 
Deleman Conrad, laborer, 21 Preston 
Delaney Dennis, carter, cor High and Hillea 
Delaney Capt. Edward, mariner, 127 Bank 
Delaney Mrs. Hannah, 137 w Biddle 
Delaney James H. carpenter, 171 Lee 
Delaney James J. butcher, 183 Chesnut 
Delaney James H. laborer, 81 s Poppleton 
Delaney John, gilder, over 27 n Greene 
Delaney Mary, 155 Park 

Delaney Margaret H. tailoress 178 L. Consti- 
Delaney Matthew, hackman, 107 Vine 
Delaney Philip, sailm.aker, 160 Gough 
Delano" Mary Ann, 233 e Pratt 
Delano Wm. H. block and pump maker, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Wm. brickmaker, 251 Hanover 
Dclantz Josephine V. 123 e Baltimore 
Delany Charles, grocer, u e cor Pratt and Scott 
Delany Fannie, 61 s Eutaw 
Delany James H. 90 Ensor 
Delany James J. tiiilor, 61 s Eutaw 
Delany James J. butcher, 12 Belair and 127 

Centre markets, dw 181 Chesnut 
Delany John, marble polishei;, 88 n Pine 
Delapiane Joseph E. produce, 160 George, 
Delaroche Wm. J. F. messenger Harnden's 

Express, 215 n Howard 
Delaunev Charles M. boiler maker, 220 w Pratt 
Delcher & Co.(G. B. Delcher, J. L Elliott, Saml. 

Walker,) fish dealers, 12 Fish Market sp 
Delcher Elizabeth, 113 Greenmount av 
Delcher E.W.( Wm J. D.& Co.) 417 n Central av 
Delcher George B. (J. A. Delcher & Bro.) 205 
I Mulberry 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. «& CO. 




Delcher G. B. (S. Walker & Co.) 2G5 Mulberry 
Delcher Il.C.(Wm.J.D.& Co.) 4U n Central av 
Delcher James A. (J. A. Delcher & Bro.) 20 

Jackson square 
Delcher J. A. & Bro. (J. A. Delcher, G. B. 

Delcher,) produce, 99 Hanover market 
Delcher John T. painter, 174 Greenmount av 
Delcher John S. brewer, 70 s Paca 
Delcher John, brewer, 79 Columbia, 
Delcher John, brewer, 70 s Paca 
Delcher Mary J. grocery, 174 Greenmount av 
Delcher Thomas B. huckster, 107 n Broadway 
Delcher Wm. carpenter, 120 Scott 
Delcher Wm. carpenter, 149 Scott 
Delcher Wm. G. painter, 511 w Lombard 
DELCHER WM. J. & CO. (W. J. D,, E.W. D., 
H. C. D.,) produce dealers and commission 
merchants, 154 w Pratt 
Delcher W.J.( Wm.J.D.& Co.) 405 n Central av 
Delecour Wm. A. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Deleman Honsius, laborer, 47 James la 
Deles Samuel, 515 Saratoga 
Delius Charles, (Alberti, Brink & Co.) 30 n 

Delius Frederick, shoemaker, 60 Davis 
Delevingue Theodore H. caterer, 71 Garden 
Dell Mrs. Eliza, 27 n Pine 
Dell John E. l)ookkeeper, lis Howard 
Dell Lawrence G.(Thos.E.Dell& Son,)88Pearl 
Dell Thos. E. & Son, (Ths. E. Dell, Lawrence 
G. Dell, ) bookbinders, over 6 n Howard, and 
Bank la near Barnum's 
Dell Thomas E. (Thos. E. Dell &Son,) 11 s 

Dell George E. bookbinder, lis Howard 
Dell Joseph E. 155 Park 
Dell Wm. baker, 59 e Monument 
Dell Wm. jr. bookbinder, 88 Pearl 
Dell Wm. A. bookbinder, 88 Pearl 
Delia George W. nightman, 2T4s Charles 
Delia George, carter, GO Henrietta 
Delia John W. carter, 161 Montgomery 
Delia Luther M. brick maker, 161 Montgomery 
Delia P. P. blacksmith, 121 Lin-coln 
Delia Peter D. nightman, 26 Henrietta 
Delia Susanna R. 161 Montgomery 
Dellacoeur Mrs. Saline, 24 n Pine 
Dellevie Isaac S. fancy goods, 71 e Fayette 
Dellevie Solomon S. gent's furnishing goods, 2 

Harrison, dw 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie John, (Dellevie, Liebman & Co.) 48 

Dellevie Samuel, (Dellevie, Liebman & Co.) 48 

Dellevie, Liebman & Co. (Samuel Dellevie,. 
Joseph Liebman, Uriah Dellevie, ) domestic 
cigars, 4 w Pratt 
Dellevie Uriah, ( Dellevie, Liebman & Co.) 14 e 

Dellinger John, basket maker, 23 Armistead la j 
Dellivitt Matilda, 57 Watson 
Dells Joseph, blacksmith, 64 Dallas 
Dellm Wm. porter, 121 Sarah Ann 
Delias Charles, fancy goods, 30 n Greene 
Deloughery Dr. Edward, 194 n- Calvert 
Delphey George, livery stables, Howard next 

to Franklin house, dw 156 n Howard 
Delsheimer, D. 48 s Sharp 
Deltz Christian, blacksmith, 49 Preston 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
Demit Henry, weaver, 49 Leade'nhall 
Demitz Charles H. cooper, 26 Lee 

Demitz Henry F. tobacconist, 118^ Light st 

wharf, dw 21 Conway 
Deniling George, tailor, 260 e Lombard 
Demling Henry, laborer, 71 Grindall 
Demling .John,' tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Demling Nicholas, laborer, 23 Perry 
Demling Wm. cigarmaker, 263 e Lombard 
Demme Geo. C. pianomaker, 157 Burgundy al 
Demme Louis, barkeeper, 240 s Bond 
Dempsey Austin N. salesman, 29. n Liberty 
Dempsey Mrs. B. boarding, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey John B. bookkeeper, 28 n E.xeter 
Dempsey John F. clerk, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey John, hackman, 279 e Lombard 
Dempsey John M. 281 s Sharp 
Dempsey John, drayman, 215 u Eden 
Dempsey Margaret, 234 e Lombard 
Dempsey Patrick J. laborer, McAleer's ct 
Dempsey Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 
Dempsey Thomas C. fireman, 360 Light 
Dempsey Wm. clerk, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 19 McLeary ct 
Dempster Mrs. Ann, 89 Cross 
Dempster Geo. E. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John T. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John, paperhanger, 79 Cross 
Demuth Casper, blacksmith, 152 s Washington 
Deniuth Francis, restaurant, 151 Saratoga 
Demuth Frederick H. shoemaker, 43 James la 
Demuth G. Otto, professor music, 66 Lexington 

dw 20 s Strieker 
Demuth George, porter, 504 Lexington 
Demuth John H. bricklayer, 407 Saratoga 
Dcnabaum Samuel, clothier, 81 s Sharp 
Den by Arthur C. builder, 59 Clay 
Denby Wm. L. bricklayer, 178 Mulberry 
Dengel Andrew, porter, 317 e Lombard 
Denges Henry, 3 Frederick av 
Denabaum Samuel, clothier, 81 s Sharp 
Deneorer Francis, huckster, 9 Fall 
Dener Israel, second-hand store, 293 s Bond 
Denges Peter, shoemaker, 22 Park 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 264 n Central av 
Denhardt Frederick, cooper, 119 Frederick av 
Denhardt John, tailor, 61 Raborg 
Denhardt Nicholas, pianomaker, cor Peirce 

and Ogsden 
Denhardt Casper, confectioner, 275 s Sharp 
Denhart Frederick, brewer, Frederick av, w of 

Calverton road 
Denhart John, tailor, 14 Thomsen 
Deninger Charles J. B. druggist, 16 e Lombard 
Denis John, porter, 464 Penna. av 
Denison Andrew W. judge of Appeal Tax court 

(M. Denison & Sons,) 13 s Gay 
Denison Elizabeth, 114 n Eden 
Denison Henry C.(M. Denison & Sons,) 13s Ga}^ 
Denison Mrs. Jane, 47 Dolphin 
Denison John M. stockbroker, over 23 South, 

dw 54 n Calhoun 
Denison John, hackman, 125 North 
Denison Marcus, (M. Denison & Sons, ) 13 s Gay 
DENISON M, & Sons, (Marcus Denison, A.W. 
Denison, H. C. Denison,) grocers, 51 w Bal- 
Denison Thomas H. (Fisher & D.) 102 n Eden 
Denken Capt. Wm. mariner, 120 s Chester 
Denker Gehrhard, cigarmaker, 148 s Eutaw 
DENMEAD A. & W. & SON, ( Wm. Deumead, 
Talbot Denmead, G. B.Davids,) Monument 
foundry, u ecor Monument and North. [^Sce 
p. II Advertisement.'] 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEWIXG MAf HIXE is the best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore SUeet. 

N"os. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Denmead Aquilla, machinist, 50 Hillea 

Denmead Edward, 191 Mulberry 

DENMEAD FRANCIS, proprietor city malt 

house, West Falls av, dw 96 w Monument 
Denmead Talbot, (A. & W. Denmead & Son,) 

n Charles, near city limits 
Denmead Wm. (A. & W. Denmead & Son, ) 

Melville, Balto. Co. 
Denn Charles A. driver. Hand house 
Denner John, brush maker, 212 s Ann 
Denner "William, brush maker, 212 s Ann 
Denney John, boarding, 52 Thames 
Dennert Frederick, laborer, 184 s Spring 
Denning John, porter, 4 Plowman 
Denninger John, drayman, 391 s Sharp 
Deninger John, drayman, 297 s Sharp 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 8 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. paper hanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. of Wm. clerk, ^56 Lexington 
Dennis Charles A. 162 s Charles 
Dennis Emory D. (D., Howell & Dennis,) 33 n 

Dennis Falden, carter, lT9Mullikin 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, 107 Columbia 
Dennis Geo. W. (D., Howell & Dennis,) 46 n 

Dennis Grafton, paper hanger, 14 Rock 

Dennis James M. paper hanger, 16 Rock 
Dennis James, cork cutter, 395 Canton, av 
Dennis James U. attorney, Hookstown road, 

near toll gate 
Dennis John, laborer, 130 Aisquith 
Dennis John, jr. barber, 130 Aisquith 
Dennis John, sr. wood sawver, 130 Aisquith • 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 311 Lexington 
Dennis Peter J. barber, 130 Aisquith 
Dennis Thomas S. paper hanger, 15 Reck 
DENNIS WM. II. Jr. bricklayer, 62 n Fremont 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Wm. A. carpenter, 239 Conway 
Denuison John, cabinet maker, rear 27 n Greene 
Dennison Thomas J. watchman Custom house, 

35 e Lombard 
Denny Mrs. Catherine, 255 Hamburg 
Denny Mrs. Caroline, 116 s Chester 
Denny Mrs. E. T. 114 e Pratt 
Denny F. M. cabinet maker, 65 s Broadway 
Denny George, carpenter, 12 Gough 
Denny James E. carpenter, 146 n Eden 
Denny James E. carpent«r, 30 Laurel 
Denny James, barkeeper, 03 Pcnna. av 
Denny Jeremiah, laborer, 126 Hillen 
D£nny John, (Armstrong & D.) 212 Mont- 
Denny Owen, tavern, 52 Camden 
Denny Patrick, tavern, n e cor Frederick and 

Denny Peter, laborer, 117 Peach al 

Denny Thos. 0. clerk, 114 e Pratt 

Denny Thos. moulder, 242 e Pratt 

Denny Wm. puddler, 447 Canton av 

Denoe Thomas, grocer, 668 w Baltimore, dw 

49 n Strieker 
Denoe Thos. E. clerk, 49 n Strieker 
Denoe Washington B. bookkeeper, 19 s Calhoun 
Denson Alice, tailoress, 346 Mulberry 
Denson Mrs. Eliza, 311 e Pratt 
son, J. D. Quincy, ) com. merchants and 
general dealers, 61 s Gay 
Denson Isaac M. (Isaac M. Denson & Quincy,) 

Three Tuns hotel 
Dent A.I. teacher, 39 Chew 
DentRd. A. teacher, 52 Front, n of Foundry 
Dent Robert, laborer, 105 e Lombard 
Dentry Mrs. Catherine, butter dealer, 40 Pearl 
Dentry Henry H. china-mender, 579 Penua. av 
Dentz August, blacksmith, 25 Low 
Denz August, printer, 263 e Lombard 
DePaepe John, (Brown & DePaepe, ) 100s Ann 
Depaepe Kate, teacher, 62 Block 
De Pass John, porter, 124 Jefferson 
Dcpew George W. agricultural castings, 204 3 

Howard, dw 236 w Lombard 
Depew Geo. W. iron foundry, 70 Conway 
Depfer Wni. laborer, 188 William 
Depkin Ernest A. clothing-cutter, 126 e Fayette 
DEPKIN HENRY, merchant tailor, 89 w Lom- 
bard, dw 57 n Liberty 
Depo Sarah, laundress, 242 w Biddle 
Depoe Ferdinand, gardener, 190 Columbia 
Depoy Frederick, huckster, Lombard betw 

Scott and Fremont 
Deppert John J. shoemaker, 22 Anthony 
Deppert Joseph A. shoemaker, 22 Anthony 
Deppish Edward, tinner, 213 e Monument 
Deppish Francis, cooper. Brown al near Low 
Deppish Francis, carpenter, il3e Monument 
Deppish George, varnisher, 213 e Jlonument 
Deppish John, tinner, 213 e Monument 
Deppish Wm. J. cedar-cooper, 213 e Monument 
Depprich Albert, cabinetmaker, 149 e Fayette 
Depro Augustus, shipjoiner, 185 Gough 
Depro Leonora, 185 Gough 
Deran Joseph J clerk, 149 n Exeter 
Derbreck Charles, tinner, 20 s Amity 
Derenberger David, confectioner, 28 Carlton 
Derenberger.G. & J. confect. 67 Druid Hill av 
Derenberger Henry, carpeut'r, 67 Druid Hillav 
Derenberger George, (G. & J. Derenberger, ) 

362 Franklin 
Derenber^■er Jacob, (G. «& J. Derenberger,) 67 

Druid Hill av 
Dering Conrad, laborer, 11 Barnes 
Dering Frederick, brassfinisher, 112 n Eden 
Derkul Conrad, weaver, 5 ]5eacher ct 
Derlin August, parasols, umbrellas and canes, 

73 n Eutaw 
Derlin Charles, umbrellas, parasols, 14 s Sharp 
De Ronceray, Mrs. Margaret, 84 Mulberry 
DE ROSSET Dr. M. J. 170 Preston 
Derr Christopher, woodsawyer, 7 Dewberry al 
Derr Edward, laborer, 335 s Bond 
Derr John, clerk. 111 Vine 
Derr John, mariner, 150 Eastern av 
Derr Samuel B. carpenter, 423 Lexington 
Derr Wm. carpenter, 753 w Baltimore 
Derring Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 207 Hughes 
Derrickson Elizabeth, 254 s Charles 
Dcrry Mrs. Annie, 126 n Dallas 

THE GROVKIt & BAKER. SEAVIIVG MACHINE is the best for all puriioses- SAI.F.S 
KOO])IS— 181 Baltimore Stre«:t. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of ISTew York, Assets $20,000,000 




Derry Richard J. huckster, 111 Albemarle 
Ders Frederick, laborer, 350 Washington road 
Derwart John, laborer, 258 Lee 
Desal Andrew, 13G s Spring 
Desch C. S. bookkeeper, 173 w Lombard 
Desch Francis, carpenter, 12 Anthony 
DESCH GEORGE, billiard saloon and restau- 
rant, 1 GO s Broad wa}^ 
Desch Henry, lager beer, 234 Penna. av 
Deschane Mrs. Catherine, tavern, 35 Haubert 
Deschang Frederick, shoemaker, 154 s Spring 
DcsForges John P. antiquarian bookdealerand 

numismatist, 12 Light, d\v 510 w Baltimore 
Deshanzo Mortimer, carpenter, 48 Somerset 
Deshields Sirs. Ellen, 1G McHenry 
Deshields Wm. H. caulker, 71 Johnson 
Deshields Olivia, teacher, 7G McElderry 
Deshon C. M. & Co. (C. M. Deshou, James B. 

Norris, ) coal-dealers, 30 Second 
Deshon Christopher M. (C. M. Deshon & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Deshon Jolin W. shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Desmond Timothy, laborer, over 23 Block 
Despard Coal Co. 29 South 
Despeaux Anthony, shipcarpenter, 22 Philpot 
Despeaux Anthony jr. sparmaker, 95 Gough 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy store, 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux Jos. D. clothing-cutter, 128 n Eden 
Despommiers Eugene, Fr. teacher, 77 Cathedral 
Despommiers Eugene, French teacher, 271 w 

Dess Joseph, carpenter, 247 e Chase 
Dessel Henry, laborer, 143 Eastern av 
Dessel Simon, porter, 325 Eastern av 
Desvarrcux Francis, plaster, n e cor Caroline 

and Milliman 
Desvarreux James, shoe findings, 164 n Gay 
Dctering Fred'k, wagonmaker, GOO w Pratt 
Deterly Charles F. butcher, 811 w Pratt 
Deters Benjamili, laborer, 19G Hamburg 
Detken Fred'k W. mariner, 198 s Ann 
Detmar Godfrey, baker, 196 Montgomery 
Detsch Mrs. Catherine, nurse, 264 s Sharp 
Dettmer Henry, salesman, 232 Hanover 
Dettmer John H. laborer, 38 Clifford al 
Dettmer John H. G. cooper, 192 s Eutaw 
Deuer Francis, shoemaker, 39 Brown 
Deutsch Rev. Dr. Solomon, 39 s Eden 
Devalangin Mrs.W. 212 e Pratt 
Devalin Chas. E. engineer U.S.N., 4C n Front 
Devalin Henry P. bricklayer, 5 Barnes 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general, 89 Harrison, 

dw46 n Front 
Devalin John PI. blacksmith, 46 n Front 
Devane John, carpenter, 463 Saratoga 
Devane Mrs. Julia, 32 Rock 
Devaugh Wm. D. spike cutter, 6 L. Gough 
Devaughn Eliza, janitress, 216 3 Durham 
Devaugn Mrs. Annie, 17 Gough 
Devaugn Wm. nailmaker, 17 Gough 
Devenney Hugh, drayman, 20 Comet 
Devere Charles, (Kcrnan &Devere, )7 e Balto. 
De Vere Wm. 80 e Baltimore 
De Vere Wm. T. attorney, n e cor Broadway 

and Eastern av., dw 80 e Baltimore 
Devereux James, shoemaker, 61 Harford av 
Devekert Antone, coachtrimmer, 275 s Eutaw 
Deville Francis, hair dressing and capillary 

doctor, 117 w Baltimore, dw Parkav 
Deville Francis, fireman, 11 Hawk 
Devillen Mrs. JIary, 154 Harford av 
Devin W. H. clerk, 80 n Front 

Devine Bridget, 88 Stirling 

Devine John, coachman, 51 w Centre 

Devine John, police, 20 s Front 

Derine John, laborer, 9 Bevan 

Devine Margaret, cook, 18 Biddle al 

Devine Patrick, laborer, 253 Cross 

Devine Patrick, laborer, 372 Ostend 

Devine Wm. shoemaker, 17 L. McElderry 

Deviney John, laborer, 113 York 

Deviney Patrick, laborer, 246 Cross 

Devlin James, laborer, 105 e Lombard 

Devlin John, carter, 250 e Madison 

Devlin Joseph, baggage m.aster, G6 Conway 

Devlin Patrick, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 

Devlin Peter, printer, 250 e Madison 

Devlin Mrs. Sarah Ann, 123 Aisquith 

Devon Lawrence, drayman, 7 Humes 

Devos John, mariner, 3 Barnes 

Devouges Alphonse, (A.N.Marion & Co.) 197 

n Eutaw 
Devouges V. (C. Le Faivre & Co.) 124 n 

Devries C. (Wm. Devries & Co.) Eutaw house 
Devries Leo, watchmaker, Wolfe 5 doors s of 

Devries Wm.& Co. (Wm. Devries, C. Devries 

ofS., Wm.R. Devries, S. Kimmell, G. E. 

Ducker, ) wholesale dry g'ds,31 2 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. (Wm. Devries & Co.) 74 w 

Devries Wm. R. (Wm. Devries & Co.) 74 w 

Dew Dr. James, agent, 179 Saratoga 
Dew Joshua S. salesman, 1G4 e Eager 
Dew Theodore, news agent, 164 e Eager 
Dew Theodore W. printer, 164 e Eager 
Dew Robert II. teacher, 51 Scott 
Dew Wm. pattern maker, 54 Greenmount av 
Dew Wm. pattern maker, 51 Scott 
Dcwald John M. furniture wagoner, 76 n Ann 
Devvalt John C. blacksmith, 77 Lee 
Dewalt Mrs. Louisa, 100 William 
Dcwalt Wm. H. machinist, 108 William 
Dewey Fred. F. insurance agent, 134 Dolphin 
Dewissen Dr. Joseph, 159 s Broadway 
Dewling Geo. W. blacksmith, 137 Cross 
Dewling Dr. Josiah, 8 Flenrietta 
Dewling Thomas, blacksmith, 126 West, dw 

137 Cross 
Dewry F. F., Fountain hotel 
Dewycr Timothy, laborer, Gl s Oregon 
Dexter Anton, cooper, 98 Leadenhall 
De Young Annie, whip finisher, 170 Aisquith 
Dialar James, laborer, 45 Dewberry al 
Diamond George H. shijijoiner, 143 s Ana 
Diamond Hugh, laborer, 99 Cambridge 
Diamond James A, mariner, 1-43 s Ann 
Diamond James, sr. cooper, 20 Philpot, dw 

143 s Ann 
Diamond James, jr. cooper, 143 s Ann • 
Diamond John, printer, 31 Stirling 
Diamond Wm. coal dealer, 70 s Ann 
Dibb James, fireman, 95 s Poppleton 
Dibb John, junk dealer, Philadelphia road, 

near city limits 
Dibbell D. S. salesman, 53 n Greene 
Dibert Conrad, foundryman, 213 Gough 
Dibert Isadore, wagoner, 329 Eastern av 
Dichler Mrs. Martha, Gist, btvr Essex and Can- 
ton av 
Dick Christopher, bootmaker, 73 n Gay 
Dick John T. curled hair, Pratt w of Pulaski 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 Sonth-st. 




Dick Wm. bookkeeper, 150 Orleans 

Dickas John, laborer, 105 s Chapel 

Dicke Leonard, blacksmith, 484 Harford av 

Dickel Conrad, silk weaver, 5 Baker's ct 

Dickel George H. tailor, 133 German 

Dickel Henrv L. (D^ & Lecompte, ) 133 German 

Dickel Henry, gardener, s w cor Gilmor and 

Dickel John, shoemaker, 126 William 
Dickel & Lecompte, (H. L. Dickel, J. IL Le- 
compte) grocery and provisions, 150 German 
Dickens ITenry, ropemaker. 30 Gittings 
Dickens Joseph, clerk, 28 Hanover 
Dickersou Charles, clerk, 161 w. Lombard 
Dickerson Capt. Gco.W. stevedore, 194 e Pratt 
Dickerson Henry, carpenter, 660 Saratoga 
Dickerson Daac W. stevedore, 82 s Caroline 
Dickerson Peter, carpenter, 660 Saratoga 
Dickert Michael, laborer, 14 Ivy al 
Dickey Charles E. prest Maryland Meter Co. 

Charles st av 
Dickey George S. 249 w Biddle 
Dickey Gearge W. sailmaker, 35 s Ana 
Dickey Harold, clerk, 249 w Biddle 
Dickey Heury, teacher, 44 s Wolfe 
Dickey John J. laborer, 446 \v Lombard 
Dickey Robert L. clerk, 19 Chew 
Dickey Wm. J. manufac. of plaids, checks ' 

linseys, &c., 16 Hanover, dw 309 w Fayette 
Dickliand Jacob, tailor, 96 Raborg 
Dickinson Arthur, bookseller, and stationer, 

514 w Baltimore, dw 411 vv Lombard 
Dickinson David A. 24 North 
Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Gideon J. clerk, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Gideon, carpenter, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson L L. tinner, 29j n Greene 
Dickinson Jas. A. bookkeeper, 281 s Charles 
Dickinson John S. CWhedbee & Dickinson,) 

39 Courtland 
Dickinson Susan, teacher, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Wm.T. 161 Lombard 
Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 297 Lexington 
Dickson David, laborer, 694 w Pratt 
Dickson Hen rj', carter, 237 Dover 
Dickson James, furniture, 65 Harrison 
Dickson James, 28 s Ann 
Dickson James A. 28 s Ann 
Dickson John, 126 w Biddle 
Dickson Dr. John, 261 Madison av 
Dickson John T. bookkeeper, 126 w Biddle 
Dickson John, tinner, 283 Saratoga 
Dickson Joseph, laborer, 5 Perry 
Dickson Malvina, 474 Lexington 
Dickson Mrs. Mary, 583 w Pratt 
Dickson Margaret, tailoress, 48 Dolphin 
Dickson Mary, tavern, 161 Eastern av 
Dickson Samuel, laborer, 26 n Oregon 
Dickson Wm. laborer, 161 Eastern av 
Dickson Wm. J. tinner, 283 Saratoga 
Dickson Wm. Hlazen & Co.) William, near 

Dickson Wm. M. sec'ry Balto. Life Ins. Co. 7 

Dicus Elizabeth, 136 Dolphin 
Dicus Mrs. Margaret, 136 Dolphin 
Diddlemeyer Joseph, rao- dealer, 179 s Durham 
Didcnhover Mary A. saleswoman, 120 w Fayette 
Didicr Alexander, huckster, 236 n Eden 
Didier Mrs. Edmund, 74 Cathedral 
Didier Eugene L. stenographer, 45 St. Paul, 

dw 56 George 

Didier Henry A. insurance agent, 43 s Gay, 

dw 19 Read 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 56 George 
Diebel George, house carpenter, 403 s Charles 
Diebel Henry, foreman Gail & A.\, 28 Barre 
Diebitsch Johanna, teacher, 4 Pearl 
Dicckman Frederick, carpenter, 216 s Wolfe 
Dieckman Henry, machinist, 65 Portland 
Dieckmann John H. porter, over 94 w Pratt 
Diedel Andrew, laborer, 21 Smith 
Diedrick John, tailor, 379 w Pratt 
Dieffeub.ach Chas. H.' (Moore & Dieffenbach,) 

203 Hanover 
Diefinback Henry, clerk, 105 Hanover 
Dietfenderfer John P (Whittle k D.) 40 Barre 
Diehl Mrs. Catherine, 34 Shakspeare 
Diehl Charles, tailor, 85 n Central av 
Diehl Henry, stevedore, 34 Shakspeare 
Diehl Henr}', shoemaker, 13 s Spring 
Diehl Henry, pumpmaker, 9 Hammond al 
Diehl John W. (Diehl & Meine.) 202 n Eutaw 
Diehl Louis, barber, 202 n Eutaw 
Diehl Ludwig, teacher, 166 s Wolfe 
DIEHL & MEINE, ( J. W. Diehl, R C. Meine,) 

hair dressing saloon, s e cor Hamilton and 

Diel John, tobacconist. 312 s Charles 
Dielman Elizabeth, confectionery, 47 .James la 
Dielman Henry, baker, 47 James la 
Diener Israel, sec. hand furniture, 300 s Bond 
Dierbeck Conrad, carpenter, 63 Preston 
Dierbeck Geo. carjjenter, 65 Preston 
Diering Augustus H. caulker, 38 Thames 
Diering Christopher, cooper, 172 Lee 
Diering Henry, plasterer, 98 Henrietta 
Diering Herman F. tavern, 4 Patterson 
Diering II. Lewis, 181 s Washington 
Diering H. F. clerk, 181s Washington 
Diering H. L. sr., wholesale liquor dealer, 40 

e Pratt, dw 181s Washington 
Diering L. H. teacher, 45 Conway, dw 27 Bcvan 
Dierken Frederick, shoemaker, 113 n Spring 
Dierker Bernard Wm. clerk, 88 York 
Dierker Henry, drayman, 88 York 
Dierloute Christian, tailor, 148 n Caroline 
Dieschefer John II. tailor, 17 Butler 

principal, 48 Gcanby 
Dieter Mrs Ar^elaide, 7 Orchard 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
DIETER LOUIS A. paper hangings, 23 n 

Howard, dw 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Philip, butcher, 148 Raborg 
Dieterly Christopher F. clerk, 99 MoElderry 
Dieterich Leonhardt, second hand goods, 313 

n Gay 
Dicterick Louis, artist, 9 Watson 
Dieterick Michael, laborer, 85 Johnson 
Dieters Bernhardt, laborer, Hamburg near 

Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 354 s Charles 
Dietrich August, safemaker, 95 Lincoln 
Dietrich Caspar, cooi)er, 95 Lincoln 
Dietrich Charles, rag dealer, 131 s Spring 
Dietrich Charles, medicine vender, 65 e Mon- 
Dietrich Frederick, huckster, 161 w Pratt 
Dietrich Hendrick, varnisher,. 62 s Central av 
Dietrich Henry, collector, 58 Walsh 
Dietrich Henry, grocer^', 62 s Central av 
Dietrich John, tailor, 58 James la 
Dietrich John, tailor, 74 Preston 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Dietrich Jolin, shoemaker, 747 w Baltimore 

Dietrich John, tailor, 379 w Pratt 

Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 347 w Fayette, 

dw 19 Jackson ct 
Dietrich L artist, s w cor Charles and Fayette, 

dw 9 Watson 
Dietrich Martin, (D. & Plitt,) 202 s Ann 
Dietrich Philip, bookkeeper, 347 w Fayette 
Dietrich Philip, jr. clerk, 347 w Fayette 

DIETRICH & PLITT, (M. Dietrich, 
George Plitt,) dealers in Coal and 
■Wood, s e cor Chester and Can- 
ton av 

Dietrich Wra. baker, 328 s Bond 

Dietsch Frank, tailor, 75 Jefferson 

Dietsch John, laborer, 36 Bank 

Dietz & Bros. (John Dietz, Louis Deitz, Frank 

Deitz, ) furniture, IG n Howard 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 555 e Fayette 
Dietz Charles, driver, 354 e Ea<Ter 
Dietz Mrs. Dorothea, tailoress, 395 Canton av 
Dietz Francis X. carpenter, 65 Penna av 
Dietz Frank, (Dietz & Bros.) 273 w Pratt 
Dietz George A. laborer, 2 Armistead la 
Dietz George, b.aker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz George, brewer, Belair av nr Choptank 
Dietz George, cabinetmaker, 78 Barre 
Dietz George, clerk, 167 Gough 
Dietz Gerhard, watchmaker, 49 Eanover 
Dietz Henry, blacksmith, Baltimore betw Pop- 

pleton and Schroeder 
Dietz Jacob, varnisher, 133 Henrietta 
Dietz John, laborer, over 34 n Bond 
Dietz John H. tobacconist, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, shoemaker, 31s Wolfe 
Dietz John, (Dietz & Bros.) 273 w Pratt 
Dietz John, merchant tailor, 224's Broadway 
Dietz John, porter, 15 s Spring 
Dietz .John B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz Joseph, tnilor, 213 Mullikin 
Dietz Joseph, (Constance & Deitz,) 273 w Pratt 
Dietz Joseph, laborer, 309 Aliceanna 
Dietz Killian, huckster, 152 Low 
Dietz Mrs. Kunegunda, 648 Light 
Dietz Lawrence D (Lawrence D. D. & Co.) 

308 and 310 w Baltimore 
Dietz Lorenz, carpenter, 336 s Sharp 


(Lawrence D. Dietz,) Importers 
and Wholesale Dealers in Notions, 
Hosiery, Fancy Goods and Varie- 
ties, 308 and 310 West Baltimore 
street, between Howard aijd Lib- 
erty Sts. 

Dietz Louis, (Dietz & Bro.) 16 n Howard 
Dietz Louis, cabinetmaker, 21 s Liberty 
Dietz Louis, musical instrument maker, 58 n 

Dietz Mvs. Margaret, variety store, 65 Penna av 
Dietz ^Irs. Mary, grocery, 354 e Eager 
Dietzcl Adarn, tailor, 36 Bank 
Dietzel Conrad, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dietzel John, shoemaker, 275 Aliceanna 
Dietzel Mary, bagmaker, 136 s Spring 

Dietz wek Franz, shoemaker, 121s Chaj)el 
Dievcr Louis, wagoner, 119 McElderry 
Difenbaugh John, restaurant, 47 n Paca 
Dilfelder .John, cooper, 170 Eastern av 
Diftenbaugh Christo. shoemaker, 199 e Madison 
Diffenlraugh John, shoemaker, 55 Clay 
DifFcndall Mrs. Emily, dressmaker, 90 St. Peter 
DifTendcrfTer Mrs. Elizabeth A. 183 n High 
Dilfenderffer Geo. S. bookk'er, 225 e Baltimore 
Diffendcrffer Harry H. 613 w Lombard 
Dilfenderffer James, gravel roofer, 118 Gough 
Diffenderffer James P. carpenter, 211 Druid 

Hill .av 
DifFenderflFer John R. conductor city cars, 931 

Diffenderffer John F. 255 Garden 
Diffenderffer Dr. Michael, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Maria, 52 Conway 
Diffenderffer Octavius, (Charles H. Ross& Co.) 

80 e Pratt 
Diffenderffer Robert E. shipjoiner, 12 George 
Diffey Mrs. JVIary, nurse, 50 s Schroeder 
Diffey Mrs. Mary S. 58 s Poppletoy 
Diffley Michael, stonemason, 22 Willow 
DifHey John, stonemason, 20 Willow 
Digan Henry, laborer, 135 Low 
Digges Dudley, bookkeeper, 574 Lexington 
Diggs Beverly, carpenter, 23 Gough 
Diggs Charles F. secretarv Balto. Coal Co. over 

6 South, dw 194 Druid' Hill av 
Diggs Daniel E. police, 209 Gough 
Diggs Edward G. sec'yand treasu'r Baltimore 
Cemetery Co. over 6 South, dw 1 1 n Exeter 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector, 64 Albemarle 
Diggs Henry S. letter carrier, 64 Albemarle 
Diggs James, agent Balto. Coal Co., 2 South, 

dw 194 Druid Hill av 
Diggs J. Wesley, clerk in Circuit Court, 24 

Diggs John R., jr. 224 w Hoffman 
Diggs John R. fancy goods, toys, &c., 219 w 

Baltimore, dw 224 w Hoffman 
Diggs Richard H. & Son, (R. H. Diggs, Sam- 
uel J. Diggs,) feed store, 258 s Caroline 
Diggs Richard H. (Richard H. Diggs k Son,) 

91 s Broadway 
Diggs Samuel J.'(R.H. Diggs & Son, ) 95 s Bond 
Diggs Mrs. Sarah L. seamstress, 59 William 
Diggs Capt. Wm. J. mariner, 35 Warren 
Diggs Wm. B.( J. Joseph Gray & Co.) 97 Gough 
Digler John, shoemaker, 17 Orleans 
Dignan Bridget, seamstress, 182 L Constitution 
Dignan & Conner, (Michael Dignan, Matthew 
Conner)grocery, flour and feed, 146 Cathedral 
Dignan Mrs. Mary, 1S2 L. Constitution 
Dignan Michael, (Dignan & Conner,) 146 Ca- 
Dignan Peter, drayman, 21 Perry 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 25 n Bond 
Digner Ilirch, 42 n Spring 
Dill Andrew E. clerk, 75 e Lombard 
Dill .\ugust, shoe findings, 60 s Sharp 
Dill Catherine, 257 n Eutaw 
Dill Charles, trunkmaker, 87 Grindall 
Dill Charles, carter, 90 s Payson 
Dill Christian, junk dealer, 87 Grindall 
Dill Conrad, grocery, 67 Elbow la 
Dill Frederick, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill John, laborer, 90 s Payson 
Dill John, mariner, 150 s Ann 
Dill H. clerk, 15! Hanover 
Dill Nicholas, shoemaker, 74 Penna. av 

THE GROVER, & BAKER SEWING MAC HINE is <Ue best ror all purposes— SALES 

ROOJI.^— 181 Knitiinure Sti*ct. 




34 S. 






Dill Robert P. carpenter, 334 Mulberry 
Dill Win. currier, 139 s Exeter 
Dill Win. H. grocer}' 289 s Sharp, dw 295 
Dill Wm. II. barkeeper, 219 w Pratt 
Dillaway Mrs. Ellen. 423 w Fayette 
Dilleliunt Mrs. P^lizabcth, 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Frederick, cigarmaker, 171 e Balti- 
Dilleliunt George R. V. cheesedealer, 229 Har- 
ford av 
DILLEHUNT JOHN G. tobacconist, 171 e 

Dillehunt John T. huckster, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt Letitia, 110 Henrietta 
Dillehunt Louis P. cigarmaker, 46 s Caroline 
Dillehunt Louis cigarmaker, 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinetmaker, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt Wm. cigarmaker, 171 e Baltimore 
Dillfelder George, cooper, 193 s Regester 
Dillfcldir John G. sr., cloak repairer, 179 s 

Dillfelder John G. jr., cooper, 170 Eastern av 
Dillfelder Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 193 s 

Dillinger John, basketmaker, 130 Lee 
Dillman Christian, tailor, 127 West 
Dillon A. H. jr., general agent Connecticut 
JIutual Life Ins. Co. 58 E.xchange place, dw 
226 w Bi Idle 
Dillon Edward, laborer, 44 Lemmon 
Dillon James, laborer, 21 n Amity 
Dillon John R. tin and sheet iron worker, 24 s 

Dillow Wui. tinner, 24 s Eutaw 
Dilraor Thomas, laborer, 95 Elliott 
Dilts Dr. G. S. 65 e Baltimore 
Dilworth Oliver, huckster. 27 St. Mary 
Dimal Adoljih, carpenter, 247 e Chase 
Dimblcr Mrs. Margaret, 56 Carlton 
Dimer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Dimmet .Mrs. Rebecca, 6 Bolton 
Dimniling Charles F. butcher, 32 Fell's Point 

market, dw Chester nof Monument 
Dimniling Conrad, butcher, 25 Hollins street 

market, dw Frederick road, near toll-gate 
Dimmling John, tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Dimmling John, laborer, 73 Grindall 
Dimmling Simon, shoemaker, 100 n Howard 
Dimniitt Mrs. Caroline, seamstress, 40 s 

Dimmitt Charles E. clerk, G3 n Liberty 
Dimig Nicholas, laborer, 8 Green's ct 
Dindrev Francis, laborer, 82 Granby 
Dine Mrs. Hannah, 19 Penna. av 
Ding August, laborer, 107 Hill 
Dinges John, porter, 464 Penna. av 
Dingfelder Anth'y, shoemaker, 143 L. Greene 
Dingle Elizabeth, 's Armistead la 
Dingle George, carpenter, 169 s Durham 
Dinigan Thomas, laborer, 114 Harford av 
Dinkflniau H. R. (Dinkelman & Kuhu) 3 

Penna. av 
Dinkelman & Kuhn (II. R. Dinkelman, George 

W. Kuhu, ) feed and liquors, 3 Penna. av 
Dinkle George, car[)enter. 19i! s Durham 
Dinman James, laborer, 65 w Pratt 
Dinmons George, Fountain hotel 
Diiinish John, lager beer, 266 s Ann 
Dinmore Christopher, photographer, 213 w 

Baltimore, dw 199 w Fayette 
Dinsmore Charlotte, Walsh, near Dolphin 
Dinsmore .Mrs. Catherine, 69 s Washington 
Dinsmore James A. machinist, 476 Saratoga 

Dinsmore & Kyle, (Geo. II. Kyle, S. A. S. 
Kyle, W. B. Duvall) wholesale grocers and 
com. merchants, 156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Mrs. Rosanna, 21s Republican 
Dinsmore John T. moulder, 15 Stiles 
Dinstbeer Geo. -porter, 10 Harmony la 
Dintwald August, 9 Arch 
Dintzbaugh Phil., harnessmaker,337 e Madison 
Dipped .Mrs. Elizabeth, 342 Mulberry 
Dippel Henry, cigarmaker, 342 Mulberry 
Dippel John, cigarmaker, 342 .Alulberry 
Dijjpel Mrs. Louisa, candies, 96 s Spring 
Dipjiel So)diia, confectionery, 119 Bank 
Dippel William, cabinetmaker, 1^'.9 s Bond 
Dippel Mrs. Wilhemina, 36 Cross 
Diring Henry L. teacher, 27 Bevan 
Dirschner John C. shoemaker, 804 w Pratt 
Diskin John, driver, 105 York 
Disney Benjamin F. carpenter, 131 Conway 
Disney Charles H. foundry man. Gist bet. Can- 
ton and Eastern avs 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth, 167 Bank 
Disney James, 11 Cambridge 
Disney John T. puddler, 203 Hollins 
Disney John W. 114 n Eden 
Disney John W. painter, 182 Conway 
Disney John, fireman, B.&.O.R. 54 s Schroeder 
Disney Joseph R. mate, 101 s Wolfe 
Disney Oliver, painter, 182 Conway 
Disney Oliver M., 182 Conway 
Disney Richard E. painter, 148 Camden, dw 

206 Conwav 
DISNEY RICHARD P. produce dealer, 131 

Disney & Skinner, (Wm.H. Disney, J. B. Skin- 
ner, ) carts and wagons, 172 s Washington 
Disney Stirling T. coachsmith, 150 Ensor 
Disney Wm. painter, 11 Walker 
Disney Wesley, market master, 156 s Sharp 
Disney W. A". clerk, 91 w Biddle 
Disney Wm. H. laborer, n e cor Fort av and 

Disney Wm. II. (Disney & Skinner, ) 172 s 

Dissen Frank, carter, 18 Elizabeth la 
Distelbart George, lock and gunsmith, 159 East 
Distler Conrad, tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Distler John C. grocery, 227 Canton av 
Ditaman John, provisions, 106Jeiferson 
Ditman Thos. M. clerk, n w cor Ensor and East 
Ditniau Wm. H. clerk National Bank of Balti- 
more, cor Biddle and Harford av 
Ditter Henry, cabinetmaker, 218 Barre 
Dittert John, shoemaker, 119 Low 
Dittman Edward F. carpenter, 28 Gough 
Dittman George, laborer, 20 s Oregon 
Dittman Ilarman, leaf tobacco, over 85 Ex- 
change place, dw 72 Hill 
Dittman John H., sr., wood, 28 Gouerh 
DITT.MAN JOHN W. restaurant, 61 President 
Dittman John H., jr., clerk internal revenue, 

3d dist. 28 Gough 
Ditmar Herman, clerk, s w cor Hanover and 

DITTRICII FRANCIS, hat and cap manufac- 
tory, 178 n Gay, dw 167 n Exeter 
Dittus Charles L. butcher, 752 Penna av 
Dittus J. Frederick, jr. Penna av near toll gate 
Dittus Mrs. J.Frederick, butcheress, 87 Centre 
and 24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers' 
row, Penna av extended 
Dittus Wm. butcher, Penna av near North- 
ern av 

THE GKOVEJR, .S; BAKER SEWIIVG MACHINE U the best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 BaltUnore Street. 

DR. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Ditty & Beall, (C. I. Ditty, Geo. T. Beall, jr.) 

attorneys, 8 Law buildings, St. Paul 
Ditty C. Irving, (Ditty & Beall, ) 28G w Fayette 
Ditzell Conr;\d, laborer, 72 e Lombard 
Ditzer Adam, laborer, 337 e Lombard 
Ditzworth Wni. T. laborer, 15 n Poppleton 
Divcn Ann R. provision store, 72 s Bond 
Divcn Edward T. carter, 150e Madison av 
Diven Edward T. conductor, l<^i2 s Carey 
Diven James W. painter, 72 s Bond 
Divcn John, laborer, 147 Hollins 
Divcn Mary Ann, seamstress, 94 Ilollins 
Divens .John, well digger, 107 Garden 
Diver Christian IL laborer, 151 Eastern av 
Diver Elizabeth, tavern, 151 Eastern av 
Diver John A., sr., tailor, 151 Eastern av 
Direr John A., jr., machinist, 151 Eastern av 
Diver Tvichard A. machinist, 151 Eastern av 
Diver Wm. machinist, 151 Eastern av 
Divin Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 
Di.v Edward IT. soliciting agent, 147 e Favette 
Dix J Franklin, (Di.x k Steiner,) 231 n Eutaw 
Dix .Mrs. Margaret, 44 Jackson 
Dix Preston, trader, 85 n Eutaw 
DIX & STEINER, (J. F. Dix, F. B. Steiner,) 

imp. and dealers iu foreign fruits, cigars, &c. 

112 w Lombard 
Dix Wm. S. clerk, 26 n Charles, dw 329 e Bal- 
Dix Wm. T. clerk, 44 J.ackson 
Dix Wm. clerk, 173 n Eutaw 
Dixon Bradlev S. dry goods, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Mrs. Bridget, 36 McIIenry 
Dixon Charles, 146 Preston 
Dixon David, boilermakcr, 604 w Pratt 
Dixon & Davis, (Thomas Dixon. Frank E. 

Davis) architects, over 117 w Baltimore 
Dixon ^Irs. Fanny, restaurant, 22 William 
Dixon Francis, sexton, 93 Barre 
Dixon Is.aac H. (Smith, Dixon & Lockwood) 

189 w Fayette 
Dixon Isaac F. jr., clerk, 168 Madison av 
Dixon Isaac, laborer, 87 Lincoln 
Dixon James, laborer, 49 Low 
Dixon -John A. J. brickm.aker, 415 Light 
Dixon John F. brickmaker, 403 Light 
Dixon .John B. (Wm. T. Dixon & Bro.) 189 w 

Dixon John X. painter, 36 McHcnry 
Dixon .John C. butcher, 1 Hanover market, 

dw 121 Columbia 
Dixon .Joshua, carter, 399 w Pratt 
Dixon Matthew J. gilder, 36 McIIenry 
Dixon Patrick, laborer, 181 Barre 
Dixon Cajit, Robert R. mariner, 142 Cross 
Dixon R. W. K. & Co. (R. W. K. Dixon, C. B. 

Jones) com. merchants. 95 Smith's wharf 
Dixon R W. K. (R. W. K. Dixon & Co.) 167 

Dixon Thomas, (Dixon k Davis) Mt. Washing- 
ton, llaltimore co 
Dixon Thomas, carpenter, 87 n Poppleton 
Dixon Wm. (Ilazen & Co.) 22 William 
DIXOX WM. T. & BROTHER, (William T. 

Dixon, J. B. Dixon) wholesale dealers boots 

and shoes, 306 w Baltimore 
Dixon Wm. T. (Wm. T. Dixon & Bro.) 189 w 

Dixon Wm. J. T. clerk, 181 Mulberry 
Dixon Wm. laborer, 36 McIIenry 
Dixon Wm. T. clerk, 181 Mulberry 
Dobbin Eliza, laundress, 13 Comet 

Dobbin Francis, laborer, 351 Columbia 
Dobbin G. L. (R. A. & G. L. D.) 42 St. Paul 
DOBBIN GEORGE W. attorney, office and 

dw 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin James, laborer, 96 Harford av 
Dobbin John k Co. (John Dobbin) coach and 

livcrv stable, 36 North 
Dobbin-.John (J. Dobbin & Co.) 26 n High 
Dobbin R.A.(R.A.& G. L. Dobbin) 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin R. A. & G. L. attorneys. 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin Mrs. Mary W. 146 w Biddle 
Dobbin Mrs. Wm. B. 72 Courtland 
Dobbins Joseph 0. 336 w Baltimore 
Dobbs Wm. D. housecarpenter, .228 Saratoga 
Dobbyn George W. harnessmaker, 4 Pearl 
Dobe Christian, porter, 342 e Chase 
Dobercr George II. restaurant, 147 w Lombard, 
Dobcrer J. G. butcher, 76 Lexington market, 

dw Garrison la near Western cemetery 
Doberer John. Louisiana house, 199 Lexington 
Dobler Mrs. Daniel, 88 n Central av 
Dobler David, clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 164 Front, 

n of Foundry 
Dobler David,' machinist, 156 Front, n of 

Dobler Fred, clerk, 156 Front, n of Foundry 
Dobler George, clerk, 1 7 Jackson 
Dobler George W. clerk, 17 Jackson 
DOBLER GUSTAVUS A. salesman, 38 n 

Central av 
Dobler Jacob, clerk, 17 Jackson 
Dobler .lohn, school comm'r, 158 Front, n of 

Dobler Kate, teacher, 1 7 .Jackson 
Dobler Theodore, clerk, 156 n Front 
Dobroslorich Nicholas, s w cor Gay and Balti- 
more, dw 26 n Gay 
Dobson Charles, mariner, U.S.N. 102 L, Greene 
Dobson George H. (Johnson & Dobson J 229 e 

Dobson George, fireman, lOOsRegester 
Dobson James T. police, 229. e Fayette 
Dobson John A. agent for R. Edwards, jr. 24 

s Charles, dw 7i) n Charles 
Dobson John, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson John, laborer, 29 Williamson al 
Dobson John, salesman, 353 e Baltimore 
Dobson John T. police, 280 Aisquith 
Dobson & Nily (Thomas II. Dobson, Adam 

Nily, jr.) painters, I5S Broadway 
Dobson Robert II. shoemaker, 90 Jefferson 
Dobson H. (Dobson & Nily) 269 e 

Dobson Wm. police, 100 Jefferson 
Dobson Wm. O. mariner, 3 Hope al 
Dochtermann Conrad, confect'r, 155 Hughes 
Dockery .Mrs Mary. 68 n Central av 
Dockery .Michael, plumber and gaslitter, 141 n 

Gay, dw 68 w Central av 
Dockrey Thomas, grocery, 227 w Fayette 
Dodd Daniel, jr., huckster, 153 s Chester 
Dodd Joseph L. shoemaker, 99 u Poppleton 
Dodderway Peter, hostler, 277 s Ann 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover, dw 164 

Dodge (ieorge R. & Go. (Mary A. Dodsre, W. 

H. Jillard,) artists and painters store, 42 w 

Dodge Mary A. (George R. Dodge k Co.) 261 

n Eutaw 
Dodge John W. supt. Abbott's Iron "Works, 

dw 262 e Baltimore 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Dodge Richard, shoemaker, 85 Camden 
Dodge Richard S. general agent, 85 Camden 
Dodge Wm. E. lumber com. merchant, s w cor 
Greene & Pratt, dw 19 Fremont. near Pcnn av 
Dodson C. M. clerk at Fountain hotel 
Dodson Daniel, fireman, ITY s Chester 
Dodson Gilljert, clerk, 108 Orleans 
Dodson John W. clerk, 038 w Lombard 
Dodson Richard S. bookkeeper, Fountain ho- 
tel, dw G91 Lexington 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carpenter, 87 Albemarle 
Dodson Thomas, carter, 177 s Chester 
Doe Capt. Wm. R. mariner, 40 s Broadway 
Doebel Alois, shoemaker, 258 e Lombard 
Doebel Casper, shoemaker, 352 Canton av 
Doebler Jacob, laborer, 3G7 e Lombard 
Doefler Martin, sawyer, 41 s Durham 
Doefler Michael, tailor, 40 s Durham 
Doell William, baker, 167 n Central av 
Doeller Christopher, organ manuf, 53 Fawn 
Doenges Ernst, shoemaker, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges George, pickler. 118 Hollins 
Doenges Henry, baker, 171 Chesnut 
Doenges Philip, vinegar dej)ot, 141 King 
Doqjlitz Solomon, millinery and fancy goods, 

78 Lexington 
Doerflein Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Doerr Conrad, lager beer, 243 Hanover 
Doerr John, tinner, IG Druid Hill av 
Doerr Peter, lithographer, 255 Hanover 
Doerres Christian, laborer. 181 Peirce 
Doetsch & Hoover, (T. J. Doetsch, H. T. Hoo- 
ver, ) millinery & fancy goods, 160 Lexington 
Doetsch Theresa J. (D.& Hoover, )160Lexington 
Doft George, tin and sheet iron worker, 164 n 

Doged Mrs. Eliza, 196 e Fayette 
Doged Martin H. clerk, 196 e. Fayette 
Doged Sallie, teacher, 196 e Fayette 
Doggett iMartin, coojier, 53 Stirling 
Doggett Peter, boatman, 267 Aliceanna 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemaker, 133 Saratoga 
Dohany John, laborer, 25 w Pratt 
Doherty M. & E. dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Hugh H..61 Gough 
Doherty Mrs" Mary, 180 n Calvert 
Dohm Franklin, carpenter, 158 Fraukliu 
Dohm Jlrs. Jane, 173 n Paca 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & Dohme, ) 263 w Pratt 
Dohme Charles E. (Sharp & Dohme) 265 w 

DOHME DR. G. C, 60 e Fayette 
Dohoney John E. machinist, 274 n Eutiiw 
Dohoney Rodolphus V. machinist, 274 n Eutaw 
Dohoney Thomas, tavern, 31 w Chase 
Dolach John, tailor, 67 s Durham 
Dolan Mrs. Ann, 662 w Pratt 
Dolan Mrs. Bridget, 103 Garden 
Dolan Edward, shoemaker, 83 North 
Dolan Edward, laborer, 41 s Dewberry al 
Dolan James, moulder, Rising Sun hotel 
Dolan James, laborer, 11 Preston 
Dolan Rev. James, 112 s Broadway 
Dolan John, laborer, 95 n Spring 
Dolan John, brakesman, 54 s Schroedcr 
Dolan John, stonecutter, 30 Thomsen 
Dolan John, laborer, 367 e Eager 
Dolan .Mary Ann, seamstress, 525 w Lombard 
Dolan Morris^ curriei', 27 Haw 
Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 72 s Payson 
Dolan Patrick, 122 Harford av 
Dolan Patrick, Clinton, s of Boston 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, 220 Penna av 
Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 177 n Dallas 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch John C. jr., blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolfield Alexander Y. teller, Franklin Bank, 

dw 18S s Bond 
DOLFIELD FREDERICK, grocer, 188 s Bond 
Dolfolter "\Vm, laborer, rear 492 Penna av 
Dolin Valentine, laborer, 10 s Regester 
Dolin Wm. drayman, 10 s Regester 
Doll Annie M. teacher, 62 s Poppletou 
Doll Daniel, receiver of trains Mount Clare 

station, dw 62 s Poppleton 
Doll George, peddler, 16 Callendar al 
Doll George, police, 109 West 
Doll Geo. cupper and leecher, 16 Callendar al 
Doll Mrs. Jane E. boarding house, 44 Hanover 
Doll Leander Z. (Faugmeyer, Doll & Castle) 

292 Hollins 
Doll Jacob, driver, 225s Ann 
Doll John, billiard room, Gilmor house 
Doll John H. salesman, 203 w Fayette 
Doll Michael, police, 115 West 
Doll John H. bookkeeper, 8 Hanover 
Doll Lewis, bristlemaker, 244 Frederick av 
Doll Rev. Penfield, 44 Hanover 
Doll R. McSherry, bookkeeper, 203 w Fayette 
Dollar John, watchman, Mt. Clare Station, 

45 s Dewberry al 
DoUe Mrs. Johanna, confec'y, 43 Leadenhall 
Dolle Thomas, 43 Leadenhall • 

Dollinger Chas. butcher, 30 Belair and 90 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair road, near Balto. 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 291 » Eutaw 
Dolphin Mrs. Francis, 201 Mulberry 
Dolman Mrs. Margaret, 9 Calvertou road 
Dolme Catherine, 13 Diamond 
Dolth John, wheelwright, 2 Walker 
Domer Rev. Samuel, 183 e Monument 
Dominie John, plasterer, 86 e Fayette 
Domling Geo. shoemaker, 255 e Chase 
Domling Geo. tailor, 4 n Wolfe 
Donagau Barney, furnace hand, Clinton, near 

Donagan Edward, laborer, Clinton, near Laz- 
Donagan Patrick, furnace hand, Clinton, near 

Donald James, salesman, 237 w Baltimore 
Donald Margaret L. 178 Preston 
Donaldson Alex, street scraper, 3 Harmony la 
Donaldson Anthony, tailor, 19 Slemmer's al 
Donaldson Capt. Edward, U. S. N. 59 Court- 
Donaldson Elizabeth, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson John, baggage express, P, W. k 

B. R. R. 62. Fawn 
Donaldson John I. jr. 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Richard, laborer, 1 Cooksie 
Donaldson Robert, baggage master P. W. & 

B. R. R. 60 Albemarle 
Donaldson Mrs. Samuel I. 39 St. Paul < 

Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 133 s Exeter 
Donaldson Thos. W. baggage master P. W. 

& B. R. R. 62 Fawn 
DONALDSON THOMAS, attorney, 38 St. 

Paul, dw Howard co 
Donallen Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donahue Bernard, bonnet framemaker, 253 n 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




D onahue Catherine, milk, Jordan al, near Dol- 

Donahue Cornelius, laborer, *l "Wagon al 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, 246 Cross 
Donahue Daniel T. carpenter, 22G e Fayette 
Donahue Dennis, laborer, Jordan al, betw 

Hoffman and Dolphin 
Donahue Mrs. Elizabeth, 226 e Fayette 
Donahue Henry K. tinner, 22G e Fayette 
Donahue Jeremiah, t9 Front, n of Foundry 
Donahue Thos. laborer. Vineyard hotel. Fort 

av extended 
Donat Julian, machinist, 68 Lancaster 
Donat Julius, blacksmith, 138 s Ann 
Donat Peter, laborer, 243 Hamburg 
Donda Bartliolomew, huckster, 7 Camden la 
Donavin W. A. clerk, s e cor Lee and Sharp 
DONAVIN DR. MATTHEW W. pharmaceu- 
tist, s e cor Lee and Sharp, d\v 108 Lee 
Done Juliet H. 229 Madison av 
Done Wm. 245 w Lombard 
Done Stephens, laborer, 273 s Dallas 
Doner Huph, Franklin house 
Donges John, shoemaker, 159 Stirling 
Donelson Francis, hostler, 388 w Eager 
Donelson Richard, tobacconist, II McElderry 
Donelson Noah I. tinner, 36 Ryan 
Donelson Robert, fireman, Winan's row 
Donelson Ward H. salesman, 175 n Paca 
Donhauscr Geo. paint and glass, 278 Aliceanna 
Donlan* Anthony, tailor, 19 Slemmer al 
Donlan Thos. confectioner, 277 w Fayette 
Donnell Geo. mariner, 308 Canton av 
Donnell Jas. M. machinist, 308 Canton av 
Donnell John E. mariner, 308 Canton av 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, 16 Walnut al 
Donnelly Mrs. Catherine, 198 s Charles 
Donnelly Cornelius A. machinist, 148 Green- 
Donnelly Charles J. watchmaker, 8 Saratoga, 

dw 198 s Charles 
Donnelly Daniel, laborpr, cor Townsend and 

Donnelly David, brickmaker, foot of ^ Light, 

dw 73 Harford av 
Donnelly Daniel, laborer, 16 Walnut al 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, 1 24 s Dallas 
Donnelly Mrs. Eliza, 73 w Biddle 
Donnelly Ellen, seamstress, 9 Comet 
Donnelly Francis, stone cutter, 46 Dolphin 
Donnelly Hugh, laborer, 87 Biddle al 
Donnelly James, machinist, 383 Hamburg 
Donnelly James, watchmaker, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly James, finisher, 371 Hamburg 
Donnelly James, machinist, over 138 HoUins 
Donnelly James, painter, 234 e Pratt 
Donnelly James, carter, 48 Jefferson 
Donnelly James, laborer, 120 Ramsay 
Donnelly James, 172 n Front 
Donnelly John, blacksmith, 17 Willow 
Donnelly John, grocer, n e cor Jefferson and 

Eden ' 
Donnelly John, plumber, 46 Tyson 
l)onnelly John, porter, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly John, laborer, 16 Walnut al 
Donnelly John, laborer, 464 Walsh 
Donnelly Joseph, shoemaker, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Joseph V. gas fitter, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly Joseph P. carpenter, 414 w Fayette 
Donnelly Leonidas, brickmaker, 73 Harford av 
Donnelly Margaret, 16 Walnut al 
Donnelly Martha, news depot, 60 s Howard 

Donnelly Mary, 83 Thames , 
Donnelly Mary, corset manfacturer, 172 Lex- 
Donnelly Mary, 21 Foundry- 
Donnelly Mary A. grocery, 37 Biddle al 
Donnelly Maria, news depot, 234 e Pratt 
Donnelly Michael, drayman, 35 Block 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 6 Swan 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly Peter, laborer, 73 Goodman al 
Donnelly Richard, machinist, 17 Willow 
Donnelly Th«anas, laborer, 122 Hamburg 
Donner Anna, 85 Johnson 
Donner Ernest, boiler maker, 85 Johnson 
Donohue Charles, laborer, 81 s Spring 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 60 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, huckster, 44 Front, n of 

Donohue Daniel, tailor, 178 L. Constitution 
Donohue Daniel, laborer, 31 Chew 
Donohue George W.ehip joiner, 461 Canton av 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 161 Gough 
Donohue James D. ship joiner, 12 s Ann 
Donohue James H, salesman, 47 e Pratt 
Donohue James, moulder, 322 Forrest 
Donohue James, laborer, 64 President 
Donohue James, 309 e Pratt 
Donohue John, jr. clerk, 47 e Pratt 
ifoniAue John, (Holloway,D. & Co.) 47 e Pratt 
Donohue John, grocery, n e cor Amity and 

Donohue John F. salesman, 8 Watson 
Donohue Marcus L. junk dealer, 16 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 104 s Washington 
Donohue Martin, shoemaker, 326 Canton av 
Donohue Matthew, laborer, 192 Vine 
Donohue Jlichael, boiler maker, 57 s Oregon 
Donohue Patrick, watchman, 99 Granby 
Donohue Patrick, boiler maker, rear 126 Dol- 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 253 n Gay 
DONOHUE RICHARD, shirt manufacturer, 

205 w Baltimore, dw 9 Pearl 
Donohue Thomas, watchman Maltby house, dw 

249 Forrest 
Donohue Thomas, helper, 164 Ramsay 
Donohue Thomas, foreman Crescent Coal Oil 

Co. s w cor Howard and West 
Donohue Wm. attorney, 81 Thames 
DonovalMrs. C, Hoffman e of Cathedral 
Donovan Bridget, 16 Mercer 
Donovan Mrs. Catherine, 847 w Pratt 
Donovan Dennis, cocoa matting maker, 847 w 

Donovan Ellen, grocery, 60 Aisquith 
Donovan Harriet, 134 Front, n of Foundry 
Donovan James, printer, 134 Front, n of 

Donovan Jeremiah, 60 Aisquith A* 

Donovan John, salesman, 30 Warren 
Donovan John, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan Michael, printer, 83 n Exeter 
Donovan Simon, peddler, 26 s Ann 
Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, 16 Mosher 
Donovan Wm. tavern, 148 s Central av 
Doolan Maurice, currier, 27 Haw 
Dooley Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooley Michael, laborer, 6 Swann 
Doolittle Wm. barkeeper, 34 w Pratt 
Dopman Julia, 28 Jefferson 

THE GROVER Si BAKER SEWING MACHINE is the best for all purposes— SALKB 
ROOKS— 181 BalUmore Street. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Depart Jlrs. Barbara, seamstress, 48 Abbott 
Doral Clifford, printer, 41 s Eden 
Dorau James, bricklayer, 80 n Scliroeder 
Doran P.J. varietj- store, 404 e Monument 
Doran Patrick, laborer, 230 Vine 
Dorbatit August, laborer, 234 Hanover 
Dorberd Geo. shoemaker, 109 s Dallas 
Dorbert Frank, laborer, n w cor Lombard and 

Central av 
Doremus Peter B. plasterer, Druid Ilill av, betw 

Townsend and Mosher 
Dorenburg John D. shoemaker, 151 Conway 
Dorfer Ernst, plainer, 196 Canton av 
DORGAX& CO. (T.A. Dorgan) stoves, ran- 
ges, &c. wholesale and retail, s e cor Lom- 
bard and Light 
Dorgan Gustavus A. ship carpenter, 45 s 
• Washington 

Dorgan Theodore A. (Dorgan &Co.) 92 Sara- 
Dorguth Frederick, cooper, 90 e Lombard 
DOKGUTH'S HOTEL, John F. Heck, proprie- 
tor, 271 w Pratt 
Dorington Geo. lager beer, 2G0 e Chase 
Dorington Mrs. Mary, laundress, 510 Lexington 
Dorington .Michael, laborer, 510 Lexington 
Dorman Ann. confectionery, 75 s High 
Dorraan F. W. (D. & Thomas) 94 s Bond 
Dorman Jane G. 6 Aisquith 
Dorman John, stevedore, 381 Hamburg 
Dorman John S. huckster, 2 Williamson al 
Dorman Mrs. Margaret, dairy, 49 Pine 
Dorman Mrs. Mary, nurse, 271 Eastern av 
Dorman Mrs. Otil'la, 381 Hamburg 
Dorman Samuel, constable, 49 I'ine 
Dorman & Thomas, (F. W. Dorman, J. S. 

Thomas) stencil cutter, 97 w Lombard 
Dorman Mrs. Wm. boarding house, 180 Bank 
Dorman Wm. T. plasterer, 2 Mulberry 
Dorn Gerlick, laborer, 2 Gist 
Dorn John, grocery, s e cor Park and Rich- 
Dorn John S. wagoner, s e cor Park and Rich- 
Dorn John, restaurant, n e cor Cross and Light 
Dorn Patrick, 3G Haubert 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Dorn Wolfe, carter, 86 Albemarle 
Dorndorf Adam, carpenter, 226 Frederick av 
Dorner Ernest, umbrcUamaker, 85 Johnson 
Dorner JohnT. packer, 178 n Fremont 
Dorney Eugene, teacher. 7 e Monument 
Dorney Eugene, porter, 7 e Monument 
Dorney Mary A. 130 e Pratt 
Dorney Eliza, 174 n Eutaw 
Dorney Thos. J. salesman, 18 s Calhoun 
Dornin Franklin B. clerk, 8 Townsend 
Dornin Thomas A., U. S. N. 8 Townsend 
Dorohan Thos. watchman, 81 s High 
Dorr Casper, printer, 268 Hanover 
Dorr Chas. cooper, 69 Goodman al 
Dorr Laurence A. (D. & Hoffman) 268 Hanover 
Dorr & Hoffman, (L. A. D., Wm. Hoflman) 

tobacconist, 78 s Howard 
Dorr Louis, baker, 268 Hanover 
Dorran Michael, laborer, 26 Towson 
Dorrance Jas. R. cabinetmaker, 84 Hanover 
Dorrance Geo. E. bookkeeper, 16 e Fayette 
Dorrell Wra. potter, s e cor Orleans and Ann 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorries Cli&s. cigarmaker, 87 e Monument 
Dorritee Chas. W. bookkeeper, 541 e Fayette 

Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 218 w Baltimore 
Dorritee James, clerk, 86 s Sharp 
Dorritee Robt. E. painter, 210 n Bond 
Dorritee Wm. S. (Green & Co.) 159 e Fayette 
Dorritee Wm. T. clerk, 541 e Fayette 
Dorritz Edward, caulker, 62 William 
Dorry Mrs. 5 s Frederick 
Dorry Mrs. Margaret, 49 s Broadway 
Dorsch Geo. shoemaker, 102 n Spring 
DORSCHEL WM. groceries and liquors, 36 

Fell, dw 107 Eastern av 
Dorset Albert A. brakesman, 41 s Oregon 
Dorsett John F. 119 McCulloh 
Dorsey Allen, (Walker, Dorsey & Co.) 248 w 

Dorsey Mrs. Augusta A. over 57 n Calvert 
Dorse.y Bartus C. (Wheelwright, Mudge & 

Co,) 501 w Baltimo]^ , 

Dorsey B. Harry, (InToes & Dorsev, 105 St. 

Dorsey B. H. (Inloes & D.) 72 Courtland 
Dorsey & Billups, (G. D. Dorsey, B. F. Bil- 

lups, ) wholesale grocers, liquor, and com. 

merchants, 96 w Lombard 
Dorsej- Geo. W. shoemaker, 78 Preston 
Dorsey Caleb, 501 w Baltimore 
Dorsey Mrs. Catherine, 47 Greene 
Dorsej' Charles E. coach painter, 166 n Exeter 
Dorsey Charles H. laborer, 106 Boyd 
Dorsey Charles W. brush finisher, 48 German, 

dw 54 s Poppleton 
Dorsey Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
DORSI^IY D. propietor Barnum's City hotel 
Dorsey Daniel, gilder, 274 e Madison 
Dorsey David, marble worker, s e cor North 

and Monument 
Dorsey Edward, (D. & Waters,) 527 Saratoga 
Dorsey Mrs. Elizabeth, 835 w Pratt 
Dorsey Ezekiel S. (R. C. Kemp & Co.) 369 e 

Dorsey Emeline, provisions, 82 Gough 
Dorsey Grafton D. (Dorsey k Billups,) How- 
ard Co. 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 45 Buren 
Dorsey James B. clerk, 92 Pearl 
Dorsey James E. 23 n Calvert 
Dorsey James L. flour inspector, 35 Conway 
Dorsey James, laborer, 9 Groves al 
Dorsey James P. clerk, Clinton, n of Boston 
Dorsey James, laborer, Clinton, s of Boston 
Dorsey John, cellar digger, 29 s Wolfe 
Dorsev John, 562 Saratoga 
Dorsey John A. (Turner & D.) 209 w Lombard 
Dorsej' John, shoemaker, 77 Harrison 
Dorsey John, laborer, 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, 12 Harford av 
Dorsey John T. shoemaker, 464 w Baltimore 
Dorsey John, tavern, s w cor Plowman and s 

Dorsey John T. clerk, 92 Pearl 
Dorsey John, tailor, 305 Paca, s of Hamburg 
Dorsey John T. shoemaker, 315 s Eutaw 
Dorsey Jos. L granite stone cutter, 90 Hollins 
Dorsey Josoph, clerk atBarnunvs hotel 
Dorsey Joseph S. (Middleton & Dorsey,) 309 e 

Dorsey Joseph, moulder, 12 Henrietta 
Dorsey Mace, shoemaker, 10 s Oregon 
Dorsey Mrs. .Mary, 184 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Mrs. Mary, 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 140 s Castle 
Dorsey Michael, cellar digger, 247 Eastern av 

THK GKOVER Si BAKER SEAVIXG KIACHIIvr: Is the best for all inirposes— SALKS 
R009IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

DR. ^^INCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Dorsey Michael, grain, lime and feed, 112 . 

Light-st. wharf, dw 31 Conway 
Dorsey Mrs. Rachel, McIIenry, w of Fulton 
Dorsey Richard, clerk, 218 w Baltimore 
Dorsey Richard H. shoemaker. IIG n Bond 
Dorsey Mrs. Rachel, dressmaker, ITI Mulberry 
Dorsey R. E. (I.W.Lansdale& Co.) 93 w Lom- 
Dorsey De Robert W. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Dr. Robert, (of Edward,) 79 w Monu- 
Dorsey Samnel A. stone cutter, 102 Pearl 
Dorsey Samuel, s e cor Saratoga and St. Paul 
Dorsey Samuel, 64 n Charles 
Dorsey Samuel, laborer, 153 Vine 
Dorsey Sellman, clerk, 383 Lexington 
Dorsey Mrs. Susan, 1.37 n Central av 
Dorsey /Theodore C. clerl^ 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Thomas N. engineer, 2r>3 s Wolfe 
Dorsey Thomas R. (Morgan, Hopkins & Co.)- 

194 Franklin 
Dorsey Thomas, drayman, 206 n Exeter 
Dorsey Washington L. can maker, 401 Lex- 
Dorsey Wm. H. paying tellei- Western Nation- 
al Bank, dw 413 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm. A. real estate broker, over 42 w 

Dorsey Wm. A. 104 Hanover 
Dorsey Wm. H. butcher, 122 Hollins 
Dorsey Wm. J. H. (Dade & Dorsey,) 69 Lex- 
Dorsey & Waters, (Edward Dorsey, John Wa- 
ters, ) carpenters and builders, rear 118 n 
Dorsey Wm. A. coachmaker, 166 n Exeter , 
Dorsey Wm. laborer, 142 s Castle 
Dorsey Wm. student, 102 Pearl 
Dorsh Louisa, confectionery, 178 Peirce 
Dorweis Eckert, painter, 34 Albemarle 
Dosch Andrew, laborer, Clinton, opp Chesa- 
peake furnace 
Dosh Rev. John H. C. 308 e Baltimore 
Doster John, tailor, 382 e Monument 
Dotsch Louis, printer, 160 Lexington 
Dotsou Geo. wire worker, rear 134 Eastern av 
Dotter Charles, second hand furniture, 270 

Canton av 
Dotterweih Frederick, cigar maker, 180 Druid 

Hill av 
Dotterweih Francis, teacher, 240 e Eager 
Dotterweitch Henry, moulder, 273 s Durham 
Dotterweuh Henry, laborer, 265 s Durham 
Dotzer Francis, Gist, bet Canton av and Essex 
Doub Ezra, 828 w Baltimore 
Doud Bridget, huckstress, 132 Low 
Doud John A. M. police, 114Ensor 
Doud John, laborer, 702 w Pratt • 
Doud Maria L. dressmaker, 35 High 
Doud Martin, laborer, 25 Pleasant al 
Doud Michael, laborer, 18 Pleasant al 
Doud Patrick, laborer, 19 e Madison 
Doud Thomas, blacksmith, 109 s Castle 
Douges Andrew, carter, 333 s Charles 
Douges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doughen}^ Michael, laborer, 235 Gough 
Doudeken John, laborer, 6 Chapel 
Dougherty Chas. M. 31 Franklin 
Dougherty Chas. M. hat finisher, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Cornelius, carp'tr, 404 w Fayette 
Dougherty Daniel, t;ivern, 81 Forrest 
Dougherty Daniel, porter, 404 w Fayette 

"Dougherty Daniel, carter, 184 s Washington 
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, 11 Hull • 
Dougherty Dennis, laborer, 404 w Fayette 
Dougherty E. dressmaker, 108 Saratoga 
Dougherty Edw'd J. caulker, 62 William 
Dougherty Edward, laborer, 481 w Pratt* 
Dougherty George, painter, 80 Preston 
Dougherty James W. clerk, 86 s Sharp 
Dougherty James, plasterer, 51 Preston 
Dougherty James, builder, 11 \v Biddle 
Dougherty Capt. James, 110 s High 
Dougherty Jane, matron of Baltimore Rosiue, 

335 w Pratt 
Dougherty Rev. John, 93 Barre 
Dougherty Mrs. James, 131 n Eutaw 
Doughertj- John, sailor, 84^ Centre M'kt space 
Dougherty John C guano weigher, 146 s Ann 
Dougherty John, machinist, 47 Eastern av 
Dougherty Julius, 267 Saratoga 
Dougherty J. J. C. clerk Maryland Peniten- 
tiary, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Jlrs. Julia, 16 s Chester 
Dougherty Kate, laundress, Maltby house 
Dougherty Martin, laborer, 18 Armistead la 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty Marg't, laundress Univ'rsityhosn'tl 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary A. 316 e Pratt 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 71 Warner 
Dougherty Michael, hackman. 137 n High 
Dougherty Michael J. plumber, 141 n Gay, 

dw 77 Orleans 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 16 Garden 
Dougherty Philip, collector, 26 n Bond 
Dougherty'Philip, jr. collector, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Thomas, 104 n Bond 
Dougherty Thomas, driver, 71 York 
Dougherty Thomas B. printer, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Thomas, drayman, 31 Albemarle 
Dougherty Thomas, 13 n Caroline 
Dougherty Thos. P. clerk, 58 s Paca 
Dougherty Thomas, police, 147 n Bond 
Dougherty Wm. H. cigarmaker, 181 n Eutaw 
Dougherty Wm. H. police, 186 German 
Dougherty Wm. H. (Sands & Co.) 16 s Chester 
Doughty Ellen, chambermaid Gilmor house 
Doughty John C. 348 w Lombard 
Doughty Mrs. Mary A. 307 Lexington 
Doughty Thos. P. salesman, 28 Hanover 
Douglas August, (M. G. Cohn & Co.)Balto. co 
Douglass Charles, laborer, over 61 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 1 Wyeth 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 251 Columbia 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, 33 Chew 
Douglass Institute, 1 1 Lexington 
Douglass Joseph, hacks, 33 Chew 
Douglass Mrs. Mary J. 87 Hamburg 
Douglass Mrs. Mary, 27 Carlton 
Douglass Mrs. R. H. 80 McCuUoh 
Douglass Robert, cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Mrs. Susan, 17 Baker's ct 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 27 Carlton 
Douglass Wm. R. painter, 31 May 
Douglass Wm. H. cooper, 75 Dawson al 
Doulongn Conrad, tailor, 272 Canton av 
Doum John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Douthatt Wm. H. clerk, 124 Hanover 
Douty Mrs. Phoebe, 694 Saratoga 
Douville Edwd. draftsman, 5S Georgft 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Wo. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Dove John R. baggage mas' r B. &O.R.R. 20 

Dove Will. C. iron roller, 665 w Baltimore 
Dover Jacob Z. painter, 499 w Pratt 
Dover John, shoemaker, 499 w Pratt 
Dover Mary Ann, paper bagmaker,499 w Pratt 
Dowflen Francis P. mariner, 290 e Lombard 
Dowell Geo. E. cl'k to quarterm'r 27 n Liberty 
Dowell John, 63 Aisquith 
Dowey John, laborer, 430 Canton av 
Dowling Ann, l^^o n Eutaw 
Dowling Kate, seamstress, 24 Eillen 
Dowling Michael J. carriagemaker, 153 and 

155 nlligh, d\v Brown's hotel 
Dowling Mrs. Mary, 73 n High 
Dowling Thomas, laborer, 85 Booth 
Down Michael, maltster, 17 Front n of Foundry 
Downey Benj.F. mariner, 49 Goodman's al 
Downey Charles, carpenter, 13 L. Gough 
Downey Chas. bricklayer, s w cor Baltimore 

and Republican 
Downey Edmund, keeper of Eastern spring, 13 

L. Gough 
Downey Edward, laborer, 203 e Lombard 
Downey John & Son, (J. D., T. G. D.,) gro- 
cers and com. merchants, 133 Franklin 
Downey John, mariner, 239 Henrietta 
Downey John, (J. D. & Son,) 154 n Eutaw 
Downey John, laborer, 203 e Lombard 
Downey Margaret, 203 e Lombard 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 2i'3 e Lombard 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 165 s Chapel 
Downey Thos. G. (J. Downey & Son,) 154 n 

Downey Wm. carter, 239 Henrietta 
Downey Wm. plumber, 13 L. Gough 
Downey Wm. T watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Howell, broker, 158 w Biddle 
Downing Nath'l F. bricklayer, 536 w Fayette 
Downing Wm. H. bricklayer, 536 w Fayette 
Downs Charles G. salesman, n e cor Camden 

and Sharp 
Downs Harris T. police, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Henry C. butcher, 29 May 
Downs Jas PJenry, of U. S. Treas'y Dept. 361 

Downs James H. printer, 125 Division 
Downs John L carpenter, 722 Penua av 
Downs Joseph B. butcher, 508 Light 
Downs Lawrence, tailor, 355 e Lombard 
Downs Martha, 319 w Fayette 
Downs Mrs. Mary A., McMechin near Johns 
Downs Robt. F. millwright, 213 n Central av 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 173 n Fremont 
Downs Samuel A. carpenter, 149 Barre 
Downs Wm. H. carpenter, 75 Hamburg 
Downs Wm. H. grocerv, 255 Light 
Downs Rev. Wilford, 101 n Bond 
Downs Wm. H. cond'r C. P. R. 444 w Fayette 
Doxen Kinsey, carpenter, 57 Scott 
Doyle Arthur, ship carpenter, 139 s Castle 
Doyle A. J. bookstore, 11 Penna. av, dw 226 

Doyle Prof. Bartholomew, Loyola college 
Doyle Benj. H. marble polisher. Farmers' hotel 
Doyle Bridget, grocery, 76 e Fayette 
Doyle Ellen, butter, 227 and 229 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 12 w Lombard 
Doyle Ellen, confectionery, 43 n Fremont 
Doyle Henry, clerk, 35 n Gilmor 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 218 s Castle 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 131 West 

Doyle James, grocer, n e cor Lombard and 

Doyle Jas. blacksmith, 150 s Central av,dw 164 
Doyle Mrs. Jane G. 32 Camden 
Doyle James M. liquors, 45 s Charles, dw 129 

w Lombard 
Doyle John, laborer, 218 s Castle 
Doyle John, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Doyle John, laborer, 18 Abey al 
Doyle John, nailraaker, 209 Vine 
Doyle John, clerk, 154 w Lombard 
Dovle John, laborer, 67 Dawson al 
Doyle Dr. John A. 21 s Gay 
Doyle John, laborer, 154 w Lombard 
Doyle John, laborer, 10 s Chapel 
Doyle Martin, laborer, n w cor Chester & Bank 
Doyle Mary, huckstress, 74 Johnson 
Doyle Matthew, milk. 4 Orbit al 
Doyle Michael H. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Doyle Michael, hack driver. 164 Dover 
Doyle Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 
Doyle Prof. Michael, Loyola college 
Doyle Owen, lineman, 31 w Fayette 
Doyle Patrick, drayman, 172 Stirling 
Doyle Patrick, laborer. Cathedral near Nor- 
thern av 
Doyle Samuel B. clerk Adams express, 13 n 

Doyle Thomas, tavern, 78 York 
Doyle Thos. G. bookseller, 205 n Gay 
Doyle Thos. cooper, 62 Philpot 
Doyle Thos. whipsawyer, 74 Johnson 
Doyle Wm. F. carter, 462 Light 
Doyle Walter J. 45 n Gilmor 
Doyle Wm. H. carpenter. 36 Franklin al 
Doyle Wm. J. jr. clerk, 138 Pearl 
Drage Charles, cigarmaker, 126 L Greene 
Drager Francis, blacksmith, 58 Henrietta 
Drager Henry, carter, 210 s Wolfe 
Drager Henry, cigarmaker, 96 e Fayette 
Drager Henry, carter, 222 s Wolfe 
Drager Theodore, blacksmith, 58 Henrietta 
Dr.ager Theodore, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drain Richard, grocery, n w cor Douglass 

and Forrest 
Drain Richard, laborer, 79 Ensor 
Drake Edward, blacksmith, 203 Columbia 
Drake Jas. T. cigarmaker, 2u3 Columbia 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, u e cor Pcnn and 

King, dw 205 Columbia 
Drakeiey George, (Tilghman & Drakeley, ) 291 

w Fayette 
DRAKELEY & FENTON, (H. W. Drakeley, 

A. Fenton, Louis Dunan, Joel Henman, ) 

wholesale produce com. merch'ts, 387. w 

Drakeley Henry W' . (Drakeley & Fenton.) 291 

w Fayette 
Drakeley Thomas, clerk, 291 w Fayette 
Drane James, laborer, 27 e Madison 
Drane Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 27 e Madison 
Drankelbach Martin, laborer, 56 Buren 
Draper Chester, huckster, 397 w Pratt 
Draper J. Q. A. bookkeeper, 111 s Washington 
Draper Jas. H. bookkeeper, 363 e Baltimore 
Draper Kate, 6 Josephine 
Draude Andrew, clothing cutter, 60 Stiles 
Draughn J. C. clerk, 95 Saratoga 
Drautnian Adolph, currier, 41 Harrison 
Drebing George, shipjoiner, 13 n Choptank 
Drebing Harriet, 13 n Choptank 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 

THK GROVER & BAKER SEAVING MACHINE is tUe best for all piirposes— SALJ"^ 
ROO.'I*!— ISl Baltimore Slrtet. 


Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Drechsler Frederick, tailor, 132 s Washington 
Dreclisler Thomas, lager beer, n w cor Forrest 

and Low 
Drett' George, grocer, s w cor Charles and Wil- 
liamson al 
Drege Francis, laborer, 56 Henrietta 
Dreisch Joseph, porter, 37^ Marion 
Drenk Philip, shoemaker, 93 Low 
Dresbac Wm. blacksmith, 1 Baker's ct 
Dresel Conrad, glass blower, Stockholm near 

Dresel John A. rarnisher, T2 Mulberry 
Dresel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.). consul 
for Prussia, Wurtemberg, Saxony, Baden, 
Bavaria and Hesse Darmstadt, s e cor Lom- 
bard and Cheapside, dw 110 Park 
Dressel Charles, lager beer, 2G4 Canton av 
Dressel Mrs. Catherine, 289 e Monument 
Dressel Conrad, baker, Stockholm betw Eutaw 

and Russell 
Dressel Conrad, tailor, 246 e Chase 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 60 n Spring 
Dressel Henry, teacher, n w cor Charles and Leo 
Dressel John, laborer, TO Somerset 
Dressel John G. laborer, 246 e Chase 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 267 n Eden 
Dressel Joseph W. butcher, 485 e Baltimore 
Dressel Leonard, bliudmaker, 353 e Eager 
Dressell George, driver, 31 Rose 
Dreves Francis, cigar store, 16 Pine 
Drew Arthur, laborer, 13 n Poppletou 
Drew Amanda L. 160 w Madison 
Drew Chas. chemical yeast powders, 117 w 

Lombard, dw 161 
Drew Mrs. Eliza, 59 e Baltimore 
Drew John G. yeast manuf. Mansion house 
Drexel August, cigarmaker, 61 n Gay 
DREXEL H. C. steam scourer and dyer, 52 w 

Drex'el Henry, pianomaker, 47 n Gay 
Drexler Ferdinand, laborer, 231 n Bond 
Drexlcr John, laborer, 23 Smith 
Drexler Mrs. John, dairy, 328 n Popplcton 
Drexsel Richard, potter, 23 Smith 
Drexsel John, tanner, 23 Smith 
Drexsel John, jr. potter, 23 Smith 
Drey Abraham, (Treusch, Schoenberg & Co.) 

64 Conway 
Drey Elkan, (Lewis Lauer & Co.) 283 w Balto. 
Dreyer Chas. tobacconist, 197 Lexington 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 175 w Fayette 
Dreyer Fred' k, blacksmith, 109 Eastern av 
Dreyer John F. boxmaker, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer Wm. shoe store, 163 and 170 s Broadway 
Dreyer Wm. shoemaker, 23 Armistead la 
Drhre Cornelius, tailor, 26 Raborg 
Drill Ja,mes M. freight agent, N. C.E-. Giuady 

w of Townsend 
Drind Hall, office n w cor Gay and Fayette 
Drischer Peter, shoemaker, 16 Willow 
Drischnian Charles, carter, 151s Chapel 
Driscoll Mrs. Caroline R.teacher,42 n Popplcton 
DriscoU Dennis, laborer, 184 Putmsay 
Driscoll Ellen, grocery, 217 Chesnut 
DriscoU James, tavern. Fort p.t expended, ad- 
joining Fort McHenry 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 58 s Howard 
Driscoll Thomas, laborer, 12 Jb'ish Market space 
Driscoll Timothy, peddler, 84 n Holliday 
Driver Alex, carter, 169 s Chapel 
Driver Charles F. painter, l(')3s Chapel 
Driver Charles, barber, 15 Preston 

Driver Jacob, stevedore, 169 s Chapel 

Driver Lewis, carter, 169 s Chapel 

Driver Silas, brickmaker, Clinton nr Lazaret 

Droge Theodore, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 

Drogey Wm. boots and shoes, 226 3 Bond 

Drohan David, police, 84 3 High 

Dromer Andrew, cabinetmaker, 142 Dover 

Droney Martin, tailor, 104 L. York 

Droningburg Horace, laborer, 143 McHenry 

Droscher Adolph,(J.P.Lubs& Co.)51 n Greene 

Drost Gustav, A. (Drost & Sutro, ) 217 w 

Drost Michael, shoemaker, 112 s Bethel 

DROST & SUTRO, (G. A. Drost, 
E. Sutro, L. Sutro,) Importers of 
Hosiery, Zephyr Worsted, Dress 
Trimmings and Fancy Goods, 25 

Droste John E. clerk, 78 Hill 
Droste John H. 78 Hill 
Droste Louis, bookkeeper, 30 n Greene 
Droste Wm. H. ship carpenter, 78 Hill 
Droudner John, shoemaker, 140 Low 
Drought Francis, carpenter, 145 Montgomery 
Druery John A. stonecutter, 170s Washington 
Druery Wm. rigger, 170 s Washington 
Druery Wm. jr. carpenter, I70s Washington 
Drugan & Ryan, (H. Drugan, Wm. Ryan,) 
produce com. mers. s w cor South and Pratt 
Druid Hall, n e cor Gay and Baltimore 
Druid Hill Assembly Rooms, 126 Druid Hill av 
Drumey Cornelius, laborer, 4 Baker 
Drumgoole Patrick T. carpenter, 46 Orleans 
Dumm Sarah, 90 e Pratt 
Drummond George H. clerk, 275 e Lombard 
Drummond Johanna E. watchmaker and jew- 
eler, 31 w Pratt, dw 15 s Exeter 
Drurey Charles B. clerk, 7n Charles 
Drurey Charles B. clerk, 48 Conway 
Drurk Mrs. Mary, laundress, 256 e Chase 
Drury Joseph, foundryman, 2G Fountain 
Drury Mrs. Marian, fancy goods, 246 n Gay 
Drury Samuel C. coachman, 15 s Fremont 
Drury Wm. A. mariner, 127 William 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 64 Clay 
Dryden Mrs. Arelia, fish, Hanover, Lexington 

and Centre Markets, dw 64 Clay 
Dryden Charles H. butter depot, 51 n Eutaw 
Dryden Charles H. 279 Hollins 
Dryden Charles H. magistrate, 45 w Fayette 
Dryden James, blacksmith, 195 e Madison 
Dryden James, blacksmith. 257 n Central av 
Dryden J. Meredith, (R. W. Dryden & Son, ) 

48 Lanvale 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua R. clerk, 149 w Hoffman 
Dryden R. H. shoemaker, 257 n Central av 
Dryden Robert W. ,j- Son, (Robert A\'. Dry- 
den, J. Meredith Dryden, ) dry goods com. 
merchants, 14 and 16 German 
Dryden Robert W. (R. W. Dryden j|-Son,) 68 

e Pratt 
Drvden Mrs. Rebecca, 188 Mulberry 
Dryden Mrs. Ruth, 147 Park 
Dryden Richard J. clerk, Maltby House 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer. 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, 397 w Baltimore 
dw lis Eutaw 

THE GKOVKR dfc BAIiEll SE\t'IMi JIACiHIlVE is tlie best for all piii-poscs— SALE* 
KOCWS- ISl Baltiinoi-e Sti-ect. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Dryden "VV. Sydney, saksnian, 8Gs Sharp 
Dryden Wm/ll. clerk, 342 w Fayette 
Duball Henry, clerk, 155 Barre 
Dubcl Capt.James A. 155 Barre 
Du Bois E. C. clerk, export Internal Rev. of- 
fice, over Custom House, d\v 51 Saratoga 
Dubree, George, spoou maker, rear IG Har- 
Dubree John U. carpenter, 38 w Biddle 
DuBuissoa Robert L. com. merchant, 40 and 

42 s Frederick, dw 300 e Chase 
Dubreuil Oil Works Co., Victor ^Roux, Ray- 
mond Purcell, 15 South 
Ducatel Joanna, boarding, 38 Mulberry 
Duchaulte Charles G. clerk, 21 n High 
Duchs Henrv, engineer, 10 Abbott 
Duck Dr. Ch&s. E., (Stone & Duck,) 36 Mul- 
Duck Frederick, foundryman, 314 Eastern av 
Ducker George E. ( W. Devries & Co.) Reister- 

town, Baltimore Co. 
Duckett James, laborer, 16 Preston 
Duckett John, oyster dealer, 60 Perry 
Duckett Robert L. carter, 294 Franklin 
Duckett Richard G., (T. B. Poisal & Co.) 308 

Dudley Asa P. carpenter, 135 nEutaw 
Dudley Anna E. teacher, 281 w Fayette 
Dudley Christopher, machinist, 112 Stirling 
Dudley Eleanor M. teacher, 5 Penn 
Dudley Hiram G. grain weigher, 16 s Calvert 
Dudley Mrs. Hester A. tailoress, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Joseph carter. 111 s Castle 
Dudley Jos. blacksmith, 105 Greenmount av 
Dudley Joseph, iron moulder, 34 n Bond 
Dudley Mrs. Mary, 269 Light 
Dudley Mrs. Mildred, 33 Henrietta 
Dudley Marcus L., (Porter & Dudlev, ) 269 

Dudley N. clerk, 156 vr Lombard 
Dudley Peyton G. clerk, 7 Hill 
Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 194 East 
Dudrovv Charles E. dancing master, 40 nPop- 

Dudrow Charles E. harness maker, 143 Vine 
Dudrow Geo. W. machinist, 40 n Poppleton 
Dudrow Robert, engineer, 143 Vine 
Duer A. Adgate, clerk, 147 n Charles 

DUER JOHN", Importer and Dealer 
in Cabinet,TJndertakers and Build- 
ers Hardware, 24 S Charles, dw 
147 N Charles. 

Duer Lewis, painter, 23 n Fremont 

Duer Samuel, merchant miller, 38 Commerce, 

dw s w cor Ilollins and Calhoun 
Duering Charles, cigarmaker, 104 St. Mary 
Duering Mrs. Nancy, 104 St. Mary 
Duff Andrew, huckster, 148 Stirling 
Duff Mrs. Celcstiue, dressmaker, 144 Aisquith 
Duff Captain Henry, surveyor of vessels and 

cargoes, 37 Fell, dw 351 e Baltimore 
Duff James, stationery store, 115 s Broadway 
Duff James, stevedore, 30 Jew al 
Duff Patrick, drayman, 81 St. Peter 
Duff Wm. E. attorney, 45 w Fayette, dw 105 

s Broadway 
Duffey Daniel, watchman, Eutaw house, 98 s 


Duffy Mrs. Ann, fancy goods, 29 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 76 Johnson 
Duffy Bridget, grocery, 69 s Bethel 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, 231 Forrest 
Duffy Daniel, laborer, 221 Canton av 
Duffy Mrs. Ella, 108 Hillen 
Duffy Edward, attorney, 28 St. Paul, dw 

Townsend betw John and Grundy 
Duffy James, grocery, 55 Holland 
Duffy James, (M. & J. Duffy,) 4 Grundy 
Duffy Jane, cook, 116 n Schroeder 
Duffy John, hackman, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy John, hostler, 119 Vine 
Duffy John jr. moulder, 55 King 
Duffy Mrs. Margaret, 3 Hargrove al 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, 3 Hargrove al 
Duffy Mary J. laundress, 62 Union 
Duffy M. & J. grocery and feed store, 164 

Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 32 Preston 
Duffy Michael, (M. & J. Duffy,) 99 Cathedral 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 141 s Chester 
Duffy Thomas, brakesman, 41 Scott I 

Duffy Wm. laborer, 40 Slemmer's al 
Dufrin John, peddler, 35 Raborg 
DUFUR & CO. (G. Dufur, 0. Dufur jr.) wire 
workers, and iron railing ra'k'r3,36 n Howard 
Dufur George, (Dufur & Co.) 36 n Howard 
Dufur Orlando jr. (Dufur & Co.) 69 Columbia 
Dufur Orlando sr. 69 Columbia 
Dufur Wm. H. cigarmaker, 69 Columbia 
Dugan Alexander, clockmaker, 61 e Monument 
Dugan & Bro. (Hammond Dugan, Pierre C. 

Dugan, ) attorneys, 29 St. Paul 
Geo. H. Davis,) hardware commission mer- 
chants, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland, (Cumberland, Dugan k 

Co.) Baltimore co 
Dugan Dennis, hostler, 28 Josephine 
Dugan Hammond, (D. & Bro.) 38 Mulberry 
Dugan James, laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, hostler, 144 Dover 
Dugan John jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, 93 Harford av 
Dugan J. Osborne, drygoods, 129 n Gay, dw 

36 n Front 
Dugan Martin, laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 28 Josephine 
Dugan Michael, laborer, over 8 Bank 
Dugan Michael, butcher, 56 n Dallas 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, rear of 16 Concord 
Dugan Pierre C. (Dugan & Bro.) 29 St. Paul 
Dugant Francis, carpenter, 215 w Biddle 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk to Register of Wills, 152- 

Dugdale Geo. dealer in fertilizers, 97 and 105 , 

Smith's wharf, dw Baltimore co. 
Dugdale Wm. clerk, 278 Lexington 
Dugdale Wm. laborer, Mount nr Lexington 
Dugent Francis, carpenter, 215 e Biddle 
Dugent Francis, grocer, 248 e Lombard 
Duhamcl James, 163 n Paca 
Duhamel Robert A. police, 174 s Paca 
Duharael Wm. J. cond'r City P. R. R., 64Le<* 
Duhurst Charles H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Henry P; president Firemen's Insur- 
ance Co., 1 n Front 
Duhui-st Mrs. Mary, 1 n Front 
Duhurst Mary, huckstress, 8 Wagon al 
Duke A. W. apoth'ry and druggiat, 178 e Eager 

THE GROVER & BAKER SEAVI.\CJ 3IACHI\E is tJic best for nil purposes— SAL.KS 
ROOMS— 181 UaltimoA-e Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Duke Eliza, grocery, 10 Somerset 

Duke James, com. merchant, 126 w Fayette 

Duke Jame:i N. (Mills Sf Duke,) 126 wEayctte 

Duke Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 107 Pierce 

Duke Mrs. Mary, 2 Lewis 

Duke Susanna, 268 n Howard 

Duke Walter R. clerk, 83 Centre Market space 

Dukebart Balderston, 10 Ensor 

DukehartE. W. & Son, (E. W. Dukehart, G. 

Dukeliart, ) snuff manufacturers, 29 s Calvert 
Dukehart Edward W. (E. W. Dukehart & 

Son,) 164 Hanover 
Dukehart Graham, (E. W. Dukehart & Son,) 

90 Lee 
Dukehart George, baker, 94 Albermarle 
DUKEHART JOHN P. passenger agent, Ma- 
rietta and Cincinnati R. R., office Camden 

station, dw 25 n Gilmor 
Dukehart John, secretary Associated Firemen's 

Insurance Co., 25 n Gilmor 
Dukehart J. & Co. (J. Dukehart,) fishing 

tackle twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. J. (Dukehart&Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mary, 75 e Fayette 
Dukehart Mrs. Rachel, 67 n High 
Dukehart Robert W. hoseraaker, basement 18 

Water, dw 64 e Lombard 
Dukehart Samuel T. clerk, 67 n High 
Dukehart Thomas M. bailiff Criminal Court, 

82 e Fayette 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 64 e Lombard 
Duker Otto, (D., Wilson & Co.) 79 s High 
Duker Henry, tannery, rear 40 and 42 Front, 

n of Foundry, dw 61 Buren 
Duker Harman, (H. Duker & Co.) 225 w Pratt 

ker, George Hilge,) Box Makers, 
rear 216 W. Pratt. 

Dukes L Reyner, (Gould, Dukes & Co.) 93 Lee 

Dukes James M. clerk, 210 e Baltimore 

DulaneyB. T. F., 70 Durst al 

Dulaney Mrs. G. L. 41 Courtland 

Dulaney H. R. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 41 

Dulaney Henry S. clerk, 162 w Biddle 
Dulaney John," marble polisher, 88 n Pine 
Dulaney Walter, clerk, 41 Courtland 
Dulany & Eichler, (John M. Dulany, C. C. 
F. Eichler,) merchant tailors, 52 n Howard 
Dulany John M. (Dulany & Eichler, ) 316 Sar- 
Dulany John, tobacconist, Entaw, opposite 

Lexington market, dw 4 n Strieker 
Dulany John N. (Norris & D.,) 215 Mulberry 
Dulany Mrs. Sarah, 316 Saratoga 
Dulany Wm. J. C. (Selby & D.,) 316 Saratoga 
Duley John C. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley John R. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley John C. jr. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley Joseph, marble polisher, 33 Valley 
Duley Mary A. dressmaker, Jefferson, 7 doors 

e of Broadway 
Duley Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 262 n Gay 
Duley Mrs. Martha, tailoress, 66 Granby 
Duley Solomon P. machinist," 563 w Lombard 
Dulin Dr. A. F. 83 w Monument 
Dulin Alexander F. (0. P. Merryman & Co.) 

83 w Monument 
Dulin Mrs. Anna, seamstress, 51 McHenry 

Dulin Wm. 83 w Monument 
Duling John, mariner, 182 s Ann 
Dull (Jas))er, boatman, 49 James la 
Dulton John P. fruiterer, 36 Low 
Dumas Eliza, seamstress, 49 Albemarle 
Dumax Benj. L. carpenter, 464 w Baltimore 
Dumax Joseph, gasfitter, 464 w Baltimore 
Dumax Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 158 Pearl 
Dunibolton Frank A. clerk, 353 w Fayette 
Dumljolton Geo. (Carson k Co.) 353 w Fayette 
DumboltonH. R. clerk, 353 w Fayette 
Dumig Sebastian, laborer, 28 Goodman al 
Dumler Conrad, rag dealer, 31 s Washington 
Duuiler John, collarmaker, 215 w Fayette 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 326 Aisquith 
Dumler Matthias, cooper, 60 n Schroeder 
Dumphrey Mrs. Margaret, hucksteress, 3 Dia- 
Dumprof Sigmund, laborer, 62 s Durham 
Dun Margaret, 64 s Bond 
DUN R. G. & CO. (R. G. Dun,) mercantile 
agency, over s e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Dun R. G. (R. G. Dun & Co.) 373 w Fayette 
Dunahue John, bricklayer, 32 William 
Duuan Louis, (Drakeley & Fenton,) Balto. co 
DUNBAR DR. JOHN R. W. 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar Wm. W. baliff Criminal Court, Ham- 
ilton bet Charles and Cathedral 
Dunbracco Wm. T. variety store, 132 Hanover 
Dunbracco Wm. T. grain inspect. 143 Hanover 
Duncan Mrs. Anna, Strieker bet McHenry and 

Duncan Mrs. Anna M. dressmaker, 34 Front 

n of Foundry 
Duncan Adam, produce dealer, 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Adam, clerk, 239 Saratoga 
Duncan Alex. (A. Duncan & Co.) 2 s Carey 
Duncan Alex. & Co. (Alex. Duncan, Wm. H. 

Taylor, grocers, 827 w Baltimore 
Duncan David, bailiff Criminal Court, 177 n 

Duncan Emily, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan Geo. W. brushmaker, 251 s Sharp 
Duncan Helen, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan Isaac, engineer, 27 Buren 
Duncan James W. magistrate, office and dw 

289 s Bond 
Duncan James, grocery, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan Jane, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan Jesse, machinist, 35 s Schroeder 
Duncan John, mariner, 33 Fell 
Duncan John, clerk, 177 n High 
Duncan John F. junk, 146 s Bond 
Duncan John P. mathematical instrument m.a- 

ker, 120 L. Greene 
Duncan Jos. W. (Duncan, Rhein & Co.) 144 

Duncan John A. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Duncan Mrs. Julia, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Mrs. Louisa, milliner, 122 n Fremont 
Duncan Mrs. Mary, 251 s Sharp 
DUNCAN. RHEIN & CO. ( J.W. Duncan, John 
Rhein, Valentine Olshinkessy, ) carriage fac- 
tory, 19s Gay 
Duncan Thomas M. engineer, 135 Hollins 
Duncan Wm. J. printer, 289 s Bond 
Duncan Wm. engineer, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. T. brassfinisher, 251 s Sharp 
Dundard Charles, cake and apple stand, s w cor 
Charles and Baltimore, dw 13 New Church 
DUNDON MICHAEL, tobacconist, and U. S. 
tobacco inspector, 267 Light 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 Sonth-st. 




Dundor James, carter, 408 w Pratt 
Dundor Wni. tub finisher, 408 w Pratt 
Dungan Capt. A. S. mariner, s w cor Light 

and Camden 
DUNGAN & COUSINS, (L. Dungan, Wm. J. 

Cousins, ) commission merchants, 19 Soutli 
Dungan C. P. clerlv. 357 w Fajette 
Dungan Francis D. 392 Euta\v phice 
Dungan Frank W. clerk, 392 Eutaw place 
Dungan Join Y. blacksmith, lOG Boyd 
Dungan Louis, (D. & Cousins,) 2T4 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. L. L. variety store, 59 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. Ruth, 187 Franklin 
Dungan S. Henry, bookkeeper, 1 92 Druid Hill av 
Dungan Theodore, clerk, 187 Franklin 
Dungan Wm.W. engineer U SN 337 e Baltimore 
Dungan Wilkinson, shoes, 153 Franklin, d\v 

357 w Fayette 
Dunham Francis B. clerk P. 0. 23 s Calhoun 
Dunigan Mrs. Elizabeth, 22S s Bethel 
Dunigan James C. A. ship joiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Jeremiah, mariner, 9 Watson 
Dunigan Thomas, laborer, 91 Harrison, Canton 
Dunigan William, 191 Bank 
Dunk Henry, restaurant. 423 w Baltimore 
Dunkell Mrs.' Sarah N., 600 Lexington 
Dunker John C. H., bo.xmaker, 8 Jackson's ct 
Dunkerly Geo.L.watchcasemaker, 29 w Fayette 
Dunkerly Joseph, helper, 688 w Pratt 
Dunkerly Joseph, finisher, 727 w Pratt 
Dunkers Frank, laborer, 305 Aliceanna 

DUNLAP A. H., Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocer and Tea Dealer, cor. 
Howard and Lexington Streets, 
Baltimore, has on hand a general 
assortment of Groceries, Teas, 
Wines, Li:iuors, Cigars, &e., dw 
244 Saratoga 

DUNLAP C. LEWIS, Wholesale 
and Retail Grocer, 13 W. Balti- 
more, and No. 3 Centre Market 
Space, dw Barnum's Hotel. 

DUNLAP CHARLES, grocer, s w cor Howard 

and Lexington, dw 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap Hugh, sand excavator, 465 Saratoga 
Dunlap John, shoemaker, 94 Richmond 
Dunlap Maggie, teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Thos. H. conductor, 3 Henrietta 
Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy John, snuff miller, 1 Perry 
Dunlop Mrs. Anna, 167 Conway 
Dunniead Robert W. carpenter, 1 Young 
Dunn Albert F. 183 Columbia 
Dunn Andrew, tailor, 22 Hill 
Dunn Mr.s. Ann, 159 Conway 
Dunn Mrs. Ann, 71 s Chapel 
Dunn Barbara, groceiw, 37 Raborg 
Dunn Benjamin, huckster, 177 Conway 
Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 59 n High 
Dunn Bryan, laborer, 16 n Front, n of Foundry 
Dunn Bernard, cocoa mattingmk'r, 847 w Pratt 
Dunn Chs. carp'r, 73 Hargrove al dw G Grundy 
Dunn Christopher, tinner, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Christo[iher, trunk maker, 57 s High 
Dunn Daniel II. bookkeeper, 20 s Greene " 

DUNN D. T. & CO. (D. T. Dunn,) paper bag 
manufacturers, 8 Lovely la, Balto., and 123 
Reade, N. Y. 
Dunn D. T. (D. T. Dunn k Co.) Gilmor house 
Dunn Edward, grocery, 116 North 
Dunn Edward T. paymaster U. S. N. office 

over P. 0. dw 228 n Calvert 
Dunn Mrs. Ellen, 145 s Chester 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 192 Vine 
Dunn George W. huckster, 42 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 38 Warren 
Dunn George, laborer, 37 Raborg 
Dunn George W.conductorN.C.R. 159 Conway 
Dunn Henrietta, chambermaid, Gilmor house 
Dunn Henry, clerk, Gilmor house 
Dunn Henry, agent of R. T. Dunn & Co., Gil- 
mor house 
Dunn James, photographer, 59 n High 
Dunn James, laborer, rear 112 Dugan's whf 
Dunn John, gasfitter, 171 w Pratt 
Dunn John, clerk, 57 s High 
Dunn John, butcher, 29 s Carey 
Dunn John, police, 59 n High 
Dunn John, hackman, 71 Jefferson 
Dunn John, shoemaker, 33 s Caroline 
Dunn John, laborer, 25 Sugar al 
Dunn John, 159 Conway 
Dunn John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 
Dunn John S. stonecutter, 619 w Pratt 
Dunn Joseph, grocery, 87 Chesnut 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, 221 Conway 
Dunn Joseph, huckster. 81 York 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, 27 Tyson al 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, 109 Elliott 
Dunn Martin, shoemaker, 528 w Lombard 
Dunn Michael, machinist, 98 n High 
Dunn .Michael, furn. wagon, 31 s Schroeder 
Dunn Mrs. Mary, 142 s Central av 
Dunn Patrick, restaurant, 19 Pleasant 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 320 n Howard 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 71s Chapel 
Dunn Peter, tailor, n w cor Gay and High 
Dunn Peter, hostler, 180 Bank 
Du nnR. A. clerk, I nsnl'd Telegraph, 159 Conway 
Dunn Richard, rigger, .57 s High 
Dunn Robert, laborer, 73 Hamburg 
Dunn Rodann, helper, 142 s Central ar 
Duun Mrs. T. 686 w Pratt 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 66 n Dallas 
Dunn Thomas, furn. wagoner, 54 s Oregon 
Dunn Thomas, tobacco and cigars, 127 s Broad- 
way, dw 119 Thames 
Dunn Wm. junk, 113 Albemarle 
Dunn Walter F. laborer, 143 William 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 23 s Regcster 
Dunn Wm.flagsman, 159 Conway 
Dunnett Wm. plumber, 171 n Eutaw, dw 123 

Dunnigan Jane, seamstress, over? w Lombard 
Dunnigan Michael D. ship joiner. 83 s Chester 
Dunnigan Owen, tailor, 11 n Front 
Dunnigan Thos. ship joiner, 100 s Washington 
Dunning Bridget, s e cor Barre and Howard 
Dunning Rev. Halsey, 269 w Lombard 
Dunning .Joseph, oyster jjacker, 60 Gongh 
Dunning Thomas, barkeeper, s e cor Howard 

and Barre 
Dunning Thomas B. painter, 423 w Fayette 
Dunnington Ann, 117 w Madison 
Dunnington Wm. A. plaster mill, lower end of 
Hughes, near the Basin, dw 43 McCulloh 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Dunniston Henry, clerk, 21 s Howard 
Dunnock Mrs. E. 56 Barre 

DUNG JOHN S. Marble Cutter, 32 
Concord, dw 619 w Pratt 

Dunphy John S. shoemaker, lOf e Madison 
Dunphy Mrs. Fanny, 1 Wills 
Dunsmore Mrs. Ellen, 324 e Jlonnment 
DunsmoreJohn M.telegraphist,324 e Monument 
Dunsmore Mrs. Mary, 85 Thames 
Dunster George, salesman, 184 s Fremont 
Duppuldt Frederick, laborer, 158 s Eden 
Dupps Christopher, baker, 501 w Pratt 
Durand John H. rope raanuf, n e cor Eden and 

John, and 132 w Pratt, dw 265 e Biddle 
Durand Thomas W. 250 e Biddle 
Durborow Hammond, coal agt. 359 Lexington 
Durding Ann D. confectionery, 16 w Fayette 
Durding John T. grocery, 464 Light, dw 468 
Durding Leander A. printer, 4 s Exeter 
Durham Albert, furn wagoner, 15 Cambridge 
Durham Ann, upholsteress, 226 n Howard 
Durham Charles, laborer, 39 Gittings 
Durham C. R. 51 Booth 

Durham Charles W. chair painter, 349 Lex- 
Durham Columbus R. bricklayer, 15 New 
Durham Elizabeth, seamstress, 35G William 
Durham John, clerk, Strieker, bet McHenry 

and Ramsay 
Durham Mrs. Mary, 597 w Lombard 
Durham Mrs. Margaret, 39 Gittings 
Durham Mrs. Mary J. 327 n Eutaw 
Durham Mrs. Roda, grocery, 1 5 New 
Durham Samuel, painter, 1 17 Cross 
Durham Wm. laborer, 39 Gittings 
Durham Wm. J. cigarmaker, 15 Cambridge 
Durham Wm. tailor, 172 William 
During George, cabinetmaker, 83 s Wolfe 
During George, bricklayer, 347 Franklin 
During Julius, cooper, 83 s Wolfe 
During Wm. shoemaker, 75 Block 
Durkee Henry H. police 315 e Monument 
Durkee Mrs. L. R. 19 Lexington 
Durkhausen Susan, 68 Pearl 
Durkin Mrs. Ann, grocery, 140 s Castle 
Durkin Dennis, laborer, 168 Ramsay 
Durkin James H. laborer, 634 Light 
Durkin Patrick, laborer, 138 s Castle 
Duruell Mrs. Ann, millinery, 137 Saratoga 
Durning Mary, grocery, 147 n Central av 
Durr Francis, shoemaker, 146 n Eutaw 
Durr John, plasterer, 184 s Ann 
Durst Mrs. Catherine Y. 184 Hanover 
Durst Frederick, basket maker, 386 Penna. av 
Durst John U. (John D. Cook ^V Co.) 307 Light 
Durst John F. finisher, 307 Light 
Duschinger Martin, laborer, 76 Towson 
Dushane Albert, clerk, 323 w Lombard 
Dushane Elizabeth, 323 w Lombard 
Dushane Mrs. Harriet K. 160 Peail 
Dushane Mrs. H. A. 76 s Sharp 
Dushane James A. 323 w Lombard 
Dushane John T. apothecary, S'lD w Fayette 
Dushane John A. commission paper dealer, 40 

s Charles, dw Baltimore county 
Dushane Mary, teacher, 323 w Lombard 
Dushane Valentine, book'er, 287 w Lombard 
Dusher Franz, laborer, 14 Abbott 
Dustin Frank, machinist, 34 e Pratt 

Dntousch B. L. tailor, 7G Mulberry 
Dutousch F. X. tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dutousch Nicholas, tailor, 76 Mnlberrj' 
Dutrow & Cornell, (C. F. Dutrow, M. J. Cor- 
nell, ) com. merchants 56 South 
Dutrow Curtis F. (D. & Cornell, ) 42 Lexington 
Dutrow D. E. produce com. merch. 55 South, 

dw 6 n Strieker 
Dutrow John S. clerk, 264 Hollins 
Dutrow Robert II. engineer, 143 Vine 
Dutrow Wm. paper hanger, 463 Saratoga 
Dutterweich John P. scowman, 430 Canton av 
Dutterwite Sebastian, cooper, 40 Frederick av 
Dutton Frederick W. clerk in Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 283 e Madison 
Dutton George, ex-sheriff, (John T. Mitchell & 

Co.) 590 Lexington 
Dutton & Hutchinson, (J. B. Dutton, J. W. 
Hutchinson,) shirt factory and gents' fur- 
nishing goods, 43 n Eutaw— [Sec jo 41 Adver- 

Dutton Jas. B. (D. & Hutchinson) 43 n Eutaw 
Dutton John W. carpenter, 325 e Pratt 
Dutton John, lime inspector, 46 e Baltimore 
Dutton John R. clerk, 220 e Monument 
Dutton Mrs. Mary A. 325 c Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan, 3 s Ann 
Dutton Wm. H. H. clerk, 325 e Pratt 
Duval Peter, stonecutter, 80 w Hoffman 
Duvall A. Leslie, civil engineer, 7 Penu 
Duvall Mrs. Adeline, 228 Saratoga 
Duvall Alfred, civil engineer, 7 Penn 
Duvall Algie, clerk, 161 w Lombard 
Duvall Mrs. Annie E. teacher, 480 w Lombard 
Duvall Mrs. Ann E. boarding, 27 n Calvert 
Duvall Benj. blacksmith, 67 s Carey 
Duvall B. F. produce dealer, 13 Bevan 
Duvall Mrs. Celestia A. 154 Mullikin 
Duvall Charles, clerk, 9 s Howard 
Duvall Charles, clerk, 38 s Sharp 
Duvall Elizabeth, 132 Lee 
Duvall Mrs. Elizabeth, 197 n Howard 
Duvall E. B. & Co. (E. B. Duvall, sr., E. B 
Duvall, jr.. H. Wadleigh, J. Williams) genl 
machin. and porta, steam eng's, 24 s Howard 
Duvall E. B. sr.( E.B. Duvall & Co. )25s Howard 
Duvall E.B.jr.(E.B. Duvall & Co. )25s Howard 
Duvall Edmund B. ins. agent, 59 Second, dw 

72 Lexington 
Duvall Edward, clerk, 228 Saratoga 
Duvall Frederick, engineer, 186 Lee 
Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 183 German 
Duvall Geo. W. shoemaker, 1()8 Hillen 
Duvall George W. clerk, 177 Chesnut 
Duvall Georgie A. teacher, 27 n Calvert 
Duvall Henry, (Duvall & Iglehart) 26 Hollin? 
Duvall Henry C. clerk, se cor Sharp and Dover 
Duvall Henry C. conductor, 215 Barre 
Duvall & Iglehart, (H. Duvall, G L. Iglehart) 

commission merchants, 60 South 
Duvall James, bookbinder, 25 Barnet 
Duvall John H. carpenter, 80 Boyd 
Duvall .lohn R. clerk, 64 u Charles 
Duvall Mrs. Jacob R. grocery, 398 Franklin 
Duvall James K. pattern maker, 47 e Eager 
Duvall John R. clerk, 23 s Howard 
Duvall .lohn M. clerk, 247 n Howard 
Duvall Mary, 247 n Howard 
Duvall Mary A. boarding house, 86 Camden 
Duvall Nicholas C. wheelwright, 132 Lee 
Duvall Luther, plow maker, 132 Lee 
Duvall Richard, sr., cooper, 480 w Lombard 

THE CaOVER & BAKER SEAVIXG MA< HIKE i^, <ltf best for all imriJoses— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Nos. 32 









Diivall Richard T. paper hanger, 480 w Lom- 
Duvall Ridgely, bookkeeper, 10 n Howard 
Duvall Thomas, painter, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Thomas J. ladies shoemaker, 75 n Car- 
Duvall Wm. H. clerk, 247 n Howard 
Duvall Wm. H. machinist, 149 Hollins 
Duvall Wm. clerk, 77 n Eutaw 
Duvall Wra. B. (Dinsmore & Kyle, ) Harford co 
Duvall Wm. C. bookkeeper, 77 n Eutaw 
Duve Julius J. bookkeeper, 112 n Eden 
Duvivier, Julia A. 144 n Central av 
Duvivier Sarah, 144 n Central av 
Duwees John C. moulder, 434 w Lombard 
Dwen Sophia C. 88 n Calvert 
DWINELLE DR. JAMES E. 117 s Broadway 
Dwyer Albert, mariner, 23 Brune 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, Calverton Mills near 

Dwj-er John, basket maker, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Michael, laborer, 99 n Central av 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 59 n High, dw 99 

n Central av 
Dw}cr Patrick, porter, 22 Ramsay 
Dwyer Peter, potter, 36 s Schroeder 
Dwyer Timothy, laborer, 220 Vine 
Dyer Benj. .clerk, 3G7 w Fayette 
Dyer Jere, (J. Dyer & Co.) 142 w Fayette 
Dyer Mrs. Julia A. 2 Ramsay 
Dyer John T. clerk, 23 n Liberty 
Dyer Jere, (J. Dyer & Co.) 142 w Fayette 
Dyer J. &Co. (j". Dyer, T. Baker Dyer,) com- 
mission merchants, over 80 Light-st. wharf 
Dyer Thomas J. shoemaker, GO Camden 
DyerT. Baker, (J. Dyer & Co ) 142 w Fayette 
Dyer Levi R. machinist, 2 Ramsay 
DYER WALTER & SON, (Walter Dyer, W.J.L. 
Dyer,) grocers, (s w cor Lexington and Paca 
Dyer Walter J. L. Walter Dyer & Son)Balto Co. 
Dyer Walter, (Walter Dyer & Sou) Balto. Co. 
Dyott Mrs. A. J. 195 n Caroline 
Dyott Mrs. Ann, 67 n Bond 
Dyott John, carpenter, 215 w Biddle 
Dyott John C. (Grace & Co. ) 209 n Central av 
Dysart Moses A. collector, 150 Aisquith 


Eaeelackeu Simon, mattress maker, 3 Jackson ct 
Eachus Edwin, dry goods, s w cor Pratt and 

Hanover, dw Penna av near Northern av 
Eachus Mrs. Jane, Penna av near North av 
Eader John W. carpenter, Mount n of Lexington 
Eagan Edward B. drayman, 8 McElderry 
Eagan Michael, drayman, 12 n Poppleton 
Eagen Francis, 6 Albemarle 
Eagen Peter, laborer, 367 s Charles 
Eagen Wm. laborer, 2 Watson al 
Eager James, paper hanger, 73 Milliman 
Eaglestine Jacob, laborer, 49 Bank 
Eaglestine John, shoemaker, 49 Bank 
Eagleston Abrarn, -wood dealer, cor Wall and 

Dugan's wharf, dw 771 w Baltimore 
Eagleston Mrs. C. millinery, 771 w Baltimore 
Eagleston Charles, bacon dealer, n e cor Or- 
leans and Castle 
Easle Hotel, 132 Hillen,W.H. Kelly& Co. props 
EAGLE HOUSE, 126 n Calvert, H. Arnholtz, 

Eahorst Martin, hostler, 272 Aliceanna 
Ealey Wm. H. ship carpenter, 118 Bank 

Eames Henry E. foreman at J. H. Haskell's 
card manufactory, 31 s Howard 

EAMES WILLIAM A. dealer in 
Cotton and Woolen Card Cloth- 
ing, Leather Belting and Manu- 
facturers' Supply, 167 w Lombard, 
dw 128 s Paea 

Eareckson C. Federal, clerk, 4 n Bond 
Earcckson Dr. Edwin, 5 n Front 
EARECKSON V. 0. lumber merchant, West 

Falls av., dw 207 e Pratt 
Earhart Geo. W. jr., conductor, 242 Penna av 
Earhart Geo. W. propy. ag't, 242 Penna av 
Earhart Jacob B. rectifier, 253 w Biddle 
Earhart Jacob B. porter, 269 w Biddle 
Earl John, 62 n Liberty 
Earle Thomas, engineer, 468 w Lombard 
Earles Mrs. Margaret, huckstress, 158 Vine 
Earlougher Jas. P. barkeeper, 170 n Exeter 
Earlougher John M. clerk, 170 n Exeter 
Early Bernard J. tailor, 95 n Front 
Early Eugene A. attorney, 32 St. Paul 
Early Jeremiah, bricklayer, Ramsay between 

Monroe and Payson 
Earlj^ John D. jr., paying teller Commercial 

and Farmers' Nat'l Bank, dw 109 Park 
Earl\- Rev. John, s e cor Calvert and Madison 
Early Mary, seamstress, Western hotel 
Early Samuel, carpenter, 330 Franklin 
Early Thomas, wheelwright, 53 e Madison 
Early Wm. watchman, 84^ Centre Market sp 
Earnsbaw Thomas, machinist, 594 w Pratt 
Earp Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 198 Forrest 
Earp John, shoemaker, 149 Druid Hill av 
Earnest Ann, 186 n Calvert 
Easley John T. ship carpenter, 317 Eastern av 
Easley Thomas, boat builder, 183 s Ann 
Easonie John H. painter, 75 Cross 
East Caleb J. butcher, 27 Hollins market, dw 

513 w Lombard 
East Elizabeth J. s w cor York and Hanover 
East Jacob, butcher, 184 e Fayette 
East Jacob, carpenter, 134 n Spring 
East Jacob, carpenter, 103 Low 
East Louis, beef butcher, 223 Light 
East Tobias, 39 Brown 
Easterbey Jlrs. Sarah, 8 Gough 
Easter Charles E. (Chas. E. Waters & Easter,) 

Baltimore county 
Easter Hamilton, (IT. Easter & Co.) Liberty 

road, Baltimore county 

H. Easter,) importers, jobbers and retailers 

of dry goods, 199, 201 and 203 w Baltimore 
Easter Henry , carter, 56 s Caroline 
Easter James H. (11. Easter k Co.) 179 St. 

Easter James W. salesman, 46 Pearl 
Easter John, jr. cashier, (11. Easter & Co.) 266 

n Howard 
Easter Dr John, dentist, 125 n Eutaw 
Easter John, cigarmaker, 56 s Caroline 
Easter Joseph, blacksmith, 299 s Paca 
Easter Michael, laborer, 299 s Paca 
Easter Peter, brickraaker, 408 s Charles 
Eastern Dispensary, n e corner Baltimore and 

Central av 
Eastern Spring, cor Lombard and Eden 

THE GKOVER & BAKER SERVING MACIIIVE Is ttie best Tor all pm-poses— SALES 

R003IS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Easily John, niariuer, 141 s Chester 
Eastman Henry W. (Eastman & Rogers,) 67 

Eastman & Rogers (11. W. Eastman, Wm. F. 

Rogers) furniture dealers, 49 Hanover 
EASTMAN I. B. & CO. (I. B. Eastman,) ship 

and com. merchants, over 63 Second 
Eastman I. B. (I. B. Eastman & Co.) 91 n 

Eastman Dr. Lewis M. n e cor Lexington and 

Easton Elizabeth, inc n Exeter 
EASTON k iMcMAIION, (J. T. Easton, J. 

McMahon,) shipping and com. merchants, 

over 45 w Pratt 
Easton Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 2 n Repub- 
Easton J. (Easton & McMahon) 45 w Pratt 
Easton Robert, mariner, 216 s Durham 
Easton Stanley, 1(>6 n Exeter 
Eastwick Edward P. supt. Md. sugar refinery, 

O'Donnell's wharf, dw 20 n Eutaw 
Eastwood George IL sailmaker, 45 Stirling 
Eastwood Noah, laborer, Oliver, nr Green- 
mount av 
Eaton Brothers & Co. (G. N. Eaton, H. C. 

Eaton.) dry goods com. merchants, 13 s 

Eaton & Bird, (P. T. Eaton, Wm. B. Bird,) 

coal dealers, TT North 
Eaton Catherine, 103 Vine 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 52 Mt. Vernon place 
Eaton Geo. N. (Eaton Bros. & Co.)€0 Franklin 
Eaton Hooper C. (Eaton Bros. & Co.) Rennert 

Eaton Isham, laborer, 155 William 
Eaton John T. boilermaker, 289 s Charles 
Eaton Mary, dressmaker, 133 German 
Eaton P. f . (Eaton & Bird) 69 North 
Eaton Eobinson, 102 s Chester 
Eaton William H. officer at penitentiary, dw 

Harford av extended 
Eaton Wm. H. salesman, 244 Bank 
Eaton Wm. H. shoemaker, 3'z7 Aisqiiith 
Eaton William, attorney, 5 Law building, St. 

Eaton Wm. P. claim agent, 84 s Sharp 
Ebangh Andrew C. huckster, Penna. av. near 

toll gate 
Ebaugh David F. ladies' shoes, 196 n Eutaw 
Ebangh Francis A. clerk, 196 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh H. watchmaker, HI n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry H. cigarmaker, 554 w Baltimore 
Eliaugh Wm. laborer, 6ivl Penna av 
Ebaugh Wm. H carpenter, 661 Penna. av 
Ebbeghauser August, foreman tobacco factory, 

98 Henrietta 
Ebbeghauser Henry, tobacco, 256 Canton av 
Ebberts George H. laborer, Fulton betw. Pratt 

and Dover 
Ebberts Lemuel, cigarmaker, 20 s Republican 
Ebel Jacob, tailor, 56 Holland 
Ebeler Ernest H. cutter, 64 Park 
Ebeling Charles, laborer, 33 Preston 
Eben Henry B. cigarmaker, 288 e Monument 
Eberhardt Rev. Francis, 101 Saratoga 
Eberhart Mrs. Catherine, 229 Aisquith 
Eberhart Mrs. Eliza, 52 Johnson 
Eberhart George B. tinner, 28^^ Light 
Eberhart Henry, silversmith, 165 s Broadway 
Eberhart Henry (Brown & Co.) 134 McHenry 
Eberhart Henry, sr., brickmaker, 134 McHenry 

Eberhart Jacob, lumplighter, 42 Druid Hill av 
Eberhart Louis, porter, 168 West 
Eberhart Mrs. Mary, grocery, 168 West 
Eberhart Mrs. Mary J. dressmaker, 245 Conway 
Eberle Joseph, stoves and tinware, 108 Orleans 
Eberle Joseph E. D. currier, 126 n Central av 
Eberle Martin, carpenter, 258 e Chase 
Eberline Andrew, cigarmaker, 104 s High 
Eberline John, driver, 227 s Ann 
Eberstein Aro, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Ebert Anton, drayman, 272 n Central av 
Eljert Charles, brushmaker, 321 Canton av 
Ebert Charles, butcher, 406 West 
Ebert Charles, laborer, 354 s Eutaw 
Ebert Frederick, glassblower, 30 Cross 
Ebert Frcd'k, tailor, n w cor Sharp & Henrietta 
Ebert John, shoemaker, 204 Aliceanna 
Ebert John, wheelwright, 100 Thames 
Ebert John C. pianomaker, 54. Henrietta 
Ebert Joseph, musician, 39 n Central av 
Ebert Mrs. Martha, 170 Gough 
Ebert 0. A. (0. A. Ebert & Co.) 62 w Centre 
Ebert 0. A. & Co. (0. A. Ebert,) flour, grain 

and produce, 11 and 18 Patterson 
Ebert Peter, tailor. Bethel betw Monument and 

Ebert Raymond, butcher, 34 Hanover market, 

dw Frederick road 
Eberwein August, lager beer, 396 Canton av 
Eberwein Frank, potter, rear of 85 MuUikiu 
Ebei'wein Wm. F. locksmith, 75 n Gay 
Eble Conrad, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Edner Martin, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Eboy Mrs. Ellen, laundress, 81 Preston 
Ebranz Samuel, lager beer, 255 n Central av 
Ebs worth Daniel, carpenter Salisbury al., dw 

18 Lloyd 
Ebsvvorth David, carpenter, 295 Canton av 
Ebsworth Thomas J. 20 Lloyd 
Ebsworth Z. carpenter, 20 Lloyd 
Eccleston George, carpenter, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston Robert E. poli'e, 85 Druid Hill av 
Eccleston Robert E. horseshoer, cor Orchard 

and Tessier 
Eccleston Wm. W. coach painter, 193 n Eden 
Eck August, tailor, 445 Lexington 
Eck Charles, laborer, 152 Eastern av 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 155 s Caroline 
Eck Wra. J. miller, 75 Penna av 
Eckel Conrad, baker, 275 Eastern av 
Eckel Joseph, shoemaker, 109 Stirling 
Eckel Louis, carter, 4 Trinity 
Eckel Wm. J. 30 Greenmount av 
Eckelraann Herman H. cigarmaker, 5 w Lomb'd 
Eckelmann Herman S. grocer, 45 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Eckenrode H. J. teacher, 150 w Lombard 
Ecker Joseph, tailor, 8 n Durham 
Eckert Christopher, well digger, 151 n Eden 
Eckert Christian, barkeeper, 13 s Eutaw 
Eckert Conrad, laborer, 18 Bevan 
Eckert Edward, clerk, 98 n Gay 
Eckert Geo. W. furniture wagoner, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Geo. W. upholsterer, over 463 w Balti- 
more, dw 246 Mulberry 
Eckert Gotleib, cooper, Frederick road 2 doors 

e of Gwynn's falls 
Eckert Henry, carter, 35 China 
Eckert Hotel, 1 12 w Baltimore 
Eckert Jacob, tailor, 112 Cross 
Eckert James H. furniture wagoner, 1 19 n Paca 

Teeth Extracted with Nitx-ous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Eckert John, boxmaker, 300 Jlontgroinery 
Eckert John, grocery, 2''6 s Howard 
Eckert John, laborer, 99 Hampstead 
Eckert John C. engineer, 42 Holland 
Eckert Louis, wheelwright, T8 n Broadway 
Eckert Louis, cabinelmaker, 2 Dewberry al 
Eckert Martin S. laborer, 49 n Spring 
Eckert Martin, laborer, 10 Baker's ct 
Eckert Mrs. Teresa Ann, furniture wagons, 

119 n Paca 
Eckert Vincent C. S. (Eckert's hotel,) 112 w 

Baltimore, dw 315 e Eager 
Eckert Win. laborer, 25 Neighbor 
Eckes John, wagoner, 63 s Central av 
Eckhardt Caroline, millinery, 33'Brown 
Eckhardt Charles, stonemason, 274 Hamburg 
Eckhardt Conrad L. paperhanger, 5n High 
Eckhardt George, shoemaker, 126 s Chapel 
Eckhardt Henr}', cooper, 470 Saratoga 
Eckhardt Henry, boilermaker, 135 Hamburg 
Eckhardt Henry, shoemaker, 140 e Pratt 
Eckhardt Henry, machinist, 25 Brown 
Eckhardt Jeanette, milliner, 33 Brown 
Eckhardt John, cooper, 500 Lexington 
ECKHARDT LOUIS, jr. lager beer, 11 Brown 
Eckhardt Louis, wheelwright, 614 Light 
Eckhardt Louis, carver and gilder, over n w 

cor Gay and Fayette, dw 26 Albemarle 
Eckhardt Louis, sr shoemaker, 33 Brown 
ECKHARDT AVILLIAM. carver and gilder, 

26 n Gav, dw 253 w Pratt 
Eckhardt Wm. u])holsterer, 260 s Sharp 
Eckliart Charles, laborer, 51 Leadenhall 
Eckhart Conrad, laborer, ISOsPavson 
Eckhart Henry, blacksmith, 322 Canton av 
Eckhart Wm. "laborer, 24 Abey al 
Eckhcrdt Jacob, lager beer, 130 Barre 
Ecklemann Herman H. cigarmaker, 10 w 

Ecklemann Sophia, lager beer, 10 w Lombard 
Eckler Pet-er, tanner, 134 s Dallas 
Eckman Geo. T. drayman, 7 Cowpen al 
Eckstine Geo. paver, 514 Penna. av 
Eckstine George J. porter, 514 Penna. av 
Eckstine John, wagoner, 14 President 
Eckstine Wm. laborer, 295 Penna. av 
Eckstine Wm. huckster, Shad al near Greene 
Ecksturm Christian, boxmaker, s w cor Charles 

and Hughes 
Ecksturm Henry, stovemoulder, 168 s Wash- 
Eddins R. W. messenger Adams' express, dw 

Northern av 
Edel Henry, tailor, 36 Somerset 
Edel Joseph, tailor, 368 e Eager 
Edel Philip, tailor, 368 e Eag'er 
Edolbauer Jacob, cabiuetmaker, 61 s Charles 
Edeler Adam, laborer, 134 s Dallas 
Edeier Charle.s, clerk, 350 w Pratt 
Edeler Geo. saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Edeler Wm. harnessma'ker, 346 w Pratt 
EdeJin Leonard C. com. merchant, 45 s Ann 
Edel man August, shoemaker, 2!l Park 
Edelman Charles, moulder, 84 s Bethel 
Edelman Daniel, 12 Brown 
Edeluian Jacob, carter, 167 s Eden 
Edelman John P., scrg. police, 385 Harford av 
Edelman John, boxmaker, 143 Henrietta 
Edelman Valentine, car[)enter, 68 Eislein 
Edelman Valentine, boxmaker, s e cor. Water 

and Grant 
Edelmann Charles, carpenter, 293 s Charles 

Edelmann John H. butcher. 60 Hanover and 

21 Cross street markets, dw 632 Light 
Edelstein Philip, clerk, 152 Lexington 
Eden James, saddle tree maker, 146 s Caroline 
Eden Mark, cheese dealer, 149 Aisquitli 
Eden Richard, paj^er carrier, 219 e Monument 
Eder Francis, peddler. 170 s Durham 
Eder John M. cabinetmaker, 198 s Durham 
Eder Joseph F. potter, 170 s Durham 
Eder Lawrence, laborer, 14 Anthony 
Eder Macarius, laborer, 1 16 s Chapel 
Eder .Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 170 s Duj-ham 
Edes Mrs. Mary A. 173 Garden 
Edgar George'H. (Tall & Edgar) 144 Hanover 
Edgar Hilly, 50 Granby 
Edgar Capt. Thos. mariner, 54 s Exeter 
Edgar Wm.H. carp. U.S. N., 247 Hanover 
Edgell Capt. John H. 88 e Pratt 
Edger Thomas, shoemaker, 45 Orleans 
Edgerton Thomas, shipcarpenter, 201 Bank 
Edkins Mrs. Frances, 52 Philpot 
Edkins Joseph, photographist, over 159 w 

Baltimore, dw 265 Saratoga 
Edling John, pianoraaker, 441 wFayetle 
Edelinger Frederick, clerk, i9 Albemarle 
Edmonds & Bros. (Samuel Edmonds) grocers, 

n w cor Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds Saml. ( Kdmonds & Bro.) 70 n Carey 
Edmonds Wm. E grocer, s w cor Lexington 

and Pearl, dw Western hotel 
Edniondson Albert P. sailmaker, 83 William 
Edmondson Mrs. Elizabeth, 220 e Madison 
Edmondson G. T. clerk, 86 Spear's wharf 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. 162 s Charles 
Edniondson Cai)t. Jas. 230 s Eutaw 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. 83 William 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. mariner, 77 Warner 
Edmondson J. A. & Son, (J. A. Edmondson, 

W. W. Edtnondson, ) grocers and com. 

mchts, 29 Cheapside 
Edmondson Jos. A. (J. A. Edmondson k Son) 

Charlft st av extended 
Edmondson Sam. B. mail agent, 186 s Paca 
Edmondson Capt. Samuel P. mariuer, 162 3 

Edmondson T. Gordon, clerk, 56 Barre 
Edmondson Dr. Thomas, 30 n Paca 
Edmondson Winder W. (J. A. Edmondson & 

Son) 56 Barre 
Edmunds Jas. R. discount clerk Farmers' and 

Merchants' National Bank, dw 87 n Charles 
Edmycr John, laborer, 31 Barnes 
Edwards -Mrs. Amanda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards Benj. laborer, 170 Gongh 
Edwards B. F. engineer, 115 s WashingtoQ 
Edwards Benj.F. laborer, 92 s Wolfe 
Edwards Chas. R. caulker, 13 Bevan 
Edwards Chas. G. clerk, 44 n Broadway 
Edwards Christian D. cigarmaker, 7u .Mound 
Edwards David, stonecutter, 76 Mound 
Edwards David, laborer, 48 Towson 
Edwards Edward J. clerk, 97 Lee 
Edwards Edward G. clerk, 139 Conway 
Edwaids Mrs. Elizabeth, 170 Gough 
Edwards Emory A. engineer U. S. N. 50 Stiles 
Edwards Rniory G. clerk, 139 Conway 
Edwards Fred'k W. photographer, 5o Stiles 
Edwards Geo. H. iron worker, 1 s Fulton 
Edwards Hiram, master mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Harrison, huckster, rear 73 Hanover 
Edwards James, huckster, 59 L. Hughes 
Edwards Jane F. 50 Stiles 

THE GROVER iSi BAKKK, SKAV!\<; !«1A( IIIXE i« the t)«st for al x»urxioses- SAIiKS 
KUOJIS— 181 RaiUmorc Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Edwards John, laborer, 170 Gough 
Edwards Joha T. caulker, 113 Hill 
Edwards Joseph H. moulder, 13 Bevan 
Edwards Julia A. 34 s Schroeder 
Edwards Leroy, 173 llollins 
Edwards Dr. Lewis A., U. S. A. 281 Lexington 
Edwards Mrs. Letitia, 02 n Caroliue 
Edwards Mary, C3 Richmond 
Edwards Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 48 Towson 
Edwards Mrs. Mary E. 101 n Broadway 
Eawards Michael, drayman, G3 Richmond 
Edwards Richard, jr. agent glass manufac. 

over 24 s Charles 
Edwards Mrs. Capt. Richard, 44 n Broadway 
Edwards Richard, junk dealer, 163 Hughes 
Edwards Richard H. tobacco inspector, 44 n 

Edwards Richard, huckster, 14 Williamson al 
Edwards Robt. telegraphist, 30 n Front 
Edwards Samuel, lOl n Broadway 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 6 e Second 
Edwards Thos. clerk, lol n Eutaw 
Edwards Thos. H. carpenter, 9 Scott 
Edwards Thos. J. teaclier, 50 Stiles 
Edwards Wm. boilermaker, 134 Garden 
Edwards Wra. carpenter, 10 Grove al 
Edwards Wm. M. teller National Mechanics' 

Bank. 29 s Howard 
Edwards Rev. Wm. B. 296 w Fayette 
Edwards Rev. Wm. S. 99 Mulberry 
Eff Hubbard, lager beer, 114 e Monument 
EfFerman Herman, laborer, 138 Hollins 
Effing Ella, huckstress. 121 Low 
Effing Henry, tailor, 3 Elizabeth la 
Effinger John, grocery, 107 Low 
Egau John, laborer, 20 Armistead la 
Egan Mrs. Lavinia, china, &c. 41 n Eutaw 
Egan Michael, horseshoer, 3 Hoflfman 
Egan Martin, laborer, cor Buren and Falls 
Egau Tiiuothy, stonedresser^ 8 Fish Market sp 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 134 Penna. *,v 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 41 n Eutaw 
Egerton A. Dubois, (A. D. Egerton & Co.) 

230 n Howard 
Egerton A. D. & Co. (A. Dubois Egerton) 

produce com. rachts. 174 w Pratt 
Egerton Calvert, watches and jewelry, 87 w 

Baltimore, dw 287 e Baltimore 
Egerton Charles C. com. mercht. 174 w Pratt 
Egerton Charles C, York road nr City limits 
Egerton James, clerk, 52 n Howard 
Egerton John B.( A. Emory & Co.) 143 St.Panl 
Egerton Samuel E. (S. E. Egerton & Co.) 75 

St. Paul 
Egerton S. E. & Co. (S. E. Egerton, W. M. 

Powell, J. H. Muir,) groceries, liquors, &c. 

37 Cheapside 
Egerton Thomas, police, 201 Bank 
Egerton Wm. A. clerk, 227 e Fayette 
Eggars Harman, barkeep. Bellevue gardens 
Egger Henry H. cigaruiaker, 306 Franklin 
Egger Henry, cigarmaker, 306 Franklin 
Egger Wm.T. cigarmaker, 306 Franklin 
Eggeling Henry l.'oxmaker, 248 Mulberry 
Eggers .Mrs. Barbara, >'3 Preston 
Eggers Claus. varnishcr, 135 Saratoga 
Eggers Henry A. trunkmaker, 75 Camden 
Eggers Nicholas, varnisher, 135 Saratoga 
Egglestou Mrs. 2\.nn, 134 Hampstead 
Egiilestou Charles S. carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
EGGLESTON EDWIN C. plumber and gas 

fitter, 121 n High 

Eggleston Edward, carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
Egglestou Harriet, 99 s Ann 
Eggleston John W. plumber, 47 n Paca 
Eggleston Jos. W. carpenter, 44 Peirce, dw 

212 Muluerry 
Egglestou W. E. housekeeper, Maltby bouse 
Eggleston Wm. H. laborer, 134 Hampstead 
Eggling George W. moulder, 532 w Pratt 
Egner Charles, drayman, 2 n Liberty 
Egner Lewis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw 10 Calvcrton road 
Ehlen Geo. W. 185 Saratoga 
Ehlen Henry W. (Foltz & E.) 100 Penna av 
Ehlen John H. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Ehlen Jno. F. coal, 30 Second, dw 320 Lexington 
Ehlen Mrs. Mary A. 137n Paca 
Ehlen Thomas A. 137 n Paca 
Ehlers Aaron, confectioner, 177 e Monument 
Ehlers Henry, grocery, 60 McElderry 
Ehlers John D. wood engraver, over 117 w 

Baltimore, dw 56 Chew 
Ehlers Lewis, groceries and feed, 378 Light 
Ehlert Geo. painter, Iftl Peirce 
Ehlies Henry, jr. teamster, 229 Conway 
Ehlies Wm. Henry, 193 s Paca 
Flhline Adam, laborer, opp. 173 West 
Ehlslager Mrs. Christiana, huckstress, 159 s 

Ehm Peter, shoemaker, 412 n Gay 
Ehmann Gottfried, butcher, 21 Belair market, 

dw Monument near Castle al 
Ehrad Johanna, variety store, 160 Vine 
Ehrad Wm. shoemaker, 160 Vine 
Ehren Andrew, 831 w Baltimore 
Ehren Louisa, fancy goods, 531- w Baltimore 
Ehren Philip, brass finisher, 58 s Charles 
Ehrenreich Chas. cigarmaker, 354 e Monument 
Ehrhard Albert, teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhardt !^nn R. cor Mary and Retreat n of 

North av 
Ehrhardt Mrs. Margaret, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrhart Thos. carp'r, cor Chapel and Penna ar 
Ehrhart Thos. M. clerk, Chapel nr Penna av 
Ehrhorn August, shoemaker, 22 East 
Ehring Adam, laborer, 83s Bethel 
Ehring Philip, plumber, 189 e Monument 
Ehrlcin Anton, stone cutter, 224 e Eager 
Ehrlich Alexander, peddler, 51 Holland 
Ehrlich Jacob, furniture dealer, 112 Low ' 
Ehrline Jacob, laborer, Walsh near Fremont 
Ehrman Benjamin cattle dealer, 99 East 
EHRMAN & BERSCH, (John Ehrman, Chris- 
tian Bersch, ) steam planing, flooring, door, 

sash and scroll sawing, 210 s Howard 
Ehrman & Bro. (L. Ehrman, F. Ehrman.) 

grocers, coal and wood, 282 s Broadway 
Ehrman Chas. N. clerk, 89 and 91 w Fayette 
Ehrman Charles H. agent Harnden express. 

6 Aisquith 
Ehrman Fred'k, (Ehrman & Bro.) 93 Gough 
Ehrman Geo. M. produce com. mcht. cor 

Howard and Pratt, dw 22 s Greene 
Ehrmau Geo. grocery, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Jacob, carpenter, 22 s Greene 
Ehrman John, clerk, 90 Block 
Ehrman John, 138 Lee 
Ehrman Lewis, (E. & Bersch) cor Nicholson 

and Townseud 
Ehrman Wm. dry goods, 166 Franklin 
Eibert Anna, 187 s Sharp 
Eichelberger Albert, clerk, 177 Mulberry 
EichelbergerAugust, laborer, 4 Fountain 

J. HETSTRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &e. 












Eichelberger Chas. A. clerk, 99 s Paca 
Eichelberger Chas. W. painter, 96 n Fremont 
Eichellicrger Eaiauuel W. lumber merch. 99 s 

Eicbelbcrger Francis, painter, 154 Pine 
Eichelberger Francis, painter, 13 Chatsworth 
Eichelberger Geo. N. clerk, 401 Saratoga 
Eichelberger Henry, (J. Eichelberger & Co.) 

322 s Charles 
Eichelberger John M. painter, 451 Franklin 
Eichelberger John W. painter, 23 New 
Eichelberger John S. clerk, 401 Saratoga 
Eichelberger J. (J. Eichelberger & Co.) 322 s 

Eichelberger J. k Co. (J. E., H. Eichelber- 
ger) auction dr}' goods, 322 s Charles 
Eichelbfiger Lewis S. 295 w Lombard 
Eichelberger Mrs. Maria, 401 Saratoga 
Eichelberger Otho W. liquors, 1 s Howard, dw 

41 n Calvert 
Eichelberger Sam. E. (C. Andrews & Co.) 54 

Spring row 
Eichelberger Tlios. S. machinist, 30*7 Saratoga 
Eichelbeiger Wni. salesman, 199 w Fayette 
Eichelberger Wra. H. clerk, 53 n Greene 
Eichenauer Christian, shoemaker, G54 Light 
Eichenberg Henry, lager beer, 57 n Frederick 
Eichengreen Isaac, (Eichengreen & Bros.) 4 s 

Eichengreen Moses, 26 n Frederick 
Eichengreen Wm. (Eichengreen & Bro.) 26 n 

Eichengreen & Bros. (Isaac Eichengreen, Wm. 

Eichengreen) clothiers, over 311 w Baltimore 
Eichhorn Uiedrich, lager beer, 128 Gough 
Eichhorn Mar}', hair dresser, 141 w Baltimore 
Eichhorn Theodore, grocery, s e cor Watson 

and Exeter 
Eichinger Franz, laborer, 28 s Durham 
EICHliXGER GEORGE, wines and liquors, 29 

Eichler Chas. C. F. (Dulany & Eichler) 157 

Eichler Henry, teamster, 65 s Schroeder 
Eichman Chas. (Hopkins & Eichman) 128 e 

Eichman John J. cabinetmaker, 238 Hanover 
Eichner Andrew, cooper, Lcmmou, w of Scott, 

dw 188 Lemmon al 
Eichner John, butcher, 58 Lexington and 11 

Hollins st Markets, dw Frederick road e of 

toll gate 
Eichner John, tailor, 41 n Dallas 
Eichner John, laljorer, 36 Henna av 
Eichner Jacol), shoemaker, 49 Harrison 
Eichner Sebastian, 92 Peuna av 
Eichorn Adam, laborer, 156 Aliceanna 
Eichus Christian, laborer, 151 n Eden 
Eickhoir George, shoemaker, 142 Harford av 
Eickel Henry, scourer and dyer, 240 w Fayette 
Eickelman August, blacksmith, 71 Somerset 
Eickel man Jose h, carter, 71 Somerset 
Eidelman Charles, boxniaker, 293 s Charles 
Eidig F. 5 s Frederick 
•Eidmanu Daniel, huckster, 600 Penna av 
Eierman Wm. baker, 75 Barre 
Eifiert John, shoemaker, 76 Griudall 
Eighelberner Thos. F. (Shorey & E.) 84 s Paca 
Eigenbrol C. C. bartender, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot Christian, lager beer, 314 s Sharp 
Egenbrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrodt Henry, tailor, 36 Low 

Eigenbrodt Henry, watchman, 56 s Caroline 
Eigenraug Frederick, harness, 142 Forrest 
Eighbread John, driver, 189 Eastern av 
Eiglehart Wm. clerk, 23G Barre 
Eigler John G. porter, s w cor Orleans and 

Central av 
Eiht George, wood dealer, 214 s Bethel 
Eikler Henry, shoemaker, 3 s Front 
EILAU ABRAHAM, laces, embroideries, mil- 
linery and fancy goods, C9J n Howard, dw 
24 Aisquitli 
Eilau David, 24 Aisquith 
Eilau Wm. grocer, 113 s Ann 
Eilbacher John'ksmitb, Peach als of Cross 
Eilert Mrs. Mary, 3'! s Eden 
Eiles Charles, mariner, 316 Eastern av 
Eiman Jacob, sawyer, 327 Eastern av 
Einbrod Charles, confectioner, 105 s Paca 
Einhorn Edward, butcher, 123 Sarah Ann 
Einolf Conrad, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Einstein Gabriel, cloth cutter, 40 s Caroline 
Einstein Samuel, tobacconist, 177 w Pratt, dw 

23 Conway 
Einwaechter Adam, flour dealer, 118 Eislein 
Einwaechter Alexander, wheelwr't and black- 
smith, 1 1 6 Columbia 
Einwaechter Geo. blacksmith, IIG Columbia 
Einwaechter John A. bl'ksmith, 1 16 Columbia 
Eirman Paul, lal)orer, 7 n Washington 
Eisel Geo. brewer. Eastern av extended 
Eiscmau Albert, wheelwright, 350 Mulberry 
Eiseman Bernard, baker, 147 s Paca 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 85 n Eden 
Eiseman John, huckster, 502 Penna av 
Eiseman Moses, boots and shoes, ln4 n Gaj- 
Eisenbach John, porter, Gist near Canton av 
Eisenberg Andw. provisions, 152 s Washington 
Eisenberg E. M. butcher, 40 Douglass 
Eisenberger George, cooper, 404 Canton av 
EISENBIIANDT HENRy R. musical instru- 
ments, 78 w Baltimore, dw 39 s Broadway 
Eisenburg Geo. blacksmith, 157 e Lombard 
Eisenhard Anton, coal oil, lamps and china- 
ware, 254 n Gay 
Eisenhardt August, cigarniaker, 271 Franklin 
Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 n Eutaw, 

dw 25 St. Mary 
Eisenhauer Francis, tailor, 73 Somerset 
Eisenhour J. Adam, carpenter, 91 Boyd 
Eisfeld L. shoemaker, 58 Mullikin 
Eisiuger Frank, laborer, 28 n Durham 
Eisinger Paul, cabinetmaker, 08 s Bethel 
Eislea Jacob, laborer, 2 L. May 
Eisler Jacob, butcher, 6 Etting 
Eitel C. F. furniture wagoner, 142 e Lombard 
Eitel Edward, porter, 4 n Howard 
Eitel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel Mrs. Mary, grocery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitemuller Christian, laborer, 414 s Charles 
Eitig Frederick, t;ulor, 5 New Church 
Eitner J. machinist, Warners of Montgomery 
Eitzen Henry, mariner, 114 Thames 
Eizer Michael, shoemaker, 36 Abey al 
Eke Robert, porter, 237 Lee 
Ekell Adam, tailor, -17 Abbott 
I'jkins Prof. Thomas, Loyola College 
Elbrings II. R. salesman, cor Calverton and 

Frederick roads 
Elder Rev. A. J., St. Mary's Seminary, Penna 

av nr St. Mary 
Elder Allen, 17 Holland 
Elder Beiij. machinist, 453 Franklin 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of "New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Elder B. R. 57 w Biddle 
Elder f'harlcs U. clerk, 5G e Bixltimorc 
Elder Francis \V. (E. & Hall, ) 80 w Mormment 
Elder & Hall, (Francis W. E., D. Sprigg Hall,) 
merchandise brokers, s e cor Exchange place 
and ('Onimerce 
■Elder Henry, engineer, 6 n Republican 
Elder James A. carpenter, 46 s Oregon 
Elder Jeremiah B. shoemaker, 355 e Monument 
Elder John T. wheelwright, 97 Hollins 
Elder Mrs. Marv Ann, 70 Hillen 
ELDER SAMUEL & GO (Jacob F. Lantz, 0. 

F. Lantz, ) flour merchants, 32 n Howard 
Elder Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 89 w Biddle 
Elderkin James K. silversmith, 4.37 w Faj'ctte 
Eldridge Robert, bakerv, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Robert E. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Wm. D. i)olice, 59 Chesnut 
Elenbrok Frederick, flour and feed, n e cor 

Frederick av and Calverton road 
Ellebrock August, grocery, 146 Bank 
Ellender Fred'tick, bricklayer, 15 Orleans 
Ellender Frederick, tinner,' 204 e Madison 
Ellender George, butcher, 73 Forrest 
Ellender Mary, II Orleans 
Ellender Surah, 1 1 Orleans 
E'llcnhouse Charles, engineer, 81 s Chester 
Ellerbrock Harman, coppersmith, 100 s Ana 
EUers -lohn. engraver, 56 Chew 
Filers John T. ia^^orer, 146 Vine 
Ellerayer Ch.irles, tailor, 14 Ensor 
Eileniyer Charles jr. brassfinisher, 14 Ensor 
Ellenberg Henry, tailor, 133 Vine 
Elienbcrger Cliristian carter, 189 s Castle 
Ellerlirock Frank M. (N. Gueihlein & Co ) 226 

s Broadway 
Ellermeyer Charles A. tailor, 14 Ensor 
Elics James, morocco-dresser. 4 Bloodgood ct 
ElletfFrank M. (Smith, K. & Co.) Balto. co 
Elenis Win. shoemaker, 13 Ensor 
Elfrey Mrs Jane, I 18 Boyd, 
Elfrey Philip, machinist," 1 18 Boyd 
Elgert Jolin, porter, 38 Holland" 
Elgert John A. brickmaker. Eastern av extd 
Elgert Kuney, lagerl)^er. Eastern av extd 
Elgert Hartman, gardener, Jenkins' la, back 

of Greenmount av 
Elgert John, porter, 63 Holland 
Elgert John, shoemaker, 37 Bank 
Elgin John \V. drayman, 121 s Dallas 
Elhart Adolph, ( E.", Lowenbach & Co.) 14 n 

En taw 
hart, Adolph Lovvenbach, Moritz Lowen- 
l)ach,) wholesale notions, 331 w Baltimore 
Elias Charles, shoemaker, 150 Burgundy al 
Elias Jcseiih, furniture, 55 Penna. av 
Elias Ro;.er, coppersmelter.St.Ch'rleshot'l L.P 
Eliason Mrs. Julia, Dolphin bet Druid Hill av 

and McCulloh 
Eline Francis, (Bankerd,Eline& Co)89 Warner 
Elkins Charles H carpenter, 16!) German 
Eliason Juhn A. bricklayer. Dolphin bet Druid 

Hill av and McCulloh' 
Eliason Win. laborer, s7 Lincoln 
Eliel Solomon. (Eliel & Maver.) 208 w Pratt 
ELIEL & MAYER, (Solomon Eliel, Elias May- 
er. ) boot and shoemakers, 208 w Pratt 
Elin Frank, bookkeeper, 222 e Fayette 
Ellicott C. Lewis, clerk, 3 Spears'"wharf 
Ellieott David H. clerk, 3 Sjiears' wharf 
Ellicott Mrs. Evan T. 174 w Lombard 

Ellicott Edward A. clerk, P.W. & B.R.R. 24 

Ellicott George, sup't of building. Custom 

hou.'^e, dw Ellicotts Mill 
ELLICOTT H. WM. Maryland Blast Furnace, 

s side Basin, dw 109 n Charles 
ELLICOTT & HEWES, (James E. Hewes,) 
produce com. merchants, butter, cheese, &c. 
67 Exchange place 
Ellicott John"^ (Faxon & E.) 37 Mt. Vernon pi 
Ellicott Mrs. Louis.a, 49 Mt. Vernon place 
Ellicott Lindley, farmer, 3 Spear's wharf 
Ellicott Samuel, 6 Franklin 
Ellicott Mrs. Sarah, 632 w Favette 
Ellicott Thomas P. (Wm. M. Ellicott & Sons,) 

3 Spear's wharf 
ELLICOTT WM. M. & SONS, (Wm.M. Elli- 
cott, Thomas P. Ellicott,) commission mer- 
chants, 3 Spear's wharf 
Ellicott Wm. M. (Wm. M. Ellicott & Sons,) 3 

Spear's wharf 
Ellinger George, laborer, 329 e Madison 
Ellinger Jacob, cattle dealer, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger John A. (E. & Flinder,) 38 w Fayette 
Ellinger John F. restaurant, 2 s Frederick 
Ellinger Sam' I, cor Broadway and Jefferson 
Ellinger & Flinder. (J. A. Ellinger, C. E. 

Flinder.) restaurant, 38 w Fayette 
Ellingsfeld John, harnessmk'r, loO Fred'k ar 
Elliot Abraham, peddler, 50 s Republican 
Elliot Rob't 0. carpenter, 21 Mott 
Elliott & Blacklar, (N. J. Elliott, A. C. Black- 

lar, ) flour and feed, 15 and 17 w Pratt 
Elliott Benjamin, laborer, 188 s Ann 
Elliott Charles, clerk, 296 n Howard 
Elliott Charles, brickmaker, 57 Fort av 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 66 s Poppleton 
Elliott Danl. brickmaker, Clement nr William 
ELLIOTT EDWARD, notion store, 126 Lex- 
ington, dw 296 n Howard 
Elliott Mrs. Edward, 71 n Central av 
Elliott Elizabeth, chambermaid Susquehanna 

Elliott Geo. G. coachpainter, 293 w Lombard 
Elliott George, shoemaker, 108 n Fremont, dw 

366 w Lombard 
ELLIOTT HENRY A. & BRO. (Henry A. El- 
liott, W. Elliott,) apothecaries and drug- 
gists, 2S6Lexin2ton 
Elliott Henry A. (Henry A. Elliott & Bro.) 

284 Lexington 
Elliott Jas. B. 322 Franklin 
Elliott Jas. I. (S. Walker & Co.) 24 n Exeter 
Elliott Jas. I. (Delcher & Co.) 24 n Exeter 
Elliott Jas. B. bricklayer, 265 n Central av 
Elliott John, carpenter, 234 n Bond 
Elliott John, drayman, 2it5 av Pratt 
Elliott John, miller. Cathedral nr Townsend 
Elliott John, laborer, 205 Lemmon al 
Elliott John H. moulder, 521 Light 
Elliott John W. painter, cor Gay and Caroline 
Elliott Mrs. Joseph, 174 Cathedral 
Elliott Josejih, machinist, 189 L Constitution 
p]lliott Joseph, carpenter, 256 n Eden 
Elliott Joseph, driver, 61 Granby 
Elliott Joseph P. (F. B. Louey & Co.) 163 w 

Elliott Mary Jane, a e cor Caroline and Gay 
Elliott Mrs! Matilda, 219 Lincoln 
Elliott Mrs. Matilda, 54 n Exeter 
Elliott N. J. (E. & Blacklar,) 658 Penna av 
Elliott Robert, carpenter, 228 e Monument 

THE GKOA'V.K tv BAKBK SEAVIKG MACHIIVE is tlie best for all purposes— S A liKS 
ROOMS— 1 SI Bammore Street. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Elliott Robert, bricklayer, 189 L Constitution 
Elliott Richard L. carpenter, 482 n Gay 
Elliott Thomas, huckster, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Thomas, clerk, 284 Lexintrton 
Elliott Thomas, fisherman, 219 Lincoln 
Elliott Thos. J. butcher, 5 Centre and 55 Fell's 

Point markets, dw 16 n Choptank 
Elliott Thos. E. 362 Eastern av 
Elliott Thos. F. painter, 322 Franklin 
Elliott Wni. E. (Bruner & Co.) 24 n E.xeter 
Elliott Prof. Wm. jr. Baltimore City College, 

307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. II. carpenter, 128 Stirling 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, cor Caroline and Gay 
Elliott Capt. Wm. mariner, G7 Henrietta 
Elliott Rev- Wm. 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. W. clerk, 658 Penna av 
Elliott Wm. (Henry A. Elliott & Bro.) 284 

Elliott ^\'m. H. painter, 10 Laurel 
Ellis Ales. B (Louis McMurray & Co.) 335 
■ Druid Hill av 

Ellis Benj. shipcarpenter, 105 s Bond 
Ellis Benj. carpenter, 45 Albemarle 
Ellis Christopher, laborer, 475 w Pratt 
Ellis Edward, laborer, 222 Cbesuut al 
Ellis Elizabeth J. 41 Hill 
Ellis Elizabeth R. 24 Front n of Foundry 
Ellis George, carpenter, 387 n Gay 
Ellis H. J. carpenter, 615 Light 
Ellis Lsabella, grocery, 615 Light 
Ellis James, morocco-dresser, 73 Front, n of 

Ellis James, shipcarpenter, 144 s Bond 
Ellis John E. clerk, 164 w Lombard 
Ellis John, drayman, 17 n Washington 
Ellis Mrs. J. C. H. 212 w Biddle 
Ellis .Mary, <M s High 

Ellis Mrs. Mary C. seamstress, 106 Chesnut al 
Ellis John D. clerk, 143 Conway 
Ellis Samuel H. clerk, 327 Lexington 

EliLIS & CAIRNS, (Thomas Ellis, 
James Cairns,) Wholesale and Re- 
tail Dealers in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, and Agents for 
Eobison's improved Phosphate of 
Iiime, 14 S Gay— [Seep. lA Advertixements'] 

Ellis Thomas (Ellis & Cairns,) 327 Lexington 
Ellis Wm. L. (Wm. L. Ellis & Co.) 93 s Broad- 
Ellis Wm. L. & Co. ( Wm. L. Ellis, F. M. Ketch- 

iim, ) oyster packers, Aliceanna nr Boston 
Ellis Wm. laborer, 516 w Pratt 
Ellis Wm. brakesman, 52 s Schroeder 
Ellison John, coachtrimmer, 124 G. Hughes 
Ellison Wm. laborer, 64 Cooksie 
Ellmcr Mrs. Marv A. seamstress, 59 Hamburg 
ELLSWORTH JOHN J. lamps, oile, &c. 690 

w Baltimore 
Elm Adam, laborer, 383 Penna. av 
Elmer Lewis & Son, (Lewis Elmer, Wm. S. 

Elmer,) vinegar depot, 2 O'Donnell'sAvhf 
Elmer Lewis, ( Lewis Elmer & Son ) 1 74 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. S. salesman, 75 William 
Elmer Wm. S. (Lewis Elmer & Son, ) 192 e 

Elmore Mrs. Annie, actress, 107 w Fayette 
Elmore Carrie, 8 Park 

Elmore Chas. A., R.R. ag't, 390 Franklin 
Elmore James, liutcher, 14 Hanover market, 

dw 14 s Broadway 
Elmore Walter F. draftsman, 174 Hanover 
Elms Harrison, engineer, 107 s Broadway 
Eloffe Charlotte, milliner, 88 Franklin 
Elphring Mrs. Elizabeth, 488 Lexington 
Elphring Wm. II. clerk, 488 Lexington 
Elreg Henry, cooper, 159 Henrietta 
Elsassor Charles, cabinetmaker, 75 William 
Elseman August, paver, 4 Smith 
Elseroad Jesse, blacksmith, 108 Eastern av 
Elseroad John W. engineer, 151 s Fremont 
Elseroad John W. engineer, 19 Fountain 
Elseroad Lewis IS', huckster, 151 s Fremont 
Elseroad Wm. laborer, 19 Fountain 
Elseroad Jesse M. heater, 19 Fountain 
Elseroad John, heater, 19 Fountain 
Elsesser Henry, cooper, 118 e Fayette 
Elsessor Henry, lager beer, 258 s Broadway 
Elsroad Michael, clerk, 11 s Republican 
ELSROAD JOILX T. plumber and gasfitter, 628 

w Baltimore, dw lis Republican 
Eisner Carl (E. & Jung) Belair av extended 
Eisner George, hostler, 21 Jasper 
Eisner & Jung (Carl Eisner, A. Jung) vinegar 

makers, Belair road, terminus cit}' railroad 
Elterman Fred'k S. 163 e Baltimore 
Elton Chas. W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Pulton Elizabeth, dry goods, 1 s Ann 
Elton Wm. H. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Wm. wheelwright, 123 n Eden 
Eltonhead Arnold 0. watchmaker, 15 Watson 
Eltonhead James H. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Joseph, currier, 433 Canton av 
Eltonhead Mrs .Sarah, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Wm. T. salesman, 237 w Baltimore 
Eltzeiser Conrad, cigarmaker, 335 s Bond 
Elward Thomas, laborer, 190 L Constitutioa 
El wood John, coppersmith, 221 Boston 
Ely Chas. B. furn. wagon, 354 Eastern av 
Ely Charles W. (Maynard, E. & Rose) 170 n 

Ely Mrs. E. N. 185 s Ann 
Ely Enoch N. engineer, 185 s Ann 
Ely Geo. D. coppersmith, 71 Granby 
Ely George, painter, 106 s Spring 
Ely James, garbage cart, 127 s Chester 
Ely Jesse F. (De Ford & Co.) Fayette, one 

door w of Pine 
Ely John J. painter, 71 Granby 
Ely John B. salesman, 170 n Gay 
Ely John W. wheelwright, 113 n High 
Ely Joseph, wagon, 354 Eastern av 
EI3" John S. carpenter, 100 n Front 

Ely , printer, 10 s Gay 

Ely John, clerk, 67 n Bond 
Ely John II. bookkeeper, 269 Druid iliil av 
Ely John D. bridge and whf b'lder, 203 e Pratt 
ELY JOHN N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 

s Bi'oadwav 
Ely Mrs. Mary F. 163 Druid Hill av 
Ely Mahlon S. ladies shoe store, 170 n (Jay 
Ely Sam'l, mariner, 76 s Washingion 
Ely Sam'l, shoe dealer, 170 n Gay 
Ely Seneca W. editor, 269 Druid Hill av 
Ely Wm. N. 185 s Ann 
I"]ly Wm. F. fireman, 35 e Lombard 
Ely Wm. T. a{iothecary, 86 n Calvert 
Ely Wm. printer, 10 s Gay 
Elzas Louis, second hand clothing, 35 Harrison 
Elzey J. C. clerk, 36 Saratoga 

THE GRO\TER & BAKER. SEIVINO MACHIXE is tlie best for all purpoH«8— SALE^ 
ROO.'«IS— Ihl IJaJlimurt- .Strvin 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKEK BKOS. & CO. 




Elzey Letitia, boarding, 36 Saratoga 
Elzroe David, stonecutter, 250 s Eutaw 
Emack Mrs. Mary E. 205 Madison av 
Emanuel Charles, painter, 96 n Fremont 
Emberson Mrs. Rebecca, 211 s Charles 
Embler Charles, blacksmith, 154 Hollins 
Emden D. J. (Herman & E.) 94 n Liberty 
Emerich A. boot and shoe dealer, 16 Harrison 
Emerich Barnet, clothing, 4 Harrison 
Emerich Barney, clerk, 54 Harrison 
Emerich Conrad, porter, 190 e Eager 
Emerich John P. (Flynn & Emerich,) 19G e 

Emerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emerich Ludwig, huckster, 135 Raborg 
Emerich Louis, watchman, 319 n Gay 
Emerich Martin, (S. Enirich&Co.) 130 n Gay 
Emerich Philip, second hand clothing, 54 

Emerick D. L. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Emerick Thos. H. bookkeeper, 34 w Biddle 
Emerick Wm. H. (Ross & E.) 3 n Strieker 
Emerine George, baker, 139 Forrest 
Emerine John W. 139 Forrest 
Emerson A. clerk, 142 Light st Avhf 
Emerson Chas. H. bookkeeper, 93 n Eutaw 
Emerson Edwin, tinner, 495 w Prati 
Emerson Geo. A. real estate ag't, 36 Lexington 
Emerson Geo. A. clerk, 126 Bolton 
Emerson John P. clerk, 151 e Madison 
Emerson Capt. William L. jr. mariner, 225 e 

Emcrt John T. helper, 675 w Pratt 
EMERY & FETSCB, (John B. Emery, J. T. 

Fetsch,) granite yard, 329 s Eutaw 
Emery J. printer, 270 Aisquith 
Emery John B. (Emery & Fetsch,) 70 s Paca 
Emery Sabine, (Schley & E.) 180 Harford av 
Emge Andrew, laborer, 48 s Regester 
Emge Elizabeth, tailoress, 214 e Eager 
Emge Peter, lithographer, 69 s Regester 
Emge Peter, printer, 69 s Regester 
Emich Adam, laborer, 36 s Republican 
Emich Andrew, cabinetmaker, 48 n Schroeder 
Kmich Columbus V. (J. H. Perkins & Co.) 136 

n Howard 
Emich Daniel J. clerk, 191 e Baltimore 
Emich Daniel J. clerk, 589 w Lombard 
Emich Mrs. Harriet, tailoress, 3 s Schroeder 
Emich John V. salesman, Gilmor, 5 doors s 

of Franklin 
Emich Marcella, teacher, Gilmor nr Franklin 
Emich Robert G. tinner, Gilmor, 5 doors s of 

Emich Wesley D. bricklayer, 3 s Schroeder 
Emig Geo. M'. wagoner, 109 n Central av 
]:mler Charles, laborer, 266 s Ann 
EMMART ADOLPHUS D. (Emmart & Quart- 
ley, ) 37 n Calhoun 
Emmart Charles, painter, 110 Stirling 
Emmart David, blacksmith, 97 n Paca, dw 

104 n Paca 
Emmart John, carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Kramart John M. carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart John T. blacksmith, 617 w Pratt 
Emmart Jarrett T. blacksmith, 123 Vine 
Emmart Mrs. Mary A. 457 e Baltimore 
Emmart Thos. P. 'silversmith, 30 n Liberty 
EMMART & QUARTLEY, (A. D. Emmart, 
A. Quartley,)sign and banner painters, 276 
w Baltimore 
Emmart Sarah M. boarding, 502 w Lombard 

Emmart Mrs. Sidney, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart Vernon S. bookkeeper, 104 n Paca 
Emmart Mrs. W. W., 104 n Paca 
Emmel John, confectioner, 152 s Broadway 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 54^ w Fayette, 

dw 057 w Lombard 
Emmerich C4eorgc W. clerk, 657 w Lombard 
Emmerich Henrj^, bartender, 90 Penua. av 
Emmorick Henry, clerk, 225 e Baltimore 
Eramich John, flour store, 122 Columbia 
Emmick Ellen, dressmaker, 412 w Fayette 
EMMONS HERMON L. Jr. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 4 Law 
buildings, dw 51 s Carey 
Emord Frederick, wagoner. Gist near Essex 
Emory Ambrose, (Seim ^ Emory, ) 96 Park 
Emory Mrs. Ann, 260 Grundy 
Emory Arthur (j- Co. (A. Emory & J. B. Eger- 

ton,) whols. hardware, 23 s Calvert 
Emory Arthur, (A. Emory & Co.) 208 Garden 
Emory Daniel G. real estate broker, Courtland 

3 doors n of Lexington, dw 250 n Calvert 
Emory Mrs. Elizabeth, 416 w Lombard 
Emory Frederick B. tinner, 203 w Biddle 
Emory Henry, laborer, 134 Lancaster 
Emory James C. printer, 270 Aiscjuith 
Emory John, tailor, 203 w Biddle 
Emory JohnW. conductor, 492 w Lombard 
Emory Dr. J. K. B. 18 CourtL-ind, dw 147 

Emory John K. B. jr., clerk, 141 Hanover 
Emory John H. hardware and house furnishing 

goods, 77 n Calvert 
Emory John H. clerk, 378 w Lombard 
Emory Joshua, carpenter, 177 s Sharp 
Emory Mrs. Maria, 333 w Lombard^ 
Emorj^ Philemon B. clerk, 141 Hanover 
Emory Susan, 203 w Biddle 
Emorv Thomas H. bookkeeper, 18 Jackson sq 
Emory Wm. painter, 23 s Caroline 
Emory Wm. H. tinner, 201 Lexington 
Emory Wm. H. clerk 141 Hanover 
Emory Wm. H. tinner, 175 Ensor 
Emory Wm. H. com. merchant, 6 Wood, dw 

260 Grundy 
Emory W. H. collector, s e cor Hanover and 

Emory Wm. T. ship carpenter, 242 s Ann 
Emor}^ Mrs. Zulick, 65 e Baltimore 
Emrich George, barber, Fountain hotel dw 

179 Conway 
Emrich John, laborer, 339 s Bond 
Emrich Jno. P. jr., machinist, 1 96 e Monument 
Emrich Jno. P. (Flynn & E., ) 196 e Monument 
Emrich John, laborer, 29 James la 
Emrich Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 6 Etna la 
Emrich S. & Co. (S. Emrich, M. Emrich, ) jewel- 
ry, 130 n Gay 
Emrich Simon, (S. Emrich & Co.) 130 n Gay 
Erarine Andrew, stevedore, 5 Smith al 
Ems Adolph, shoemaker, rear 79 e Lombard 
Endley Francis, brushmaker. 109 Peach al 
Endres Martin, shoemaker, 106 Lancaster 
Eney Benjamin F. shoemaker, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Joseph R. salesman, 32 Hanover 
Eney Jeremiah shoemaker, Calverton Mills 
Eney Jeremiah, blacksmith, 1 s Oregon 
Eney John E. plasterer, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Mrs. Julia Ann, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Oliver N. paper hanger, 623 w Pratt 
Eney Thomas R. shoemaker, 14 s Oregon 
Engehausen Anna E. 54 Mulberry 

J. HENHY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds,. &c. 

ISTos. 32 









Engel August, currier, 252 s Bond 
Engel Casper, laborer, 163 s W'^ashington 
Engel Charles, baker, 295 s Durham 
Engel Conrad, baker, 589 Penna. av 
ENGEL GEO., shoemaker, 580 ^^' Baltimore 
Engel George, shoemaker, 211 s Durham 
Engel George, tailor, 254 s Sharp 
Engel J. George, gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 
Engel Henry, restaurant 33 n Gaj 
Fngel Henry, lager beer, lY Harrison 
Engel Jacob, steward. Fountain hotel, 23 n 

Engel John, 141 s Bethel 
Engel John, cooper, opposile 6 Creek al 
Engel Lazarus, 66 s Central av 
Engelbach Emanuel, tavern, 75 Hanc-cr 
Engelbach Fred, bookkeeper, 140 s Charles 
Engelbreit Martin, porter, 94 Lancaster 
Engeleider Mrs. Magdalene, 525 Canton av 
Kngellbrecht George, shoemaker, 277 s Dallas 
Engels Henry, cigar maker, 302 Aliceanna 
Enkhausen Henry, books and stationery, 221 
Lexington, d\v s w cor Saratoga and Pearl 
Engelhardt Adam, musician, 94 s Wolfe 
Engelhardt Charles, butcher, 1 Cross-st. mar- 
ket, d\v Western Cemetery la 
Engelhardt Edward, broom mak. 221 Chcsnut 
f'ngelhardt Frederick, laborer, 33G n Spriug 
Engelhardt Francis, barber, 105 e Pratt 
Engelhardt George, laborer, 288 s Durham 
Engelhardt Gustave, boot maker, 252 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Henry, boot and shoe maker, 252 

w Pratt 
Engelhardt John, tailor, 327 n Central av 
Engelhardt Michael, laborer, 346 AVilliam 
Engelhardt Michael, sawyer, 319 a Dalla.s 
Engelhaupt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w Pratt 

dw 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Emma, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelhaupt John, salesman, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Philip, locksmith, 183 Raborg 
Engelhaujjt Wm. tailor, 26 Knox al 
Engelman Charles, tailor, 371 e Eager 
Engelman Gustav, boot fitter, 26 n Frederick 
Engelmeier Michael J. barber, 23 Ensor 
Engelmycr Catherine, grocery, 537 Saratoga 
Engelmyer Joseph, tailor, 252 e Chase 
Eagelmyer Matthias, carter, 537 Saratoga 
Engelmyer ^V. v,-ood sawyer, 78 Somerset 
Engelsman Catherine, over 63 w Second 
Engelsnian, clerk, over 63 w Second 
Enger Ja.mcs, lal)orer, 118 Eastern a v 
Enger Wm. teacher, 32 Perry 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Durham 
Engl Wm. carpet wesiver, 42 Frederick av 
England Christian, shoemaker, 303 n Howard 
England Mrs. Eliza J. 7 IJoIton 
England Francis W. plumber, niGough 
England Geo. W. carpenter, 480 n Gay 
England J.H. jr. clerk, 354^ w Loml^ard 
England Jacob II. carjienter, 489 n Gay 
England John, clerk, 112 Bank 
England John II. carpenter, 144 Druid Hill av 
ENGLAND JOSEPH T. gimeral freight agent 

B. & O.R.R., 354.] w Lombard 
England Julia, boarding house, 76 n High 
P^nglandRobert A. laborer, 7 Bolton 
England Wm. G. fireman, 187 Montgomery 
Engle Henry, clerk, 95 York 
Engle Wm. J. laborer. 277 Aliceanna 
Engleberg Lewis, dyer, 285 n Central av 
[■'ngler John, bricklayer, G L. Montgomery 

ENGLER AUGUSTUS C. (Graf & Ender.) 

442 w Fayette 
Englcr William, stonecutter, 235 s Eutaw 
Englerth Casper J. laborer, 166 Stirling 
Engles Wm. laborer, 58 Preston 
English John, laborer, 92 Payson 
English John, tavern, 34 w Lombard, dw 48 

n Eden 
English Mrs. Mary J. 431 w Lombard 
Enke Charles, shoemaker, 39 Albemarle 
Enke Ludwig. artist, 63 av Baltimore, dw 39 

Enkleman Frank, fireman, 22 n Dallas 
Enkleman John, boiler maker, 22 n Dallas 
Enkleman Maria, 22 n Dallas 
Enuis James H. tinner, 35 n Paca 
Ennis John A. blacksmith, 78 s Republican 
Ennis .Joseph T. blacksmith, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Lydia A. teacher, 1 George 
Ennis Mrs. Mary, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Mrs. Margaret, 584 w Pratt 
Ennis Samuel G. A., junk dealer, 96 McElderry 
Ennis Sarah, tailoress, 78 s Republican 
Ennis Thomas H. (Klunk k E.) ] George 
Ennis Wm. upholsterer, 2 Telegraph 
Euo Richard, baker, 36 Milliman 
Enright Francis, mariner, 27 Watson 
Enroy Thomas, laborer, 182 s Central av 
Ensel Meyer, dealer in rags, 150 L. Greene 
Ensey Capt George W. mariner, 319 e Lombard 
Ensey & Kimberly, ( R. F. Ensey, J. M.Kim- 
berly, ) wholesale grocers and com. mer- 
chants, s w cor Eutaw and Baltimore 
Ensey Richard F. (Ensey & Kimberly,) 614 

Ensinger George, 42 Somerset 
Ensor Abram, bricklayer, Mt. Clare station 
Ensor Agnes, seamstress, 553 Saratoga 
Ensor Charles, rope maker, 238 n Bond 
Ensor Daniel, carpenter, 153 Mulberry 
Ensor Edward, ship joiner, 345 e Monument 
Ensor Hiram, carpenter, 96 Lee 
Ensor Mrs. Isabella, seamstress, 124 n Exeter 
Ensor Jas., (P^nsor & Linaweaver, ) In Front 
Ensor James W. ship joiner, 14 Essex 
Ensor Jesse A. painter, 553 Saratoga 
Ensor John C. carpenter, 459 Franklin 
Ensor John, blacksmith, 49 n Central av 
Ensor & Linaweaver, (J. Ensor, J. N. Lina- 

weaver, ) guagers, 61 w Pratt 
Ensor Wm. tinner, 238 n Bond 
Enssle John C. harness maker, 20 Leo 
Enterline Dr. Samuel, 253 Hollins 
Entes Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Entler Catherine, 24 Pine 
Entries Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Entz Andrew, (Entz & Bash, ) 198 Saratoga 
ENTZ & BASH, (A. Entz, ) booksellers, 35 n 

Entz Mrs. Henrietta, 48 n Poppleton 
Episcopal Reading Room;;, s w cor Charles and 

Fayette, H. W. .Moore, agent 
Epp Charles, cooper, 348 s Charles 
Epp Mrs. Maria, huckstress, ,'!48 s Charles 
Eppel Martin, tailor, 66 .Mullikin 
Eppers Henrv, Laborer, 298 Cross 
] Epple Mrs. Louisa, 258 Light 

Epple Wm. apothecary, n w oor Light and 
I Montgomery 

I Eppler Charles, blacksmith, 235 Forrest 
I Eppley John, hackman, 21 e Monument 
I Eppley John A. driver, 21 e Monument 

Agents for Rosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

DK. WIlSrCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




EPPLEY JAMES M. produce and com. mcht. 

so cor Howard and Mulljerry, dw Hoffman 

btw Decker and Cathedral 
Epron Mrs. Nancy, 4'>3 n Gay 
Ejistcin Mrs. Diana, millinery. 29 n Howard 
Erbe Henry, lager beer, 252 Jlontgomery 
Erbe John, porter, 172 Cross 
Erbcn John, shoemaker, n w cor Grant and 

Erben Mrs. M. S. dressmaker, 33 Rock 
Erblein Michael, drayman, 63 s Eutaw 
Erck Cliark'S, tailor, 81 n Bond 
Erdbrink Henry, 19 Conway 
Erdbrink John H. clerk, 19 Conway 
Erdenbrecht Jno. L. wheelw'gt, 423 Canton av 
Erdnian Adam G. vegetaliles, 1 and 3 Han- 
over market, dw Bclair.road 
Erdman John, vegetables, 1 and 3 Hanover 

maiket, dw Belair road 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Wni. H. (Moore &E.,) 233 Harford av 
Erek Daniel F. laborer, 87 Chatsworth 
Erek Henry, cigar maker, 185 n Fremont 
Erek Wm."H. 320 w Fayette 
Erpood John, 72 Lexinglon 
Erhart Benjamin, tailor, 32 William 
Erhman Christiana, 3 Carlton 
Erich Dr. Augustus F. 116 s Broadway 
Erich Mrs. C. 54 Holland 
Erick Fred'k, wire worker, 65 Holland 
Erich Henry C. pat. selfacting pumps,79 Gough 

dw 91 s Caroline 
Erichen P. draftsman, s w cor Charles and 

Erlbeck John, clothing cutter, 46 Bank 
Erling Conrad, cake stand, cor Aliceauna and 

Bond, dw 223 s Bond 
Erling Wni. confectionery, s e cor Broadway 

and Aliceauna, dw 22H s Bond 
Erm Conrad, painter, 2 Choptank 
Ermer Christian, baker, 34 Thames 
Ermer Gotleib, Aveaver, 48 President 
ER.MKR HENRY, tobacconist, s w cor Gay and 

Aisquith, dw 48 President 
Ermer John,brewer,Hollins,w of Calverlon r'd 
Ermling Henry, boat builder, 122 Bank 
Ermold John, drayman, 54 n Pine 
Ermold John C. cabinetmaker, 215 w Pratt 
Erni Emil, clerk, 26 Calverton road 
Ernst Anton, laborer, 294 n Central av 
Ernst Conrad, laborer, 235 e Lombard 
Ernst Daniel, hostler, 89 s Mount 
Ernst Mrs. Elizabeth, 120 Rollins 
Ernst Frederick, cigarmaker, 37 s Caroline 
Ernst Harmau, tailor, Philadelphia road near 

city limits 
Ernst Henry, laborer, 3 May 
Ernst John, tailor, 275 s Sharp 
Ernst Mrs. Theresa, seamstress, lOWyeth 
Ernstberger Francis, barber, 373 Penna av 
Ernstberger George,varnisher,227 Montgomery 
Ernwright Mrs. Catharine, 27 Watson 
Ern Wright Frank, laborer, 25 Watson 
ERPENBECK HENRY, restaurant, 219 s 

Erpenbeck John F. butcher, 219 s Broadway 
Erpenstcin Adolph, tailor, 23 w Lombard 
Erricson Alex, mariner, 114 Thames 
Ertle John, laborer, 5 Cuba 
Erving Mrs. M. C, 228 Garden 
Erwing Henry, laborer, cor Hampstead and 


Escavaille Jos. B. clerk, LO.O.F., 4 n Eden 
Eschbach Rev. E. R., 81 e Baltimore 
pjschbach Francis F. street contractor, 46 

Eschbach John, contractor and paver, 46 Rich- 

ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 

for all kinds of Grading, Paving, 
layirg of Sewers with Stone, 
Eiick, Iron or Tile Pipe, and Con- 
struction of Turnpike and Rail 
Koacs. All work warranted equal 
to tl e best, and 25 per cent, be- 
low the present market rates, of- 
fice, basement of Chesapeake 
Bank, dw 150 Pearl street 

Escli bach, Louis, street contractor, 46 Richmond 
Eschbach Matthias B. 46 Richmond 
Escherick Ferdinand, (Escherick & Son, ) 477 

w Baltimore 
Escherick Francis, (Escherick & Son,) 477 w 

Escherick & Son, (Ferdinand Escherick, Fran- 
cis Escherick, ) gunsmiths, 477 w Baltimore 
Eselmeyer Frederick, tailor, 262 e Fayette 
Fssellin Margaret, cigars, 244 Canton av 
Essellin Peter, cigarmaker, 244 Canton av 
Es.sender James, butter, 262 s Broadway, dw 

18 s Bond 
Essender James, 1 Pearl 
Essender Theodore, carpenter, 146 n High 
Essender Thomas, laborer, Gold betw Schroe- 

der and Amity 
Essender Thomas, jr., laborer, 3O0vCross 
Essender Wm. carpenter, 1 Pearl 
Eser Henry, laborer, 42 Lancaster 
Esett Mrs. George, laundress, 77 Preston 
Esett John, laborer, 77 Preston 
Esham Mrs. Fannie W., confectionery, 176 

Madison av 
Eshrick Thos. letter carrier, 6 n Caroline 
Eskridge John E. sailmaker, 185 e Baltimore 
Eskridge Wolfred T. driver, 338 Eastern av 
Esler Charles, locksmith, 435 w Pratt 
Esler Edward, laborer. 164 Scott 
Esler Mary E. 73 Druid Hill av 
Esline Elizabeth, 116 West 
Eslinger August, carver, 195 s Castle 
Eslinger Robert, driver, 183 s Central av 
Esmer Augustus, driver, 78 Henrietta 
Esmer Mrs. Ernestine, stamping 78 Henrietta 
Esmer Reinhart, expressman, 78 Henrietta 
Esome John H. mariner, 75 Cross 
Espey Wm. cooper, Wolfe, betw Hampstead 

and Fayette 
EpseyWm. S. janitor City Hall, dw AVolfe, 

betw Fayette and Hampstead 
Epscy Wm. P. cooper, 239 s Ann 
Esricli Charles, cooper, 168 William 
Essenger Thomas, carpenter, 42 Booth 
Essenwanger Jacob, laborer, 22 Wyetb 
Esser John, laborer, 213 n Bond 
p]ssex Mrs. Ann, s Clement near William 
Essex Richard, laborer, 636 Light 
E)ssig Fred'k, jr.butcher,Pennaav near toll gate 
Essig Charles J. (Essig & Jones,) Fayette 2 

doors e of Paca 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Entaw. 




ESSIG & JONES, (Charles J. Essig, Chas.S. 
Jones,) Baltimore Dental Depot, over 200 
w Baltimore 
Essig' Wm. butcher, Penna av near toll gate 
Essler Frederick, porter, 79 n Amity 
Esslinper (fc Co. (E. Esslinger, Dr. G. Liebman) 

apothecaries, 29 Harrison 
Esslinper George, tailor, 221 Light 
Esslinger Edward, ( Esslinger &Co. )29 Harrison 
Est a brook Endor, clerk. 98 Lee 
Esterline Henry, stevedore, 4 Fountain 
Estlack Hiram, engineer, 95 Jefferson 
Etcliherger Chas. E., printer, 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Capt. James, mariner, 342 e Bal- 
timore ^ 
Etchberger James S. clerk, 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Mrs. Mary, 85 Gough 
Etchberger Sarah A. 17 Gough 
Etchberger Wm. C, primer, 342 e Baltimore 
Etcbison & Dorsey, (Perry G. Elchison, John 
A. Dorsej',) leaf tobacco and general pro- 
duce cm. merchants, 104 s Charles 
Etchison Frederick, saddler, 8 Columbia, dw 

4o] w Lombard 
Etchison Perry G. (Etchison & Dorsey,) 114 

s ""harp 
ETHKRIDGE DR. W. H. surgical and me- 
chanical dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Etttr Mrs. Cecelia, 277 Hollins 
Etter John M. carpenter, 189 s Durham 
Ettinger peo.JLprincipal male grammar school 

No. 12. 173 Conway 
Ettinas Misses, 270 Lexington 
Ettle Mrs. Susan L. 788 w Baltimore Thos. bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
Etzel Eged, tobacconist, cor Aisquilh and Low 
Etzcl .John, 125 n Central av 
Etzel John, brassfinisher, 371 e Fayette 
Etzel John, laborer, 67 s Eutaw 
Etzel Joseph, porter, 224 u Dallas 
Eubank Giles F. (Fallin & Eubank,) 49 Han- 

Enbel Christian, laborer, 83 Bank 
Euler August, wheelwright, 56G Pennaav 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
Euler Ernst, jr. barber, 184 e Baltimore 
Euler Henry, cooper, 164 s Bethel 
Euler Herman, wheelwright, 480 Penna av 
Eurich Mrs. Elizabeth, stoves and tinware, 407 

Canton av 
Eurich Henry, tinner, 407 Canton av 
Eurich Peter, carpeiiter, 407 Canton av 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Eutaw and Balti- 
more, J. D. Gilmour k Sons, proprietors 
EUTAW SAVINGS BANK, se cor Eutaw and 

Eutaw St. M. E. Church, Eutaw betw Franklin 

and Mulberry 
Evangelical German Methodist Church, n e 

cor Greene and Cider al 
Evans Abel, miller, 893 w Pratt 
Evans Alfred D. magistrate, 157 n High 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 86 s Ann 
Evans Andrew J. carpenter, 156 Hollins 
Evans Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, 126 Preston 
Evans & Bro. (C. A. Evans, ' D. G. Evans,) 
pharmaceutists, s e cor Ann and Aliceanna 
Evans Mrs. Catherine, 243 s Charles 
Evans Charles D. gaiter titter, Calhoun s of 

Evans Ctiarles W. bookkeeper water register's 
office, 134 n Gay 

Evans Mrs. Charlotte, 128 s Bond 
Evans Clarence A. (Evans & Bro.) 18 Jack- 
son sc(uare 
Evans Daniel E. boilermaker, 183 Hollins 
Evans Daniel, coppersmith, 123 s Wolfe 
Evans Daniel T. jiilot. 132 s Ann 
Evans Daniel E. boilermaker, 4 s Oregon 
Evans Dr.shields, 12 s Chester 
Evans Rev. David, 18 Jackson sq 
Evans David G. ( Evans &: Bro.) 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Elizabeth, dressmaker, 191 Hanover 
Evans Emma E. teacher. 157 n High 
Evans Mrs. Fannie, 178 Druid Hill.av 
Evans Frederick, safeniaker, 494 w Pratt 
Evans French S. custom house, 407 n Central av 
Evans G. (G. Evans & Co.) Hoffman between 

Garden and Bolton 
Evans Geo. k Co. (Geo. Evans, J. C.Sullivan,) 

coopers, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. T coachtrimmer, 200 n Eden 
Evans Geo. W. sr., flour and feed, cor Balti- 
more and Republican 
Evans Geo. W. jr., flour and feed, n w corner 

Baltimore and Republican 
Evans Geo. bookkeejjer, 72 Lee 
Evans Geo. hookkeejjer, 191 Hanover 
Evans Henry. U. S. coast survey, 60 Courtland 
Evans Henry C. jtrinter, 161 e .Alonument 
Evans Henry, (Thos.Kensett & Co.) 100s High. 
Evans Hugh D. justice of the peace, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw 280 Lexington 
Evans Isaac, jr. 693 Lexington 
Evans Jacob H. machinist, 7 Orleans 
Evans Job & Son, (Thos. G. Evans, ) carpen- 
ters and builders, 17 and 19 Garden 
Evans .lohn, copper smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Evans John, clerk, 8o8 w Baltimore 
Evans John, horse dealer, 12 s Chester 
Evans John P. clerk, 161 e Monument 
Evans John B. painter, over 33 n Eutaw 
Evans John, carter, 12 s Chester 
Evans John, machinist, 125 Chew 
EVANS JOHN, manufacturer of tin ware, and 
dealer in housekeeping articles, 18 w Balti- 
more, dw 29 n Eden 
Evans .John C. carpenter, 251 n Eden 
Evans John B. painter, 487 Lexington 
Evans John B. printer, 18 n Eden 
Evans J. B. printer, 50 n Eden 
Evans Joseph, laborer, 31 Harford av 
Evans Joseph, leather dealer, 56 n I-^den 
Evans Joseph, clerk, 56 n Eden 
Evans Jos. car driver, 698 w Baltimore 
Evans Josephine, teacher, 56 n Eden 
Evans Josh. J. carpenter, 386 Lexington 
Evans Mrs. Mary, dairy, 125 Hollins 
Evans Mary E. 51 Fawn 
Evans Mary E. seamstress, 5 McLeary ct 
Evans Mabury, messenger Harnden express, 

19 Jackson 
Evans Mitchel, painter, 27 Philpot 
Evans Mitchel. mariner, 54 Block 
EVANS RANDALL, restaurant, basement 3 

n Howard 
Evans Richard B. clerk Record office, 144 c 

Evans Mrs. Rozillia, teacher, Phila. road near 

Citj- limits 
Evans Rees, clerk, s e cor Bond and Thames 
Evans Mrs. Sarah, 191 Hanover 
Evans Samuel M. clerk of Circuit Court, 146 e 

THE GROVER JSi BAKER ^iGAVING MACIIIIVE is tlie best for nil purpoaeg— SAUCS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




H. Evans,) Commission Mer- 
chants, and Dealers in Apples, 
Potatoes, Onions, Dried Fruits 
and Produce of all kinds, No. 82 
Light-st. wharf. 

Evans Thos.H. (T.H. Evans k Co.)C4 William 
Evans Thomas, teadier, 162 McCulloh 
Evans Thos. carpenter, IGl e Monument 
Evans Thos. copper smelter, Clinton s ofBoslon 
Evans Dr. Thomas B s e eor Ann and Alice- 
anna, dw 18 Jackson square 
EvanaThomas G. (Job Evans & Son,) 211 n 

Evans Thomas J. wharfin-^cr, office foot of 

Bond, dw G6 s "Washinaton 
Evans Wm. potter, 204^ Johnson 
Evans Wm. M. bookkeeper, s e cor Calverton 

and Franklin roads 
Evans Wm. patternmaker 15*7 Montgomery 
Evans Wm.,R. hatter, 12 s Chester 
Evans Wm. 1 n Calhoun 
Evans Wm. tinner, 208 e Madison , 

Evatt Edward, gun and locksmith, 35'Light 
Evatt Mary, dressmaker, 14rf w Madison 
Everett Andrew, drayman. 101 n Central av 
Everhart Christian, laborer, Clinton, Canton, 

opposite Chesapeake furnace 
Everhart David, i>roiirietor Franklin house 

Franklin and Howard 
Everhart Geo. B. tinner, 28S Light 
Everhart Geo. machinist, 138 e Lombard 
EVERHART GEORGE G. salesman, Franklin 

Everhart Jane, 11 n Eutaw 
Everhart J. J., Franklin house 
Everhart Martha, 77 n Eutaw 
Everhart JLartin, cigarmakcr, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Samuel, fruit packer, 245 s Sharp 
Everhart W. J. clerk, Franklin house 
Everhart Wm. H. brakesman, 92 s Howard 
Everett Francis R. 51 Josephine 
Everett James, lumber wagons, 157 s Chapel 
Everett John, shoemaker, 7 Neilson's ct 
Everett John T. mariner, 195 s Chapel 
Everett Wm. conductor N.C.R., 5 May 
Everett Wm. coal, 55 n Central av 
Evering Bernard, 91 s Wolfe 
EveristJohn W. house carpenter, 9 n Sharp, 

d w 1 i 7 M ulberry 
Everist John, cooper, 72 s High 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 Holliday, dw 74 

Everist Joseph, cooper, .377 e Fayette 
Everitt Mrs. Elizabetli, s e corner Gough and 

Everiil Francis A. clerk, 795 w Baltimore 
Eveiitt Jane, fancy goods, Gland G3 Hanover 

market, dw L. Church betw Hanover & Light 
Everitt L. F., Fountain hotel 
F]veritt Peter, fireman, 31 L. Church 
Evci'itt Thomas H. constable, 119 s Bond 
Everitt Thos. S.harnessmaker 795 w Baltimore 
Everitt Timothy, cooper, 29 L. Church 
Evelelh Fred. W. clerk, 3 s Calvert 
Everley George, cooper, 17G s Regester 
Evers Andrew, machinist, 242 s Dallas 
Evers Henry W. shoemaker, 22S Lincola 

Evers Wm. machinist, 242 s Dallas 
Eversman Frederick. 81 s Bond 
Eversman John F. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Eversman John G. provisions, 309 s Charles 
Eversmeier Frederick, carter, Gist betw Essex 

and Canton av 
Everson Michael, mariner, 306 e Pratt 
Everstein Arnold, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Evert Hezekiah, oak cooper, L. Hughes betw 

Light and Charles 
Evert Leopold, clerk, 57 Scott 
Everwin Samuel, laborer, 144 Druid Hill av 
Evill John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
EWALD, BAKER & CO (Martin Ewald, 

Henry Baker,) edge tool grinders, &c., 40 

Park • 

Ewald & Fislein, (J. W. Ewald, J. Fislein,) 

edae tool makers, 294 s Caroline 
Ewafd John W. (Ew.ald & Fislein, ) 274 sBond 
Ewald Martin, (Ewald, B.-iker & Co.) 3 Park 
Ewald Philip, 22 Hampstead 
Ewaldt August, (Jas.Mycr & Co.) 105 Penna av 
Ewaldl Mrs. D. S., 105 Penna av 
Ewalt Casper, laborer, 29 n Dallas 
Ewalt. Mrs. Catherine, 145 s Regester 
Ewalt Henry 11. photographer, 76 s Ann 
Ewalt John U. ( Wm. P. Towles, Bro. & Co.) 

42 n Bond 
Ewalt Samuel A. tinner, 519jw Baltimore, dw 

50 n Poppleton 
Ewell John, (Ewell & Kellev,) 12 St. Paul 
E\VELL& KELLEY, (John Ewell, Jolin Kel- 

ley,) propricti^rs Barry hall, 12 St. Paul 
Ewen Jeremiah, letter carrier, 82 Peirce 
Ewens John, bookkeeper, 149 s Broadway 
Ewig John, restaurant, 726 w Baltimore 
Ewig John, laborer, 150 e Pratt 
Ewing James II. attorney, 16 Law buildings, 

St. Paul, dw Strieker betw Mulberry and 

Ewing John J. shoemaker, 37 s Bond 
Ewing Thomas W. agent Methodist Protestant 

publications, over 12 n Gay,dw 318 Aisquith 
Ewings Thomas, butcher, 158 Canton av 
Exchange Reading Rooms, new Exchange 

buildings, entrance Second and Lombard, 

Geo. U. Porter, secretary 
Extine John, carpenter, 182 Peirce 
Extine Wm. F. laborer, 39 Preston 
Ey Augustus, barber, 53 s Wolfe 
Eyanson John E. plumber, 100 Cathedral, dw 

59 Centre 
p]yerly Jacob S. tinner, 38 Chatsworth 
Byerly Mary A. 38 Chatsworth 
Eyerly Wra. S. canmaker, 163 Columbia 
E.yll George S. machinist, 263 s Sharp ■ 
Eyll John, shoemaker, 389 w Pratt 
Eyll Mina, huckstress, 389 w Pratt 
Eymes Charles, varnisher, 122 n Spring 
EvserDlrick, barnessmaker, 350 w Pratt 
Eytinge Eli L. (M Hess & Sons,) ,39 n Howard 
lOy tinge Henry, (M. Hess & Sons, 39 n Howard 


FAnEuBEUNHAaDr, grocery and liquor store,131 

s Fremont 
Faber Conrad, laborer, 42 Gough 
Faber Deitrich, tavern, n wcor Thames & .\na 
Faber Frederick, grocery, 325 Aliceanna 
Faber Florilla, milliner, 93 n Exeter 
Faber George, bookbinder, 328 Light 

THB GROVER & BAKER SEAVIKG MAI .HINE is tine 8>ost for a'.l puii>osvK- SAIJ^IS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 









Faber Henry, tinner, 12 Wivter 

Faher Henry, tailor, 17 Butler 

Faber Henry, cook, 240 Lee 

Faber Herman, sheet iron worker, 275 s Charles 

F;iber John L. 264 Greenniount av 

Faber Mary A. 150 e Pratt 

Fach Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 28 Penna av 

Fachs Mrs. Marv, 104 Hamburg 

F ACTUS GUS.TAVUS, tohac'nist, 1 IT n Calvert 

Fadeley Charles, musician, 153 Ensor 

Fadeley James, tinner. 151 Ensor 

Faeck John, shoemaker, 6 Jew al 

Faehtz Ernest F. M. interpreter, 5 Courtlaud 

FaetheGotfried, coachmaker, 13Ge Lombard 

Fagan Hup:h, laborer, 160 n Dallas 

Fagan Matthew, carter, 3i Harford av 

Fagan Michael, shoemaker, 166 s Central av 

Fagan Patrick, coachman, 154 n Calvert 

Fagan Robert, grocer, 235 Columbia 

Fagel Martin, laborer, Gist betw Canton av 

and Essex 
Fager Jos. cabinetmaker, 51 s Schroeder 
Fagret Mm. L. G. hairdresser, 40 n Charles 
Fahay August, coach trimmer, ST Albemarle 
Fahay Michael, 20 Tyson al 
Fahay Thos. laborer, 1 Bath 
Faherty John, sawyer, 9 Wyeth 
Faherty Mrs. Mary. 203 Eastern av 
Faherty Mrs. Margaret, 9 Wyeth 
Fahey Mi's. Anna, grocery, 45 s Dewberry al 
Fahey Brian, laborer, 80 Goodman al 
Fahey Catherine, grocery, 20 n Oregon 
Fahey James, laborer, 20 n Oregon 
Fahey John, laborer, 29 York 
Fahey John, laborer, 13 Preston 
Fahey John, wagoner, 30 York 
Fahev Martin, hackman, 291 u Eutaw 
FaheV Thos. C. tailor, 28 G. Hughes 
Fahlbiish Adolpli, tailor, 69 s High 
Fahlen Chas. II. (Lawrence D. Deitz & Co.) 

1 26 Mulberry 
Fahlen Daniel, gilder, 217 e Pratt 
Fahn Arnold, furniture wagoner, 238 Franklin 
Fahner Burkhardt, shoemaker, 78 Somerset 
Fahnestock Derick, (Fahnestock, Thrasher & 

Co ) Madison av near Drnid Hill Park 
Fahnestock Edwd. clerk, Lanvale nr Division 

Wholesale Dealer in Ribbons, 
Artificial Mowers, Feathers, Mil- 
lie ery. Silk and Straw Goods, 
233 Baltimore-st., up Stairs, sec- 
ond door from Cliarles, dw 553 
w Fayette. 

Fahnestock Mrs. Priscilla, boarding house, 

1 69 n Calvert 
Fahnestock, Thrasher & Co. (Derick F., Isaac 

Thrasher,) wholesale clothiers, 345 w Balto. 
Falinestock l)r. Wm. R., Lanvale nr Division 
Fahrcnholz John T. barber, 61 n Howard 
Fahs Mrs Amelia, 24 Jackson 
Fahy Thos. lab'r, n e cor Holliday & Foundry 
Fahey John, laborer, 144 Franklin 
Fahey Patrick, laborer, 144 Franklin 
Fair Alexander, shoemaker, 202 Hnglies 
Fairall Charles, laborer, 181 German 
Fairall Mrs. Elizabeth A. 339 Mulberry 
Fairall George, moulder, 29 McHenry 

Fairall George E. moulder, 295 n Eutaw 
Fairall George, brakesman, 339 Mulberry 
Fairall W. E. salesman, 40 St. Peter 
Fairall W. 11. blacksmith, 139 s Fremont, dw 

40 St. Peter 
Fairall Wui. H. blacksmith, 339 Mulberry 
Fairbank Andrew J. agent, Mt. Clare, B. k 0. 

■R. R 70 s Poppleton 
Fairbank Chas. A. grocery, n w cor Pratt and 

Fairbank Charles A. clerk, 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Chas. E. (Martin & F.) 361 w Lom- 
Fairbank Chris, shoemaker, 29 May 
Fairlank Edward, shipsmith, 22 s Chester 
Fairbank Edward, (15owen & F.) Chester betw 

Baltimore and Lombard 
Fairbank Mrs. Eliza J. 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Francis M. clerk, 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Geo. K. provisions, 377 Franklin 
Fairbajik Mrs. Henry, 319 w Lombard 
Fairbank Henry T. carpenter, 325 Franklin 
Fairbank James, carpenter, 123 Conway 
Fairbank John F. clerk, 319 w Lombard 
Fairbank John R. clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 361 w 

Fairbank John, conductor, B. & 0. R. R. 361 

w Lombard 
Fairbank Thomas J. bookkeeper Gen. Wayne 

HOUSE, 246 w Baltimore, Geo. H. Gillman, 
agent. [^Seej). 13 Advertisements.'] 
Fairbanks Wm. J. shipcarp'r, 198 s Fremont 
FAIRCUILD MRS. R. C proprietress of Sus- 
quehanna hotel, s e cor Calvert and Franklin 
Fairchild Wm. clothing cutter, with C. H. 

Davis & Co. 192 e Fayette 
Fairfax Charles, student, 36 Saratoga 
Fairfax Mrs. Eliza M. 127 Dolphin 
Fairfax Julian, bookkeeper, 1 German 
Fairfax Julian, clerk, 127 Dolphin 
FAIRLEY THOMAS, florist, Druid Hill av. 

betw Dolphin and Lanvale 
Fairley Thomas, moulder, 224 s Chapel 
Faistenliamer Bernard, tobacconist, Forrest, 2 

doors n of Gay 
Faite John, confectioneer, 78 Park 
Faith Capt. — , carpenter, 111 n High 
Faithful Edwin, moulder, 140 Raborg 
Faithful Edward J. bricklayer, 89 Chatsworthi 
Faithful Dr. Joseph, 218 Mulberry 
Faithful Wm. T. clerk, 703 Lexington 
Faitz Henry, musician, 177 s Eden 
Falck Casper W. jr., clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falck Casper W, sr., clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falck Conrad, tailor, 182 s Durham 
Falck John B. clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falck Wm. C. clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falconar A. Smith, bookkeeper, 152 n Eutaw 
Falconar Caroline, 152 n Eutaw 
Falconar Edward W. 152 n Eutiiw 
Falconer Alex, sr., 3 McCulloh 
Falconer Alexander, jr., clerk, 3 McCulloh 
Falconer Mrs. John, 3 McCulloh 
Fales .Mrs. Annie, 64 Eastern av 
Fales Beiijamin,J{. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales Charles R. mariner, 134 s Ann 
Fales Ebenczer C. mariner, 118 n Bond 
Fales Mrs. Ellen, 134 s Ann 
Fales George E. moulder, 71 Eastern av 
Fftles James T. mariner, 134 s Ann 

THE CROVKR «& KAKKK ,SE\\IXti 3IACI1I\E is tin; btst for all purposes— .SAIjKS 
ROO."«IS— 181 Baltimore Slreet. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Fales Joseph A. boatbiiilder, 134 s Ann 
Falcs Squire M. iron master, 370 Cathedral ext 
Fales Wm. G paperlianger, 119 Jefferson 
Falk John M. pianomaker, 4tj0 w Pratt 
Falkcnhon George, driver, 1 Abbott 
Falkenstein Frederick, confectioner, &c. 1*79 

FALKiSNSTPllN GEO. restaurant, 32 e Pratt 
Falkenstein Peter, shoemaker, 17 Watson 
Fall Peter, huckster, 449 Saratoga 
Fallan Daniel, carter, 333 s Sharp 
Fallen John, laborer, Cha])el near Penna av 
Fallin k Eubank, (J. II. Fallin, G. F. p]ubauk) 

general com. merchants, 71 South 
Fallin J. H. (Fallin & Eubank,) 71 South 
Fallingsby Mrs. Catherine, 7 w Biddle 
Fallon Ann, tavern, 216 Le.\:ington 
Fallon Mrs. Bridget, lager beer, 65 Boston 
Fallon Bernard, barkeeper, s w cor Ensor and 

Fallon Dominick, 165 Aisquith 
Fallon John, finisher, 57 Chesnut 
Fallon Luke, carpenter, 86 n Front 
Fallon Malacha, stonecutter, 202 Madison av 
Fallon Mary, 2 Slemmers al 
Fallon Mary 86 n Front 
Fallon Michael, grocer, 57 Chesnut 
Fallon Michael, coachman, 39 Tyson 
Fallon Patrick, cooper, 2 Addison 
Fallon Peter, tavern, 216 Lexington 
Fallon Thomas, stonecutter, foot of Light 
Fallon Wm. 86 n Front 
Falls Moor N. prest. Baltimore Steam Packet 

Co. 279 Madison av 
Falls Rev. Nelson, 279 Madison av 
Falls Wm. K. attorney, 7 St. Paul, dw 279 Mad- 
ison av 
Falit r Joseph J. porter, 152 Vine 
Faher Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 127 Low 
Faltner Frederick, oyster packer, Grindall, 

betw Johnson and William 
Famhack Andrew, laborer, 132 McHenry 
Faudel Edmund H. clerk, 227 Dover 
Fandell Mrs. Emily, 398 Franklin 
Fangmeyer John, (Fangmeyer, Doll & Castle) 

s w cor Baltimore and Gilmor 
meyer, L. Z. Doll, Geo. T. Castle, ) commis. 
merchants, 49 & 51 s Howard 
Fankhanel Henry, tobacconist, 206 Lexington 
Fannen Michael, oyster packer, 182 East 
Fannen Patrick, laborer, 294 Harford av 
Fanning Mrs. Hannah, 47 Fawn 
Fanning Thomas, boilermaker, 22 s Front 
Fanning Thomas, laborer, 195 Montgomery 
Fannon Michael, laborer, 182 East 
Fannon Luke, laborer, 6 Hubbard al 
Fanshaw Caleb W. stonecutter, 135 s Eden 
Faushaw Tully, bricklayer, 135 s Eden 
Fanshaw Mrs. Mary A. 135 s Eden 
Fantom Elizabeth, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Fan torn Mrs. Susan, 14 Essex 
Fantom Wm. T. laborer. 182 n Central av 
Faraday Wm. mariner, Winan's row 
Farall Thomas, laborer, 252 Cross 
Farber Henry J. (Slellnjan, Hinrichs & Co.) 

Farber John M. groceries and liquors, s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
Farber John H. salesman, s e cor North and 
arber Wm. H. clerk, 97 North 

Fardwell Mrs. Sarah, 245 Conway 

Fardy John T., Bro. & Co. (J. T."Fardy, M. J. 

Fardy, W. E. Woodall.) ship builders and 

marine railway, cor Hughes and Covington 
Fardy John T. (John T. Fardy, Bro. & Co.) 69 

Fardv Matthew J. (John T. Fardy, ^ro. &Co.) 

108 s Sharp 
Faringer Charles, manufac. soap and candles, 

5 Liberty al. dw. 14 Constitution 
Paris Baido, confectionery, 117 w Pratt 
Paris Wm. G. clerk, 17 s Howard 

Farland John F. sailmaker, 81 Smith's wharf, 

dw too e Pratt 
Farland Patrick, laborer, 178 s Central av 
Farland Roliert L. sailmaker, 184 s Ann 
Farland Win. sailmaker, 17 n Caroline 
Farley Edward, police, 87 Pearl 
Farley George, sr. 236 Lemmon 
Farley George, jr., seaman, 236 Lemmon 
Farley' Ida, tailoress, 73 e Monument 
Farley James, brassfinisher, 51 n Front, n of 

Farley Michael, laborer, 15 Bank 
Farley Wm. tailor, 337 n Howard 
Farlow Ida V. 9 s Caroline 
Farlow John T. marshal of police, (Farlow <fe 

Ronsaville) 327 e Baltimore 

D. G. Ronsaville) grocers n w cor Baltimore 

and Ann 
Farmer Mrs. Cecilia, china and glassware, n e 

cor Eutaw and Marion 
Farmer James F. coachsmith, 92 Stirling 
Farmer James, coachsmith, 92 S'irling 
Farmer John, mariner, 9 Lancaster 
Farmer Dr. John F. 65 Camden 
Farmer Elizabeth A. 153 w Biddle 
Farmers' Hotel, n w cor Hillen and Forrest, D. 

6 C. Streett, proprietors 


BANK, n w cor South and Lombard 
Farmer Patrick , laborer, 32 s Frederick 
Farmer Patrick, brassfinisher, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Terrence, grocery, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Dr. William, 65 Camden 
Farnandis Walter, jr., attorney, 2 Spurrier'.^ 

ct, cor Lexington, dw 13 n Carey 
Farnan Mrs. Ellen, 131 William 
Farnan I. James, clerk, 131 William 
Farnan John, chinapacker, 131 William 
Farnan Peter. 131 William 
Farnan Thomas F. carpenter, 285 Hanover 
Farnen Charles T. bookkeeper, 126 s Chester 
FARNEN PETER, groceries, flour and feed, s 

w cor Boston and Aliceanna, dw 126 s 

Farnen Thomas, laborer, 22 s Front 
Farnsworth Joseph, baggagemaster, Calvert 

Station, 285 n Howard 
Farquhar George A. clerk, 27 Chatsworth 
Farquhar John C. clerk, 159 Gough 
Farquhar P. Wm. clerk, 4 n Greene 
Farquharson Mrs. Ann, 42 e Lombard 
Farquharson Mrs. Catherine, 14 s Broadway 
Farquharson Wm. E. clerk, 171 w Fayette 
Farquharson John D. clerk, 108 Aisquith 
Farr Alexander, laborer, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Farr Francis, laborer, Philadelphia road, near 

city limits 
Farr Mrs. Mary A. Philada. road nrcity limits 

THE GROVKR j!k BAKKR SKWINU MACIIIXE Is the best for nil purposes— SALK» 
KOOt.S— ISl Baltimore Street. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 South-st. 




Farr Joseph, laborer, Philadelphia road near 

city Hmits 
Farran Jeremiah, laborer, 28 Boyd 
Farran Josei)h F. salesman. 64 Barre 
Farrcll Barney, coppersmith, 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Jas. T. porter, 90 Light 
Farrell James, laborer, 5 Hillen 
Farrell James, gasfitter, 77 York 
Farrell James, laborer, 45 Abey al 
Farrell John, laborer, Dover, w of Fultoti 
Farrell John, stonecutter, 18G e Monument 
Farrell John, ,541 w Fayette 
Farrell John, laborer, 33 Neighbor 
Farrell John, blacksmith, 173 s Central av 
Farrcll John, laborer, Clinton near Lazaret 
Farrell John, gasfitter. 77 York 
Farrell John, laborer, 77 York 
Farrell John, shoemaker, 2 "Webb 
Farrell Joseph, laborer, 77 York 
Farrell Jos. L. trader, 33 s Ann 
Farrell Julia. 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, 345 Penna. av 
Farrell Michael, grocer, 40 Haw 
Farrell Michael, 33 Neighbor 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 23 s Front 
Farrell Patrick, marble polisher. 117 Preston 
Farrell Patrick, ship carpenter, Ills Eden 
Farrell Peter, waiter, 130 Vine 
Farrell Peter, laborer, 8 Hubbard al 
Farrell Thomas, 1 1 7 Preston 
Farren Daniel, iron moulder, 181 Stirling 
Farren John S. (J. S. Farren & Co.) 103 s 

FARREN J. S. & CO. (J. S. Farren, Wm. Far- 
ren, ) oyster and fruit packers, cor Aliceanna 

and Boston 
Farren Wni. (J. S. Farren & Co.) Pratt 2 doors 

e of Choptank 
Farring Augustus H. saddler, 38 Milliman 
Farring Lew. clothing cutter, Hanover nr Dover 
Farringer Benjamin F. painter, 58 s Bond 
Farrington James, laborer, 7 McLcary ct 
Farroll John, blacksmith, 173 s Central av 
Farren Henry, laborer, rear 16 Concord 
Farron Michael, laljorer, 33 e Monument 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Farson Mrs. India, boarding, 114 s Caroline 
Farson John S (Cook & Farson.) 108 s Chester 
Easing Henry, tailor, 15 e Lombard 
Fath Anton, laborer, 28(3 n Central av 
Fatherly Capt. Wm. J. mariner, 145 Bank 
Faucett Rudolph, blacksmith, 828 w Baltimore 
Faul Charles, tinner, 8.'-! Albemarle 
Paul Gustav, printer, 82 e Lombard 
Faulac Emma J. 256 Aisquith 
Faulac Mrs. Maria, 256 Aisquith 
Fauldrath Christopher, wagoner, 84 Holland 
Faulhaber Benedict, turner, 170 s Wolfe 
Faulk John, porter, 145 Dover 
Faulk Wolfe, tailor, 157 s Fremont 
Faulkenstine Frederick, stonecutter, 179 Mont- 

Faulkner Alfred B. (John W. Bruflf & Co. ) 281 

w Fayette 
Faulkner Benjamin, mariner, 222 e Lombard 
Faulkner James, laborer, 86 York 
Faulkner .Mary E. tailoress, 165 s Ann 
Faulkner Thomas, huckster, 165 s Ann 
Faulstick, Anton, tailor, 74 Leadenhall 
Faulstick John, cibinetmaker, 68 Lancaster 
Faulstick Julian, cabinetmaker, 68 Lanc:\ster 
Faulstick Nicholas, wheelwright, 6"< Lancaster 

Fauntbacker Mrs. Dorra, 18 Peach al 
Fauntbacker John, cooper, 13 Peach al 
Fauntleroy Henry H. bookk'r, 151 w Hoffman 
Fauntleroy Henry, bookkeeper, 151 w Hofl'man 
Fauntz Nicholas, laborer, rear 637 Light 
Faupel Jacob, tailor, !52n Caroline 
Fausman Louis, laborer, 304 e Lombard 
Faust Henrv, (J.Faust & Bro.) 26 Barnet 
FAUST JOilN & BRO. (John Faust.H. Faust, ) 

boots, shoes, &c. 19 s Charles 
Faust John, (J. Faust & Bro.) 509 w Baltimore 
Faust Joseph, carpenter, 286 n Central av 
Faustman Henry, tobacconist, 40 s Republicaa 
Faustman Wm. laborer, 304 s Wolfe 
Favier John, millwright, 415 Lexington 
Favier Peter A. machinist, 30 Neighbor 
Favier Susan, grocery, 415 Lexington 
Fawcett Dr. Christopher, 17 Mosher 
Fawcus John huckster, 54 Jeffersoft 
Fawnes Nicholas, shoemaker, 387 Canton ar 
Fawsett Henrv F. cattle dealer, 636 Lexington 
Faxon Eben. '(Faxon k Ellicott,) 71 St. Paul 
Faxon & Ellicott, (Eben F., John Ellicott,) 

architects over 26 n Charles 
Fay Charles, tinner, 139 Bank 
Fay Fordice. inspector of leather, 52 Granby 
Fay Dr. Geo'. W. 55 s Eden 
Fay George, painter, 13 McHenry 
Faj' John, laborer, 13 Preston 
Fay John, 52 Granby 

Fay Lawrence, cigar maker, 202 Eastern av 
Fay Martin, laborer, 90 Dolphin 
Fay Michael, grocery, 76 York 
Fay Patrick, coach painter, 132 Hillen 
Faye James R. clerk, 234 Garden 
Fayette St.M.E. Church, Fayette, near Fremont 
Feast John, (F. Feast&Son,) 295 Lexington 
Feast John E. (Samuel Feast & Sons,) n e cor 

Franklin and Gilmor 
Feast John & Son, (John Feast, Linnsens 

Feast, ) florist, 295 Lexington 
Feast Linnaeus, (John Feast & Son,) 295 Lex- 
Feast Louden, florist, 56 e Eager 
Feast Samuel, jr. (Samuel Feast & Sons,) n e 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
Feast Samuel, (S. Feast & Sons,) Cockeysville, 

Balto. Co 
Feast Samuel k Sons, (Samuel Feast, Samuel 
Feast, jr., John E. Feast,) florists and nur- 
serymen, n w cor Franklin and Gilmor, and 
55 n Charles 
Feabus Henry, shoemaker, 67 Boston 
Feager Christopher, cigar maker, 686 Eastern av 
Featherstone E. M. (Featherstone k Frazier, ) 

43J s Gay 
Featherstone & Frazier, (E. M. Featherstone, 
A. Frazier, Oscar B. Sisson,) tobacco bro- 
kers, 43i^ s Gay 
Fecher John I. shoemaker, 351 s Charles 
Fechtig George F. druggist, n w cor Fayette 

and Central av 
Feck Charles, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Federleicht A. cloths, &c. 16 Lexington, dw 

27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Louis, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Fedder Zachariah, jeweler, 17 n Fredderick 
Fecumperkan Nathan, clerk, 055 w Baltimore 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Fee Caleb, machinist, 60 n Poppleton 
Fee Henry, driver, 60 n Poppleton 
Fee Jacob, sr. machinist, 8 n Pop[)leton 

THE GROVER & BAKER ."SEVVING !«A( HI\E is tlie best for all purposes— SALRS 
ROOJUS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Fee Jacolj, jr. driver Adams express, 8 n Re- 

Fee Jauips, .ifrocery, 29 Biiren 
Fee Josejih H. express driver, 60 n Poppleton 
Feehan Mrs. Martha, boarding, 299 Eastern av 
Feely Jafties, laborer, 18 Leninion 
Feely Michael, lal)orer, 87 13ovd 
Feely Patrick, laborer, 87 Boyd 
Feenan iMrs. Margaret, 195 Preston 
Feeney James . (Morliiig k Co.) Ilookstown 

road, adjoining Druid liill Park 
Feeney James, carpenter, 4 President 
Feeney James, hackman, n e cor Buren and 

Feeney James C. (Morling& Co.) Hookstown 

road, near Druid Hill Park 
Feeney Joseph F. brass finisher, 1 04 w Fayette 
Feeney Wm. laborer, 102 York 
Fefel George W. huckster, 478 w Lombard 
Fefel John, huckster, 478 \v Lombard 
Fefel Mrs. Joseph, jr. restaurant, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Strieker 
Fefel Joseph, sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill John, (Mahler & Fefill, ) 81 William 
Fegan Uvven, drayman, 68 Exeter 
Fegelien Joseph, potter, ! .5 n Spring 
Feger Elizabeth, 252 e Eager 
Fehen Mrs. 144 Franklin 
Fehle John, tailor, 223 e Madison 
Fehlei-sen Christian, morocco dresser, 162 n 

Fehrraan Wm. painter, 295 n Central av 
Fehrman Wm. H. provisions, 158 O.-'eans 
Fehsenfeld Henry, cigar maker, 77 Thames 
Fehsent'cld Louis, tobacconist, 77 Thames 
Fehte August, coach trimmer, .37 Albemarle 
Fehte Charles, tailor, 27 s Central av 
Fehte Frederick, tailor, 37 Albemarle 
Fehlen Charles H., Mulberry beiw I'aca and 

Feick George, varnisher, 237 s Sharp 
Feick Henry, varnisher, 63 Portland 
Feick John, cabinetmaker, !67 Warner 
Feick John, polisher, 266 Warner 
Feiertag Benj. teacher, 55 n Fremont 
Feig Andrevv, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Ferdinand, police, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Geo. A. butter, 15 Brown 
Feig John, coach trimmer, 128 Gongh 
Feig Joseph, tailor, 6 n Greene 
Feige August, tavern, -49 n Frederick 
Feige Chas. L. barkeeper, 33 w Fayette 
Feige Frederick, letter carrier, 9 Valley 
Feige Wm. confectioner, 75 n Schroeder 
Feil Wm. cabinetmaker, 672 vv Baltimore 
Feinour Dr. Thomas. 496 w Fayette 
Felber Lewis, fancy store. -167 s Broad waj' 
Felbinger John, shoemaker, 26 n Durham 
Feide Von Frederick, varnishinuker, 141 s.vnn 
Feldenheimer Mrs. Zielli, 33 e Lombard 
Felder Henry, driver. 196 Eastern av 
Feldhans Cha.s. P lager beer, n e cor Monu- 
ment and Hai'ford av 
Feldhans Eberhard, clerk, 48 Josephine 
Feldhans Fred'k, letter currier, n e cor High 

and Fayette 
Feldhans Ferd. A. tobacconist, 28 e Faye:te 
Feldkemp Harman, lager Ijeer, 753 Light 
Feldman Bernard, tailor, 239j Gon-h 
Feldman Henry, tobacconist, 262 Hanover 
Feldman John, laborer, 163 s Regester 
Feldman Max. watchman, 30 Elizabeth la 

Feldner Adam, porter, 80 Grindall 
Feldner Fred'k, laborer, 82 Grindall 
Feldpusch Henry, tailor, 253 Central av 
Feldi)nsch George, barber, s e cor Howard and 

Feldpusch John, barber, 58 s Howard 
Feldpush John, tailor, 364 n Gay 
Feldiiush John, tailor, 218 n Central av 
Feigner Edward L. clerk, Garden nr Druid 


FELGISTER F W., Tobacco Works, 
successor to F. H. Bisclioff s cel- 
ebrated Manufactory, 90 and 92 
s Charles, dw Garden near Druid 

Felger Alvius, laborer, 295 Penna av 

Felger John, shoemaker, 139 Kislein 

Felger John M. shoemaker. 49 Eislein 

Felger Margaret, huckstress, 59 Biddle a! 

Fell Mrs. Frances A. 2'I4 s Ann 

Fell John, laborer, 14 Barnes 

Fell John, 227 Harford av 

Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 

Fellar Paul, tailor, 73 Walsh 

Feller Conrad, basketmaker, 310 s Charles 

Feller Charles, cooper, s e cor Gough and 

Spring, dw HI s Caroline 
FELLER GEORGE, restaurant, 38 Bank 
Feller George, cooper. 38 Bank 
Feller George, pajierhanger, 3 Inloes al 
Feller Valentine, restaurant, s w cor Saratoga 

and Park 
Fellheimer Jacob, millinery and fancy goods, 

31 n Howard 
Felling Henry, shoemaker, 35 Goodman al 
Felling Henry, tailor, 121 n Bond 
Fell man John R. bookkeejier, 99 n Howard 
Fellrock Fred'k, rigger, 288 Aliceanna 
Fell? George, carpenter, 154 Mulberry 
Fels Abraham, (Fels & Co.) 5 n Mount 
FELS & CO. (L. Fels, A. Fels, ) fancy soap 

manuf. 259 vv Baltimore 
Fels L. (Fels & Co.) 5 n Mount 
Felt Kdw'd, cigarmaker, 146 Columbia 
Felte Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, 49 Thames 
Felten Jacob, shoemaker, 279 Canton av 
Felter ('onrad, laborer, 221 Lincoln 
Felter Henry, hackman, 194 Eastern av 
Felter Henry, cooper, 144 s Central av 
Felter Louis, cooper, 144 s Central av 
Felthonsen Wm. II tinner, 60 Hamburg 
Felwack Frederick, rigger, 228 .■\liceanna 
Female Christian Home, Mrs. Mary B. Cassels, 

Fenby Tlieodosia, dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Fendiich David, cooper, 183 Forrest 
Fendt Gusiave, butcher, rear 104 Penna av 
FENDT HENRY W. dver and scourer, 289 w 

Fenge John, tailor, 231 s Paca 
Fenhagen C. D. clerk, 93 s Eden 
Fenhagen James C. real estate. 93 s Eden 
Fenkeldey Henry J. currier, 145 Hamburg 
Fenker Louis, shoemaker, 1 1 Park 
Feun Mrs. Emily, tailoress, 9 Brune 
Fenne Bernard, blacksmith, 315 n Cen- 
tral av 
Fennell Maurice, clerk, B.&O.R.R. 131 Colum- 

J. HENRY GIEEiil & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 

FEN 167 FIG 

Fennell Thomas, painter, Jefferson, 5 doors e 

of Broadway 
Fennell Wesley, lumber agent. Union dock, 

dw 42 Fawn 
Fenneman John T. salesman, 36 s Poi)])Ieton 
Fenneman Susanna, groceries and provisions, 

36 s Poppleton 
Fenner George, shoemaker, lOT L. Greene 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner Henry, slioemaker, 23 Perch al 
Fenner Jacob, wagoner, rear 19Calverton road 
Fenner John H. shoemaker, 37 e Fayette 
Fenner Philip, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenney Bridget, 15 s Broadway 
Fenour Jno, laborer, s \v cor Gross and Hanover 
Fensley William, boots and shoes, 141 s Broad- 
way, dw 2 n Ann 
Fent Guslave, butcher, 55 w HofTman 
Fenton Aaron, (Drakcley & Fenton, ) 307 w 

Fenton John E. .porter, at Gilraor house, dw 

122 s Greene 
Fenton John, laborer, 122 s Greene 
Fenton Wm. laborer, cor Boston and Clinton 
Fentress Bennett, lumlicr, 172 Hanover 
Fen wick Henry A (Ward & F.) 44 Franklin 
Fenzel Frank, tailor 383 Penna av 
Fenzel Mary Ann, dry goods, 3S.i Penna av 
FerbeeCapt. Napoleon, mariner, 181 William 
Fcrciot Peter, wine and commission merchant, 

17 Courtland 
Ferciot Sophia, fluting and crimping, 17 Court- 
Ferdmanii Henr}-, distilleryman, 11 s Cannon 
Ferger Henry, laborer, 299 s Sharp 
Ferguson Archibald i). 327 Franklin 
Ferguson Colin, clerk, 195 Hanover 
Ferguson Mrs. Eliza, 41 Urchard 
Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth, 2-;4 w Fayette 
J. G.Gehring, ) steam turning works, 51 Clay 
Ferguson George C. shoeuiaker,20 ! e Lombard 
Ferguson Geo. H. Gl n Calvert 
Ferguson James I. car|wnler, 41 Orchard 
Fergu.son James R. H. boiler maker, 2G3 e 

FERGUSON J. HENRY, real estate broker, 

80 w Fayette, dw 1(59 w Lombard 
Ferguson John, grocer, n e cor Brune and Frank- 
Ferguson Joseph, trunk maker, 27 s Register 
Ferguson Leman, mariner, 195 Hanover 
Ferguson Mary, 20ri e Lombard 
Ferguson Mrs. Mary, 2o8 e Lombard 
Ferguson Nehemiah, 165 Orleans 
Ferguson Robert, conduclor, 15 w Biddle 
Ferguson Robert, (Ferguson, Gehring k (Jo.) 

296 n Gay 
Ferguson Mrs. Rhoda, 112 s Chester 
Ferguson R. Oscar, clerk, 3t) Valley 
Ferguson Thos. ag't N. C. R. R. 186 s Charles 
Ferguson Wm. carjicntcr, 41 Orchard 
Ferguson \Vm. M. boilerm'kr, 263 e Madison 
Ferguson Wm. E. clerk, 112 German 
Fergnsson Charles, sr. (F., Tyson & Co.) 232 

n Eutaw 
Fergusson Charles, jr. clerk, 232 n Eutaw 
Fergusson Hugh H. machinist. 55 e .Madison 
Fergnsson Margaret, boardinu', 55 e .Madison 
FER(JUSSON,'TVSON & CO. (C. Fergus.son, 
H. G. Tyson, A. J. Palmer,) wholesale gro- 
cers and com. merch'ts, 121 w Lombard 

Fernan Bernard, cooper, 184 Gough 
Fernandis AValter, jr. attorney, s w cor Lex- 
ington and Spurrier's ct, dw 13 n Carey 
Fernheimer Saml. butcher, 236 Aliceanna 
Fernon Adelbert, silverplater, 253 West 
Ferrandini Cipriano, hairdresser, Calvert, un- 
der Barnum's hotel, dw 250 e Baltimore 
Fernsner Lewis, glass tiatener, rear 53 William 
Feron Henry, laborer, 16 Concord 
Ferree Alex, shoemaker, 165 L Greene 
Ferrell Elisha, iron moulder, 63 Elliott 
Ferrell Mrs. Mary, 320 e Pratt 
Ferrell Capt. Thos. mariner, 320 e Pratt 
Ferrer Elias, shoemaker, 11 May 
Ferrey Dr. M. J. 174n High 
Ferris Baldo, eating saloon. 1 50 w Pratt dw 177 
Ferry Diiniel, carpenter, 131 n High 
Ferry Elizabeth, 43 s Greene 
Ferry Mrs. Belinda, 128 Barre 
Ferry John W. carpenter, 84 s Carey 
Ferry John, 43 Lee 
Fernsnei Fred'k, laborer, 79 Cross 
Fernsner Louis, glass flatener, Hughes e of 

Fersch Michael, porter, 331 s Howard 
Fersch Michael, coojier and grocer}-, 341 s 

Fesbach Elizabeth, 198 Cross 
Fesler E. A. {K. A. Fesler & Co.) 265 Har- 
ford av 
FESLF.R KDWARD A. & C >. (Ed. A. Fesler, 
Nicholas Valiant,) china, glass and queens- 
w.irc. 1 II Hovvard 
Fesler Israel, conductor B. & 0. R. R. 59 s 

Fessmau Philip, confectioner, 71 Pine 
Fester Christopher, laborer, li7 Penna av 
Fester John, laborer, 61 Harford av 
Fester Susan, grocery, 213 Eastern av 
Fetter Geo. shoemaker, n e cor Low & Forrest 
Fetter Zecharias, pi'ddler, 17 n Frederick 
Felhe August, barber, .\Ialtby house 
Fetlie Herman, shoemaker, 8 Leadenhall 
Fe;sch John T. (IGmerv & F.) 3.i7 s Charles 
Fetle Henrv, boot and shoemaker, 58^ u How- 
ard, dw 18 Warner 
Fetters John, carpenter. 180 s Eden 
Feuerbauin Henry, haniessmaker, 13 w Second 
Feuerbainn John, tavern, 13 w Second 
Fcueresiin ! Lewis, cooper, 59 Johnson 
Feu -iner ios. shoemaker, 152 Eastern av 
Feuiilan & D'mdelet, (John Feuillan, Francis 
Oaidelet,) French steam dyers and scourers, 
124 u Howard 
Feuillan John, (Feuillan k Dandelet,) 124 

n ili)\v,nd 
Fcuss IK-ury O. clerk, 162 s Paca 
Feuss Tlieodore. slioem iker, 25 Fell 
Ffesiii;- P!iili[), furuiiure wagoner, 116 n 

Fey August, tailur, 7 ii W.ishington 
Fevrinei-er Mrs. Marijaret. S'amstr's, 17 Prestoa 
Ficht A. confeclioner, 25 n Paca 
Pichluer Geo. ovster pic'vei-, 113 s Chapel 
Fick August \l.'(Fick& !3er.rer) 40 Ilolliday 
Fick & lln-ger. (A. H. Fick, J. Berger) bottling 

estalilishment, 22 Thames 
Fick Edivard, clerk, 40 Ilolliday 
Fick K.hard, tailor. 4 n Durh.un 
Fick Geo A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick J. Ch;is. i)orter, 88 s Bethel 
Fic.i John, tailor, Choptank, 1 door s Fayette 

Agents for Kosendale Cement and Pl.Tstor, 21 Spear's Wiiarf. 

DR. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Fick Wm. G. police, 30 Thames 
Fickenger John, second hiind goods, 105 Or- 
Fickenger John, laborer, 32 Guilford al 
Fickenscher Ilcnry, shoemaker and shoe find- 
ings, 91 Harrison 
Fickey Fred'k, jr. agent Economical Mutual 

Lite Insurance Co. of R. I. 61 Second, dw 83 

n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick, sr. 83 n Liberty 
Fickey John H. restaurant, 182 Pearl 
Fickey W. IL tobacco pipe works, 136 Eastern 

av, dw 83 n Liberty 
Fickling Eugene D. 416 w Fayette 
Fid Henry, laborer, 420 Light 
I'Mdel John, laborer, Hudson extended 
Fidler Geo. tailor, 128 Sarah Ann 
Fieck Geo. laborer, 237 s Sharp 
FIEGE HENRY, grocery, s e cor Boston and 

Field Abiathar, 309 w Lombard 
Field Mrs. Abiathar W. 4 Hollins 
Field Ale.xander B. feed dealer, 25 s Bond 
Field John A. jr. (at Hamilton Easter & Co.) 

669 w Fayette 
Field Mitchell B. storage warehouse, 118 

Spear's wharf, dw 25 s Bond 
Field M. B. & Co. (M. B. Field) flour, grain 

and feed, 19 w Lombard 
Field M. B. (M. B. Field & Co.) 25 s Bond 
Field Wm. ensign, U. S. N. 216 e Pratt 
Fielding Daniel, carpenter, Lexington, betw 

Fremont and Pine 
Fields Capt. A. B. 243 e Fayette 
Fields Alex. H. brass finisher, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Chas. cardriver, 35 s Durham 
Fields Caroline, 35 s Durham 
FIELDS & GILMORE, (James Fields, Richard 

Gilmore) merchant tailors, 81 Thames 
Fields James, jr. moulder, 46 Liberty al 
Fields J Edward, machinist, 206 e Pratt 
Fields James, pilot, 206 e Pratt 
Fields James, sr. laborer, 46 Liberty al 
Fields James, cooper, 95 n Caroline 
Fields James,(Fields & Gilmore) 206 e Pratt 
Fields John, hackdriver, 52 Albemarle 
Fields John, clerk, 669 w Fayette 
Fields John, huckster, 4 Young 
Fields Joseph R. mariner, 200 e Pratt 
Fields Thompson, police. 150 n PLxeter 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, 135 s Fremont, 

dw 206 s Paca 
Fields .William, M; sheet iron worker 126 n 

Fierheller Godfrey, baker, 22 Thompson 
Fifer Archibald S. engineer, 2s2 n Eutaw 
Fifer Anton, laborer, Gl s Bethel . 
Fifer Christopher, engineer, 236 n Howard 
Fifer Mrs. George, 355 Cathedral 
Fifer Geo. F. machinist, 236 n Howard 
Fifer Godfrey, (Fifer & Wexs) 80 Mound 
Fifer Jacob, stone quarries, 74 Mound 
Fifer Mrs. .Margaret, 15 Ogston 
Fifer Nicholas, coachtrimmer, 82 Mound 
Fifer k Quinn, (G. Fifer, Wm. Wexs) coach 

makers, 50 German 
Fifer Robt. S. fireman N. C. R. 282 n Eutaw 
Figdor J. (Frohlich & Figdor) 216 s Broadway 
Figgs Wm. J. mariner, 42 James la 
Filbert George, shoemaker, 388 n Gay 
FILBERT MICHAEL, groceries and butter 
384 n Gay 

Filbin Miles, laborer, 11 Hull 

Filbin Patrick, laborer, 1S3 Vine 

Filbin Patrick, laborer, 49 Elliott 

Filbin Thos. barkeeper, 148 s Central av 

Filchner Charles, laborer, 16 Abey al 

File George, watchman, 15s Henrietta 

Files Jo.scph, huckster, 12 Fish Market space 

Files William, ship carpetiter, 33 Cambridge, 

Filling Frederick, laborer, 23 Ryan 

Filling Henry, finisher, 538 Saratoga 

Filling John, box maker, 246 s Sharp 

Filling John, carter, 196 Cross 

Fillinger James L. clerk, 3 Columbia 

Fillinger John C. confectioner, 606 w Pratt 

Fillinger John M. collector, 23 Orchard 

Fillinger Mrs. Mary M 3 Columbia 

Fillinger Paul, C06 w Pratt 

Filman Ferdinand, wagoner,371 e Baltimore 

Finch Geo. bookbinder, Mosher near Grundy 

Finch James, police, 88 MuUiken near Bond 

Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 

Finch John, fisherman, 369 s Eutaw 

Finch Mary Ann, shoebinder, 101 Jeffenson 

Finch Wm. W. salesman, 65 n Poppleton 

Finck Henry, tailor, ^71 Canton av 

Finck John C. printer, 84 Forrest 

Finck John H. printer, 84 Forrest 

Finck A. tailor, 325 n Central av 

Finck Henry, cabinet maker, 270 Canton av 

Fincknauer Wm. grocer, 270 n Euluw 

Fincknauer Wm. R. clerk. 270 n Eutaw 

Findlay Charles, cotton mercbt, 79 w Centre 

Findley John V. L. attorney, Courtland 4 

doors n of Lexington, dw 223 Garden 
Findlinsr Wm. tailor, 467 Saratoga 
Finert yJames, moulder, 4 Diamond 
Finering John, huckster. 9 Watson 
Finlay James, bookkeejier, 134 n Pine 
Finley Mrs Ann, 31 s Frederick 
Finley Jas. J. liquor com. mercht. 317 Druid 

Hill av 
Fink Adam, cabinet maker, 461 n Gay 
Fink Alfred J. carpenter, 197 n Fremont 
Fink Andrew, boiler maker, 132 s Exeter 
FINK, BROTHER & CO (Joseph Fink, H. S. 
Fink, R. Woods,) grocers and com. merchts. 
s w cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Fink Bernard, sugar boiler, 302 Aliceanna 
Fink Charles, tailor, 345 e Lombard 
Fink Mrs. Catherine, tavern, 15 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Fink Edward, boatman, 333 s Bond 
Fink George, turner, 167 Raborg 
Fink George, tailor, 18 Walker 
Fink Henry, shoemaker, 146 e Lombard 
Fink Henry laborer, 96 s Wolfe 
Fink Henry S. (Fink, Bro. & Co.) 85 Franklin 
Fink Henry, (F., McSherry & Co.) 85 Franklin 
Fink Henry, printer, 184 Forrest 
Fink Henry, agent, 84 Grundy 
Fink Herman, cabinet maker, 37 Harrison 
Fink John, butcher. Monument, btw Gist and 

Fink Mrs. John, 232 s Castle 
Fink Jos. (F., McSherry k Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Joseph, (Fink, Bro. k Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Julius, tobaconist, 176 e Pratt 
Fink, McSherry & Co. (J. Fink, J. A. McSher- 
ry, H. S. Fink, J. Harley, ) props, merchants 
Sugar Refinerv, Buchanan's wharf 
Fink Peter, (Paulas, F. & Co.) .36 LMcElderry 
Fink Wm. L. shoemaker, 146 e Lombard 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

ISTo. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eiitaw. 




Fink Wilhelm, (Faulus, F. & Co.) 30 Abbot 
Fink Wm. sugar boiler, 393 Canton av 
Finke Frederick, varnisher. 247 s Paca 
Finke John, painter, 149 William 
Finke Mrs. Margaret, 247 s Paca 
Finknauer John, butcher, Fulton, bt\v Pratt 

and Dover 
Finknauer Mrs. Mary, 62 Front, n of Foundry 
Finley James, clerk, N. C. R. R. 74 Aisquith 
Finley Jlrs. Jane, 35 Aisquith 
Finley John J. leatherdealer, 15S e Madison 
Finley Mary C. seamstress, 51 Preston 
Finley Robt. S. (F. 13. Loney & Co.) Fountain 

Finley Thos. shoemaker, 67 Granby 
Finley Thomas, jr. clerk, 67 Granby 
Finn Cornelius, foundryman, 185 s Chester 
Finn Daniel, drayman, 62 President 
Finn Daniel, laborer, 244 Cross 
Finn Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 166 s Central av 
Finn David, laborer, rear 169 s Central av 
Finn Jeremiah, laborer, over 6 Bank 
Finn John, laborer, Hamburg near Sharp 
Finn John, tailor and scourer, 4 Bank 
Finn Michael, laborer, 255 w Biddle 
Finn Michael, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Finn Patrick, foundryman, 185 s Chapel 
Finn Patrick, carter, 45 President 
Finn Thos. laborer, s w cor Exeter and Bank 
FINNAN BERNARD, grocer, 104 n Calvert 
Finnall Nathaniel C. farrier, 58 Richmond 
Finnall Wm. 58 Richmond 
Finnan Bridget, seamstress, 120 Harford av 
Finnan Patrick, grocery, 31 Harford av 
Finnegan Bernard, laborer, 24 Neighbor 
Finnegan Chas. laborer, 77 Harrison 
Finnegan Mrs. Ellen, 42 Valley 
Finnegan Henry, car driver, 822 w Baltimore 
Finnegan James, carpenter, 42 Valley 
Finnegan James, hackman, 77 Harrison 
Finnegan Jane, housekeeper, 112 Saratoga 
Finnegan John, boilermaker. 71 Druid Hillav 
FINNEGAN & LYNCH, (6. Finnegan, M. 

Lynch) wheelwrights and blacksmiths, 88 

Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, 4 e Centre 
Finnegan Lawrence, dry goods, 329 n Gav, 

dw 42 Valley 
Finnegan Jlichael, carpenter, 22 Orbital 
Finnegan Owen, (Finnegan & Lynch) 174 L 

Finnegan Thos. 71 Druid Hill av 
Finnen Mrs. Mary, liquors, Cathedral extended 
Finnen Matthew, blacksmith, 18 Valley 
Finnen Patrick, laborer, 65 James la 
Finnerty Mrs. Johanna, 77 Richmond 
Finneren Jlarlin, tav'n, 39 Centre Jlarket sp 
Finney Alexander, plumber, 174 n Eden 
Fiunessy David, laliorer, 6 East 
Finney Hugh, plumber, 291 e Mailison 
Fint Louis, moulder, n e cor Ann and Thames 
Fintcr Aaron, laborer, 56 Union 
Finter Adam, hostler, 56 Union 
Finster Wm. cooper, 26 Pleasant al 
Fiusterwald Henry, second hand clothing, 52 

Montgomery • 

Fiuzel Bankratz, tailor, 26 Anthony 
Fiorillo Otto, salesman, 225 s Broadway 
Fire Department : 

Alpha No. I, Paca near Fayette 
Home No. 2, Barre near Howard 

Comet No. 3, 31 e Lombard 
John Gushing No. 4, cor North and Lex- 
Thos. Swann No. 5, Ann betw Pratt and 

Hope No. 6, intersection Gay and Ensor 
Baltimore No. 7, cor Eutaw and Druid 

Hill av 
Hook and Ladder No. 1, Harrison near 

Hook and Ladder No. 2, Paca near Fayette 

H. B. Bovd, ins])ector 
MORE, n e cor South and Second, Henry 
P. Duhurst, president — [See p. 3 Adrerlise- 
Fireman John, hackman, 260 e Lombard 
Firle Rev. Joseph, Wolfe betw Baltimore and 

Firmin Wm. liquors, 136 Franklin 
Firnhaler George, seamen, 14 Fountain 
Firnsteiu Valentine, boot and shoe maker, 40 

n Eutaw 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter and builder, 144 

Pierce, dw 409 Lexington 
Firor Uriah, carpenter, 409 Lexington 
Firoved Benjamin K. clerk, 267 Hollins 
Firoved David, grocer, 232 Franklin 
Firoved John, grocer, 53 s Schroeder 
Firoved Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 267 Hollins 
Firschenberg Levi, 218 Lee 
First Constitutional Presbyterian Church, cor 

German and Greene 
First Mrs. Mary, 63 s Durham 

First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park and 

First Spiritualist Congregation, Saratoga 

buildings, s e cor Saratoga and Calvert 
First United Presbyterian Church, cor Madi- 
son av and Biddle 
Fishback Ernest, cigar maker, 255 Canton av 
Fishback Frederick, shoemaker, 62 .lolinson 
Fishback George, carter, 80 Grindall 
Fischen John, shoemaker, 10 Ramsay 
Fischer Alexander, collector, 161 n Eden 
Fischer Andrew, whitewasher, 2i)l s Wolfe 
Fischer Andrew, laborer, 299 Aliceanua 
Fischer Arthur, 63S w Fayette 
Fischer Bernard, porter, 113 Lexington 
Fischer Charles, tailor, 200 w Fayelte 
Fischer Charles, butcher, 108 Frederick .av 
Fischer Christof, carpenter, 253 n Bond 
Fischer Emanuel, dry goods, n e cor I''dea 

and Orleans 
Fischer Elizabeth, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Ernst, staves, hoop poles and lumber, 
Eutaw near Lee, dw 83 Grindall 

FISCHER EMIL, Dyeing and 
Scouring, 139 W Fayette and 26 
E Baltimore — [Sec p. 19 Adoertiiemetitsi 

Fischer Ferdinand, shoemaker, 145 Welcome al 
Fischer Francis M. stoves and tin ware, 14 w 

Fischer Frederick, brass founder, 41 Gittings 
Fischer Frederick, tinner, 293 e Eager 
Fischer Frederick, musician, 147 Sarah Ann 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Fischer Frederick, laborer, 200 s Bethel 
FisthcT Frederick, tin and sheet iron worker, 

14 w Lonihard 
Fisclier Frederick, cooper, 142 s Regester 
Fisclicr George, mariner, 290 e Fayette 
Fischer George, shoemaker, 65 North 
Fischer George, grocery, 87 n Eden 
Fischer George, cooper, 1.38 e Pratt 
Fisclier George, cooper, 183 s liethel 
Fischer George, shoemaker, 15 s Stockton al 
Fischer George, bricklayer. 892 w Pratt 
Fisclier Godfrey, tailor, 'T9 Bank 
Fischer Gotk-ib, butcher, 422 Pennaav 
Fischer Gotleib H. pork butcher, 56 Belair and 

46 Hanover nmrkets, dvv Point la 
FISCllKR HENRY, barber, 90 s Eutaw 
Fisclier llennan, wagoner, 234 s Eutaw 
Fischer II. Philip, shoemaker, 235 HoUins 
Fischer Mrs Isabella, 638 w Fayette 
Fischer John, tailor, 1 j1' Orchard 
Fischer John, tailor, 213 s Eutaw 
Fischer John G. tailor, 23'i e Fa\ette 
Fischer John, taili-r, 5 New Church 
Fischer John, pi luo maker. 150 Dover 
Fischer John, liooAbiuder, 107 Pearl 
FLSCHER JOHN C. grocer, 5 Harrison 
Fischer John, butcher, 177 e Lombard 
Fischer Justus, sausage maker, 74 Camden 
Fisiher Kuiin, latiorer, Stockholm near Eutaw 
Fischer Louis, tailor, 269 s Bond 
FISCHER LttUlS C. attorney, 31 Lexington 

dvv 18 7 St. Paul 
Fischer Louis, property agent, 182 s Caroline 
Fischer -Mary, 207 Aliccanna 
Fischer Nicholas shoeuiaker, 445 Lexington 
Fischer Pi-ter, shoemaker, 174 L Greene 
Fischer Wni. tailor, 90 n Caroline 
Fischer Wiu. blacksmith, 25 Y'ork, dw 83 

Fischei- Wm. tin and sheet iron worker, 14 w 

Fischer Wni. butcher, 8 Townsend 
Fish Allen, mariner, 33 n Caroline 
Fish George W. ship joiner, 94 s Eden 
Fish James, tinner, 35 n Spring 
Fish Sarah, laundress, 3> n Spring 
Fishack John, stone cutter, 275 Franklin 
Fisher Abraham, clerk, 50 n Bond 
Fisher Abraham, salesman, 289 Lexington 
Fisher Al ert, tinner, 92 n Gay 
FLSHER A. & SON, (George \V. Fislier,) gro- 
cers, 25 Penna av 
Fisher Mrs. Ann, 220 n Caroline 
Fisher Asel, huckster, lu7 s Washington 
Fihher Mrs. Ann E. 201 e Eager 
Fisher Alfred J .( Fisher & Denison. )64 w Balto. 
FiSiiEH HUOTHiiRS & CO. (R. A. Fisher, 

R. D. Fisher, B. Wagner,) shii»[)iag and 

com. merchts. over 52 s Gay 
Fisher Mrs. Catherine. 147 Peirce 
FISHER CHARLES, stove and tin ware, 92 

n Gay 
Fisher "Chas. D. clerk, n w cor St. Paul & Eager 
Fisher Chas. pianomaker, 253 s Sharp 
Fisher Charles, laborer, 171 s Eden 
Fisher Ch:irle6, ship carpenter, 33 York 
Fisher & Denison, ( Alfred J. Fisher, Thomas 

II. Denison,) booksellers and publishers, 64 

w LSaltimore 
FishiT Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fislier Eliza, 664 w Pratt 
Fisher Elizabeth, 40 Warren 

Fisher Ernest, lumber dealer, 176 s Eutaw, dw 

83 Grindall 
Fisher E. J. 0. clerk B.& O.R.R.84 Hanover 
Fisher Ferdinand, carpenter, 180 tieorge 
Fisher Frederick, carpenter. !47 L Greene 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 8 Chesnut al 
FisheV Frederick, tinner, 36 n Liberty 
Fisher Geo. F. boots and shoes, 64 n Gay, dw 

56 n High 
Fislier George, bristle comber, 892 w Pratt 
Fisher George, tailor, 60 Camden 
Fisher George W. tinner, 56 Aisquith 

FISHER GEORGE, Mamifaetu ei- 
of Self-Eaisirig Floar, Buckv/iieafc 
Flour, Corn Meal and Self-Rais- 
ing Baking Powders, No. 84 w 

Fisher Geo. W. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher Geo.W. ( A.F.& Son, ) 167 Druid Hill av 
Fisher G(?o. W. (Sprigg & F., ) 55 Columbia 
Fisher Godfried, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fisher Godfrey, musician, 86 Granby 
Fisher Harry, (Wm. Fisher & Sous.) n e cor 

St. Paul and Eager 
Fisher Henry, marble dresser, 43 e Monument 
Fisher Henry, laborer, 43 Brovi'ii 
Fisher Henrys, clerk, 5 » n Bond 
Fisher Henry, butcher, Windcrling row 
Fisher Isaac, laborer, 1 1 McHeur^- 
Fisher James D. caulker-, 40 W^arreu 
Fisher James I. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher James M clerk, i I Barnet 
Fisher James, shoemaker, l'i7 s Vfolfe 
Fisher John, carman, 970 w F'altimore 
Fisher .lohn, laborer, 2T8 s Bond 
Fisher John, machinist, 71 n Amity 
Fisher J. Harmauus, (Wm. Fisher & Sons, )St. 

Paul 1 door n of Eager 
Fisher John, laborer, 62 .McKim 
Fisher John, fireman, 182 s Chapel 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John B. gardener, Belair av near Balti- 
more cemetery 
Fisher John M carter, 170 Ramsay 
Fisher John C. paperhanger, 132 Peirce 
Fisher John, laborer, 242 Cross 
Fisher John IT. wood engraver, 56 n High 
Fisher John W. (Fisher & N.) 366 Lexinaton 
Fisher Jos. sr. quarryman, rear 363 Catlieilral 
Fisher Jos. jr. quarryman, rear 363 Cathedral 
Fisher Joseph, laborer, 101 Mound 
Fisher Joseph, woodsawyer, 1 Belair al 
Fisher Joseph, confectioner)', 169 Hughes 
Fisher Louis, coach pa,inter, 91 Chatsworth 
Fisher Louisa, confectionery, 1 8 e Baltimore 
Fisher Mrs. Margaret E. 4;7 w Pratt 
Fisher Mary, 119 w Monument 
Fisher Martin, moulder, 259 n Dallas 
Fisher Mrs. .Mary, grocery, 2 Barnes 
Fisher Mrs Mary, laundress, rear 248 s Eutaw 

FISHER & O'CONNOR, (William 
Fisier, Wm. O'Connor,) Manu- 
factuies of Paper and Paper 
Bags, and dealeis in Rags, Rope, 
Old Piiper, and all kinds of Paper 
Stock, 123 Hillen. 

U.'iE & BAKER SERVING >rA< HI>E is tire Ittst for all purposes— SAJLKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street, 











Fisher & Newton, (Jiio. W. Fisher, I. Newtou, ) 

carpenters, 267 Kahorg 
Fisher Otto, hair dresser, G'2 s Eutaw 
Fisher Parks, (William Fisher & Sons,) 44 

Fisher Ridi'd D. (Fisher Bros. & Co.) n w cor 

St. Paul and Pleasant 
Fisher Roh't B. caulker, 4i) Warren 
Fisher Rob't A. (F. Bros. & Co.) 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Sarah T. 201 e Eager 
Fisher Mrs. Sarah A. 7.i Hill 
Fisher Sani'l P. brakesman, 5'0 w Lombard 
Fisher Robert, basketmakcr, 182 s Chai)cl 
Fisher Solon, s e cor Lexington and Gilmor 
Fisher Walter A. F. clerk, 167 Druid Hill av 
Fisher Wm. blacksmith, 83 Henrietta 
FLSHER W.M. & SUNS, (J. U. Fisher, H. Fish- 
er, I'arks Fisher, ) stock brokers. 32 South 
Fisher Wni. H. printer, 56 n High 
Fisher Wm. L. clerk, 250 Madison av 
Fisher Wm. H. tobacconist, n w cor Greene 

and Lexington, dw 31 n Pine 
Fisher Wni. H. silverplater. 71 n Caroline 
Fisher Wm. A. attorney. 32i St. I'aul, dw 

130 St. Paul 
Fisher Wm. gardener, Hookstown road, w of 

toll gate 
Fisher Wru. (Fisher & O'Connor,) Balto. co 
Fislicr Wm. J. sailmaker, 623 Light 
Fisher Wm. Y. c;irpenter, 238 Penna av 
Fisher Wm. huckster, 256 Bank 
Fisher Wm. confectioner, Ise Baltimore 
Fisli[)augh Henry, farmer, 2 ) Druid Hill av 
Fishpau-;h iMargaret, huckstress, 20 Druid 

Hill av 
Fishpaugh Rebecca A. 2'i Drnid Hill av 
Fislein John, (Ewald &Fislein,) 274 s Bond 
Fitch John, laborer, 296 n Central av 
Fitch John E. 180 n Eden 
Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 121 Saratoga 
Fitchett Andrew, laborer, 8 Brannan ct 
Fitchett Dixon, ship carpenter, 61 L Hughes 
Fitchett John, plumber, Jell'erson, 7 doors eof 

Fitchett .'. argaret, 8 Brannan ct. 
Fite Conrad R. 77 n Charles 
Fite Henry J. 77 u Charles 
Fiteman S. stoves and tinware, 80 n Eutaw 
Fitter .Michael, engineer, 67 Lancaster 
Fitzberger Henry, locksmith and bell hanger, 

102 Lexington 
Fitzberger Martin, cooper, 72 Bank 
Fitzenberry Henry, porter, 96 Leadenliall 
gerald, W. Booth, ) com. and shipping mer- 
chants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald David, clerk, 17 s.Regestcr 
Fitzgerald Edward, clerk, 1U3 .MuUierry 
Fitzgerald Edwin, clerk, 163 Mulberry 
Fitzgerald Francis, caulker, 195 s Ann 
Fitzgerald James, clerk, L56 G. Hughes 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 184 Ramsay 
Fitzgerald James H. clerk, 249 n Eden 
Fitz-erald James, slater, 29 Burcn 
Fitzgerald .iohn, laborer, 76 s^Rei)ublican 
Fitzgerald John, t.avern, 67 Thames 
Fitzgerald Jellery, laborer, 4 Hull 
Fitzgerald .Mrs. Maria, 210 e Baltimore 
Fitzgerald .S: Moale, (J. B. Fitzgerald, F. L. 
Moale, ) gold, stocks, bonds and foreign ex- 
change dealers, 23 South 
Fitzgerald Michael, moulder, 90 s Washington 

Fitzgerald Richard B. (Fitzgerald, Booth & 

Co.) 190 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Tlios laborer, 121 Elliott 
Fitzgerald Thomas B. (Fitzgerald & Moale,) 

86 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Thomas A. tailor, 465 w Baltimore 
Fitzgerald Wm. 11. bookkeeper, 163 Mulberry 
Fitzgerald Wm. F. enj^ineer, 1 Hill 
Fitzgerald Wm. shoemaker, Telegraph near 

Druid Hill av 
Fitzgibbons Edward, moulder, 213 s Castle 
Fitzgibbons Patrick, laborer, 10 Cuba 
Fitzhugh A. W. clerk 305 w Baltimore 
Fitzhugh Johnson, farnjer, 288 n Howard 
Fitzhugh Tliouias, painter, 46 Warren 
Fftzmorris Walter, laborer, 252 (Jross 
Fitzpatiick .Mrs. Ann. 147 Albemarle 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 61 n Exeter 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, 7 e Second 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, tavern, 110 s Howard 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, grocery, 104 Dolithiu 
Fitzpatrick Catherine, dressm'r, 2 8 n Howard 
Fitzpatrick Edward, laborer, 147 Dover 
Fitzpatiick Mrs- Eliza, boarding, 15 n Front 
Fitzi)atrick Hugh, porter, 27 w Chase 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Honorah, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Huuh. laborer, McKim betw Neigh- 
bor and Madison 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, wagoner, 9 Low 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 27 w Chase 
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, laborer, 179 Vine 
Fitzpatrick John W laborer, 6 Armistead la 
Fitzpatrif^k John, laborer, 146 Dover 
Fitzp:>trick John, stonecutter, 84 e Madisoa 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, 7 King 
Fitzpatrick .h,\\n W. bricklayer, 406 Light 
Fitzpatrick Julia, 225 Forrest 
Fitzpatrick -Mrs. .Mary, 15 High al 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. .Mary, laundre s, 16 Garden 
Fitzpatrick Mary E. 297 e Madison 
Fitzpatrick Margaret, 43 Ijcxington 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Margaret, Warner betw Lee 

and Barre 
Fitzjiatrick Patiick, moulder, 504 w Pratt 
Fitzpatrick Patrick H. laborer, 1 Liberty al 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, drayman, 100 Greenm't av 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, furn. wagoner. 190 Gough 
Fitzpatrick Peter, liquors, 197 Cathedral 
Fitzpatrick Peter, huckster, 103 Harford av 
Fitzpatrick Su.-^an, 6 Hawk 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, canmaker, 9 Hill 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, wagoner' 5o s Howard 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, wagoner, 110 s Howard 
Fitzpatrick Wm. lai)orer, 305 William 
Fitzsimmons Christopher, laborer, 106 Lee 
Fitzsinunons James, laborer, 65 Perry 
Fitzsimmons James, saddle tree maker, UGs 

Fitzsimmons Wm. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Fitzwilliams Winef red, cook. University hos'l 
Fixuel Ferdinand, clerk, 51 German 
Fizone Jacob F. milk, 472 Penna av 
Flack David, lectifier, 168 w Lombard 
Flack Geo. X. l)utcher. 80 Centre market, dw 

York road nr Greenm't cemetery 
Flack Geo. W. (Lentz & Flack,) 142 Mulberry 
Flack Geo. W. jr clerk, 42 Mulberry 
Flack II. H. clerk, 168 w Lombard 
Flack Heurv, butcher. 368 Penna av 
Flack Jas. W. (T J. Flack & Sons, ) 25 s High 
Flack Joshua, salesman, 319 e Baltimore 
Flack Joseph, blacksmith, 14 Lem'mon 

THE GKOVKR & BAKElt SE\V;iiVG MACIIIME is tUe best for all purposes— SALiKS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Fhick J. S. 0.(T. J. Flack & Sons, ) 304 e Chase 
FLACK THOS. J. & SONS, (T. J. Flack, J. 
W. Flack, J. S. 0. Flack,) foreign and do- 
mestic liquors, 52 South 
Plack Thomas, jjlasterer, 198 Cough 
Flack Thos. J. (T. J. Flack k Suns,) 25 8 High 
Fladung Bernard, lager beer, 150 Low 
Flagg Geo. A. (F., Manning & Warner,) 88 

s Eutaw 
Flagg, S. H. Manning, E. W. Warner,) pro- 
duce and gen'l com. merch'fs, 88 s Eutaw 
Flaharty Wm. E. carpenter, 38 w Fayette, dw 

,t1 n Eden 
Flaherty Andrew J. police, 323 Eastern av 
Flaherty Bartholomew, tavern, 106 s HowArd 
Flaherty Bridget, 355 Washington av 
Flaherty Bartholo'w, laborer, 27 Armistead la 
Flaherty Dan'l, laborer, 30 Bennett 
Flaherty Edw'd, lamplighter, 48 Albemarle 
Flaherty Edw'd, wharf builder and sparmaker, 

24 s Ann 
Flaherty Edw'd, sparmaker, 30 Bennett 
Flaherty Mrs. Elizabeth, 121 
Flaherty Francis, ship cariienter, 30 Bennett 
Flaherty James, laborer, 355 Columbia 
Flaherty James, laborer, 202 Garden 
Flaherty James, ship carpenter, 119 s Chester 
Flaherty James, laborer, 19 Armistead la 
Flaherty John, laborer, 220 Preston 
Flaherty John, grocery, 119 s Chester 
Flaherty John A. printer, 423 w Fayette 
Flaherty Martin, sparmaker, 207 Bank 
Flaherty Michael, laborer. Peach alsof Cross 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, 202 Garden 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, 5 Boston 
Flaherty Morgan, watchman, 423 w Favette 
Flaherty Matthias, laborer, 13G Vine 
Flaherty Patrick H. pciinter, 101 Bank 
Flaherty Peter P. sparmaker, 117s Chester 
Flaherty Peter, laborer, 509 w Pratt 
Flaherty Stephen, mariner, 5 Boston 
Flaherty Stephen, laborer, 135 s Chester . 
Flaherty Timothy, liquors, 11 s Stockton al 
Flaherty Thomas, 30 Beunett 
Flaherty Thomas, watchman, McHenry w of 

Flaherty Thomas, ship carpenter, 185 s Chester 

PLAMM GEORGE & CO., (George 
Plamm,) Packers of Hermetical- 
ly Sealed Oysters, Fruits, fee, 143 
German-St.— [^ee p. 27 Advertisements.] 

Flamm Geo. (G. Flamm & Co.) 88 Lexington 
Flamm John, shoemaker, 048 Light 
FLAMM MAGDALENA, confectioner and ba- 
ker, 88 Lexington 
Flamm Mrs. Magdalena, grocery, 32 Holland 
Flamm Peter, confectioner and bJvcr, 88 

Flamm Wm. baker, 72 e Fayette 
Flanigan James, carpenter, 'l71 w Pratt 
Flanigan John, carpenter, 77 n Fremont 
Flanigan M. J. salesman, 60 n Exeter 
Flanigan Patrick, laborer, 1 1 1 Dover 
Flanigan Patrick, laborer, 6 Bevan 
Flannagan Andrew, mariner, 7(i n Eden 
Flannagan John, engineer, 4 Mott 
Flannagan Martin, laborer, 6 w Centre 
Flannagan Michael, laborer, 19 Hillen 

Flannagan Thos. coachman, 59 Hillen 
Flannary James, blacksmith, 36 Biddle al 
Flannary John, cellar digger, 13 .Mosher 
Flannei-y Francis J. plasterer, 31 Booth 
Flannery II dressmaker, 290 Lexington 
Flanncry Michael, laborer, 31 Booth 
Flannery Patrick, carter, 65 s Oregon 
Flannery Patrick, laborer, 372 Ostend 
Flanigan Elizabeth, 387 w Pratt 
Flanigan James, drayman, 52 King 
Flannigan Andrew, mariner, 55 s Paca 
Flannigan Andrew, jr. druggist, 39 Garden 
Flannigan Clarence, laborer, 122 Hamburg 
Flannigan Ellen, 19 Hillen 
Flannigan Franklin, laborer, 19 Hillen 
Flannigan Francis, porter, 3 n Front 
Flannigan James, driver, 90 e Madison 
Flannigan John, laborer, 10 Webster al 
Flannigan .Michael, laborer, 19 Hillen 
Flannigan Martin, laborer, 6 w Centre 
Flannigan Margaret, cook, 320 Lexington 
Flannigan Mary, nurse, 320 Lexington 
Flannigan Patrick, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flaxcomb Chas. II. cigarmaker, 8 n Sihroeder 
Flaxcomb Wm. C. engineer, 8 n Schroeder 
Flayhart Joseph, police, 54 Harford av 
Flayhart Joshua, carpenter, 54 Harford av 
Flayhart Mrs. Mary, 54 Harford av 
Flatlej- Barney, laborer, 61 s Oregon 
Flatley Patrick, laborer, 61 s Oregon 
Flatley Bernard, laborer, 61 s Oregon 
Flatung Philip, tailor, 113 McElderry 
Fleck Jacob, tanner, 207 s Eutaw 
Fleckenstein Louis, lager beer, 69 n Gay 
Fleckenstein Peter, laborer, 167 e Lombard 
Fleckensteine John, tailor, 23 Somerset 
Fleckenstine Jacob, cooper, 339 s Bond 
Fleckenstine John, laborer, 345 sBond 
Fleehearty Hugh, officer at Penitentiary, 214 

e Madison 
Fleeheartv John T. clerk, 214 e Madison 

derman, Henry Holtman,) merchant tailors, 

44 n Howard 
Fledderman H. G.(F.& Holtman)164 Saratoga 
Flege Mrs. Caroline, dressmaker, 464 Penna av 
Fleischell James H. machinist, 342 e Lombard 
Fleischer Emanuel E.(E. Fleischer &Bro.) 167 

Fleischer E. & Bro. (E. Fleischer, S. Fleischer) 

furn'g goods and notions, 234 w Baltimore 
Fleischer Elizabeth, dry goods, 233 Eastern av 
Fleischer John, confectionery, 143 Gough 
Fleischer John, woodsawyer, 89 Hampstead 
Fleischer S.(E. Fleischer k Bro.) 167 Saratoga 
Fleischell John, painter, 40 Warner 
Fleischell John A. moulder, 342 e Lombard 
Fleischell Mary Ann, 342 e Lombard 
Fleischell W. moulder, 342 e Lombard 
Fleischman Adam, tailor, 96 Sarah Ann 
FIcischman George, shoemaker, 181 Aliceanna 
Fleischman John, laborer, 29 Fremont 
Fleischman John, shoemaker, 321 n Central av 
Fleischman .lohn, tailor, 8 Anthony 
Fleischman i\Iichael, organmaker, GO Stiles 
Fleischman .Moses, butcher, 41 Fell's Point 

market, dw 259 Aliceanna 
Fleischman Sebastian, shoem'kr, 305 n Gay 
Fleischman Wolfgang, laborer, 31s Wolfe 
Fleischmann Mrs. Mary, lager beer, 17 IJover 
Fleishton JIartin, shoemaker, 235 Eastern av 
Flemer Henry, coachmaker, 225 w Pratt 

J. HENKY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BRESEE, General Agent, 21 Sonth-st. 




Fleming Andrew, laborer, 142 L. Greene 
Fleming Mis. Eliza, boarding, 142 Lexington 
Fleming Douglas, blacksmith, 412 w Baltimore 
Fleming Ilonry, laborer, 18 Baker 
Fleming Hiram, clerk, 14 s Ann 
FLEMING DR. J. P. 122. n Greene 
Fleming vSanmel B. plumber, 148 n Eutaw dw 

137 \v Madison 
Flemming PaI. plumber, 43 Centre Market space 
Flenmiing Mrs. Catherine, 40 Hillcn 
Flemming F. A. brewer, 1 e Lombard 
Flemming James, shoemaker, 121 n Gay 
Flemming Jno. barkeeper, 43 Centre Market sp 
Flemming John, teamster, 9 Brannan ct 
Flemming John T. laborer, 526 w Lombard 
Flemming John Q. A. clerk, 254 e Fayette 
Flemming Michael, laborer, 12 Stiles 
Flemming Robert, derk, 137 w Madison 
Flemming Saumel, bricklayer, 192 s Ann 
Flemming Pat' k, tavern, 43 Centre Market space 
Flemming Wm. F. 126 u Caroline 
Flemming Wm. stonecuttor,43 Centre Market sp 
Flemming Patrick, laborer, 13 Willow 
Flemming Wm. tavern, 57 s Frederick 
Flemming Wm. laborer, 42 s Exeter 
Flemming Wm. H. carter, 319 e Monument 
■'Flennery James, laborer, 36 Biddle al 
Fleutje Fred'k W. musical instrument maker, 

2." 8 n Gay 
Flersheinier Aaron, clerk, 91 Orleans 
Flersheimcr Benjamin, (A. Goodman & Co.) 

91 Orleans 
Flescher Julius, clerk, 145 Hill 
Flescher Nathan, second hand goods, 145 Hill 
Fletcher Alice, 49 Hanover 
Fletcher Mrs. Elizabeth R. 39 Hill 
Fletcher James S. sailmaker, 39 Hill 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. tailor and clothier, 140 

w Pratt, dw 318 n Gay 
Fletcher John D. clerk, 39 Hill 
Fletcher John, roofer. West e of Light 
Fletcher John, ropemaker, 448 Light 
Fletcher John T. ropemaker, 448 Light 
Fletcher Wm. cooper. West e of Light 
Fletcher Wm. G. gunsmith, 147 Cross 
Fleury Charles, carver, 64^ s Howard 
Fleury Joseph, carved mouldings, 216 w Pratt 

dw 64^ s Howard 
Flick Wm. N. cigarmaker, 92 Hollins 
Flicklnochildt John C. laborer, 71 e Lombard 
Flinder Chas. E. (Ellinger k Flinder,) 38 w 

Flinn Bartholomew, laborer, 195 Montgomery 
Flinu Michael, laborer, 69 Chappell 
Flinu Michael, cond'r B. & 0. R. R. 8 n Oregon 
Flinn Morris, laborer, 125 Dover 
Flinn Patrick, sugar refiner, 62 President 
Flinspach Ferdinand W. tannery office, 122 

Light, dw 77 e Fayette 
Flint Sarah A. 136 Cathedral 
Flint Mrs. Sarah C. housekeeper, 290 n Caroline 
Flint Wm. bookkeeper, 136 Cathedral 
Flodt Frederick, barber, 1 33 w Madison 
Flodt xMrs. Rosa,ladies hairdr'er, 133 w Madison 
Flohr Morris, tinner, 205 s Ann 
Flood James, laborer, 82 GrindiiU 
Flood Mary Ann, 749 w Baltimore 
Flood S. S. tinner, 749 w Baltimore 
Floon James, engineer, 7 Falls 
Florck John F. cooper, 11 Somerset 
Flory Michael, milkman, Elliott, e of Eastern av 
Floss S. W. 1 s Broadway 

Floss Selman W. salesman, 329 e Pratt 
Flottwell Wm. picture frames, 21 and 23 Lead- 

enhall. dw 163 Montgomery 
Flour Insfiiectors' Office, n w cor German and 

loyd Charles T. carpenter, 127 Garden 
loyd Clement, ship carpenter, 40 Cross 
loyd George M. boilerumker, 24 Walker 
loyd James, painter, 2 Guilford al 
loyd John F. runner Merchants' Nat. Bunk, 
Paca near Columbia 
loyd Joseph, hatter, 227 Light 
loyd Joseph L blacksmith, 113 Hamburg 
loyd Jos. carpenter, 96 Hollins 
loyd Wm. S. salesman, 53 s ('harles 
loyd Wm. T. boilermakcr, 227 Light 
loyd Wm. J. coachmaker, 596 w Pratt, dw 40 
s Schroeder 
ludick Henry, potter, 138 e Pratt 
luharty Jas. 97 s Eden 
luharty Thomas J. bookkeeper, 97 s Eden 
luharty Wm.R. bookkeeper, 161 w Lombard 
lure Joseph, cabinetmaker, 66 s Howard 
lusky John B. tavern, 41 w Lombard 
lynn Ann, over 71 Centre Market space 
lynn David, stonemason, 46 Ty.son 
lynn k Emrich, (J. Flynn, J. P. Emrich,) 
manufacturers of machinery, 55 Holliday 
lynn Mrs. Ellen, 3 Elliott 
lynn James, bricklayer, 220 Vine 
lynn James, plumber, 220 Vine 
lynn James, mariner, 117 Albemarle 
lynn James, di-stiller, cor Russell and Ostend 
lynn James, laborer, 29 s Cannon 
lynn James, (F. & Emrich,) 178 e Monument 
lynn James, laborer, 223 Cathedral 
lynn John, laborer, Grindall, betw Coving- 
ton and Johnson 
lynn John, oyster packer, 19 Cambridge 
lynn John W. 1 s Republican 
lynn John A. tinner, 190 Conway 
lynn John, grocer}^ 103 Front n of Foundry 
lynn John T. salesman, 70 Columbia 
lynn John J. tailor, 6 Clagget al 
lynn Lawrence, boiler maker, 159 b Wash- 

lynn Mrs. Martha, 69 s Chapel 
lynn Michael, laborer, 51 Ellicott 
lynn Michael, laborer, 75 s Wolfe 
lynn Morris, carpenter, 16 Douglass 
lynn Thomas, laborer, over 8 Bank 
lynn Patrick, grocery, 84 Holliday 
lynn Wm. shoemaker, over 57 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
lynn Wm. laborer, 2 Cooksie 
lynn Wm. laborer, 143 Albemarle 
Foard Addison K. broker, 69 Exchange place, 

dw 149 w Biddle 
Foard Augustus, caulker, 240 Montgomery 
Foard Henry 0. caulker, 240 Montgomery 
Foard Hiram J. (caulker, 244 Light 
Foard Joseph O. (Foard <S: Rogers,) 303 Mad- 
ison av 
Foard Mrs. K. 308 Madison av 
Foard Lloyd, caulker, 240 Montgomerj- 
Foard N. E., editor Sun Office, dw 657 w 

Foard Mrs. Ruth, 245 Montgomery 
Foard &: Rogers, (J. 0. Foard, C. IL Rogers) 
shipping and com. merch'ts, IBBowley's whf 
Foard Thomas C. clerk, 122 e Monument 
Foard Wm. G. 308 Madison av 

Agents for Eosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Whai-f. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKEK BROS. & CO. 




Foble Henry, plasterer, 374 w Lombard 
Foble Henry, jr., tohivcconist, 374 w Lombard 
Fodit AugustjCiirled hair, corPratt and Payson 
Foc'ke Charles W. book and stationeiy, 18 s 

Gav, d\v 325 Lexington 
FOCKE EDWARD L. trimmings and furnish- 

intj goods, 284 w Baltimore, d\v 308 w Lom- 
Focke Harry S. clerk, 30S \v Lombard 
Focks Lewis, huckster, 445 w Lombard 
FoelkerMrs. Kunigunda, 25 Short 
Foellcr John, restaurant, 59 President 
Foerster & Co. (G. Foerster, J. Wcise, ) house 

and sign painters, 12 Albemii'rle 
Foerster John, shoemaker, 34 Thames 
Foerster Gotleib, (Foerster & Co.) j2 Durst al 
Foerlsch JohnG. grocery, 25 Ellicott 
Fopel Casimer, milkman, Madison, w of Mc- 

Fogel John 11. clerk, 20 n Ann 
Fogel Simon, peddler, 40 Forrest 
FogelerJohn, laborer, 182 Hughes 
Fogoler John, caV)inetmaker, 37 Buren 
Fogelhub Leonard, tailor, 40 Laurel 
Fogerty James, laborer, 13 Sterrett 
Fogerty Michael, watchman, 13 Sterrett 
Fogerty Patrick, laborer, 19 Sterrett 
Fogle Casper, cabinetmaker, s Chapel, bctw 

Baltimore and Lombard 
Fogle Henry H. clerk, 227 n Eden 
Fogle Henry H. cashier, Maltby house 
Fogle John H. clerk in City Circuit Oburt, 20 

n Ann 
Fogler John, laborer, 18 Wyeth 
Fogler Solomon, carpenter, 100 Columbia 
Fogt Henry, tasselmakcr, rear 161 Lexington 
Fohl John, cooper, 172 L Greene 
Fohner Francis, blacksmith, 172 n Central av 
Fohrkolb Joseph, glazier, 180 s Durham 
Fohrkolb Peter, 180 s Durham 
Fold Valentine B. barber, 212 s Chapel 
Foigc Adoljjh, shoe store, 132 and G8 n Gay 
Foistle Mrs. Margaret, 353 e Lombard 
Foith George, tailor, 54 s Wolfe 
Folager Henry, laborer, 13 e Lombard 
Foldenveitch Adam, laborer, rear 85 Mullikin 
Folefa George, morocco dresser, 339 Penna av 
'Folen Martin, laborer, 646 w Pratt 
Folen Patrick, laborer, G4G w Pratt 
Folen Roger, laborer, 73 s Spring 
Foley Mrs. Ann, crockery dealer, 130 Forrest 
Foley Mrs. Ann, laundress, 183 Bank 
Foley Charles, laborer, 72 s Durham 
Foley Dan'l J. (D. J. Foley, Bro. & Co.) 72 

St. Paul 
FOLEY D. J., BRO. & CO. (D. J. Foley, M. J. 

Foley, J. W. Hunter, J. T. Rocheford,) 

wholesale grocers and com. merch. 50 South 
Foley David R. moulder, 310 Light 
Foley Francis, porter, 21 Valley 
Foley Francis R. clerk, 44 n Exeter 
Foley John, mariner, 43 Centre Market space 
Foley Rev. JohnS., St. Martin's Church, cor 

Fulton and Fayette 
Foley John, laborer, ^235 Lemmon al 
Foley Joseph C. coachmakcr, 294 o Lombard 
Foley John B. 347 e Pratt 
Foley Mrs. Maria, 21 Valley 
Foley Mrs. Margaret, over 6 Bank 
Foley Matthew J. (D. J. Foley, Bro. & Co.) 81 

"w Centre 
Foley Mrs. Matthew, 43 Mulberry 

Foley Matthew, wholesale dealer in liquors, 144 

Foley Michael, porter, 220 w Baltimore 
Foley Patrick, laborer, 21 G Chesnut 
Foley Presley G. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Folev Thomas, machinist, 646 w i^ratt 
FOLEY REV. THOMAS, 106 n Charles 
Folger, Cannon & Co (E. F. Folger. C. K. 
Cannon, W. L. O'Brien, T. Roberts,) indi- 
vidual enterprise line for eastern and western 
shore, Ijight foot of Camden 
Folger Edward F. (Folger, Cannon & Co.) Gil- 

mor house 
Folk Augustus N. baker, 164 Forrest 
Folk John E. carpenter, 04 Park 
Folkar John, wheelwright, 22 s Dallas 
Folkes Robert, machinist, 207 Lee 
Folks George F. carpenter, over 15 n Sharp, 

dw 122 Mullikin 
Folks John, carpenter, 94 Park 
Foil John H. mariner, 212 s Wolfe 
Foil John, silveriilater, 78 Grindall 
Foil John, sawyer, 4 Chesnut al 
Foil Nicholas, sawyer, 78 Grindall 
Follaud Abraham, mariner, 192 s Castle 
Folland Mrs. Delia, J. seamstress, 192 s Castle 
Follensbee Joseph V. clerk, Calverton hotel, 

opp cattle scales 
Poller Casper, lager beer, 125 McElderry 
Poller Josephine, sewing machine operator, 65 

Harford av 
FoUis Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 122 Ensor 
Folmar Louis, baker, 297 n Central av 
Foltz Anton, currier, 505 Penna. av 
Foltz k Ehlen, (Geo. W. Foltz, H. W. Ehlen) 

restaurant, 5 Lovely la 
Foltz Geo. W. (Foltz'& Ehlen,) 5 Lovely la 
Foltz Henrietta, 135 s Exeter 
Foltz Jacob 0. clerk, 47 Marion 
Fomme Aug. tailor, over 65 Centre Market sp 
Fondel John, laborer, Canton av, betw Chester 

and Essex 
Fonder Richard, painter, s e cor Gay and Har- 
rison, dw 115 n Caroline 
Fondron John, laborer, 12 Gist 
Fonerden Clarence A. (Welch & Fonerdcn, ) 

63 s Broadway 
FONERDEN DR. JOHN, medical superinten- 
dent Md. Hospital, dw 371 e Monument 
Fonkenhara Conrad, bricklayer, 59 Watson 
FONTAINE JOHN L. merchant tailor, 215 w 

Pratt, dw 34 s Broadway 
Fontz George, brickmaker, 406 West 
Fontz Jacob, butcher, 390 West 
Fontz Jacob, brickmaker, 2 Russell 
Foretz Jacob, mariner, 8 Barney 
Fooks Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Nicholson 
P^ooks Mrs. Rebecca, 230 e Madison 
Fooks Capt. S. J. mariner, 6 Nicholson 
Foos Charles, engineer, 8 s Oregon 
Foos Delia, nurse, 205 e Monument 
Foos .lames, bricklayer, 99 n Eden 
Foos John C. tinner, 77 n Oregon 
Foos James, (Luckett k Co.) 327 Druid Hill av 
Foos John C, jr. tinner, 77 n Oregon 
Foos John S. bricklayer, 45 n Exeter 
Foos Mrs. Mary Ann, grocery, 41 Mullikin 
Foos Sarah A. confectionery, 77 n Oregon 
Foos Wm. A. bricklayer, 551 c Fayette 
Foos W^m. C. painter, 269 e Monument 
Foose 'Alfred, bricklayer, 143 s Bond 
Foose Thomas, bricklayer, 329, e Monument 

THE GKOVEK. & BAKEIl SE"WISf<J MACHINE is the best for all purposes— SALES 
KOOM.S— 181 Baltimore Street. 

N"os. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Foot George L. laborer, 58 Fort av 

Foote Colin A. bookkcejier, 329 Druid Ilill a-v 

Foote John P. pilot, 7 n Bond 

Fopless James, clerk, 134 n High 

Fo]jles9 John, watchmaker, 199 Harford nv 

Foran James, butcher, 78 Centre and 44 Belair 

markets, d\v 187 Chcsnut 
Form James, provisions, 181 and 183 Chesnut 
Forbes Geo. J. ag't safet.y-line bridles, 33 n Gay 
Forbes James H. milkdealer, 182 Mulberry 
Forbes James H. (i\. B. Hill & Co.) over' n e 
* cor. Baltimore and St. Paul 
Foiles \Vm. mariner, 356 e Fayette 
Forbes James S. carpenterand builder, swcor 

Eutaw and Hoffman, dw328 n Eutaw 
F(irlics Rev. Mathias L. 20 s Strieker 
Fo.lics Mathias L. clerk. 20 s Strieker 
Ford Alberta, 427 Favette 
Ford Mrs. Anne E. 45 Pearl 
Ford k Heasten, (J. M. Ford, J. M. Beastcn,) 

commission merchants, over 96 Light 
Ford Budd S. 613 w Fayette 
Ford Mrs. Caroline, 315, e Baltimore 
Ford Mrs. Catherine, 2G McPIenry 
Ford Charles H. draftsman, 187 n Exeter 
Fold (^harles T. watchman, 212 Conway 
Ford C. Henry, manufact'r fertilizers, kc. 30G 

s Eu1itw,dw ne cor Smith and Chalsworth 
Ford Columbus W. fertilizers, 30G s Eutaw, dw 

u e Cur Chatsworth and Smith 
Ford David L. laborer, 74 Mound 
Ford Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 748 w Balto. 
Ford F P. clerk, 144 w Fayette 
Ford Gvo. M. hospital and ass't storekeeper 

clerk Custom house, dw Baltimore co 
Ford Geo. M. salesman, 57 Cross 
Ford (Jeo. M. clerk, cor Gilmorand Liberty r'd 
Ford Gustavus M. despatcher B. & 0. R. R. 

Camden station, dw 193 Barre 
Ford Mrs. H.'irriet, 42 w Monument 
Ford Henry wagoner, 748 \v Baltimore 
Ford Henry W. bricklayer, Belair av nr Balti- 

iiiore Cemetery 
Ford Henry, rigger, Cathedral near To.wnsend 
Ford Henry C. (Wilson & Ford,) cor Liberty 

road and Gilmor 
Ford H. J. caulker, 244 Light 
Foid James, serg't police, 14 Poultney 
Ford James A. butter dealer, 187 n E.\eter 
Ford James M. (P. & Bcasten,) Mansion house 
FORD JAS. R. & BRO. (J. R. Ford) cigars 

and tobacco, 7 HoUiday 
Ford James 13. 288 Penua. av 
Ford Jas. R (JitS. R. Ford & Bro.) 309 w Pratt 
Ford Johanna, 23 s Broadway 
Ford J. T. messenger Adam's Express, 69 e 

Ford John, hostler. 19 New Church 
Ford John T. moulder, 147 e Monunient 
FOPJ) JOHN T. proprietor Holliday-st. thea- 
tre, dw cor Gilmor and Liberty road 
Foi"d John, 367 e Baltimore 
Ford John, laborer, 44 Carlton 
Ford John W. woodturner, 237 n Central av 
Ford Luke, laborer, 31 ^\'agon al 
Ford Martin, tavern, 44 Fell 
Ford Mary, 427 w Fayette 
Ford Mathias, laborer, 44 Thames 
Ford Nicholas S. carpenter, 211 Saratoga 
Ford Patrick, laborer, 50 O'Dounell 
Ford Samuel, nightman, 240 Hollins 
Ford Dr. Stephen E. 613 w Fayette 

Ford Mrs. Susannah R. 78 Greenmouat av 

Ford Thomas laborer, 204 w Madison 

Ford Thomas C. clerk, P^ricsson steamboat line, 

125 e Jlonument 
Ford Thomas, boilerniaker, 13 Gough 
Ford Thomas, police, 293 s Durham 
Ford Wni. H. harness maker, 313 Mulberry 
Ford Wm. H. merchant tailor, 23 n Howard, 

dw 427 w Fayette 
Ford Wm. E. mariner, 38 Henrietta 
Ford W. currier, 52 n Republican 
Ford Wm. H. shoemaker, 194 George 
Ford Wm. T. clerk, GO Bane 
Fordenvoster Margtiret, 3 Vine 
Forebenner, Win. G property agent, 59| Lee 
Foreman A. R. clerk, 4(i5 w Lombard 
Foreman Caroline, laundress, 2 Winau's row 
Foreman Catiierine, 109 Mullikin 
Foreman Geo. W. machinist, 134 Banipstead 

e of Broadway 
Foreman E. R. Clerk, 54 s Gay 
Foreman Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 n Eden 
Foreman Francis, carpenter, 87 Ensor 
Foreman Henry C shoemaker, 38 n Caroline 
Foreman Howard, hackman, 199 Saratoga 
Foreman James, laborer, 223 Dover 
Foreman John, brickmaker, 2 \\'inan's row 
Foreman Jos. L. gilder, 9 Holland 
Foreman Joshua, carpenter, 481 c Baltimore 
Foreman Leonard W. livery stable, Hanover, 

1 doors of Conway, dw 308 w Lombard 
Foreman Mrs. Margaret, 87 Ensor 
Foreman Mathias, laborer, 44 Thames 
Foreschi D. (Muliinari & Co.) 23 w Fayette 
Forhan Rev. Patrick, Loyola college 
Forman Alfred R. clerk, 405 w Lombard 

Keighler) general ins. agents, 71 Second. 

l^Sie p. 9 Adreriiscjiicnts .^ 
Forman Leander, plasterer, 70 s Sharp 
Forman Joseph H. clerk, 475 vv Fayette 
Forman A. D. & H. C. wood and coal, 513 w 

Forman A. D. (A. D. & H. C. Forman) 475 w 

Forman Evan M. derk, 9 Holland 
Forman Evan M. plasterer, 9 Holland 
Forman Henry C. (A. D. & H. C. Forman) 

522 Lexington 
Forman Joseph L. printer, 9 Holland 
Forman Valentine, [ilasterer, 413 Walsh 
Forman Wm. W. (Forman & Keighler) 405 w 

P'orney A.J. stonecutter, 186 e Madison 
Forney Mrs. E. J. variety store, 455 w Fayette 
I'^ornCv Geo. M. 613 w Lombard 
FORNEV HENRY S. & CO. (H. S. Forney) 

house furnishing goods, 11 u Howard, dw 

165 Madison av 
Forney Jacob, watchman, 455 w Fayette 
Forney Philip, blacksmith, 75 St. Peter 
Forney Wm. C. clerk, 36 Hanover 
Forney Wm. C. clerk, 550 Lexington 
Fornoff Adam, weaver, 134 s Dallas 
Fonioff George, tailor, 38 n Caroline 
Fornshill C. C. officer at Penitentiary 
Fornshill Charles, tinner, Starr hotel, n Front 
Fornshill Columbus, restaur' t, 92 w Baltimore 
Fornshill Nelson C. tinner, 91 Harrison, dw 

Starr hotel 
Forrest Alexander, fireman, No. 1 engine, 43 


THE GUOVKR A BAKEU SE\VI.\G .'♦lACIIINE Is tUe bist for all purposes— SALES 
KOOM.S— 181 Baltimore .Street. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Forrest Andrew J. eng'r D. S. N. 129 n Paca 
Forrest Douglas F. attorney, G Spurrier's ct, 

dw 85 n Charles 
Forrest Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 504 Light 
Forrest Francis A. coreniaker, 670 w I'ratt 
Forrest Francis, blacksmith, 064 w Pratt 
Forrest George W. mariner, 224 Eastern av 
Forrest James H. machinist, 7 Henrietta 
Forrest Jolin H. stonecutter, 40 Constitution 
Forrest Joshua, porter, 1 0-i w Baltimore 
Forrest Leonard, 7 Henrietta 
Forrest Mrs. Mary Ann, 105 s Exeter 
Forrest Mrs. Mary L. 08 e Baltimore 
Forrest Tiiaddeus, mariner, 105 s Exeter 
Forrest Thos. J. paperhanger and upholsterer, 

48 s Broadway 
Forrest Wm. tinner, 690 «• Pratt 
Forrest Wm. T. clerk, 67 Second 
Forrester Alexander, 43 Chatsvvorth 
Forrester Alexander, tavern, 92 n Spring 
Forrester Allen E., justice of peace, 28 St. 

Paul, dw 186 Druid Hill av 

Angel) marble yard 4 and 6 n Front 
Forrester Beuj. F. (Frazier & F.) 89 Chats- 
Forrester Charles T., carjjenter, 261 w Biddle 
Forrester Elias C. carpenter, 3 Trinity 
Forrester George, jr. painter, 189 Montgomery 
Forrester George, carpenter. \^d Montgomery 
Forrester James, bricklayer, 52 n Caroline 
Forrester James W. general agent, HI n High 
Forrester James, police, 147 Dolphin 
Forrester John E plumber, 52 n Caroline 
Forrester John J. carpenter, 132 n Bond 
FORRESTER JOHN F. country produce, 127 

Franklin, dw 129 Druid Hill av 
Forrester Lucretia, tailoress, 89 Jefferson 
Forrester Patrick, laborer, 190 West 
Forrester Rob't, blacksmith, 112 Harford av 
Forrester Wm. H. carpenter, 151 w Hoffman 
Forrester Wm. H. (F. & Angel.) 83 n Front 
Forschell Joseph, slioemaker, 323 e Lombard 
Forshner Guston, laborer, 129 s Fremont 
Forster Geo. H. (Sattler, F. & Co.) 89 St. Paul 
Forster Michael, tobacconist, 232 e Pratt 
Forster Donaldson K. tobacco commission 

merchant, Grundy nr Townsend 
Forsyth Alex, s w cor Lanvale and Division 
Forsyth Alex. D. caulker, 215 Montgomery 
Forsyth Alexander M. plumber, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Alexander W. laborer, 39 Tyson 
Forsyth Alex. M. clerk, N. C. R. 35 Holland 
Forsyth David J. carpenter, 8 Garden 
Forsyth Emanuel T. machinist, 144 Orleans 
Forsyth James, drayman, 60 n Dallas 
Forsyth James J. cooper, 126 Hamburg 
Forsyth John A., wood, 215 Montgomery 
Forsyth Louis E. painter, 58 n Fremont 
Forsyth Robert, gasfitter, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Robert T. boilermaker, 117 Cross 
Forsyth Mrs. Sarah, 305 Garden 
Forsyth Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 290 n Howard 
Forsyth Susannah, seamstress, 42 n Pine 
Forsyth Thomas G. bricklayer, 41 Hoffman 
Forsyth W^m. J. (Grattan & Forsyth,) Mary- 
land house 
Forsyth Wm. H. (Skinner & F.) 220 Mont- 
Forsyth Wm. plumber, 532 w Baltimore 
Forsytlie Alexander, bricklayer, 5 Brune 
Forsythe Mrs. Ann, 5 Brune 

Forsythe Gerard, tobacconist, 103 n Paca, dw 

5 Brune 
Fort Allen T. painter, 312 s Sharp 
Fort Mary, teacher, 178 Madison av 
P''ort Isabella, teacher, 178 Madison av 
Fort Leander A. carpenter, 178 MadLson av 
Fort McHenry, foot of Fort av 
Fortenbaugh Charles, iron-roller, 584 w Pratt 
Fort Wm. F. bookkeeper, 78 s Bond 
Fortenbaugh Charles, boxmaker, 21 s Liberty 
Fortesque Prof. Daniel, Loyola college 
Fortier Peter M. 113 n Pine 
Fortling Mi-s. Sarah, 271 Saratoga 
Fortman Adolphus, carpenter, 224 Dover 
Fortman Bernhart, laborer, 93 Lincoln 
Fortman .Mainard, cabinetmaker. 38 Leadenhall 
Fortmann Henry, waterman, 6 n Wolfe 
Fortune Elizabeth, teacher, 27 Pleasant 
Forwcrk Theodore P. architect, 90 Lexington 
Forwood John R. carpenter, 5 Trinity 
Forwood Wm. L. 231 n Eden 
Fosback Mrs. P^lizabeth, 5 Lancaster 
Fosler Geo. carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Job jr. carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Job sr. carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Catherine, seamstress, 28 Harmony la 
Fosnot & Co. (J. C. Fosnot, J. Newcomer,) 

flourand produce com. merch. 132 n Howard 
Fosnot John C. (Fosnot & Co. ) 132 n Howard 
Foss John, boilermaker, 174 William 
Foss Wm. C. salesman, 2S n Howard 
Foss Wm. W. cabinet furniture 30 n Howard, 

dw 28 
Fossett Francis C. farmer, Phila. road nr city 

Fossett Francis, painter, 194 e Madison 
Fossett Harry C. clerk, 37 s Exeter 
Fossett James, shoemaker, 14 Low 
Fossett Jas. E. gardener, Phil, roadnr tollgate 
Foster Anson, clerk, 98 Barre 
Foster Charles W. shipcarpenter, 189 e Pratt 
Fossett John, collector, 67 s Caroline 
Foster Benj. F. laborer, 103 s Poppleton 
Foster David B. plumber, 91 Garden 
Foster David C. printer, 29 Jackson 
Foster David, mariner, 83 s Ann 
Foster Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 122 e Monu- 
Foster Edward, clerk, 358 Lexington 
Foster Edw'd F. fancy goods, 549 w Baltimore 
Foster Elijah, carpenter, W^olfe, 3 doors s of 

Foster Emily A. 189 e Pratt 
Foster Francis S. shipjoiner, 174 Bank 
Foster Franklin W. engineer, 160 Hughes 
Foster George, clerk, 9 Webb 
Foster Gustavus, mariner, 75 Granby 
Foster Henry, clerk, 86 s Regester 
Foster Henry, o^'Stershucker, 278 s Durham 
Foster Henry, carter, 298 Cross 
Foster Henry, clerk, 333 Franklin 
Foster Henrietta, tailoress, 161 s Regester 
Foster Isaiah W. painter, 26 n Eden, dw 

Exeter betw Trinity and Fawn 
Foster James K. carpenter, 235 s Sharp 
Foster Capt. James W. 36 Henrietta • 
FOSTER J. A. bookkeeper, 58 w Baltimore 
Foster J. N., State wharfinger, 269 e Biddle 
Foster James H. clerk, 100 e Lombard 
Foster John, brushmaker, 30 Slemmer's al 
Foster John, glasscutter, Exeter, 2d door s of 


Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Foster John, laborer, 154Raborg 
Foster John, jr., laborer, 154 Raborg 
Foster John C. salesman, 179 Garden 
Foster J. Nelson, (Wm. Colton & Co.) 246 e 

Foster Joshua, fishdealer, 72 n Ann 
Foster Kate, (Ashton & F.) 154 Mulberry 
Foster Mrs. Mary, GO s Washington 
Foster Dr. M. W. dentist, 117 n Charles, dw 

John near McMechin 
Foster Mrs. Mary, 174 Preston 
Foster Mrs. Mary, K^S s Popplcton 
Foster Misses Mary F.and Susan W., Institute 

for voung ladies, 56 n Greene 
Foster Margaret, 182^ n High 
Foster Norman, sugarboiler, 63 u Eden 
Foster Robert H. bnissfinisher, 105 Gough 
Foster Robert E. clerk, 353 Lexington 
Foster Samuel, carter, 239 s Paca 
Foster Mrs. Sophia C, Belair av near Chester 
Foster Thomas Y . horses, 168 German 
Foster Thomas N. clerk, 189 e Pratt 
Foster Thomas, mariner, 75 Granby 
Foster Thomas S. mariner, 9 Fell 
Foster Wm. laborer, 61 Harford av 
Foster Wm. H. (Rose & F.) 202 Forrest 
Foster Wm. J. glasscutter, 95 s Exeter 
Foster Wm. J. ironflnisher, 103 s Poppleton 
Foster .M. Whilldin, dentist, 117 n Charles, dw 

173 John 
Foster Wm. T. carpenter. 242 n Eden 
Foster Wm. T. com. agent, 70 Exchange place, 

dw Baltimore co 
Foster Wm. S. bricklayer, 431 w Lombard 
Foster Wesley F. mariner, 160 G. Hughes 
Fotliergill Eliza, 26 Garden 
Foudriat .Madame Pierre, fiuter, 213 n Howard 
Foudriat Pierre (Foudriat & Le Doj-en) 213 n 

FOUDRIAT & LE DOYEN (P. Foudriat, J. 
B.Le Doyen) wines and liquors, 209 Lex- 
Foulds James II. boatbuilder, 53 s Eden 
Foulk Charles, laborer, 202 s Wolfe 
Foulk Eliza, 140 e Madison 
Foulk Elizabeth, 140 e Madison 
Foulk Emma, 140 e Madison 
Foulk Rev. John S., 130 Mulberry 
Foulker J. W. clerk, 61 Barre 
Foulks Robert, machinist, 207 Lee 
Foulmann Frank, shoemaker, 7 s Regester 
Foultz Nicholas, laborer, 25 Lancaster 
Fountain Edward C. mariner, 79 s Bond 
Fountain George W. sailmaker, 280 Mulberry 
FOUNTAIN HOTEL, Wm. H. Clabaugh, pro- 
prietor, Light near Baltimore 
Fountain Mrs. Mary A. 25 Scott 
Fountain Mary, saleswoman, 73 Chew 
Fountain Pasquale, brickmaker, 103 West 
Fountain Robert R. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 52 

s Schroeder 
Fountain Mrs. Susan, boarding, 79 s Bond 
Fouse Henry D. tinner, 211 n Bond 
Fouse Joseph, laborer, 159 e Lombard 
Fouse Thomas, tinner. 12 McElderry 
Fouse Thomas, tinner, 211 n Bond 
Fout George C. clerk, 32 s Schroeder 
Font John, upholsterer, 33 n Gay 
Foutz & Bro., (S. A. Foutz, D. E. Foutz,) 

druggists, 116 Franklin 
Foutz D. E. (Foutz k Bro.) Fountain hotel 
Foutz S. A. (Foutz k Bro.) IJaltimorc co 

Foux Edgar G. photographer. 9 n Gay 
Fowble Abraham, (Fowble k Miller) 259 w 

Fowble & Miller, (A. Fowble, C. Miller,) car- 
penters, 18 Vine 
Fowler Adam, carter, 42 Liberty al 
Fowler Alfred, engineer, 170 McHenry 
Fowler Mrs. Caroline, Druid Hill av near en- 
trance to park 
Fowler Mrs. Catherine, s e cor Baltimore and 

Fowler & Co. (J. Fowler, ) teas and spices, 452 

w Baltimore 
Fowler (llharles, mariner, 223 Light 
Fowler David, attorney, 41 St. Paul, dw Bal- 
timore Co 
Fowler David Q. clerk Harnden express, 665 

Fowler Edward II. dep'y clerk Superior court, 

163 s Sharp 
Fowler Edwin C. index clerk Superior court, 

103 Chats worth 
Fowler Mrs. Ellen, 94 s Carey 
Fowler Evan M. officer at Penitentiary, dw 147 

e Madison 
Fowler Elizabeth, 156 York 
FOWLER FRANCIS, wire worker, cor Fay- 
ette and Liberty, dw 36 Mulberry 
Fowler Mrs. Francis, boarding house, 33 Mul- 
Fowler George, huckster, 233 Canton av 
Fowler painter, 109 Druid Hill av 
Fowler Isaac, plasterer, 350 n Gay 
Fowler James H. painter, 222 Frederick av 
Fowler James H. painter, 87 n Oregon 
Fowler Jeremiah, 10 Gough 
Fowler John, tinner, 10 Diamond 
Fowler John W. huckster, 421 e Fayette 
Fowler Capt. John, 40 s Pojiplcton 
Fowler John, huckster, 421 e Favette 
Fowler John R. (Wm. D. McCord & Co.) 134 

s Paca 
Fowler John, (B. F. Partlett k Co.) se corner 

Calvert and Lexington 
Fowler John P. bookkeeper, 227 Franklin 
Fowler John H. (Fowler. Zcigler & Co. and 

Rex, Higgins & Co.) Baltimore Co 
Fowler John F. blacksmith, 154 HoUins 
Fowler Julia Ann, 158 n Exeter 
Fowler Lewis II. M. carter, Druid Hill av near 

entrance to park 
Fowler M. J. soap manuf'r, 5 Cider al., dw 

175 w Fayette 
Fowler Mrs. Margaret, 109 Druid Hill av 
Fowler Mrs. Margaret R., 92 Lee 
Fowler Michael, stonemason, 11 Sterrett 
Fowler Monroe, fireman B. & O.R.R., 449 ^7 

Fowler Pierre, 52 Front n of Foundrj' 
Fowler Rczin, carpenter, 563 av Lombard 
Fowler Robert, (Fowler, Zeigler k Co.) Balti- 
more Co 
Fowler R. S. salesman, 91 s Charles 
Fowler Samuel L., 64 Ridgely 
Fowler Samuel T. huckster, 204 n Central av 
Fowler Susan, 158 n Exeter 
Fowler Thomas, laborer, 94 s Carey 
Fowler Thomas, 71 w Biddle 
Fowler Wm. fireman, 485 w Pratt 
Fowler Wm. H. carpenter, 27 Jackson 
Fowler Wm. II. shipping agent, 119 Thames, 
dw6Us Bond 

TH£ GROV£R & BAKICIt. .SEAVIXG :>I.\fm\K Is tUc best for ail purposes— SAI^KS 
ROOitIS— 181 Unltimore Street. 


Baltimore Glass Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Fowler Wm. S. clerk, 25 n Calvert 

Fowler Wm. H. 55 Le.\iny,tou 

Fowler Capt. Wm. C. mariuer, Broadway near 

Fowler Wm. T. fish dealer, Hanover, 1 Lex- 
ington, >^ Centre Market, dw 1 Fulton 

Fowler Wm. W. hatter, over 27 n Greene 

Fowler Wm. W. 158 n Bond 

FOWLER, ZEIGLEU k CO. (R Fowler, F. 
Zeigler, J. H Fowler.) flour and gen'l com. 
mereh'ts, 91 and 93 s Charles 

Fowner James, butcher, 89 Le.\inp,ton market, 
dw Butcher's row Penna av extended 

Fox Andrew, laborer, L5(j Columbia 

Fox Charles, tobacconist, 2US n Gay 

Fox Charles A. florist, cor Dolphin and Bolton 

Fox Charles, engineer, li;7 s Broad way 

Fox Emanuel, shoemaker, G3 Arch 

Fox Edward W. merchant, 529 w Fayette 

Fox F. W. clerk, G23 w Lombard 

Fox George L. provisions, 45 e Baltimore 

Fox Henry, laborer, 83 s Chapel 

Fox Henry, carter, '4G Frederick av 

Fox Henry, huckster, 6 Russell 

Fox Henry C. shoemaker, 18G Orleans 

Fox Hiram E. tobacconist, 187 w Baltimore, 
dw 529 w Fayette 

Fox .lames, grocery and liquors, 31 Douglas 

Fox John D. huckster, 2 s Amity 

Fox John, laborer, 253 s Durham 

Fox .lohn, shoemaker, 264 s Eutaw 

Fox John, (Ridgaway, Fox & Co.) Balto Co 

Fox John A. laborer, 242 Conway 

Fox John, engineer, 24 Comet 

Fox Joshua, huckster, ' I l>i Greenuiount av 

Fox Lewis, second hand goods, 2.")8 Eastern av 

Fox Lewis, clerk, 7G Booth 

Fox Michael, wagoner, 4 Swan 

Fox Patrick, laborer, 13 Tyson al 
Fox Peter, shoemaker, 12 Henry 

Fox Samuel, butcher, 212 Mull'ikin 

Fox Stephen P. ladies' shoemaker, 327 w 

Fox Thomas, carter, ^5 Park 
Fox Thomas, shoemaker, 17G s Eutaw 
Fox Wm. clerk, 623 w Lombard 
Fox Wm. gardener, 76 Booth 
Foxcroft Nicholas, lager beer, York road, near 

Point la 
Foxwell Benj. can maker, 68 Henrietta 
Foxwell George, ship carpenter, 181 Bank 
Foxwell Capt. Geo. W. 48 Warren 
Foxwell Henrietta, tailoress, 70 s Caroline 
Foxwell James, laborer, 42 Binney 
Foxwell John, ship carpenter, 181 Bank 
Foxwell Joseph, ship carpenter, 40 Binney 
Foxwell Mrs. Margaret, 38 Jackson 
Foy Francis, gas meters, Farmers hotel 
Foy Francis P. brass finisher, 104 w Fayette 
Foy Frederick, teacher, 904 w Baltimore 
Foy George W. (Alt k Foy,) 107 Front, n of 

Foy James, gunsmith and hardware merchant, 

64 s Calvert, dw 61 Hill 
Foy James H, clerk, 76 Hill 
Foy John H. shoemaker, 81 n Dallas 
Fraatz Frederick, clerk, 138 n Howard 
Fraatz Mrs. Louisa, Calverton mills 
Fraatze Adolph, clerk, 576 w Baltimore 
Fraelich Balthazar, tailor, 300 Aliceanna 
Fracking Henry, carpenter, 45 Perry 
. Frackmann Wm. teacher, 222 Lexington 

Fraemiller Christian, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 
Frahley Francis J. tracklayer, P. W. & B.U.U. 

224 Bank 
Frailey Elzina M. 215 n Howard 
Frailey Mrs. Elizabeth, 215 n Howard 
Fraley Daniel, bricklayer, 532 w Baltimore 
Fraley John C. fisherman, 87 s Regesler 
Fraley Manies 78 n Caroline 
Fraley Michael, laborer, rear 637 Light 
Fralick Jac;ob, laborer, 20 Preston 
Frame David, millwright, 171 Barre 
Frame Geo. clerk, 171 Barre 
Frame James, teacher, 171 Barre 
Frames Geo. A. (J. P. Frames & Bro.) Laura- 

ville, Iialtimore county 
Frames James P, (James P. Frames & Bro.) 

328 n Ga>' 
FRAMES J. P. & BRO.) J. P. Frames, G. A. 
Frames, ) apothecaries and druggists, 328 n 
Frainie George, provisions, 454 Saratoga 
Framptou Mrs. H. boarding, 159 w^ Pratt 
Frampton N. 159 w Pratt 
France Andrew, painter, ne cor Gay and Caro- 
France Andrew, carpenter, 594 w Pratt 
France & Bantz, (John France, E. H.Cantz, ) 
wholesale and family groceries, n w cor Balti- 
more and Greene 
France Charles, conductor,34 Constitution 
France Henry C. shoemaker, 230 e Eager 
France Jacob, 53 s Eden 
France JohnF. grocer, 188 Franklin 
France Mrs. John, 200 w Biddle 
France John, (France &; Bantz, )57 n Reiiublican 
France John, tinware, 136 n Eutaw 
France Rev. Joseph, 403 n Central av 
France Peter, junk, 206 s Bond 
France Peter, tailor, 23u e Eager 
France Ringgold, clerk, 200 w Biddle 
France Spencer L. (Thomas P. Williams& Co.) 

36 Cathedral 
France Thomas, agent Mount Olivet Cemetery 

382 w Fayette 
France Thos. A. chair maker, 18'Townsend 
France Wm. J. laborer, Mt. Royal hill 
Francis Andrew J. salesman, 257 w Baltimore 
Francis Christopher, machinist, 67 Holland 
Francis Mrs. Elizabeth,grocery, 204 Harford av 
Francis Fleetwood, 90 Gough 
Francis Henry, 99 n Eden 
p'rancis James, bookkeeper, 111 n Calvert 
Francis Jesse M. machinist, 67 Holland 
Fnancis John, paper carrier, 57 s Eden 
Francis John, rags Ills Bond 
Francis John P. chemist, 294 Mulberry 
Francis John, packer, 294 Mulberry 
Francis Robt. 34 Aisquith 
Francis Robt. butcher, 461 e Baltimore 
Francis Thomas H. clerk, 34 Aisquith 
Francis Thos. W. baker, s e cor Jefferson and 

Franck Benjamin, 208 n Eutaw 
Franck Christian, pianoraaker, 437 Lexington 
Franck Charles E. clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Franck George, 283 w Fayette 
Franck George C. tailor, over ne cor Lombard 

and Centre Market sp 
Franck George C. 97 w Biddle 
Franck George, cigarmaker, 53 Preston 
Franck John, barber, 88 Eastern av 
Franck John A. rag dealer, 24 Biddle al 

THE GROVER Si BAKER SEWlXCi MACIII!VE is tUc best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOIIS— ISl Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 









Franck Joseph, shoemaker, 332 e Lombard 
Franck M. V. B. 97 \v Biddle 
Frank A. (A. Frank & Sons,) 94 e Baltimore 
Frank A. & Sons, (A. Frank, S. Frank, H. 

Frank, ) gent's furnishing goods, 257 w Bal- 
Frank Alexander, (S. Frank & Sons,) 96 e 

Frank Mrs. Annie M. 33 Brown 
Frank Ashur. 87 e Pratt 
Frank Mrs. Barbara, laundress, rear 85 e 

Frank Charles, lager beer, 86 Harrison 
Frank Charles J. shoemaker, 61 Warren 
Frank Mrs. Christina, lager beer, 74 s Wolfe 
Frank Christian, shoemaker, 96 Leadcnhall 
Frank Christian, pianomaker, 437 Lexington 
Frank Daniel, (S. Frank & Sons,) 96 e Balti- 

Frank David, grocery, 219 s Bond 
Frank David, dry goods, 195 n Gay 
Frank Ernest, lager beer, 835 w Baltimore 
Frank Mrs. Ernestine, 18 Orleans 
Frank F'rederiek W. shoemaker, 266 Canton av 
Frank Frederick, tinner, 194 s Sharp 
Frank Frederick J. real estate agent, over 10 u 

Greene, d\v 164 Pierce 
Frank George M. junk dealer, 51 Thames, dvv 

133 s Caroline 
Frank George, potter, 265 Canton av 
JFrank George, cigarmaker, 55 Union 
Frank George, tailor, 74 s Bethel 
Frank George, shoemaker, 165 Vine 
Frank Gotleih, cigarmaker, 167 Hamburg 
Frank H. & Co. (11 Frank, C.Adler, S.Frank,) 

boots and shoes, 7 and 9 n Howard 
Frank Henry J. shoemaker, ]6i) Raborg 
Frank H. (A. Frank & Sons,) 94 e Baltimore 
Frank Henry, (H. Frank & Co.) 193 n Gay 
Frank Henry, peddler, 159 n Eden 
Frank Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Frank Henry C. boxmaker, 3!) s Regester 
Frank Henry, drayman, 20 Harmony la 
Frank Henry, gardener, Eastern av extended 
Frank Henry, grocer, 162 Pearl 
Frank Henry L. (L.Frank & Sons,) 124 e 

Frank Isaac, clothier, 2 19 J s Broadway 
Frank Jacob, second hand dealer, 59 s Bond 
Frank John, laborer, 27 Shakspeare 
Frank JohnS. salesman, 273 e Pratt 
Frank John, shoemaker, 94 s High 
Frank John, grocer, 6 n Front 
Frank John, tailor, 253 s Central av 
Frank John P. cooper, 47 n Dallas 
Frank John, carter, 74 s Wolfe 
Frank John, cigarmaker, 209 Montgomery 
Frank John G. pianomaker, 28 Hamburg 
Frank John G. baker, 103 William 
Frank John, variety store, 352 Light 
Frank Capt. John T. 79 s Ann 
Frank Joseph, laborer, 269 Hughes 
Frank Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Harrison 

Frank, Solomon Katzenberger, ) wholesale 

and retail clothiers, 220 w Pratt 
Frank Kaufman, (Frank & Katzenberger,) 243 

s Broadway 
Frank Leon, '(L. Frank & Sons,) 124 e Balti- 
Frank Lewis, grocery, 67 n Eden 
Frank Louis, painter, 188 William 

FRANK L. & SONS, (L. Frank, H. L. Frank, 
M. L. Frank,) dealers in ready-made cloth- 
ing, 287 w Baltimore 
Frank Lizzie, seamstress, Western hotel 
Frank M. L. (L. F. & Sons,) 124 e Baltimore 
Frank Mrs. Margaret M. dressmaker, 69 w 

Frank Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 51 e Lomb- 

Frank Mrs. Margaret, 22 Barnes 
Frank Mary, variety store, 167 Hamburg 
Frank Matthias, laborer, 100 Patuxent 
Frank Michael, porter, 138 Barre 
Frank M. veterinary surgeon. Millers hotel 
Frank Capt. Milton B. 67 s Ann 
Frank Moses, (M. & S. Frank,) 193 n Gay 
Frank Moses, salesman, 193 n Gay 
Frank Moses, expressman, 121 Orleans 
Frank M. & S. wholesale and retail boots and 

shoes, 157 Lexington 
Frank Nathan, brass and iron, 105 Orleans 
Frank Nisan, (R. Walter k Co.) 165 Saratoga 
Frank N. tailor, 110 w Pratt, dw 123 e Lom- 

Frank Peter, wagoner, 20S Penna av 
Frank Philip, laljorer, 212 Vine 
Frank Samuel, butcher, 42 Fell's Point mar- 
ket, dw 28 s Broadway 
Frank Samuel, (A. F. &Sons, ) 94 e Baltimore 
Frank Dr. Samuel L. 124 e Baltimore 
Frank Simon, (S. F. & Sous,) 96 e Baltimore 
Frank Simon, peddler, 63 n Frederick 
Frank Simon & Sons, (S. Frank, Alex. Frank, 
Daniel Frank, ) wholesale dealers in cloths, 
cassimeres,&c. s e cor German and Hanover 
Frank Solomon, (.M.& S Frank,) 118 Mulberry- 
Frank Wm. baker, 80 s Chapel 
Frank Wilhelm, grocer, 106 Gongh 
Frank Wm. F. brakesman, N.C. R.Calvert sta- 
Franke Charles, jeweler, 144 n Caroline 
Franke Christopher, tailor, 212 n Eden 
Franke Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 128 n 

Central av 
Franke Frederick, tailor, n w cor Hampstcad 

and Wolfe 
Franke Frederick Wm. groceries and liquors, 

186 e Lombard 
Franke George, clerk, 66 n Greene 
Franke Gerald, clerk, 35 Camden 
Franke John C. cab. maker, 128 n Central ay 
Franke Otmar, 66 n Greene 
FRANKEL BROS. (Philip F., Leopold Fran- 
kel,) importers kid gloves, corsets,&c.254w 
Frankel k Co. (L. Frankel, P. Frankel, John 
Gleichraan, ) mer. tailors, n e cor Centre Mar- 
ket space and Pratt 
Frankel L. (Frankel & Co.) 70 e Lombard 
Frankel L. (Frankel Bros.) 70 e Lombard 
Frankel Philiji (Frankel Bros.) 68 e Lombard 
Frankel Philip (Frankel & Co.) 68 e Lombard 
Frankenburg Geo. t)utcher, 8 s Chapel 
Frankenburg John, butcher, 8 s Chapel 
Frankinstein Samuel, cattle dealer, 933 w Pratt 
Frankinstein Simon, stock dealer, 933 w Pratt 
Franklin Benjamin, carpenter, 460 w Lombard 
Franklin B. bookkeeper, 120 e Fayette 
Franklin B. (F. & Sharkey,) 114 German 
Franklin Building, e side North, betw Balti- 
more and Fayette 

THE CROVKR & BAKER SE\VI\G MAt HI.VE iv tlte best for all purposes— SALES 
ROOMS— 181 nnltimore Street. 

Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Franklin Mrs. E. J. 48 Conway 
Franklin Geo. paper box maker, 21 Harrison 
Franklin Geo. blacksmitli, 351 Wasiiington av 
Franklin Hall, s e cor Paca and Franklin, M. 

Jordan, proprietor 
Franklin Henrv J. 14 n Scliroeder 
Franklin Henry J., Druid Hill av, near city 

Franklin Henry T. machinist, 4G0 \v Lombard 
FRANKLIN HOUSE, n v.' cor Franklin and 

Franklin Inn,(R.D.Stansbnry,propr.)50 Hillen 
Franklin J. D. cigar maker, 91 e Fayette 
Franklin John, bricklayer, 132 s Bond 
Franklin John, (Franklin & Sharkey,) 114 

Franklin J. W. clerk, 114German 
Franklin Joshua, cigar maker, 105 e Fayette 
Franklin Joseph, cigar maker, 47 Penn 
Franklin Margaret, milliner, 73 Lexington 
Franklin Rebecca, 400 av Lombard 
Franklin Sam. D. bricklayer, 273 e Lombard 
Franklin & Sbarkey, (Benj. Franklin, James 

Sharkey, ) house carpenters, 1 u Sharp 
Franklin St. Presbyterian church, n w cor 

Franklin and Cathedi-al 
Franklin Square, Baptist churcl), Calhoun, 

near Lexington 
Franklin Wm. gilder, 114 German 
Franklin Wm. J. bricklayer, 460 w Lombard 
Franklin AVm. printer, 59 Chew 
Franks Wm. 22 Jackson 
Franske Paul, cabinet maker, 136 Henrietta 
Frantz Herman, cabinetmaker, 22 Lemmon 
Frantz John, laborer, 83 Johnson 
Frantz John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Frantz John, tailor, 188 e Jlonument 
Frantz Koon, tailor, 211 n Bond 
Frantz .Michael, cooper, 197 Gough 
Frantz Peter, tailor, 269 e Eager 
Franz Adam, lager beer, 54 3 Howard 
Franz Andrew, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Franz Mrs. Barbara, trimmings, 248 Canton av 
Franz Chas. clothing cutter, 35 Hampstead 
Franz Chas. jr. shoemaker, 322 Aisquith 
Franz Chas. slioemaker, 322 Aisquith 
Franz Conrad, shoemaker, 273 n Central av 
Franz Ferdinand, baker, 35 s Regester 
Franz Geo. clerk, 197 Gough 
Franz John, laborer, 83 Johnson 
FranzLeopold, laborer, 2 Hughes 
Franz Louis, painter, 188 William 
Franz Mrs. Mary, tavern, 36 Fell 
Franz Michael, weaver, 280 Canton av 
Franzke Paul, pianomaker, 136 Henrietta 
Franzmiller Chas. actor, 54 German 
Franz Valentine, tailor, over 224 s Broadway 
Franz Valentine, tailor, 248 Canton av 
Franernholz John, laborer, 87 Somerset 
Fraser Walter, watchman, 58 Fawn 
Frater Richard, jr. clerk, Adams' E.xpress, 22 

e Fayette 
Fratiss Anthony, laborer, 2 Pleasant al 
Fraunholtz John, lager beer, 274 n Central av 
Fiatz Adolphus, clerk, 576 w Baltimore 
FiauenhofF Gustav, cigarmaker, 76 Grindall 
Fiauenknecht Jacob, laborer, 200 s Wolfe 
Fiawley John, laborer, 119 Chesapeake 
Fiay Wm. machinist, 214 s Castle 
Frazer Wm. R. clerk, 72 Columbia 
Fiazier Mrs. Adeline, confec'y, 301 Franklin 
Frazier A. (Featherstone & Frazier) N. York 

Frazier Chas. shoemaker, 150 s Eden 
Frazier Chas. E. machinist, 240 Eastern av 
Frazier Chas. H. 70 Bank 
Frazier Chas. W. car driver, 277 e Lombard 
Frazier Chas. E. (E. U. Frazier & Son) 232 e 

Frazier David, engineer, U. S. N. 211 Barre 
Frazier David W. jr. engineer, 211 Barre 
Frazier Edward H. (E. H. Frazier & Son) 332 

e Pratt 
zier. C. E. Frazier) iron and brass works. 

132 Thames 
Frazier Edward E. lettercarricr, 25 s Caroline 
Fraziei- Elihu, police, 706 w Baltimore 
FRAZIER &• FORRE.STER, (R. H. Frazier, 

B. F. Forrester) carpenters and builders, 27 

and 29 Ogston 
Frazier Frederick, stevedore, 42 Philpot 
Frazier James F. sexton of Westminster Pres. 

Church, dw over s w cor Balto. and Greene 
Frazier James, brickmoulder, Clinton near 

Frazier John J. clerk, B.& O.R.64S w Fayette 
Frazier Capt. John L. mariner, 89 n Eden 
FRAZIER JOHN M. attorney, office St. Paul 

n of Lexington, dw 16 s Strieker 
Frazier Joseph B. sr. turner, n w cor Bond 

and Aliccanna, dw 108 n Bond 
Frazier Joseph B. jr. turner, 108 n Bond 
Frazier Joseph B. jr. carpenter, 208 s Bond 
Frazier Julia Ann, tailoress. 27 Brune 
Frazier Mrs. Julia Anna P. 706 w Baltimore 
Frazier Mrs. Minerva A, 63 York 
Frazier Mrs. Priscilla, tailoress, 27 Brune 
Frazier Rebecca, seminary, 114 Hanover 
Frazier Richard, ironroller, 97 Cambridge 
Frazier Richard H.(F.&Forrester)222 w Biddle 
Frazier Wm. moulder, 10 Calhoun s of Pratt 
Frazier Wm. H. police, 144 n Bond 
Frazier Wm. M. coachsraith, 40 Milliman 
Freadman Henry, cigarmaker, 256 Hanover 
Freadmau Moses, 145 s Bond 
Freadman Samuel, cigarmaker, 145 s Bond 
Freaner John E. salesman, 130 w Fayette 
Freburger Andrew, tanner, 27 Neighbor 
Freburger Edward, bricklayer, 61 McHenry 
Freburger Geo. restaurant, 77 Hanover 
Freburger Jacob H. fish huckster, 203 Conway 
Freburger Wm. J. tinner, 112 L. Greene 
Frebert Adam, laborer, 28 
Freeh Frederick, shoemaker, 506 w Pratt 
Freckman John, blacksmith, 68 Greenmountav 
Freckman Joseph, tavern, 1 Dover 
Frede Anton, shoemaker, 58 Mulberry 
Frede Mrs. Rosina, laundress, 512 Penna. av 
Frederick A. clerk, 161 w Pratt 
Frederick Alexander, shoemaker, 177 Orleans 
Frederick Annie, teacher, 69 Walsh 
Frederick August, laborer, 243 s Ann 
Frederick Chas. tinner, 2d Preston 
Frederick Christian, carpenter, 4 W>st Falls av 
Frederick Christopher, tailor, n side Orleans 1 

door w of Broadway 
Frederick Christopher, tailor, 17 s Regester 
Frederick Christopher, butcher, 26 Preston 
Frederick David, tinner, 118 Hoffman 
Frederick Mrs. Elizabeth^ 26 Preston 
Frederick Frederick, tailor, 72 Thames 
Frederick George A. architect, 41 n Charles, 

dw 96 w Centre 
Frederick Henrj', shoemaker, 29 Jefferson 

J. HENRY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

O. F. BKESEE, Qeiieral Agent, 21 South-st. 




Frederick Henry, (T. Mottu & Co.) 69 Walsh 
Frederick Henry C. carpenter, 126 Burgundy al 
Frederick Henry P. moulder, 109 s Ann 
Frederick Henry, 109 s Ann 
Frederick John, blacksmith, 509 Canton av 
Frederick John, blacksmith, a w cor Eastern 

av and Choptank 
Frederick John, laborer, 233 L. Hughes 
Frederick John G. butcher, 95 Centre and 51 

Belair markets, dw Harford av 
Frederick John M. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick Lainhart,woodenware,230 Aliceanna 
Frederick Lebrecht, shoemaker, 11 Hill 
Frederick Louis, cigarmaker, IT Conway 
Frederick Lloyd, carpenter, 195 n Fremont 
Frederick Mrs. Margaret, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick ilichael, laborer, Clinton nr Laznret 
Frederick Michael, cabinetmaker, 206 s Ann 
Frederick Peter, cabinetmaker, 14 Harford av 
Frederick Peter,stovcs A; tinware,275 Aliceanna 
Frederick Thomas, machinist, 96 s Carey 
Frederick Wm. C. cooper, 33 Mosher 
Fredericks David H. tinner, 118 w Hoffman 
Fredericks Wm. wheelw'ht, 7 Centre Market sp 
Fredericks Wm. machinist, 26 Preston 
Free Henry, laliorer, 93 Granby 
Free John, cooper, 162 Conway 
Free Milton A. plumber, 97 Albemarle 
Freeburger Alex, caulker, 249 Light 
Freeburger Andrew, huckster, 143 L. Greene 
Freeburger Andrew J. machinist, 294 s Sharp 
Frceliurger Columlius, 9 McHcnry 
Freeburger Edward, bricklayer. West e of Light 
Freeljurger James H. bricklayer, 452 Saratoga 
Freeburger James .M. bricklayer, 9 McHenry 
Freeburger J.acob H. fish dealer^ 13 Concord, 

dw 203 Conwaj- 
Freeburger John, tinner, 596 w Pratt 
Freeburger .Mary E. teacher, 59G w Baltimore 
Freeburger Peter, bricklayer, 96 s Carey 
Freeburger Wm. R carpenter, 113 Peach al 
FREEDMAN'S BUREAU, 12 n Calvert, Col. 

Wm. H. Weigel, ass't com'r. 
Freedman's Savings and Trust Co., Nathaniel 

Noyes, cash'r, 7 s Gay 
Freeland Daniel, shoemaker, 132 Preston, dw 

56 n Poppletou 
FREELAND, HALL & CO. (T. H. Freeland, 

J. Hall, J. Cox, ) grocers and com. merchts. 

45 South 
Freeland Henry, driver C.P.R. 245 s Ann 
Freeland JohnT. clerk, 12 n Front 
Freeland Robt. (Thos. I. Hall & Co.) 146 St. 

Freeland Thos. H. (F., Hall &; Co.) 46 Bolton 
Frecm Andrew J. laborer, 347 s Charles 
Freeman Anna, fancy store, 109 s Baoadway 
Freeman Caroline, seamstress. Ills Bond 
Freeman Charles P. sailmaker, 32 Bank 
Freeman .Mrs. C. A. 171s Wolfe 
Freeman Charles, (F. & Pitt.) 280 Eastern av 
Freeman Edwd. D. bookkeeper, 628 w Fayette 
Freeman Hirch, 168 s Dallas 
Freeman H. P. teacher, 32 Bank 
Freeman James, furniture dealer, 507 w Balto. 
Freeman James, laborer, 7 Watson ct 
Freeman James, laborer, 175 Ramsay 
Freeman John. furni' re dealer, 507 wBaltimore 
Freeman Levin, carpenter, 248 e Monumont 
Freeman L. Edgar, clerk, 10 South 
FREEMAN & PITT, (C. Freeman, R. G. Pitt) 

grocers and tobacconists, 280 Eastern av 

Freeman Sam. B. tobacconist, 188 Madison a,r 
Freeman Wm. A. sailmaker. Ills Bond 
Freeman Wm. P. block and pumpmaker, cor 

Caroline and Thames, dw 109 s Broadway 
Freese Henry, mariner, 8 Barnes 
Freese Julia, 8 Barnes 
Freese Francis P. barkeeper, 63 Seuth 
Freidenburg Geo. wheelwright, 5o8 Penna. av 
Freidenburg Jacob, blacksmith, 510 Penna. av 
Freidenburg John, laborer, 510 Penna. av 
Freidenburg Mrs. Mary, 510 Penna. av 
Freidel Geo. stevedore, 82 s Wolfe 
Freidenheim Moses, 69 n Eden 
Fredenreich Abraham, (Springer & Freiden- 

reich) 247 w Fayette 
r'i:eidenreich Faust, clothier, over 6 n Howard, 

dw 1 39 Saratoga 
Freidenreich Faust, clerk, 139 Saratoga 
Freidensrichtcr B. brushmaker, 157 s Charles 
Freilich Jacob, butcher, 20 Preston 
Freimiller Adolph, laborer, 39 Lancaster 
Freischline Andre, laborer, 18 Tyson al 
Freise Dr. Bernard, 106 e Pratt 
Freman John C. pianomaker, 76 e Lombard 
French Andrew, carpenter, 594 w Pratt 
French Andrew J. Iu8 n Eden 
French Clias. tailor, 63 n Exeter 
French Mrs. Catherine, 1G3 e Madison 
French Chas. D. carpenter, 56 Columbia 
French Dominic, bailiff U. S. District Court, 

70 Chew 
French Edward, brakesman, 18 Neighbor 
French Edward, laborer. 19 Ramsay 
French Capt. E. W. messenger Adams' ex- 
press, dw 159 w Lombard 
French Geo. W. plasterei-, 517 n Gay 
French Jasper, laborer, 13 s Regester 
French John, laborer, 109 Greenmount av 
French John, laborer, 105 Harford av 
French John, (Townshend, French & Co.) 

Prince George's county 
French John 11. butcher, 20 Hanover, 9 Belair 

Markets, dw Belair av extended 
French Joseph, laborer, 13 s Regester 
P'rench Joseph J. brass finisher, 248 e Madisoa 
French Michael, laborer, 280 Canton av 
French Orville, steelpolisher, 455 w Lombard 
French Wm. plasterer, 322 e Chase 
French Wm. L. machinist, 248 e Madison 
French Wm. T. clerk, 10 s Broadway 
Frenie Geo. brewer, 146 Penna. av 
Frenie Peter, driver, 208 Penna. av 
Frerkiug Henry, 45 Perry 
Frerking Vy'm. 45 Perry 
Frersch Chas. painter, 106 Low 
Frese John, upholsterer, 56 s Wolfe 
Frese John F. tobacconist, 287 n Gay 
Frese John H. tobacconist, 109 e Pratt 
Fresch Lewis J. fireman, No. 1 Engine 
Freschman Bernard, laborer, 34 Peach al 
Frescholt John, woodsawyer, 28 Knox al 
Fresh Lewis J. clerk, 115 Pearl 
Freshline Antzas, clerk, 18 Tj-son al 
Freshman .Joseph, grocer, 129 Hill 
Frcshour Wm. IL salesman, Hand house 
Freshour Wm. H. clerk, 90s Sharp 
Freudigmau Bernard, carpenter, 189 s Caroline 
Freudwald Geo. carter, Clinton, opp. Chesa- 
peake furnace. Canton 
Freund John G. laborer, 10 Gist 
Frew Mrs. Ellen, 27 e Madisoa 
Frew John, hostler, 158 s Dover 

Agents for Kosendale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore G-lass Works, BAKER BROS &: CO. 




Frey Anna, 23 n Pine 

Frey C. S. & E. B. plaster mill, IC Harford av 
Frey Chas. baker, 303 n Eutaw 
Frey Chas. teacher, 20 n Liberty 
Frey Chas. hackdriver, 260 e Lombard 
Frey Chas. G. baker, 1 1 Cowpen al 
FrevC..S.(C.S. &E.B.Frey)ll Grecnmountav 
Frey E.B.(C. S. & E.B. Frey,) 11 Greenm'tav 
FREY E. & S. (Samuel W. Frey, James IL 
Frey, )wholesale druggists, 314 w Baltimore 
Frey Frederick, laborer, 5 Russell 
Frey George, hair dresser, 79 Mulberry 
Frey Gotleib, 263 s Sharp 
Frey J. & J. (John J. Frey, J. L. Frey,) manufs. 
of husk mattresses, 41 McKim and41 n Gay 
Frey Jacob, dealer in stoves, sheet iron, tinware, 

&c., u e cor Hamburg and Sharp 
Frey James H. (E. & S. Frey,) 75 n Paca 
Frey Jas. L. (J. & J. Frey,) 132 e Madison 
Frey Jacob, engineer, 623 w Pratt 
Frey Jacob, bo.xmaker, 15 Cowpen al 
Frey Jno. J. (J. & J. Frey,) 182 e Monument 
Frey John, carpenter, 331 s Bond 
Frey John B. 11 Greenmount av 
Frey John W. bookkeeper, 152 Cathedral 
Frey John, porter, 45 Barnes 
Frey Joseph, laborer, 13 Henry 
Frey Kerot, 110 Dugan's wharf. 
Frey Leop. canmaker,ne cor Sharp & Hamburg 
Frey Lewis, butcher, 6 Richmond market, dvv 

754 Penna av 
Frey ]\lrs. Mary, millinery, 152 Cathedral 
Frev Peter, cabinetmaker, 91 Eastern av 
Frey Sam'l W. (E. & S. Frey,) 554 Lexington 
Frey Solomon K. laborer, 11 Greenmount av 
Freybe Ferd. butcher, G8 Hanover and 100 Lex- 
ington markets, dw Penna av near tollgate 
Freyday Henry, laborer. Light extended 
Freyer Conrad, furn. wagoner, 199 Vine 
Freyer Conrad, huckster, 199 Vine 
Freyer John, mariner, 199 Vine 
Freyman Conrad, pianomaker, 67 e Lombard 
Freyman Simon, clothier, 346 w Pratt 
Frick Adam, tailor, 30 u Bond 
Frick Abraham, printer, 50 e Eager 
Frick, Ball k Co., (F. Frick, Robt. G. Hoff- 
man, P. A. Ball,) tobacco gen'l com. mer- 
chants, 54 s Gay 
Frick Mrs. Charles, 172 Cathedral 
FRICK E. A. & Co. (E. A. Frick,) flour and 

produce com. merchants, 165 North 
Frick E. A. (E. A. Frick & Co.) 143 Park 
Frick Frederick, 16 Edward 
Frick Frederick, baker, 167 e Fayette 
Frick Frank, (F., Ball&Co.) lll'w Monument 
Frick Geo. P. dry goods, 5 German, ^w n e 

cor Grundy and Mosher 
Frick Jas. S. n e cor Grundy and Mosher 
FRICK WM. F. attorney, over 43 Lexington, 

dw 61 Franklin 
Frickcr John, carver and gilder, 74 Harford av 
FRICKEY CHARLES W. grocer and provi- 
sions, 383 e Fayette 
Friday Mrs. Emma, shoe store, 240 s Sharp 
Friday Wm. tailor, 21 Shakspear 
Friebert Adam, laborer, 28 Shakspear 
FRIEBERTSHAUSER ADAM, lager beer, 153 

e Fayette 
Friek Emanuel, shoemaker, 56 Centre Mar't sp. 
Fried Henry, clothier, 88 and 90 Harrison 
Fried Lewis, shoemaker, 56 Centre Market 
sp. and 171 n Gay, dw 56 Centre Mar't sp 

Friedberger Jos. (W. F., & Son.) 22 s Paca 
Friedberger Wolf, (W. F., & Son, 22 s Paca 
FRIEDBERGER W. & SON, (W. Friedberger, 
J. Friedberger, ) liverj^, bireing and sale sta- 
bles, 47 s Paca 
Friedburger Louis, clothier, 710 w Baltimore 
Friedel Edward, cigarmaker, 65 Arch 
Friedel Geo. tobac'nst, andconf'y, 187 s Sharp 
Friedel John C. shoemaker, 73 n Gay 
Friedel Peter, tobacconist, 84 Pearl 
Friedeman Abrni. shoemaker, 60 Centre Mar'tsp 
Friedenwald Dr. Aaron, 126 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald Jonas, 111 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald Jos. (Wiesenfield & Co.) 183 e 

Friederich Fred'k, shoemaker, 347 e Lombard 
Friederich Henry, bakery, 8 s Ann 
Friederich John G. watchmaker and jeweler, 

181 e Baltimore 
Friederich Michael A. locksmith, 65 Park 
Friedhotfer Dr. John G. 79 n Central av 
Friedlaender Leon, salesman, 09 n Howard 
Friedlein Robt. upholsterer, 1 Saratoga 
Friedman Henry, cigarmaker, 256 Hanover 
Friedman Jacob, boot and shoe store, 3 Second 
Friedman Moses, 145 s Bond 
Friedman Sam'l, clothier, 6 Centre M'kt space 
Friedmann Meuka, clothier, 241 w Pratt, dw 

79 Camden 
Friedrichs Christian, confectionery, 80 Orleans 
Friedrichs Henry, baker, 80 Orleans 
Frieholz Fred'k, mariner, 193 s Ann 
FRIEND ALFRED •& Co. (A. Friend, 0. P. 
Price, R. A. Friend,) oyster and fruit pack- 
ers, 91 and 91 McElderrv's whf 
Friend Alfred, (A. Friend"& Co.) 42 Mulberry 
Friend Conrad, cop'r smelter, 194 s Washington 
Friend John, painter, 53 s High 
Friend Richard A. (Alfred Friend & Co.) 42 

Friends Meeting House, (orthodox) n e cor 

Monument and Eutaw 
Friends Jleeting House, Lombard betw How- 
ard and Eutaw 
Friensheim Charles, jeweler, 153 w Madison 
Frier Peter, tailor, 83 n Schroeder 
FRIES FRANCIS L. tailor, 1 St. Paul, dvv 

22 n Paca 
Friese Augustus, surgical instrument maker, 

34 Marion 
Friese Charles, currier, 213 Canton av, dw211 
Friese Frederick, currier, 142 s Spring 
Friese Geo. D. surgical instrument maker, 20 

s Eutaw 
Friese Jacob, cooper, 22 May 
Friese John, cutler}', surgical and dental in- 
strument m'kr, 142 w Fayette, dw 34 Mariou 
Friese John A. laborer, 5 Winderling row 
Friese J. A. tavern, 94 Thames 
Friese Marv Ann, vestmaker, 230 Saratoga 
FRIESE PHILIP C. attorney, over 75 w Fay- 
ette, dw 225 Franklin 
Friesh John, sugar boiler. Gist betw Canton 

av and Essex 
Frietsch Alvis, shoemaker, 344 Canton av 
Frietsch Ambrose, provisions, 344 Canton av 
Frietsch Bernhard, provisions, 329 Eastern av 
Friesner John, laborer, 432 Canton av 
Frietch Joseph, barber, 28 s Bond 
Friher Henry, tailor, 203 Aliceanna 
Fringer Geo. E. carpenter, 574 Penna av 
Fringer Nicholas, butcher, 574 Penna av 

THE GKOVKK & BAKKU SE-^VING MACHIXE is the best for all puiTOses— SALES 
R003IS— 181 Daltimore Street.. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Frisbie C.itherine, 122 Gough 

Frisbie Edgar G. grocer, 301 Licrbt 

Frisbie Fred'k B. clerk, Gilmor house 

Frisby Andrew, wagoner, 343 e Monument 

Frisby Mrs. M. Jf. boarding, 98 Saratoga 

Frisby Robert, blacksmith, 1 Ogston 

Frisby Wm. D. laborer, 1 Ogston 

Frisch Henry, cabinetmaker, 131 s Chapel 

Frisch John W. grocery, 44 Greenniount av 

Frischman Geo. carpenter. 88 s Castle 

Friske Clias. H. porter, 160 Dover 

Friske Chas. huckster, Relairave of Broadway 

Frist James, coachtrimraer, 8 s Pine 

Frist John, coachmakcr, Marion near Eutaw, 

dw 8 s Pine 
Frisus Adolph, clerk, IO.t Hanover 
Fritch Charles, i)rovisions, 193 Gough 
Fritchner Chas. H. tailor, 61 Henrietta 
Fritz Andrew, laborer, 149 Johnson 
Fritz Frederick, boilermaker, 30 Thames 
Fritz Henry, lager beer saloon, Belair av near 

Baltimore cemetery 
Fritz Rev. Jas. G. IMosher 
Fritz Jacob, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Fritz John, tinner, 39 Harrison 
Fritz John, shoemaker, 87 s Regester 
Fritz John, morocco dresser, 58 Hillen 
Fritz John, glass blower, Stockholm, betw 

Eutaw and Russell 
Fritz John, laborer, 32 Thames 
Fritz John, vice pres't Abbott Iron Co. Penn- 
Fritz John, milkman, cor Chew and Chester 
Fritz Lorens, cabinetmaker, 25 Perry 
Fritz Philip C. laborer, 120 Boyd 
Fritz Valentine, cooper, 165 Columbia 
Fritzinger George, cabinetmaker. HOeFayette 
Fritziges Frederick, laborer, 63 s Regester 
Fritzner George, porter, 289 Forrest 
Frizzell Jlrs. Agnes, 118 w Hoffman 
Frizzell .Mrs. Catharine, 349 e Lombard 
Frizzell Elizabeth A. dressmaker, 551 w Bal- 
Frizzell .James W. 296 Columbia 
Frizzell James W. agent sewing machines, 548 

Penna av 
Frizzell Nimrod, laborer, 548 Penna av 
Frizzell Nimrod 295 Columbia 
Frizzell Rebecca, boarding, 554 w Baltimore 
Frizzell Richard T. tobacconist, 180 George 
Frizzell Robert stonecutter, 1 16 w Hoffman 
Frobel David, laborer, 534 w Baltimore 
Frobisch G. weaver, 155 Stirling 
Frochlich Frederick, tailor, 69 e Fayette 
Froehlich Geo. cab. maker, 339 Canton av 
Froehlich John, cabinetmaker, 68 Lancaster 
Froehlich John C. bookkeeper, 144 Bank 
Frohlich & Figdor, (M. Frohlich, J. Figdor,) 

gents, furnishing goods, 216 s Broadway 
Frohlich M.(Frohlich&Figdor) 21 6s Broadway 
FROHLINGER NICHOLAS, china, glass and 

queensware, 161 s Broadway 
Frohnhauser August, confect'nry, 23 Penna av 
Frohwitter Chas. pianomaker, 210 Hanover 
Frome Christian, shoemaker, 48 Raborg 
FrommeFred. W. lithogra])her, 80 e Lombard 
Front Street Theatre, cor Front and Low 
Frost Benj. H. jeweler,219 w Baltimore,dw 92 
Frost Byron, police. 3 w Chase 
Frost &"Co. (B. H. Frost, S.H. Frost, )jewelers, 

over s e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Frost Henry, Union Hat Co., n w cor Gay 
and High 

Frost John W. painter, 42^ n Poppleton 

Frost Thomas, mariner, 117 Thames 

Frost Thomas S. peddler, 3 w Chase 

Frost William, 112 w Fayette 

Frostburg Charles, carpenter, 5 Lancaster 

Frou Sebastian, tinner, 53 Penna av 

Frush Dr. C. V. (Geo. J. Reese & Co.) 46 s 

Frush Ferdinand, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Geo. W. D. stonecutter,Brown al nr Low 
Frush Henry, pianomaker, 306 s Sharp 
Frush Henry, fireman, B.C.F. Dept. 181 Preston 
Frush Jacol), laborer, 94 n Ann 
Frush Jacob, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Julia A. confe'ry, Brown al near Low 
Frush Luther M. flour and feed, 576 Penna av 

dw 292 .Madison av 
Frush Mary L. 29 n Fremont 
FRUSH &"SNYDER, (Wm. W. Frush, Henry 

Snyder,jr. )flour and feed dealers,95 Franklin 
Frush Wm. W. (Frush & Snyder) 348 n Eutaw 
Frush William, 292 Madison av 

FRUSH WM. W. & CO., (Wm. W. 
Frush, Henry Snyder, jr.,) 99 
South street. Frush & Snyder, 
95 Franklin street, raanufaeturers 
of Hominy and Corn Meal, and 
dealers in Grain, Flour, Mill Feed, 
Buckwheat, &c. Hominy and 
Corn Meal Mills, 107 Franklin 

Fry John C. bookseller, 43 n Charles 

Fry John E. mariner, 273 e Pratt 

Fry Capt. John H. mariner, 273 e Pratt 

Fry John, shoemaker, 42 Liberty al 

FRY WILLIAM, undertaker, s e cor Broad- 

Avay and Mullikin 
Fry Wm. S. undertaker, s e cor Broadway and 

Frye Anton, grocery, 193 s Charles 
Fryer Arrdrew, shoemaker, 140 Mullikin 
Fryer James, looking glass and picture frame 

nianuf. 206 w Baltimore, dw 171 Garden 
Fryer John V. sailmaker, 147 e Lombard 
Fryer Patrick R. turnkey. Eastern station, 147 

e Lombard 
Fryer Peter, tailor,, 83 n Schroeder 
Fryer Thomas A. machinist, 147 e Lombard 
Fryer Thomas, machinist, 146 Mullikin 
Fryer Thomas, grocer, n w cor Fayette and 

Fr_ysinger Rev. Wm. M., Decker nr North av 
Fuchler Jacob, tailor, 73 s Durham 
Fuchraan John, wood turner, 310 Mulberry 
Fuchman John, laborer, 1 Choptank 
Fuchs Mrs. Barbara, tailorcss, 259 e Eager 
Fuchs Frederick, peddler, 213 Hanover 
Fuchs G. (G. Fuchs k Co.) 35 n Calhoun 
FUCHS G. & CO. (G. F., C. Starkloff,) imps. 

liquors and wines, 49 s Charles 
Fuchs Gotleib. laborer, 250 e Eager 
Fuchs Hcnrj', huckster, 6 Russell 
Fuchs John, tailor, 226 c Lombard 
Fuchs Louis, tailor, 301 n Central av 
Fuchs Moses, drover, se cor Wolf and Eastern av 
Fuchs Nicholas, laborer, 33 Thames 
Fuchsiierger John A. junk, 45 Stiles 
Fugate Wm. barkeeper, 50 Hillen 
Fugitt Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 108 Jeflferson 

THE GROVEIl & BAKKR SEWIKO ,MA( II1.\E is «lii- lit-st for all purposes— S A LKS 
ROOMS— 181 UalUmore SU-ect. 

DK. WINCHELL'S Steam Dental Place, 




Fuprraan John, turner, 310 Mulberry 

Fulir Adam, laborer, 211 Frederick av 

Fuiir Michael, confectioner, 127 w Lombard 

Fuhr Peter, laborer, 177 s Eden 

Fnhrhap John, shoemaker, lUO s Caroline 

Fuld Abraham, sec. h'd clothing, 115 Orleans 

Fuld Abraham, rag dealer, 8 Orleans 

Fuld Ephraim, clerk, 15 Jackson 

Fuld Isaac, tobacconist, 154 n Gay 

Fuld Jacob, clerk, cor Orleans and Central av 

Fuld John, shoemaker, 104 «,v Pratt, dw 62 

Centre Market sjjace 
Fuld Lazarus, junk shop, 44 Jefferson 
Fuld Philip, sec. hand clothing, 78 Harrison 
Fuld Solomon, photographer, 1G3 u Gay 
Fulda Bernard S. 72 n Eden 
Pulda Franklin, shoemaker, 87 Henrietta 
Fuldbower Charles, porter, 202 s Wolfe 
Fulford J. R. ])ookkeepcr, 84 Centre M'kt space 
Fulhn Andrew, tailor, 57 Centre Market siiace 
Fulkerson L. D. salesman, 124 Hanover 
Fulks Dr. Jas. S. 107 Penna av 
Full John H. rigger, 163 s Ann 
Fullener Gabriel, watchman, 78 s Chapel 
Fullener George, carpenter, 78 s Chapel 
Fullener "\Vm. laborer, 78 s Chapel 
Fullcncamp John H. grocery, 571 w Lombard 
FuUker Marcellus, milk, 36 Barnes 
Fuller A. B., Barnum's hotel 
Fuller Benj. G. (Deal & F.) 94 n Howard 
Fuller Charles W. mariner, G5 s AVashington 
Fuller Edward, bricklayer, Farmers' hotel 
Fuller Geo. W. plumber, 271 e Lombard 
Fuller George, porter, Jlaltby house 
Fuller Geo. F. upholsterer, 5 n Charles 
Fuller Geo. F. paper hanger, 21 s Fremont 
Fuller Geo. F. paper hanger, 44 n Poppleton 
Fuller Henry, machinist, 34 s Sharp 
FULLER JAMES, gen'l inspector flour, office 

n w cor German and Howard, dw 73 Granby 
Fuller James, laborer, 1 n Republican 
Fuller Jane, 139 Aisquith 
Fuller John B. plumber, 271 e Lombard 
Fuller Joseph, salesman, 206 German 
Fuller Joseph, porter, 10 n Howard 
Fuller Joshua K. laborer, 17 Grundy 
Fuller Lucy, teacher, 362 e Baltimore 
Fuller Margaret A. upholstress, 233 n Howard 
Fuller Mary N. 44 n Poppleton 
Fuller Rev. Dr. Richard, 97 Park 
Fuller Jlrs. Sarah A. 362 e' Baltimore 
Fuller Wm. carpenter, 332 e Baltimore 

PULLER WM. & CO. (Wm. Ftil- 
lei', Wm. L. Lyon,) Dealers in Tin 
Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, and 
Metais of all kinds, also Stamped 
Tin Ware, House Furnishing 
Goods, Tinman's Tools, Machines, 
&c., 27 and 29 Light, cor Water. 

Fuller Wm. (Wm. Fuller & Co.) 219 Saratoga 
Fullerton Geo. clerk, 265 n Howard 
Fullerton Peter,coachtrini'r,corExeter& Fawn 
Fullerton Susanna, 265 n Howard 
Fullerton Thos. D. (F. & West, 614 wFavette 
Fullerton & West, (Thos. D. Fullerton H. M. 

West, ) wholesale dealers in cloths, over 226 

w Baltimore 
Fullerton Wm. J. clerk, 265 n Howard 

Fullmer John F. laborer, 286 Aliceanna 
Fullner John, laborer, 261 s Ann 
FuUwood Chas. 11. stonecutter, 131 n Exeter 
FuUum Francis M. laborer, 60 s Oregon 
FuUum Joseph, clerk, 45 s Schroeder 
FULMKR THOS. confectioner, 263 e Lombard 
Fulte Solomon, clerk, 85 Orleans 
Fulton Alb't K. (Chas. C. Fulton & Son,) u e 

cor Strieker and Saratoga 
Fulton Alex'r, commercial editor Baltimore 

American, 40 n Fremont. 
FULTON CHAS. C. & SON, (C. C. Fulton, A, 

K. Fulton,) publishers Baltimore American 

and Commercial Advertiser, 128 w Baltimore 
Fulton Chas. C. (Chas. C. Fulton & Son,) cor 

Kirby's la, and Liberty road 
Fulton David C. (Carlin & Fulton,) Godfrey, 

Howard co. 
Fulton PMington, assistant editor, Baltimore 

American, 37 Fawn 
Fulton Henry, clerk, fire dept. 105 Gough 
Fulton Lyman, 100 n Front 
Fulton James, cigar maker, 15 Telegraph 
Fulton John W. blacks'h,219 wBiddle,dw 221 
Fulton John B. H., 176 Preston 
Fulton Dr. Robert, ofiBce 53 s Sharp 
Fulton Thomas H. switchman, 187 East 
Fulton Simon, 100 n Front 
Fultz Emanuel, 152 Chesnut 
F'ultz Frederick V. artist, 82 n Broadway 
Funck Henry, cab. maker, 153 e Monument 
Funck Christopher, shoemaker, 351 s Charles 
Funderburg Dr. Samuel, 7 Fountain 
Funk Adam, butcher, 4 Anthony 
Funk Andrew M.carpenter,Pennav nr toll gate 
Funk Christiana, 130 s Regester 
Funk Charles D. clerk, 28 George 
Funk Edward, shoemaker, 38 s Bond 
Funk F. H., tailor, 227 e Eager 
Funk George, puddler, 147 s Regester 
Funk Henry, laborer, 147 s Regester 
Funk Henry, huckster, over, 293 n Central av 
Funk Jacob, gardener, 89 Johnson 
Funk Jacob, Penna av near toll gate 
Funk Jacob J. machinist, Penna av nrtoU gate 
Funk John J. butcher, 20 Cross-st. Market, 

dw Reisterstown road 
Funk John W. carpenter, 134 Druid Hill av 
Funk John M. butcher, Monument, bet Chop- 
tank and Gist 
Funk Jos. W. carpenter, 28 George 
Funk Michael, cabinetmaker, 168 s Caroline 
Funk Rudolph, confectioner, 469 w Baltimore 
Funk Peter, roller, 40 Essex 
Funk Wm. shoemaker, 3 New Church 
Funk Wm. carpenter, 28 George 
FUNKHOUSER ELIJAH, tobacconist, 9 St. 

Paul, dw 54 Saratoga 
Furgerson Jlrs. Ann, huckstress, 45 Marion 
Furgerson C. B. clerk, 142 Light 
Furlong Mrs. Catherine, 120 Greenmountav 
Furlong Mrs. Elizabeth, 117 Mulberry 
Furlong Rev. Henry, 26 n Eutaw 
Furlong John, of William, bookkeeper. Oak, 

betw North and Huntington avs 
Furlong John M. laborer, 17 Sterrett 
Furlong John, porter, 7 Sterrett 
Furlong John, horses, Jefferson av nr North av 
Furlong John, laborer, 2 Barney 
Furlong John W. painter, Fulton betw Dover 

and Mcllenry 
Furlong Jos. brakesman, 59 s Schroeder 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

"No. 162 Saratoga Street, near Eutaw. 




Furlong Michael, laborer, 1G8 Ramsay 
Furlong Richard, laborer, 120 Greeninount av 
Furlong Mrs. Sarah, 74 McCulloh 
Furlons: Mrs. Sarah, 269 w Favette 
FURLONG W. G. dry goods,"'26 n Eutaw 
Furman Robert H. photographer, 11 s Carey 
Furney Mrs. Rebecca, nurse, 20 Rock 
Furscht Lawrence, screwman, 406 Canton av 
Furst Joseph, carpenter, 100 Cathedral, dw 119 

Druid Hill av 
Fury James, police, 56 e Pratt 
Fury Wm. ■wagoner, 193 Vine 
Furze Eveline M. teacher St. Paul's Orphan 
Asylum, Madison av near terminus C.P.R.R. 
Fuss John, huckster, 302 Mulberry 
Fuss Wm. locksmith, 302 Mulberry 
Fuss Wm finisher, 12 Callender al 
Fussell Mrs. Lillie, grocery, 55 Front n of 

Fussell J. & Co. (J. Fussell, F. A. Benson,) 
ice cream and country produce dealers, Sar- 
atoga building, Saratoga near Calvert 
Fusselbaugh Wm. H. B., oils, paints, paper 
hangings, &c., 168 n Gay, and police com- 
missioners' office, 12 n Holliday 


Gabel Caspar, cooper, 55 Leadenhall 

Gabel Frederick, laborer, 2i» Fell 

Gabele Abraham, butcher, 156 Elliott 

Gabelhoff Henry, laborer, 5 Spruce al 

Gallic Aristello, stonecutter, 8 Somerset 

Gabie Caroline, 8 Somerset 

Gabie Wm. stonecutter, 8 Somerset 

Gable Benj. F. plasterer, Y5 Chew 

Gable Elizabeth, laundress, 23 Walnut al 

Gable Henry, 3T6 n Gay 

Gable Jacob, baker, 533 Lexington 

Gable John A. clerk, 228 n Eutiw 

Gable John, boilermaker, 113 Henrietta 

Gable Mrs. John, 228 n Eutaw 

Gable Marj', confectionery, 533 Lexington 

Gable Peter, laborer, Chappell near Penna av 

Gable Wm. stonecutter, cor Gay and Frederick, 

dw 8 Somerset 
Gable Wm. H. plasterer, 316 n Gay 
Gabler Casper, laborer, 13 n Wolfe 
Gabriel Anton, laborer, 12 Brown 
Galiriel Paul, cabinetmaker, 26 Granby 
Gabriet Augustus, nightman, 228 s Paca 
Gabrio Adolpbus, cigarmaker. 65 Portland 
Gabrio Hanuan, machinist, 28 Centre Market sp 
Gabrio Henry, 28 Centre Market sp 
Gabrio Wm. barkeeper, 28 Centre .Market sp 
Gache Rev. Hypolite, Loyola College 
Gadd Geo. oyster shucker, 2 n Amity 
Gadd Luther C. sr. shoemaker 31 Henrietta 
Gadd Luther C. jr. engineer, 31 Henrietta 
Gadd Mrs. Mary, 69 Dawson al 
Gadd Thomas J. boilermaker, 31 Henrietta 
GaddessMrs. Alexander, 28S Mulberry 
Gaddess Bros. (T. S. Gadders, C.W. Gaddess, 

V.(Jaddess, ) proprietorssteam marble works, 

s \v cor Sharp and German and 25 German 
Gaddess Chas.W. (Gaddess Bros.) 13s Libert}' 
Gaddess James, tinner, S"? Concord 
Gaddess Mrs. Sarah, lOo William 
Gaddess Thos. S. (Gaddess Bros.) T? n Eutaw 
Gaddess Virginius, (Gaddess Brothers,) 185 

Gaddis James, tinner, 35 Concord 

Gade John, lace weaver, 85 e Pratt 

Gado Michael, basketmaker, 26 s Eutaw 

Gaebel Conrad, baker, 104 n Pine 

Gaeble Paul, butcher, 85 Centre and 14 Fell's 

Point markets, dw Butcher's row, Penna av 
Gaebler Charles, shoemaker, 114 s Spring 
Gaede Frederick, woodcordcr, 52 Albemarle 

COMPANY, formerly Gaehlc & Co., n e cor 

Eutaw and Fayette, and 15, 17, 19 n Eutaw. 

— \_See paye 16 Advertisement g."^ 
Gaehle Henry, n e cor Eutaw and Fayette 
Gaehle Mrs. Henry F. 66 Richmond 
Gaehle Mary D. 346 Lexington 
Gaeker John, cooper, 142 s Spring 
Gaertner Anton, cooper, 394 Penna av 
Gaff Patrick, laborer, 24 n Durham 
Gaff Wm. carpenter, 14 s Bethel 
Gaffeys Michael, grocery, 248 Harford av 
Gaffney Wm. laborer, 17 Neighbor 
Gaffney Jlrs. Mary, 191 w Biddle 
Gaffney Thomas, tailor, 17 Neighbor 
Gagan Mrs. Catherine, 81 Hill 
Gage W. L. clerk, 101 s Washington 
Gage Wilson, brakesman, 61 s Schroeder 
Gagel Andrew, lager beer, 170 s Bond 
Gagle Geo. baker, 92 Eastern av 
Gahagan John, laljorer, 26 Morris al 
Gahagan Patrick, laborer. 85 McElderry's whf 
Gahagan Wm. laborer, 213 Cross 
Gahan Lawrence, laborer, Chappell near 

Penna av 
Gahan Jlichael, boilermaker, 71 Boyd 
Gahan P. boot and shoe store, 87 n Charles 
Gahart Jacob, nightman, 134 Hamburg 
Gahart James V. carter, 35 Peach al 
Gahm George L. blacksmith, 78 Leadenhall 
Gaiert}' Patrick, hackman, 125 w Madison 
Gaigley John C. butcher, 64 n Oregon 
Gail Emil, stoves and tinware, 210 n Gay 
Gail Georsre, shoemaker, 189 Lexintrton 
Gail Geo.V. (G. W. Gail & Ax,) 28 Barre 
GAIL G. W. & Ax, (G. W. Gail, Christian 

Ax.) tobacco manufact'rs and importers of 

pipes and cigars, 28 Barre 
Gail John, boilermaker. 96 Ramsay 
Gailor Noah, laborer, 652 w Pratt 
Gain Elijah, police, 13 s Republican 
Gain James, laborer, 109 Hollius 
Gainer James H. carpenter, 522 w Lombard 
Gainer Wm. E. machinist. 522 w Lombard 
Gaines Chs T. clerk B.&O.R.R.522 w Lombard 
Gaines E. police, 13 s Republican 
Gaines Henry, slioemaker, 251 Hamburg 
Gaines Patrick, laborer, 2 President 
Gainor Wm. E. machinist, 522 w Lombard 
Gaither Geo. R. merchant, over 20 German, 

dw 38 Cathedral 
Gaither Geo R.jr. (Geo.R. Gaither, jr. & Co.) 

Howard house 
GAITHER GEO. R., Jr. k Co. (Geo. R. Gai- 
ther, jr., Thos. II. Gaither,) com. merchants 

4 Camden 
Gaither Greenbury, harness and trunk maker, 

191 w Pratt 
Gaither Thomas II. (Geo. R. Gaither, jr. & 

Co.) 38 Cathedral 
Gaither Thomas B. deputy clerk Superior Court 

253 e Biddie 
Gaither Vachel, carpenter, 104 s Exeter 
Gaither Wm. M. jeweler, over 22 Water, dw 

56 Saratoga 

Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas. 

Baltimore Qlass "Works, BAKER BROS. & CO. 




Gaitley Rev. John T. St. Bridget's Church, 

Cannon near Hudson 
Galbreth Wm. E. clerk, 178 e Fayette 
Galliraith .Inc. Clit'fn, bookke'r, 653 w Fayette 
Gale Cliaiies, mariner, 45 s Ann 
Gale Mrs. E. M. 177 w Hoffman 
Gale John B. boilermakar, 104 Ramsay 
Gale Josejih H. jeweler, 72 Aisquith 
Gale Levin, attorney, 34 St. Paul, d\v 197 w 

Gale Robert W. lieut. police, 205j w Biddle 
Gale Susan, 122 Grundv 
Gale Thos. M. clerk, 39^ Courtland 
Gale Thomas, principal male free school of Bal- 
timore, 39^ Courtland 
Galepo Mrs. Angicr, 29 s Broadway 
Gallon Stansbury, laborer, Franklin Inn 
GALLAGHER ALEXANDER, boot and shoe- 
maker, 95 n Eutaw 
Gallapher Arthur, variety store, 39 w Eager 
Gallag-hcr Bridget, President a] 
Gallagher C. grocery, 79 Franklin 
Gallagher Charles R:. banker, 64 w Madison 
Gallagher Charles, sutler, 254 w Lombard 
Gallagher Charlotte, dressmaker, ISTownsend 

4 doors w of Division 
Galhigher Edward, laborer, 185 s Castle 
Gallagher Edward, caulker, 183 s Castle 
Gallapher Frank J. bookkeeper, 259 s Sharp 
Gallagher F. H. mercantile college, over 207 

and 209 w Baltimore, dw 28 n Pine 
Gallagher Francis T. carpenter, 14 Courtland, 

dw 14 s Exeter 
Gallagher IT. L. bookkeeper, 28 n Pine 
Gallagher Hugh, laborer, 39 w Eager 
Gallagher James, coachman, 88 Grundy 
Gallagher James, laborer, 20 Slemraers al 
Gallagher James, laborer, 3 Abraham 
Gallagher James, coachman, 79 Franklin 
Gallagher James M. clerk, 138 Pearl 
Gallagher James J. carjjenter, 259 s Sharp 
Gallagher James J. clerk, 149 w Pratt 
Gallagher James, peddler, 109 n High 
Gallagher Jane, 90 Chesnut 
Gallagher John, 3 Centre Market space 
Gallagher John B. clerk, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher John, police, 10 Grundy 
Gallagher John.G. blacksmith, 498 Penna av 
Gallagher John, carpenter, 36 Druid Hill av 
Gallagher Joseph, coachman, 22 Garden 
Gallagher Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 24 Fawn 
Gallagher Martha A. 171 n Paca 
Gallagher Mary A. 17I n Paca 
Gallagher Mrs. Martha, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher Mary, 138 Pearl 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, 9 Rock 
Gallagher Patrick, coachman, Liberty road 

near city limits 
Gallagher Patrick, finisher, 267 s Charles 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 27 s Stockton al 
Gallagher Philip, tailor, 62 n Poppleton 
Gallagher Philip, laborer, 3 AVebster al 
Gallagher Samuel, laborer, 131 n Holliday 
Gallagher Sarah A. 171 n Paca 
Gallagher Thomas, ladies and gents boot and 

s oe manuf'r, s w cor Paca and Saratoga 
Gallagher Thomas, laborer, 70 Towson 
Gallagher Thomas, railmaker, 16 Essex 
Gallagher Wm. laborer, Boyd 1 door east of 

Gallaway Aquilla, dep'y weigher of live stock 
cattle scales, dw Texas, Baltimore Co 

Gallaway Charles, machinist, 138 McHenry 
Gallaway Goldsmith, painter, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Grccnbury, sailmaker, 85 Stiles 
Gallaway Isabella, 153 Forrest 
Gallaway Jesse F. conductor B. & O.R.R., 49 

Gallaway Mrs. Mary, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Robert H. bookkeeper, 245 n Bond 
Gallaway Stephen, florist, Belair av near Bal- 
timore Cemetery 
Gallaway Vincent, blacksmith, 63 Clifford al 
Gallaway Wm. G. machinist, 150 Scott 
Gallaway Wm. clerk, 176 Harford av 
Gallaway Wm. T machinist, 142 McHenry 
Gallaway Wm. clerk, Gilmor 2d door south of 

Gallaway Wm. engineer B. & 0. R. R., 138 

Gallon Peter, woodsawyer, 9 Etna la 
Gallery Bryan, laborer, 80 Goodman's al 
Gallivin Patrick, laborer, 58 Cooksie 
Galloway Isabella, dying establishment, 15Cn 

Galloway James H. fisherman, 178 William 
Galloway John, police, 88 McElderry 
Galloway Margaret A. 104 n Fremont 
Galloway R. H. barkeeper, 245 n Bond 
Galloway Samuel J. bricklayer, 303 William 
Galloway Thos., carpenter, 213 Druid Hill av 
Galloway Wm. A. bricklayer, 60 n Caroline 
Galm Wm. tavern, 1 10 Dugan's whf 
Galluly Patrick, laborer, 18 Centre .Market sp 
Gallup John P. cabinetmaker, 71 n Broadway 
Gallup John W. carpenter, 71 n Broadway 
Galster Fred'k, tailor. Gay st extended 
Gait Bridget, 21 Eastern av 
Gait Capt. Henry, mariner, 98 s Eden 
Gait Henry, jr. mariner, 93 s Eden 
Gait Mrs. Jane, 24 Grcenmount av 
Gait Dr. John M. 146 e Pratt 
Gait Mrs. Mary, 110 e Pratt 
Gait Richard, moulder, 21 Eastern av 
Gait Robert, clerk, 110 e Pratt 
Galvin Mrs. Harriet, 84 n Schroeder 
Galvin John, mariner, 124 s Castle 
Galvin Joseph, printer, 96 n Schroeder 
Galvin Joseph, printer, Saratoga 1 door from 

Galvin Patrick, drayman, 47 Buren 
Galvin Patrick, laborer, 241 Hamburg 
Galway Martin, laborer, 20 Scott 
Galwick George, blacksmith, 243 Lemmon al 
Gambel Thos. B. clerk N.C.R, 154 e Eager 
Gamber Dr. John, 29 e Fayette 
Gambert Mary, vegetables, 185 and 187 Han- 
over market, dw 221 Scott 
Gamble George, restaurant, 150 Fayette, dw 

cor Amity and McHenry 
Gamble George, clerk internal revenue oflSce, 

23 s Bond 
Gamble George, conductor B. & 0. R. R., 1*5 

Gamble Rev. James, 4 n Ann 
Gamlile James P. chandler, 26 Comet 
Gamble James, 43 Greenmount av 
Gamble James, clerk, 26 Comet 
Gamble .Mrs. Jane, grocery, n e cor Caroline 

and Hampstcad 
Gamble Mrs. Mary, tavern, 186 McHenry 
Gamble Thomas B. jr., clerk N. C. R.," 154 e 

Gam brail Sam' 1, coach painter, 554 w Baltimore 

THE GKOVER & BAKER, SEWIIVG MA( IIIAE is Uie best for all ximposes- SAURS 
ROOMS— 181 Baltimore Street. 

ISTos. 32 and 34 S. Charles Street. 




Gambrill Albert, clerk, 56 Mt. Vernon pi 
GAMBRILL C. A. & CO. (C. A. Gambrill, 
R. G. Macgill, P. H. Macgill, ) merchant 
millers, 32, 34 and 36 Commerce 
Gambrill Charles A. (Gambrill, Sons & Co.) 

160 McCiilloh 
Gambrill Charles A. (C. A. Gambrill & Co.) 

56 Mt. Vernon place 
Gambrill Mrs. E. 26G Hollins 
Gambrill Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 6 Rose 
Gamlirill H. N. (Gambrill, Sons & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Gambrill Henry W. (Gambrill, Sons & Co.) 250 

n Charles 
Gambrill John A., Gen. Waj^ne Inn 
Gambrill Mrs. John W. grocer, 122 Saratoga 
Gambrill Launcelot, clerk, 309 Garden 
Gambrill Mrs. Sarah, 289 e Fayette 
Gambrill, Sons & Co. (II. N. Gambrill, H. W. 
Gambrill, C. A. GambiU, Wni. B. Gambrill, 
Henry C. Tudor) Druid mills, 81 E.xchange pi 
Gambrill Thomas grocery, 162 n Pine 
Gambrill Wm. B. (Gambrill, Sons & Co.) Bal- 
timore CO 
Gammer Jacob F. tailor, 21 e Pratt 
Gammie Georcre, butcher, 36 Belair market, 

dw 210 Harford av 
Gammie James, carpenter, 210 Plarford av 
Gandlev Michael, laborer, 161 Aliceanna 
Gand.v John, huckster, 188 L. Constitution 
Ganet George, laborer, 91 Johnson 
Ganharl Andrew, shoemaker, 2.')8 e Chase 
Ganly John R. caterer, 34 \v Pratt 
Gannan Thomas, hodcarrier, 219 Albemarle 
Gannon Andrevy, stonepolisher, 180 L. Consti- 
Gannon Daniel, porter at Gilnior house 
Gannon Francis, carpenter, 22G n Howard 
Gannon -John, grocery, 69 Mulberry 
Gannon Michael, laborer, 10 n \mity 
Cannon Thomas, grocery, 1 Columbia 
Gannt Richard B. clerk," 2-5 w Fayette 
Gans Isaac, clerk, 67 Mullikin 
Gans Samuel, secondhand goods, 131 Camden 
Gans Simon, rag dealer, 131 Camden 
Ganser Mrs. Elizab'h, laundress, 299 n Fremont 
Ganseweg Rudol})h, tobacconist, 50 Camden 
Ganster Peter, clothing cutter, 92 s Castle 
GANT WILLIAM, engineer, 90 St. Mary's 
Ganlley John, bookbinder, 1 1 s Poppleton 
Gantt Mrs, Elizabeth, 380 Franklin 
Gantt Samuel N. attorney, 2'i' s Schroeder 
Gantz Louis, clerk, Madison, near Northern av 
Ganz John, tailor, 126 Henrietta 
Ganzer John, cooper, 246 Frederick av 
Ganzhorn Michael, shoemaker, 1 Short al 
Gapctz Philip, shoemaker, 145 Dolphin 
Gaphney Wm. laborer, 21 Neighbor 
Garbadc Wm. boot fitter, 214 w Pratt 
Garbe Conrad shoemaker, 11 Spring ct 
Garber Ily. S. (Jac'b Ilyland &Co.) 24 Camden 
Garber Uriah, shoemaker, 78^ w Baltimore 
Garbree Freder'k, bricklayer, 226 Frederick av 
Gard Jolui, tailor, 29 w Lombard 
Garda Ann, laundress, 113 Le.\ington 
Gardelli J. Baptiste, laborer, 27 Fawn 
Gardiner (,". D. B. clerk, 17 Commerce 
Gardiner T. Elzare, 141 Park 
Gardiner Mrs. Henrietta, nurse, 621 vv Pratt 
Gardiner Isaac, sailmaker, 106 s Eden 
Gardiner Dr. J. B. W. 578 Penna. av 
Gardiner John T, painter, 222 Chesnut 

Gardiner Jlrs. Mary E. seamstress, 339 Penna av 
Gardiner Roljert, junk dealer, 87 Ilillen, dw 

Baltimore co 
Gardiner Robert, 348 w Lombard 
Gardiner Wm. II. carpenter, 500 w Lombard 
Gardner Alderson, wheelwright, 122 Cross 
Gardner Alfred S.(Gover & G.) 301 w Lombard 
Gardner Almore M. painter, 103 n Caroline 
Gardner Almore, police, 103 n Caroline 
Gardner Amanda C. 22 Greenmount av 
Gardner Mrs. Ann, confectioner, 50 s Eutaw 
Gardner Antone, tailor, s w cor Chew and 

Spring, dw 47 n Sin-ing 
Gardner Aug's M. butcher, 13 flanover market, 

dw cor Mary and Retreat, n of North av 
Gardner B. F. 1 n Carey 
Gardner Bernard, cooper, Leadenhall, near 

Gardner Chas. F. shoemaker, 278 e Monument 
Gardner Charles H. shoemaker, 96 Thames 
Gardner Christopher, carjjenter, 6 Pearl 
Gardner Clara, tavern, 256 s Caroline 
Gardner Conrad, carter, 615 Light 
Gardner D. tailor, 220 s Charles 
Gardner Daniel, fisherman, 7 Gough 
Gardner David, laborer, 139 Hamburg 
GARDNER E. N. flour and groceries, 149 n 

Howard, dw Howard house 
Gardner Edward, clerk, 8 s High 
Gardner Eijhraim, oakcooper, n w cor Patter- 
son and Cable, dw 301 w Lombard 
Gardner Eli II. farmer, 143 Barre 
Gardner Mrs. Emma, grocery, 487 n Gav 
GARDNER FRANCIS, proprietor Gardner's 

hotel, importer and dealer in Rhine wine, 8 

s High 
Gardner Frederick, carter, 194 s Washington 
Gardner George W. jr. (Leim & Gardner) 600 

w Baltimore 
Gardner Geo. W. tinner, 600 w Baltimore 
Gardner George, jr., teller 2d National Bank, 

30(» e Pratt 
Gardner George, clerk, 6 Pearl 
Gardner George, police, 149 s Ann 
Gardner George, car driver, intersection of 

Garden and Northern av 
Gardner George, architect, 6 Pearl 
Gardner Henry, sugar-refiner, 16 Fountain 
Gardner Henry, driver, Gwynn's Falls, Fre- 
derick av 
Gardner Isaac, sailmaker, 106 s Eden 
Gardner Isaiah, clerk, 175 s Charles 
Gardner James, builder, 179 w Lombard, dw 

Baltimore co. 
Gardner Jas. F. shoemaker, 58 Lexington 
Gcirdner James, carpenter, 248 Bank 
Gardner John G. rags and paper. 180 Light, 

dw 175 s Charles 
Gardner John, laborer, Canton n of O'Donnell 
Gardner John N. (J. N. Gardner & Co.) over 

s w cor Pratt and Commerce 
Gardner John, laborer, 7 Gough 
GARDNER J. N. & CO. (J. N. Gardner) 

elevators of grain, over s w cor Pratt and 

Gardner John, shoemaker, 232 Lexington 
Gardner Josejih, moulder, u e cor Hanover and 

Williamson al 
Gardner Josiah J. machinist, 139 Druid Hill av 
Gardner Louisa, 1 s Exeter 
Gardner Lovelace N. hardware, 102 Franklin, 

dw 69 n Paca 

THE CiKOVKR & BAIvCR SE\VI\C1 M.\<HI\E Is tli«- btst for all purposes— SAL.KS 
KOOMsi— Jbl Baltimore Street. 

M-aUial Life Ins. Co. of New York, Assets $20,000,000 




Gardner Hcv. L. M. 122 n Exeter 
Gardner Mrs. Marsaret, 2*78 e Monument 
Gardner Marj', 488 Lexin.trton 
Gardner Mrs. Marj, 139 Mamburg 
Gardner Mrs. Mary. 183 East 
Gardner Marv A. 45 s Broadway 
ner, Henry J. Menslage) house furnishing 
goods, 544 \v Baltimore 
Gardner Michael, huckster, 248 Bank 
Gardner Peter, laborer, 109 Eastern av 
GARDNER RICHARD F. restaurant, 42 w 

Fayette, dw 384 Lexington 
Gardner Robert, jr., clerk, 123 Ilillen 
Gardner S. S. k M. E. children's clothing, CG 

Gardner Thos., laborer. Canton n of O'Donnell 
Gardner Wm. sergeant jiolice, 4 Fort av 
Gardner Wm. R. 191 w Fayette 
Gardner AVm. II. (Gardner & Menslage) 600 

w Baltimore 
Gardner Wm. driver, 487 n Gay 
Gardner Wm. J. butter dealer, 93 Lexington 

market, r\\v 125 Pearl 
Gardner Wm. elevator of grain, over s w cor 

Pratt and Commerce 
Gardner Wm. carpenter, 123 n Eden 
Gardner AVm. II. painter, 103 n Caroline 
Gardner Wm. G. (W. G. Gardner & Co.) 301 

w Lombard 
Gardner Wm. L. plumber and gas fitter, 236 e 

GARDNER WM. G. k CO., (Wm. G. Gard- 
ner, Jas. G. Clark) oils, lamps, &c. 1 s Lib- 
Gareis J. Christian, cupper, leecher and bar- 
ber, 190 e Monument 
Gareis Geo. shoemaker, 10 e Monument 
Gareis Geo. (Louis Kratzer & Co.) 10 e Mon- 
Garey Andrew, laborer, 35 Guilford al 
GAREY HENRY F. attorney, 87 w Fayette, 

dw 607 w Fayette 
Garhard Adam, shoemaker, 107 West 
Garhard Christopher,shoemaker,201 e Madison 
Garhard Henry, cooper, 59 Bank 
Garhold Henry, saddletreemaker, 60 Bank 
Garing Wm. H. chairmaker, 39 Milliman 
Garitte Chas. E. grocer, 194 Lexington, dw 53G 
Garland Daniel, cedar cooper, 56 Front, n of 

Garland James, jr. iron worker, 56 Front, n of 

Garland .James, coal oil refiner, 56 Front, n of 

Garland .loseph, ship joiner, 16 Hamburg 
Garling Geo. m:iriner, rear 52 Thames 
Garlinger Mahlon II. clerk, 24 Holliday 
Garman Albert, bookkeeper, 38 n Pine 
Garman Horace, laborer, 246 Ilollins 
Garman Joseph W . harbormaster, 246 Ilollins 
Garmendia C. G. de, (B. R. Spalding & Co.) 

103 n Charles 
Garmendia C. G. De, general shippinp: and 
com. merch't and importer of wines, liquors 
and cigars, 43 w Lombard, dw 10 '■ n Charles 
Garmer Frederick, shoemaker, 92 s Regester 
Gamier John H. jr. shoemaker, 26i) Eastern av 
Garmer John H. sr. shoemaker, 6 Burke 
Garmhaussen Elizabeth, 48 Druid Hill av 
CJarmhaussen Frederick C. clerk, 343 Pennaav 
Garmhaussen John, barkeeper, 10 St. Paul 

Garmhaussen John, shoemaker, 1 16 n Eutaw, 

dw 48 Druid Hill av 
Garner Mrs. Ann, 416 w Fayette 
Garner Thos. carpenter, 436 Saratoga 
Garnett G. F. 258 Hollins 
Garnett Col. H. T. salesn)an, 247Madi.son av 
Garraughty Chas.M. raachinist,4G6 w Lombard 
Garrell James C. 249 n Eden 
Garrett Mrs. Ann, 88 s Washington 
Garrett Mrs. Augusta B. 56 McCulloh 
Garrett Benj. H. carpenter, 15 Townsend 
Garrett Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Chatsworth 
Garrett Geo. W.reporter,45 Front, n of Foundry 
Garrett Henr^- S.( R. Garrett & Sons) s w cor 

Monument and Cathedral 
Garrett James, plasterer, 255 s Chester 
Garrett James, laborer, 234 s Castle 
Garrett James P. dry goods, 212 Hanover 
Garrett John, fiour and feed, s w cor Bank 

and Chai)el, dw 182 Bank 
Garrett John Wm. laborer, 23 Fountain 
Garrett John W. (R. Garrett & Sons) prest. 

B.k O.R.R.dw 50 Mount Vernon place 
Garrett Lemuel H. carpenter, 15 Townsend 
Garrett Levi, roUerman, 157 s Chester 
Garrett Michael, laborer, 234 s Castle 
Garrett Myers, mariner, 112 York 
Garrett Peter, porter, Leadenhall, near Cross 
Garrett Peter G. porter. 11 Thompson 
Garrett Richard, puddler, Gist betw Eastern 

and Canton av 
Garrett Richard S. clerk. 182 Bank 

rett,Henry S.Garrett)mercha'ts,34 n Hov/ard 
Garrett Richard, watchman, 23 Fountain 
Garrett Sophia, lager beer, 242 Canton av 
Garrett Wm. W. carpenter. 49 Pine 
Garrett Wm. H. clerk, 1 Chatsworth 
Garrett Wm. F. laborer, 86 e .Madison 
Garrett Winfield, clerk, 1 Chatsworth 
Garrett Wm. H. bacondealer, 1 Chatsworth 
Garrettson Dr. Frederick, 45 Lexington 
Garrettson Wm. A. machinist, 12u Preston 
Garrigan Patrick, drayman, 37 Ryun 
Garrish Benj. police, 120 Bank 
Garrish Chas. \V. maltster, 35 North 
Garrish John, oystershucker, ';38 Canton av 
Garrish Wm. bricklayer, Burke, 5 doors s of 

Canton av 
Garris Charles, laborer, 85 North 
Garrison George C. mariner, 113 Gross 
Garrison Mary, 222 e Lombard 
Garrison Samuel Jeil'erson, 224 Mulberry 
Garrison Samuel, 18 n Poppleton 
Garrison Thos., jr., carpenter, 35 Chatsworth 
Garrison Thomas, police, 35 CJhatsworlli 
Garrison Thomas, shipcarpenter, 238 e Pratt 
Garrison Wm. H. conductor B.&O.R.R. 2 n 

Garritee Wm. L. brickmaker, Carroll's fields, 

near Washington road, dw 536 Lexington 
Garrity John, wheelwright, 379 Hamburg 
Garrity Roger, blacksmith. 2 1 Neighbor 
Garrott Mrs. Nancy, 98 s Paca 
Garrott Mrs. Wm. stockdealer, 98 s Paca 
Gart James, expressman, 290 Penna av 
Garth Aug\ist, rag picker, 372 Cross 
Garthe Aug. (Garthe k Loewenstein) 96 Hill 

Garthe, L. Loewenstein) Slaters, 
cor Hanover and Cross. 

J. IISNIIY GIESE & CO., Flour, Grain, Seeds, i.c. 

O. F. BKESEE, General Agent, 21 Soutli-st. 




Garthright Thomas T. barnessmaker, 10 s 

Gartner Bernhardt, cooper, 74 Leadenhall 
Gartside Charles, machinist, 577 Penua. av 
Gartside Ikniry, jr., moulder, 621 Peuna. av 
Gartside Henry, sr., machinist, 621 Penna. av 
Gartside James, 270 Franklin 
Gartside John W. finisher, 270 Franklin 
Gartside tfilas L. machinist, 621 Penna. av 
Gartside AVm. N. machinist, 621 Penna. av 
Gartside WinfieUl S. finisher, 270 Franklin 
Garulins; Conrad, laborer, 217 Lincoln 
Garulin-r Eliza, huckstress, 217 Lincoln 
Garvey James, police, 19 Hillen 
Garvey James, jr. 154 n Calvert 
Garvey John, laborer, 1 Hillen 
Garvey Jolin, 148 n Front 
Garvey Owen, driver, 156 n Calvert 
Garvey P:\trick, huckster, 170 Ensor 
Garvey Wm. 148 u Front 
Garwood Clayton, real estate agent, over 87 

Second, dw'398 w Lombard 
Gary J'. A. ( J. S. Gary & Son) 219 w Lombard 
Gary James S. (J. S. Gary & Son) Alberton, 

Howard co 
GARY JAMES S. & SON, (J. S. Gary, J. 
A. Gary) proprietors Alberton Cotton Mills, 
24 German 
Gary Theodore, conductor, 157 n Gay 
Gary Wm. carpenter, 29 Walnut al 
Gaskil Dr. Elijah C. dentist, 171 w Fayette 
Gaskin Robert, blacksmith, 161 Lee 
Gaskius Charles H. sailmaker, 1U8 s Ann 
Gaskins Mrs. Samuel S. 59 n Greene 
GASKINS WM. E. agent Grt. Southern Mail 

and Freight line, 132 w^ Baltimore 
South, Joseph Brown, sec'y, Gas Works, 
foot of Leadenhall 
Gaspari P. G. cigars and tobacco, 31 s Calvert 
Gasper Jacob, salesman, 788 av Baltimore 
Ga£s Henry, carpenter, 162 Peirce 
Gasser Henry, tailor, 48 s Chapel 
Gassaway E. screwman, Light, betw Hughes 

and Montgomery 
Gassaway Edward, laborer, 229 Light 
Gassaway N. A. (Gassaway & Hooper)145 Park 
Gassaway Sanil. confectionery, n w cor Light 

and Pratt, dw 03 L. Montgomery 
Gassier Joseph, shoemaker, 15 Jasper 
Gassmaii Jacob, salesman, 89j Camden 
Gassaway & Hooper, (N. A. Gassaway, J. P. 
Hoopcr)ma!iufs. Ashland flour, 7 Spear's whf 
Gastou Robt. blacksmith, n w cor Lee and L. 

Gaston Henry, shoemaker, 230 Harford av 
Gat Memi, barber, 75 n High 
Gatch Conduce, millwright, 93 Columbia 
Gatch Chas. H. machinist, 93 Columbia 
Gatch Geo. C. clerk, 93 Columbia 
Gatchell Mrs. Hannah Ann, 7 s Exeter 
Gatchell & Hodges, (Wm. II. Gatchell, F. H. 

Hodges) real estate brokers, 23 Lexington 
Gatchell Hugh McElderry, bookkeeper, 38 Mul- 
Gatchell John G. librarian Md. Historical So- 
ciety, n w cor Saratoga and St. Paul, dw 
Gatchell John H. clerk, 175 w Lombard 
Gatchell John H. bookkeeper, 649 w Lombard 
Gatchell Wm. H. (Gatchell & H.)38 Mulberry 
Gately Mrs. B. A. grocery, 112 s Howard 

Gately John, laborer, 18 Orbit al 
Gately John, coach painter, 7 Webster al 
Gately Margaret, 3 Watson 
Gately Michael, laborer, 107 York 
Gately Thos. coachmaker, 112 s Howard 
Gatten Mrs. Annie, tailoress, 61 Walnut al 
Gates Ezra, 24 Penn 

Gates Francis, bailiff Supreme Court, 110 Mul- 
Gatewood Thos. J. shipsmith, 254 e Pratt 
Gatewood Wm. shoemaker, 49 Abiiott 
Gattman Adam, laborer, 28 Shakspear 
Gatto Dominico, barber, 75 n High 
(latza Ernest, ])rinter, 52 Low 
Gatz Henry, lager beer brewer, 277 s Ann 
Gatz Wm. L. painter, 37 Bevan 
Gaubatz Christoiiher, mariner, 157 s Ann 
Gaubert Julius, fruit preserver, 81 n Spring 
Gauer John, drayman, H.'j Wayne 
Cauer Louis, laborer, 3S8 Cross 
Gauggess Joseph, grocery, 116 n Poppletou 
Gaughan Anthony, laborer, 253 Cross 
Gaugharow Thos. laborer, 187 s Chapel 
Gauiian John, clerk, 156 w Madison 
Gauhn John, clerk. 156 Madison av 
Gaul Geo. P. musician, 316 Eastern av 
Gaule Michael, teamster, Clinton s of Boston 
GAULE STEPHEN S. milk and cream house, 

101 Mulberry 
Gauley Andrew J. police, 41 Tyson 
Gauline James, carpenter, 60 Holland 
Gauline Joseph C. sign painter, 60 Holland 
Gauline Mary Ann, 61) Holland 
Gault Albert, police, 182 n High 
Gault Cyrus, 335 w Lombard 
Gault Mrs. Jane, 24 Greenmount av 
Gault John, shoemaker, 9 Ogstou 
GAULT JOHN E. provisions, 174 Druid Hill av 

GAULT MATTHEW,Roofing Slate, 
Gi'anite and N. River Blue Stone 
Yard, 432 w Pratt, dw 312 w Lom- 

(Jault Richard 11. police, 21 Eastern av 
Gault Mrs. Sarah, 9 Ogston 
Gaunts John, bricklayer, 390 n Gay 
Gaunt Samuel, huckster, 33 Jefferson 
Gauseman Henry, grocery, 12 Warner 
Gauss Frederick, laborer, 3 Green's ct 
Gaussoin Eugene, chemist and metallurgist, 

89 n Broadway 
Gavin James, laborer, 202 Cathedral 
Gavin John, blacksmith, 197 Ramsay 
Gavet Capt. James, 174 Mulberry 
Gavin Matthew, laborer, 105 York 
Gavis Henry, carpenter, 205 s Wolfe 
Gavin Matthew, laborer, 105 York 
Gaw Mrs. Jane, 323 Druid Hill av 
Gawne John, bootmaker, 176 Montgomci-j 
Gawne Joseph W. clerk, 176 .Montgomery 
Gawthrop Alfred S. carpenter, 57 Garden 
Gawthrop Benj. F. shoemaker, 25 s Carey 
Gawthrop Geo. D. clerk, 57 Garden 
Gawronski L. R. prof, of languages, ■(97 Eu- 

taw place 
Gawthrop Mrs. Sarah, 57 Garden 
Gawthrop Samuel I), manf. of doors and 

window frames, 57 Garden 
Gawthrop Wm. H, boots and shoes, 103 Lex- 
ington, dw 300 u EuUxw 

Agents for Rosondale Cement and Plaster, 21 Spear's Wharf. 

Baltimore Glass Works, BAKEK BROS. & CO. 




Gay James, clock repairer, 119 Bank 
Ga'yle Capt. B